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Follow me on Twitter at  @DarcyAbriel Darcy Abriel
Being a Cancer, Darcy Abriel always has been fond of deep, dark places. She’s enjoyed ghost stories and things that go bump in the night since she could first read. When she was in high school, she and her rock band boyfriend and his buddies from the band once spent a weekend in her basement with the Ouija Board contacting a revolutionary war ghost. She’s loved monster movies from an early age, and she’s used to odd looks from people. Facing demons, inner and outer, is one of the things Darcy enjoys most when it comes to writing stories. She calls her office, “the cave” and doesn’t always play well with others. Bu she tries. Darcy loves digging in and creating worlds wicked, and characters dangerou ... read more
Latest book: Siren's Nocturne

Follow me on Twitter at  @AdriannaDane Adrianna Dane
Adrianna Dane has been putting pen to paper since the age of ten. She currently resides in the state of Washington. She has a great fondness for using a fountain pen when writing her first drafts. Hobby interests are varied, including photography and traveling. The first defining love story Adrianna read back in junior high school was "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bronte, and that set her on the road to her long-standing love affair with books of all genres. Her inspiration in writing often can be found by listening to song lyrics, from hard rock to classical, and reading poetry by such poets as Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Edgar Allen Poe, and Ranier Maria Rilke. But finding inspiration for her stories truly ha ... read more
Latest book: Delicious Sinn

Follow me on Twitter at  elancharang Elancharan Gunasekaran
Elancharan is an exhibiting artist and poet. He resides in Singapore with his family and cat, Leo. He has a strange love for all that is poetical and Sci-Fi. He is the author of several, modern poetry collections. His poetry works has been published worldwide, on various international print and online platforms. To view his intriguing array of creative works visit Instagram: @elancharan or Twitter: @elancharang Publications: • Supernatural Haiku (E-book, poetry published by Tusitala, Singapore) • The Refugee (E-book, poetry published by Tusitala, Singapore) • Dark Revolver ( Poetry published by Roman Books, India/UK) • Into Oblivion (Poetry published by Authorspress, India) • Yama, At The End Of Time ... read more
Latest book: Eclipse- A War of Words

Follow me on Twitter at  luvgracegoodwin Grace Goodwin
Once upon a time, a young girl was born into an average, working class family. The wee little girl, convinced she was not an average child but was, in fact, a fairy princess, longed to leave the mundane world behind and live her dreams. She grew up, went to school, and when she'd grown too big to wear tutus and tiaras in public without drawing unwanted attention, turned to writing down her fantasies instead. Now a bit older, her fantasies have grown to include sexually dominant men who know how to ensure a woman's pleasure. Grace believes all women should be treated like princesses, in the bedroom and out of it, and writes love stories where men know how to make their women feel pampered, protected and very wel ... read more
Latest book: Their Conquered Bride

Follow me on Twitter at  fun_size_SexED Bianca Palmisano
Bianca Palmisano is a sex educator and medical consultant serving the DC community since 2012. As the owner of Intimate Health Consulting, she specializes in training healthcare providers around issues of sexual health, as well as LGBT, sex worker, and sexual assault survivor competency. She also serves as the Community Outreach Chair for the Metro DC PFLAG Board of Directors. She has served as a facilitator for the classroom education program The Rainbow Speakers Bureau, and as chair of the Transgender Advocacy Project for American University. She is a two-time presenter for the Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference and the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. Her additional professional credits include prese ... read more
Latest book: Shame-Free Sexual Healthcare

Follow me on Twitter at  davonnajuroe Davonna Juroe
Davonna Juroe loves ghost long as they're not too scary. She tends toward an overactive imagination and startles easily, making her wonder why she's writing ghostly tales.When she's not drinking tea and writing spooky novels, she's exploring old buildings or daydreaming about her next 80s-inspired Halloween costume. Besides reading and writing full-time, she can also be found taking photos of all things whimsical and fantasy-inspired in parks throughout the Pacific Northwest. Davonna currently lives in Seattle, Washington, home of the famous and magical Troll Bridge."Winterbay Abbey" is Davonna's third book. She is also the author of the Amazon-bestselling young adult novel "Scarlette", a dark ret ... read more
Latest book: Winterbay Abbey: A Ghost Story

