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Follow me on Twitter at  JamesButler1066 James Butler
James M. Butler has traveled around the world. Part rock musician, part screenwriter (he's had a work optioned by Lion's Gate) and part novelist, James is perfectly at home with the written word. James has tutored in many subjects, from Psychology to Geography. He prefers history and excels at the subject. Originally from the swampy hell of south Florida, James has been called many things in his life, and cynical, sarcastic and sardonic are just three of them. He has also lived in various places around the world. Currently, James works as a care giver for the Developmentally Disabled at a group home somewhere in Ohio...
Latest book: New Dawn: Revelation

Follow me on Twitter at  RA_Graves R.A. Graves
Like anyone else, I am not just a writer, I am also a husband and the father of a young girl who has a taste for hugs with running head starts. As a father, I can't wait to see how her personality and interests will develop. As a writer... I grew up in the hills of central NY entertaining a hobby of filling journals with poetry and short stories. That sounds cliche but it's true. By my college years however, believing that there was no future in creative writing, I switched gears and studied journalism instead. I attended Morrisville State College where I worked for the college newspaper and along the way added article writing to my list of writing interests. I went on to study technical communication and earn ... read more
Latest book: Complication

Follow me on Twitter at  ladyazevedo Gabriela Azevedo
Hey everyone! Born and raised in São Paulo - Brazil, I am a granddaughter, daughter, niece and cousin of writers, so I could never do something different from it, right? I am also a hard rock guitarist for a great band called Del Fuegos and a manager. My first novel was Ask my Ashes, available for Kindle both in Portuguese and English, I also write vampire tales and short stories. Wanna know more? Read my stuff!
Latest book: Pergunte às minhas cinzas

Follow me on Twitter at  gaussianwaves Mathuranathan Viswanathan
I am Mathuranathan Viswanthan, founder and author of GaussianWaves, a technical blog on signal processing and digital communication systems that enjoys a huge readership worldwide.I hold a Masters degree in Communication Engineering from India’s premier technology university Birla Institute of Technology and Science - Pilani (fondly called as BITS-Pilani). I also have seven years of industry experience in the same field.
Latest book: Digital Modulations using Matlab

Follow me on Twitter at  ematikiti Eddie Matikiti
I'm Eddie. At school I enjoyed English literature and History but I majored in commercial studies. My first attempt of writing was in 2001 when I had just finished writing my high school exams. I was inspired by my religious faith to write a motivational book which I decided to call The Chronicles of Success. This writing is still work in progress and yet to be completed. I have written 2 articles that were printed in the Zimbabwean newspapers, The Herald and The Independent. These were comments about the socio-political realities there. I enjoyed reading literature by African writers especially West African writers like Chinua Achebe and Ngugi wa Thiongo. Their writings particularly fascinated me because of th ... read more
Latest book: The Yellow Bus

Follow me on Twitter at  rogeriosacchi Rogério Sacchi de Frontin
Rogério Sacchi de Frontin (born April 23, 1964, in São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil) is a Brazilian writer, a novelist, a screenwriter, a poet, a journalist and a Master in Brazilian Literature. He is also a college professor of Communication Theory, Semiotics, Media Culture, Aesthetics and Writing for Film and TV. He graduated in journalism from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in 1985. He worked as a reporter and editor for newspapers and magazines between 1985 and 1994. In this last year, he joined the Masters Course on Brazilian Literature from the Rio de Janeiro State University. In 1997, he worked at TV Globo as a screenwriter. Finally, in 2004, he revoked his contract as employee ... read more
Latest book: Contos sem luz - Volume 1

Follow me on Twitter at  tcharrelson T.C. Harrelson
T.C. grew up in rural North Carolina during the seventies and eighties and spent his days reading fantasy, science fiction, and horror. He cut his literary teeth on classics from Tolkien and modern masters King, Crichton, and Peretti. He fell in love with writing as an adult and prefers to craft stories for young adult readers. His debut novel, The Beast of Macon Hollow (Book 1 of The Guardian Stones trilogy), was released in late 2012. Book 2, Rise of the Apollyons, is in the works. T.C. lives in the Wilmington, NC area with his wife (Randie), son (Stephen), and two very spoiled dachshunds.
Latest book: The Beast of Macon Hollow

