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Follow me on Twitter at  brightclara Clara Bright
Clara Bright is a self-published author of romantic and erotic e-book titles. Her personal favorites are m/m and fantasy stories, but she is always willing to try new spins and kinks to see what sticks. She works as a teacher's assistant and lives with her husband Noah in a large Mississippi city.

Follow me on Twitter at  gregorygregyon Gregory Gregyon
I want to write stories that are short enough and simple enough to appeal to people that don't normally read because their attention gets distracted by playstations and internet porn and fluffy bunnies and things, but that also appeal to people who do love to read as much as I love to read. I also want to write b-movies in book form. Monster movies rule. Anyway, hello. Gregory Gregyon is not my real name. It'd be awesome if it was, though.

Follow me on Twitter at  Rtabaka78 Richard Tabaka
Richard Tabaka lives and writes in Central Wisconsin. When he is not writing Richard Tabaka can often be found in the wilder reaches of Wisconsin and his own imagination.
Latest book: Odd Things

Follow me on Twitter at  DouglasAHuggins Douglas Huggins
Doug Huggins is the author of Christian fiction novel, Thirteen Souls, and a corporate trainer. Doug has spent a better part of his life learning from, and teaching people in various settings, about the power of connections between people. Born in California, the son of a United States Air Force Officer, Doug spent much of his life traveling and meeting many fascinating individuals. But the most important people in his life are his wife and two children! In his travels and pursuits, Doug has seen and experienced the yearning need, and power of love. His writing reflects that search for love, the intense satisfaction of finding it, and he wishes all his readers the very best in their search, and their success, a ... read more
Latest book: Thirteen Souls

Follow me on Twitter at  selfesteemdean Dr. Carol Langlois
Dr Carol is a former University Associate Provost and Dean, trained therapist, researcher, educational consultant and writer. During her training, she counseled hundreds of clients in one-on-one sessions as well as in group settings where her work was with college freshman dealing with transitional and developmental issues on campus. Her primary research focus is female self-esteem development among teens. Her dissertation topic “The effects of single gender versus coeducational environments on the self-esteem development and academic competence of high school females” focused on 15 year old girls in the Bay Area where her research findings showed disturbingly low levels of self-esteem across the board. ... read more
Latest book: The Effects of Single Gender Versus Coeducational Environments on the Self-Esteem Development and Academic Competence of High School Females

Follow me on Twitter at  CNDouglasWriter Carole Nelson Douglas
LITERARY CHAMELEON: Have Genres, Will Travel The author of sixty-one novels-—mainstream, mystery, thriller, fantasy, science fiction and women’s fiction—-Carole has been nominated for or won more than fifty writing awards. Many of her short stories have been reprinted in “Year’s Best” collections. She holds RT Book Reviews magazine's Lifetime Achievement Awards for Versatility and Mystery writing. The magazine also honored her in its first “Pioneer of Publishing” awards. Her New York Times Notable Book of the Year, Good Night, Mr. Holmes, launched the first mystery/suspense series to feature a Sherlockian woman protagonist, Irene Adler. Carole also writes two bestselling series set in a La ... read more
Latest book: Neon Noir: A Delilah Street Paranormal Investigator anthology

Follow me on Twitter at  CreekDiane Diane Haugen
I've edited, designed, and written books for many years, including collaborating with other writers on many different projects.
Latest book: The Complete Book of Leftovers

Follow me on Twitter at  marylouminer marylou miner
Reading and writing have been my twin passions since I was a young girl growing up in Southern Ontario.During my early adult years I lived in Northern Ontario,raising a family and teaching English literature. Now I have returned to my roots, geographically and emotionally, where I am embarking on my third career as a professional writer. I hope you will return to read more of my books. As the poet writes and the singer sings, "the best is yet to come." Currently pending are: Reflections After Sixty: A Collection of Essays Quyon, A Novel (a sequel to Cushing) Theories of the Imagination: The Imaginative Intersections of Wallace Stevens, Northrop Frye, and Italo Calvino
Latest book: CUSHING, a Novel

