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Follow me on Twitter at @EricDulinAuthor Eric Dulin
I am a senior at Liberty High School and have published 2 novels.
Latest book: Prime
Follow me on Twitter at @TraciWCarlisle Traci Wooden-Carlisle
Traci Wooden-Carlisle began writing poetry and short stories as soon as she was able to form words on paper. She used that as a way to creating worlds, as well as, to communicate with God. A native of Los Angeles, California, she grew up attending United Methodist Church under the leadership of a pastor whose heart was for youth. Once she finished college at Humboldt State University she found herself at a loss. She felt caught in the transition between childhood and adulthood. She received a great deal of her answers through a Tuesday night Bible Study. As she continued to attend classes, the Bible became real to her and the scriptures were more than just words on a page. They came to life and she was able to ... read more
Latest book: Missing Us (A Chandler County Novel)
Follow me on Twitter at @FaellinAngel Christina Worrell
Amazon Paperbacks: Christina Worrell, AKA Faellin Angel, lives in the sweltering swamps of Georgia close to the Savannah coast. She has been a gypsy of sorts and has traveled and lived in many different cities, and quite a few states. She has not had the opportunity to step off American soil as of yet but some day plans to travel as far as England and Ireland. Christina is a married, mother of two beautiful kids and several animals, and has many full time jobs, even though they all take place at home. Being a housewife is mandatory as is a mother. She also is the owner of an online bookstore and sells a little of everything. She has plan ... read more
Latest book: Shade's Loss
Follow me on Twitter at @kjmiller12AM Kevin Miller
I’ve been a college English teacher. I have also worked in a perfume factory, sold candles door-to-door, and operated a ride at a carnival. I have over one hundred published crime, horror, fantasy, and SF stories and poems to my credit. I’m currently re-writing The Girl with the Bought Face, an epic science fiction dramatic comedy.
Latest book: The Crazy Colored Sky and Other Tales of The Weird and Slipstream
Follow me on Twitter at @creativepride Kat Sanders
Kat Sanders (aka Zaubrer) is a bisexual, wiccan, graphic artist, photo-manipulator, writer and crafter living in Glen Allen, VA. You can see her work on Deviant Art, Handmade Artist,, her blog, Wicked Pride, and her website, How To Witchcraft.
Latest book: Spell Chants: Over 25 Chants for Ritual Spells and Magickal Works
Follow me on Twitter at @nHousePublish Terry B.
Under the penname Terry B., the authors Terry W. Benjamin and Tobias A. Fox have successfully built a platform for At Midnight: Choice Fowler’s Story through the release of Dancer’s Paradise: An Erotic Journey. The authors’ debut novel, Dancer’s Paradise: An Erotic Journey, sold nearly 5,000 copies to date, which have been widely discussed and grabbed the attention of many local reading groups such as A Nu Twist A Flavah, RAWSISTAZ Reviewers, Mahogany Book Club, APOOO Book Club, Jenny, A YOUnity Guild Book Club, One Mind Many Voices, Eloquent Women’s Book Club, Sunday’s @2 Book Club, FIRE (Friends Inspired to Read Everyday) Online Book Club, and Healthy Babies Project, Inc, a non-profit women’s gr ... read more
Latest book: The E Collection: A New Definition of Erotica
Follow me on Twitter at @poeti_italiani Rosario Volpi
There are more than twenty years I write for the pleasure of writing, expressing ideas, emotions,or just plain words that may or may not make sense, it depends on the mood of the reader, who can interpret and bring to life the characters that populate these short stories, novels and poems. Hay más de veinte años que escribo por el placer de la escritura, la expresión de ideas, emociones, o sólo palabras sencillas que pueden o no tener sentido, lo que depende del estado de ánimo del lector, que puede interpretar y dar vida a los personajes que pueblan estos cuentos novelas y poemas. Sono più di vent'anni che scrivo per il piacere di scrivere, esprimere idee, emozioni, o semplicemnte parole che possono av ... read more
Latest book: Malco crede in se stesso
Follow me on Twitter at @ConnorNeures Connor Neures
Being born and raised in a rural area of Germany, I moved to Cologne after finishing school to study Anglistics. During that time I began writing Fan Fiction stories with a lot of positive feedback. It was that feedback that convinced me to start writing stories for a broader audience. I still live in the city with my wife who is always my first reader and harshest critic.
