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Follow me on Twitter at  schwartzreport1 Stephan A. Schwartz
Scientist, futurist, and award winning author Stephan A. Schwartz is the columnist for the journal Explore, and editor of the daily For more than 40 years he has done consciousness research, and is one of the founders of Remote Viewing, and the anthropology of consciousness. He is the 2017 recipient of the Parapsychological Association’s Outstanding Contribution Award. Current academic and research appointments: Distinguished Consulting Faculty of Saybrook University, and a Research Associate of the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory of the Laboratories for Fundamental Research. Prior academic appointments: Senior Samueli Fellow for Brain, Mind and Healing of the Samueli Institute; BIAL Fellow; ... read more
Latest book: Awakening - A Novel of Aliens and Consciousness

Follow me on Twitter at  stretch1815 Richard Hathway
Richard Hathway lives in Bristol, UK with his partner and their son.
Latest book: Those Who Broke the Boy

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Belbaltodano (Bernardo Enrique López Baldotano)De padres Nicaraguenses, Bernardo Enrique López Baltodano (Belbaltodano) nació en Maracaibo - Edo. Zulia - Venezuela, el 21 de Octubre de 1.952.Cursó la primaria y parte del bachillerato en: Maracaibo. El tercer año de bachillerato en el: Instituo El Bautista y el cuarto año en el: Instituto Miguel Ramirez Goyena ambos en: Managua - Nicaragua.Recién llegado de Managua, cursó en el Liceo Coquivacoa en Maracaibo, allí comenzó con su vena de escritor, en aquella época escribiendo cuentos cortos.El bachillerato lo concluyó en el: Instituto Ricaurte en: La Victoria - Edo. Aragua.Durante esa época fue actor de Teatro, de la Dirección de Cultura de la Unive ... read more
Latest book: Apunta Junípero... Apunta

Follow me on Twitter at  NoraRetired Nora Hall
Nora Hall, a dedicated problem solver, set out to find answers for staying happily married after retirement. When her countless interviews with wives revealed common concerns many seniors have about adjusting to retirement marriage, Nora committed to sharing what she learned from wise wives with couples new to retirement. Hall’s experience of researching, writing about and giving workshops on adjusting to retirement have shown her that the most precious gifts in this life stage are the freedom and wisdom to: Foster deep relationships. Know what is important in life. Develop skills we have longed to acquire Create a joyful and meaningful retirement marriage Stay happily married. Nora lives with her husband ... read more
Latest book: Survive Your Husband's Retirement: Tips on Staying Happily Married in Retirement

Follow me on Twitter at  PlanDigitalMark Joaquin Ocampo Montalvo
Soy Joaquín ocampo montalvo,emprendedor,inconformista con la vida,especializado en el diseño,desarrollo e integracion de servicios de marketing media,marketing de afiliados,soy ing en sistemas,todo lo que necesita tu negocio,esta a un clic de distancia,nosotros te apoyamos para lanzar tu negocio online,por estrategias probadas. He dado cursos independientes de creación y desarrollo de temas para wordpress así como de diseño responsivo,Tengo mas de 20 años dedicado al diseño, desarrollo de marcas, diseño editorial y en lo últimos 10 años me he especializado en desarrollo web de sitios WORDPRESS creando temas a medida para nuestros clientes y por supuesto posicionamiento SEO.
Latest book: Reglas de Oro de COPYWRITING

Follow me on Twitter at  MST_the_pirate M.S. Tarot
A fan of reading and books from around the fourth grade on, I have devoured a huge library of published works by a vast variety of authors in easily a dozen genres. This leads me to the simple fact that I love to read. If I love to read, I must love to write, stands to reason. So I decided to give it a try. That was 2012. Since then, I have posted more than a hundred stories online. I’ve won contests. I’ve written stories that stand in the website Literotica’s Hall of Fame. And I have, thanks to my fans there, earned myself a place in their Top 250 Authors List on what is arguably the largest erotica website online. But before that, I made friends. Other erotica writers, without whose support you would ... read more
Latest book: MaryDee Night

