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Follow me on Twitter at  markgermanos Mark Germanos
I am a trusted adviser. I help you run your business smarter, attract business by using social media and stay in business by keeping your computers and networks working. That is what I do…I’ve been doing this since 1992. I have a life, a wife and a dog. I am a public speaker. You can find me presenting: Use Social Media to Improve Business: Your competitors do…so should you Make Better Decisions with a SWOT Analysis Use QR Codes…When the Page is not Big Enough Use Outlook Rules to Run Your Business and Life Better, and Internet Freebies to Help You Save Money. I also help clients use social media to attract business. This includes creating and maintaining a vibrant presence at Fa ... read more
Latest book: Escape the Cubicle

Follow me on Twitter at  NotLSkywalker Luke Atkinson
My name is Luke Atkinson and I am a writer. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in journalism in 2010. I have served as a writer, designer and editor for university publications and have freelanced for the past year. A fan of classic literature and poetry, I try to write as often as possible and promote other writers looking to publish their work. To put it simply: I like to write and share.
Latest book: Friends and Cavendish

Follow me on Twitter at  TheAuthor1971 Erik Ekstrom
I am the author of The Storyteller series, The Everett Holmes Thriller series, and for kids The Pug Tails series.

Follow me on Twitter at  dandrewmusic David Andrew
David began writing poetry in 2003, and his primary inspiration for writing is his relationship with God. He believes that people generally ask similar questions about life, but relatively few people ever truly find answers. Through his poetry, David hopes you will be encouraged to refocus your life on God and keep looking for answers on how to live a God-honoring life! David Andrew currently lives in Northern California and recently obtained his bachelor's degree in music from William Jessup University.
Latest book: Snapshots: Of the Valley of the Shadow

Follow me on Twitter at  RiiteAttitude Janet & Walter Jackson
The Jacksons began their marriage on a spiritual journey together, attending the school of ministry, studying metaphysics and religions of the East and West. They were fortunate to be taught by some of the world's foremost teachers, Dr. Michael Beckwith, featured in the "Secret," Shinzen Young, A bestselling Buddhist Monk, and Jack Canfield, author of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series. They study the teachings of world renown Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, who wrote the intro to Janet's book. In 1996 they started their company Self Awareness Trainings, Inc, aka Sporting the Right Attitude, teaching self-development and non-sector spiritual principles to those in companies, organizations, and schools. ... read more
Latest book: Your Happiness Is Within

Follow me on Twitter at  hhhague Harlan Hague
Harlan Hague, Ph.D., is a retired history professor. He has traveled around the world, visiting sixty or seventy countries and dependencies. He has published history, fiction, travel and prize-winning biography. His screenplays are making the rounds. More at
Latest book: Sakura

Follow me on Twitter at  ursulagrey Ursula Grey
Ursula Grey has always been fascinated by the written word. A Northern transplant, she now resides in the sultry South with her husband and crazy puppy. When not at work, she is either reading, writing, relaxing, practicing yoga, or in route to France.

Follow me on Twitter at  mikevoyce Mike Voyce
Child of loving parents and the Universe. Solicitor (as described in EDWARD), Teacher (of Law, Psychology and Spirit), now retired. An unnatural state which gives time to write THE TRUTH ABOUT HISTORY. It is time I opened my mind to readers, on reincarnation, the nature of reality, other worlds (past and present) we all have shared or can share. EDWARD is the first instalment, The Necromancer is the second.
Latest book: The Necromancer Whole Book

Follow me on Twitter at  geoffreyivar Geoffrey Ivar
Geoffrey Ivar studied Japanese and English Literature at the University of Virginia. He moved to Japan on the JET Programme to teach English, improve his Japanese, and gain a greater appreciation for Japanese literature. Although he has returned to live in America, he still travels frequently between Japan and the U.S.
Latest book: A Collection of Japanese Short Stories: Volume 1

