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Latest book: How to Study the Bible

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I'm a writer and educator - I've worked in teaching since the mid 90s, and now work for a university helping lecturers get the content right for their online courses (yes, it involves a lot of writing). More than that, I'm a writer, an author of long and short fiction, of television and film scripts, of comic book stories and poetry. I'm Scottish, but I haven't lived in Scotland much for nearly 20 years. I spent a lot of time overseas - places like Turkey, Australia and a a good long stretch in Hong Kong. I now live in the New Forest in England with my wife and two kids.
Latest book: Wee Davy

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I'm passionate about helping women over 30 transform their lives so they can experience joy, clarity, feel empowered, and see a lot more possibilities. My business was born of my own struggles with feeling overwhelmed and stuck. From learning how to cope, I realized coping wasn't good enough and that what I really needed was a new lifestyle, a wellness lifestyle, to help me reclaim my life. Hence, The Brinkley Center was born. At The Center, I offer my clients a lifestyle approach to help transform their lives. Professionally I am a licensed psychologist, consultant, and trainer on stress management, mindbody wellness, and cultural competence. I've given trainings in these areas, locally, nationally, and inte ... read more
Latest book: The Stress of Eve: Your Body, Your Mind, Your Life

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David Valin is a technologist, inventor, forward thinker, lateral thinker, and a successful weekend art dealer. He has been in many of the realms, and societies of important places such as Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Archives of American Art, Sotheby's, Christie's in New York, Boston, Washington DC, and been involved in many more art adventures around the world. He has been privileged to be invited into many studios and has associated with many of the art greats, from the 1940's to the 1950's and has experienced extraordinary art related discoveries, through his many associations with artists, curators and art dealers world wide. His belief is that if you help any artist whether they are ... read more
Latest book: 101 Top Secret Techniques Used by Successful Part Time Weekend Art Dealers

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I was born in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. I studied at Georgian College of Fine Art and spent a good portion of my twenties wandering and exploring the land that inspired "The Quest for the Black Dragon". I currently live in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada with my beautiful wife and our three awesome sons.
Latest book: The Quest For the Black Dragon

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I write hard-hitting, bare-bones erotica for those who like their toast buttered on one side only - and thickly at that! I definitely do NOT write for the feint-of-heart, do not pull any punches, and definitely tell it exactly like it is. You'll feel like you're right there. If you want to read wishy-washy, titillating stories, they abound elsewhere. Mine do not fit that bill at all. You want hard-core, down-to-earth erotica? You've come to the write place . . .
Latest book: Hurting Elena

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I plan on writing 30+ books, but I need help from you, the readers. Motivation is a tool that I lack. Creativity is a resource where "my cup" runneth over. So, please, if you have anything positive to say, polite criticism to give, or you simply want to say hi, feel free to. And remember, a review can be a detailed essay or a simple "I loved it". I havent rec'd as much feedback as i would liked BUT the sheer number of total series downloads has been encouraging. A few more positive reviews and i will release the next in the series Century. Thank you to all who have supported me.
Latest book: Ms. Grimsley

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Ira Nayman is profilic. Proficlic. Proclif - he writes a lot. He has self-published five collections of news, reviews, interviews, advice columns and obituaries written by the tireless stagg of the Alternate Reality News Service, starting with Alternate Reality Ain't What It Used To Be and What Were Once Miracles Are Now Children's Toys. This was followed by Luna for the Lunies! and The Street Finds Its Own Uses for Mutant Technologies. The most recent entry in the series, The Alternate Reality News Service's Guide to Love, Sex and Robots is a collection of advice columns. All but the first book are available on Smashwords. (They are also available in print, for those of you who have a fetish for paper...) Ne ... read more
Latest book: What the Hell Were You Thinking?: Good Advice for People Who Make Bad Decisions

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Fred Kusch works with organizations who want to create a better work-life balance that will lead to healthier employees, workplaces and bottom lines. Fred serves as president of JFK Associates, Inc., an international consulting firm, which he founded in 1980. He is also CEO of The Growth Coach, the leader in business coaching; he opened the regional franchise office in 2005. His presentations and workshops will give you strategies and practical ideas to help managers become leaders, improve workplace communication and, ultimately better serve the customer. He consistently ranks as a favorite presenter with general business, healthcare and education audiences alike.
Latest book: Uncommon Leadership

