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Latest book: Fatespinner

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Natalie Loeffler is passionate about learning all about human potential, enlightened relationships, and how to live a fantastically fun-filled life. Aside from some of her favorite pass-times of drinking Belgian beer with her family and doing martial arts and dancing with her friends, when she is in work mode, there is no stopping her. She believes in education, working hard, and going for your dreams. Natalie has over 15 years experience working with people and an extended list of education including a Marriage and Family Therapist License, Masters Degree in Counseling, Bachelors Degree in Psychology, an Aesthetic and Bodywork License, a Hypnotherapy Certification, a Life Coaching Certification, and A Reiki ... read more
Latest book: Transform Your Health: 10 Easy Habits to Lose Weight For Good

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Bruno Dakskobler, classe ’73, vive e lavora a Venezia. Ha fondato una piccola casa di produzioni cinematografiche indipendenti, ha scritto sceneggiature per cortometraggi e lavorato come giornalista sportivo. La resipiscenza del tacco 12 è il suo primo romanzo.
Latest book: La resipiscenza del tacco 12

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Surprisingly, I’m a writer… I know, right? I bet you didn’t expect that! I write M/M love stories. When I’m not writing, I like spending time at the beach with my two kids, at home petting my cats, visiting my friends, or talking with my readers on social networks. My interests are love stories—with happy endings—quirky humor, friendship, medicinal plants, cats…and much more!
Latest book: Glitter Gabe (English Edition)

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Stephan Deemer is a film and television writer, specializing in the horror genre. In addition to his pursuit of terrorizing others through movies and tv, he writes extensively about the horror genre and its importance to humanity on his blog: Terror Freak Reviews. Specifically, his thirty essay series on horror author Stephen King was tremendously well received. Not one to slow down, Stephan is currently pursuing a Bachelor of the Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. When not writing, Stephan loves to get frightened himself, devouring any horror film he can get his hands on. You can find him online on his blog or on his website ... read more
Latest book: Bedlam

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Kroana Anzola nació en Caracas, Venezuela. Desde siempre adoró leer y escribir. De niña solía escribir historias y cuentos de fantasía, incluso llegó a elaborar ensayos y guiones para obras de teatro en la escuela y la secundaria. Comenzó a escribir de manera más formal en el 2010 cuando decidió abrir su blog personal de literatura donde comparte su opinión sobre los libros que lee y fue puliendo su estilo de escritura en el grupo de “Adictos a la escritura” desde 2011. En 2016 decidió publicar su primer libro de manera independiente el cual sale a la venta en febrero de 2017 y publicita sus historias a través de su blog de autor: En la actualidad vive en Chile j ... read more
Latest book: Decisión de Amor

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Chogan Swan lives in the country of the mind in the world of ideas in the universe of thoughts and holds as creed that the story and thoughts therein are far more important than the name on the jacket cover. In your space-time continuum, Chogan studied Philosophy as a youth at an accredited college earning an undergraduate degree in that discipline. Chogan also earned graduate degrees in Business and Engineering from a major U.S. university. These studies led to Chogan’s interest in Systems Thinking and the use of computers in continuous event simulation. The struggle as an analyst and idealist in a corporate world has left wounds, but the battle continues. Philosopher, poet, prophet, revolutionary and warrio ... read more
Latest book: Sentients in the Maze: A Quiet Revolution

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L’avventura di Enedhil nel mondo della scrittura inizia nel 2002 poco dopo l’uscita al cinema del primo film della trilogia de “Il Signore degli Anelli”. Da sempre amante del genere fantasy, grazie a questo universo scopre una passione fino a quel momento sconosciuta e si lascia trasportare dalle parole che presto diventano una serie di fanfictions. Dopo alcuni anni di silenzio questo interesse esplode nuovamente e, pur continuando a dedicarsi ai protagonisti che l’hanno fatta “rinascere”, decide di dare vita, cuore e anima a dei nuovi personaggi. Scrive il suo primo romanzo originale m/m dal titolo “Catene di Ametista” e, nel 2015, ha la fortuna di vederlo pubblicato grazie a Triskell Edizion ... read more
Latest book: L'Oscurità Dentro La Notte

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Latest book: Dışavurum Bültenleri

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Flash and short fiction writer.
Latest book: The Meaning of Life

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Chukwuebuka Ezeh is a Young Entrepreneur whose idea of change is centered on youth as the key player. He said “You can be what you imagined and not someone's image”. He is the CEO/MD of Yezeh Best Enterprise (Best E House), a finalist of ‘The Youth Enterprise with innovation in Nigeria’ –YouWiN 3rd Edition and a Grantee of ‘Growth and Employment’ GEM Project. Chukwuebuka is walking towards a major objective with a driving force of “there is always a better way of doing things”, where you will definitely have something better than the best. He believes that youth empowerment should not be politicized but better still, it should be based on “what you can do” where:They win, I win, and YouWiN ... read more
Latest book: Become Your Own Boss: A Simple Guide To Starting And Owning A Business.