Follow me on Twitter at  paulaboydauthor Paula Boyd
Paula grew up in a small town in Texas that some would say is not unlike her fictional Kickapoo. Her love affair with writing and journalism blossomed when she realized the power of the printed word, particularly when she was called upon to discuss her journalistic decisions with the principal and superintendent of schools. Nevertheless, she attended Midwestern State University where she was news editor for the university newspaper and co-editor of the yearbook until she was stricken with the tragic urge to get married. After a decade of being away from writing to have three children, the creative side came bursting out again and she began writing her first novel in 1993. With only three chapters written, she ... read more
Latest book: Turkey Ranch Road Rage--The 3rd Jolene Jackson Mystery

Follow me on Twitter at  ColletteScott Collette Scott
Always composing stories in her head, Collette began her first novel at the age of eight. Since then, she has obtained her bachelor’s degree in English literature and master’s degree in education while squeezing in her writing whenever possible. The author is currently hard at work on her best-selling Evans Family Series and recently released book four, Kat's Last Chance. Her previous novels include Hannah's Blessing and the critically acclaimed Forever Sunshine, which was voted #35 in the Heart Press Publishing’s Best Women’s Fiction poll. The New England native now resides in Arizona with her family and multiple family pets.
Latest book: Sunshine Rising (The Evans Family, Book Seven)

Follow me on Twitter at  masreality Noel Grace
Noel G. Grace is the author and publisher of the book "Misconceptions and Realities of Life" & e- books "Visions for your mission" is short quotations designed as mental nutrients."Enactment of purpose" is a must read of mental awareness."Fruit of the rock" is the most recently published book which is the true life story of the author.

Follow me on Twitter at  MICTHEORY1 Michael Thierry
Michael Russell Thierry AKA Mic Theory is a radio personality,Professional Artist,Educator, and Editor of a national Entertainment Magazine. Hot Stepz Magazine a unique publication geared toward positive lifestyle, and entertainment. Mike Thierry was influenced artistically at a young age by his multi talented family and expressed himself in music and art. he plays several musical instruments including saxaphone,clarinet,trumpet,Harmonica,and piano. Michael was the original illustrator for the famed Hip Hop Magazine the source and went on to help co found TRUE Hip Hop Magazine in Boston Ma. Eventually co owns Hot Stepz Magazine which highlights a multitude of Dance, Fashion and Music genres, Hot Stepz intend ... read more
Latest book: Moriens: The Black Knight

Follow me on Twitter at  kelli_stanley Kelli Stanley
Kelli Stanley is an award-winning author of crime fiction and noir (novels and short stories), including the critically-acclaimed Miranda Corbie series (CITY OF DRAGONS), set in 1940 San Francisco. She also writes a historical “Roman noir” series set in first century Roman Britain (THE CURSE-MAKER). Kelli earned a Master's Degree in Classics, loves jazz, old movies, battered fedoras, Art Deco and speakeasies. She credits Raymond Chandler, Ernest Hemingway, Cornell Woolrich, Dashiell Hammett and Thomas Hardy as some of her major influences. You can learn more about Kelli and the worlds she creates at
Latest book: Nox Dormienda (A Long Night for Sleeping)

Follow me on Twitter at  cowgirllibrary Deborah Schneider
A lifelong love of American history led Deborah Schneider from teaching high school to writing novels. "Beneath A Silver Moon" won the Molly award for “Most Unsinkable Heroine” from the Heart of Denver chapter of RWA and was later a finalist in the New Historical Voice Contest and published by Dorchester Publishing. “Promise Me” won the EPIC Award for Best Western Romance. Deborah is employed by the busiest library system in the US. She’s received the “Open Book Award” from Pacific Northwest Writers and was named “Librarian of the Year” by Romance Writers of America in 2009. She writes steampunk and fantasy romance as Sibelle Stone.

Follow me on Twitter at  sarahballwriter Sarah Ball
Sarah Ball is a British writer with three novels published by Piatkus Books: Nine Months (2002), Marry Me (2003) and Written in the Stars (2004). She’s also had several short stories published including a contribution to the charity anthology Party Animal, a collection of stories from writers such as Marian Keyes and Maeve Binchy. Sarah’s novels have been published in Serbia, Russia, Portugal, Norway and the Czech Republic. The Dream Theatre is her first children’s novel
Latest book: The Dream Theatre

