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Follow me on Twitter at @StevenBevell Steven Bevell
Started writing two years ago, long after I discovered Smashwords. I often think about writing, too bad stories are written with words and not thoughts. Send me any thoughts at
Latest book: Diablo Canyon
Follow me on Twitter at @SMByshAuthor S.M Bysh
She is the author of such books as Prettiest Poetry, and her just released paranormal mystery called Ghosts of Blackwell. She currently has a Yuletide story in the works as well as, a paranormal horror novel amongst others. When she is not writing she likes to watch mysteries, read mysteries as well as crochet.
Latest book: Prettiest Poetry Volume ONE
Follow me on Twitter at @abowie18 Ashley Bowie
I work for Starbucks so I have access to all the caffeine I want. I write because the pictures in my head cannot be drawn by my hands.
Latest book: Getting Home
Follow me on Twitter at @mshuttle Wayne Michaels
Husband, Father, Author, Entrepreneur and self-proclaimed Mountain Man
Latest book: Brothers in Stripes
Follow me on Twitter at @katzeyeent Doris "KatzEye" Johnson
Motivational Speaker and Community Activist Doris 'KatzEye' Johnson will be sharing with the entire world her words of wisdom and encouragement with the release of her new book: Don't Mind Me... I'm Just The Messenger. The production of this book will be one of many of her 'self awareness' and timeless quotes book series. Join her on this journey into the reinvention and 'reintroduction' of the stronger, more wiser you...
Latest book: Never Mind Me... I'm Just The MESSENGER.
Follow me on Twitter at @RosalynWraight Rosalyn Wraight
Rosalyn Wraight is the author of the Detective Laura McCallister mystery series, the Trinity MacNeil paranormal mystery series, and the Lesbian Adventure Club series.
Latest book: The Aunts Go Marching, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 22.5
Follow me on Twitter at @LasVegasMadam Jami Rodman
Jami Rodman is a writer with an unabashed approach to sexuality and relationships. She has a background in cultural anthropology and sociology, but her stories really come alive when she recounts her last decade of adventures, first as an elite escort and then as the high-powered Las Vegas Madam. Her memoir, The Las Vegas Madam: The Escorts, the Clients, the Truth, is the story of a young woman who brazenly took a fork in the road, moved to Las Vegas, and found herself deep in the throes of Sin City. She was a world away from her small town Christian upbringing. In a city where the most flamboyant lifestyles reap success, she became a escort then a successful madam. She became immersed in the underground worl ... read more
Latest book: The Las Vegas Madam
Follow me on Twitter at @jantramontano Jan Marin Tramontano
Jan Marin Tramontano is the author of three poetry chapbooks, Woman Sitting in a Café and other poems of Paris, Floating Islands: New and Collected Poems, and Paternal Nocturne. In addition, she wrote her father’s memoir, I Am a Fortunate Man. Her poems appear in her poetry collective’s anthology, Java Wednesdays. and Peer Glass Review. Her poetry, stories, book reviews and interviews have also been published in numerous literary journals, magazines, and newspapers such as Poets Canvas, Chronogram, Women’s Synergy, Knock, The DuPage Valley Review, Moms Literary Review, New Verse News and Byline. She was a regular contributor to the Times Union as book reviewer and published author interviews. She belo ... read more
Latest book: Standing on the Corner of Lost and Found
Follow me on Twitter at @GreyWriter712 Greybeard
Greybeard is a Sexy Senior Citizen (that's a euphemism for Dirty Ol' Man) who wrote an adult book—out of the ordinary bizarre stories--with lots o' sex & hot babes. For less than the price of a corner store cup o' coffee it'll curl your pubic hairs!
Latest book: Bizarre Stories
Follow me on Twitter at @MJVinesAuthor Michael J. Vines
Born in upstate New York, but having spent all of his professional life in Chicago, Mr. Vines is a successful business executive now semi-retired and living in the metropolitan Nashville area. Continuing consulting engagements often return him to the “Windy City”, but Michael admits he cannot be far from his new home in mid-Tennessee for very long. He and his wife Judy deeply love and enjoy spending time with their blended family of five children and twelve grandchildren. His interests in a good mystery and world religions meld into the inspiring international, spiritual thriller “Theophany”. He enjoys hearing from his fans and readers from across the globe.