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Are You A Starr Huntress? Do you love to read sci fi romance about strong, independent women and the sexy alien males who love them? Starr huntress is a coalition of the brightest Starrs in romance banding together to explore uncharted territories. If you like your men horny - maybe literally - and you’re equal opportunity skin color - because who doesn’t love a guy with blue or green skin? - then join us as we dive into swashbuckling space adventure, timeless romance, and lush alien landscapes.
Latest book: Delivered to the Aliens: Warriors of Corra

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Sessant’anni, è nato e vive a Vicchio (Firenze). Giornalista pubblicista, è autore di vari volumi di storia locale e sport. È anche scrittore di racconti, poesie e haiku e ha ottenuto riconoscimenti a vari premi letterari nazionali. Questa è la sua prima raccolta di racconti.
Latest book: Scommetto di no

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Nora Kipling is an emerging author of Jane Austen variations. She has a fondness for pretty dresses, tea-cakes, and collects vintage linens in her spare time.
Latest book: Shadows Upon Netherfield: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

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Delilah Dallas is an author who enjoys painting a sexy word picture that makes you feel uncomfortable in your nether regions.
Latest book: Sorcery, Swords & Titties

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"I want these images to move you, as I am moved by you" | moving pictures | has grown from a desire to literally move about the world, capture it's miracles and project them onto the collective memory. As a filmmaker, Roni Nicole Henderson makes fiction, fine art, experimental, documentary and with prayer, feature-length narrative films in the very near future. As a photographer, she delights in fashion + fine art, documenting artists and everyday folk, especially during major life initiations. As a fine artist, she projects this work in odd places so as to inject impulses to heal the self into our environment, impulses that inspire change and growth. Having earned an M.F.A. from the Savannah College of Art a ... read more
Latest book: Grace & Moons: A Memoir

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Stephen Carver is a historian, editor, occasional novelist and recovering academic. For sixteen years, he taught literature and creative writing at the University of East Anglia (where he also took his doctorate), spending three years in Japan as Professor of English at the University of Fukui. He is presently Head of Online Courses at the Unthank School of Writing. Steve is the biographer of the Victorian novelist William Harrison Ainsworth, and the author of Shark Alley: The Memoirs of a Penny-a-Liner, a historical novel about the wreck of the troopship Birkenhead. His short stories have appeared in Not-Not, Cascando, Birdsuit, and Veto, and he also blogs on literature and creative writing. He is currently wo ... read more
Latest book: The Empty Flat

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Hola, soy Omar Arce y te presento mi primer libro “Cómo diseñar un club de fidelización rentable”. El libro nació de la necesidad de contar en un solo sitio con una guía para diseñar un club de fidelización. Cuando empecé a trabajar como consultor en análisis de clientes me asignaron a un proyecto de fidelización, busqué libros de fidelización y había pocos libros que contaran cosas prácticas. Después de unos años escribiendo en mi blog , compartí la idea de escribir, mejor dicho, cocrear un libro que cuente paso a paso la forma de fidelizar a una cartera de clientes. Así es como nació este libro. No sé si este libro será el mejor de marketing analítico, pero para m ... read more
Latest book: Cómo diseñar un club de fidelización rentable

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Loren Mayshark was fortunate to have parents who offered him opportunities to see the world and introduce him to many exciting places which instilled in him a passion for travel. As his wanderlust grew, he journeyed to more than thirty US states and at least as many foreign countries while visiting four continents. After college, he supported his itinerant lifestyle by working dozens of jobs including: golf caddy, travel writer, construction worker, fireworks salesman, substitute teacher, and vineyard laborer. Predominantly his jobs have been in the restaurant industry. He cut his teeth as a server, Maître D, and bartender at San Francisco's historic Fisherman's Grotto #9, the original restaurant on the Fishe ... read more
Latest book: Death: An Exploration: Learning to Embrace Life's Most Feared Mystery