Follow me on Twitter at  LEmeryWriter Lynn Emery
Mix knowledge of voodoo, Louisiana politics and forensic social work with the dedication to write fiction while working each day as a clinical social worker, and you get a snapshot of author Lynn Emery. Lynn has been a contributing consultant to the magazine Today’s Black Woman for three articles about contemporary relationships between black men and women. Lynn is a licensed social worker with a special interest in mental health issues as they affect women. Lynn has sold fourteen novels to four major publishers. BET produced a movie based on her novel After All. Currently she is marketing a murder mystery. Lynn is a native of Baton Rouge and is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Romance Writers of Ameri ... read more
Latest book: Whispers In The Dark

Follow me on Twitter at  history1811 F. Scott Key
F. Scott Key (born August 1, 1780 died June 17 1812), was an American author, poet, lawyer, and Episcopalian son of a Revolutionary officer. He was best known for his journal about The Second Corps of Discovery, in which he documented the expedition's historic journey across the American Territories.
Latest book: The Second Corps of Discovery: 1811 Journal of the Jackson and Clark Expeditionary Force

Follow me on Twitter at  TrineDaely Trine Daely
Aspiring author living in a small town in Indiana. Mother of a challenging child and crazy cat. The fish aren't that normal, either.
Latest book: A Taste of Life

Follow me on Twitter at  ajvegawriter AJ Vega
Inspired at an early age by the works of Jack Chalker and Timothy Zahn, AJ is a part time freelance writer and full time computer geek. He holds a B.A. in Computer Science and is hard at work on both a prequel to Majesty’s Offspring titled Age of Majesty and a new alternate history, paranormal/sci-fi novel called Soul Census. AJ resides in a cave surrounded by figments of his imagination who guard him from human contact so that he can continue to focus his energy on his writing, doing 3D modeling and art, and sometimes even playing a video game or two. Occasionally however, his family—comprised of a wife, two kids, a cat and dog---will battle their way past his minions to drag him out of this cave and in ... read more
Latest book: Majesty's Offspring (Books 1 & 2)

Follow me on Twitter at  ravchanan Chanan Morrison
Rabbi Chanan Morrison grew up in Pennsylvania, and graduated with a B.A. in Mathematics from Yeshiva University (New York). Pursuing advanced Talmudic studies in Jerusalem, he spent the next seven years studying in Jerusalem yeshivot, including the famed Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav, founded by Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook in 1924. Rabbi Morrison taught Jewish studies for several years in Harrisburg, PA, before returning to Israel. He and his family subsequently settled down in a small community in the Judean Desert. In an effort to maintain contact with former students, Rabbi Morrison began emailing articles on the weekly Torah portion based on the philosophical writings of Rabbi A. I. Kook. Over the years, this email ... read more
Latest book: Sapphire from the Land of Israel: A New Light on the Weekly Torah Portion from the Writings of Rabbi Abraham Isaac HaKohen Kook

Follow me on Twitter at  anabur Joshua Renneke
I started writing because I wanted to put something out there that was entertaining but intelligent, and didn't follow a generic template for what a story should be. I don't like stories that tell you what to think or feel, and I'm tired of filler in books I read. I had fun writing all of these stories, and I hope you enjoy reading them. I want to hear from you! Write me at or find me at Fun fact: The cover of every story I post uses a picture I took myself
Latest book: Deleca 2: Welcome To Heaven

Follow me on Twitter at  raunchyromance Karin Witnish
Karin Witnish is known as the 'raunchy romance chick'. She teaches both women and men how to bring back the 'raunch' into their lives. Her motto is: "It's not wicked to be raunchy!". Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, to German parents, Karin is an ex Victorian police officer in her late 40's. She brings a down to earth, no 'BS' attitude to her writing. Accumulating wisdom after graduating from the University of Life she throws common sense and humour into the mix. Karin always wanted to write and finally found the courage to follow her passions after experiencing personal heartbreak. Along with a sales job, enjoying fine wines, swimming, copious time at her PC reading and writing, and somehow findi ... read more
Latest book: Empower Yourself - Healing After Heartbreak

Follow me on Twitter at  SPCwrite Dee Stewart
Professional fiction author, twenty plus years of experience, previously print published in a wide verity of fiction magazines. Genre's include but not limited to science fiction, fantasy, gothic horror, thrillers, suspense and mysteries.
Latest book: House Across The Street