Follow me on Twitter at  BernieTaylorOr Bernie Taylor
Bernie Taylor is an independent award wining author and naturalist whose research explores the biological rhythms of plants and animals, and the knowledge by prehistoric, indigenous and ancient peoples.
Latest book: Before Orion: Finding the Face of the Hero

Follow me on Twitter at  ccandmike Carissa Miller
Carissa Miller writes a lifestyle and design blog called CC and Mike, where she and her husband blog about their experiences designing, building, and flipping houses in the Midwest. She was inspired to write her debut novel–Magnetic—because of her firsthand experience living with the trauma of an unsolved violent crime, her mother’s attempted murder. When she’s not writing, blogging, or designing, Carissa loves Oklahoma summers on the lake with her husband and three children, going to Oklahoma State sporting events and cheering on the Cowboys, and traveling cross country with her family in the RV she and her husband renovated. Carissa laughs loudly, loves with her whole heart, tells it how it is to a fa ... read more
Latest book: Magnetic

Follow me on Twitter at  nc_marshall NC Marshall
NC Marshall was born and raised in the North East of England, where she still lives with her fiancé. As a keen reader, she has always wanted to write a novel of her own and has held a dream of doing so since she was young. She enjoys travelling, and likes to get inspiration for her writing from the various places that she has been lucky enough to visit. NC Marshall’s debut novel, ‘Sleep Peacefully’ was listed as a UK Kindle bestseller in its categories, and reached the number 1 best-selling chart position in the ‘Paranormal Suspense’ genre. Her second novel ‘See You Soon’ was released in April 2016 and went straight into the Kindle bestseller’s chart for its category. Her third novel, ‘The ... read more
Latest book: Sleep Peacefully

Follow me on Twitter at  shiftingshadow Tony Jones
LL.B [Hons] Degree obtained in July 1998. Void Contingency, Unexpected Contingency and Defended were published in February, March 2013 and August 2017 respectively by Amazon and Lulu. Paper back version of Defended is due to be published by Lulu after approval. Android Mobile Applcations were published in December 2016 to assist students to obtain high exam grade scores in workshops via Android tablets that will be used for planning and delivery, further detail request can be sent to now! Northumberland Park Partnership Board Grant Award was received in June 2017 to assist students with high exam grade scores with the sponsorship of MLB Learning Solutions located in North London.
Latest book: Void Contingency.

Follow me on Twitter at  AbbeyMogaji Abbey B. Mogaji
My name is Abiodun B. Mogaji. My pen name is Abbey B. Mogaji. I am the founder of SYP Inc, an organization committed to helping the citizen of the world to enhance and improve their performance.
Latest book: Skyrocket Your Academic Performance

Follow me on Twitter at  harshyardi Harsha
Previously a software engineer by profession, Harsha left his job in search of God. After 10 years of intense struggle involving many austerities, spiritual practices, hardships and exposure to raw conditions in Himalayas, he understood the truth when he studied the original Sanskrit scriptures in a monastery which follows Adi Shankaracharya’s tradition. He has traveled in countries like Russia, Nepal and India, where he was invited to deliver Satsanga and interactive discourses on Self-Realization and spirituality in general. Now he has settled by the banks of Ganges in Rishikesh and guides spiritual seekers, other commoners and shares his understanding with those who are destined to hear it from him. www.aj ... read more
Latest book: Ashtavakra Gita : The Ultimate Solace

Follow me on Twitter at  Mjuvii Miyelani Hlungwani Miyelani
Miyelani A. Hlungwani u vonile ku thlava ka dyambu hi 1989. U tshama eka Mukhomi eka Malamulele. Hi lembe ra 2007 u pasile ntangha khume ivi a ya eYunivhesithi ya Venda laha a nga fika a endla BA (Media and Language Studies). U tirhile eka tikhaphani to hambanahambana to humelerisa tibuku ku nga: Via Afrika Publishers, Macmillan Publishers SA na Maskew Miller Longman Publishers. U LO TIKHANYA i buku yakwe yo sungula. Buku leyi yi kombisa vutomi lebyi vana va masiku lawa va byi hanyaka eswikolweni ni le makaya.
Latest book: U lo tikhanya!