Latest book: Theophany
Follow me on Twitter at @n_scalzo Nicolò Scalzo
I was born in Palermo, 1968. I am an enthusiast of Jesus’ words. My university studies have concentrated on artificial intelligence and Darwin’s theory of evolution. These interests have brought me to the problem of defining human consciousness, its nature and its origin. Italian: Sono nato a Palermo, nel 1968. Appassionato delle parole di Gesù e dalla sua figura. I miei studi universitari si sono concentrati sull'intelligenza artificiale e la teoria dell'evoluzione di Darwin. Interessi che mi hanno avvicinato al problema della definizione della coscienza umana, la sua natura e la sua origine.
Latest book: L'Interpretazione dei Detti Segreti del Vangelo di Tommaso
Follow me on Twitter at @ivan_anzellotti Ivan Anzellotti
Ciao a tutti, dopo aver speso tanti anni con passione a volare in Alitalia nel 2008 ho perso il lavoro insieme a centinaia di altri piloti e assistenti di volo e mi sono trasferito in Qatar. Sono rimasto nel deserto quasi 3 anni e poi sono tornato a lavorare e volare in Europa. Ma non per molto. Dopo appena un anno e mezzo ho rifatto la valigia e mi sono trasferito in Asia. Nel mio primo libro "Storia di un pilota", vi ho voluto raccontare le mie esperienze tra Alitalia e Qatar, per sfatare il mito del pilota Alitalia privilegiato e spiegarvi veramente cosa significa fare il pilota, il bello e anche il brutto... i sacrifici, le difficolta`. Poi vi portero` con me in un viaggio in medio oriente per scoprire c ... read more
Latest book: Finding my Wings. A Pilot's Story from the Ruins of Alitalia to the Desert of Qatar
Follow me on Twitter at @ramona_official Ramona Prezlock
Hello, My name is Chloe, but I go under the name of Ramona Prezlock when writing. I'm 17 years old and I am very interested in writing and proof-reading books, plays, etc. I consider my self an introvert, but I can be friendly just as well. I write about the supernatural beings, such as: angels, demons, gods, super humans, and so on. But sometimes, I write realistically with modern day issues. Lets not forget my love for science fiction. I know I have to have grammatical issues or awkward sentences somewhere in my works, so if you lovely people could look out for them, I would be so blessed. Please give me some feedback; I would like to be published one day. Thank you all. :)
Latest book: Finding Paradise
Follow me on Twitter at @johncabales John Cabales
My dream is to become a successful international novel writer.
Latest book: The Simple Things
Follow me on Twitter at @Ally_Nuttall Alice Nuttall
Alice Nuttall is a tea-swilling, lindy-hopping, perpetual student, who divides her time between Oxford and the various worlds in her head. She has been writing since she could hold a pen, and, at the age of twenty-nine, has just about finished school.
Latest book: Invisible Boy
Follow me on Twitter at @chunksie101 E.R. Baine
E. R. Baine has been reading as a writer from the age of 7 years old. Beginning with the daily comics, and advancing to the Book of Bible Stories, until she became an avid reader of Mills and Boon at the age of 13. Penny Jordan was one of her favorite novelists in the early 1990's. Her tastes varied, and she was preoccupied with science fiction books of Star Trek The Next Generation and Christopher Pike novels in her early and late teens, and her interest was drawn to classic westerns as well. Still, Romantic Fiction has remained a staple genre she has been fascinated with all her life. After gaining a University Degree in Computer Science with a minor in English, and completing a Career Diploma in Freelance ... read more
Latest book: Do Or Die
Follow me on Twitter at @morrisonchipsr Chip Morrison
Chip Morrison is a person who knows no bounds. As a professional speaker, author, entrepreneur, and success expert, he helps individuals and companies to faster movement, higher efficiency and greater productivity. His captivating seminars and workshops helped thousands of people improve future conditions in their lives by first learning how to improve themselves. His business coaching and keynotes build brand and financial success by helping them become strongest at their weakest links. With entrepreneurs, he puts the spark back in the spark plug by helping them learn to balance a life with a life that matters.
