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Follow me on Twitter at  KarynGerrard Karyn Gerrard
Karyn lives in a small town in the western corner of Ontario, Canada. She wiles away her spare time writing and reading romance while drinking copious amounts of Earl Grey tea. Tortured heroes are a favorite. A multi-published author with a few best-sellers under her belt, Karyn loves to write in different genres and time periods. As long as she can avoid being hit by a runaway moose in her wilderness paradise, she assumes everything is golden. Karyn’s been happily married for a long time to her own hero. His encouragement keeps her moving forward.
Latest book: The Copper and the Madam

Follow me on Twitter at  karina_cole Karina Cole
Karina Cole lives in upstate New York with her husband and two children. Since childhood she has had a love of reading, writing, nature and the outdoors. When she's not writing romance (paranormal and suspense) Karina can be found enjoying time with friends and family, cooking, or curled up by the fireplace with a good romance novel.
Latest book: Fighting For Her Soul (Book One In The Relentless Undead Trilogy)

Follow me on Twitter at  ayoungnm Andy Young
Andy is a husband, father, writer, teacher, hiker, cyclist, artist, gardener, and musician. He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with his wife, two kids, dog, cat, snake, chickens, and fish.
Latest book: Orphan Spirit

Follow me on Twitter at  JZhei Stephanie Jeanette Bradley
Living only by CHRISTJESUS' Grace and Mercy. WHERE you see roses, it is in honor of my Mother, Rose, who lived in GOD ALMIGHTY's fear and balanced, well, Love and War. (If you're wondering why I do not have an RIP here regarding my Mom, it's because I'm sure she's still praying for us - as those of us who die in Christ Jesus are not dead.) GOD IS ABLE !!! Bless Christ Jesus...Praise His Holy Name !!! *******ONLY BELIEVE********
Latest book: A Daily Devotional: Week Fifty-Two

Follow me on Twitter at  thatmiketierney Mike Tierney
Mike Tierney has done every job in the music business for about two years. "When It Stopped" is his first novel.
Latest book: When It Stopped

Follow me on Twitter at  irenevphillips I. V. Phillips

Latest book: Palms of Stone

Follow me on Twitter at  redfearn Michael G. Redfearn
Michael Redfearn is married, a father, educator, writer and blogger with 21 years' experience teaching a variety of subjects to secondary school students. For the past 7 years Michael has served as an information technology consultant and E-Learning contact with the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. He is currently self-employed as a Digital Literacy consultant.
Latest book: Beyond The Horizon: Reflections of a Life-Long Learner

Follow me on Twitter at Sammie Sidelinger
Sammie Sidelinger, lives in the seasonal coastal state of Maine with her three amazing boys and her sweetheart she fell in love with while in middle school. Yes, in this instance the bad boy did work out for this girl next door. They are thrilled to raise their three handsome children in the place where if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes it will change. Sammie tries to look at life the same way as she does the weather. Nothing is permanent including work which she fortunately or as some may think, unfortunately found out, allowing her the time to follow her dreams. Her love for the supernatural and the stories passed through generations has encouraged her obsession with the paranormal to move forw ... read more
Latest book: Inherited Thorns

Follow me on Twitter at  Hybridangel1 Isma Williams
Growing up on the small island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, there was little to hold the attention of a child. Amusement was rarely bought, but made. Writing and reading made her world as big as her imagination allowed it to be. After a move to Virginia and adjusting to college life, Nickie seldom had time to do what she loved most. It would be years before she started writing again. Now living in New York, Nickie tries to juggle her job, her love of writing and need of reading...often unsuccessfully. She is now the proud author of a young adult serial novel, Hybrid Angel.
Latest book: Rising Out Of The Ashes Of Depression

Follow me on Twitter at  markedforpower Margaret Alexander
Margaret has always gone after creative, thought-provoking books with deep characters. When she didn't find too many with that exact blend, she decided to try and write some of her own. She explored her creative side with a major in engineering and a minor in studio art, and traveled half-way across the globe, from Bulgaria to the tropics, and finally the California desert. Maybe that's why her characters never sit still. She loves to read, illustrate, watch historical movies, ice skate, and dream, and has a high regard for culture, martial arts, and the French and Japanese languages. At the end of the day, there's nothing she enjoys more than a good story.
Latest book: Shadows of Penumbra

Follow me on Twitter at  kieshee Lulu
Born and bread a Detroit city girl, I decided to pluck my roots and head south to Hotlanta! Officially pegged "Black Hollywood", it's no wonder my gifts and talents have been exposed and put to the test! As an Author, I have had the opportunity to interview and write press releases for Grammy Award Winning Producers, Stylist, and other big named talents. Aside from keeping a "hobby blog", I have gained the elite skills and is now launching books and short stories available in most major markets on all of your electronic devices! Just look for Lulu!
Latest book: That Bitch is not Your Friend!