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Born in Washington, D.C., Steven J. Wangsness is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz, and the Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington. He is a former U.S. Foreign Service officer whose assignments included Italy, Antigua, Lithuania, Ireland and Jamaica as well as Washington, D.C. He lives in Seattle.
Latest book: Tainted Souls

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James Koumis was born in August 1971, the youngest of six children of a working-class Cypriot family. They lived in East London until he was 13, when the whole family moved to North London. James’ childhood was harsh and strict, and he had to work for the family business from the age of seven, depriving him of his childhood. He and his siblings received no guidance in life outside the home from his peers or family and he was not able to focus or study effectively at school. At 18, finding life at home unbearable, James left. At the age of 35 he had a ‘wake-up call’ and went through some challenging times, personally and financially. His loving wife Leigh and their three children stood by him durin ... read more
Latest book: How to Live the Life you Deserve

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T.E. Brierley is a British author, designer and musician.
Latest book: Please Take Me Into The Storm

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Latest book: Elusive Love

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My name is Carine Engelbrecht. My writing is the playground where my imagination uses words as toys and ideas as pigment. It includes fantasy (in various shades), horror, SF and sometimes even branches out into other directions. Don't assume that every story will fit the same mould or recipe. They won't. Thanks for stopping by on my page.
Latest book: The Art of Waking Up

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Daisy Wright is a Certified Career Management Coach who has won several awards, and has gained a reputation as one of Canada's top career and employment strategists. Through her company, The Wright Career Solution, she offers job search and career coaching to mid- to senior-level professionals as well as to internationally-educated professionals. As a result of writing her innovative book, No Canadian Experience, Eh?, a first of its kind resource that addresses the job search plight of new immigrants to Canada, she has received recognition and endorsement from organizations, government officials and other Canadian career leaders. For two years, she was the Career Advisor to "The Link", a CBC Radio Canada Inter ... read more
Latest book: No Canadian Experience, Eh? A Career Success Guide for New Immigrants

Follow me on Twitter at  corinnaparr Corinna Parr
Corinna Parr has a taste for erotica and a knack for words. She lives in Canada, where she daydreams about the day when she can give up her 9 to 5 job and take up writing naughty things full-time. Until then, she stays warm and inspired by pouring her free time into "research" with her muse, the man she calls Sir. She's also taken up her (tablet) pen to begin offering her services as a cover artist. Click on the link for her blog to find pre-made eBook covers on sale, and information on how to commission original covers from this artist!
Latest book: Forbidden Skin

Follow me on Twitter at!/AFANTINI78 Alessandro Fantini
Alessandro Fantini nasce nel 1978 nella Val di Sangro, in Abruzzo. Nel 1988 il settimanale nazionale Topolino recensisce una sua storia a fumetti ispirata alle formule disneyane. A 14 anni scrive il romanzo gotico “Le colline di Laurie”. Nel 2002 si laurea con lode nella facoltà di lettere e filosofia di Chieti con una tesi di ricerca in storia dell’arte contemporanea compiuta tra Roma e Londra dal titolo “Fortuna dei Preraffaelliti in Italia”. Dal ’95 al 2006 espone i suoi quadri in personali, collettive e performance allestite entro i confini della propria regione richiamando l’attenzione della carta stampata e della Rai. Nell’estate del 2004 dirige e produce il mediometraggio “Login Praene ... read more
Latest book: Piercing d'Autunno

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I grew up in a small north Alabama town and lived in that area most of my life, except for brief stints in larger cities. Though now living in a suburb of Atlanta, I'll always be an Alabama girl at heart! I've worked in both publishing and finance, but most of my career was spent in the social service field. Currently I'm a stay at home mama to two young sons.
Latest book: Pussycat in Peril

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I’m 23 and live near Sheffield in South Yorkshire. I work as a part-time Events Safety Steward and at Wilko and write in between events. My stories tend to be short as i havent quite got the hang of describing things in great detail but my stories are improving with each attempt. I’ve self published my work on Amazon and will be doing the same on Smashwords. Please note: My books are romance and therefore probably not for everyone.
Latest book: Charlotte & Sebastian