Follow me on Twitter at  chriswilde801 Christopher Wilde
Christopher Wilde writes novels, screenplays, short stories and is a former radio host. You can find him on Twitter @chriswilde801
Latest book: The Loyal

Follow me on Twitter at  jwdamron Will Damron
Will Damron was raised in southern Virginia and is an award-winning audiobook narrator, having voiced hundreds of stories for audiences of YA, fantasy, sci-fi, history, and more. He has also worked as a stage actor and historical interpreter, and is thrilled to share his first novel with the world. When not roving the great outdoors in Scotland, New England, or the American West, he can be found in his studio in Los Angeles.
Latest book: The Tercentennial Baron

Follow me on Twitter at  PendletonMane Pendleton Mane

Latest book: The Whispers in the Walls I

Follow me on Twitter at  Genesis_Prue Kendra Burns
Kendra Burns is an author of Urban Fantasy and Young Adult who is currently working towards her BFA in Creative Writing through Full Sail University. She has written two short stories published by Scars Publishing in their Down in the Dirt literary magazine. Kendra pulls inspiration from the beautiful and dark aspects in life. She can be contacted by tweeting her at or by sending a message to her LinkedIn account
Latest book: A Stormy Night and Other Thiller Stories

Follow me on Twitter at  dhawalht Dhawal Harkawat
I am Dhawal Harkawat, a 22 year old engineer, who graduated from BITS PILANI, Pilani Campus in 2017, where I did my B.E (Hons.) in Computer Science. I also went to Kota, to prepare for engineering entrance exams. I wrote this books to pen down my observations on life of Indian engineering students, their thinking, their lifestyle, their mindset, the education system, etc in short. I am a first time author, who visioned writing this piece, to bring awareness in the society regarding the hype around engineering as a career choice, and ignorance towards other choices. All I want to bring through this effort is, a broader horizon in the minds of commons, to take well informed decisions in their early life, and foll ... read more
Latest book: Life of an Indian Student -an Engineer's Perspective

Follow me on Twitter at  BevBriggsBooth Beverly Booth
Beverly Briggs Booth is an author of short stories and historical fiction. Bev's inspiration is derived from an active imagination and assisting others. She has created a variety of short stories from numerous genres that are vivid, titillating and salacious. Her passion is writing American historical fiction by paying exceptional attention to detail, allowing her readers to live vicariously through one of the characters. She is a member of Venice Writer's Group and International Screenwriter's Association. She is earning her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. Beverly lives with her husband Chris in Venice, Florida. She enjoys traveling, biking, swimming, and reading. Ove ... read more
Latest book: Fantasy, Mystery, Intrigue & More

Follow me on Twitter at  ALSVossler A.L.S Vossler
I live in the American Midwest with my husband, two sassy cats, and lifetime collection of four hundred fifty-two My Little Ponies. I have been writing since I was fourteen and have a serious passion for science fiction and fantasy.
Latest book: Charybda: Worldstrait Book I

Follow me on Twitter at  tommchale Tom McHale
Tom McHale is a committed learning junkie always seeking a new subject victim. As a lifelong student of whatever grabs his attention on any particular day, he thrives on beating rabbit trails into submission. In between his time as a high-tech marketing executive, restaurant owner, and hamster cosmetology practitioner, he's published seven books and nearly 1,500 articles. For Tom, learning is only half the fun - the other half is sharing his experiences with readers using his trademark "half-cocked but right on target" style.
Latest book: The Practical Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition

Follow me on Twitter at  jamesashea James A. Shea

Latest book: Serious People

Follow me on Twitter at  smartpokerstudy Sky Matsuhashi
Sky Matsuhashi is a poker player, coach, podcaster and video maker. He started this poker journey with home games back in 2003. This turned into hour after hour in the local cardrooms, until eventually he discovered online poker and never looked back. His Smart Poker Study Podcast and blog is an online resource for players who are eager to improve their games through concentrated and focused study. Sky has brought his years of experience teaching high school mathematics and English in Japan to the poker world. He continually challenges himself to be a better poker player every day, and helps his students and listeners to do the same. He has one previously released poker book called How to Study Poker: Vol ... read more
Latest book: How to Study Poker Volume 2: A Proven Playbook For Increasing Your Poker Skills Through Dedicated Daily Study

