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Follow me on Twitter at @booksmango Filippo Giovanni Maria Carraro
Filippo Giovanni Maria Carraro was born in Vicenza, Italy, in 1973. He studied in Japan and now he splits his time between Italy and Asia. An eccentric writer and artist, in 2005 his collection Pleasure – the perfect representation of the concept of pleasure through jewelry making – was greeted with enthusiasm by critics and won numerous awards. He is currently exhibiting in Rome and New York City. The Boom Boom Girl is his first novel, written after a year of living in Thailand.
Latest book: The Boom Boom Girl
Follow me on Twitter at @booksmango Paul Broadhead
Released in March 2012, one year after the biggest earthquake in Japan's history, Tremors is the first published book from a talented young writer. After a decade in London, Paul Broadhead travelled the world before returning to his hometown of Newcastle Upon Tyne in 2007 and writes regularly for local publications such as The Mag and NARC. A writer of novels, travel journals, short stories, poetry and lyrics; he hopes to release his first full-length novel, entitled Release, in the near future. For more info, please visit
Latest book: Tremors - Travel Adventures in Post Earthquake Japan
Follow me on Twitter at @booksmango Mauro Brecevich
Mauro Brecevich – Sihanoukville - Cambodia
Latest book: Italiano-Khmer
Follow me on Twitter at @booksmango David Bonnie
David Bonnie holds an MA in Performance Research from Bristol University and is an ex-soldier, ex-athlete, actor, father, playwright and lecturer. This is his first novel.
Latest book: Bangkok Baby - The Inside Story of Ladyboys
Follow me on Twitter at @booksmango Sarika Gensbichler
Professional chef from Thailand
Latest book: Best of Thai Food
Follow me on Twitter at @booksmango Georg Gensbichler
Owner of
Latest book: English-Thai: On Holiday
Follow me on Twitter at @booksmango Robert Bell
Robert Bell was born in the UK and after years of visits finally relocated 6 years ago. The Thai Diamonds books draw heavily on his experiences. Many of the more surprising events actually happened to him, although they are set in the context of the fictional bar and group of guys.In particular, Saturdays Child is based on his own experiences following the death of a soulmate.Robert now lives in Isaan with his adopted Thai family, although he regularly returns to Pattaya.
Latest book: Final Closure
Follow me on Twitter at @booksmango Lorrainne Sade Baskerville
Lorrainne Sade Baskerville is a social worker and community activist dedicated to improving the lives of transgender people. There are so few people and organizations dedicated to helping the transgender community, and information on how to serve the community is urgently needed. Ms Baskerville has anticipated those needs and has been working to address them. She established transGenesis, Chicago’s first and only social service agency specifically for transgender people. Under the leadership of Ms Baskerville, the organization’s innovative services and programs provide critical information and support for transgender people and serve as a model for others.
Latest book: One Trans Woman’s Spiritual Journey
Follow me on Twitter at @profspira Prof. Spira
Professor Spira hails from Springdale, Ohio. He began playing the trombone at the age of 11 and attended Princeton High School where he received the Louis Armstrong Award and earned the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree in jazz trombone performance (cum laude) from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, and is the first African-American trombonist in the Conservatory’s history to earn a Master of Music degree in jazz studies (summa cum laude). In 2006 at the age of 23 he became an adjunct professor of music and African American Studies at Northern Kentucky University where he taught “Survey of African-American Music” and “Music of ... read more
Latest book: Spira Speaks: Dialogs and Essays on the Mucusless Diet Healing System
Follow me on Twitter at @HawaiianDolls sabine hendreschke
The beautiful, secluded mountains of Kau on the Big Island of Hawaii are my home. Creating Magical Hawaiian Menehunes is my passion. The wisdom of Hawaiian culture and spirituality inspires me. I do a lot of research to integrate Hawaiian traditions and symbols into my dolls and their stories which has further increased my deep love and respect for all that is Hawaii. I was born and raised in Germany. Thirty years ago a coincidence caused me to move to Hawaii. I am an artist, an educational assistant and a computer instructor at our local school. Living in Hawaii has been my greatest inspiration and led me to many wonderful things including the creation of Magical Hawaiian Menehunes.
