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Visit my Facebook Page Jeffe Kennedy
fe Kennedy is an award-winning author whose works include novels, non-fiction, poetry, and short fiction. She has been a Ucross Foundation Fellow, received the Wyoming Arts Council Fellowship for Poetry, and was awarded a Frank Nelson Doubleday Memorial Award. Her award-winning fantasy romance trilogy The Twelve Kingdoms hit the shelves starting in May 2014. Book 1, The Mark of the Tala, received a starred Library Journal review and was nominated for the RT Book of the Year while the sequel, The Tears of the Rose received a Top Pick Gold and was nominated for the RT Reviewers’ Choice Best Fantasy Romance of 2014. The third book, The Talon of the Hawk, won the RT Reviewers’ Choice Best Fantasy Romance of 2 ... read more
Latest book: Blood Currency: Feeding the Vampire
Visit my Facebook Page Chris Dietzel
Chris graduated from Western Maryland College (McDaniel College). He currently lives in Florida. His dream is to write the same kind of stories that have inspired him over the years. His short stories have been published in Temenos, Foliate Oak, and Down in the Dirt. His novels have been featured on the Science Fiction Spotlight, been required reading at the university level, and have been turned into award-winning audiobooks produced by Podium Publishing. Outside of writing, Dietzel is a huge fan of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and mixed martial arts (MMA). He trained in BJJ for ten years, earning the rank of brown belt, and went 2-0 in amateur MMA fights before an injury ended his participation in contact spor ... read more
Latest book: The Space Lore Boxed Set: Volumes 1-3
Visit my Facebook Page Krista Belk
I never liked to write before. But a spiritual 'awakening' has awaken the writer in me. I have been consistently blogging and loving it for about 5 years now.
Latest book: More Adventures with Grace and Prodigal
Visit my Facebook Page Robert Grant
Among Robert Grant’s many interests are martial arts. He comes from a long line of Taoist, who left their sheltered lives in a mountain monastery to wander a world filled with raw beauty. These wandering monks have a long tradition of telling stories that both entertain and teach. Robert promised his sifu he would keep the tradition of storytelling alive and began developing a story idea that pitted a young lawyer/martial artist against a powerful pharmaceutical company in an epic conflict over a miracle cure. The hero wants to ensure the cure is freely available to everyone, but powerful enemies want to suppress it. It is the story of a young lawyer's call to action in an epic struggle with his former c ... read more
Latest book: Great Mother
Visit my Facebook Page Anna Castle
Anna Castle writes two series of novels: the Francis Bacon mysteries and the Lost Hat, Texas mysteries. She has earned a series of degrees -- BA in the Classics, MS in Computer Science, and a Ph.D in Linguistics -- and has had a corresponding series of careers -- waitressing, software engineering, grammar-writing, assistant professor, and archivist. Historical fiction combines her lifelong love of stories and learning. She physically resides in Austin, Texas, but mentally counts herself a queen of infinite space.
Latest book: Mustard on Velvet
Visit my Facebook Page I.K. Bartlett
A former soldier and Officer in the British Army (he worked his way from the bottom - starting as a Private soldier - and worked his way through every rank; finally finishing his time after 23 years, as a Captain), who had a brief stint as a senior executive in industry;before becoming a teacher. In his time, he has been a paratrooper and physical training instructor, before restarting his education and attaining an honours degree and MBA. In 2008, he represented Scotland - playing Rugby League and still enjoys a variety of sports, but loves the written word even more.
Latest book: The Power Within
Visit my Facebook Page Robin Roughley
Robin Roughley is the author of the popular DS Lasser crime series set in the UK. Not content with the 15 book Lasser series he is also the author of the DS Marnie Hammond books for Bloodhound Publishing. He was the UK Crime Book Club author of the year 2016 and also started a new series featuring a character from the Lasser books named Plymouth a hit man with a difference. When not writing he likes to walk along the local canals thinking of new and exciting ways to kill people (for research purposes only!) If you like books filled with squared jawed heroes and glamorous women then the Lasser books are not for you. However, if you like your characters to be flawed then why not give them a try.
Latest book: Lasser- Beginnings
Visit my Facebook Page Διονύσιος Ρουμπιέν
Ο Διονύσιος Ρουμπιέν κατέχει διδακτορικό δίπλωμα στην Ιστορία της Αρχιτεκτονικής και είναι καθηγητής στην τριτοβάθμια εκπαίδευση και ένθερμος πολιτιστικός πεζοπόρος. Τα πεζοπορικά ταξίδια στα οποία συμμετέχει, μαζί με άλλες ταξιδιωτικές εμπειρίες, καταγράφονται στο ταξιδιωτικό blog του:
Latest book: Σύρος. Η αρχοντική καρδιά των Κυκλάδων.