Follow me on Twitter at  Victoria_klahr Victoria Klahr
Victoria Klahr lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia with her dreamy husband of four years and their two beautiful daughters. She is a self-proclaimed book-nerd who likes to sniff books before she reads them and fantasizes about book boyfriends. She is the author of the Promises, Promises series, including That’s a Promise, That’s a Lie, and That’s a Relief. She writes happily-ever-afters one heartache and tragedy at a time, and won’t apologize for making you cry.
Latest book: That's a Relief

Follow me on Twitter at  JennaLynneD Jenna-Lynne Duncan
Jenna-Lynne Duncan graduated from the University of St. Thomas with degrees in Political Science, International Studies and Middle Eastern Studies. She is the author of the popular young adult series Hurricane (Hurricane, Tempest, and Aftermath). She is currently working on a fourth Hurricane novel as well as another YA series. Besides writing, Jenna-Lynne likes children and traveling. Preferably together.
Latest book: Aftermath

Follow me on Twitter at  susan_connell Susan Connell

Latest book: Taste of Love: A Romance Sampler

Follow me on Twitter at  cjbenner Colin Benner
Colin Benner, with his wife, partner and best friend Denise have pastored a wide variety of churches in 9 countries. His passions include worship, being a pastor/teacher, being a grandfather of two wonderful boys, listening to and playing jazz, baking bread, and writing.
Latest book: Falling is Easy, Walking is Hard

Follow me on Twitter at  linlori Lin Clements
Lin resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with her husband, two beautiful daughters, their Rottweiler named after a beloved Firefly character and one bossy feline named Boots. When she’s not writing and preparing for the inevitable zombie takeover, she enjoys crocheting, yoga, cooking in her Kosher, gluten-free kitchen, and adding to her gun collection.
Latest book: The Traveling Cabaret

Follow me on Twitter at  hstokes287 Harule Stokes
I love to express myself through the written word.
Latest book: Sectors

Follow me on Twitter at  Isamusojourno Isabelle Esling
Isabelle Esling has spent the last decade as a music journalist and an Eminem biographer. In July 2012, she published her first book, Eminem and The Detroit Rap Scene - White Kid in a Black Music World with Amber Books and Colossus Books. The book takes an in-depth look at Eminem and the Detroit hip-hop community. On November 29th, Hayden Kian publishing house will release Isabelle's second release, "Unwrap Your Present." The book is aimed to allow the readers to develop a conscience of the momentum and to enjoy life to the fullest. In December 2012, Isabelle will publish her third book, “Sous le Ciel de Paris" or "Under the Sky of Paris." The books tells how life in Paris impacted Isabelle's life. The boo ... read more
Latest book: Unwrap Your Present

Follow me on Twitter at  annastanisz Anna Staniszewski
Born in Poland and raised in the United States, Anna Staniszewski grew up loving stories in both Polish and English. She was named the 2006-2007 Writer-in-Residence at the Boston Public Library and a winner of the 2009 PEN New England Susan P. Bloom Discovery Award. Currently, Anna lives outside of Boston with her husband and their adopted black Labrador, Emma. When she’s not writing, Anna spends her time teaching, reading, and challenging unicorns to games of hopscotch. Her first novel, My Very UnFairy Tale Life, was released by Sourcebooks Jabberwocky on November 1, 2011. The sequel, My Epic Fairy Tale Fail, is scheduled for March 2013. And look for Anna’s first picture book, Dogosaurus Rex, coming from ... read more
Latest book: My Very UnFairy Tale Life: Jenny’s First Adventure

Follow me on Twitter at  olafbrowne Olaf Browne
Just trying to get by and write some books along the way :-) I hope you take the time to read one of my books and that you enjoy it. Please feel free to contact me any time.
Latest book: Software Psycho

Follow me on Twitter at  suddenlunch Suzy Bowler
Suzy Bowler has worked for the past 30 plus years doing her favourite thing, cooking, mostly in the UK and the Caribbean. She is now eager to pass on all the interesting, useful and downright quirky recipes, ideas and food related info she has accumulated during this time. To this end she writes a popular blog: Sudden Lunch! (spontaneous eating - mainly lunch - from store cupboard and leftovers) and in addition to this and her books has had several magazine articles published.
Latest book: SOUP (almost) the Only Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Follow me on Twitter at  welshpixie Delyth Angharad
I'm a 30-something Welsh girl currently living in South Africa. When I'm not playing with the lions and rhinos that visit our small urban garden every day, I'm inside playing video games (too many), drawing (badly), or writing.
Latest book: Finding a balance between Caring and Not Giving a Fuck