Follow me on Twitter at  shvaughan Susan Vaughan
SUSAN VAUGHAN is the multi-published author of romantic suspense novels. Her books have won the Golden Leaf and More Than Magic awards and have been an RT Book Reviews Magazine Reviewer’s Choice Nominee and a finalist for the Booksellers’ Best and Daphne du Maurier awards. Her books have been translated into German, French, Spanish, and Icelandic and published in more than eleven countries. She’s a West Virginia native, but she and her husband have lived in Maine for many years. Visit her at She loves to hear from readers. Contact her at
Latest book: On Deadly Ground

Follow me on Twitter at  shloky Shlok Vaidya
My background is in countering terrorism and building startups. Now I’m writing speculative fiction. You can read more about me and my work at and follow me on Twitter @shloky.
Latest book: Echoes of a Life Well Lived

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Latest book: Computer Virus Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  bobmackin Bob Mackin
Bob Mackin is a North Vancouver, Canada, journalist who has authored books on soccer and baseball trivia. He specializes in sports, business and news and covered the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics for local, national and international publications.
Latest book: Red Mittens & Red Ink: The Vancouver Olympics

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Latest book: Misadventures in Filgersville

Follow me on Twitter at  AlfredZacher Alfred Zacher
Alfred J. Zacher holds an undergraduate degree from Antioch College and a master's degree in economics from the University of Michigan. He has just published PRESIDENTIAL POWER In Troubled Second Terms. He has studied social movements and political trends for over forty years and has been interviewed on the TODAY show, Chris Mathews, C-SPAN and quoted in the New York Times and in Scripps Howard Newspapers.
Latest book: Presidential Power In Troubled Second Terms

Follow me on Twitter at  Lynne Gregg Lynne Gregg and Karen Jennings
KAREN and LYNNE retired after more than sixty years combined in education. Lynne taught language arts/English, 6th grade through college. Karen taught language arts/ESL and then became an administrator. Lynne lives in Houston with her husband John and they travel the world whenever they can. They have 5 super grandkids. Karen lives in the country with her two dogs and also loves to travel frequently.Karen and Lynne give school presentations, discussing bullying and differences in people,and then they read to the classes from their book.EDITORS' CHOICE WINNER
Latest book: Shake on It and Spit in the Dirt

Follow me on Twitter at  eveambrose1 Eve Ambrose
I've been an erotic phone entertainer for over ten years. My book shares my tips and tricks to kickstart your phone sex career.
Latest book: Heated Exchanges: An Empowered Woman's Guide to Phone Sex for Fun and Profit

Follow me on Twitter at  KahlanAsche Kahlan Asche
Kahlan Asche was born in Portland, Oregon and knew she wanted to be a writer since the third grade, when she caused a commotion by writing that her character saw her (male) teacher naked by accident. Once he held a conference with her parents and determined that she was mentally stable, he gushed about the superior quality of her writing. "I was the writing equivalent of Eminem in the third grade," Kahlan claims. "And I knew I would always remain true to the story, even if it meant humiliating parent/teacher meetings."
Latest book: Odd Numbers

Follow me on Twitter at  writesexxx Marie H. Douglas
Marie H. Douglas started writing erotica in 1996. Her first story was accepted for publication in Variations Magazine and she knew she had found a niche she could enjoy. Written specifically for lovers of erotica you'll find steamy sex, some straight and sometimes not, but always explicit. Watch for upcoming stories in 2012 that will keep you sizzling!
Latest book: Checks and Balances

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Latest book: Clear Your Doubts About Islam

Follow me on Twitter at  GaryFVanucci Gary F. Vanucci
Gary Vanucci was born in Pennsylvania in 1968. He enjoys writing, reading, music, art, anything at all that promotes creativity and activities that push the mind beyond conventional thinking. He has spent time as an amateur singer/songwriter and has spent multiple decades creating role-playing scenarios and playing games amongst various genres. Years of reading graphic novels, comic books, fantasy/science fiction novels and the like has led him to discover his true passion—writing! His education includes a Bachelor’s of Science in the field of Information Technology and an Associates of Arts in the field of Graphic Design.
Latest book: Wothlondia Rising: The Anthology