Latest book: The Six Billion Dollar Man
Follow me on Twitter at @ritasawyer Rita Sawyer
Rita Sawyer writes contemporary romances. Her stories vary in heat level from sweet to sizzling, but hopefully they all have a hint of humor. She grew up in Massachusetts and lives there now with her husband and kids. More about Rita and her books can be found at Readers can contact her at
Latest book: Tell Me You Love Me
Follow me on Twitter at @LaurieOlerich Laurie Olerich
Laurie Olerich is the author of the Primani and Demons After Dark series. Part romance, part paranormal, part adventure...Three things she can’t live without! Laurie spent most of her life in the Northeastern United States and in Western Europe. She now lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her son and Dalmatian muse Rambo. In an attempt to re-live her wild and crazy younger years, she lives vicariously through her characters by setting their adventures in her favorite city, New York, and the mountain forests of New England as often as possible. Before diving into a writing career, Laurie dedicated 20 years to her country by serving in the United States Air Force. Much of her time was spent around men with guns ... read more
Latest book: Koivu (Demons After Dark Book Three)
Follow me on Twitter at @ImUnsinkable Molly Mahoney Matthews
Molly Mahoney Matthews began her career as a single parent swimming for her life and the security of her children. From meager beginnings she built a company of 150 employees and $10M in revenue. According to Molly, “Work acts as ballast, undergirds you with purpose, distracts you from pain, and brings you back to your most creative self.” In each chapter, Molly describes her business foibles and accomplishments with humor and savvy. She has made the mistakes so you don’t have to and offers guidance so you can: Find the Right Job Even in Stormy Seas, Navigate Challenges to Move Up in your Career, and Become Captain of Your Own Ship and Build Your Own Enterprise!
Latest book: Unsinkable: Find a Job, Create a Career, Build a Business
Follow me on Twitter at @Kevin_Saito Kevin Saito
Born in the city of Orange, I was raised all over Southern California by virtue of being dragged around from city to city. Eventually, I settled in the city of Long Beach, the place I still call home. I graduated from California State University Long Beach with a degree in History and had my sights set on teaching… not exactly the smartest move for somebody actually looking for a stable job today. I've always been a voracious reader and began writing my own stories at a pretty young age. Unfortunately, life has a habit of getting in the way and I found himself caught up in other things that I let take me away from what I love doing, which is writing. After a long time away, I have finally found my way bac ... read more
Latest book: The Midnight Man
Follow me on Twitter at @RichardSBullock Rick Ward
10 years in Merchant Navy. Many years in Hotels, Motels, Restaurants. Traveled extensivly, Managed Snow Ski Resorts. Owned Businesses, including Beach Hire. Owned and lived in or on, Caravans, Houseboats, Yachts, etc.
Latest book: How to Start an Inkjet Refilling Business.
Follow me on Twitter at @chrisbookguy Chris Carroll
Chris Carroll is cute. Sometimes. He’s a writer. Sometimes. He’s a little bit crazy. Most of the time. Between the real world and the various communities he frequents Chris (often known as Book) somehow finds time to write. Like most writers he has far more hats than heads. This month he is a local blogger, editor, book seller, special event coordinator, barista, scene dresser, idea guy, director, self published author of all manner of crime, suspense, horror and kink fiction and model. He’s often found in front of cameras making things some people call art and other people call crime scene photography. He lives in a weird little world of contradictions that way. He lives, dreams, eats, drinks, fights and ... read more
Latest book: Book's Book of Kink Philosophy
Follow me on Twitter at @mantu_ravi Suhrita Roy
We are surrounded by various people. Every one in this world is unique in their own way. Only thing required is the perfect ambiance and supportive family to nourish and live a meaningful life. I am blessed with a very nice family. So, I will always remain thankful to the Almighty.