Follow me on Twitter at  ariadne_turner Ariadne Turner
Ariadne Turner is the pen name of Bev Walshe. Bev lives in the UK, near Stratford upon Avon. She loves eating food other people have cooked, a glass of cold white wine and counting the frogs who have to come to live in her frog pond.
Latest book: The Ungrateful Refugee (Strange Reunion and Sight Out of Time)

Follow me on Twitter at  parisunraveled Allison Grant
Allison Grant is a graduate of Columbia University (B.A., French and Romance Philology, 2009) and the Middlebury College French School (M.A., French, 2009). After studying abroad with Columbia University Programs in Paris during the 2007-2008 academic year, she returned to France in September 2009 to complete a Master 2 degree in Comparative Literature at the Université de Paris VII - Denis Diderot, where she studied Algerian libertine folktales. She is currently completing a second Master 2 in Ethnology and Social Anthropology at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales studying the transmission of oral tradition in Algerian immigrant families. She has worked twice as an English Assistant in four ele ... read more
Latest book: The Study Abroad Workbook

Follow me on Twitter at  cnwestbrook Charles Westbrook
B.A. degree from Charleston Southern University, Master of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Doctor of Ministry from Columbia International University. Nearly 25 years with the International Mission Board (SBC), and over 14 years in the pastorate. Currently serves as pastor of Saluda River Baptist Church in West Columbia, SC. Author of Fresh Daily: A Full Year of Dated Daily Devotions. A second volume by a similar name will come out soon in 2012.
Latest book: The Quest for Spiritual Growth

Follow me on Twitter at  DodsonandRoss Carlin Ross
Carlin Ross is editor-in-chief of making all things Betty Dodson digital. She's your every day bisexual, lawyer/entrepeneur, sex educator who also happens to be a gourmet cook living with a designer dog in Brooklyn.

Follow me on Twitter at  jangrosshandler Janet Grosshandler
Janet Grosshandler has taken her 20+ years of published writing and her 30+ years of counseling/life coaching and created Get Stronger, Girlfriend, a movement to harness the power of girlfriendship, love and support to help women live stronger, healthier, more balanced, empowered lives. Janet’s Facebook site, reaches thousands of women daily with inspirational, motivational and health/wellness advice. Janet also writes women's fiction ebooks that touch hearts and inspire others similar to Nicholas Sparks' books. Missing Pieces of My Forever-Heart, Shattered Pieces, Fractured Heart and Heartcore Shift are available on,, am ... read more
Latest book: Shattered Pieces, Fractured Heart

Follow me on Twitter at Alessio Fabrizi
Alessio Fabrizi, laureato in Comunicazione alla Sapienza (Roma), ha sviluppato un innato senso di diffidenza verso i media e i poteri forti. Per sfuggire al suo destino ha provato a fare: il “mercataro” (un’etica di libertà unita però al senso quotidiano della sopravvivenza, della precarietà: ha conosciuto delle bellissime persone, ha imparato a riconoscerle, a “vendere” e a non avere troppi pudori), ha fatto lavoro d’ufficio (istituzione totalizzante che gli ha procurato un’ulcera, donato l’estetica del nonsenso e fatto scoprire la società massificata), poi l’autoferrotranviere... Questo ha fatto, ora fa altre cose: si interessa di ecologia e di tematiche ambientali e, dopo aver frequent ... read more
Latest book: Italian underground

Follow me on Twitter at  savage7289 Shay Savage
Shay Savage lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband, two children, and a variety of household pets. She is an accomplished public speaker, and holds the rank of Distinguished Toastmaster from Toastmasters International. When not writing, she enjoys science fiction movies, masquerading as a zombie, is a HUGE Star Wars fan, and member of the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers. When the geek fun runs out, she also loves soccer in any and all forms - especially the Columbus Crew, Arsenal and Bayern Munich - and anxiously awaits the 2014 World Cup. Savage holds a degree in psychology, and she brings a lot of that knowledge into the characters within her stories.

