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Follow me on Twitter at  tansyrr Tansy Rayner Roberts
Tansy Rayner Roberts is a classical scholar, a fictional mother and a Hugo Award winning podcaster. She can be found all over the internet and also in the wilds of Southern Tasmania. She has written many books.
Latest book: The Bromancers

Follow me on Twitter at  LindaMather3 Linda Mather
Linda was born in Easington Colliery, Co Durham in 1958, and then moved to Leicester in the early 1960’s, which is where she spent her childhood. But, it was in ‘Shakespeare County,’ Warwickshire, where she says she ‘grew up’ during and after completing her counseling diploma. She is now an experienced counselor, supervisor, & trainer, behavioral family therapist & author of four self help books, a children’s book and 3 novels she has three grown up children and eight grandchildren. This is Linda’s third novel.
Latest book: Teenagers are from Pluto

Follow me on Twitter at  AlexZaneColeman Alex Zane Coleman
Alex Zane Coleman has worked in the Manhattan Real Estate Industry for over seven years as an agent and broker holding 'Highest Earner' and 'Top Producer' billings at some of the largest firms in New York City. She independently owned and operated her own real estate company, working with some of the wealthiest corporations in Manhattan, strictly on a referral basis. She has an academic background in both Law and Journalism and is a graduate of New York University. Alex lives in New York City.
Latest book: Secrets from a Manhattan Broker: Things Your Rental Broker Doesn't Want You to Know

Follow me on Twitter at  sititcher414 Vicki Giger
Previously married 30 years to a career military man (see my ebook "Dancing Through My Divorce"). I have three daughters and 5 grandchildren. I was remarried in 2011 and have a new home and new life after surviving divorce and death of parents. I am writing now about my sewing, crafting hobbies and trying to build an at home business. I work full time at a hospital to pay the bills but would like to retire (wouldn't we all?). I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Latest book: Dancing Through My Divorce

Follow me on Twitter at  Dalean Andy Dale
Finally, 25 years after I started writing it, I am published my début novel 'First Years - Piranhas in the Bedroom'. It started in a time long before Google, Sky TV, iphones and X-Factor . Now it ends up being an E-book as well. For the last six years I have been writing weekly humorous blogs based on SharePoint, but I really always wanted to be, in the words of the Beatles, a 'Paperback Writer'. So finally I released my first fictional romantic comedy, 'First Years - Piranhas in the Bedroom'. Hopefully the first of a series of nostalgic books about an unfortunate young man called Jonathan Stadler, a Villa fan like me. Now Jonathan Stadler is going back to 1981 for the ultimate Aston Villa experience in 'J ... read more
Latest book: King Derek and the Red Wizard

Follow me on Twitter at  TraveLiterature Gaston Cavalleri
Gaston Cavalleri is an author and screenwriter from Australia. He lives in Bondi Beach, a transition he made from a country town fifteen years ago. His date of birth is 18 January 1980. He has a Master of Arts (Writing and Literature), a Bachelor of Science (exercise science) and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Gaston is the author of Crystal Caviar and Blue Smartie. His writing began seven years ago - a career choice he made after renovating four properties that led him to Sydney airport for a flight to South America. This adventure lasted six years and sparked his need to write.
Latest book: Deleuze and Aristotle Applied to the Imagination Through Screenwriting

Follow me on Twitter at  KevinKrest Kevin Krest
I was born in Pennsylvania, but grew up in Virginia and consider that my home state. Becoming a sports enthusiast at an early age led me to be a fan of the Baltimore Colts, primarily because of Johnny Unitas and the proximity of the team to my home in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In later years, after moving to Virginia, the Redskins became my team of choice and continue that way to this day. I went to high school in Virginia Beach, where my mother still resides. My college education was provided by Virginia Tech, where I earned a B.S. in Economics as well as an MBA. While there, I worked at the campus radio station as a disc jockey, sportscaster for baseball, news and sports reporter and the advertising sales ma ... read more
Latest book: Offsetting Penalties - A PK Frazier Novel

Follow me on Twitter at  adamstephensonA Adam Stephenson
Adam Stephenson was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1965. His family emigrated to Canada in 1967, returning to NI at the height of 'The Troubles'. A second failed emigration to South Africa a year later brought them face to face with the harshness of Apartheid. His family finally returned to Northern Ireland in 1976 where he has lived ever since. He describes himself as having had many guises including that of schoolboy truant, journalist and therapist. Along the way he has dabbled with a drinking career at university, working as a craftsman, a street cleaner, with the homeless and in the field of welfare rights. Adam currently lives in a 'decaying, Georgian, wreck by the sea' with his wife and teenage dau ... read more
Latest book: The Winds of Longing Blow