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ME Rhines is a southwest Florida native currently living in North Port with her two beautiful children and a third, much larger child whom she affectionately calls husband. She writes young adult paranormal romance to feed her belief that fairy tales are real and nonsense is necessary. You can also find her adult romances under her edgier alter-ego, Mary Bernsen.
Latest book: Sink

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My name is Esther Msiska, 20 years of age. I am from Malawi, a country popularly known as the Warm Heart of Africa. I am a student doing my Bachelors in Business Administration. I first wrote my first poem at the age of 18 after relentlessly trying to write short stories on Wattpad that I later ended up deleted. One day I got so frustrated during my writing session when one of my followers suggested I read a poetry chapbook titled "In The Rain", I began reading the poems daily until on the 8th of February, I decided to try and write my own. After writing the poem, I shared it on Facebook where it got amazing reviews something that encouraged me to write more and break more grounds. Now, I write poetry for the ... read more
Latest book: Merry Christmas, A Poetry Collection

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Adriana Waterston is Senior Vice President of Insights and Strategy for Horowitz Research. A seasoned quantitative and qualitative market researcher, Adriana handles project management for select clients, and oversees all the company’s multicultural and Latino research endeavors. She has particular expertise in ethnographic research, focus group moderation, and one-on-one interviewing. Over the years, she has moderated hundreds of groups, conducted in-home ethnographic research, and designed Online Research Communities on a bevy of topics ranging from traditional and new media and entertainment consumption; programming/channel evaluation; category assessments/unmet needs; pricing and packaging; travel; advert ... read more
Latest book: The Practical Guide to Multicultural Marketing

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Latest book: Perki Cati

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Award-winning author & Career Coach acclaimed for helping recent grads obtain good jobs immediately. Fighting OCD thru help of my amazing wife.
Latest book: The Career-Minded Student

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Luci Lampe is a San Diego-based mom of four and founder of the Sexy Mama Movement, on a mission to empower every mom live a life she loves in a body she loves. She earned her degree in Health and Exercise Science in 2008 from Oral Roberts University, and is a certified Women's Fitness Specialist. She has appeared in fitness videos with Bob Harper as well as advertisements for companies such as Disney World, Apple, Target, Health Magazine, Walgreens, and Advil.
Latest book: Achieving Sexy: Redefining Your Momlife & Mombod

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Jocelyn is a Canadian Author juggling life as a writer, mother, and carpenter’s muse (labourer), all while living with MS. She has always had a passion for reading and writing, drafting her own episodes of her favorite T.V. shows like Seaquest—yes, Seaquest, does anyone even remember that show—and various other short stories about ghosts, witches, and other supernatural creatures. Jocelyn grew up reading fantasy and horror novels from R.L. Stine, Christopher Pike, Dean Koontz, John Saul, Anne Rice, and Stephen King; these authors shaped her love for darker fantasy. Currently, she’s into Kelley Armstrong, Pittacus Lore, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Her all-time favorite stories involve witches and m ... read more
Latest book: Melhara

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Nina Waters is the pen name of Claire Penina Houck. Claire was born and raised in New York City. She earned bachelors degrees in History and East Asian Studies from the State University of New York at Binghamton in 2004, and a Masters of Library Science from Indiana University at Bloomington in 2007. Her first career was as a grant writer and program evaluator for the New York City Department of Education, which taught her more about deadlines, succinct writing, collaborating, and accepting criticism than any creative writing course she ever took. In fall 2014, Claire moved from the Bronx to Schenectady, New York, bought a house, and got married. She now happily lives in the Capital District with her wife Lisa, ... read more
Latest book: A Glimmer of Hope

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W.D. (Dave) Frolick is a late blooming author. To date, Dave has written two murder/mystery novels. He is a country music songwriter and creative director and partner in Frozen North Music (SOCAN), a Canadian music publisher. Dave enjoys writing country songs, golfing, movies, reading a good murder mystery, and watching sports--especially the Toronto Blue Jays. He is retired from a career as an entrepreneur and real estate sales. Dave and his wife Rose live in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.
Latest book: The Cabin: A Murder Mystery