Follow me on Twitter at  williamlstuart William L Stuart
William Stuart is a ten-year veteran of the US Navy Submarine Force, works in the animal health field, and is the proud father of his daughter Laura and grandfather of two wonderful grandchildren, Aidan and Maggie,. When he isn’t working, he enjoys rock-hunting, playing softball, gold prospecting, playing golf, and dabbling in woodworking. He lives in the Greater Atlanta area with Lana, his lovely and adorable wife of over twenty-five years
Latest book: The Gemstone Chronicles Book Four: The Ruby

Follow me on Twitter at  notquitefaust Jeremiah Stephen
currently living in upstate new york with his wife and dog.
Latest book: NOTQUITEFAUST : photography - A VIRTUAL EXHIBITION volume two

Follow me on Twitter at  calebcasey22 Caleb Casey
Caleb Casey lives in northern Michigan. He enjoys kayaking, playing guitar, reading, and playing softball. His first book, a collection of short stories entitled "Now You'll Never Know," is available in paperback and for Kindle at His stories combine horror and dark humor. One of his short stories, "The Winged Things," is available for free at Smashwords, iTunes, and Amazon.
Latest book: The Winged Things

Follow me on Twitter at  sara_stark Sara Stark

Latest book: Couillon

Follow me on Twitter at  drvincent98 Dianne Vincent
New to writing novels and new to self publishing, but excited about the possiblities. Born in the mid 50's, joined the army in the 70's, lived in Germany for 9 years. Traveled around the country as a truck driver for a few years and now live in Washington State with my husband of 35 years. There are many scenes in the midst of all of that but those are the high points.
Latest book: The Crystals of Tlalli: Awakened Affinities

Follow me on Twitter at  JBStarre JB Starre
JB Starre is a writer and editor filled with wanderlust and a love for puppies. She writes both literary fiction and fantasy, and her most recent publication was a flash fiction piece called "A Faded Photograph," published in the Winter 2011 issue of Broad! magazine, available to read for free online at
Latest book: The Wizard's Prophecy, Part One

Follow me on Twitter at  SelenaNoire Selena Noire
Selena Noire is one of those girls your parents probably warned you about. A former Catholic schoolgirl from Scotland, she enjoys writing Erotica as much as she does reading it, working within a range of genres. She loves writing character-driven, hardcore erotica stories with engaging plots that hopefully get her readers as turned on as she always is. Her personal belief is that there's no such thing as a dirty mind, just a sexy imagination.
Latest book: Sweet Candy: Hot Little Step-Daughter Punished and Fucked by Daddy

Follow me on Twitter at  richblackauthor Richard Black
I live in Great Britain and I'm an avid reader. Sometimes I'm fascinated with sensational style journalism and the 24 hour news cycles on cable TV. I'm left amazed by how tabloid reporters and cable Networks choose to chronicle the times of our lives. I own a typewriter but it might as well be for decoration. I prefer using computers as they are a lot more user friendly. Among my other possessions are a shelf full of books, an e-reader and a fruit blender.
Latest book: Fifteen Years of Tobacco

Follow me on Twitter at  Rintukada Rintu Kada
Rintu Kada was born and raised in Atlanta GA.,but he now lives in Stone Mountain.

Follow me on Twitter at  Jamessnow12 James Snow
My names James Snow, a relatively new writer to the scene. I'm trying my hand at erotic writing and I'm open to feedback. If you've got any suggestions or feedback about my work I'd be glad to hear it. I live in the UK and work full time in retail. I'm currently writing part time, it's more of a hobby than anything else but I love it. Reading has always been such a huge part of my life and since childhood I've been a writer. I've got ambitious aim's regarding my writing and someone told me to try my hand at erotic writing to really help refine my styles. Problem is I'm enjoying the erotic writing more than I am my other styles. Over the course of the next year I'll be spending about 90% of my writing time on ... read more
Latest book: Toyed By The Couple