Latest book: The Hike
Follow me on Twitter at @revdrizza Andre Harrison
Andre possesses a passion for reaching youth and helping others understand youth culture, he also has heart for coaching boys to become men. In full time youth ministry since 2002 Andre has devoted his life to being an example to young people he comes in contact with on a daily basis. With this passion, Andre has established an annual retreat called the Pursuit which networks several churches and youth ministries together, hosts 2 weekly internet radio programs, speaks at various functions, mentor youth in his community, and works with families running a father's group at a local head start program. Andre is also currently writing books and curriculum for youth, young adults, and their parents, organizing an ... read more
Latest book: From a Fatherless Father to His Sons
Follow me on Twitter at @mspoeticgirl Chimnese Davids
Chimnese Davids is a published poet of two publications: "Muses of Wandering Passions" (2012) and "No Greater Love Than This" (2015) she's a christian writer who gave her life to the Lord. She had also been published in two anthologies, Step Into My Shoes published through Jafansta. Inc in June 2011 and Love In Creativity, published through Jingle and Gooseberry Garden Community in March 2012. She was 12 years old when she started writing and won a contest in 1996. Her debuted poetry and prose collection, “Muses of Wandering Passions” is her first book published. Her editor and publisher (KREATIVSA~ August 2012) said that the book would be a guide to her readers to find hope in their own strength and ho ... read more
Latest book: Muses of Wandering Passions
Follow me on Twitter at @LPraetorian Mike Smith
Mike Smith is 32 years old Project Manager. He has been writing stories for as long as he can remember having started with fan-fiction, before progressing to writing SciFi novels. His debut novel The Last Praetorian, the first book of The Redemption Trilogy is now available on all good eBook stores. He spends much of his free time, when not writing, playing with his children...really a full time job.
Latest book: The Mandate of Heaven
Follow me on Twitter at @MariaHaskins Maria Haskins
I'm a Swedish-Canadian writer and translator. I write speculative fiction and poetry, and debuted as a writer in Sweden in the 1980s. Since 1992 I live in Canada, just outside Vancouver, with a husband, two kids, and a very large black dog. My short stories have appeared in Flash Fiction Online, R.B. Wood's Word Count Podcast, and several anthologies. I have had several books published in Sweden, including a novel, a collection of short stories, and three collections of poetry. My English language debut 'Odin's Eye' - a collection of science fiction short-stories - was self-published in March, 2015. My book 'Cuts & Collected Poems 1989 - 2015' was released on November 9, 2015. It includes both new poems writ ... read more
Latest book: Dark Flash 2
Follow me on Twitter at @SPrestonPerth Susan M B Preston
The Apostle John series has won five-star reviews and Finalist Awards from Readers’ Favorite and from the Independent Author Network. Now a widow, Preston’s main interest is her writing, Skyping with friends and family, and running the occasional beginner’s computer course. Having suffered the loss, of a husband and a teenager, brings an element of understanding of the emotions of the characters in her books. Born in a historical town in the Scottish borders it is hardly a surprise to discover that history has always fascinated Preston. Living in Perth, Western Australia could hardly be more different. The climate in Perth is as hot as her hometown was cold and the variety of insect life, including large ... read more
Latest book: Hell Shall Not Prevail
Follow me on Twitter at @silverspoon Purple Passion
One head Two eyes a nose two ears ... ten fingers and ten toes...two arms fingers and butt to sit on...thank you God.
Latest book: Rumble In The My American Jungle
Follow me on Twitter at @lexidubois Lexi Dubois
Lexi Dubois used to write tame novels in a very different genre, but after her husband bet she couldn't write a story filled with passionate love and smoking hot sex, she decided to prove him wrong. Lexi can be found in Tennessee writing the steamiest erotica she can imagine.