Latest book: Menehune Mana The Spiritual Essence of Hawaii
Follow me on Twitter at @booksmango R F Baldwin
Robert Baldwin was born in Melbourne in 1948, the son of a successful horse trainer. He dropped out of secondary school at age seventeen, and without qualifications or direction in life worked a number of lackluster jobs with little success before his conscription into the Australian army in 1968. During that time, he served a year in South Vietnam, which gave him his first introduction to Asia and led to a fascination with Asian culture in later years. Following his discharge from the army, he took advantage of their resettlement scheme and returned to full time study, where at the age of twenty three he sat in a class of seventeen year olds and successfully completed his secondary education. He studied part t ... read more
Latest book: Asian Odyssey
Follow me on Twitter at @RMills514 Faith A. Rice-Mills
Faith A. Rice-Mills is the author of Identified: The Maya Price Story and a handful of short stories. She moonlights as a Spanish teacher, but has wanted to be a writer since she wrote the poem “The Jackowhipp’s Wail” as an eight-year-old. Her writer’s spirit resides somewhere between Narnia and Mount Doom, but her physical body lives in Texas with her family. Besides writing, she loves reading (and will take recommendations!), yoga, coloring with her daughter, and watching Parks and Recreation with her husband. She dislikes snakes, the word “literally,” and teaching double object pronouns in Spanish. She is currently working on Burdened, the second book in The Maya Price Story series and is writing ... read more
Latest book: Identified: The Maya Price Story
Follow me on Twitter at @SFWriterGuy Walter L. Fisher
Walter L. Fisher is a graduate of San Diego State University with a Master's Degree in television and film. His undergraduate degree is in Journalism with a minor in English. He has worked as a newspaper reporter and editor, a systems analyst in aerospace and on the staff of a major concert facility. He is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) and has previous publications in Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine and in a French anthology of science fiction.
Latest book: Ageism
Follow me on Twitter at @rrking08 Robinson Rojas
Hello everyone. I'm just a normal human being who loves to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. Like most of you I also face my share of tough times that allows me to think about life and what else I could still achieve. During these times is when I love writing just about anything inspirational that comes to mind because it helps assuage my pains.
Latest book: The Masterpiece : The Beginning of a Journey
Follow me on Twitter at @MartaTandori Marta Tandori
Marta Tandori had always been an avid reader but it wasn't until she began studying acting in her early twenties at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York that she realized acting wasn't really her passion - writing fiction was. Thanks to an overly zealous addiction in her youth to all things Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden, Marta fell in love with mysteries and it's hardly a surprise that she chose to write in the same genre! Marta's books feature strong female protagonists who have closets full of nasty skeletons and the odd murder or two to complicate their already complex lives. She's the author of the Kate Stanton Hollywood Mystery series as well as several other standalone mysteries. To learn more ... read more
Latest book: The Crossing at Blaisdell Park, a Kate Stanton Hollywood Mystery (Book #4)
Follow me on Twitter at @anitalawless Leigh Foxlee
Leigh Foxlee lives in rural Canada with her husband and a parade of animals. She is a frumpy editor / copy writer type by day, a sexy Jackie Collins writer type by night, or so she likes to think. She has a soft spot for alpha gentlemen who sweep ladies off their feet. Her erotic romance ranges from sweet to hot and spicy.
Latest book: Scenes of Seduction Box Set
Follow me on Twitter at @scarletwxxx Scarlet Williams
Scarlet Williams is a tea drinking, sex loving explorer of all things pleasurable and eye opening. She started writing erotica as soon as she thought boys were sexy, and never stopped as her eyes were opened to all the dirty possibilities. She loves to write about sex, exploration, vampires, the Victorian age, and any thing that tickles her fantasy at the moment. Scarlet spent all her time lost in her own world, writing stories in class, at work, at home, at traffic lights, wherever the mood takes her. She thinks of herself as a Victorian gone unlaced, and we all know how dangerous a woman like that can be!