Follow me on Twitter at  investigatemag Ian Wishart
Ian Wishart is a multi-award winning investigative journalist and bestselling author of more than 20 books, who's now in his fourth decade in the news business. His writing style has often been compared to John Grisham by reviewers. He's been a radio News Director, a Chief of Staff for TV3 News and a magazine editor. His work has featured in the Times of London, Daily Mail, New Zealand Herald and America's massive Coast to Coast radio programme - to name a few. His books Totalitaria, Air Con and Vitamin D became Amazon bestsellers worldwide. While writing his first book, The Paradise Conspiracy, Wishart's TVNZ office was discovered to have been bugged, his home was broken into, the manuscript for the book sto ... read more
Latest book: Haunted & Hunted True Crime: The Vanishing of Valerie McDonald, Jennifer Beard, Amber-Lee Cruickshank & The Strange Case of the Man Who Sold The World

Follow me on Twitter at  Edgethenovel CJ Kinton
Welcome to my world. I live on a planet poised on the edge between dimensions, the boundary between reality and dreams. A world where things are not always as they seem, where perception is stretched. You know this planet as Earth. The rest of the universe calls it Edge. I'm an undercover liminal being who spent over four years living in my car and being a nomad while writing Edge. In the human world I am, among other things, a writer, music agent, educator and biologist. I've worked with many scientific, environmental and arts non-profits, have delivered hundreds of public speaking presentations and workshops, and have written poems, short stories, nature columns and sustainability articles for newspapers, ... read more
Latest book: Edge

Follow me on Twitter at  OrtigaAlexandra Alexandra Ortigas
Multilingual writer of erotic and romance books.
Latest book: Dame Tu Todo

Follow me on Twitter at  CaseyWyatt1 Casey Wyatt
Casey Wyatt has no personal knowledge of the paranormal, but she hopes someday that may change. If there are ancient Gods, elves or satyrs living nearby, they're more than welcome to visit. Bring pizza and chocolate please! Casey's paranormal romance and urban fantasy novels have won or placed in numerous RWA contests. When not writing, Casey enjoys time with her family, loves to read, and enjoys knitting and crocheting. She lives in a bustling Connecticut town with her husband, two sons and a herd of cats (none of which are shape-shifters). Visit Casey on the web: You can also find Casey on Facebook and Twitter (@CaseyWyatt1). To receive advance notice about new releases and special sal ... read more
Latest book: Enticed by Darkness: Eight Tales of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy

Follow me on Twitter at  jkilewrites Jonathan Kile
By day I am a peddler of petroleum products, navigating a Glengarry Glen Ross landscape of cutthroat sales. By night I assume the identity of novelist and child-wrangler. With an undergraduate degree in economics from Florida State University and graduate work in Florida Studies at USF St. Pete, I spent 12 years in non-profit fundraising. I now use that experience to volunteer for causes care about. My first published novel The Grandfather Clock is available on Its sequel, The Napoleon Bloom, will be out in late 2016. I blog at and for Creative Loafing Tampa.
Latest book: The Grandfather Clock

Follow me on Twitter at  spiritualroad1 David M Butcher
Hi, my name is Dave Butcher and I grew up living with grandparents that drug me to church each week. As a teenager, I decided that all those biblical stories sounded like the fairy tales I learned as a kid. When I was able, I left the church and waded out into the world on my own. I became a drinker, a liar, a cheat, and a thief. Eventually I landed in the Los Angeles County Jail after getting fired from my job "for reasons of honesty." I had been arrested for drunk driving. After a week, I was convicted of reckless driving and released with time served. After my release from jail, I felt like my entire world had fallen apart. While reading a book, I had a spiritual experience and my life changed dramaticall ... read more
Latest book: Handling Strife: Ideas for Happier Living