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Randy Mason is a Minister and worship leader at Elements church in the Bronx, where he serves alongside his wife Marina Mason under the leadership of their pastor, Pastor E. Randy is a father of five (soon to be six) beautiful children, a Hip Hop artist, poet, writer, and educator. Randy is 1/2 of the NYC rap duo Jesus Peace, and is the founder of Jesus Peace Ministry (Trainsformers & Hip Hoppin' HeART) a non profit organization that serves the community through faith based art, and education. As a husband, dad, artist, and writer from the Bronx, Randy uses his experience to share the gospel in a fun, creative and engaging way.
Latest book: Long Distance Discipleship

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Nicole D'Settēmi is a 34 year old creative writer, poet, and artist from Niagara Falls, New York. Born in a tiny town bordering Canada only five minutes from the legendary falls, Nicole says she had an eye for beauty at a young age, and that included poetry. She can remember from an age as young as six, being selected as part of the city’s "young authors club." She was interested in lyric poetry from the time she was a pre-teen into her early-to-mid twenties, and moved into creative writing and fiction in her late twenties and early thirties. Addictarium was penned while Nicole spent time in an intensive rehabilitation center due to a devastating heroin addiction, and while this is a fictional memo ... read more
Latest book: Addictarium

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Ramon Rozas III lives in West Virginia with his wife Anita, their daughter, a dog and a quantum-indeterminate number of cats. Ramon has been writing science fiction and fantasy, on and off, for almost as many decades as he has been reading it. His favorite SF authors are Larry Niven and Ken MacLeod. He also enjoys Mr. MacLeod’s “Scottish Invasion” comrades of Charles Stross and the late, much missed Iain Banks. When he’s not revising his as-yet unpublished novel, or writing short stories, Ramon practices law in a small law firm in West Virginia and Maryland. You can follow his meandering thoughts at his blog,, or on twitter at the handle @ramonrozas.
Latest book: Dispatches from Probability Space

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Dave grew up in a small town in Southeast Texas about 25 miles from Houston, Texas. He is a devoted husband, father, grandfather and author. Dave worked in the aerospace field for more than 5 years and got to visit the Kennedy Space Center in Florida a number of times. While working in Florida I toured the Vehicle Assembly Bldg. (VAB) and witness the space shuttle Atlantis being attached to the large fuel tank and rocket boosters, watched the crawler transport it to the launch pad and viewed a spectacular lift-off into outer space. I met with Astronauts and watched a couple of rockets launch off to deliver cargo and supplies to the International Space Station (ISS). I am a volunteer for the Barbara Bush Liter ... read more
Latest book: I Want To Be An Astronaut by Dave Norman copyright 2016 This book is available in print at most online retailers. Discover other titles by this author Title #1 When Jesus was a little boy, Title #2 Love is Why, Title #3 Loves Company

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Alli has always had a love for just about any story she can get her hands on. Be it from books, TV, or even video games—if there’s a good story, she will love it. Given that, it’s easy to see how Alli moved on to making stories of her own. Raised in a small Colorado town, Alli also has a love of the outdoors and enjoys hiking. Nowadays she lives in a bigger city and fits in fine there too, liking how close and comfy everything is. Often at home with her two cats, Alli is never far from her computer, whether for work or for play. She believes the truth is a multifaceted thing and always works to write the world, and subsequently the truth of the world, as she sees it.
Latest book: Oops, Caught

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IELTS Medical is a London exam training and tuition centre which has been established to help international medical practitioners to qualify for their GDC; GMC; GPhC; NMC and RCVS registration and practice in healthcare here in the UK. All of our tutors are highly qualified and very experienced English language teachers who have been involved in IELTS exam preparation for many years. Together we have produced booklets titled "How to Reach the 9.0 in IELTS Academic" in order to encourage our students to reach for the highest scores in the exam.
Latest book: How to Reach the 9.0 in IELTS Academic Speaking

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Maddy is an inspirational and engaging Speaker on overcoming extreme adversities. Her openness with her personal life, what she faces everyday and her passion about making a change in the world is one that stands out from the crowd. She talks openly about her pain and devastation the cancer left on her body, the lack of funding and inequality certain cancers face today, and that even through horrific times we all can make it through by determination and the mind.
Latest book: She Will Always Carry On: How I Beat Cancer Against All Odds