Latest book: Valentines' Gift With Love
Follow me on Twitter at @romasharma Roma Sharma
I am a software engineer and have nearly 6 years of work experience in the software industry. Currently, I am a blogger, photographer and a self-styled chef. As a mom of two girls I love to spend my time trying out new dishes for them. Being a photographer, I also love capturing them in the best possible way through my lens. I share my recipes and other life experiences with my readers. My blog has over 150 recipes from my various kitchen experiments.
Latest book: Baby Food Recipes - Lite
Follow me on Twitter at @leanmanpaul Paul Everitt
Paul is an experienced, focused consultant and coach based in the West Midlands. He completed an electrical apprenticeship with Lucas Electrical and later obtained a B Eng (Honors) Degree [2.1] in 2002 at Wolverhampton University. Paul was involved in the early stages at Toyota’s Burnaston plant as a Maintenance Team Leader, this included assisting with the installation of assembly shop machines and equipment, building a multi skilled Maintenance team and improving the performance and reliability of assembly shop equipment. Experiences gained at Toyota include: Hands on reactive, proactive and predictive maintenance Developed & implemented Planned Maintenance system Introduced daily checks Technical trainin ... read more
Latest book: Kanban - Authorising the flow
Follow me on Twitter at @cforman Craig I. Forman
Craig I. Forman is an entrepreneur and technology executive who lives in San Francisco. He has been at the forefront of the changing media landscape, leading organizations in print, interactive TV, mobile and next-generation advertising and e-commerce companies. He created the business strategy for EarthLink's $1 billion consumer business and also led Yahoo's News Division to #1 in traffic, ahead of CNN. Forman currently sits on the board of YellowMedia (TSX: YLO) and McClatchy newspapers (NYSE: MNI) as well as several successful software, content and telecom startups. He was part of the founding team to take search engine pioneer Infoseek public. Early in his career, Craig was a Wall Street Journal foreign ... read more
Latest book: Be Luckier in Life: 10 Simple Secrets That Will Change Your Future
Follow me on Twitter at @igraraj1 Alenka Tercic
Hi, there! I'm a mom and entrepreneur, founder of The Best Children Lessons and, author of Playing the Life Lessons and Raising Sparkling Kids program. I am Law of Attraction and Certified Vision Board Coach (awarded 2012 Coach of the Year). My mission is to help and support people to define and pursue their dreams, living creative, joyful and magnificent lives.
Latest book: Playing the Life Lessons
Follow me on Twitter at @gloriacenter Barry Rubin
Barry Rubin is director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center, editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal, and a featured columnist for PajamasMedia at His latest books are The Israel-Arab Reader (seventh edition), The Long War for Freedom: The Arab Struggle for Democracy in the Middle East (Wiley), and The Truth About Syria (Palgrave-Macmillan)
Latest book: Hating America - A History
Follow me on Twitter at @ayishah1 Linda Ruth Horowitz
Born and raised in USA, at seventeen she emigrated to Israel where she lived for twenty-one years, and studied at the Tel Hai Art Academy. iLR Horowitz later emigrated to Denmark, continuing her studies in painting and sculpture at the Århus Art Academy. During a later three year music journey through Africa, she turned to photography. Throughout her twenty-five year career, she freelanced as a self-taught photographer and photo-journalist, publishing innumerable stories and photo material for Scandinavian and international medias. Linda has exhibited her photography and books at Scandinavian, European and American museums. She has also produced a photographic documentary book; titled 'Among Danish Jews,' ... read more
Latest book: While the Sands Whisper
Follow me on Twitter at @doctoress M. Harrison
I live in New Jersey. I've been writing since I was in fifth grade, so it's been awhile. At first it was just in a journal to record my daily thoughts. Then it was poetry. I graduated to prose, more specifically novels, a few years ago. Now I'm finally starting to publish stories. Shorts, novellas, novels, even series! So stay tuned. I'm planning on being a prolific sumbitch...
