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Follow me on Twitter at  lindacheekmd Linda Cheek, MD
Linda S. Cheek, M.D. is a second career family practice and alternative medicine physician and prolotherapist in Southwest Virginia, when not being sanctioned by the government or Virginia Board of Medicine for her pain management. Her first career was teaching. She has become an author because there is no job security in her medical profession. They can stop her from practicing, but they can’t stop her from teaching through her writings.
Latest book: Target: Pain Doc

Follow me on Twitter at  volunteerglobal Sarah Palmer
I'm the founder of Volunteer Global, a website that not only teaches you the how-what-why of volunteering locally and internationally, but that also connects you with hundreds of NGOs working worldwide to better their communities. I just moved to Brooklyn from DC, I love boxing, and of course, travel is just about my favorite thing in the world.
Latest book: Stories From The Field: Volunteers Around The World Share Their Journeys

Follow me on Twitter at  mediaempress Lauren deLisa Coleman
Said to be the Anti-Oprah, in terms of recognizing that in the new "leaderful" era the best approach is to provide maximum perspective and digi-socio support rather than try and dominate behavior as the gurus of old, Coleman is well-positioned as an information source and power player in the socio-mobile space. Frustrated and confused as to why so much of what the 18-34 market segment has been told will work to ensure great lives but doesn't, this demographic is turning to Coleman as a source because of or her no-holds barred approach that brings in a tech mash-up. Coleman has taken the lead knowing that the best one can do now is support people, particularly 18-34 in finding their own voice amidst turbulent ... read more
Latest book: Rise of the SmartPower Class: Navigating the new digital, leaderful era

Follow me on Twitter at  samantha_adams0 Samantha Adams
Samantha Adams writes paranormal romances for young adults. When not doing that she can found watching cheesy horror movies, think Sharknado, curled up in front of an open fire with a historical romance, playing Minecraft or scaring herself silly watching Ghost Adventures. Samantha lives in Melbourne with her husband, son, two dogs, a cat and budgie. To find out more about Samantha and her novels visit her website.
Latest book: Immortal Fate

Follow me on Twitter at  billyfranks Billy Franks
Billy Franks was the lead singer and songwriter for "The Faith Brothers", whose two albums and six singles all made the UK chart. Billy has since released six solo albums to critical acclaim. Last summer he released a charity single in partnership with his friend, Prince Harry, to raise money for the Prince’s African charity Sentebale. In addition to his musical passions, Billy was recently the focus of a feature length documentary film, called Tribute This! The film chronicles the adventures of 4 friends as they travel the world to ask some of its biggest stars, Springsteen, McCartney, etc., to appear on a tribute album to an unknown but worthy recipient of such an honour: Billy Franks. Billy Franks life ... read more
Latest book: A Far Cry From Sunset

Follow me on Twitter at  prusinclaire Prudence Sinclaire
Prudence Sinclaire, smut writer with heart of gold, likes to unwind at night through her writing after spending grueling days at the office. She writes across multiple genres: bdsm, bondage, m/m, fantasy, general, sensual, and more!
Latest book: Bound By The Cowboy (Western Bondage Erotica)

Follow me on Twitter at  ali_writes Ali Murtaza
Ali Murtaza was born and raised in Pakistan with a family enriched in story tellers. His grandmother lived through three wars that left her with a flair for late night stories. Her stories often began with their abandoned estate in Africa, and a basement laid with bricks of gold. He came to USA at fourteen, studied at California State University Northridge, as a creative writing student. Ali has been published in magazines such as ‘D-Eye-Y’ and ‘Levels Below’. He writes for the Topanga Messenger. After graduating he took a detour to travel the world. After going through Indonesia and the middle east he found himself in Iran during the protests of 2009. Shortly after he visited the most dangerous city ... read more
Latest book: To Love, or Not to Love, That is Art

Follow me on Twitter at  ShannonAHiner Shannon A Hiner
Shannon A Hiner lives in the mountains of Northern California where, she claims, there is a vampire city, a pack of werewolves, and plenty of faeries. She occupies a small parcel of land with her Great Pyrenees, Caius and her cat, Pangur Ban. She does not travel without her laptop, fondly known as Sam. Shannon has an Associates Degree in Language Arts from Butte College, in Oroville CA. Her first book, Submerged In Darkness was first published in the fall of 2009. She promises there are many more stories to be told about The Immortal World.
Latest book: Shadows On The Wall