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Siempre he sentido pasión por el arte, la historia y la literatura. Decidí escribir en mis ratos libres, convencida de poder, por fin, concluir una novela. Me gusta leer, sobre todo novela histórica y disfruto con las que me llevan a otras épocas y otros mundos. Valoro la imaginación y la originalidad, los autores y artistas que son capaces de innovar y salirse de las pautas corrientes establecidas y valoro el esfuerzo que todo ello conlleva.
Latest book: La Travesía del Escriba Génesis

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They call me Robert. (Supposedly, you can't write one of these obituaries in first person). Anyway, it looks like I can. (I just want to see the world end) No point in telling you that I work(ed) here and there or whatever, or did major stuff when I was a kid or some other sh... stuff. Now, I want to became a writer to express my inner feelings and reach your soul with my never ever never told stories; like the other millions hovering this space. (Yeah right!... I want to sell some books, I'm not planning on getting insanely rich, but definitely these books that you'll see here will be a part of my mind, engulfed (God, I hate that word!) in my books for my kids and... family or something, so, in the end, all th ... read more
Latest book: My dad: the porn star

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Who am I? I've often pondered that difficult question! The truth is I'm one of those cliches. You know the one: the youngster who, from the age of about six or seven, spent hours in the public library – long before Google and the current plethora of online click-of-the-mouse resources – trawling the long aisles of books. Sometimes I'd just look at the covers, enjoying the design and typography. 'Geeksville' or what! ​ Then real life took over and I joined the Army at barely sixteen before becoming a police officer in my mid-twenties. After that, I spent a lengthy period in the health & safety industry. That took me to the oil & gas sector in the Middle East where I've been been for almost eight years. I'm ... read more
Latest book: Storm Bringer – A Bureau 7 novella

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Instagram: Jessicauniverse Snapchat: Jessicaacutie Business Email:
Latest book: Love Yourself Before 18

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Ethan Carter is a humanitarian, passionate about spreading news of new scientific discovery. Convinced media does not focus on the good news Ethan Carter set out to write about the good news that will help society advance in thinking. Carter's tool is an ebook, based on good news - not fear driven media. A focus on positive innovation, creating awareness among society of the majesty that exists in people and the planet. A benevolence for humanity, empowering people to tap into their own self, and enhance their life. Carter's believes the need to understand the language of the universe is more important than understanding the language of your smart phone or computer. Carter subscribes to the idea the universe w ... read more
Latest book: The Force Is in You

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Eric Thomson is my pen name. I'm a retired Canadian soldier with thirty-one years of service, both in the Regular Army and the Army Reserve. I spent my Regular Army career in the Infantry and my Reserve service in the Armoured Corps. I hold two military parachutist qualifications and am a graduate of the Royal Military College (St-Jean), the Royal Canadian School of Infantry, the Army Tactics School, the Armoured Reconnaissance Squadron Commander's course as well as the Canadian Army Command and Staff College and the Canadian Forces College. I spent several years as an Information Technology specialist before leaving the bowels of the demented bureaucracy to become a full-time author. I've been a voracious r ... read more
Latest book: Like Stars in Heaven

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Literatura finansowa bez opłat za darmo.
Latest book: Zalety konsolidacji kredytów i pożyczek

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Louis Legrand est impliqué dans des associations qui promeuvent un système éducatif au service du bien-être des enfants. Après avoir découvert ses super-pouvoirs par le biais du yoga et de la méditation, Louis Legrand s'efforce aujourd'hui de concevoir des ressources de méditation riches, ludiques et flexibles. Il est le fondateur de mé
Latest book: Les méditations des super-héros : un parcours de méditations guidées

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I am a young journalist from Romania. I am currently studying Journalism and Public Relations at the University of Bucharest and am employed by the biggest newspaper in the country, Libertatea. I am also the Public Relations officer for the most prestigious handball club in Romania, Dinamo Bucharest. My work can be viewed in hundreds of articles and interviews in my newspaper, as well as on the Facebook pages ''Dinamo Bucuresti Handball Club'' and '' CS Dinamo''.
Latest book: The unlucky numbers

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Jeff Comer is a biologist, computer scientist and author who still prefers the term Renaissance Man to polymath, and dares to aspire towards becoming that. He draws on his experiences in Africa, biomedical research and programming to craft novels that look at the way that the human experience intersects with technology.
Latest book: Axone

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Dan Agbo is an author, blogger, editor and freelancer. He studied Mass Communication and worked at various times as a senior English and Literature teacher, editor and principal.
Latest book: The ABC of Literature