Follow me on Twitter at  mda_008 mda
Hi, mda here! First things first - I'm a KIWI - I live in Auckland, New Zealand. Lucan, Book I in The Lucan Trilogy, is my first published book, but I've got a few more stories up my sleeve. I'm currently working on the rest of the Lucan series, aiming to publish Book II in August, and Book III in November. Who knows, there might even be a prequel, a sequel, or a spin-off in the works (i.e., in my head). When I'm not writing I'm doing my 'normal' job (psychology researcher), spending time with friends and family, or watching too much TV. I'm an introvert (an extroverted introvert), so I like hanging out, but afterward, I need to hide from people. I hope you enjoy Lucan!
Latest book: Lucan

Follow me on Twitter at  junochase Juno Chase
Juno Chase is the nom de plume of two married moms who love reading and writing happy stories. We wanted to see these modern day knights celebrated in romance, so here we are. We’re not a big group of people writing—there is just the two of us. We both spend lots of time reading and writing in each story to bring you the most complete, hot, and exciting stories possible.
Latest book: New To The Game

Follow me on Twitter at  MickieAshling Mickie B Ashling
Mickie B. Ashling is the pseudonym of a multifaceted woman who is a product of her upbringing in multiple cultures, having lived in Japan, the Philippines, Spain, and the Middle East. Fluent in three languages, she’s a citizen of the world and an interesting mixture of East and West. A little bit of this and a lot of that have brought a unique touch to her literary voice she could never learn from textbooks. By the time Mickie discovered her talent for writing, real life got in the way, and the business of raising four sons took priority. With the advent of e-publishing—and the inevitable emptying nest—dreams of becoming a published writer were resurrected and she’s never looked back. She stumbled int ... read more
Latest book: Through My Own Lens

Follow me on Twitter at  WilliamGillion William T. Gillion
William T Gillion, Sr. is semi-retired and has owned several businesses and has sold most of them for retirement. I wanted to share information gained through my businesses. This book will help anyone that wants to improve their life style.Why should you stay stuck in a low income when you can choose the life style you want for you and your family. Read this book to understand what you can do to live better and have the income you need to provide a better life for your family. The choice is yours. Only you control your future. No one can hold you back if you are willing to do what it takes.
Latest book: Money - How Much Is Enough

Follow me on Twitter at  redshoebizwoman Rebecca Jones
At the age of just 19, Rebecca started her first business having been told by teachers she would never amount to much. She has since established herself within the field of business growth and staff engagement combining her research and teaching with two decades of running her own businesses. Rebecca connects enterprise and business development with engaging staff, listening to customer needs, and building sustainable approaches to organisational growth and stability. This work has led to her new book "ENTERPRISE WITHIN™ - A corporate enterprise system to develop stretchy staff for organisational growth. A sought after professional speak, consultant and trainer you can read more about Rebecca at www.r ... read more
Latest book: ENTERPRISE WITHIN: Developing corporate enterprise and innovation through stretchy staff

Follow me on Twitter at  authorjoshcole Joshua Cole
Joshua Cole believes stories communicate the human experience, like no other medium, by resonating with the heart, mind, and soul. This is why he writes suspense fiction.
Latest book: Waiting for Howard

Follow me on Twitter at  noelblue Noel Blue

Latest book: Creative Employment

Follow me on Twitter at  rockportbasset NS Johnson
The author of several novels, screenplays and a collection of short stories, N.S. Johnson's works have appeared in AlienSkin, Boston Literary Magazine, Writer’s Stories, SNM Horror Magazine, Bewildering Stories’ First Quarterly Review 2010, The Foundling Review, Every Day Fiction, and Absent Willow Review. N.S. Johnson’s most recently published work is a collection of short stories, One Before Bedtime: Tales of Mystery, Fantasy, and Suspense (Amazon). This fall, N.S. Johnson will debut his own, self-published series on the care of Basset Hounds. His work can be followed on his website,
Latest book: Your Select Guide to Basset Hounds. Tips for Socializing, Health, and Nutrition