Follow me on Twitter at  Olga Olga Kholodova
Olga Kholodov (Panova) was born in 1981 in the village of Kolyon Kemerovo region. Mom - Panova (Geer) Galina - was born in 1961, father - Panov Sergey Viktorovich - was born in 1958. They are caring and responsive parents. Sister Irishka was born in 1987, funny and caring friend.
Latest book: Funny Little Animals

Follow me on Twitter at  JohnBladek John Bladek
John Bladek grew up in Washington State (named for a dead president, but unfortunately not haunted by him). He’s always been fascinated by scary stories. The first story he can remember reading on his own was called Spook’s Bones, a tale of two boys who grant a ghost’s last wish to have his bones properly buried, and then enjoy sandwiches in celebration. He also liked listening to ghost stories on the radio and sneaking into the basement on Friday nights to watch the scary TV show, Ghost Story, which his mom did not approve of. Every day on his way home from school in 3rd grade, he visited a haunted house. Since then, John has stopped hiding under his pillow when listening to spooky stories, but he still ... read more
Latest book: Winterbay Abbey: A Ghost Story

Follow me on Twitter at  JayHeinrichs Jay Heinrichs

Latest book: The Gravity Well

Follow me on Twitter at  curevertigonow Bobby Gibbs
Bobby Gibbs is a personal and vestibular trainer, life coach and founder of Cure Vertigo Now. He is also the author of The Vertigo Treatment. Having suffered from vertigo for over 3 years, Bobby Gibbs has dedicated his time to helping vertigo sufferers cope and recover from their symptoms. He has made it his mission to increase awareness of vertigo and vestibular disorders, and to provide easy and practical methods that vertigo sufferers can use in their daily lives.
Latest book: The Vertigo Treatment: A Simple Step By Step Guide For Treating Vertigo

Follow me on Twitter at  davidlwinters22 David Winters
Author and Speaker David L. Winters resides in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. He spent 34 in Government service with the Navy and a certain three-letter Agency. This book is his story of going crazy in life’s rat race and determining that the only way to sort things out was to abandon ship and take a sabbatical. His humorous account of the events leading up to his decision and the highlights of his months-long search for meaning make enjoyable and helpful reading for all.
Latest book: Sabbatical of the Mind: The Journey from Anxiety to Peace

Follow me on Twitter at  1Mel_Alexander Mel Alexander
Mel Alexander is a graduate of Full Sail University with a degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment. With that degree he has dove into the fields of television screenwriting and fiction. Mel is usually know for his humor and comedic works but from time to time he chooses to explore deeper and more serious subjects that force people to reflect on themselves as human beings.
Latest book: Matters of Life or Death (A Collection of Short Stories)

Follow me on Twitter at  jimlively Jim Lively
After practicing law for many years, Jim Lively decided it was the appropriate time to pursue his true passion as a writer and a contemporary visual artists. Jim just received the 2016 Merrimack Media Outstanding Writer Award for his new novel, Punitive Damages. This is his third novel. Jim’s artworks have been recognized in numerous juried competitions and publications. He was recently presented a Certificate of Excellence for the 2015 Palm Art Awards. Jim was also named to the 2013, 2014 and 2015 list of Art Tour International Magazine’s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art. His recent art film, "The Soul of Vinyl; Abbey Road Side 2 screened at the 2016 New York Independent Film Festival. Jim has participat ... read more
Latest book: Punitive Damages

Follow me on Twitter at  shermancollege Sherman College
Chiropractic Education for the World: About Sherman College Sherman College offers an integrated chiropractic education program. Our graduates are prepared to offer chiropractic care to their communities that is effective, safe, affordable, and family oriented. Chiropractic is growing as more people want holistic health care. A doctor of chiropractic makes a difference in the lives of patients and in the wider community. Chiropractic is serving others to improve their health from birth to the end of life. With a natural, preventative approach to health care, chiropractors do not use invasive drugs or surgery, but they help patients achieve good health and function through the body’s natural healing proces ... read more
Latest book: The Journal of the Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers Vol. 2