Follow me on Twitter at  SherynMacMunn Sheryn MacMunn
Sheryn always dreamed of writing a book but didn’t know how to start. While dating her husband, she shared her dream to write a novel. He gave her a notebook and a pen and said “Start now.” When she became a working Mom, the book was put on hold but stayed in her mind, along with ideas for more novels. Like all mothers, Sheryn wants her children to live their dreams, so she led by example. After a few workshops and courses on writing, long days and nights, and many rewrites, she published FINDING OUT which became an instant digital bestseller. FINDING OUT is a 2014 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Winner - Fiction - Historical - Event/Era Category; 2014 Writer’s Digest’s Self-Published Book Awards Honor ... read more
Latest book: Finding Out

Follow me on Twitter at  DutchRhudy Dutch Rhudy
Dutch Rhudy, referred to by his peers as the master of Mystery, Mayhem and Madness; resides in a quaint post war cottage, conveniently nestled amid the tall forest timber, just above the foot of Bluff Mountain. The faint din emanating from many forest creatures, birds and pets; subdued only slightly by the forceful rush, permeating the area from three beautiful waterfalls as they cascade off Trident Tines Plateau, into nearby pristine Emerald Glass Lake. Any similarity to serenity, abruptly ends right here. For this mysterious Author of Mischief is about to enter his study. Or should I say, make an attempt at entry. The rustic flagstone path leading from the cottage to his office is strewn with several sh ... read more
Latest book: A Secret in Ash Brooke

Follow me on Twitter at  SudhiraKJ Sudhira Spurthi KJ
Mine is a small world, but a world full of love, enthusiasm and hope. I reassure myself, yes, everybody's gonna die one day & thus they have to choose to do something they love the most & are passionate about. And when I question myself what it is that I love the most and am passionate about, it turns out to be Writing! And when you do something you love, you never have to work another day in your life! This is what I am. I never worked a day in my life, and yet turned out to be a blogger, writer, singer, lover, composer & an IT Professional.
Latest book: Cleo Patra And A World Of Tomorrow

Follow me on Twitter at  J_D_Brink J. D. Brink
If taking a college fencing class, eating from the trash can, and smelling like an animal were qualifications for becoming a sword-swinging barbarian, J. D. Brink might be Conan’s protégé. But since that career path seemed less than promising, he has instead been a sailor, spy, nurse, and officer in the U.S. Navy, as well as a gravedigger, insurance adjuster, and school teacher in civilian life. Today (fall, 2014) he and his family live in Japan, where he's providing a bad example for all Americans. In his writing, as in life, Mr. Brink enjoys dabbling in multiple genres.
Latest book: Eating in the Underworld

Follow me on Twitter at  nicolemckoyy Nicole Mckoy
Girl who loves to write.
Latest book: To Be Together (Interracial Young Adult Romance)

Follow me on Twitter at  thatonebronsen Bronsen Hawkins
Bronsen Hawkins was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. By way of Hurricane Katrina, he moved to Arlington, Texas when he was 13. Since 5th grade, Bronsen has been writing both poems and stories. His first book, "Surviving: High School," was recently released onto the kindle, smashwords,and createspace markets. It even has a profile on goodreads. Bronsen feels that everyone has a unique story, not for themselves, but to help someone else.
Latest book: Define Trying...

Follow me on Twitter at  clarenonhebel Clare Nonhebel
Giving it all away! I love the idea of publishing online and being able to make my books - 6 novels and 6 non-fiction works so far - available free to anyone who would like to read them. So several are already FREE on Smashwords and others will follow. Feel free to read and enjoy! There is also a new novel almost ready to roll! You can see titles and details of all my books on my website I'm also the publisher and co-author of 'Survivor on Death Row' by Romell Broom, now published as an ebook at a minimal price. This was a new venture for me. I had volunteered to write to Death Row prisoners in 2009 and the first one turned out to be Romell, who had just survived a two-hour execution ... read more
Latest book: Genius

Follow me on Twitter at  thewritergrimm Scott Masters
A reader of fine erotica since the 90's, the author hopes his words add the kinky and sexy in his reader’s life. He loves sexy women, artsy movies, Chris Evans and Doctor Who.
Latest book: Dominated by The General

Follow me on Twitter at  vinailt Vina Lockhart
Vina Lockhart grew up in a small town in Michigan, where she spent way too much time reading and exploring the magical woods behind her house. She loved to invent fantastic games of make-believe and became anything she wanted. Eventually, she took her imagination to paper and started writing at a young age. Vina lives in Virginia with her three cats, where she is studying to become an editor. In her spare time, she tweets about current events and video games, creates wonderful character art for her friends, reviews books on Amazon, and writes content for various websites.
Latest book: The Whispering Gallery: A Flamekeeper Archives Short Story