Latest book: Gotham
Follow me on Twitter at @lisareneearnold Lisa Arnold
Lisa Arnold loves to read and write stories. Lisa is a youth author who wrote her first children's book at eleven. She illustrates her stories, sometimes teaming up with her sister, Jessica Arnold.
Latest book: Give Friendship a Chance
Follow me on Twitter at @belokawaterNSW Vanessa Cajic
Vanessa drives the Marketing initiatives at Beloka Water, Australia! She's a fun loving health buff who loves playing around with sparkly cocktails!
Latest book: Say Cheers To Health!
Follow me on Twitter at @hollybushbooks Holly Bush
Holly Bush was born in western Pennsylvania to two avid readers. There was not a room in her home that did not hold a full bookcase. She worked in the hospitality industry, owning a restaurant for twenty years and recently worked as the sales and marketing director in the hospitality/tourism industry and is credited with building traffic to capacity for a local farm tour, bringing guests from twenty-two states, booked two years out. Holly has been a marketing consultant to start-up businesses and has done public speaking on the subject. Holly has been writing all of her life and is a voracious reader of a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction, particularly political and historical works. She has written fou ... read more
Latest book: Red, White & Screwed
Follow me on Twitter at @hiringathome Therese Miller
I have been working as a freelancer for nearly years and have worked exclusively at home for over five years. Finding jobs are a little bit challenging and with small children nearly impossible. I have been working as a ghost writer for ebooks sold on Amazon or Clickbank. I get paid once and try to find another client to repeat the process. I have written books on how to make money on social networks, books about webdesigns and even search engine optimization. I thought that I should give it a try for myself, and I have done so by release my first of many Hiring at Home.
Latest book: Hiring at Home
Follow me on Twitter at @AtokaTed Ted Atoka
Ted Atoka is a multi-genre author with more than15 titles available for purchase. Humorous contemporary fiction is his specialty. However, he recently jumped genres and published a psycho-terror yarn called, Jitters, and explored the paranormal in A Kawasaki Morning. He's currently at work on two series as well as several other books. Ted recently published Book 3 of the Villa Paradiso series and Book 2 of the Bean Town Investigations series will soon be available. Atoka and "Wifey" both enjoy the outdoors, as well as the excitement of life in a big city. They have a Scots Terrier and a 102-lb. Rhodesian Ridgeback/Boxer mix. All live together happily, on the side of a dirt road.
Latest book: Stories from the Side of a Dirt Road
Follow me on Twitter at @nanomarketer Author D
AuthorD is a first-time author based in Australia.
Latest book: Penetration
Follow me on Twitter at @ryoung03 Ralph Young
Ralph Young has done extensive research in the history of protest movements, terrorist organizations, and 17th-century Puritanism. He is the author of "Dissent in America: The Voices That Shaped a Nation," and several thrillers, including "Double Exposure," and "Crossfire" (winner of Japan's Suntory Prize for Suspense Fiction). Coming soon, a new historical thriller about Germany's Baader-Meinhof group (aka The Red Army Faction): "Hitler's Children".
Latest book: Hitler's Children
Follow me on Twitter at @meligranalibri Stefano Rossi
Stefano Rossi è nato a Pesaro nel 1981, dove attualmente vive e lavora. Si avvicina alla letteratura sin dai primi anni dell’adolescenza. Autodidatta da sempre, è in continua ricerca di ispirazione nei campi del cinema, del teatro, della musica, della letteratura... Divede il suo tempo tra lavoro, scrittura e viaggio, quest’ultimo ulteriore fonte di ispirazione.