Follow me on Twitter at  msellithorpe Monna Ellithorpe
Author of: Bride To Widow [Kindle Edition) Easy Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern [Kindle Edition] Easy Double Wedding Ring Quilt: Made Quick & Easy (Paperback Edition) 50 Quilting Tips For Beginners and Experienced Quilters (Paperback Edition) 50 Quilting Tips For Beginners and Experienced Quilters (Kindle Version)
Latest book: Bride To Widow

Follow me on Twitter at  hyphonmg Ramon Lewis
I am a lover of art, music and technology. i love God and this beautiful opportunity in which to express my emotions, dreams and purpose. i live and learn while acknowledging that i will forever be a work in progress. my hobbies are producing music, designing and also studying internet marketing. God is love and so are WE.
Latest book: How To De Stress at Work: Computer Workers Edition Step-By-Step Guide To a Stress Free Workplace

Follow me on Twitter at  ronherron R.L. Herron
Born in central Tennessee, Ron came to Michigan as an infant and has lived there ever since. Most authors claim they dreamed of being published as a kid. Although he's been writing and submitting stories since he was 17, his earliest dream was to play baseball for the Detroit Tigers and be the next Al Kaline. Ron once worked for some of the world's largest advertising agencies. He also enjoyed a career in public relations and marketing with an international Fortune 10 company. A member of Michigan Writers, the National Writers Association, the Association of Independent Authors (US), the Alliance of Independent Authors (UK) and the American Academy of Poets, he has written numerous works of fiction. His debut ... read more
Latest book: Blood Lake

Follow me on Twitter at  TrinisseChanel Trinisse Chanel
Hello, Bonjour, Although I am better known as the author of the Cassie and Chloe series of Children's Adventure fantasy books, I now have two cookbooks published which are geared towards adults. I was born in the United States of America, but I have been fortunate to have been able to travel to quite a few countries and experience many wonderful sights, many of which I write about in my books. I have lived on both the East and West coasts of the United States with my beloved canine "children".My favorite place to be in New York City is inside one of the theatres on Broadway. I have a great love for film, television and stage productions, and enormous respect, admiration, and appreciation of actors an ... read more
Latest book: 50 Scrumptious Plates from Mama

Follow me on Twitter at  olinejad Oliver Delgaram-Nejad
Creative Writing Undergrad at Falmouth University, Cornwall, avid Pink Floyd fan and casual drummer.
Latest book: Some Poems

Follow me on Twitter at  LMRaven13 L. M. Raven
Writing has always been in me, but recently it's been a form of stress relief and also a way to work through nightmares. I am so proud to be putting my books out for the public to read, and hopefully they will enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them. My books now are a way for me to be more myself that I can be. Only a rare few know the demons that lurk within and still love me for it. Thanks Coco......
Latest book: What She Wants.

Follow me on Twitter at  eloisekindred Eloise Kindred
I was born and raised in Leicester, England. I fell in love with books and music over twenty years ago and that love affair continues today. When it comes to literature, I love all things horror and fantasy with the occasional sprinkling of crime. Mostly, I like stirring prose intertwined with well-developed characters. With music, I like anything that evokes an emotional response, that makes me feel something. Hell's Paradise is my first novel. But there is much more to come.
Latest book: Hell's Paradise

Follow me on Twitter at  robgirlbooks Robyn Jones
I'm the mom of two hardcore boys. My oldest trained me to be matter-of-fact, no frills. My youngest wants the whole singsongy sweet package. Thank goodness for reading and writing because they are my sanity makers. I know life is all about the journey, that's why I like my fiction to be all about the destination. I want to be taken somewhere not here when I read, same goes with the stories I create. Thrills, chills, tears, and laughter, but there has to be something to hold on to at the end.
Latest book: Shadow Town: Maggie Lane Chronicles #1

Follow me on Twitter at  EroticaLucy Lucy Paige
Lucy Paige is an author of paranormal and contemporary erotica. Lucky enough to hail from the beautiful country of New Zealand, she currently resides in Wellington, along with her two children. Usually found with her crazy (but adorable) Chihuahua sitting in her lap, Lucy spends her days taking in the gorgeous landscape and writing steamy tales. Greatly inspired by the supernatural world, her stories feature demons, vampires, and all sorts of sexy, mythical and paranormal creatures. Lucy likes to bring her charming sense humour into her writing, and focuses on strong, feisty female characters. When she’s not writing naughty fantasies for your reading pleasure, Lucy enjoys walking her ever-hyper pup, admiri ... read more
Latest book: Bound To Her Billionaire

