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Follow me on Twitter at @JAugust7 J. August
Reader, writer, curious person. Generally harmless.
Latest book: A Shrine to Saint Ann
Follow me on Twitter at @gerfnitauthor Michael Pickard
Mike Pickard’s writing serves as the bridge between his professional work in technology and his passion for the creative arts. Several of Pickard's short stories have been published, including Hardwired, which won a Ray Bradbury Creative Writing Prize in 2005. Pickard's first major work was The Gerfnit Chronicles, a science fiction mystery/adventure and his first novel. The story began as a series of letters to his daughter who spent several summers at overnight camp. Pickard’s extensive backgroud working with cutting edge technology has proved helpful for imagining fictive universes and societies. Strong satire keeps readers grounded and laughing. Pickard has studied writing at the University of Chica ... read more
Latest book: Originated Under Twin Suns
Follow me on Twitter at @cutedge11 Lee Button
Lee Button was born in Phoenixville, Pa. His dad was a Pastor there. Most of his schooling was in Berwick, PA, the home of Wise Potato Chips and location of one of the oldest running races in America, the Berwick Marathon. He played basketball for and graduated from Washington Bible College and later, Capital Bible Seminary in Lanham, MD. A faculty position at Washington Bible was his first full-time job where he remained for 4 years, teaching adult education classes and serving as the Athletic Director. In that capacity he also coached men's soccer and basketball. While at the college he met and eventually married Connie Hughes. They have been married for 38 years and have 6 children, three boys and three gir ... read more
Latest book: God Doesn't Want Your Religion
Follow me on Twitter at @mbonady Michael Bonady
My first full length novel, A Butterfly Came to Rest, is now available in all formats, as well as my short fiction collection, Our Path is Paved in Echoes. I'm currently working on some new pieces that I will be releasing for free here on Smashwords, so stop back by soon. Thanks for reading!
Latest book: Our Path is Paved in Echoes
Follow me on Twitter at @MandiCastle Mandi Castle
Mandi Castle is am award winning novelist, reader, freelance writer, and reality TV show watcher. She is obsessed with books, music, tacos, and football and has an addiction to smart funny people. She lives in Dallas where you can often find her throwing dance parties in her kitchen.
Latest book: Dear Stephanie
Follow me on Twitter at @meligranalibri Vladimir Di Prima
Vladimir Di Prima è nato a Catania nel 1977. Laureato in legge e specializzato in criminologia è autore dei romanzi Gli Ansiatici (Prova d’Autore, 2002) e Facciamo Silenzio (Azimut, 2007). Suoi racconti sono apparsi in diverse antologie e riviste letterarie. Vanta inoltre preziose collaborazioni con artisti della musica leggera italiana fra cui il compianto Lucio Dalla. È prossimo al matrimonio, adora i gatti e la sua montagna.
Latest book: Le incompiute smorfie
Follow me on Twitter at @cwseymore CW Seymore
CW Seymore is the author of "Shards of Glass" my personal memior back into the horrors of childhood, spanning 15 years at the hands of my father. I wrote under a pen name to protect memebers of my family and the innocent involved. "Please Lord, don't let him find me, Please Lord, don't let him find me," was my daily prayer to a God I was hoping would be there. I sought safety when and where I could find it - in the cornfield, under the bed, behind the couch or in the forest, rocking back and forth, tears blurring my vision. I was petrified, terrified, alone and helpless to stop the physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse my father inflicted day in and day out. If you’ve suffered in silence at the han ... read more
Latest book: Shards Of Glass - A Little Girl's Journey Back into Her World of Physical, Mental and Sexual Abuse
Follow me on Twitter at @UnwiseGuy27 J. C. Bass
J.C. Bass is a 28 year-old writer from Kentucky. In 2010 he won the Dantzler fiction award for his short story 'Parking Lot Follies'. He's got noisy neighbors, too many bills, and a smart-ass sense of humor. He is also the author of 'Unwise Guys','The Poet and the Bastard', and 'A Man and his Lawn.'
Latest book: Chasing Clues in Jimmy Choos
Follow me on Twitter at @rhysdioncole Rhys Dion Cole
Rhys Dion Cole lives in Bristol, UK with the intentions of one day creating a life sized tree out of recycled paper.