Latest book: V Club: a novella
Follow me on Twitter at @lexxie_couper Lexxie Couper
Lexxie Couper started writing when she was six and hasn't stopped since. She's not a deviant, but she does have a deviant's imagination and a desire to entertain readers with her words. Add the two together and you get erotic romances that can make you laugh, cry, shake with fear or tremble with desire. Sometimes all at once. When she's not submerged in the worlds she creates, Lexxie's life revolves around her family, a husband who thinks she's insane, a indoor cat who likes to stalk shadows, and her daughters, who both utterly captured her heart and changed her life forever. Contact Lexxie at, follow her on Twitter or visit her at ... read more
Latest book: White Hot Christmas (A Heart of Fame Christmas Story)
Follow me on Twitter at @jeffabland JA Bland
J.A. Bland was born in coastal Southern California in 1955, the middle child of seven siblings. He spent his early years in the South Western states. His father was raised on a farm in rural Horry County, South Carolina while his mother was born in Oregon and raised in California. After recovering from a near fatal accident at the age of 15, he began traveling the country. Either by foot, hitchhiking or jumping freight trains; the sights and sounds, and the aroma of the land and its people are forever embedded in his soul. For many years he cataloged his experiences, always with the intention of writing about them. Drawing on that beginning, the desire to write began to grow early on. A voracious reader at ... read more
Latest book: The Legend of Burroughs' Rangers
Follow me on Twitter at @heavenscentser1 Virginia Alison
Born in Bournemouth, England, Virginia’s gypsy heritage led her to a rather unusual childhood. Her father worked within the oil industry and she spent much of her younger years travelling, finishing in Canada, where she attended, and graduated from St John High school in New Brunswick. Her love of the English language was due partly to the inspiration of her English Tutor. An Oxford Don, he despaired of the American/English idioms, and as she was the only English student in the school, found her a delight to teach. Spending another year in working in Canada, life then returned her to England and on to the remote Shetland Isles for three years. Following her return to the UK, she threw herself into Floristry f ... read more
Latest book: A Tear For
Follow me on Twitter at @whitepointpress Lisa De Niscia
Animal lover and vegan, Lisa De Niscia grew up in New Jersey and now resides on the cliffs adjacent to the Los Angeles harbor. Lisa is an adult literacy coordinator at the Los Angeles Public Library, and she is also the founder of Whitepoint Press. When not crusading for animals or promoting women's rights, she enjoys nurturing her garden.
Latest book: To the Left of the Microwave
Follow me on Twitter at @dreamerpub612 Anthony D. Phillips
Anthony D. Phillips was born in Cleveland, Ohio 1980. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife Tonia and their cats. He is also a father of three and stepfather to two. He is the owner of and Dreamer Publishing. Creating stories for others to enjoy, has become an all-consuming passion. He is deeply engrossed in his work as an author. Simply put, he loves what he does.
Latest book: Double Feature: Gemini Error/Chrome Justice
Follow me on Twitter at @alomes Aloma Mendoza
Dr. Aloma Mendoza has an extensive background in higher education as a college and university faculty, in Toronto, Canada and the United States. She has also been employed as a faculty coordinator, educational program coordinator. At present, Dr. Mendoza works as an editor and tutor. She is an adjunct faculty, teaching online, blended, and traditional in-class courses in social sciences at Argosy University. She also teaches university courses via Video Conferencing at Saint Leo University. She participates in researching, identifying, selecting, and developing materials to assist students with their educational needs. To accomplish these goals, she conducts language proficiency consultations and provides stu ... read more
Latest book: How to Succeed in College and University
Follow me on Twitter at @writer_joe Joseph Foley
Joe Foley was born and raised, educated and married in St. Paul, Minnesota. He started nine businesses, a couple of them successful. He travelled across the US and Europe, started two businesses in Barcelona Spain. He wrote uncounted technical papers and spoke in technical seminars in many countries. During this period he also wrote numerous short stories and a couple of novels but had no time for publishing and promoting his writing. Finally, with a little more time available, the writing is getting some much needed attention. Three novels and a collection of short stories have been published and work is underway on the fourth novel.