Latest book: Daphne
Follow me on Twitter at @letmestart Kim Bongiorno
Kim Bongiorno is the New York Times Bestselling author for her work in I Just Want to Pee Alone, a freelance writer, public speaker, and the blogger behind Let Me Start By Saying. Her work has appeared in over two dozen publications, including the Washington Post, Parents Magazine, Babble, ScaryMommy, Momtastic and As of 2016, she has been in nine books, from parenting humor to short fiction, and has received praise from the likes of The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and Erma Bombeck Writer's Workshop. Kim hopes to have her first YA novel in your hands soon. It's pretty awesome. She’s writing a MG book, too. Also awesome. Member SCBWI and AWP.
Latest book: Part of My World
Follow me on Twitter at @shelinaedgar Shelina Edgar
Shelina Edgar was born in Uganda and immigrated to Canada with her family in 1972. She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia and a diploma in Financial Management from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. She has worked in various fields including finance, marketing, real estate and insurance. Shelina's love of cooking began early in life. She spent her holidays in the rich countryside of Uganda where there was an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. In the city, she helped her grandmother prepare authentic Indian/Persian food. As a teenager growing up in Canada, she watched her parents, both excellent cooks, combine Indian, Persian and African cuisines.This book is the cul ... read more
Latest book: Dances with Spices
Follow me on Twitter at @eapbooks Eleanor Paterson
... Well, I stopped work last year (I reached 65), and decided I would do some writing. 100,000 words later and more edits than I can count I've finally published 'Death By Misperception'. Its been fun. All too often whilst writing, I've found myself murmering 'I didn't expect that to happen'. Hopefully, you find it as intriguing to read as I did to write it. One serious point though, a few people have asked if the central character is based on ME! No its not. Really its not. I'm not that scary. Honest. Sometimes I can be quite nice. After some nagging, the sequel is on the way.
Latest book: Death By Misperception
Follow me on Twitter at @ThePurpleLizard Charmaine Morris
I have been writing since I was a child and always loved it. I used to write sitting high up in a tree on our farm when I wanted to escape my world. The whole of my adult life was spent in the study and application of spirituality, magick and the mysteries. I started my own business, created a whole range of herbal and other products for esoteric shops and became quite successful. I finally decided to bring my two loves together and that lead to the creation of my first book. I am already working on a series of ten companion guides to complement this first work and planning many more ventures into the writing world. Writing brings me the means to share my knowledge and experiences with the world. I trust that ... read more
Latest book: Dream, Work and Meditate with Angels
Follow me on Twitter at @raihanaty Raihanaty A Jalil
A question I get asked all the time is, "Where are you from?" My response is usually as follows; "I was born in Malaysia, but my parents are both from Indonesia, but I've been in Australia since I was three... so I guess I'm confused!" But I suppose what has become clear with time, and what is even backed up by the results from two Facebook quizzes I completed is that, I'm "not even Asian" and I am very much a "Dinki-Di-Aussie"! Though life has thrown its fair challenges at me, overall, I must say that I have truly been blessed with so much. I've completed a Bachelors Degree in Education and Science, majoring in Education, Chemistry and Pure Mathematics; I've had a short-lived career as a high school Maths and ... read more
Latest book: Unveiling
Follow me on Twitter at @bethanybazile Bethany Bazile
Bethany Bazile is the author of erotic novels Beautifully Broken and UnBurdened. She reads, writes and lives in New Jersey with her husband and two amazing kids. Her passion for writing was born from a love affair between books and music. She loves books that draw her in and won’t release her until she’s inhaled every word, panting with excitement. Then she realize the sun came out but the lost of sleep was so worth it. When she isn’t reading she’s conjuring up steamy love scenes and hot romance stories to share with fellow romance lovers.
Latest book: Lie To Me (Sexual Misconduct Volume III)
Follow me on Twitter at @booksmango Rolf Bahl
Rolf Bahl ist Buchautor von Romanen welche hauptsächlich im südostasiatischen Raum spielen. Die meisten seiner Geschichten beruhen auf persönliche Erlebnisse während seiner Südostasienreisen. Heute lebt der 1938 in der Schweiz geborene Autor in Thailand.
