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Follow me on Twitter at @schimonie Simone Snaith
Simone Snaith is an author of Fantasy, Young Adult, and New Adult novels. She is also an editor at The Los Angeles Beat and sings in the band Turning Violet. Her latest novel, "Between The Water & The Woods" (Young Adult Fantasy), is set for release through Holiday House Publishers in Spring 2018.
Latest book: Through The Eyes
Follow me on Twitter at @DrakeNightstone Devon Drake
I am a writer, poet, martial artist, amateur philosopher, explorer of the world, student of the human condition, sometimes an actor and most important a father.
Latest book: The Man of Nightstone
Follow me on Twitter at @bloshb Bonnie Loshbaugh
Bonnie Loshbaugh practices kung fu, writes speculative fiction, and can fillet a salmon in 60 seconds flat. Her first novel, SOBEL'S SKIN is a fantasy tale of a female shaman who can turn into bear, set in an alternate history Siberia. Novels in progress include I WENT DOWN (first draft available on Wattpad!), an urban fantasy noir set in a nightclub and inspired by the jazz standard Saint James Infirmary, and THE SAPIENCE CONVENTION, a scifi tale of corruption, drug smuggling, and fuzzy alien critters. She currently lives in Seattle, where she misses snow in winter, but appreciates the proximity of coffee shops and a large university library.
Latest book: Sobel's Skin
Follow me on Twitter at @agmeister Art Meister
In his 25+ year career, Art has been on the factory floor of nearly every type of industry in America. His expertise is helping executives achieve their corporate initiatives through growth consulting services and development of their sales teams. His career has included 14 years in the chemical industry of which 8 years was spent in the oil fields of California, and 6 additional years in the remaining industrial sectors from food processing plants, to automotive manufacturers, to semiconductors. He spent 4 years as a commodities broker in the 80’s and survived the stock market crash on October 19, 1987, “Black Monday.” In 1999 Art joined Frost & Sullivan as Director of Sales and was promoted to Vice ... read more
Latest book: Characteristics Of The Top 5%
Follow me on Twitter at @georgekosch Sandi Hunter
Former military jet pilot and entrepreneur. Degree in math/physics and current self employed as a programmer and marketer.
Latest book: Internet Marketing for Newbies: The definitive guide to promoting your product or service online. What you must know and do to sell and make money online.
Follow me on Twitter at @aprilamaranth April Amaranth
My name is April and I am so glad you stopped by. Let's get to know each other. Please don't be shy. I was always a shy girl, but I do enjoy getting to know new people. Now that I have discovered my love of writing erotica, I want to get to know all my readers who enjoy a good, sexy story like I do. There's no need to be ashamed of reading erotica. Everyone, and I mean everyone (and their mother!) reads erotic stories. They just don't want to admit it. Well here with me, you are free to express yourself, talk about erotica, and read lots of it! So, are you ready to see what I have to offer? Good! Then let's get started, my fellow erotica fan!
Latest book: Sex at 70 MPH
Follow me on Twitter at @RiskBuster Dan Boudreau
Dan Boudreau has devoted the last 20 years to coaching and mentoring regular people into the captivating world of entrepreneurship. He authors and leads lively, transformative workshops for business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders. Launching into his first venture in 1979 with no background in business, he has embraced and survived the wide spectrum of business ownership, from single owner home-based enterprises to ventures employing dozens of workers. Armed with the business planning process as a teaching tool, he empowers ordinary men and women to create the financial stability and lifestyle they dream of. He is proudest of being acknowledged and appreciated by peers and friends for his ability to bring ... read more
Latest book: Business Killers
Follow me on Twitter at @sylvia_c Sylvia C. Hall
Sylvia C. Hall is a wife, mom of two young kids, and a creative life stylist. She loves to inspire and empower women to live life as their most confident selves.
Latest book: This Is Real Life: Love Notes To Wake You Up
Follow me on Twitter at @CharlestonMT MT Charleston
I have been in the background of writing for many years. I have recently taken the next step of my career and started writing my own material. I have been writing for many years, but have not had the chance to put anything under my own name. I was always in the background of another story for another writer, but not my own work. The times have now changed for me and I can take some time to write my own stories and build my own fan base.