Follow me on Twitter at  Writergirl79 Christina Moore
I have loved to read ever since I was a kid and have had a talent for writing since I was young as well, but didn't really get into it until I was in my teens. At one time I wanted to be a police officer, but health issues forced me to set that dream aside--though writing was there waiting for me to embrace it once more. I've been writing fan fiction off and on since I was 19, something I've gotten back into quite a bit in the last year, and my first novel, CHASING SHADOWS, I wrote over the course of six weeks beginning in November 2010 with the National Novel Writing Month challenge. Over the last year I've edited and perfected my book, been rejected by agents and a publisher, and now have found myself here ... read more
Latest book: From the Shadows

Follow me on Twitter at  only1crisana Cris Yeager
Cris Yeager lives in the deep south with her delightfully evil husband and her four very rambunctious children. She enjoys telling a story and that's why she loves to write. Cris also designs clothing and creates digital graphics in her spare time.
Latest book: Loving Death

Follow me on Twitter at  tombearatl T.A. Webb
T.A. Webb is the writing name for the Mean Old Bear That Could. By day, he's the director of finance for a non-profit agency. He's worked with people living with HIV/AIDS and with children in the foster care system for over twenty years, and takes the smaller pay for the chance to make a difference for those who can't help themselves. After hours, he's the proud single papa of four rescue dogs, was born and raised in Atlanta, where he still lives, and is a pretty darned good country cook. His sister taught him to read when he was four, and he tore his way through the local library over the next few years. Always wanting more, he snuck a copy of The Exorcist under his parents' house to read when he was eleven a ... read more
Latest book: The Earthquake Collection (Pulp Friction 2014)

Follow me on Twitter at  tracyreneejones Tracy Renee Jones
"TRJ” as she’s affectionately known is a writer, performance artist and social media commentator hailing from Northern, New Jersey. As a writer, her work focuses on personal essays that critique the intersection of race, gender and popular culture. She has over 20 years experience in the adult industry as a performer, model and erotica writer. A graduate of NJCU, she holds a B.S. in Political Science and International Relations. She is the author of, a lifestyle blog for eclectic people of color. As the creative force behind, TRJ writes about fetishes, kink and the politics of sexuality using edgy story lines and intriguing visual art. Her first ... read more
Latest book: Me Being Anonymous: A Book of Cursed Poem and Verse

Follow me on Twitter at  lizcastlebury Lizzie Castlebury
An aspiring author who mainly just writes a lot of erotica
Latest book: Heaven Kept

Follow me on Twitter at  EroticEricaA Erica Ashley
Erica Ashley is finally ready to share her passions with the world, and that means you. She loves her cats, can't live without love and romance, and can't imagine a world without a positive outlet for feminine sexuality. Visit her webpage at
Latest book: Mistress of Steam

Follow me on Twitter at  emccraw2012 Elizabeth McCraw
Elizabeth McCraw lives in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. She is the proud parent of one son, several tropical fish, and two rare parakeets. Becoming an author has been her dream since the tender age of eight years old.
Latest book: The Chosen: Angelic Warrior

Follow me on Twitter at  leonardmayle L Leonard Mayle
L Leonard Mayle was born in Frankfurt, Germany and grew up in the small town of Hoesbach, Germany. Hoesbach serves as a gateway to the Spessart Forest. While growing up at the edge of the Spessart Forest, the young Brothers Grimm found their inspiration for the numerous fairy tales they've passed on to our generation. Leonard is a practicing Anesthesiologist currently residing in Central Florida with his wife Maribel and their dog Bibo.
Latest book: Mindbender

Follow me on Twitter at  BizTrax Ron Hurak
Ron Hurak lives in South Western, Ontario Canada with his wife Kay. They are the co-founders of a successful software development company they started in 1977 and are semi retired today. Ron was born in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, and his early start in life was not a good one. His father abandoned his mother along with their four children when Ron was still in diapers. Living in the poorest areas of the inner city meant Ron’s early life was filled with hunger, fear, abuse, bullying, and insecurity. By the time Ron was in his early teens, he tried to escape the unhappy life by leaving home. He was fourteen at the time. But his plans didn’t work out well and before his fifteenth birthday, Ron was living on ... read more
Latest book: So Life Sucks. Get Over It!