Latest book: The Fourth Floor
Follow me on Twitter at @jayspeights Jay Speights
Jay Speights is an award winning author, chaplain, spiritual coach, and Director of The New Seminary, the oldest Interfaith Seminary in the world. His multi-faith approach has lead him to continuously search for common universal truths about God, creation, and existence. Jay believes we must always strive to be attuned to our Higher Self, which is reflected in his discipline of prayer, meditation, daily spiritual practice and writing. For many years he was a contributor to The Washington Times Online Edition and, where he provided social, spiritual, and political commentary focused on getting people to interact and relate on a higher level. A November 2009 Post from his Washington ... read more
Latest book: 7 Days With Adam
Follow me on Twitter at @josiedaleiden Josie Daleiden
One of these days, I may be able to stop calling myself a new writer! I write erotic and romantic fiction, and I hope you all enjoy my works. I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to all of my readers. Without you, my enormous and all-consuming ego would have killed us all by now : )
Latest book: Interlude Book 2
Follow me on Twitter at @connie_vines Connie Vines
Married with two grown sons, Connie Vines resides deep in the quirky suburbs of southern California. She has published over one hundred short stories and non-fiction articles, six novels, and has ghost-written two literary novels and one screenplay. The vice-president of GothRom (Gothic Chapter of Romance Writers), Connie participates in local literary events and judges national and international writing contests. Pinterest: Easy links to all things Connie:
Latest book: Tanayia Un Murmullo Sobre el Agua
Follow me on Twitter at @elifsavasfelsen Elif Savas
Elif Savas is a Turkish writer/classical singer/filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles.
Latest book: The Cat and the Doll
Follow me on Twitter at @positive_phil Phil Morgan
As the Managing Director of Positive Revolution, Phil Morgan represents an extraordinary ability to drive investor and consumer traffic through online channels. Phil leads a consulting partnership that works with senior executives to identify and exploit emerging opportunities at the intersection of online media and public relations, investor relations,internet marketing and technology. Phil works directly with leaders in Fortune 100, non-profit, and early-stage companies on key initiatives to drive growth through creation and evaluation of new investors; identification of strategic partnerships; development of business, and implementation of go-to-market efforts. From bootstrap entrepreneur to corporate new b ... read more
Latest book: Franchise Salvation
Follow me on Twitter at @mahipat1973 Mahipat Singh
I am Mahipat Singh Writer of this eBook. By training, i am an MBA(IB) and MFT from Pondicherry University, Puducherry with 18 years working experience in Foreign Trade Market Research, Development, Legal Advising on Trade & Tariff matters and Digital Trade Promotions.
Latest book: Key Factors for Successful Export
Follow me on Twitter at @SilverWoodBooks SilverWood Books
SilverWood Books... where you can work with our friendly, supportive team to produce a high quality book that can be confidently marketed in bookshops and online. We can support you with a range of affordable professional services - from copy-editing, proofreading and book jacket design, through to author promotion and book marketing. SilverWood - dedicated to your success.
Latest book: Science & Science Fiction: Versions of the Future
Follow me on Twitter at @hlleroy H. L. LeRoy
H. L. (Holly) LeRoy is an American short story writer and novelist, author of the award winning Street Crimes anthology and the novel The Fountain of the Earth (Nov. 22, 2013), first in a series of young adult adventures. Book two, Heralds of Juno, will be released in 2015. Born in San Jose, California, LeRoy currently resides in the Sierra Nevada Mountains with his family. Author Links: Blog: Twitter: @hlleroy Facebook:
Latest book: The Fountain of the Earth
Follow me on Twitter at @shaanzaeshahid Shaanzae Shahid

Latest book: The Silver Cry
Follow me on Twitter at @norahcpeters Norah C. Peters
Norah C. Peters has always loved telling stories that make people smile and she especially enjoys writing stories that reacquaint us with what really matters in life: love and friendship. When’s she’s not writing she can usually be found losing track of time in the garden with a hot cup of tea close to hand.
Latest book: When Love Takes Over You
Follow me on Twitter at @LordConnor_ Connor Norton

Latest book: Extreme Caution
Follow me on Twitter at @laci_paige Laci Paige
When Laci’s not reading or writing, she can be found with her husband supporting their two teenaged children in a thing called life. Or maybe she’s running around with her camera taking photos while camping and/or hiking. Or lastly, and most probable – the TV is on in the background while she’s perusing her social media sites. Their family resides in the state of Virginia.
Latest book: Salty Beaches
Follow me on Twitter at @nikhiltamhankar Nikhil Tamhankar
Nikhil Tamhankar is a Computer Science Engineering student of Institution of Engineers (India). He loves blogging, acting, developing websites, desktop publishing, and learning new technologies. He is a certified developer and Desktop publisher. He is owner of
Latest book: Bring X factor to Your Blogger Blog
Follow me on Twitter at @gayane1982 G. Avetis
G. Avetis is a native of Armenia, and immigrated to the United States with her family in 1993. She discovered her love of language at an early age, and was inspired by the example of her grandfather, an author, to publish books of her own. Drawing on her strict conservative Christian upbringing, her work explores the immigrant experience as well as the role of women in different cultures. Fluent in four languages, G. Avetis has a degree in psychology. She lives in Northern California with her husband and three amazing little boys.