Latest book: Love's Exposure
Follow me on Twitter at @hrholt86 H. R. Holt
H. R. Holt has been in love with the written word ever since she started learning her ABC's. She is the self-published author of "Darkness Rising." When she isn't writing, she helps others achieve their dreams of higher education, reads voraciously, edits ruthlessly, exchanges reviews, and still manages time for friends and family.
Latest book: Darkness Rising
Follow me on Twitter at @Nostraamandamus Nostraamandamus .
Nostraamandamus Facebook: Nostraamandamus Youtube channel: Nostraamandamus
Latest book: Pure Proverbs L.I.P
Follow me on Twitter at @deirdregage Deirdre Gage
Deirdre H. Gage is a Texas writer who has claimed half a dozen other places as home, including Kentucky and Chicago - but her heart belongs to the Big Easy. She has been published in Cosmopolitan Magazine and Appalachian Heritage literary journal. The Getaway Girls: A New Orleans Tale of Monsters, Mayhem and Moms is her first novel, and book one in The Getaway Girls series.
Latest book: The Getaway Girls: A New Orleans Tale of Monsters, Mayhem and Moms
Follow me on Twitter at @MargaretMulvih1 Margaret Mulvihill
Margaret Mulvihill is the author of three highly praised novels, including St Patrick's Daughter, which was serialized on BBC's Radio 4. She has also written a biography of Anglo-Irish suffragette leader Charlotte Despard and many history books and articles. Born and educated in Ireland, she currently lives in London. In 1997 she received a Writer's Award from the Arts Council of England, which is when she started thinking about the themes of her new novel, The Leaving Coat.
Latest book: The Leaving Coat
Follow me on Twitter at @authormelaragon Melissa Aragon
I live with my wonderful, sometimes drives-me-crazy husband, my slightly overweight cat named Chloe and my rambunctious maltipoo named Lulu. I'm addicted to the written word. I literally get told to put down the book at least five times a week ;) I started writing in 2011 and I'm finally ready to publish, here on Smashwords! I've got many other stories forcing their way out of my imagination and onto electronic paper. My wild imagination refuses to stick to one genre so you can expect all types of books from me in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read my stories I hope they bring you great entertainment!
Latest book: Unexpected Comfort and Joy
Follow me on Twitter at @WriterJDunne Jonathan Dunne
Jonathan has written six novels: Balloon Animals 2012, Living Dead Lovers 2013, The Nobody Show 2014, Hide the Elephant 2015, Hearts Anonymous, 2016, Lighthouse Jive 2016. Voodoo Betty coming 2018! Admittedly, Jonathan has done things arseways most of his life, from completing a BA in Literature in his thirties to fitting teeth brackets (30's, porcelain). During this general confusion, Jonathan has had various short stories published. Jonathan suffers from photophobia though has a tendency towards fireworks. Originally from Limerick, Ireland, he now lives the reclusive life in Toledo, Spain, as a bearded hermit, with his wife and three daughters. He is known to be found in the local cemetery at the weekend dur ... read more
Latest book: Lighthouse Jive
Follow me on Twitter at @charmain_m Charmain Marie Mitchell
Hi, I'm Charmain Marie Mitchell, I'm 40 years old, and live on the south coast of England. I have very many years of experience in writing articles, personal projects, and ghostwriting projects. Creative writing is my passion, I feel that nothing in the world can compare to a well written creative extract of writing. Words can inspire people, make them laugh, make them cry, make them feel wonder and excitement. How wonderful is it to know that you have caused such emotions and that you will live forever in your own words! I really hope you enjoy my stories, and I hope that you will offer some feeback and reviews (good or bad). Bye for now, Charmain.