Follow me on Twitter at  Kathymichaels2 Kathy Michaels
I suffered from anorexia and bulimia for over 20 years since the age of ten. During those years I saw a variety of ‘professionals’ who were unhelpful to say the least. There is a lot of stigma surrounding eating disorders even now and it is hard to find a professional who can help. What I have learned is that one of the most important things about therapy is that the person giving it needs to have very healthy self esteem. The blind cannot lead the blind, well they can but they’ll probably both end up in a ditch. Seriously, how can someone with low self esteem help someone else with low self esteem? And if somebody is inclined to judge, then truly they are judging themselves too and cannot help either th ... read more
Latest book: I beat my eating disorder. You can too!

Follow me on Twitter at  akustan Al Kustanowitz
Al Kustanowitz founded Jewish Humor Central, an internet blog, in 2009, to bring a daily dose of fun and merriment to readers who would otherwise start the day reading news that is often drab, dreary, and depressing. Each day thousands of subscribers in 160 countries get it by email, Facebook, and Twitter. Subscriptions are free. The blog posts vary from day to day, and include jokes, satire, books, music, films, videos, food, unbelievable but true news items, and anything that brings a grin, chuckle, laugh, guffaw, or just a warm feeling to readers. Most are new, and some are classics. A long-term devotee of Jewish humor, Al has collected it even before there was an internet. For the last 25 years he has bee ... read more
Latest book: Jewish Humor on Your Desktop: The Complete Collection

Follow me on Twitter at  lrcaliche Louise Richardson
I retired in 2012 from the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality--Web Administrator for the Water Quality Division. I'm a native Texan and I have a 1971 Bachelor of Arts Degree from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) where I majored in History and minored in Biology. I also have a Texas Elementary Teaching Certificate and a California Standard Teaching Credential, neither of which I have ever used. I've never been married and I currently have three cats: Mocha Cappuccino and two of her sons Giancarlo and Salvatore. My short novel "Primitive Life" is available at Smashwords. It. and four other books can also be found at Amazon.Com. I have written several plays, three of which ha ... read more
Latest book: Primitive Life

Follow me on Twitter at  kimontheweb Kim Brooks
Award-winning author, licensed minister, national speaker and songwriter, Kim Brooks, of Detroit, MI is the Black Expressions Bestselling Author of, He’s Fine…But is He Saved?, it’s highly acclaimed sequel, He’s Saved…But is He For Real?, non-fiction debut, The Little Black Survival Book for Single Saints, and her newest release, How To Date and Stay Saved. She’s a graduate of Word of Faith Bible Training Center and member of its Ministerial Alliance founded by Bishop Keith A. Butler, and she’s an English graduate of Michigan State University. Kim has been featured in Gospel Today, JET, The Detroit News, and has appeared as a guest on The Word Network, and numerous times on Totally Christian Te ... read more
Latest book: Is It A Sin To Masturbate? What The Bible Says Revealed - Know And Be Free

Follow me on Twitter at  lizegger Liz Egger
Liz Egger is a writer and entrepreneur who has spent much of her adult life trying to persuade the rest of the world that nudism is a viable, effective, wholesome and natural antidote to the pressures of modern living. Her first book “The Complete Guide to Nudism & Naturism” (ISBN: 978-0956231307) was published in 2006 and rapidly became a “must-have” for everyone interested in the nudist lifestyle. It is now in its second edition. She has a keen interest in natural health and lifestyle matters and is a qualified teacher of meditation. She also has a passion for rock music, English country pubs, travelling, walking, fine whisky, conspiracy theories, writing, mind/body/spirit matters, history and "altern ... read more
Latest book: How To Get Naked And Not Get Arrested!

Follow me on Twitter at  sci_fiauthor Barry E Woodham
Barry E. Woodham spent his working life as a design engineer/draughtsman on the nuclear fusion project and has been an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy for over fifty years. He found himself with nothing to read one lunchtime and began to write Genesis 2, the saga of the Gnathe, the first book in The Genesis Project. Many of his colleagues on the project began reading his efforts as quickly as he could finish the new chapters. He was persuaded to carry on and was halfway through the final section when the project drew to a close and he was able to take early retirement before redundancy, through a legacy. He promised his friends he would continue the story and let them know when he had finished. The j ... read more
Latest book: Molock's Wand

Follow me on Twitter at  CatGreenWriter Catherine Green
Catherine Green writes fantasy books featuring religious characters in a brazen attempt to make the people in faith communities seem less weird. She lives with her husband, children and three marginally neglected goldfish. When she's not writing, or pretending to be one of her characters on Facebook, she has been known to cook dinner.
Latest book: To Call Your Name (Book 2 - The Palace Saga.)