Follow me on Twitter at  angusaxon Angus Axon
Angus Axon is a dedicated writer of erotica. He has a passion about finding the switches that with a single flip transform a person from a civilized human into a raging animal. He believes everybody has this switch and he would love to flip yours. Angus highly appreciates feedback from his readers on his current and future stories. Where is your switch?
Latest book: Hotel - coupled with surprise

Follow me on Twitter at  ShahidJrAziz Shahid Junior Aziz
I'm a middle aged teen who is a hyperactive typer and writer. I began writing in the form of written roleplay in online forums at first and when I attained the patience to generally write long texts, I thought of writing a book. Initially I did not have a single clue what I was going to write about, but as I started, it all slowly came to me. Besides writing, I'm a normal boy too. Albeit not a gregarious one, I tend to make easy friends online - internationally. Extreme sports and ninjas are my other worldly interests. P.S I adore green tea.
Latest book: Dragon Empire 3

Follow me on Twitter at  QuinnConners Quinn Conners
Quinn Conners is an up and coming erotica author with steamy short stories and sizzling romances. When she's not slinging smut, she lives in the rainiest state in America, enjoys a good cup of coffee, and dotes a little too much on her two pet fish.
Latest book: Sex With my Stepbrother: m/m Taboo Pseudo-Incest Erotica

Follow me on Twitter at  MaryAdairdotcom Mary Adair
Author Mary Adair lives in Southeast Oklahoma. She writes Native American Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult and Inspirational Fiction. Mary Adair has three books published, Passion’s Vision, Passion’s Price and Captive Spirits. All three books are available at Amazon in print as well as Kindle. Both Passion’s Vision and Passion’s Price have hit Amazon bestseller in their category. Both books are Native American Historical Romance. Mary did extensive research on several Native American tribes. One of her many sources is a book written in the 1700s by one of her husband’s ancestors. Her first book is PASSION’S VISION, a story filled with romance, excitement and danger. This story feature ... read more
Latest book: Captive Spirits Book 1 in the Legends of Aztar Series

Follow me on Twitter at  JamesBrycenet James Bryce
James Bryce is the author of The Trace Beginning, and other fiction.
Latest book: The Trace Beginning

Follow me on Twitter at Rebecca Thurmond
Author, Rebecca Thurmond, spent a decade working in under–developed countries as director of an organization extending humanitarian aid to the forgotten people of the Third World. Through her projects she was exposed to the grim realities of government-backed conspiracies and covert schemes generated by the rich and powerful. Rebecca is a registered nurse with a degree from Indiana University. Turning her considerable energies overseas, she built a program collecting and distributing medical equipment to impoverished Central American areas while also organizing medical visa programs to transport children to the US for vital medical treatments. Rebecca later built adoption programs for Central and South ... read more
Latest book: Conspiracy of the Heart

Follow me on Twitter at  Worldoftea Tony Gebely
Tony Gebely is a tea enthusiast and digital marketer who has helped build several online businesses. He has traveled much of Asia where he immersed himself in tea culture, after which, he created World of Tea [] and Chicago Tea Garden and is currently writing a full-length book on tea and tea culture.
Latest book: Bootstrapping an Online Tea Business

Follow me on Twitter at  Ecc_Realist J.J. González
I try to see the world for what it is, which is why I find literature so fascinating: You see the world projected in wild, imaginative ways which you would never see in real life. I've always wanted to craft stories like the great authors and philosophers that have accompanied us throughout histories, so I'm working hard to live the dream.
Latest book: Mortem

Follow me on Twitter at  JavaBeanRush Java Bean Rush
"Java's Journey: A really fun, informative well-written blog that explores all of the things - and I mean all - I love about classic films." -- Flick Chick of A Person In The Dark
Latest book: I Could Smell the Sweat! West Side Story (1961) on the Big Screen

Follow me on Twitter at  ToddSaville Todd Saville
Todd Saville was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, to parents who were both teachers. Upon graduating from the University of Northern Iowa in 1993, he pursued a career in business, serving in a variety of roles, such as: corporate trainer, financial advisor and international marketing manager. After obtaining his MBA in 2003, he began teaching part-time at Mount Mercy University, which proved to be life-changing. In 2006, after thirteen years of corporate work, he accepted a full-time business faculty position at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. My Father's House was inspired by his parents' close relationship with their Amish neighbors living near their hobby farm in rural Missouri. Thi ... read more
Latest book: My Father's House: a novel

Follow me on Twitter at  mj_munn MJ Munn
MJ Munn is a registered nurse by night. He lives in Nebraska with his wife and children. His influences include H. P. Lovecraft and Dr. Seuss, And he finds the world poorer For its want of horror For preschool-aged readers (In anapaest meters).
Latest book: Boobrie

Follow me on Twitter at  epadillajr Qi Vital
Just about anyone can tell a story, so I'm not unique in this way. Sharing in the form of verse has been the perfect antidote, allowing me to stay "sane" so to speak. I write on impulse, about special events and exciting adventures! Sometimes 96 seconds is all one needs to catch your breath, close your eyes, and exhale. The spoken word - one book - one poem - one thought - Qi Vital
Latest book: Seduced On Madison

Follow me on Twitter at  shoresofhope Ajith Thomas
Please visit my G+ profile
Latest book: An Overview of Particle Physics.