Follow me on Twitter at  Paulauthor Paul Jenner
Paul Jenner (born 1950) is the author and co-author of more than 30 books. After leaving school he trained as a journalist and had his first book published in 1979. But it was while working as a travel writer that a chance meeting with a duti (female Tantrika) in Bangkok led to a change of direction. A number of self-help books followed, including How To Be Happier, Kama Sutra, Get Intimate With Tantric Sex, Have Great Sex and Transform Your Life With NLP. In the 1980s he moved to the French Pyrenees and then to Spain where he lives with his partner, the writer Christine Smith, three ponies, two dogs and two sheep.
Latest book: 60 Wrong Ways To Have Sex – and how to do it right

Follow me on Twitter at  ahpellett A.H. Pellett
A.H. Pellett is a writer living in Nashville, TN. He has published several short stories and one novel - a thriller (see video trailer at AHP's SW "Bears" book listing or at his blog). A second novel - a funny coming-of-age story with a moving lesson on the value of mentors and honor - is nearly ready for release. A third - another thriller with an historical fiction twist - is in development. You can follow AHPellett on his blog (, Google+ (+AHPellett), Facebook (, Twitter (@ahpellett), and Goodreads (AHPellett) Follows, Friends, Likes and G+'s are appreciated. If you find you like something AHP has written, please consider submitting a quick review.
Latest book: The Ghosts of Belmont

Follow me on Twitter at  neternatives Dr. Leland Benton
Dr. Leland Benton is Director of Applied Web Info, a holding company for, a leading ePublisher company based in Utah. With over 21,000 resellers in over 22-countries, is a leader in ePublishing, book promotion, and ebook marketing. As the creator and author of "The ePubWealth Program," Leland teaches up-and-coming authors the ins-and-outs of today's ePublishing world. He has assisted hundreds of authors make it big in the ePublishing world. Leland also created a series of external book promotion programs and teaches authors how to promote their books using external marketing sources. Leland is also the Managing Director of Applied Mind Sciences, the company's mind research un ... read more
Latest book: Employees Are Out - Freelancers Are In

Follow me on Twitter at  tphallett Tony Hallett
Tony Hallett is an editor, publisher and consultant living in London and on the internet. He has spent over 15 years working in digital media and has presented at hundreds of live events.
Latest book: Everything In Moderation - How to chair, moderate and otherwise lead events

Follow me on Twitter at  achr75 Andreas Christensen
Andreas Christensen is a Norwegian writer who writes primarily science fiction and fantasy. He has a degree in Psychology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and his professional background is mainly from public service. When he's not writing he's probably spending time with Siri and Jonas, or working (writing is not work, it's a whole bag of fun, sitting in front of the computer and making stuff up!) Andreas has a weakness for cats, coffee and up untill recently, books so heavy he'd need a separate suitcase in order to carry them every time he travelled. Luckily, the world has changed, and the suitcase has now been replaced by an e-reader.
Latest book: Alive

Follow me on Twitter at  bishopjamessaah James Kweku Saah
Bishop James K. Saah is the International Bishop of Action Chapel, Prayer Cathedral, Spintex Road, Accra – Ghana. Bishop Saah is a Bible teacher, a pastor and conference speaker across nations. In Ghana, he preaches and teaches both on television and radio. The Jericho Hour prayer meetings he conducts at the Prayer Cathedral, Spintex Road, Accra attracts international attendance with phenomenal visitations of the Holy Spirit. Bishop Jame Saah obtained a Master’s Degree in Governance and Leadership from Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) and is the author of four other books; The finger of God, The Road to the Double Portion, The Mystery of Success and Seize Your Moment. He and h ... read more
Latest book: Seize your Moment

Follow me on Twitter at  taylorauthor Stephen Taylor
Stephen Taylor was once a happy and reasonably well-adjusted person; that was until an urge to write invaded his psyche, this need to be a writer, to tell tales. He spent his days as a Tax Inspector (Now come on out from behind the sofa - they're a fine bunch of lads and lasses at the Tax office), and shuffling his daughter to and from school. But then these thoughts began to coalesce. A Georgian trilogy was conceived. Three stories, set in London; a decadent time, a decadent place. The first Novel – NO QUARTER ASKED NO QUARTER GIVEN was Born (later short listed for the BritWriters Award). The second novel, A CANOPY OF STARS - A Georgian courtroom drama, The third novel,RIPPLES AND SHADOWS - An historian ... read more
Latest book: In The Morning When I leave