Latest book: Rückblick unter Palmen
Follow me on Twitter at @booksmango George Antwi
The author of this book, George Antwi is a Ghanaian musician, sole owner of Lets Go Music Ministry; a minister in RCCG-Thailand. Awarded in his musical collection by the Nigerian Embassy, Bangkok in 2001. He was seen to be the first Ghanaian International gospel singer by the Challenge Book Shop. He was described by GTV Accra-Ghana to have one of the best video clips on the media. He is also a multi talented artist.This book is a debut of the author. Excitement overwhelmed the heart while writing this book and the mind opened like a parachute to perceive to do what I thought was not me doing. I saw myself being humorous too. The power and knowledge that oozed out made me to understand that God is the source of ... read more
Latest book: The Words of Power
Follow me on Twitter at @peterphelps1 Peter Phelps
Latest book: Sex Without Madonna Too
Follow me on Twitter at @da_cairns D.A. Cairns
Heavy metal fan and cricket tragic, D. A. Cairns lives in Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory where he works as an English language teacher and writes stories in his very limited spare time. He has had over 50 short stories published(who's counting, right?) He has authored 4 novels to date: Devolution, Loathe Your Neighbor, Ashmore Grief and A Muddy Red River.
Latest book: Ashmore Grief
Follow me on Twitter at @KimSDaniels K. S. Daniels
Kimberly S. Daniels currently teaches English Composition and Literature at the University of South Alabama. Her hobbies include writing, reading, more writing, and saving ALL the animals in the world. She lives in Mobile, Alabama with her awesome husband, capricious daughter, two goofy pit bulls, one hyper poodle and a very wicked cat.
Latest book: Flight of the Valkyrie
Follow me on Twitter at @LilyKittinger Lily Kittinger
I'm a longtime resident of Los Angeles and decided to check out the world of erotica. I'm hoping to bring my fertile imagination to a wider audience.
Latest book: Her Political Passion (Breeding Dominance Reluctant Erotica)
Follow me on Twitter at @bkmcmichael B. Kristin McMichael
B. Kristin graduated with her PhD in biology at Ohio State where she worked as a scientist before taking her passion of writing full-time. Besides writing, she enjoys chasing her kids, playing outside, and baking cookies. B. Kristin McMichael lives in Ohio with her husband and three children. If you don’t find her writing, then she probably has a book in her hand. Make sure to stop by and say hi on her social media.
Latest book: The Skinwalkers Witchling Trilogy Complete Collection: The Witchling Apprentice, The Wendigo Witchling, The Witchling Seer
Follow me on Twitter at @LdyDay Sharday Cage
Sharday Cage lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. She is a gifted poet who has received many international and national praises for her poems, which extend way past any racial borders. It doesn't matter if you are black or white, you can understand what it means to struggle and understand your place in the world. This universal theme is what Sharday grew up knowing and experiencing first hand, as she has put herself through school and many jobs in order to find her true passion with writing. Sharday is also one of the friendliest people you will ever meet, and if by chance you do meet her, she will talk your ear off about anything and everything. Truly engaging, Miss Cage is as visceral and important a poet as ... read more
Latest book: Shadows and Silhouettes
Follow me on Twitter at @GlutenGladi8or Brian Gansmann
Brian's love of food began at a very young age, as his parents owned several restaurants and recently celebrated their 26th anniversary in business. He grew up learning to prepare, know, and love not just ordinary food, but great food. In fact, it was this early passion for wholesome cuisine that led him into the retail advertising industry. In 2008, Brian, his business partner, and a Swiss-born chef (who is a member of the American Culinary Federation) founded a successful brokerage firm that creates new items for a number of national retailers and shopping clubs. You may have even seen Brian on NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, and QVC talking about the benefits of adopting an all-natural diet. His advertising tenure has a ... read more
Latest book: Defeat Wheat: Your Guide to Eliminating Gluten and Losing Weight
Follow me on Twitter at @DIRDMHFT Stephanie Goldman
Stephanie Goldman grew up the youngest of five girls in affluent Orange County, California. By the time she graduated high school, she had moved to Tennessee to attend college and fallen deeply in love with competing Tennessee Walking Horses. Stephanie also loved fashion and design, so after receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fashion, she decided to stay in Tennessee and combine her two greatest loves by starting her own equestrian apparel business, CJ Jeans Co. Stephanie would entertain her friends with stories of growing up in an unconventional household, which could have been ripped straight from a script of an O.C. episode. She loves making people laugh and has endless stories about college and rela ... read more
Latest book: Did I Really Do My Hair For This?