Follow me on Twitter at  Maikbanjo Michael O'Banjo
Michael Olugbenga Olatubosun Banjo is a lawyer and transportation executive. He was born in Hull, England and grew up there and in southwest Nigeria. He attended Ibadan Boys’ High School and Federal Government College, Odogbolu. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Combined Honours degree in History and Political Science from the University of Ife, Nigeria. After Ife, he undertook national service in Maiduguri in Borno State, northeast Nigeria. He studied Law at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1990. He worked as a lawyer and did postgraduate studies in Passenger Transport Management at Aston University, Birmingham and, later on, studied Management Consultancy & Or ... read more
Latest book: Jewels of the Yoruba Song

Follow me on Twitter at  YUGALJOSHI Yugal Joshi
Born and grown up in a remote village of India on Indo-Nepal border in the high Himalayas, Yugal Joshi is engineer by training and bureaucrat by profession. He studied at Kumaon University, Nainital, Harcourt Butler Technological University, Kanpur, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Delhi University and Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore. A water enthusiast, he has co-authored many research papers in International journals and co-authored an authoritative and critically acclaimed book Singapore Water Story. He is also a co-author of the book Creating Shared Values, on how Nestle has transformed Moga and nearby areas. His book Ram: The Soul of Time brings out Lord Rama story in modern perspe ... read more
Latest book: Saapharee

Follow me on Twitter at  dryvetyme Adam P. Newton
Born and raised in Southeast Texas, Adam P. Newton never acquired the charming accent that most life-long Texans possess in spades, but he’s OK with that. Adam currently creates web content for a Texas university, and he writes a series about music and parenthood called "Explaining Grownup Music to Kids" in his limited spare time.
Latest book: If This Parking Lot Could Speak

Follow me on Twitter at  Jessica__Lucci Jessica Lucci
Jessica Lucci continues her mis-adventures through mental illness, love, prison, and abuse survival. She makes her home in Massachusetts, USA, and triumphantly avoids the color orange.
Latest book: Justice for the Lemon Trees

Follow me on Twitter at  garibaldielise Elise Garibaldi
Elise Garibaldi, a talented artist, author, and playwright, knew from the time that she first began hearing her grandmother's story how important it was to be preserved for future generations. She enjoys writing stories of heroism in the face of adversity, and faith in the bleakest of times.
Latest book: Roses in a Forbidden Garden; A Holocaust Love Story

Follow me on Twitter at  merhines Mary Bernsen
Mary Bernsen is a southwest Florida native currently living in North Port with her two beautiful children and a third, much larger child that she affectionately calls husband. She is the Amazon Best Selling Author of Healing The Bayou, The Ganga Shift, and Beyond the Gods series. She also writes young adult romances under her pseudonym, M.E. Rhines.
Latest book: Jewel of the Gods

Follow me on Twitter at  dennismillerceo Dennis C. Miller
Dennis C. Miller is a nationally recognized strategic leadership coach and executive search consultant with more than thirty-five years of experience working with nonprofit board leadership and chief executives across the country. Dennis is also an expert in board governance, leadership development, philanthropy and succession planning. In addition, he is a sought-after motivational speaker, retreat facilitator and board and leadership performance coach. Dennis’ experience working with hundreds of nonprofit organizations has provided him with the knowledge and insights to understand the competencies required of today’s nonprofit leadership, whether as chief executive officer, chief operating officer or chi ... read more
Latest book: A Guide to Recruiting Your Next CEO: The Executive Search Handbook for Nonprofit Boards

Follow me on Twitter at  justintimebook Joe Lafferty Jeff Schober
Joe Lafferty Joe Lafferty is a Pittsburgh born and bred child of God. He graduated and coached football for 13 years at Woodland Hills High School.(Pittsburgh, PA) Lafferty studied marketing and sports business at Mercyhurst College and the University of Memphis while working as a student in these respective athletic departments. The life Joe has lived is been filled with several "once-in-a-lifetime" experiences such as beating cancer,(age 8) being friends with Dan Marino,(ages 15-17) losing his vision,(age 29) coaching several NFL players in high school,(age 30-40) dying for 7 minutes,(age 35) and a multiple organ transplant.(age 37) In this memoir, some celebrity friends and family, also share their p ... read more
Latest book: Justin Time: A Memoir of Faith and the Fight for Life