Follow me on Twitter at  @MarcHookerBooks David Scott
David Scott is the author of the Marc Hooker series of crime novels. He spent most of his early career working in business, from where much of the inspiration from his books has come. David Scott was born in Leicestershire and now lives in Cheshire with his partner Eve and three cats.
Latest book: Hooker: Black & Blue

Follow me on Twitter at  davpol8112 David Pollard
David Pollard was born under the bed in 1942 and has been furniture salesman, accountant, TEFL teacher and university lecturer. He got his three degrees from the University of Sussex and has since taught at the universities of Sussex, Essex and at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has written books on Keats and has published 4 volumes of poetry. He has also been published in other volumes and in learned journals and poetry magazines.
Latest book: The Poetry of Keats: Language and Experience

Follow me on Twitter at  Lizdelaplace Elizabeth de la Place
Elizabeth de la Place is a former cheerleader and college chemistry student by day and a sexy writer by night. She loves femme girls and boys, bubble baths, leather, and naughty songs. She also loves getting mail - so feel free to message her on twitter or email her at

Follow me on Twitter at  biancanoire Bianca Noire
Blogger/author of Ivory Silk, Black Lace: Contemplations of a Contemporary Courtesan, lover of words, sensualist.

Follow me on Twitter at  prosewriter2 Teri Riendeau Crane
Native Southern Californian, writer, educator, marriage and family therapist. And more : )
Latest book: Base Ball: Coming to the Show

Follow me on Twitter at  abeior djerat Abeior Djerat
Writer from vocation. Published in French-novels, short-stories and poetry. Abeior Djerat is a pen name. I use it because it enables me to talk freely about subjects which I consider important. I pay big attention to 'impulsive 'writing. Like surrealists poets use to say, to write about what your subconscious tells you to. Be yourself. Without the make-up of conventions. This is what I aim through all my books written under the signature Abeior Djerat: a miror of the soul's and body's feelings and moods in very complex situations of life. Ecrivaine de vocation. Publiée en français avec romans, nouvelles, poèmes. Abeior Djerat est un pseudonyme. Cela favorise une écriture franche, impulsive, que j'affectio ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  Joseph Tea Joseph Tea
Addicted to stories in any given medium - audio, visual, real-life performance, etc. Write erotica for the fun of it, which is usually fun most of the time. I write my stories using a combination of pencil and paper and my typewriter-esque mechanical keyboard. Check out my blog or official webpage for interesting reads and a centralized list of the rest of my publications.

Follow me on Twitter at  leajaypiper Leandra J. Piper
A librarian with a very dull job, Leandra Piper likes to spice it up when she gets home by writing steamy sex scenes. The cat doesn't mind, but thinks the time would be better spent petting her.

Follow me on Twitter at  TwistedTidings Tom Tiding
Tom is a Washington, DC and Hong Kong-based comedian and story-teller. His line of greeting cards, Twisted Tidings, feature cards on subjects that Hallmark won't touch, including friendship-with-benefits, drunk parents, and holiday-induced nausea. His personal creed is "Life is short! Cut corners. Skip foreplay." His one-man show, "Twisted - Greeting Card Moments Gone Wrong", was a hit at the 2011 Capital Fringe and not-so-much of a hit at the 2011 Phoneix Fringe.
Latest book: The Oklahoma Summer

Follow me on Twitter at  sandrasstories Sandra Harvey
Sandra Harvey was born and raised in Newfoundland, and aspired to become a writer at an early age. Her first book - The Secret World of Dragons - is available on amazon (as well as its sequel). For a limited time you can download a free ebook, containing sample chapters of "The Myth of Kalvartr", my new upcoming fantasy novel. For more information about this book, visit my blog, twitter, facebook, or personal website in the links provided on my profile page. Thanks!
Latest book: The Secret World of Magic

Follow me on Twitter at  MelissaTStevens Melissa Stevens
Melissa was born and raised in rural Arizona. Happily married, she finally has all three of her children in school, giving her more time to pursue her writing. She spends her days trying to find a happy balance between caring for her family and telling the stories of the people who live in her head.
Latest book: Choosing Happiness

Follow me on Twitter at  BVLawson BV Lawson
Past career hats BV Lawson tried on include maid, super-speedy typist, classical musician, radio announcer, being in TV commercials (for all of one day), research assistant, TV features writer and working for the Discovery Channel. Now a full-time freelance writer, she's penned articles for various publications and won awards for her many published stories and poems. Thanks to the influence of library genes handed down from her mother, she created the blog In Reference to Murder which contains over 3,000 links for mystery readers and writers. She's working on a series of crime fiction novels set in various locations in and around the mid-Atlantic, and when time permits, BV and her husband enjoy flying over Nor ... read more
Latest book: Dies Irae: A Scott Drayco Mystery