Follow me on Twitter at  SLashMEAuthor Stacy Lash
Stacy Lash lives in Maine with her husband, Daniel, their two Miniature Pinschers, Duke and Duchess, and several cats. She credits her love of writing to her father, Milton, who filled her formative years with tall-tales. The way he was able to take something mundane and exaggerate it to the point that it seemed fantastical, instilled in her a desire to accomplish the same thing, but with the written word. He is also responsible for the majority of the uncanny phrases she uses in her pieces. Stacy has been writing as far back as she can remember. She first delved into story writing in grade school, compiling an anthology of tales related to her cat, Rambo. While that tapped her literary juices, it wasn’t un ... read more
Latest book: Snakes in Maine

Follow me on Twitter at  hadenajames Hadena James
Hadena James began writing at the age of eight. As a teenager, she had several short stories published in literary magazines. She completed writing her first novel at the age of 17. Hadena graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in European History with minors in German and Russian studies. She has always wanted to be a writer so she also took several classes in creative writing. Hadena’s primary literary genre is action/thriller. She currently writes two series, both use action/thriller. “The Brenna Strachan Series” uses fantasy and the “Dreams & Reality Series” uses murder mystery as its secondary genre. She continues to explore and expand her writing and hopes to soon produc ... read more
Latest book: Flawless Dreams

Follow me on Twitter at  authorlouise Louise Findlay
Louise Findlay writes fantasy (generally short stories) and inspirational poetry. She enjoys reading and writing about mythological creatures such as angels and demons but has a soft spot for vampires. Louise is currently in the midst of writing a vampire novella about two vampire clans whose deputies clash in a big way, entitled A Spy in the Sagax Vampires. She generally writes ebooks but she’s a part of a few anthologies which are in print and is working on a special secret project this year.
Latest book: The Rogue's Odyssey

Follow me on Twitter at  frankbukowski1 Frank Bukowski
Frank Bukowski is currently on his thirteenth life. Previous incarnations included a welder, building labourer, trainee civil engineer, barman, burger flipper, sperm donor, call centre operative, body double for Oliver Reed, marketing assistant, advertising copywriter, studio head and creative director. Frank studied at the Universities in Brighton, East Anglia, and Queens’ College, Cambridge. Two of those august institutions he tricked into awarding him degrees: a BA in Graphic Design, majoring in illustration, and an MA in Creative Writing, where he was lucky enough to be taught by Malcolm Bradbury and Rose Tremain. Frank now hides out in Norfolk, UK, where it rains 400 days a year. Since marriage, divo ... read more
Latest book: The Football Agent

Follow me on Twitter at  GreyWriter712 R.L. Kiser
R.L. Kiser is the author of the Tales of the Crystal trilogy, The Prophecy of Tara (A Mystical Fantasy), the Educated Injun series, and Exile-A SciFi Adventure, which received a 5 star review and made the first cut in the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. ( Born in Idaho, raised in Arizona, grew up in Los Angeles he's a Vietnam Veteran, been a musician, a Hollywood taxi driver, a computer programmer, a single parent, and ran his own Internet marketing business. He holds an associate's degree in computer science. He currently resides in Sparks, Nevada with three computers, three bicycles, a recumbent trike, and an '02 Mercedes SUV (no, that does not stand for Small Ugly Vehicle). He's curren ... read more
Latest book: The Prophecy of Tara

Follow me on Twitter at  laurenritz1 Lauren Ritz
Lauren Ritz was born in Utah and continues to reside there, somewhat to the chagrin of those who know her well. She is commonly known as a walking insane asylum (just ask her) and a compulsive gardener. She began writing at the age of six with a “journal entry” about aliens flying through her bedroom window and landing on her wall.  She tried to start earlier, but was handicapped by the fact that she couldn't draw well enough. She lives in Utah with bats in her attic, a cat named Darth Vader and too many books to count. She is a wannabe herbalist, but the herbs stay outside for the most part. Most of her plants are domesticated varieties and housebroken. No, she does not talk to the plants, but they t ... read more
Latest book: Parallel