Latest book: The Fourth State
Follow me on Twitter at @JacobDonley Jacob Donley
I became interested in writing and reading in junior high, but really, writing became a passion of mine in high school.
Latest book: Chronicles of a Rock Troll: New Beginning
Follow me on Twitter at @rrkj Rob Krabbe
Rob Krabbe is a prolific poet, composer and author. He lives with his wife of 30 plus years, and the occasional returning children on the Island of Galveston, in the gulf of Mexico. He has been involved with the music industry, as well as writing novels, and poetry for decades, bordering on tens of years. Rob is a survivor of his own imagination, and writes feverishly and daily.
Latest book: Carnitas and Manic Mango Salsa: Surviving Madness and Life Long Enough to Make Pork Tacos, and Other Fun and Dangerous Things
Follow me on Twitter at @DillieDorian Dillie Dorian
Dillie Dorian is an English author of child and YA realistic fiction. She is notable for offering all fourteen titles in her debut series, A Bended Family, for free online. Dillie has been “writing” since a very young age, and her mother probably still hoards innumerable sellotape-bound “sequels” to everything from Animal Ark to The Worst Witch. Her first serious project began in September 2006, with “Oops! Did I Forget I Don’t Know You?”, which sparked countless official sequels of its own within months. Working on this series between the ages of thirteen and fourteen taught her everything she knows about writing, and she hasn’t stopped expanding on the Hartleys’ lives since!
Latest book: Laddered Tightropes
Follow me on Twitter at @dojit Dojit Games

Latest book: Home Bear's Adventure
Follow me on Twitter at @jjalleson JJ Alleson
I'm a multi-genre writer based in London. Writing is always a learner's craft as well as the freest form of expression, and I hope my still evolving imagination brings something new to yours.
Latest book: Hunting Jan Tregeagle
Follow me on Twitter at @Russ_Linton Russ Linton
In the fourth grade, Russ Linton wrote down the vague goal of becoming a “writer and an artist” when he grew up. After a journey that led him from philosopher to graphic designer to stay at home parent and even a stint as an Investigative Specialist with the FBI, he finally got around to that “writing” part which he now pursues full time. Russ creates character-driven speculative fiction. His stories drip with blood, magic, and radioactive bugs. He writes for adults who are young at heart and youngsters who are old souls.
Latest book: Crimson Son 2: Motherland
Follow me on Twitter at @lbcooper123 Laura B. Cooper
Born in Savannah but raised on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina, Laura Cooper is a true southern woman. She believes that iced tea should always be sweet and has an entire Pinterest Board with over a hundred different ways to cook shrimp. Via an AOL chat room she met her husband of sixteen years, Chris Cooper. Together they have two children, (both in college at the same time) and fifteen, yes count ‘em, fifteen dogs. Prior to writing novels, Laura ran a large pure breed rescue organization for homeless animals. She, Chris and the kids found homes for over six thousand homeless dogs until they retired three years ago. Between calls begging for money (from her children) and squeaky toys, she somehow m ... read more
Latest book: Trick or Treat
Follow me on Twitter at @dodiecross Dodie Cross
Dodie Cross is a free­lance writer
and author of two memoirs: A Broad Abroad in Iran: An Expat’s
Mis­ad­ven­tures in the Land of Male Dom­i­nance 
 A Broad Abroad In Thai­land: An Expat’s
Mis­ad­ven­tures in the Land of Smiles Dodie is a pro­lific writer, her arti­cles appear­ing in The Desert Sun, the Seat­tle Post Intel­li­gencer, and as a guest colum­nist for the Lake Chelan Mir­ror in Wash­ing­ton State. Her essays have been pub­lished in the Mon­terey Bay Par­ents Mag­a­zine, the Uni­ver­sity of Texas Lit­er­ary Mag­a­zine, River Sedge and in Expat e-zines, and Many of her arti­cles have been syn­di­cated on writ­ing ... read more
Latest book: A Broad Abroad in Iran, An Expat's Misadventures in the Land of Male Dominance
Follow me on Twitter at @AuthorLaine Laine Cunningham
Laine Cunningham is the author of literary suspense, paranormal thrillers, and historical series that cross over into fantasy and action/adventure. Her novels have received the Hackney Literary Award, the James Jones Literary Society Fellowship, and grants and residencies from the Vermont Studio Center, the Jerome Foundation, and regional arts councils. Recently she was accepted into the Arte Studio Ginestrelle's program in Assisi, Italy, to support a historical series.