Follow me on Twitter at  eyeofh Dave Beaver
If I had a nickel for every time I tried (and failed) to write about myself in the third person I would have enough to hire someone to do it for me. That said, I think I'll just sidestep convention and tell you the truth of who I am. I was born in Ohio in 1974. That means I've got 41 years of procrastination under my belt, and 1 year of actively working towards my dream of becoming a writer. I battle depression, and anxiety disorder (along with a few other fun little mental quirks) on a daily basis. There are millions of people that deal with the same things I do (you may be one of them) and we all have our own way of coping. Writing about the dark side of human nature and the world we live in is my coping mec ... read more
Latest book: Moments At Rest

Follow me on Twitter at  TheMauDynasty Hayden Mau
Hayden Mau is working towards a degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment at Full Sail University. Hayden finds unending joy in writing weird and subversive stories, but doesn’t see the point if they aren’t fun and entertaining. He sees video games as the perfect medium to apply his trade and is very eagerly looking for jobs in quality assurance and localization to start a career.
Latest book: Mind-Benders & Bizarre Worlds

Follow me on Twitter at  eamonngriffin Eamonn Martin Griffin
Eamonn Griffin lives in Lincolnshire, England, where he was born and raised. Now a full-time writer, Eamonn is focusing on historical and crime fiction for adult, young adult and child readerships. He's worked as a stonemason, in a plastics factory, in a laboratory, in a computer games shop, and latterly in further and higher education, lecturing in creative writing, film studies and media theory. Eamonn has a PhD in creative writing with the University of Lancaster, specialising in historical fiction, having previously completed both an MA in popular film and a BSc in sociology and politics via the Open University.
Latest book: The Prospect of This City

Follow me on Twitter at  danielj_moon Daniel Moon
Just a guy {poet} {dad} {fool} {lover} {sinner} {brother} {writer} {photographer} {human}
Latest book: In Love and Death

Follow me on Twitter at  CWMichelleMatt Michelle Matteson
Michelle Matteson is a novelist, screenwriter, and television writer. She enjoys writing comedy, suspense, and horror for mature audiences. She is earning her Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment at Full Sail University, and a member of Wild About Writers. Michelle is a wife, mother, and reality television junkie. You can connect with her via:
Latest book: Fatherhood

Follow me on Twitter at  MelissaDCarmen Melissa Del Carmen
Melissa Del Carmen is a special effect makeup artist, screenwriter, producer, and travel expert. She is the co-founder of the Mexican film production company Vastkin Films. She is currently earning her Bachelor of Fine Art’s degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University. After years of therapy, Melissa hopes to share some of her madness with the world before they find a cure and make her normal again.
Latest book: The Ones that Leave

Follow me on Twitter at  Hodd99 Derek Ross
Originally from London I now live in Wicklow, Ireland. I am an author and social commentator through my blog site I am a jazz enthusiast and keen drummer. Love to keep fit and big into fashion ...Oh and Totteham Hotspur!!!
Latest book: Knole Park

Follow me on Twitter at  alicerachelwrit Alice Rachel
I come from France and live in the USA with my hubby and my crazy guinea pigs. I am the author of the YA Forbidden Romance Series "Under Ground," available on Kindle, Kobo, Nook... My time is divided between teaching French, writing, reading, drawing, and fangirling. I love talking to all readers, so message me lots and lots.
Latest book: Under Ground

Follow me on Twitter at  idoweddingpr Sasha Vasilyuk
Sasha Vasilyuk is the CEO of I DO PR, a premier public relations agency for wedding and lifestyle brands, and an award-winning journalist. Her writing on travel, business, immigration and the arts has been published in USA Today, Harper's Bazaar, Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, Newsweek, San Francisco Chronicle and others. She is a sought-after speaker on PR in the events industry and a frequent contributor to industry publications.
Latest book: Marry the Media: How to Gain Publicity for Your Wedding Business