Visit my Facebook Page DC Renee
I'm a bookworm, naturally. I've been writing all my life, from cheesy poems in elementary school to short stories and even fan fictions. I love reading almost as much as I love writing, but I love my family even more. I have the most supportive husband, the best parents, in-laws who root for me, and a my sister is my muse. She rejects or approves of literally every chapter I write. It's thanks to all of them and my fans that I keep doing what I do.
Latest book: Save My Heart
Visit my Facebook Page Josette Reuel
Josette Reuel spent many years in the corporate world writing stuffy computer software manuals, until one day a shape-shifting dragon kidnapped her and dragged her off to be his destined mate... as the words flowed on to the page, she realized that it was time to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a published author. An avid reader from her earliest memories, Josette enjoys many genres; however her current passion is anything Romance. Her love of Fantasy and the Paranormal tends to come out in all of her writing with strong alpha heroes, each with a little something extra. Finding the Dragon — the first book in the Dásreach Council Novels — was her debut novel. The future promises to be full of more g ... read more
Latest book: Mistletoe Magic (Spencer's Helpline 2)
Visit my Facebook Page Sabine Shepherd
I used to weight one hundred and eighteen pounds “soaking wet” as they say. My curly, unmanaged, chestnut brown hair fell full to my hips. I often dressed in black; trench coats, leather, zipper boots with three-inch heels. Good quality, sturdy jeans, the kind you need for riding. My baby was a Harley Davidson; a Silver and blue Dyna Wide Glide, 1400 cc with the longest frame Harley made. It’s laid-back chopper profile, let me sit low, and my five-foot-tall frame could toe touched the pavement. I rode without a helmet, releasing my hair to trail behind, like the silhouette on a mud flap of an 18-wheeler. I dyed my hair interesting colors, a mingling of wines, warm browns, and plums. Sometimes streaked ... read more
Latest book: Find The Good Ones or Let Me Go-Episode 5-Blue Ticks on the Black Ridge
Visit my Facebook Page Vera West
Vera West is a pen name for writer N.E. Wilson, designed to draw a clear line between works written for a younger audience versus novels written for a maturer one. The author resides in the Midwest with her husband, dog named after Tony Stark and a fluffy guinea pig named Guin-Guins.
Latest book: Define
Visit my Facebook Page Frank Perez
This is the part where I should be telling you all about the awesomeness of ME. Uhm.. yeah. I do lotsa stuff. Some photography, some art, some writing... you know - the stuff you can't make a living at. It's just way too easy for me to lose concentration at any point and then I ... oh look! A butterfly. Stupid butterfly turned out to be a moth in disguise. Ah well, can't win them all. Would be nice to see how it feels to win once though. ​ * Everyone tells me that I need to have a professional blurb, and they call me the the nutcase. Anyways. I apologise in advance for the following: ​ Frank Perez has been a founder, partner and member of over ten companies with wide ranging interests ... read more
Latest book: Pushing Fifty, Still Pushing
Visit my Facebook Page Shannon Lee Martin said "The Silent Moment" is . . ."unique" and. . ."very creative". . . :D Feel free to contact me at any time at
Latest book: The Island
Visit my Facebook Page Shakirra Ulmer
Shakirra Ulmer fancies herself a new wave Sci-fi short story author who dabbles in the complications of the present and occasionally pens matters of the heart. Exploring raw, spiritual, and subconscious elements of existence, a couple hours into typing and staring at the screen she might shout in unidentifiable languages; it's all a part of the process.
Latest book: Awake
Visit my Facebook Page Scarlette D'Noire
Scarlette D’Noire Scarlette is originally from Chicago and now resides in Florida. A lover of all things chocolate and vampiric, when she isn't attacking small children dressed as mice she can be found sitting at her computer on several social networks claiming to be working on several books in the Vampire Historia a Series of Revelations: Nicolai's Fate O’Ren, Keeper of the Shadows, a stand-alone short and prequel to the following books: Delano's Disciple, Anthony Drake’s Descent Delano’s Undoing. The Making of Marea is a stand-alone short and prequel in Delano’s life after Nicolai’s Fate in the Vampire Historia series, hence the reason it is finished. Other work by Scarlette D’Noire: Short St ... read more
Latest book: Vampires Romance to Rippers An Anthology of Tasty Stories
Visit my Facebook Page janice Angelique
Janice Angelique has written over thirteen books most of which are romance novels. She lives in South Florida with her husband and their two dogs. Her most joyous times are spent with her two granddaughters. She loves to travel but does not fly so she cruises almost every year to the Caribbean.