Latest book: 15 Outdoor Christmas Light Ideas: Fast, Affordable Ideas for an Utterly Unique, Incredibly Easy, and Mind-Blowingly Cool Christmas Yard Display
Follow me on Twitter at @mlletalyis Talyis Ellison

Latest book: A Wider Sky
Follow me on Twitter at @rebecca_beattie Rebecca Beattie
Rebecca Beattie grew up on Dartmoor, which has had a profound effect on her writing and other creative interests. Her first novel "The Lychway" is set on Dartmoor and is interwoven with the folklore and the landscape of that sacred place. Her second novel, "Somewhere She is There" follows the journey of a woman learning to deal with the grief of losing her mother to cancer, while her third book, "The Softness of Water" is a selection of short stories and fairy tales based on the wisdom of the Tao te Ching. Rebecca is writing a 'work in progress' series on nature mystic writers for Moon Books - and also keeps a blog at www.rebecca ... read more
Latest book: The Softness of Water
Follow me on Twitter at @NoraQuickAuthor Nora Quick
Nora Quick lives in Chicago, IL with her faithful companion Nikolai Tesla Quick, a Siberian Husky who is, in her opinion, the best dog that has ever lived. She wrote her first novel at age 12, a crime drama set in her hometown of Detroit, MI and is a self-admitted graphomaniac who compulsively writes daily. She has worked a wide variety of jobs sampling much of life from high finance to BDSM and is related to half the CPD. She writes crime, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, and erotica. You can find some of her writing on where she writes as madam_noe or at where her erotic romances are published. She is hard at work on her next book. You can connect with Nora at wher ... read more
Latest book: The Dryad
Follow me on Twitter at @ChasityBreeze Chasity Breeze
I, Chasity Breeze, am what most people would call outgoing and friendly. A social butterfly? Not really, but I do love to collect friends of all kinds. At the same time, I do like my privacy and a lot of it. In the normal world, people see me as a sweet, innocent and never naughty little house wife and mother. But, people who really know me know better. I am married to the most wonderful and sexiest man alive. Brock and I have been married a few years, but we don’t like to count them. Counting just makes you feel old. We like to think we’re still somewhat close to newlyweds. Dating is one of our favorite things to share. Brock never ceases to amaze me with romantic surprises and secret interludes. ... read more
Latest book: Dark Slayer - Night of the Nymphs
Follow me on Twitter at @colt18john john rakes
I am a writer from Phoenix, Arizona who has been on many adventures and with my wife and conpanion for 34 years and our friends,Juliet,Abby,Jesse our dogs.
Latest book: The Imagination Has Awaken
Follow me on Twitter at @Melodytheauthor Melody S.
Melody S. was born in Brooklyn, New York and later relocated to Suffolk County, New York where she graduated high school. At the age of 19, Melody S. became a young single mother of a set of twins. Six months after the birth, one of the twins passed away due to S.I.D.S. After such a traumatic experience, Melody S. struggled to understand her pain and how to pick up the pieces of her life. She became homeless and was forced to live in homeless shelters until she met who would turn out to be her abuser. She endured physical and emotional abuse until she could no longer take it. Melody S. found herself living in shelters once again, this time for domestic violence. At the age of 29 years old, Melody S. met a ... read more
Latest book: Lust For Revenge 2nd Edition
Follow me on Twitter at @ShayneTWright Shayne T Wright
Engineer, Author and Photographer Shayne T Wright holds a Bachelor Degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering as well as a Masters in Engineering Science. He has over 20 years experience within the high tech world of the Australian based defence sector, both in and out of uniform, coupled with a smattering of exposure to next generation autonomous mining developments for super pits within Australia and the USA. Shayne resides in central Victoria (Australia) with his wife and four kids.