Follow me on Twitter at  anniemary94 Annie Ortiz
Hi. My name is Annie Ortiz. I'm Pisces. I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach, and frisky women. I write because I enjoy it, which is pretty much the reason behind everything I do in life.
Latest book: Still Alive

Follow me on Twitter at  dshoffman Douglas Hoffman
I grew up reading Vance, Varley, Silverberg, Asimov, and Clarke. Reading and writing have always been a passion of mine, but then college, med school, and residency got in the way. When I turned forty, I channeled my midlife crisis and began writing again. Nothing But Light and my novel, Gator & Shark Save the World, are one small part of that effort. I'm an ear, nose, and throat doctor living in Central California with my wife, son, and various critters. Along with writing, I enjoy cooking and baking. Currently, I'm working on a webcomic -- no small task for someone with very little artistic talent.
Latest book: Nothing But Light

Follow me on Twitter at  NAAllenSmash N.A Allen
I live in Texas with my wife and beautiful daughter. I have always had the gift of a silver tongue and have been a fan of writing for a long time. Just got introduced to Smashwords and found an outlet for all of my books. I will be constantly putting out books so please by all means get whichever ones you want. Feel free to review them as well, I want to know what my readers think and what I can do to perfect my craft. You can also reach me on Twitter at N.A. Allen or email me at:
Latest book: Zombie Compendium Part 1

Follow me on Twitter at  MarcShapiro3 Marc Shapiro
Marc Shapiro is the NY Times best-selling author of J.K. Rowling: The Wizard Behind Harry Potter, Justin Bieber: The Fever! and many other best-selling celebrity biographies. He has been a free-lance entertainment journalist for more than twenty-five years, covering film, television, and music for a number of national and international newspapers and magazines.
Latest book: You’re Gonna Make It After All - The Life, Times and Influence of Mary Tyler Moore

Follow me on Twitter at  mezny2012 cynthia soldat
My latest book which is on Amazon as a Kindle book is also listed here as a free read for ebooks. The Story of James follows James Varnas, a teen whose dad and brother are local, small time gang members. He lives in a New England community of faith and through the violent actions of the gang to which his dad belongs,James unexpectidy is thrown into the lives of the very Christian families his dad and brother hate. This story was written before the film was announced, but is told in the general spirit of the film The Last Ounce of Courage. It's a story of hope, courage, forgiveness and redemption, An excellent read for teens and adults of faith.
Latest book: The Story Of James

Follow me on Twitter at  seanpaulmahoney Sean Paul Mahoney
Sean Paul Mahoney is a playwright, blogger and writer living in Denver, CO with his husband Michael and their noisy cat Maeby. His plays included Casual Encounters/Missed Connections, a comedy about Craigslist personal ads and The Singing Room which will have it's world premiere at Spark Theater in Denver in 2013. Mahoney blogs about his adventures in recovery at UrtheInspiration. His first full length book, a collection of essays entitled The Strawberry Land Express, will be out in February 2013.
Latest book: A Tough Cookie Christmas: a true tale of sobriety, the holidays and baked goods

Follow me on Twitter at  confidentzee Zee Worstell
Founder and President of AccelerateHER International, Zee Worstell is dedicated and passionate about helping women recognize their own value and the value of their company so they can skyrocket their revenue and their confidence. She has stepped away from her successful recruiting business to focus 100% of her time working with women to teach them her Revenue AccelerateHER System. Women who coach with Zee are able to create remarkable results in their business and lives and that makes it all worth it. Zee has been married to her wonderful husband for 17 years and has two lovely daughters who motivate her everyday to change the statistics surrounding women business owners. One of the more meaningful parts o ... read more
Latest book: Ask and You Shall Succeed: How to Earn What You're Worth

Follow me on Twitter at  jonathanjprinz Jonathan J. Prinz
Jonathan J Prinz was born a month after his parents arrived in America from Nazi Germany. His father, a renowned and outspoken liberal rabbi, had been expelled by the regime. He began his own professional life as a rabbi serving, along with his father, a thousand-family independent synagogue in Newark NJ. Active in civil rights, he was a founder and Board Vice President of the first Community Action Anti-Poverty program funded by the 1964 Equal Opportunity Act. Leaving the pulpit in 1968, he moved to New York with the hope of entering government service and politics. Robert Kennedy's assassination effectively put an end to those plans. Over much of the next decade he served as a communications executive o ... read more
Latest book: Transcenders: Living beyond religion and the religion wars.