Follow me on Twitter at @StryderSuccess Karl Hagglund
Karl has authored 5 eBooks all focused on the continued development of people and/ or organizations. He has also published 2 App's currently sold with Apple Apps in the Business section. One App is the Sales Funnel for early stage sales transactions/acquisitions for small businesses. The second App is My Leadership for personal strategic thinking and activity development. As an executive coach & advisor Karl has the reputation for not only being able to pin-point the path people and organizations should embark on with the specific “what, why, when, and with whom,” but he is also uniquely skilled and capable in providing the “step-by-step how-to.” When people want solid on the mark grounded useable ad ... read more
Latest book: My Leadership - Surgical Networking
Follow me on Twitter at @markrichardmast Mark Richard Masters
Mark Richard Masters was born in Northern California, but his family moved to Oregon when he was very young. After they finally settled down in a very small town, his family fractured. Shortly after that Mark began to write. For many years he would alternate between writing and not. Finally he decided to try to make money off of his hobby. Mark has appeared in AlienSkin and PurpleVerse.
Latest book: The Christian Crucifixion Confusion Answered
Follow me on Twitter at @thehkhousewife Claire Noble
In 1928 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide.” That made two of us. Are funny people born, or made? I’m on a quest to find out. Join me as I try to learn how to laugh at myself, laugh at life and make others laugh in the process.
Latest book: Pest Versus Pest
Follow me on Twitter at @welchkaren1 Karen Welch
Karen Welch was born in Richmond, Virginia and grew up in nearby Amelia County, where her family had originally settled in the 1720’s. After a twenty year sojourn in North Florida, she now resides in Southeast Kansas with husband John, a cocker spaniel named Raleigh and an eccentric calico cat who on occasion answers to Patches. Her long delayed writing career began in 2012 with the publication of her first novel, Hearts Unfold. This inspirational romance quickly grew into the Miracle at Valley Rise series with the release of Entreat Me Not, Heart of My Own Heart and Offered for Love in the following year. Karen is also the author of the holiday novella, Christmas at Valley Rise, and Shannon’s Daughter, ... read more
Latest book: Hearts Unfold--Miracle at Valley Rise Book 1
Follow me on Twitter at @johnrpaterson57 John R. Paterson
John grew up in Lethbridge, a city in southern Alberta. He holds degrees from the University of Montana, and the University of Calgary. He held positions with the governments of Alberta and British Columbia in human and social services. John's writing draws from his imagination, wide range of interests, psychology/sociology background and, his work experience. The White Limousine, Paterson’s inaugural novel about time-travel, was inspired by the enchantment of Las Vegas. Two other novels not yet published, The Douglas Document – Betrayal, and The Douglas Document, Redemption, brings the colonial history of British Columbia to the present day.
Latest book: The White Limousine
Follow me on Twitter at @borntofishuk Roger Beale
Born in Essex, educated at Ampleforth College, Yorkshire, brought up at Glenforsa, Isle of Mull, went to Rhodesia Cattle Ranching until 1984. Then started the Practical Fly Fishing School in Connemara, Ireland. Later Started Limited with Brenda as their retirement fund. Now at Glenforsa, Halkirk, Caithness where the wild trout fishing is the best he has had in 70 years of fly fishing. Postscript I found this interesting article in one of old-print’s books from 1897 as you will see the casting method for fly fishing has not changed in one hundred years.