Follow me on Twitter at  Haleybelinda7 Haley Belinda
Born in Bradford West Yorkshire UK. My Late Mother was from Bronte country and My Late Dad from Castleford area. During my lifetime I have been a nurse, done fitness, been a beauty therapist until fibromyalgia overcame me. I wrote a book in the past which I am reviewing, but as a busy single parent, I sometimes told stories to settle my children at night. I decided that I could put this to use and share some with you. I am at the beginning so welcome your feedback. Hope you enjoy my 'story telling time' picture books. Thanks for reading.
Latest book: Amy's Rainy Game

Follow me on Twitter at  wisecrone333 Lee Oliver
Pen name for Lisa Oliver, author of the Cloverleah series, Stockton Wolves, Bound and Bonded and so much more. These books are similar but shorter and that is the only difference.
Latest book: One Wrong Step

Follow me on Twitter at  TanyaCliff1 Tanya Cliff
My pen is a mighty tool. I’ve been using it all my life to tell stories and explore this world in all its natural wonder and human diversity. I write everything from the diminutive, but powerful, haiku to the full-bodied epic adventure. Of all my writing endeavors in the past few years, I’m most proud of the successful use of some of my work a juvenile detention center in SE Wisconsin to foster creative expression and encourage these children to develop their unique talents. My passion for human rights manifests in a strong voice of advocacy for the persecuted and poor and an ongoing family effort that supports a range of humanitarian efforts. If you visit my blog at, be careful where you st ... read more
Latest book: The Legend of the Lumenstones 2, Nine

Follow me on Twitter at  authortlbranson T.L. Branson
T.L. Branson is the author of the upcoming Soul Stones series. Branson started writing when he was eighteen and has contributed articles to several blogs and websites over the years. Soul Render is his debut novel in a planned trilogy. He finds his inspiration from the king’s (and queen) of story, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, George Lucas, and J.K. Rowling. Born in Pennsylvania, he currently lives in California with his wife and two children.
Latest book: Soul Siphon

Follow me on Twitter at  Sandraajaja Inkster
A social entrepreneur who teaches Science and technology in Nigeria, Africa. An Arthur, and a lover of Technology... I love to pen down my happy thoughts... I am knowledgeable... And I write to share my thoughts with the world
Latest book: From Hobbies to Social Entrepreneurship

Follow me on Twitter at  Madisonleebook Madison Lee
Madison Lee is a stay-at-home mother of two. She was an instructor for many years before giving it up to raise her children. Her hobbies include gardening, hiking, fishing and the outdoors. She likes to live a minimalistic and natural lifestyle. In 2009, she was diagnosed with Preeclampsia and almost lost her life during childbirth. Her daughter struggled as well, but the two of them made it through. Madison knew that she needed to spread information about this awful complication that doctors still know very little about, so she decided to share her story with everyone and anyone she could. After years of struggling with PTSD from the ordeal, she sought help from other mom's by hearing their stories. Af ... read more
Latest book: Pregnancy After Preeclampsia

Follow me on Twitter at  JimbeauxChromed Jimbeaux Dean
Hey there! I'm Jimmy, also known as the artist JBD. I'm a lifelong collector of quotes. One of my favorites is: I hate quotations. Tell me what you know. —Ralph Waldo Emerson When the other side of my soul ran away, I gathered my favorite quotes into a book of stories about our world, in hopes that the good energies would pull her back. We're a raunchy bunch so consider yourself warned. People think I'm a genderbender, but really I’m just me. My book is about androgynous, transgender, intersexed, and other “genderqueer” folks leading our lives in pretty much open-hearted acceptance of the so-called “gendernormal” people among us. So please: If you see Cady Villanueva [McKessnor] Anderson Stro ... read more
Latest book: Chrome Cady: A Quote Woman on the Run