Latest book: Cyber Nightmares: Autonomous Chaos
Follow me on Twitter at @cjbrightley CJ Brightley
C. J. Brightley lives with her husband and young children in Northern Virginia. Her writings include essays, short stories, novellas, novels, and poetry.
Latest book: Twelve Days of (Faerie) Christmas
Follow me on Twitter at @teresafunke Teresa Funke
Teresa Funke embodies the modern artist/entrepreneur. She is the owner of Teresa Funke & Company and Victory House Press and the award-winning author of six novels for adults and children based on true stories from WWII. She is also a nationwide speaker offering keynotes and presentations and a popular writer’s coach and idea development coach. Teresa has a degree in history from Boise State University and 21 years of experience as an entrepreneur and community catalyst. Teresa’s innovative programs and boundary-pushing talks prove that she is a true thought leader, in the original meaning of that term; one who challenges us to change our view of how life and business should be led. She lives with her fam ... read more
Latest book: Remember Wake
Follow me on Twitter at @SFarlight Salubrious Farlight
Salubrious Farlight hails from a distant star system. A traveler of the galaxy, he's collected many stories, and is now here to share them with planet Earth.
Latest book: Going Up
Follow me on Twitter at @katieashleyluv Katie Ashley
Katie Ashley is the New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon Best-Selling author of The Proposition. She lives outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her two very spoiled dogs and one outnumbered cat. She has a slight obsession with Pinterest, The Golden Girls, Harry Potter, Shakespeare, Supernatural, Designing Women, and Scooby-Doo. She spent 11 1/2 years educating the Youth of America aka teaching MS and HS English until she left to write full time in December 2012.
Latest book: The Predicament
Follow me on Twitter at @wilsonharp Wilson Harp
Wilson Harp is a writer based out of the American Midwest. As a military brat, he traveled and met people from many cultures and backgrounds. Exposure to so many different views has led him to an appreciation of an eclectic collection of music, film and literature. His sense of wonder at stories and folklore started young and continues to this day, often affecting the themes and ideas in his writing. In his works you will find the old fashioned ideas of virtue and honor as the lifeline that pulls many of his characters through the situations they often find themselves. When he isn't writing, you can often find him trying to perfect the cooking of meat over an open flame.
Latest book: Moonlight in the Valley
Follow me on Twitter at @tanieltuscon Taniel Tuscon
I am married with two adult children. I currently work in a health Store and find great enjoyment in helping people with various ailments. I manage a celiac disease by eating gluten, dairy and legume free. I am a huge Chris Rea fan, the British artist. He has been a great inspiration in my life.I cannot go one day without listening to his music.
Latest book: Quick and Easy Gluten and Dairy Free Meal Ideas
Follow me on Twitter at @adriansahr Adrian Sahr
Film, stand-up comedy and TV writing. My stories are about cynical, emotional damaged heroes trying to make the best of this chaotic world we live in. Sex is one way to adapt to everything, and my characters are fully aware of that. Thanks for reading.
Latest book: I Am The Man
Follow me on Twitter at @samanthaboyette Samantha Boyette
I live in Upstate New York and when I am not writing I work in the wine industry. My short stories have been featured on various websites and one appeared in "The Last Man Anthology". I was the Co-winner of the 2010 contest. My books Morning Rising and Darkness of Morning are available on multiple formats while my Novella Voodoo is only available on the Kindle at this time.
Latest book: Morning Rising
Follow me on Twitter at @PC_Surname PC Surname
I am serving police Constable in a UK police force and have been for a few years. I also enjoy writing in my spare time and wanted to write a book that people around the country could enjoy. People are fascinated by the police. This is why the TV listings are full of drama series and "fly-on-the-wall" documentaries, not to mention all the cop movies on the big screen. Like so many I also enjoy these shows, BUT I still watch them and think "that's not what I do at work!". So I decided to write a beginners guide to what serving police officers REALLY do, every day and night in the UK. My book is intended to give an interesting, light hearted, insightful but - most importantly - accurate portrayal of what my coll ... read more
Latest book: Upholding Law and Disorder: Police Tales From The Front Line