Follow me on Twitter at  seanlemon14 Sean Lemon
I graduated from the Arts and Science program at McMaster University in 2011, where I studied economics and environmental studies. Currently, I am pursuing a M.Sc in Environmental Planning from the University of Toronto. I am a huge fan of dystopian literature (some favourites include A Brave New World, 1984, Oryx and Crake and A Scientific Romance). When I'm not studying or writing, I enjoy spending time with friends and playing sports - particularly basketball and volleyball.
Latest book: The Ambassadors

Follow me on Twitter at  LibbyMercer1 Libby Mercer
Born and raised in the Midwest, Libby Mercer’s adventurous spirit kicked in after graduating from high school and she’s since lived in Boston, NYC and London. San Francisco is the city that she currently calls home. For several years, Libby worked in fashion — first as a journalist and then as a shopkeeper, and for a while she dabbled in design. Fashioning a Romance is Libby’s first published novel. Her second novel, Unmasking Maya, will be released by Libby on December 15th, and she has a third novel, The Karmic Connection, contracted with Musa Publishing to be released sometime in 2013.
Latest book: Espresso Macchiato

Follow me on Twitter at  CharlotteMistry Charlotte Mistry
Charlotte Mistry is a romance and erotica author who can't get enough (take that as you will). When writing she's never without a keyboard to hand, a cup of tea by her side, and dirty thoughts in her head.
Latest book: Tempting my Brother (First Time Gay Taboo Erotica)

Follow me on Twitter at  dougdugger50 Douglas Daech
Born near Detroit Michigan and transplanted to Tampa Florida, then Russellville Kentucky, Douglas has been writing for most of his life. Married to his soul mate Julie, for fifteen years, he has two children, Pam and Dallas. Past experience includes articles in the Tripolitan, (Journal of the Tripoli Rocket Association, June 1991) and TRASH (Tampa Regional Aero-Space Hobbyist). In 1993 and 1994 many articles were published in the Unauthorized Launch, the Tampa Tripoli High Power Rocket Club news-letter. In May, 2004,a science fiction Short story was published in the online magazine NTH Degree. Also, an award for creative nonfiction was granted in the 2007 Frank and Cellia Conley Writing Contest at Western Ke ... read more
Latest book: Seedy Hills, An Odd Little Town

Follow me on Twitter at  indeplivros Fernando Barrile
Fernando Barrile é um escritor independente nascido em São Paulo que publicou sua primeira obra em 2011, o livro que o lança no cenário literário é: A caçada ao assassino deturpador.
Latest book: A caçada ao assassino deturpador

Follow me on Twitter at  harmlessjoyce Joyce Elferdink
After watching the movie, Julie and Julia, I realized the significance of shared glimpses and gambits on what is purposeful meaningful in our lives. Some of my own perceptions are profiled through my novel; who knows, maybe it will include “Pieces of You.” This is what I would tell everyone: I am distinctly creative and reasonably intelligent, with a zany sense of humor. These are a few of my favorite things: science fiction (and most other books, too); stimulating conversation (actually that should be at the top of the list); any shades of pink and purple; trying new things and visiting new places (especially with my grandchildren); and the list goes on… This is what you may want to know: I have a mast ... read more
Latest book: Pieces of You

Follow me on Twitter at  ianmdudley Ian M. Dudley
Ian M. Dudley was born in California in 19--, in what will undoubtedly go down in the history books as a dark year indeed for literature. At age 18, he ran away to New York City to find fame and glamor in the New York literary world. He didn't. Ian has written numerous unpublished works of fiction and non-fiction, the titles of which are too terrible to duplicate here, except for The Killer Party: How to Host A Murder Mystery. The promotional activities for that book led to his incarceration in 1993 in the New York Municipal Hospital for the Criminally Insane.
Latest book: Balloons of the Apocalypse

Follow me on Twitter at  ChefDonGazz Donald A. Gazzaniga
Donald Gazzaniga spent a full career in the motion picture and television industry as well as a bunch of years as an infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps. He has traveled the world with camera in hand, created and produced hundreds of TV commercials and worked on scores of sitcoms and other shows. He is also the only photographer to have ever been allowed on top of Mt. Rushmore since its opening. Don's career of writing led him into novels like A Few Good Men, Air France One, Batteries Not Included, War Hawks and cookbooks. Don is also known as the "Low Sodium Guru." He was pegged with that moniker by Better Homes & Garden's publication for heart healthy Magazine. The reasons were simple. Don was ... read more
Latest book: G*A*M*E*S X-treme Paintball