Follow me on Twitter at  fornat2003 Nancy Fornataro
I'm a writer who enjoys the craft, mostly romances and the push-pull between a man and a woman. I've written 16 novels,4 self-help books and 4 YA books. My favorite novels are romances, to read and write. The hero is always strong, hunky and sensitive! The heroine is always sexy, smart and very wary! Mix the two together and it is always a bit magical. E-mail is and also find me at Goodreads and on Twitter (fornat2003). Happy reading my friends!!!!.
Latest book: How to Look Like a Million on Next to Nothing - The Art of Collection Dressing

Follow me on Twitter at  EricksonTL Tamara Erickson
TL Erickson is a long time commercial freelance writer and non fiction author. She's finally following the dream of writing a novel, and when she's not doing that, she's hanging out with her husband and daughter, cooking, reading or on the beach.

Follow me on Twitter at  CaroleMcKee Carole McKee
I am originally from Pittsburgh, but I now reside in Florida, with my two cats. My first attempt at writing was when I wrote a tribute to my Black Lab after he passed away. That short story appeared in a veterinarian's magazine and now appears in a paperback collection of short stories, "Forever Families" edited by Shelagh Watkins. After earning a couple of college degrees, I started writing for fun, and as a hobby. I completed my first novel "Perfect" in 2007. I entered the book in a contest and it received an honorable mention. In addition to that, I received a lot of great feedback on that first attempt, so I decided to try another. That led to my second book "Choices" and then came "The Bushes are Red" and ... read more
Latest book: Going Home

Follow me on Twitter at  AlianneDonnelly Alianne Donnelly
Alianne is an avid lover of stories of all kinds. Having grown up with fairy tales in a place where it almost seemed they were real, it was no surprise when she began making up her own stories. She loves books, music, hiking, and archery, and won’t shy away from travel and zip lining. Alianne graduated with a business degree and when she’s not off in the land of fantasy, she lives in California.
Latest book: Wolfen

Follow me on Twitter at  ksbenson1 King Samuel Benson
King Samuel Benson is a freelance writer, editor and poet. He is ranked as an Expert Author at, one of the biggest article directory on the 'net. He is also the Author of the motivational, 'Why You Are Not Wealthy', and he has written and published several articles and poems. He presently lives in Lagos, a coastal city in West Africa. He loves a natural surrounding and enjoys scenic views. He loves the sea too, and he likes to go fishing now and again. He also enjoys cooking so long as the meal doesn't take a lot of time to prepare. He is humorous, adventurous and full of witty ideas. Join his fan base on Facebook: Follow him on Twitter: ... read more
Latest book: Tales by Twilight (A collection of African Folktales)

Follow me on Twitter at  fengshuiform Donna Stellhorn
Donna Stellhorn is a Professional Astrologer, Coach and expert at Feng Shui and Room Reading. For more than 20 years she has been helping people break through barriers and improve their lives. A prolific author, Donna's first Feng Shui book was published in Europe in 1996. Since then she has written five books, including Feng Shui Form and the best-selling booklet Sage and Smudge: Clearing Your Personal Space. Donna has written numerous articles on topics related to her expertise, as well as providing a monthly column on Feng Shui for eight years for the newspaper "The Light" A Red Ribbon Professional and former director of the International Feng Shui Guild's Boston Chapter, Donna has been seen on NECN's New ... read more
Latest book: Chinese Astrology: 2015 Year of the Wood Sheep

Follow me on Twitter at  rebuilders Milt Rodriguez
Bio for Milt Rodriguez My name is Milt Rodriguez and I came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour in July of 1973 in Southern California. Since then, my wife, Mary, and I have been involved with numerous churches and ministries. Everything from the Jesus People movement, to the charismatic movement, denominational, non-denominational, pentecostal, fundamental, and evangelical movements and churches. We have served as deacons, elders, worship leaders, youth leaders, pastors, and street ministry to the wayward youth on the streets of South Orange County in California and Bellingham, Washington. For the last 18 years or so, we having been interested and working in what some people are now calling the " ... read more
Latest book: New Day