Latest book: Cloak & Dagger
Follow me on Twitter at @pgamburgo Patricia Gamburgo
Graduation - B.Arch., Architect, December,1980 Post Graduation / Enginering School - Structural Security National Course - 1981 - Skyscrapers construction - 1982 - Development of Reinforced Concrete - 1982 - Structural Design of Buildings - 1982 - Structures' Calculation - 1982 - Seismic resistant Engineering - 1983 - Simpatcom - Applications of Reinforced Concrete – Years 1989 to 1993 Post Graduation / General - Autocad Advanced Applications - 2001 - Cost Estimation - 2003 Membership - AIA – American Institute of Architects - International Associate since 2004 - Frank L. Wright's Martin House Complex- Associate since 2009
Latest book: Learning Punch Software (R): Power Tools - Second Edition
Follow me on Twitter at @ewolfe Edward M Wolfe
Edward M Wolfe was a field reporter for one of the first independent news websites in the late 90's, and later worked as a city beat reporter on the Oregon coast. His latest novel, Reaching Kendra, is a story about what happens when true love is interrupted by terrorism, and other religious beliefs, featuring a prolonged Near Death Experience and multiple Out of Body experiences.. He lives in Tulsa with two human children, and two canine children who all love his writing, and tolerate his guitar playing. - Email: ewolfe @ (remove spaces after copying and pasting) Blog Twitter
Latest book: 9 Stories
Follow me on Twitter at @shelleyhitz Shelley Hitz
Shelley Hitz is an award-winning and international best-selling author. However, she gives all the glory to God for what He is doing through her life. As she likes to say, “God is the author, I am simply the pen.” Shelley has been ministering alongside her husband, CJ, since 1998 and her main passion is to share God’s truth and the freedom in Christ she has found with others. She does this through her books, websites and speaking engagements. She is also the co-owner of where she shares free Christian books on her blog, owner of where she helps authors get published and noticed and co-founder of where Christian readers and authors meet. ... read more
Latest book: How to Write a Book From Outline to Finish Line: 10 Simple Ways to Outline Your Nonfiction Book
Follow me on Twitter at @guleryuz Guleryuz
Yilmaz Guleryuz Agile/Lean Practitioner, still hands-on coder/explorer, expertise with experience in leading distributed teams, and developing scalable platforms. With 15+ years of hands-on experience in diverse range of businesses; Adapting, extending, and enriching Agile practices by nurturing Yogurt culture, constituting Lean techniques. Leading-by-doing the entire lifecycle of design, development and delivery.
Latest book: Yogurt for Agile & Lean Culture
Follow me on Twitter at @mikes361 Mike Spears
I've written this book to help musicians, in particular, fiddle players practice. I've been writing fiction stories for a long time and since I'm a Texas fiddler, wanted to share my love of it with the world.
Latest book: 10 Fiddle Tips
Follow me on Twitter at @alphatucana Martin Thompson
Not much to say... I write the occasional short sci-fi story, I suppose!
Latest book: The Second Corollary
Follow me on Twitter at @paulrlipton Paul Lipton
Paul R. Lipton is an attorney, a speaker, a legal consultant, and a blogger. He is currently a co-chair of the Eleventh Circuit Committee on Professionalism in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Hour of the Wolf is his first book. As an attorney, Paul tried cases for more than forty years. He has litigated numerous jury and non-jury trials in complex commercial, probate, estate, and trust cases involving national and international companies. Paul began his career as an assistant district attorney in Nassau County, New York, before moving to Florida. Once there, he practiced law in a number of firms. For thirteen years, he was a trial attorney with the international law firm of Greenberg Traurig. Paul was a principal ... read more
Latest book: Hour of the Wolf: An Experiment in Ageless Living
Follow me on Twitter at @EternalFeud Lauren Salem
Lauren Salem currently lives in Pennsylvania with her boyfriend, Brian, and her cat, Oswald George. She works for a user-experience consultancy as a research associate, compiling data and organizing spreadsheets about digital design trends. Reunion at Walnut Cherryville, a third-prize winner in the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards, is her first published novel. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, cooking, baking, and playing games.