Follow me on Twitter at  ian_sanday Ian Sanday
I am an artist, as well as writing children's adventure fiction and heroic fantasy. Visit my website - - for more details about me, and what I do.
Latest book: Space Ace and The Flying Shed

Follow me on Twitter at  CBesze Christine Besze
Christine Besze is a writer, reader, mother, wife, and lover of all things wine. She lives in her own world of crazy most days, because the voices inside her head hold some great conversation. When she does have to come back to reality and act like an actual grown-up, she spends her time with her handsome hubby Z, their two gorgeous gingers and their mini-herd of German Shepherds. Born in sunny Southern California, she recently made the big leap with her family to the East Coast and couldn’t be happier. You'll still find her in flip-flops—with a full glass of wine—all year round.
Latest book: Badcock Tour

Follow me on Twitter at  jefftbauer Jeff T Bauer
Jeff T Bauer is a cave diver and scuba instructor living in Tallahassee, Florida with his wife, adult children, and an alarming number of rescued Chihuahuas.
Latest book: Canine Colony

Follow me on Twitter at  TheShepherdConn Tim Patrick
Tim is a pastor by calling. He pastored for thirty-three years, having served six churches in four states. At present he serves as the Director of Missions for the Beauregard Baptist Association in Deridder,LA. Tim is passionate about using his experience to serve churches and church leaders. He is the director of The Shepherds Connection, a support ministry for those who serve in ministry.
Latest book: Carefronting People to Christ

Follow me on Twitter at  StevePronger Steve Pronger
Steve Pronger is the author of three books including the recently released, This Is What's Wrong With Them: The Answer to the World's Most Often Asked Question. His other books include his debut offering Your Brain Is Out To Screw You! - The Men's Guide To Doing The Next Right Thing and the one-of-a-kind satirical follow-up Her Brain Is Out To Screw You! - The Men's Guide To Sex or Not Sex. Join him as he takes high-performance mental training tactics and techniques and applies them to the brain of the everyday forgotten person. Steve is a certified high-performance coach that has coached competitive sport at the University, amateur and professional levels. He is currently working as a coaches clinic facilitat ... read more
Latest book: Her Brain Is Out To Screw You! The Men's Guide To Sex or Not Sex

Follow me on Twitter at  JoyaFields Joya Fields

Latest book: Sidelined Afterlife

Follow me on Twitter at  JQ377 Destiny Howell
Destiny Howell is a college student who has been writing since she could hold a pen. She has won several short story writing contests and has been published on Huffington Post's website. She is currently working on a new series for children.
Latest book: Almost Human

Follow me on Twitter at  graydancer Gray Miller
Gray Miller, aka "Graydancer" has been teaching, performing, and advocating for kink and BDSM for over a decade. He professionally rigs, photographs, shoots, edits, and consults in web, video, and social media for several clients ranging from to the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom to the Kink Academy. You can also hear Graydancer as a guest on various podcasts such as Polyamory Weekly and Dart’s Domain, or his own Ropecast (the longest-running kink podcast on the web). Gray was featured on Our America with Lisa Ling: 50 Shades of Kink which aired in January of 2013 on the Oprah Winfrey Network. While his roots lie in bondage, Gray’s focus has evolved over time to subjects such as power excha ... read more
Latest book: Jujun

Follow me on Twitter at  amwellswriter A.M. Wells
A.M. Wells is a writer of contemporary fiction with romantic elements that feature interracial characters, black woman/white male. Heroines are always strong, but real. Not so perfect in an imperfect world. Heroes are handsome, of course, the take charge type of guys. Story ideas are inspired from a life of observation and inspiration. But mainly flow from an overactive imagination. Love scenes are sensual, the heat level is hot. Endings are always happy. In addition to writing A.M. is an artist, web designer, graphic artist, and has produced several book trailers. An avid reader since childhood, she began writing four years ago. A.M. would love to hear from her fans, readers, and fellow writers. Email: info ... read more
Latest book: Time Out