Follow me on Twitter at  EmilyRosenbaum Emily Rosenbaum
Emily Rosenbaum is a writer, mother, adult survivor of child abuse, cook, and lousy gardener who strives to live sustainably in New Jersey. Her publications include Bitch, Hip Mama, Glamour, and Brain, Child.
Latest book: Cooking on the Edge of Insanity

Follow me on Twitter at  thelogansnyder Logan Snyder

Latest book: Senate Proof

Follow me on Twitter at  wendyyoung Wendy L. Young
Wendy Young is a Southern Girl who loves sweet tea, warm summers, and being a Tennessean. She is just beginning to publish the stories that have been kicking around in her head for years.
Latest book: Race the Sunset (The Campbell Creek Mysteries, Book 3)

Follow me on Twitter at  LynThorneAlder Lyn Thorne-Alder
It all started with the winged cat-people. As a child with an (over)active imagination, Lyn Alder created worlds to play in, the most lasting of which involved (remember, she was five) a space-faring monarchy of winged cat-people. She started her serial-writing career in high school, passing around handwritten stories on notebook paper to her friends. This (among other things) got her a reputation as being a little bit strange, a reputation which haunts her to this day. After a college education in English, Lyn worked a series of desk jobs for a decade, while writing in the nooks and crannies of spare time that life provided her; mostly poetry, microfiction, and short stories. During this time, she amassed a ... read more
Latest book: Tales for the Sugar Cat

Follow me on Twitter at  @MonicaJORourke Monica J O'Rourke
Monica J. O’Rourke has published more than seventy-five short stories in magazines such as Postscripts, Nasty Piece of Work, Fangoria, Flesh & Blood, Nemonymous, and Brutarian, and anthologies such as The Mammoth Book of the Kama Sutra, The Best of Horrorfind, Strangewood Tales, and Darkness Rising. She is the author of Poisoning Eros I and II, written with Wrath James White, Suffer the Flesh, and the collection Experiments in Human Nature. She lives in upstate NY. Visit her at

Follow me on Twitter at  Shea_MacLeod Shéa MacLeod
Shéa MacLeod has dreamed of writing novels since before she could hold a crayon. She totally blames her mother. After living for the past six years in London, England she has returned to her hometown of Portland, Oregon in search of the perfect cup of coffee. No, she doesn't have an accent. Well, not much of one, anyway. She is the author of the fast paced urban fantasy series, SUNWALKER SAGA, as well as the post-apocalyptic romance series, DRAGON WARS.
Latest book: Fearless

Follow me on Twitter at  TheSilverGen Anna Stone
Though currently residing in Northern Wisconsin, Anna was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She studied English Literature, History and Psychology at Missouri Western State University, then went on to work for the Missouri Department of Mental Health. Anna has two grown sons and a daughter who will be eighteen this year. Author of the emotionally compelling memoirs: Climbing Silver: The Sacrifice of Innocence, Promoted Silver: The Vestigial Queen, Tarnished Silver: The Power of Deception, Forever Silver: The Heart of Sorrow, and; Silver Stradivarius: The Poetess of Prose Anna has made it her mission to educate others about child abuse and its long term effects. " If you know or suspect that a child is ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  annettemccleave Annette McCleave
Annette McCleave is the award winning author of the Soul Gatherer paranormal romance series published by Signet Eclipse. A former high tech executive who decided to chase her dreams, she still thrives on deadlines, drinks far too much coffee, and requires incentives to abandon her computer. For more information about her books, stop by her web site at

Follow me on Twitter at  DeniseRileyAja Denise Riley
Denise Riley-Ajanwachuku is CEO of Global SOULutions, LLC, an organization that serves individuals by charging them to become well from the inside out, while influencing organizational and cultural change. Denise has 20 years experience in leadership development, sales, service, operations, employee development and customer advocacy. She has achieved significant accomplishments in turnaround situations, team-building, strategic planning, revenue enhancement and project management to align with corporate vision and mission statements. Denise consults regularly with executives from a variety of fields to help create synergistic solutions to world-impacting problems. She has earned her master's degree in organizat ... read more
Latest book: Love and LOVE FIRST