Latest book: A pie' di Parigi
Follow me on Twitter at @gypsymmadden Gypsy Madden
Gypsy Madden lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, loves fantasy, science fiction, and anything British and adores making costumes and dressing up at conventions! She is active with Tol Andune (the local branch of the Tolkien Society), The Last Outpost (the Hawaii Star Trek club), and HAN (Hawaii Actors Network). She has participated in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) contest for 3 years as well as helping with the pitch workshopping thread, contributed chapters to the round robin stories of the Doctor Who Internet Adventures (DWIAs) and can even be spotted in the Naruto fan movie Konaha vs Chaos, dressed up as Harry Potter at several of the HPEF symposiums, and in LOST as a mental patient. Hired by a Demon is ... read more
Latest book: Hired by a Demon
Follow me on Twitter at @ek_dobbins EK Dobbins
EK Dobbins is an Illinois native with a Bachelors Degree in Engineering and a knack for being creative. She began her creative journey as a senior in high school, writing stories and sharing them with her older cousin who is also a writer. After many years, the relationship with her cousin faded but her love affair with fantasy writing continued. On Mother’s Day, 2014 EK Dobbins published her first Self Published novelette titled Sorceress of Selvast Forest. Months after that, she launched the Voyage to the Temple of Light, the first full novel in her Sorceress of Selvast Forest series. She has continued the adventure with the thawing of her second novel, Ice King and shows no signs of slowing down. EK Dobbin ... read more
Latest book: Temple of Light Part 3 of Book 1, Voyage to the Temple of Light, in The Sorceress of Selvast Forest Series
Follow me on Twitter at @AFancyDancy K L Prince
Indie writer of fictional contemporary romance as well as historical family saga's. Working on 2 series titled Dancyville, and Unbroken. I hope to complete more of my stories as time goes by. I enjoy the simple life, have a traveling bone, and throw in a dash of writing with my coffee...please don't pass up the prose I need the
Latest book: Poetic Ramblings, Rants and Lyrics of a Misspent 70's Youth
Follow me on Twitter at @Tinapollick Tina Pollick
When Tina Pollick isn’t writing paranormal romance about Heavenly hunks, and smart, sassy women. This RN enjoys a quiet home life with her husband, children, two horses, two dogs, cat, chickens, guineas, well sort of quiet.
Latest book: Harvest Moon
Follow me on Twitter at @republikanie Rzeczy Wspolne
Rzeczy Wspólne" powstały po to, aby poważnie mówić o polityce na przekór niepoważnym czasom. Nie interesują nas pyskówki ani personalne roszady - zajmujemy się sprawami o zasadniczym znaczeniu dla Polski. Celem "Rzeczy Wspólnych" jest aktualizacja polskiego republikanizmu, który uważamy za naszą najlepszą tradycję polityczną. Tradycję obywatelskiej samoorganizacji na rzecz sprawiedliwej i podmiotowej wspólnoty, opartej na zasadzie wolności poddanej rygorom prawdy, dobra i piękna. Zapraszamy do wspólnej przygody.
Latest book: Rzeczy Wspólne nr 11(1/2013)
Follow me on Twitter at @roberthammond Robert Hammond
Robert Hammond is a best-selling author of over ten books including "Ready When You Are: Cecil B. DeMille's Ten Commandments for Success" and "C.B. DeMille: The Man Who Invented Hollywood." Award-winning writer-producer, specializing in films that entertain and enlighten the human experience. Currently in pre-production on "C.B. DeMille," the epic biopic about legendary directory Cecil B. DeMille and the creation of Hollywood's Golden Age. He received his MFA in Creative Writing with a Screenwriting emphasis. He is an Adjunct professor of creative writing and screenwriting Online instructional design facilitator, specializing in creative writing and screenwriting. Screenwriter, senior creative executive, sc ... read more
Latest book: The Light
Follow me on Twitter at @guidedsponsor Stewart Johnson
Hi, Thanks for visiting my profile. I am a veteran online marketer with a passion for technical writing or ad copy. I have worked in corporate settings in marketing with IBM with medical software or EMR. From this experience (and a few others in my career as an entrepreneur) I gained insight t help me market more efficiently and effectively online. I see copywriting as the blueprint for conversion and so that is currently my main focus of study.
Latest book: Interview with a Visionary