Follow me on Twitter at  bleblet Ian Hillbeck
My name is Ian Hillbeck most of the time, and John Smith if I’ve done something wrong ;-) Friends call me “Merlin” and I can’t spell what enemies call me... I was born on 14th May, 1960 (work it out) and I live and work in Barrow In Furness, Cumbria, UK. (Though my boss may want to argue the last bit :) I’m a Senior IT Engineer for the IT Department at BAE Systems, formerly known as Marconi Marine (Barrow) formerly known as VSEL, formerly known as Vickers, who are best known as builders of nuclear submarines for the Royal Navy. I have a wife called Ann and three children. Two boys called Gareth and Daniel and an alien female named Tyne. My Mother got quite annoyed at my reference to my daughter bein ... read more
Latest book: Lousy Poems On Morbid Themes

Follow me on Twitter at  captainraz Rachel Tonks Hill
Rachel Tonks Hill always wanted to be either a doctor or writer when she grew up. Her first novel, On the Rise, was released in 2016, having been written alongside her doctoral thesis. While having a novel out fulfills the “writer” part of her dream, she hopes this doesn’t mean she has to grow up. Rachel lives in Nottingham with her partner and insufficient dogs.
Latest book: The Whisper of the Leaves

Follow me on Twitter at  MacLucas_writer Mackenzie Lucas
Mackenzie Lucas is a lover of story in any form. She’s an avid reader of genre fiction; writes paranormal romance, contemporary romance, and erotica; watches The Arrow, Supernatural, Grimm, American Idol, The Voice, Ellen, Steve Harvey, Dr. Oz, anything Batman related, and every movie starring Johnny Depp; and listens to an eclectic mix of music that spans the range from pop/rock to country to gospel. She loves a good story whether it’s an erotic short, a full-length romance novel, or the narrative slice-of-life found in country music. In any story, emotional integrity and authenticity are most important to her as well as a big dose of romping hot sexual tension. She enjoys smart-mouthed, sexy heroes and he ... read more
Latest book: From This Day Forward: A Dragon Shifter Novella

Follow me on Twitter at  hjimfoxy Harry Fox
Born in a log cabin on a ranch in western Colorado. Raised riding horses and herding cattle. Counterintelligence officer in the U.S. Army. Served as a natural resources manager with the U.S. Department of the Interior. Advanced degree from the College of Forestry and Natural Resources, Colorado State University. Advanced degrees in Theology. Father of two and grandfather of six. Living in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Latest book: The Stonegate Sword

Follow me on Twitter at  Karen_Kincel Karen R. Kincel
Karen Kincel made her debut on the literary scene with her first book - "Forever". "Westwind Drive" is the sequel to "Forever." Her influences are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and other authors. Her specialty is paranormal thrillers, where unexpected things happen to normal people. Karen currently lives in Panama City, Florida and has two sons, a Labmaraner named Coda, a cat named Boots. She is engaged to be married in May, 2016.
Latest book: Westwind Drive

Follow me on Twitter at  mgorman005 Maria Gorman
Hello, my name is Maria Gorman. I was born to Italian immigrant parents and I grew up in Baltimore, MD. We were a typical Italian family, we spoke Italian in the house, ate Italian meals every day, and celebrated most holidays with a fabulous, fun group of Italians who came over to the US with my parents. They all had kids my age, so we had a great time growing up in this crazy Italian lifestyle. I found a passion for reading while in elementary school, which probably helped me with my English, since I spoke only Italian as a child. Reading opened my mind to imagination and with that I always found myself creating stories in my head. I guess you could call me a closet writer. I had and still have journals and ... read more
Latest book: Chatter in the Halls

Follow me on Twitter at  Provad Vadim Prokhorov
Vadim is a writer, artist and composer. He is an author of Russian Folk Songs: Musical Genres and History (published in 2002 by Scarecrow Press). He has written numerous articles on classical music for the Encyclopedia Americana, for which he served as an associate editor. He has contributed cover and feature articles to The Guardian (London), Parade Magazine, Air&Space/Smithsonian, The Moscow Times, and Gramophone Online Magazine, among others. He lives in New York City.
Latest book: Little Red Riding Hood

Follow me on Twitter at  SJLit S J Littlewood

Latest book: Forbidden Memories - A Young Adult Romance

Follow me on Twitter at  wahoffman W. A. Hoffman
W.A Hoffman, aka Wynette Hoffman, started her own publishing company, Alien Perspective, to publish her books in 2001. Her first novel is Blood Is Thicker Than Water, a vampire/adventure novel. This was followed by Love & Benjamins, an espionage/adventure novel, and then the gay historical Raised By Wolves series: Brethren, Matelots, Treasure and Wolves. Since she enjoys the flow of the English language and does not believe in cramming her thoughts into 144 character boxes, Wynette chooses to engage in her primary communication with her readers via her web site, Please visit it for info on the Raised By Wolves series and her current project, Apes' Enigma. At ... read more
Latest book: Better You Than I: A Raised by Wolves Short Story