Follow me on Twitter at  alekseyde Алексей Декань
Алексей Декань Родился в Полтаве (Украина). По профессии – дизайнер, по жизни – неутомимый путешественник и романтик. С ранних лет мечтал стать писателем, кропотливо упражняясь в написании коротких рассказов и повестей. Тогда же начал писать стихи. В 2001 году издал свой первый сборник стихотворений «Осколки кривого зеркала», многие из них были положены на музыку. Несколько лет был солистом ... read more
Latest book: Pieces Of A Crooked Mirror

Follow me on Twitter at  RalphBougher Ralph Bougher
Aerospace company shift supervisor who has spent many a late night fighting with one production robot or another. It's time to stop just sitting on these stories of the hard life and the dark of night. Also, carrying around a bunch of detailed info on tool makin and production line machine trouble shootin... It long ago past the point where I take any crap from the machines. Quote me on this... "If you believe there is no edge of the Universe go play at the event horizon of a black hole."
Latest book: Control Alt... Revolution

Follow me on Twitter at  JoyAnnColl Joy Ann Coll
For more than a decade, Joy Ann Coll has been writing romance novels. She graduated from the University of Delaware and went on to pursue a successful twenty-five year career at DuPont. After leaving her corporate career, she moved to coastal Florida and began working on her writing career by taking part in conventions and contests held by the Romance Writers of America. She lives in Vero Beach, Florida, with Bernard, her husband of over twenty years, and their cat Checkers.
Latest book: A King's Ransom

Follow me on Twitter at  @BooksbyJNDuggan J.N. Duggan
J.N. Duggan was born in Sheffield in 1938 but came to live in Ireland at the age of 12. She returned to Sheffield to train as a nurse and later did her BSc at University College Dublin. She now lives in Galway and for the last 20 years has concentrated her time on writing historical biographies. She is the author of the critically acclaimed biography, Sophia of Hanover: from Winter Princess to Heiress of Great Britain, 1630-1714, published in 2010 by Peter Owen Publishers, London. Having long been fascinated by the subject she translated a considerable proportion of Sophia's writings from the original French and German to reveal a remarkable portrait of a remarkable woman. She is also the author of John Tol ... read more
Latest book: John Toland: Ireland's Forgotten Philosopher, Scholar ... and Heretic

Follow me on Twitter at  gregoryhogan Greg Hogan
Hi, I was brown and raised in Ireland and not live in Georgia. I am a photographer and enjoy the outside. I am married and have a beautiful family. I truly believe that if you slow down and stop for just a moment you can see beautiful things in the everyday surroundings of the world we live in. You do not need an expensive camera or top of the line equipment. Just a love and appreciation for the world we live in. The pictures and my poetry is my own. Thank You -greg
Latest book: All In A Day

Follow me on Twitter at  andysays78 Andy Reilly
Andy Reilly has had a love of music and a love of writing for as long back as he can remember. Sometimes this means the previous week but over the years, he has been to more gigs, listened to more albums and put down more withering reviews of acts that were operating at a higher level than they really should have been than most sane people would think was good for them. Of course, as a Glaswegian, Andy believes that doing what is good for you is an optional extra in life. No matter what else has been going on in his life, music has been a constant companion, usually a friend, sometimes an enemy but never a waste of time. However, within the sometimes cynical front he commonly offers to the world lies the wide ... read more
Latest book: Oasis: Definitely Maybe: Here We Are But There We Were

Follow me on Twitter at  EdgarValdmanis Edgar Valdmanis
I have 30+years of experience in Sales and Marketing. Over the last 20 years I have been conscious about Networking and Presentation Skills. I have attended numerous courses, read countless books and developed my own courses and workshops. I have been a LinkedIn-user since March 2004 and have adopted numerous other social media (Facebook, Twitter, Brandergy, Xing G+), as they came along. I am consciously combining networking offline with networking online, and am happy to share my knowledge and tips with others.
Latest book: How to Network Better