Latest book: Born to Fish Forced to Work
Follow me on Twitter at @wittegenpress Natasha Duncan-Drake And Sophie Duncan
This is a ghost account for Sophie Duncan ( and Natasha Duncan-Drake ( when they are writing together.
Latest book: Made In Blood: Tales of Terror
Follow me on Twitter at @nlallenauthor N.L. Allen
Hi, lovely Smashwords readers! You know they say you can get to know a person by what they write about, and, well, I read & write erotica of all kinds, though I enjoy writing paranormal & kinky stuff the best, because that's what pushes my buttons! Outside of smutty stories, I love cocktails and bad movies, the tackier the better. I also play bass guitar really, really badly.
Latest book: Granddad's Helping Hands
Follow me on Twitter at @ArabellaSheen Arabella Sheen
Arabella Sheen is a British author of sensual romantic love stories and a member of the Romantic Novelists' Association. She likes nothing more than the challenge of a blank page and starting a new novel with sizzling romantic plots and interesting characters, with whom her readers can share some stolen moments. One of the many things Arabella loves to do is to read, and when she's not reading or writing romantic novels she is either on her allotment sowing and planting with the seasons, or she is curled on the sofa pandering to the demands of her attention seeking moggy. Having worked and lived in the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands as a theatre nurse for nearly twenty years, she now lives in the ... read more
Latest book: Temporary Bride
Follow me on Twitter at @StephanieFrerk Stephanie Frerk
Stephanie’s character is quite easy to describe: She is a warm dedicated individual who has a very responsible attitude to life & work. She is a hard worker & will be an asset to whoever employs her. However she is not a "Yes" person, she will stand her corner for what she believes is the right thing to do. Stephanie is a person who is straight, honest and extremely honorable. Her work ethic is excellent and she takes initiative when empowered to do so. She adds value to ideas and works hard, but smart. Stephanie is an extremely loyal person. She has worked hard all her life and is diligent to fault. She has a tendency to let her work become her life. She has compassion for others. She is strong and certai ... read more
Latest book: Storm
Follow me on Twitter at @JMAdeyemiAkerel Jean-Marc Akerele
Bio Jean-Marc Iyeli Adeyemi Akerele was born in Washington DC on November 5, 1970 to a Nigerian father and a Congolese mother. Educated in the United kingdom, he is a polyglot, an accomplished painter and a poet who has lived all over the world collecting experiences which up to this point he had only shared with his beloved dog Obera, who alas is no more. In the absence of his beloved canine companion, Jean-Marc felt a strange urge to write Fallen book 1: Separation, his first novel, perhaps since he no longer had a captive audience to bore with his many strange life experiences. For now he lives in the Northeast of the United States where he is presently slaving away on books 2 and 3 of the series.
Latest book: Dialogues with the Mirror
Follow me on Twitter at @TiptonFroy Tipton Froy
Tipton Froy has studied natural sciences, sociology, psychology, music and languages, and traveled extensively. His writing reflects a quest to explore what is possible in life.
Latest book: Dual
Follow me on Twitter at @Talon_n_Prin Tarian P.S.
Both Proud Indy Authors: Tarian like his twin, Talon, love to torment their editor with a nefarious world of foreign-language, slang, local dialect, stretched/outside-of-the-box definitions, and have even been known to throw in some new word creations of their own at times. This, of course, is all thrown in there with the dyslexia soup stock they both suffer from that makes editing for them a joy {joy: n. see mental illness}. However, the final product comes out as richly detailed as we believe all stories should be created: holographic worlds of love, pain, frustration, and challenges beyond the every day. We believe a good story should take you on an emotional ride, pluck your heart strings, and zing you abo ... read more
Latest book: Their Plane From Nowhere
Follow me on Twitter at @brknsunshine W. P. Smith
Born and raised in East Tennessee. Love most everything outdoors including fishing, gardening and sports. I enjoy reading various genres of books but fashion to mystery, crime, anything which holds me past the first few pages! Living life is easy when you live it with the knowledge nothing is given to you, you must work to achieve you goals.
Latest book: Summer Winds