Latest book: A kiss to build on
Visit my Facebook Page Jared Alexander
My name is Jared Alexander. I currently live with Autism. I originally wrote, "The Comeback Kids," a few years ago. I registered the story with the Writer's Guild of America West effective on October 15, 2013 and it expires on October 15, 2018. I registered the story as an outline for a movie idea preferably with the involvement of Jenny McCarthy.
Latest book: The Comeback Kids
Visit my Facebook Page Allison Bruning
Allison Bruning has had a passion for writing since childhood. She originally hails from Marion, Ohio but lives in Marfa, Texas with her husband and their Australian Cattle Dog, Lakota Sioux. Allison enjoys family stories, history and genealogy. Her educational background includes a BA in Theatre Arts with a minor in Anthropology acquired at Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas. Allison received National Honor Society memberships in both Theatre Arts and Communication. She was also honored her sophomore year with admission into the All American Scholars register. She holds graduate hours in Cultural Anthropology and Education. In 2007, Allison was named Who's Who Among America's Educators. She is also ... read more
Latest book: Daily LIfe
Visit my Facebook Page Anita Blackmann
Anita Blackmann married young, fresh out of high school. It was obvious that neither of them was ready for marriage, and it ended within a couple of years. With stars in her eyes, she went to Hollywood next and acted for a while, mostly in small parts in independent films. She met and married a producer who introduced her into a world of wild parties and underground sex clubs. She came to fear for her health and sanity, and eventually walked away from him and his money. She leads a very different life now, and has decided to write of the world she she once knew as a way of empowerment.
Latest book: My First Time Was an Interracial Menage on My Wedding Night and My Husband Wasn't Invited! (Black Those Brides!)
Visit my Facebook Page R.E. Butler
A Midwesterner by birth, R.E. spent much of her childhood rewriting her favorite books to include herself as the main character. Later, she graduated on to writing her own books after "retiring" from her day job as a secretary to become a stay-at-home mom. When not playing with her kids, wrestling her dogs out the door, or cooking dinner for her family, you'll find her typing furiously and growling obscenities to the characters on the screen. Her best-selling series Wiccan-Were-Bear, The Necklace Chronicles, Hyena Heat, Wilde Creek, Were-Zoo, Arctic Shifters, Norlanian Brides, Saber Chronicles, and Ashland Pride are available now.
Latest book: The Alpha Wolf's Mate: Bad Alpha Dads (The Necklace Chronicles Book Four)
Visit my Facebook Page Jemima Pett
I have been writing since I was about 8 years old. The evidence is a small booklet found in my mother’s box of treasures, written in a very childish hand, entitled The Little Stream. I've been creating articles and event reports for newsletters and magazines ever since, often with a slightly fictional theme, but early attempts at novels failed for want of suitable inspiration: characters and plot were sadly missing! I had a career in business and in environmental research that kept me gainfully employed but chained to a desk for many years. But I kept writing: manuals, reports, science papers, blogs, journals, anything and everything that kept the words flowing. Finally the characters jumped into my head ... read more
Latest book: The Princelings of the North
Visit my Facebook Page Lesley Douglass
Lesley loves to write erotic fiction. She believes there is more to it than hot sex (though she certainly knows how to pen that very critical aspect). Her work encompasses complex plots, depth, and character development. She likes to play with elements of suspense, psychology, and the darker side of BDSM. THE VISITOR is Lesley’s first venture into erotic fiction and REQUIEM EXPIATED her second. Since meeting with some financial success as a full-time mystery writer, Ms. Douglass no longer practices her original profession, accounting. She has several more stories under development, one of which will be released in 2018: IV57384. She loves to hear from readers and bloggers. Visit her website and blog for the ... read more
Latest book: Requiem Expiated
Visit my Facebook Page Gabrielle C. Paussen
Gabrielle C. Paussen, seudónimo de periodista hispanoamericana nacida en 1966 en Montevideo – Uruguay. Diplomada de la Universidad del Trabajo del Uruguay como Técnico en Comunicación Social, se inició en prensa escrita en el diario La Mañana donde transitó los pasillos del Parlamento nacional y, más tarde en Señal 1 TV reportando desde casa de Gobierno. Emigrada en 2003 a Mallorca, España, trabajó para El Mundo/El Día de Baleares, Part Forana y Baleares sin Fronteras, entre otros medios. En junio de 2011 obtuvo el 1er. premio Ex Aequo en la categoría adultos del concurso en lengua catalana de relatos cortos "África, un continent d´histories" organizado por Assemblea de Cooperació per la Pau ( ... read more
Latest book: El Perro Furioso
Visit my Facebook Page Robert Grey Reynolds
I am a soon to be retired Duke Medical Center library researcher, who enjoys writing. I have been writing on Wikipedia for years and have begun to write ebooks. My pastimes include selling books on EBay, genealogical research, baseball (Pittsburgh Pirates), collecting antique furniture and coins, and spending time with Kingsley, my cocker spaniel.