Latest book: Revenge of Rivals (Book 2 Eternal Feud Series)
Follow me on Twitter at @Bill76 William Jenkins
William Jenkins was born in Ottawa in 1932. He attended Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario, graduating in 1954 with a B.A. in Mathematics and Physics. He worked on the Avro Arrow project in Toronto and then started a 45 year career in computing, working as technical support, programmer, sales representative, manager, consultant to the Federal Government and computer guy at the local hospital. After retirement, he took the real estate course and sold residential real estate for five years. William is married to Claire, a former high school counselor. Their three children are Bill, a lawyer in Calgary, Bruce, an electrician in Kingston and June, an ESL teacher in Switzerland.
Latest book: The Case of the Greedy Goat
Follow me on Twitter at @VickyBushfire Victoria Bushfire
I'm a luscious lady with a love of baking & domination. I dish discipline whilst waiting for the cookies to be ready. If you are very, very good, I might even let you lick out the bowl…
Latest book: At His Command
Follow me on Twitter at @mikepodhorzer Mike Podhorzer
I never dreamed that I would someday publish a book, whether physical or electronic. It all started in the late 1990s when I picked up a free copy of Ron Shandler's Baseball Forecaster at a sports card show. After reading the annual publication from cover to cover, I would never look at baseball statistics the same way again. Having been completely immersed in the exciting world of fantasy baseball, I began forecasting baseball player performance and producing projections of my own, and have been doing so ever since. Following years of spreadsheets and calculations, I finally made the epic decision to share my process with the world. I am the 2015 Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA) Baseball Writer of th ... read more
Latest book: Projecting X 2.0: How to Forecast Baseball Player Performance
Follow me on Twitter at @jdteehan John Teehan
John Teehan is a writer, artist, musician, and all-round stand-up sort of guy, ya know? He hails from the wild salt marshes of West Warwick, RI where he can be often found taunting sleeping dragons and mooning passing spaceships. Yeah... the town council isn't sure what to do about all of that.
Latest book: Whisps
Follow me on Twitter at @pacificnwbirds Sally Dinius
Sally Dinius is the owner of the Pacific Northwest Birds blog and online store. Publishing her first book here at Smashwords is the biggest thing she's done since beating breast cancer in 2012. When she's not busy being a wife to one and a mom to four, she's outside feeding the birds, who happen to think she's a very likeable human.
Latest book: Birds of the Pacific Northwest: How to Identify 25 of the Most Popular Backyard Birds
Follow me on Twitter at @TrentonLeigh_ Trenton Jones

Latest book: Depressed Poems
Follow me on Twitter at @suzannemrobins Suzanne Robins
I am a 53-year-old freelance writer and mother of two, living in Ottawa, Canada. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis more than a decade ago, but I'm not visibly disabled in any way. Like many people with MS, I am challenged the most by symptoms that can't be seen, including depression, anxiety, bladder dysfunction, cognitive impairment and fatigue. This is my first book, but my writing has been published in several Canadian newspapers and magazines.
Latest book: Faulty Wiring: Living with Invisible MS
Follow me on Twitter at @chrismmerlo Chris Merlo
I am a 33 year old suburbanite living in southern california of an eclectic and social nature. I love being athletic, spending time with my family and friends, and I have a passion for writing. It is my dream for my stories to be embraced by an audience and to bring entertainment to their lives. I'm an active, outgoing kind of guy, and to me, life possesses too many possibilities to not take advantage of.
Latest book: Modern Suburbia
Follow me on Twitter at @KT_McColl KT McColl
KT McColl has been writing erotica since 2008, snatching laptop time whenever an hour or two of privacy can be assured. KT lives in Southwestern Ontario.