Latest book: The Kiss
Follow me on Twitter at @HarperFire Helen Harper
Helen Harper is an English teacher currently living abroad in Malaysia. As a long time reader of urban fantasy, she finally bit the bullet and began to develop her own series of novels. Helen has always been a book lover, devouring science fiction and fantasy tales when she was a child growing up in Scotland. "I always loved the escapism provided by those genres," states Helen. "No matter how bad life gets, you can always find a route out, even if only temporarily, in the pages of a good book." The growth of urban fantasy fascinated her - the mix of reality and fantasy along with strong heroic female characters appealed from the very beginning, and inspired her to write her own.
Latest book: Bloodlust (Blood Destiny 5)
Follow me on Twitter at @HostHeavenly Amanda Isaac
Amanda grew up in Yate, South Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. Moving to Devon in the South West of the country in her early twenties she settled with her family. She started writing her first novel ten years later but never managed to complete it. In 2010 having made a New Year`s resolution to finish that novel the Heavenly Host saga was born.
Latest book: Heavenly Host The Chains That Bind
Follow me on Twitter at @FionaDruce Fiona Druce
Fiona Druce resides in the Pacific Northwest with two daughters and a large neurotic dog. Her interests are singing, triathlons, molecular biology, qualitative chemistry, mechanical and aerospace engineering, and writing fiction. She’s positive there is somehow a connection in all that but she hasn’t found it, yet. Suggestions welcome.
Latest book: His Story
Follow me on Twitter at @srileka06 Srileka Arul

Latest book: Happy Ending
Follow me on Twitter at @SueSMorris Sue S Morris
I have always been interested in writing, for pleasure and for theraupatic value. I started at an early age, and I have always written to commit my thoughts and dreams to paper. I have written several novels, and my specialty is mainstream fiction.
Latest book: The Story of Jane
Follow me on Twitter at @ReginaMorris Regina Morris
I am the author of the sensual and suspenseful paranormal romances that make up The COLONY series. I love paranormal romances featuring vampires, but my personal taste is light-hearted and humorous – not horrific and gory. I live in Austin, Texas with my husband and two children. I enjoy meeting with my monthly critique writing groups and meeting other writers in the Austin area through the Writers' League of Texas events. I graduated high school in Germany and I attended the University of Texas at Austin where I received a degree in Computer Science with a minor in math. Besides writing, I am an amateur portrait and sports photographer. After enjoying a career in the software engineering business, I disco ... read more
Latest book: Winter Wishes
Follow me on Twitter at @EGrayson_Author Emma Grayson
Emma Grayson is a Canadian author who resides outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with her family and seven year old son. She is Amazon’s Bestselling author of Unbeautifully Loved, the first book of the Breathe Again series, as well as it’s follow up, Unbearable Guilt. She is also the author of Take it All and Promise it All, a series inspired by real events of her life. Emma is currently working on a new novel, Erase my Scars, the first of a new trilogy. When Emma’s not writing she enjoys time with her son, coming up with new book plots, going to the movies, reading, enjoying time with family and friends, and watching rerun episodes of Criminal Minds and Sons of Anarchy. She loves to watch the food ne ... read more
Latest book: Promise it All
Follow me on Twitter at @javrsmith Vaughn Smith, PMP
Vaughn Smith is a PMP certified project manager with extensive experience in technology roles. He has worked for various government and business agencies in North America.
Latest book: How to Boost Traffic to Your Website Using Keywords
Follow me on Twitter at @USAs99 Делиша Доон
За автора Делиша Доон е американски психологически консултант, писател, политически активист и лектор. В момента живее в източен Тексас със съпруга си. Винаги е била творческа, артистична и духовна натура, страстна радетелка за човешки права и свободи. Голям привърженик е на разнообразните гледни точки и подходи спрямо даден проблем. Смята се за благословена, понеже е открила своята цел в жи ... read more
Latest book: Американката вече не мълчи, По действителна история на оцеляване, устояване и спасение
Follow me on Twitter at @chippedgears Stuart Smith
Chipped Gears is the collaboration between Stuart Smith and Stephen Zippilli. It is here that you will get a glimpse into the oft frightening, but generally intriguing inner workings of the minds of two sophomoric middle aged men setting out to leave a nasty purple welt on the neck of American culture. (The rest of the world will have to wait for the translation.)