Follow me on Twitter at  Conscious living clshortcuts C Grace Lewis
C Grace Lewis was born a middle child in the 'Sunshine State', Florida, which turned out to be the perfect launch pad for years of study, exploration, and travel. She discovered the world is a big neighborhood and having a choice in life is like being given a magic wand where with a wave anything is possible. C Grace loves science fiction films, engaging conversations, trees, her wavey hair, deep laughter, and, recently, paddle boarding. She is currently having adventures with her partner and two children in New Zealand, Aotearoa, "the land of the long white cloud".
Latest book: Conscious Living Short Cuts For You And Your Family

Follow me on Twitter at  elephantguy68 Matt Sinclair
Matt Sinclair is a journalist and fiction writer. Since the 1990s, he has covered the nonprofit and foundation sectors, primarily in the United States, and written about a number of different fields on a freelance basis, including arts and culture, business, health, religion, science, sports, writing and many points between and beyond. President and Chief Elephant Officer of Elephant's Bookshelf Press, LLC, which published Spring Fevers and will publish a new anthology, The Fall, later in 2012. He blogs at the Elephant's Bookshelf and From the Write Angle and also serves as the moderator of the nonfiction forum at AgentQueryConnect.
Latest book: Winter's Regret

Follow me on Twitter at  walkerbianca Vivian Lavora
Vivian Lavora is the name of the little devil that sits on my shoulder encouraging the impish thoughts that pop into my mind. The stories here are results of those musing. I hope you enjoy them.
Latest book: Birthday Sex

Follow me on Twitter at  LindaShepherd Linda Evans Shepherd
Christian Retailing compares Linda to both Beth Moore and Stormy Omartian while Chris Zolenski, the host of the radio show Songtime USA, said Linda reminds him of a little lady he met in the sixties by the name of Corey Ten Boom. Patsy Clairmont says, “There is a bubbling up of Jesus-Joy that exudes from Linda that is absolutely contagious. I love her blend of humor and heart and I stand back amazed at her “go tell the world” determination. Linda has written approximately thirty books, including The Potluck Club series, The Potluck Catering Club Series, When You Don't Know What to Pray - How to Talk to God About Anything, When You Can't Find God - How to Ignite the Power of His Presence, and When You N ... read more
Latest book: The Living Story - Enjoying a Powerful Walk With God

Follow me on Twitter at  akoch13 Anja Koch
Anja Koch has been a plant enthusiast since her early teens. Growing and cultivating plants has always been one of her favorite pastimes. Having finished school in Germany she began an apprenticeship as a landscape gardener. This was followed by a professional program in landscape design and involved a thesis on Robinsonian Gardens. Anja moved to Ireland in 1997 and since then has built up an award winning garden centre and nursery business. Trading and dealing with the amateur gardener on a daily basis for over 13 years has taught her the challenges and problems that people face when it comes to growing plants and indeed gardening in general. On her website Anja and 'Little Miss Gree ... read more
Latest book: Growing Culinary Herbs In Containers - Healthy & Delicious!

Follow me on Twitter at  pjrex Patrick McMahon
Patrick McMahon was born in Chicago. He grew up in an adoptive family in the suburb of Downers Grove and lived high school years in Monett, Missouri. He has an engineering degree from the University of Missouri - Columbia, and a Bachelor of Music from San Francisco State University. His memoir, Becoming Patrick, about reconnecting with his original family, was a San Diego Book Awards Finalist. His life-long passion for photography has resulted in portrait work and national fine art exhibition. He currently resides in San Diego, where he writes, photographs, and plays clarinet and saxophone.
Latest book: Becoming Patrick: A Memoir

Follow me on Twitter at  ANO07 Alina Oswald
Alina Oswald is a writer/photographer documenting the AIDS pandemic and LGBT community, covering health/medical, weather/the environment. Her latest books include JOURNEYS THROUGH DARKNESS: A BIOGRAPHY of AIDS, SANDY TALES: Snapshots from a Hurricane, and BACKBONE, a collection of photography praising the courage of unsung heroes. Contact Alina Oswald at
Latest book: Journeys Through Darkness: A Biography