Latest book: Lamb
Follow me on Twitter at @spkgovtr Sermaye Piyasası Kurulu
Capital Markets Board of Turkey 1. Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB) is the regulatory and supervisory authority in charge of the securities markets in Turkey. Empowered by the Capital Markets Law (CML), which was enacted in 1981, the CMB has been making detailed regulations for organizing the markets and developing capital market instruments and institutions for the past nineteen years in Turkey. 2. Based on the main objectives of fair and orderly functioning of the markets and protecting the rights of investors, the CMB has a wide range of responsibilities. Depending upon the development stages of the markets and the state of the country's economy, the list of priorities changes from time to time. Howev ... read more
Latest book: Sermaye Piyasası Kurulu Mevzuat Bölüm 2
Follow me on Twitter at @authorzoesharp Zoe Sharp
Zoë Sharp was born in Nottinghamshire but spent her formative years living on a catamaran on the northwest coast of England. After a promising start at a private girls' school, she opted out of mainstream education at the age of twelve. She wrote her first novel when she was fifteen and created her no-nonsense ex-Special Forces turned bodyguard heroine Charlie Fox after receiving death-threat letters in the course of her work as a photojournalist. Sharp’s short stories have been used in school textbooks and turned into short films, and the Charlie Fox series has been optioned for TV and film. Her work has been nominated for numerous awards both in the UK and the USA, and her short stories have been publis ... read more
Latest book: Dancing On The Grave
Follow me on Twitter at @erikschubach Erik Schubach
I got my start writing romance novels by accident. I have always been drawn to strong female characters in books, like Honor Harrington. And I also believe that there is a lack of LGBT characters in media. So one day I came up with a story idea that combines the two... two days later I completed the manuscript for Music of the Soul. My writing style may not be the most professional nor grammatically correct, but I never profess to be an English major, just a person that wants to share a story. I maintain that my primary language is sarcasm. Each of my books features strong likeable female characters that are flawed. I think that flaws and emotional or physical scars make us human and give us more character th ... read more
Latest book: Emily Monroe is NOT the Chosen One: Night Shift
Follow me on Twitter at @jacklmarsch Jack L Marsch
Jack L Marsch was born in May 1975 in Budapest. He went through the school system with the 'talented but lazy' epithet that was the result of boredom and an overactive imagination. This imagination as well as an innate curiosity towards the world led him to begin the search for a muse and a way to express himself. Ever since he can remember Marsch has been driven by the desire to create, stories and scenes jostling for attention and release; and it was the visual word of graphic art that he first turned his attention. When he realized that the static nature of lines and color on paper expressed only fleeting moments of tension that did not lend themselves to the crafting of more detailed scenarios and characte ... read more
Latest book: Excolopolis: Poles of Enforcement
Follow me on Twitter at @dvorahji Dvorahji (shutupguru)
Dvorah has an M.A. in Human Development and a B.A. in Early Childhood Education. She was a featured columnist for the Chicago Tribune Women News, and has hosted her own TV and radio shows on Enlightened parenting - and other radical topics in the field of human development.She has been teaching meditation, talking about personal freedom and causing trouble all over the “spiritual” United States for the past 33 years. DVORAH'S STORY: “I came to the United States on the General Moore, a ship that landed in New York Harbor 57 years ago. My father held me on his shoulders so I could see the Statue of Liberty holding her torch of hope and welcome. We were refugees from Nazi Germany, spared from the ovens and ... read more
Latest book: The Dali Mama Sutras (A Compilation of Sayings to Relax You Into Your Open, Spacious, Loving, Free-Flowing Nature!)
Follow me on Twitter at @JulieKishore Carol Jackson
I live in Auckland, New Zealand where I was born and raised. My hubby was born in India and came to New Zealand in the late '80's. This is the subject of my books, Julie & Kishore and the sequel, Julie & Kishore: Take Two. Both of these stories are based on our lives, how we, as a couple faced being in an inter-racial relationship at that time. We have now been married for more than twenty years and have two children who are young adults. We also have a Pomeranian dog called Louie and his best friend is our ginger cat, Donny. I am currently writing a third book, which has many of the same characters but is a completely different story.
Latest book: Julie & Kishore
Follow me on Twitter at @ivilums Ivars Vilums
Retired and living in the Hill Country of Texas, Ivars loves to indulge his creative side. In addition to writing, he makes films, creates music, and tinkers with new inventions. He has over 40 years experience in inventing and developing new technologies and created the first commercial wireless broadband Internet service in the world in the 1990's in Austin, Texas before cable and DSL were available. He also invented and patented an optical 3D capture/process/display technology requiring neither glasses nor lasers. He has worked in areas as diverse as software, electronics, health care, optics, and entertainment and was involved in early digital films and music. Lately he has been working on a "virtual studio ... read more
Latest book: Space Man
Follow me on Twitter at @AshleeErotica Ashlee Alexander
Growing up in a household of three older brothers, Ashlee Alexander witnessed firsthand what it was like to be the only girl surrounded by a pack of rambunctious boys. Since she had observed alpha-males in their natural habitat for years, writing about werewolves and rock stars seemed like the logical next step. Look for "Curvy Girls Rock", which is a story about a plump assistant who meets the bad boy of her dreams. But can they survive the Rock 'n' Roll lifestyle and everything that comes with it?
Latest book: Curvy Girls Rock (Rock Star BBW Romance)
Follow me on Twitter at @krymrgn Kerry Morgan
Horror, urban fantasy and children's author karate Sensei Business Owner My heart felt goal is to inspire with the books I write for kids, as well as adults. Karate isn't about fighting, it's about learning how to fight, so you never ever have to! My urban fantasy series is pure indulgence for my love of horror and strong women that can do anything they set their minds to!
Latest book: Minding the Tiger