Follow me on Twitter at  SmartSocMed Dianne Dixon, CAPM
Dianne Dixon, CAPM is a former Technical Manager, Systems Engineer, Marketing Analyst who decided to make a radical left turn. After growing up in Miami, Florida since the age of 8, she left to go back to her homeland of Jamaica to create an agri-business. After working as a freelance blogger for a variety of private clients, she turned her attention to social media and never looked back. She is founder of S/M/A/R/T Social Media Management, a small online company that helps private small business clients manage their social business presence on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Latest book: Get the Most From Your Facebook Likes In Less Than 5 Minutes

Follow me on Twitter at  jimwawro Jim Wawro
While trying cases as a senior partner in a 1400-lawyer firm, I discovered that some people have learned the secrets to actively calling on their own intuition whenever they need it. My books reveal how they do it. Learn more at and .
Latest book: Awakening Counsel

Follow me on Twitter at  AbbeyKypner Abbey Kypner
Abbey Kypner has been writing since she was in grade school. In college she discovered adult fiction and found a love of story-based adult romances.
Latest book: Don't Tell My Girlfriend 2!: Bitch Boy

Follow me on Twitter at  Cytibor Matthew Jones
I was born in January of 1992 and I've lived in the Ottawa region of south-eastern Ontario ever since. I've had an interest in reading since I was a child, with much of my time spent nestled in a corner reading C.S. Lewis' "The Chronicles of Narnia", J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" or other works similar to theirs. With a rich supply of characters and fantastic settings to push my imagination off onto its own path, I suppose it's no great wonder that I developed a desire to create works of my own. And, much to my delight, I found that I loved writing as a young adult just as much as I had reading as a child. So, if you are one of those willing to give my work a shot, allow me to thank you. I hope that you ... read more
Latest book: In Icarus' Shadow

Follow me on Twitter at  C_McGray_Author Craig McGray
I live on the east coast of Florida with my wife and two beautiful daughters. My stories range from dark horror to paranormal. I'm currently co-authoring a horror novel as well writing another horror novella, more details to come soon. In addition to spending time with my family, I enjoy triathlon and endurance training. Many of my thoughts and story ideas come to me during those quiet times while running, biking, or swimming.
Latest book: Lilitu

Follow me on Twitter at  JeffKontur Jeff Kontur
Freelance copywriter, business builder and professional marketer.
Latest book: 35 Types of Online Marketing... Explained

Follow me on Twitter at  ExcitingRio Bernard Asagai
Since 2001, Mr. Asagai has been a lover of Brazil and her many peoples. He learned the language of Portuguese in Brazil, and also immersed himself in the cloture, life, and normal activities of Cariocas as well. Because he has lived in the country for such an extensive time-period, he has had the opportunity to learn first-hand, a broad spectrum of economic and policy changes that have effected the BRIC Country. Furthermore, for over ten+ years Mr. Asagai has resided within the country of Brazil. He is a US citizen, but also has Brazilian residency within the country due to the fact that he is married to a Brazilian. Normally, much of the content that he has written in books as well as within a multitude of pa ... read more
Latest book: Rio de Janeiro On $50 A Day! (How To Have A Life In Rio de Janeiro On The CHEAP!)

Follow me on Twitter at  sassyamygirl Amy Gabriel
Amy Gabriel. Artist, poet, blog writer, social networking diva. Recently rediscovered her passion for writing at the tender age of thirty-something. Living a life that she had deemed impossible; a life filled with the beauty of words, syllabically enhanced encapsulated in a happy ending. The love of words has been a constant in Amy’s life. At a young age she discovered that reading was the greatest escape/pleasure/release/comfort, that could ever have been found. As a result, words became a constant companion; swirling in a polysyllabic dance that shaped the future of her world. A multitude of years spent in hospital rooms with a sickly sibling allowed her love for reading, and consequently writing, to ... read more
Latest book: Poetically: Making Love With Words

Follow me on Twitter at  anteaya Anita Kuno
Aries ascendant, Sun in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn. Cardinal energy anyone? I follow the stars and the Moon lights my path. I write what my heart speaks to me and promote and publish those who also hear the call of their inner spirt. Some poetry here:
Latest book: The Void: An Astrological Journal, Volume 1, Issue 1