Follow me on Twitter at Zizi Sadie
Zizi Sadie loves photography in addition to writing fiction and poetry. Hangers, Shoeboxes and Love is her first published fiction.
Latest book: Hangers, Shoeboxes and Love

Follow me on Twitter at  MirabaiGrace Marian Griffin
Marian Griffin was born in Manhattan, New York though was raised both there and in Southern California. She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her undergraduate degree is in Advertising/Journalism and she is currently a teacher. She has been a meditator for going on twenty years. She loves writing, art, swimming, walking and just being in the life. Notes Of The Heart is Marian's first book.
Latest book: Whatever Happened To Lucy?

Follow me on Twitter at Olga Levancuka
Well-known for coaching successful entrepreneurs, well-known faces and key political figures, Olga (SkinnyRichCoach) herself is eagerly followed in the media. Wanting to share her knowledge with a wider audience, Olga put pen to paper and produced several books, including 'How to Be Selfish' and 'Increase your Confidence'. Her latest book 'The Ill Society" is taking the literary world by storm, confronting uncomfortable realities and refusing to wave the white flag to the cycle of disharmony affecting one and all. Through these books, her guidance is available to many who seek extra strength, confidence, direction or support during challenging times. As well as her collection of successful self-help books und ... read more
Latest book: How to be Selfish (And other uncomfortable advice)

Follow me on Twitter at  ToniSpearman1 Toni Spearman
I am a freelance writer/author composing online articles with and blogging with Six Brown Chicks of Chicago. I do copy editing and newsletter design. Currently I am working on inspirational readings based on Biblical principles that inspire, encourage, and enlighten the hearts of readers of all ages.
Latest book: This Day (For Lovers Only)

Follow me on Twitter at  lynelleclark1 Lynelle Clark
Lynelle Clark is a South African, loves her country people, and the rich history. She is living in Gauteng, South Africa. She started to write in the beginning of 2010 after she find herself isolated and without work. Her love for reading prompted her to write her own stories drawing from life’s experiences and lessons learned.
Latest book: A Pirate's Wife

Follow me on Twitter at  thewriter0202 Stephen Rowledge
I am 37, a creative writer & I am currently living in Inverness, UK & I have four children. I have been writing throughout my life, but these last 4 years I have taken it more serious as I want to earn my living from it. If writing was a job it would be the only one I could never quit, because it is the one I love to do. I always have and always will write. It's like breathing, if I didn't do it I would simply fade away.
Latest book: The Storm Chronicles

Follow me on Twitter at  kadiera Janet Callahan
Janet Callahan is a writer, artist, engineer and priestess, with plans to write an actual book someday in between blog posts. She lives with her husband, two cats, and her two children, and blogs extensively about her journey as a Pagan parent of children with medical issues. She writes about Pagan community, philosopy, and her experiences at where you can also find links to her other projects.
Latest book: Energy Work And Your Pagan Tot

Follow me on Twitter at  skycorbelli Sky Corbelli
Sky Luke Corbelli is not a jedi. Nor does he have much business writing a book. His youth was spent in the water, getting chlorinated, and working at the San Francisco Zoo. The man has literally been bitten, clawed, constricted, quilled, or otherwise assaulted by more animals than most people could shake a stick at. He majored in mathematics, of all things, while simultaneously delving into the depths of chemistry and physics. He delighted friends and colleagues with baked goods at every turn, and after all of that he went on to become a programmer. Why he would dare think that writing a book was acceptable after such a mundane life is beyond mortal ken, but it happened, so maybe someone out there will fi ... read more
Latest book: The Call of the Elements: A Kiss of Fire

Follow me on Twitter at  saulmoon1 Saul Moon
I write thrillers and mysteries, with a little bit of romance, of course. The Scorpian Visitant is an epic fantasy / mystery novel in which sixties teenagers Robbie Higgins and Louise Carlton travel to medieval Oakwood to find the Death Stone of Izar. On their fantastic Odyssey they find love and the reality of their mysterious origins. The Brent Street Haunting is my second novel and was published in October 2013. It is a paranormal story of revenge and murder. Mr. Coates a self-styled African witchdoctor is hell bent on getting even with those he sees responsible for his death, whilst Evangeline Weekes takes the law into her own hands to serve brutal justice on corrupt and predatory members of the establish ... read more
Latest book: The Brent Street Haunting