Latest book: Kings of the Street
Follow me on Twitter at @truthmastery Robert Kintigh
Robert D. Kintigh has not always been an author as he has had several careers prepare him for what has just arrived in the way of this book. Robert has had early success fresh from high school in business as an entrepreneur and in corporate America. Robert attributes his success to his ability to write and his ability to market. Understanding the power of words and a clean marketing message makes his work as an author very powerful. He started his career writing sales copy for the property management industry. Later, Robert started his own home maintenance company where his writing skills proved to be very beneficial as he created entire programs that brought notoriety to him as he was sought out to do the sam ... read more
Latest book: Small Business Marketing 101 - Better Sales, Bigger Profits, Enjoy Freedom
Follow me on Twitter at @leslyn_a_s Leslyn Amthor Spinelli
Leslyn Amthor Spinelli—writer, editor, and publisher of two childhood newspapers—put creative writing on the back burner when it came time to choose a “real” career. Her interest in the field of criminal justice took her on quite a journey. She earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology, but her most fascinating educational experiences occurred in the workplace. Leslyn was employed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons as a case manager at a halfway house in Kansas City, at the prison camp in Leavenworth, and at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago. Later she was hired as a probation officer for the U.S. District Court in Madison, where she conducted in-depth investigations into the ... read more
Latest book: Taken for a Fool: A Caroline Spencer Novel
Follow me on Twitter at @tdloquax Tommy Dodson
I am an artist/ musician living in Los Angeles with my partner of 25 years. My passions are music, writing, and photography. This is my first book and it is loosely based on a great aunt of mine who practiced Voodoo. It deals with her relation with her nephew who becomes a minister. She tries to convert him to the dark side. He struggles against it and becomes one of the world’s best known and loved ministers. Aunt Rosie will not leave him alone, however. Even after death, she keeps coming back. I've been previously published in local news papers and Reader's Digest. I traveled the world performing as a jazz musician / vocalist working on cruise ships. My Photography has been published in Better Homes and ... read more
Latest book: Washed in the Blood
Follow me on Twitter at @SheilaVianaF Sheila Viana
lover of internet and countryside, I live jumping between my both worlds...
Latest book: ¡Aprende a hacer un Ebook!
Follow me on Twitter at @GemmaKMurray Gemma Murray
I am a full-time college student working on my Psychology degree. I am mama to a six year old English mastiff who is the love of my life. I write because if I don't I will slowly lose my mind. My characters are such a deeply ingrained part of my psyche and I love each one of them.
Latest book: The Golden Dragon's Treasure
Follow me on Twitter at @simonsayzzz SandSPublishing
Hello, I am glad you dropped by to read my Bio; I hope you find it interesting. I was born in the cool, wet climes of Scotland where I spent most of my youth going to school, playing rugby but best of all learning to play golf as it was once played many years ago with fun, laughter and daring. However, my ambition was to learn engineering and apply it to the human body. So after many years of studying I graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering then a PhD in BioMedical-Engineering. I spent many interesting months in the open heart surgery operating rooms designing systems to control the flow of blood to artificial lungs which then became the basis for my thesis. Like everyone else the honeymoon of c ... read more
Latest book: Easy Growing, the Plant Growers Handbook: Growing Made Simple
Follow me on Twitter at @ARVonDreamZ A.R. Von
A.R. is an animal lover who was born and raised in Bronx, NY and is the oldest daughter of two girls. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science and Information Technology, which was only briefly used. She’s a mother of two entertaining boys (as well as a large menagerie of pets, all of which she considers her babies.) She’s also a wife to a delightfully handsome, amazingly supportive and outrageously funny man-beast who wants nothing more than to see her dreams thrive. A.R. loves tattoos as well as anything dragon and fantasy related. In her free time, she enjoys playing with her babies, exercising, writing, listening to music, hiking, cooking, dancing and reading. She also loves a great adventu ... read more
Latest book: Reap What You Sow (Reap #1)
Follow me on Twitter at @biocrat TJ McLaughlin
Born NYC I went to Catholic schools, grades one through eight and for my first year of high school. Then it was boarding school and finished senior year in public school. After graduating high school I went to drama school. I’ve worked as an actor, cab driver, bartender, bookie, cook, barista. I began writing as a teenager. My main influences have been Edward O. Wilson, Jacques Monod, Lewis Mumford, Kant, Nietzsche, Hegel among others. My religious beliefs were demolished by the train of thought stoked by the revelations of knowledge and my own introspection. I wrote and directed a short film and had a local access talk show for a couple of years. Living now in Massachusetts.