Follow me on Twitter at  dabnorfish christian dabnor
Chris Dabnor is a writer and part time literature student, currently living in Cannock, in the United Kingdom, where he works as a software support analyst. His previous short stories have been featured in such magazines as Astonishing Adventures, Twisted Tongue and White Chimney, and cover a range of subjects between Victorian time travelling dinosaurs, film noir ghosts and the psychopathically insecure. He is currently working on his second novel. Any hint of sombre fatalism in his stories is most likely attributed to his being an avid Wolverhampton Wanderers fan.
Latest book: Interstitial

Follow me on Twitter at  srkbear Kathleen Smith
Kathleen Smith is the mother of three children and lives in Upstate New York. She has been married to her husband Andrew for seventeen years. This is a personal account of the experiences and emotions surrounding her three miscarriages.
Latest book: Marriages and Miscarriages: One Woman's Personal Experience

Follow me on Twitter at  daphinerobinson Daphine Glenn Robinson
Daphine Glenn Robinson, a native of Spartanburg , South Carolina , acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from Winthrop University and a Master of Business Administration from Charleston Southern University. She is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated and is currently promoting her latest novel, Caring What People Think. Robinson’s storytelling abilities culminated during her early childhood years. Being an only child until the age of ten, a pen and a sheet of paper always provided a way of escape from boredom. While other children were outside playing, she spent quiet time in her room playing with dolls, reading, journaling and creating stories. Elements of those stories have now ... read more
Latest book: Too Many Lies

Follow me on Twitter at  Ajspindle A. J. Spindle
A. J. Spindle is a middle grade and young adult writer. She found her passion for writing at the age of seven. She used to write about aliens and talking dogs. Now she writes more exciting stories about love, fantasy, and the occasional non-human.
Latest book: Kidd Karnival: Lisa the Liar

Follow me on Twitter at!/WalterHParks Walter Parks
Hi! Thanks so much for your interest in my books! My principal interests are true stories of the unusual or of the previously Unknown or unexplained. I have occasionally also written some fiction. I was born in Memphis Tennessee and grew up in Saltillo Mississippi, a small town near Tupelo Mississippi. High School life was dominated by watching the rise of our local Elvis. I was editor of the High School Paper and had plenty to write about. I guess this was the beginning of my writing career. After graduating from Mississippi State University as an aerospace engineer I moved to Orlando Florida and worked for Lockheed Martin for 24 years. I advanced from an aerospace engineer to a Vice President of the Compa ... read more
Latest book: God is Dark Energy

Follow me on Twitter at  AmyLunderman Amy Lunderman
I'm a stay at home mom, to a very busy two year old daughter. I live in northern Rhode Island where the weather has more ups and downs than my toddler does, but I grew up in upstate NY so I'm used to it. I've been with my husband for almost eight years now and it still feels like we never have a dull moment! I've always had a passion for writing and I try to write whenever I have a free moment. If not writing or wrangling my daughter - I also enjoy reading, writing, having dance party with my toddler, watching TV and movies, You Tube, and status updates on Facebook. And if not doing any of THAT I can probably be found watching whatever is going on around me through the backs of my eyelids, because chances are I ... read more
Latest book: The Misadventures of Daria Pigwidgeon

Follow me on Twitter at  s_rippey Samuel Rippey

Follow me on Twitter at  RCarterHall Renee Carter Hall
Renee Carter Hall writes fantasy and soft science fiction, with excursions into dark fantasy, literary, and stories for children and young adults. Talking animals tend to slip into her stories whenever they get a chance, and her work has been influenced by storytellers from a range of media, including Beatrix Potter, Steven Spielberg, Ray Bradbury, Jim Henson, Chuck Jones, Brian Jacques, Gene Roddenberry, and Stephen King. Her short stories have appeared in various print, electronic, and audio publications, as well as several anthologies. Renee lives in West Virginia with her husband Jeff and their cat Bijoux, where she works by day as a medical transcriptionist, a career that allows her to put her perfection ... read more
Latest book: Six Impossible Things

Follow me on Twitter at  stevepoling steve poling
Steve Poling lives in West Michigan. He is a C++/C# poet by day who writes Subversive Fiction by night. Steve has an abiding interest in philosophy and potato cannons. His current writing project is a steampunk novel: Mycroft Holmes' initiation into the Diogenes Club, Steamship to Kashmir.
Latest book: The Aristotelian