Follow me on Twitter at  gimenoconge Javier Gimeno
soy diplomado en biblioteconomía y documentancion, aunque laboralmente no ejerzo en nada parecido, trabajo en el metro de Madrid, y a mis 38 anos tengo dos hijos pequeños, tanto la familia como el trabajo me quitan tiempo para mi gran pasión que es escribir. Ademas de la escritura me gusta leer y practicar deporte. En tiempos de instituto pretendía ser poeta, gane algun premio pero lo deje. Hace relativamente poco he empezado a escribir relatos cortos y he participado en algun certamen, incluso ganando algun premio que otro, motivo por el cual me decidi a escribir algo mas largo, VII Certamen relato breve “Un metro de 350 palabras : Primer clasificado X certamen relato breve ¿un metro de 350 palabras ... read more
Latest book: All in

Follow me on Twitter at  katlesar Katherine LeSar
Katherine LeSar is an aspiring television writer with a passion for drama, and mystery and series with strong female leads. She has written, directed and produced four short films and a web-series. After studying filmmaking and screenwriting at Met Film School in London, she added to her studies with a Creative Producing program at UCLA and a BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment at Full Sail University, with an emphasis on television writing. She has production credits on television series and feature films, most recently the 2016 Blair Witch sequel. She resides in northeast Los Angeles in a tiny pink house with her cat, Pietro Maximoff. You can find Katherine online at and twitter ... read more
Latest book: Beneath the Dirt & Other Stories

Follow me on Twitter at  SMGhanem Salah Ghanem

Latest book: 5 Steps To Passive Income Online

Follow me on Twitter at  juliandavis71 Julian Davis
Whilst teaching adult students for several years, I started to see there was a difference in how they learnt and how the teachers around me were facilitating. An opening at the college I worked at became available – and I was now in the eLearning world. Since then I have developed a passion for technology based learning and especially in the adult learning world. I’ve also completed a Post Graduate Vocational Certificate in Digital Education. I am now the eLearning Manager for one of the countries biggest private RTO’s. I have a vision to fill the gap with eLearning in the Adult education world and thrive on the rewards it produces. I’ve also taken on the challenge of writing this eBook on my digital ... read more
Latest book: The Seven Year Education Itch - Adult Learning in Vocational Training

Follow me on Twitter at  rlpowerdynamics Nate Fowler
With thousands of hours in personal training and breakthrough sessions with hundreds of clients, I have a vast amount of therapeutic experience behind me. I use a large number of therapeutic modalities, including NLP, Hypnosis, T.I.M.E. Techniques, Power Dynamics, and quite a few others and I believe that it’s not the technique that is important as much as the results. I am an international author and speaker and have devoted my life to helping people find their direction and giving them new hope, power, and understanding with the techniques I have established and researched. My specialty training has led me to develop Power Dynamics™, a groundbreaking sociological system that translates relationships into ... read more
Latest book: The Passion You Crave: 5 Relationship Keys That Love Needs To Thrive

Follow me on Twitter at  quarterlybard TheBardQuarterly
The Bard is a quarterly magazine which focuses on publishing microfiction from around the web! Our short-form magazine is available in a free pdf format, as well as in more premium eBook and physical formats. We publish quarterly, on the first of every September, December, March and June! ​ We're a not-for-profit magazine interested in publishing amateur microfiction - that is, very short stories with a word count of about 750 words - about the speculative and the fantastical. If you're an author who has had very little exposure, or even no exposure at all, we'd love to hear from you! ​ We want your tales of high adventure in fantasy kingdoms, we want your tales of investigators facing off against incompreh ... read more
Latest book: The Bard Quarterly - Issue #000

Follow me on Twitter at  Nickjohn11John Nicholas John

Latest book: Yummy Mummy

Follow me on Twitter at  ibukunwrites Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi
Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi popularly known as Ibukunwrites/EGO is a Writer ~ (Content | Non-Fiction | Fiction | Poetry | Screen). She's a Blogger, an Avid reader, Fun Cook, Baker, an Aspiring Media Personality, a Language Enthusiast, a Wordsmith, an ardent lover of Art & Documentary. Ibukunwrites is highly passionate about women, children and abuse related causes and she tries to show these in her writings. She's a sucker for African literature, simplicity in writing and story telling; also a Shondaland addict, a die-hard fan of music and movies. . . not your everyday kinda girl!. . . Instagram ~ @ibukunwrites
Latest book: Creeping Voices