Follow me on Twitter at  mocollins79 Mo Collins
As a passionate advocate of student-athletes, I used sports as a vehicle for developing strong character traits and earning a quality college education. My personal and professional road to success has been paved with a balanced combination of excelling in sports and academics. I attended West Charlotte High School in my hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina where I was highly sought after, an All-American student-athlete who gained the attention of college coaches from top-notch schools for my stellar athletic ability and strong academic credentials I then attended the University of Florida where I anchored the Gator’s offensive line, helping the team win the 1996 college football national championship. ... read more
Latest book: The Ultimate College Recruiting Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  BrotherErotik Quinton Veal
Quinton Veal is a native of Saint Louis, a poet and graphic artist. He designed the covers of Grandmere's Secret, Immortal III: Stealer of Souls, Probe, Immortal IV: Collision of Worlds, The Switch II: Clockwork, Her Black Body I Treasure and United Souls. Quinton's art is also featured Genesis Magazine Summer Issue 2012 Quinton is the author of Her Black Body I Treasure and United Souls: Stories and Poetry of Seduction. He works as a graphic artist and is co-owner of Q & V Affordable Editing.
Latest book: Fire and Desire

Follow me on Twitter at  annemckinnell Anne McKinnell
Anne McKinnell is a full-time travelling photographer. After 17 years self-employed in software development, Anne decided to change her life by starting a new business and going on the road. While she calls British Columbia home, she now lives in an RV and travels around North America photographing beautiful places. She writes about travel, photography and how changing your life is not as hard as it seems. Follow Anne’s travels on her blog at
Latest book: Before The Shutter: Planning Your Next Travel Photography Adventure

Follow me on Twitter at  Cynical_Woman Helen Madden
Helen E. H. Madden is a writer and graphic artist who quit her lucrative day job years ago to tell dirty stories for fun and profit. Her published works include Future Perfect: A Collection of Fantastic Erotica (published by and Demon By Day (published by Mojocastle Press). Her erotic stories have appeared in various anthologies, but lately Helen has been indulging her more sinister side with short stories like “Let Me Sleep” appearing in the “Chronicles of the Order” podcast. Helen also draws The Adventures of Cynical Woman, a web comic about life as a stay-at-home mom and erotica writer.
Latest book: Afternoon of a Faun

Follow me on Twitter at  travelonadollar Travel On The Dollar
Bringing the best of travel world at your cyber-doorstep. Informational links, travel itineraries, travel guides and much more from the world of travel. City Tour & Travel guides for Amazon Kindle and B&N Nook.
Latest book: 24 Stunden in Prag

Follow me on Twitter at  lively369 Stacy Stutz
Hi there! I never can seem to write a formal personal bio that is to my liking; it simply isn’t in my nature to be staid and proper and furthermore, referring to myself as “she” drives me a bit nuts. I’ve read that you should put your name in your bio as often as possible to drive traffic your way, I’m not interested in a virtual freeway, I much prefer the slower pace of winding roads with glorious vista’s unfolding over the rise. At heart, I am a poet; I would have my readers be those that also enjoy the journey, that take joy in life’s small moments of discovery. I am content that those who find me are those who pulled off life’s busy freeway even for a moment or two. I’m a mom, a wife, an ... read more
Latest book: Impromptu Séance

Follow me on Twitter at  speedyboarder Ayman Gabarin
Name: Ayman Gabarin Age: 46 I work for a software company and live between the UK and France. I therefore travel a lot... frequently on budget airlines. My preferred airline is easyJet. How budget airlines - and their customers - behave lead me to say ‘someone needs to write a book about this’. Well, here it is!
Latest book: Stand Back! I am a SpeedyBoarder

Follow me on Twitter at  LynnLusty Megan Choice

Latest book: Initiation II

Follow me on Twitter at  sebastianflyte Shane Dallesandro
Shane is studying for his A-levels and lives in London. University is in his sights. As well as being an apprentice of letters he plays youth football grows his own and has a dictionary of ‘Shane-speak’
Latest book: How to Fake an Eye Smile, and other poems

Follow me on Twitter at  bettingsystems5 Benjamin Street
A full time writer of betting systems, for both horse racing and greyhound racing (Greycing), as well as author of 'Make Money From Home' systems. Register for updates at
Latest book: 20 Ways To Beat The Bookie

Follow me on Twitter at  grantstone Grant Stone
Grant Stone’s fiction has appeared in Shimmer , Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine and Semaphore and is forthcoming in Strange Horizons and The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities. When not writing, he has been known to tinker in the engine room of the StarShipSofa and his fanzine, b0t He lives in Auckland, New Zealand even though most of the opium and gambling dens are long gone.
Latest book: A Ruby in Rain