Follow me on Twitter at  keschooley Keith Edwin Schooley
Keith Edwin Schooley grew up in the Detroit area. He attended Wayne State University where he began as a physics major and ended with an honors English degree. He worked as an editor for Gale Research, Inc. on their Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism series before leaving to earn a Master’s degree in New Testament Studies from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, Massachusetts. He met his wife Cecile at a two-and-a-half week temporary job. The two of them have six children. Keith has pastored a church in Brimley, a small town in Michigan’s upper peninsula; taught literature and biblical studies at William Tyndale College and at the Assemblies of God Central Bible College; counseled and ... read more
Latest book: Marriage, Family and the Image of God

Follow me on Twitter at  MongoTheGeek Mark Lively
Mark Lively went to school as a mechanical engineer and now works as a computer programmer in central Pennsylvania. He has a wife and step son. His hobbies include roasting his own coffee, brewing his own beer and in general doing thing the hard way.
Latest book: Found People

Follow me on Twitter at  nicholasbecher Nicholas Becher
Nicholas Becher is a versatile writer born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. With his BA in English, he splits his time writing between the Midwest and Hawaii.
Latest book: Hubris

Follow me on Twitter at  princemelody MELLO GANA
A student of parapsychology and lived and works in United Arad Emirates. A graduate of Biomedical Science. This is my first book, two other books to publish;”life is a battle” and Freedom.
Latest book: The pursuit of greatness.

Follow me on Twitter at  aciloc2015 Ahmed Bayo
Pharmacist since 2006 and in medical practise and research
Latest book: Taste Weight Loss

Follow me on Twitter at  adhd_inattentiv Tess Messer
Teresa is the founder and editor of the award winning ADHD blog, Primarily Inattentive ADD. She has published hundreds of articles on the topics of parenting, health care, and ADHD. Tere-sa writes about ADD and ADHD from both a medical and a personal perspective. Her formal training includes a Master's degree in Public Health and an undergraduate degree in Medicine. She has worked as a Primary Care Physician Assistant for adults and children for over 25 years. Teresa had the symptoms of Inattentive ADHD as a child and now has one biological son with Predominantly Inattentive ADHD and one adopted son with Hyperactive/Impulsive type ADHD. She has first-hand experience dealing with the symptoms of ADHD as a pa ... read more
Latest book: Ten Tips To Help ADHD Inattentive Students Succeed

Follow me on Twitter at  aldaviswrites Amanda Davis
I'm just a girl who enjoys writing and story telling. It all started in high school with a friend and a mutual love for a boy band known as NKOTB. I think me and my friend are one of the original FF writers. ;) I'm trying to get back into it. Finding the time to write, wrangle kiddos and keep my hubby happy isn't always easy, but I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. I'm making slow progress, but I hope to be able to finish my work in progress.
Latest book: The Only Exception: Broken

Follow me on Twitter at  playbigplaynow Joann Lim
I AM (a): Making It Happen Specialist & Connoisseur of Life. Rooted in the Divine. Foodie. World Traveller. Soccer Player. Allergic to Tree Nuts, Shellfish & Mediocrity. Love Naps. Multi-instrument Musician. Professional Dreammaker. Drew's Wife. I help people: Unleash Greatness and Be Exceptional. I am Passionate about: the question, "Can I Trust You?" Say Hello! Join me on twitter@playbigplaynow or visit the Playground of Connoisseurs of Life for some delicious treats!
Latest book: Born Again Dreammakers: Those who went astray and found their way

Follow me on Twitter at  Ludleddy Liam Leddy
See my website The two novels Body Language and Bad Form I have written to date are Glasgow sixties crime fiction. Raw , uncompromising Glasgow sreet crime , warts and all. Twists, turns, surprises and violence abound. In conjunction with my numerous short story collections both sell very well indeed in bookstores and to libraries and of course my readers in general. This month alone, December 2012, I have been filmed by Scottish Television re my work. This will be screened by STV mid January. I have also done telephone interviews for television companies about my work in December together with ... read more
Latest book: Tales of Dedication Liam Leddy