Latest book: Holistic Universe
Follow me on Twitter at @msfitznham Sharon Fitzhugh
I love ghosties and ghoulies and long-legged beasties, especially when they bump in the night... I'm based in Birmingham, Alabama and have worked on a blog with my Admin/Partner since 2009. We've recently started chap-fiction and are exploring the epub format. So far my stuff is free- we just want to put it out there (and I always need new Nook reads, too!)
Latest book: Foxglove
Follow me on Twitter at @rafcrispino Raffaele Crispino
Raffaele Crispino was born in Frattaminore , lives in Formia ( a beautiful seaside town surrounded by mountains ) . He began writing a twenty years ago. He began with a story : The unemployed doc . For this story has won the 1st prize of the Italian Literary Club for fiction . His books range from humor to yellow up to thrillers and horror . Amateur painter , paints , mostly nudes and flowers. He loves to fish though never fails to fill the network. He worked for the railway company Trenitalia. Now retired just in time. The sun is there, the sea also and now there is also the health. Viva la vida. He published : 1 " The unemployed doc ( or the art of doing nothing ) A semi-serious discourse on unemploymen ... read more
Latest book: The Seven Kings Of Rome
Follow me on Twitter at @MaxCoffie Maxwell Coffie
I write fantasy, sci-fi, and mystery (often a combination of all three). I love action scenes, and so my books are littered with them. Occasionally, I will dabble in romance or drama too.
Latest book: The Beta Agency
Follow me on Twitter at @nanneman Harley Byrne
Harley Byrne is a time-travelling recording engineer and former postman, lost somewhere in 2012. We at the Institute are presently engaged in the business of reconstructing Byrne's memoirs and the cine-serial adaptations thereof. A more complete biography of Byrne - detailing his downfall within the postal service, the rift with his degenerate brother Santiago, and his rise to fame as he attempted to track down and record "all the world's music, ever" - can be found here:
Latest book: Away In A Sand Dune (AKA Jesus vs. Cannibals)
Follow me on Twitter at @nicole_noir Nicole R. Taylor
Nicole R. Taylor is the author of the bestselling Urban Fantasy series, The Witch Hunter Saga. She writes about vampires with complexes, insane witches, super heroes, post-apocalyptic warriors and samurai sword wielding women…all from a desk in a country town near Melbourne, Australia.
Latest book: The Keeping Place (Book Six in the Witch Hunter Saga)
Follow me on Twitter at @rowena_bennett Rowena Bennett
Rowena Bennett is a child health nurse, parenting educator and author. As a result of herself experiencing the demoralising effects of post natal depression, she wanted to help others who found the early years of parenting a struggle. She then trained as a mental health nurse, a child health nurse and a lactation consultant. Rowena enjoys a high success rate with her clients and gets a great deal of pleasure assisting parents to resolve complex baby and toddler care problems. She knows there are many more people out there desperately searching for answers to their child's eating or sleeping problems. Rowena lives with her husband Bruce and their dog Ruby. They have three grandchildren who visit regularly and ... read more
Latest book: Tu Bebe Desvelado: La Guía del Rescate (Spanish Edition)
Follow me on Twitter at @JoshuaTrent Joshua Trent

Latest book: 500 Uses for Baking Soda
Follow me on Twitter at @Erika_Friedman Erika Friedman
I write novels, novellas, and short stories. My fiction is primarily character driven and ranges from real-world explorations to fantasy and science-fiction settings. I began writing when I was a young child and started a novel when I was in middle school. I worked on this for several years until realizing my writing had changed and matured enough in the writing process that it necessitated rewriting the entire novel, which was then over 360 pages long and incomplete. Deciding to put this project on hold, I began to explore the art of short stories.