Follow me on Twitter at  rebeccagraf Rebecca L. Graf
I'm a writer at night after I spend the day ordering yeast for a large international company. In addition to that, I live with my husband, two children, and mother-in-law as well as three dogs and three cats. Needless to say, writing is precious escape to me.
Latest book: Hodge Podge of Horror

Follow me on Twitter at  srynhart Shane Rynhart
Hi. I'm Shane. I'm currently 23 and living in the town of Bournemouth in the UK. I've lived here all my life. I've written things for ages, but since I'm currently unemployed (but looking to go self-employed for various projects - get in touch if you think I might be able to do something for you, incidentally!) I thought I'd give this self-publishing thing a shot. As I write this, I'm preparing to launch Not Quite Normal, a short story anthology. Over the next few weeks (it's currently the end of January 2012 in case I never update this!), I'll be releasing a few free stories from it. You can find out more information about the project on my blog, the link to which should be below this bio. Thanks for checki ... read more
Latest book: TwentySix

Follow me on Twitter at  brianbigelow Brian Bigelow
Author Brian Bigelow is originally from Minnesota and currently lives in Colorado with his wife Brandy. He is an American author of contemporary horror, suspense, and fantasy and has for over 30 years also written poetry which has been published worldwide. His most recent release is the classic fantasy novel, “Beyond Realms.” 2nd place winner in Erika Szabo's short story competition. On Twitter: @brianbigelow
Latest book: First Flight of Abbas Ibn Firnas

Follow me on Twitter at  mjbowersock Melissa Bowersock
Melissa Bowersock is an eclectic award-winning writer who turns her hand to any kind of story that moves her, be it contemporary or western, action or romance, spiritual or satire, biography or memoir. To date she has published 12 novels and one non-fiction. In her spare time she enjoys photography and is a certified hypnotherapist. She volunteers as webmaster for the International Board of Regression Therapists ( Ms. Bowersock lives in a small town in northern Arizona with her husband and an Airedale terrier. More information is available at and
Latest book: A Novel Idea

Follow me on Twitter at  Lin_Hutton L.J. Hutton
I was born and brought up in Birmingham (UK). In my mid teens I suffered from exposure to Tolkien from which I’ve never fully recovered! After leaving school I did a variety of jobs until redundancy threatened, at which point I escaped to university to do the degree I’d always wanted to do and discovered Tolkien’s academic work as well. As a (very) mature student I first acquired a BA in Medieval Studies, then followed it with an MPhil in Anglo-Saxon History. Old English remains a facination and one day - when and if I ever get the time - I'd really love to learn Old Welsh. By this time anything and everything medieval had become a bit of an addiction, as proven by my ever expanding bookcases of reference ... read more
Latest book: The Room Within the Wall

Follow me on Twitter at  martinblanc PM Goodman
P.M. Goodman lives in north London. He wrote for the legendary Watford FC online fanzine "Blind Stupid And Desperate" under the nom-de-screen Martin Blanc. When not writing, he stares out of the window, wishing he was writing. Or he surfs the web. Wishing he was writing.
Latest book: The Nose Plumbers' Tale

Follow me on Twitter at  sinotechian Dr Mathew McDougall
Dr McDougall has 20 years of experience in Internet technology and digital marketing; managing of large teams of highly motivated and skilled individuals across multiple countries (Australia, UK, US, China, APAC). He is a renowned expert on digital marketing, especially in the area of socially led online marketing. Recognized for his published articles, his frequent speaking engagements, as well as his prestigious consulting and teaching programs. Dr McDougall thrives in entrepreneurial environments, where fast-paced change and continually evolving technology is the norm. Having founded SinoTech Group (headquartered, China) in 2007, Dr McDougall drives the company’s vision and is responsible for building th ... read more
Latest book: The Chinese Social Media Universe (2nd Edition)