Follow me on Twitter at  subir__banerjee Subir Banerjee
Subir Banerjee is fond of writing across genres but likes mystery and suspense best. He has several fiction novels as well as a book on nonfiction, dealing with alternative therapy, to his credit. An alumnus of IIT Kanpur from where he did his Bachelor of Technology, he co-founded the institute’s newsletter and served on its editorial board for a year, until graduation. Following that, he spent close to two decades in the Information Technology industry in India, USA, and the UK, working in various capacities in engineering and management at companies like Compaq, Adobe, IBM, Fidelity, and Aviva, before taking the plunge into writing. Now into a full-time writing career, he relishes recounting how it has been ... read more
Latest book: A Real-life Health Crisis - Cured By Wheatgrass & Aloe Vera

Follow me on Twitter at  authorsebastian Sebastian de Assis
Sebastian de Assis is a nationally recognized writer and international teacher. A former traditional educator and the author of the acclaimed Teachers of the World, Unite!, he’s transitioned to becoming an independent teacher and writer focusing on human development and self-empowerment. Although he holds advanced academic degrees from the University of Hawaii and California State University, he acknowledges the significant distinction between his schooling and the depth of his own personal education. When he is not writing or reading in his personal library while listening to Johann Sebastian Bach or Miles Davis, he’s probably on the tennis court competing with the same passion he devotes to everything h ... read more
Latest book: The Alchemy of Time

Follow me on Twitter at  MrURBANswag Rance Smith
Rance Smith is a freelance writer with a primary focus on producing America's next great graphic novel. He is nearing completion of his BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment and plans post graduate studies in Instructional Design and Technology, both at Full Sail University. The self-described "writing technician", idea generator and collaborative designer has skill sets to tell tales to niche audiences across different media.
Latest book: Beginnings: A Definitive Flash Collection

Follow me on Twitter at  JediPeter Peter Thompson

Latest book: Wandering Mages And Other Stories

Follow me on Twitter at  paigefieldsted Paige Fieldsted
Paige Fieldsted is a writer working on writing and publishing her first full-length novel (due out in 2017). The Utah-native is a lover of writing, cooking, sports, naps, ice cream, football, pumpkin treats and making lists. Paige is a former journalist currently working in communications and marketing, who writes in her spare time. She is wife and mother to her one-year-old baby boy and Willy the pug.
Latest book: Women on Top: An Erotica Anthology

Follow me on Twitter at  DMaldonado08 Daniel A. Maldonado
Daniel A. Maldonado is a fictional writer who is currently working on his BFA in Creative Writing at Full Sail University. He specializes on teleplays but takes some of his time to translate a couple of his other more simple ideas into short stories he is trying to compile for a future book. The Man is the first story of the compilation.
Latest book: The Man

Follow me on Twitter at  DoctorJAuthor Dr. J
Dr. J. arrived at her writing career after being a condom packer, sex educator, sex therapist, and finally a college professor of human sexuality. Using her vast knowledge and experience of sexuality and the mind, she continues her education efforts to integrate positive sexuality into the human experience through her stories. She writes within the Romance and Erotica genres. Living the island life on the Atlantic coast, Dr. J. plays petanque, knits, and supports all the visual and performing arts of the area.
Latest book: Women on Top: An Erotica Anthology

Follow me on Twitter at  ZeekZachary Zeek Zachary
Zeek Zachary is a screenwriter, covering many genres. He is currently a full time student at Full Sail University, pursuing his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, as well as publishing a serial satirical novel online. He self-published a book of poetry at 16, and has been avidly writing ever since. His next screenplay is entitled “The Guestroom”. Aside from his writing and school, Zeek Zachary also paints abstract art on the side. When he can’t be found doing creating worlds, he can be found drinking and playing 8- and 16-bit Nintendo games with his friends, walking his dog Norma Jean, or lamenting his passion for Philly sports. Zachary can be found on his Twitter page (@ZeekZachary) or thro ... read more
Latest book: The Carl of the Drab Coat: A collection of reimagined tales