Follow me on Twitter at  AnnaWel07914287 Anna Wells
I’ m happily married with two children. I love to cook, hike, bike, and hang with my girlfriends. I’m an avid romance reader and enjoy all types of romance novels including historical, contemporary, paranormal, and erotica. Oh and did I mention I have my own consulting business? I obviously had a couple of hours left in the day so I began writing romance. I wanted to bring readers hot, sexy romances that are brought to life with compelling characters. Who knew writing romance could be as fun as reading it!
Latest book: Trust Me

Follow me on Twitter at  AroundY551 Tony Spencer
Have published 34 books since 1998, one out of print, 22 available on Smashwords, 6 on Wattpad and 5 on Amazon. I started writing fiction in 2012. I brought out a glut of little books as soon as I realised self publishing was an option, but now I am settling down to produce one novel and a collection of other stories each year. A grandfather of three angels, happily married for 42 years to another angel, living in Hampshire, England, about 35 miles west of London. I had worked for over 40 years as a printer and proofreader but retired in 2015 and hoping to spend more time writing. Also an editor of a community magazine, football programmes and have written weekly sports reports now for almost 20 years in loca ... read more
Latest book: Jen's Dream Santa

Follow me on Twitter at  DanielMigues Daniel F. Migues
Daniel F. Migues was born in Biloxi, Mississippi where he graduated from Biloxi High School in 1969. Following a failed attempt at Jr. College, he joined the Navy and served as a Dental Technician at various naval bases, marine installations, and aboard ship for almost two decades. During his time in the military, he took college classes when he could, and in 1984 was graduated from National University, San Diego, California with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. He worked in the aerospace industry until 2008 when he retired to what he calls his "third act": a new career as an author. His first e-book, "Life is Hellin Illinois" was published in December 2012. His second, "Between the Clown & the Co ... read more
Latest book: Between the Clown & the Corpsecicles

Follow me on Twitter at  CecilyPaterson Cecily Anne Paterson
I'm a young adult/teen writer of realistic fiction all about friendships and relationships. First up, some random facts. I've wanted to be a writer since I was seven years old. (I'm now a lot older than that!) I love cake, especially chocolate cake, and I really hate bananas. My favourite colour is turquoise blue. I wish I'd done ballet or tap dancing and I'd still like to do ballroom lessons one day. I'm not very good at sport. I'm not the worst, but I get all confused when they pass me the ball! I used to have my nose pierced. And no, the snot doesn't come out the hole when you sneeze. More important stuff: I'm married to a guy who has red hair and we have a dog with the same colour fur, but none of our fou ... read more
Latest book: Charlie Franks is A-OK

Follow me on Twitter at  sloanetaylor2 Sloane Taylor
Award-Winning author Sloane Taylor is a sensual woman who believes humor and sex are healthy aspects of our everyday lives and carries that philosophy into her books. She writes sexually explicit romances that takes you right into the bedroom. Being a true romantic, all her stories have a happy ever after. Her books are set in Europe where the men are all male and the North American women they encounter are both feminine and strong. They also bring more than lust to their men’s lives. Taylor was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. Studly, her mate for life, and Taylor now live in a small home in Indiana and enjoy the change from city life. She is an avid cook and posts new recipes on her blog http ... read more
Latest book: ABCDs of Cooking with Writers

Follow me on Twitter at  martyreep Marty Reep
Marty has entertained and encouraged people for years via books, on stage, in classrooms, and one-on-one. His writing ranges from fiction to poetry and from motivational to how-to. What makes him an authority on anything, and why should you read him? In 1990, Marty was homeless and living out of his truck. He came back from that through real estate. Then, the boom / bust in the early 2000s forced him to start over again. Those experiences have given him insight into various markets and life in general. Despite the odds, he continues to overcome life's challenges and turns them into successes! To date, he has published more than 25 books. Some of them will make your day even better!
Latest book: An Agreement with Life

Follow me on Twitter at  emmaleighreed Emma Leigh Reed
Emma Leigh Reed has lived in New Hampshire all her life. She has fond memories of the Maine coastline and incorporates the ocean into all her books. She lives in a small town with her family. Her life has been touched and changed by her son's autism - she views life through a very different lens than before he was born. Growing up as an avid reader, it was only natural for Emma Leigh to turn to creating the stories for others to enjoy.
Latest book: Second Chances