Follow me on Twitter at  Burnsland Steve Burns
Steve Burns is a husband, father, son, and amateur photographer, and he has made several trips to Walt Disney World in Florida. His first Disney trip was in 1983, and he has been often since that time. He got his first camera in 1987, and has been taking pictures ever since then, especially on his Disney trips. He lives with his wife, Laura, and his son, Jaylin, and various animals in Williston, Tennessee.
Latest book: Three Disney Cruises

Follow me on Twitter at  MaeganLynnMoore Maegan Lynn Moores
Tanya Baikie spent her childhood in Gander, Newfoundland, Canada. She currently resides in the town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada with her husband and three dogs. After enduring eleven long years of trying to start a family and failing, Tanya and her husband are unbelievably ecstatic since finding out that they are expecting their first child in January 2014. When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time at the cabin with her husband, reading, and of course writing. Jillian Moores grew up in Deer Lake, Newfoundland, Canada. She’s currently living in the town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada with her husband and adorable three year old daughter. During her spare time, Jillian lov ... read more
Latest book: Sweet Ride (The Ride Series #2)

Follow me on Twitter at  charlijane Wendi McNeill
Wendi McNeill public speaking development expert and founder of Charli Jane Speaker Services has been opening doors of opportunity for public speakers and helping them start and grow their business since 2002. She helps speakers increase their visibility, credibility, hire-ability and income.
Latest book: Turning Your Free Speaking Engagements into Big Paydays

Follow me on Twitter at  GGEKG Frederick J Smith
I am an Afrikaans writer living in Centurion Gauteng.I am a pensioner retired since 1991 after serving in the SANDF (AIR FORCE) for 26 years.I am married to a marvelous wife and have three beautiful daughters, two grand daughters and three grand sons, whom I love dearly. I am addicted to reading and writing, especially in the Afrikaans language, my mother tongue. I come from a large family of ten children and was raised in the Orange Free State, one of the provinces in the Republic of South Africa. The small town of Hennenman was my inspiration to become a writer one day....although many, many years later, my dream came true. I hope that the Afrikaans readers of my books will enjoy them as much as i enjoyed wri ... read more
Latest book: Maskers

Follow me on Twitter at  heidikreider Heidi Kreider
As a mom, wife, and daughter of God, Heidi lives an ordinary life in the Midwest. Married 19 years to the one who holds her heart, she is mom to 3 Es... one in public high school, one in private middle school, and one elementary homeschooled. Heidi's days are spent loving on these four she loves the most. Occasionally she finds time to bake bread, host sledding with her kids on snow days, knit, and swim at a local community center. In 2007, Heidi began writing children's Bible studies and Sunday School curriculum for the little congregation that changed her view of church. Some of these are now available for download absolutely free. Over the years, Heidi has also prayed many friends through the horrific ... read more
Latest book: Slow to Anger...a Bible study for 9-12 year olds

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Latest book: With or Without You

Follow me on Twitter at  XavierSynn Xavier Synn
I do not live my life based on the polarity of right and wrong. When I'm to make a decision, I simply ask myself one question before I determine my actions: Would it be fun? I am depraved. Brilliant. Lulled by the thrall of lust, and submit willingly to it. I am as much a master as I am a slave. Exhilarated with being in control, in ecstasy when I have it taken from me. I seek out, embrace, caress those dark desires that most try to suppress. Explore and express them. And my tales exist, to allow you the same privilege. I'm an artist, and as such I welcome criticism of any kind. I am constantly in search of like-minded people to collaborate with. So feel free to add me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, ... read more
Latest book: Sin's First Flicker

Follow me on Twitter at  NightCrawler4 Thomas Gomez
It's not about the profit and self gain. It's about whether or not your readers loved the story they were told.
Latest book: A Minute to Midnight

Follow me on Twitter at  ValarnChronicle Byron Wells
Aspiring SciFi and Fantasy writer, IT professional by day.
Latest book: I Am Archon, The Valaran Chronicles Book 2

Follow me on Twitter at  plenty52 Ann Shannon
I'm a writer,author,and educator. I have written a children's book, The Wilder Kids and an ebook, Write to Relax Now: Mental Relaxation Techniques for Writing that Masterpiece. I teach a Write to Relax Now Workshop that provides meditation and relaxation for writers and others to express their inner creativity.
Latest book: Write to Relax Now: Mental Relaxation for Writing that Masterpiece