Latest book: Things You Never Get Over
Follow me on Twitter at @bwakali David John Bwakali
David John Bwakali worked with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as the editorial coordinator for two books. The first book was known as Africa Environment Outlook for Youth. Its content comprised of contributions from 41 African countries. Bwakali coordinated a team of eight editors in sieving and polishing these contributions. The resultant book was unprecedented in its content diversity and depth. The second book was known as Environmental Handbook for African Journalists. It condensed vast environmental information into summaries that could be used by journalists. Bwakali later authored a book that was published in 2009. The book told the story of Niger delta through the story of an eighty ... read more
Latest book: Rivulets of Love in Africa
Follow me on Twitter at @stoshdwalsh Stosh D. Walsh
Stosh D. Walsh serves others as a writer, executive coach, consultant, and speaker throughout North America and Europe. His past clients include Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Ann Inc., US Bank, McKinsey and Company, Banana Republic, Northrop Grumman, Kohler and the United States Federal Government. He has experience as a classroom teacher from middle school through college, and earned a BA in Education and an MA in Leadership. His mission is to be a force in the lives of others. In pursuit of this mission, Stosh maintains an active coaching, speaking and writing schedule. His other interests include hiking, photography, and spending time at home in the Chicago suburbs with his wife and 2 children.
Latest book: Along the Way: Leadership Stories from Everyday Life
Follow me on Twitter at @Asoral2 LJ (Asoral) Thomas
LJ Thomas is a bestselling author, project manager, graphic designer, editor, grant writer, wife, and mother. She has several books in publication and has been writing and editing 35+ years. She spends her time helping businesses and non-profits get started. She also writes business plans, feasibility reports and action plans for companies. She provides author services which are all listed on her website She began editing and publishing back in the early 80’s. She has been published in regional magazines, newsletters and on websites. She has edited books for bestselling authors and more. Currently, she is co-authoring a book for a major entity in the music industry, Mack Drama. LJ is careful n ... read more
Latest book: Bad Nerves: All about MS and Stuff
Follow me on Twitter at @TonyWorden Tony Worden
Tony Worden is a native Chicagoan and a graduate of the University of Chicago, with a deep abiding love for the city and its history. In his debut novel, Tony has created an exceptional blend of fact, fiction and a good scare into a ‘Stephen King for Kids’ page turner.
Latest book: Sam O’Riley and the Dream Catchers
Follow me on Twitter at @skiddyedmore Ed Skidmore
Ed Skidmore is senior minister of Castle Hills Christian Church in San Antonio, TX. He has been in church related ministry for over 40 years. Ed also teaches classes for Vision International University, and he has also been broadcasting his sermons on KSLR Radio station (630 a.m.)in San Antonio, TX for over eleven years.
Latest book: Our Spiritual Walk
Follow me on Twitter at @cluelessbutdumb Erik Nelson
My name is Erik Kenneth Nelson. Born August 29th, 1987. I first became interested in the world of books when I was about seven years old. It was in my second grade class when my teacher introduced the class to the Goosebumps series by R.L Stine. At the time, I only saw reading a book as homework and not as a personal pleasure. However, when I saw the cover of the first book of the series, I was sold. From there on, I read all the Goosebumps books that I could lay my hands on until about the fifth grade when I lost interest in them. It wasn't until freshmen year of high school when my love for books would return. Ironically, my love for books returned when I was at the video store. When I had trouble finding a m ... read more
Latest book: Unlawful Protection
Follow me on Twitter at @kowrites Kristin

Latest book: Crossing Boundaries
Follow me on Twitter at @JeannieDepp Jeannie Depp
Jeannie Depp is the pen name used by JT Larson for books other than children's books. For kids' books, look for titles by Jeannie Gonser.
Latest book: Sudan