Follow me on Twitter at  nikicsbooks Niki Contreras
I live in sunny Arizona. I am currently attending school to earn a degree in business management. Mistletoe Kiss is my first full-length published work but there is more still to come! To find out more about me and any upcoming email at! If you don't already know, all of my books on here are FREE for the month of July. If you enjoy any of my books (or any others you get during this Summer Sale), don't forget to leave a review on Goodreads, twitter, or Facebook. Feedback is so helpful for self-published authors like myself. Thanks and happy reading!
Latest book: Hell's Angel

Follow me on Twitter at  melinministries Mike Melin
Mike Melin is a life-long businessman, having owned and operated a furniture factory for many years. Currently, Mike and his wife Sherrel operate a small insurance agency. Mike's true passion is encouraging other people to take their own next step of faith in their relationship with God. He and his wife are the founders of Melin Ministries, Inc., a teaching ministry dedicated to helping people apply the Word of God in a very practical way to their daily lives.
Latest book: True Charity - Replacing Flypaper with Freedom

Follow me on Twitter at  Veeee Vanessa Deroo
Vanessa grew up with British pop and punk music, then made several attempts to play some of that music before finding peace writing about it. She then moved to the British soil, and now listens to said music when she's not writing stories or articles. She also has a soft spot for Taylor Swift's music and would have loved to live in a John Hughes movie.
Latest book: Freefalling

Follow me on Twitter at  AndreaJBeck Andrea Johnson Beck
Andrea Johnson Beck was born in Sioux City, Iowa. From a young age, she enjoyed telling stories. Many her dad recorded. Writing was her creative outlet and at 10-years-old, her first poem was published in an anthology. Always curious, Andrea read and watched what was considered risqué in the 80's and early 90's, such as, books by VC Andrews. Dirty Dancing and Top Gun (snuck downstairs) raised questions and were brought to her parents for clarification. Understanding their daughter's need for answers, they always replied truthfully. Her curiosity and rebellious disposition has carried on. Andrea credits the strong woman in her life who guided her through difficult times. That and writing. Blogging about her m ... read more
Latest book: The Red Roots - The Ladies Of Amaranthine

Follow me on Twitter at  mustflycom Helen Krasner
Helen Krasner holds a Commercial Pilot's Licence for helicopters, and had a rotary Instructor's Rating until very recently . She worked as a helicopter instructor for several years, instructing for various flying schools on Robinson R22s and R44s. She has also flown a large number of other helicopter types, has a private pilot’s licence for aeroplanes, and has had a go at flying microlights, gliders, and balloons. Helen has been writing professionally for many years and contributes regularly to a number of aviation publications. She was nominated for an Aerospace Journalist of the Year award in 2004, for an article about flying helicopters in Russia. She has also had several books published, both print and ... read more
Latest book: Diary of My Bilateral Total Knee Replacement (Bilateral TKR)

Follow me on Twitter at  billycurry Billy Curry
Billy Curry grew up on a farm near Bairnsdale. At 16 he moved to Melbourne and completed high school. During his final year, he represented Australia in sprint kayaking in Europe. His kayaking pursuits continued with seven years with the Victorian Institute of Sport. In 2001 he was knocked down with a burst appendix that almost claimed his life. Recovering he graduated with a business degree from Monash and went on to win the Victorian surf ski title. He was involved in surf lifesaving for 20 years. Curry works as a marketing contractor in Melbourne and spends his weekends surfing and writing. His writing works include Unlonely Planet, No Time for Postcards and The Soap Opera (short film).
Latest book: No Time for Postcards

Follow me on Twitter at  victoriaembers Victoria Embers
Victoria Embers splits her time between being a stay-at-home mom and reading vampire fiction. She believes good romance should make you purr while good erotic fiction should make you scream, but in a good way of course. Embracing her love of vampires and werewolves and the naughty situations they find themselves in, she's currently writing an erotic short stories series called My Vampire Lover with a blend of paranormal romance and erotica featuring, you guessed it, vampires and werewolves.
Latest book: Redemption: My Vampire Lover Part #2

Follow me on Twitter at  JinniJames Jinni James
Jinni James is an administrative assistant, wife, and mother of two girls as well as a step mother based in Huntsville, Alabama. Since child hood she has written many short stories and poems but never dreamed of writing a novel. She attempted to write many stories but never finished. Finally she was in the perfect place in her life to write a story that had been invading her thoughts and dreams for a very long time. That story blossomed into her first novel The Wolfs Maine. She is now currently working on her next novel.
Latest book: Erotic Encounters Series