Follow me on Twitter at  KimOlver Kim Olver
Kim Olver is the award winning and bestselling author of Secrets of Happy Couples: Loving Yourself, Your Partner, and Your Life, and has also contributed to Whole Living and Women’s World. She is an international speaker, who addresses schools, counselors, therapists, social workers, coaches, couples, parents and businesses on her transformational ideas. She is a licensed clinical professional counselor, certified in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. Her personal mission is to help people get along better with the important people in their lives, including themselves, at home and at work. As a life coach, she developed the process of InsideOut Empowerment, which she employs with her clients and teaches to fe ... read more
Latest book: Anger Management

Follow me on Twitter at  RuthieCardello Ruth Cardello
Latest book: Bedding the Billionaire

Follow me on Twitter at  olegseriy Oleg Seriy
In Facebook In Twitter!/olegseriy In MySpace In LinkedIn In Google Buzz In Livejournal In Rutube In Youtube Vkontakte === Born January 28, 1987 in the city of Chernihiv. Graduated from high school № 1 of Chernigov in-depth study of foreign languages, and then graduated from NSU them.Gogol (Education - philologist). Studied with a number of teachers and has learned all ... read more
Latest book: Tomorrow I was here

Follow me on Twitter at  @annetteblair Annette Blair
Former prep-school administrator and award-winning author Annette Blair owes her contemporary theme of "Magic with Heart," to Salem, Massachusetts. The national bestseller writes single titles for Berkley Sensations and Vintage Magic Mysteries for Berkley Prime Crime. Her historical backlist can soon be found on an e-reader near you. She has published thirty books to date. Annette's Paranormals include her Accidental Witch Trilogy, her Psychic Triplet Witches, and her Works like Magick Novels, all for Berkley Sensation. She also writes the Vintage Magic Mystery Series for Berkley Prime Crime. Annette's work has garnered multiple Romantic Times TOP PICKS, Reviewers’ Choice Awards, and HOLT Medallion nominat ... read more
Latest book: Sisters of Spirit

Follow me on Twitter at  CurrynSpice Kakoli DasGupta
The most important ingredient of cooking is 'Love' - if you pour your heart while cooking, nothing can go wrong. I love traveling and tasting exotic recipes. And when I come across great food I make it a point to talk with the chef . Be it in Kashmir or Coorg or Goa or Kerala I have come across amazing delicacies which I never knew existed. Traditional Indian food has a lots to offer and one can expect the most awesome recipe at the most unexpected places. Other than that,I am an Housewife living in India.I love cooking and experimenting with spices. When my daughter grew up and went to college she would tell me quite often how much she misses home food. She survived on pizza, pasta, burgers and Chinese food ... read more
Latest book: Curry And Spice - 25 Easy and Authentic Indian Vegetarian Recipes

Follow me on Twitter at  foralark Bridget Allison
I love to read, I am a state permitted wildlife rehabilitator, writer, owner of small real estate sales company. Degrees in English Literature and psychology, Honors student in college where I wrote for the newspaper and won a few small awards for poetry. Mother of two--the greatest gig in the world. email me at
Latest book: Maid in the Shade

Follow me on Twitter at  alemeleg Alex Meleg
Alex Meleg has worked as an environmental contractor, an insect curator, and a lifeguard among other things. He is a speculative fiction writer and enjoys spending hours in his own head exploring. He is the Author of "The Red Man" a speculative fiction short story.
Latest book: The Red Man

Follow me on Twitter at  minethatdata Kevin Hillstrom
Kevin Hillstrom is President of MineThatData, a consultancy that helps CEOs understand the relationship between customers, advertising, products, brands, and channels. Kevin has more than twenty years of experience in e-commerce, retail, and database marketing, including stints as Vice President of Database Marketing at Nordstrom, Director of Circulation at Eddie Bauer, and Manager of Analytical Services at Lands' End. As President of MineThatData, Kevin has helped more than fifty retailers, e-commerce brands, and catalogers increase sales and profit by better understanding customer behavior.
Latest book: Gliebers Dresses: Catalogs on Trial