Latest book: Washington, DC Photographers Arrested For Explicit Images and Other Photography Nonfiction
Visit my Facebook Page Darlington Chukwunyere
Darlington Chukwunyere is a Nigerian writer of prose, drama and poetry. He was born on November 1st 1990, in Owerri, Imo state. Raised in a Christian home, he was sent to the seminary to become an Anglican priest, but things didn’t go as planned, but he discovered music and writing, another gateway to impacting the society, hence he resolved to make a career out of his passion. In 2007, he began freelance writing for five major local newspapers in Owerri; The Nigerian Horn. National Question, the Statesman, Frontline Newspaper, and the Strides. He graduated as a thespian from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, and by 2010, he had published his first collection of poems online on Poemhunter along with additional ... read more
Latest book: I am Black & Bad
Visit my Facebook Page Madison Barry
Dungeon and party-crawler by night, work-from-home wife and mother by day, Madison Barry has one foot in the kinky world and one in the vanilla world. Her BDSM erotica explores themes of dominance and submission, fantasies of Master/slave and D/s arrangements, with a focus on storytelling and plot enhanced by steamy scenes of pain, pleasure, and punishment. She has written two full series, The Island series (4 books) and The House series (6 books), several standalone novels, and is now hard at work on her next project. Madison also enjoys playing guitar, spending too much time on Facebook, and occasionally looking at her kids' pet gecko, who doesn't do much but is awfully cute. Subscribe to my newsletter f ... read more
Latest book: Taken at the Mammoth Hunt
Visit my Facebook Page Rhea Rose
Rhea is a Vancouver, BC writer known best for her short stories, but she has now moved on to novels! (Although, she continues to write stories for a break from the novel writing!) Her very first short story "Chronos' Christmas" was nominated for the Canadian Aurora Award. Another short story, "Shadow Hunter" (a.k.a. Duty Free) was nominated for the preliminaries for the Nebula award, (as was a reprint of Chronos' Christmas). She recently completed her MFA in creative writing at UBC. She also attended SFU where she got her Communications and teaching degree. She supports her writing by teaching high school English and Art. Rhea participated in the Clarion West writers' workshop and the Kansas Writers' worksho ... read more
Latest book: Jack Sprott Continuum Cop
Visit my Facebook Page Peter Higgins
Peter Higgins (1967- ) was born in Vancouver, Canada into a family that moved often during his childhood, which included Kelowna, Toronto, Winnipeg and Kingston. Mr. Higgins graduated with a philosophy degree from Queen's University in 1990 followed in 2004 by a masters degree in international relations from the University of Hong Kong. For a decade Mr. Higgins worked as a professional writer in Manila, Taiwan and Hong Kong until 2005 when he returned to Canada to create Wordcarpenter Publishing. He is the author of eight books, including The Hellmantle Testament, Zeitqualia, Visigoths in Tweed and Road Sailors. Mr. Higgins currently lives on Manitoulin Island with his family and border collie named Schopenhaue ... read more
Latest book: Prophecy Seekers
Visit my Facebook Page Lizzie Ashworth
I love to write! Which is a good thing, because no matter what I'm doing, my brain edits sentences, selects or discards words, equivocates over paragraph formation. My file cabinet is stuffed with folders full of ideas, scenes, and half-finished work. My favorite part of writing is description. I want my readers to see, smell, hear, and feel what is going on in the story as if they are there. I can't think of many things as wonderful as those hours when words are pouring through my head and spilling out onto the page, creating a physical world full of passionate people! Other pursuits have taken up parts of my life--a technical profession for a career, children, questionable progress in learning to watercolo ... read more
Latest book: A Taste of Love: Yule Season in Roman Camp
Visit my Facebook Page Isobel Starling
Isobel Starling spent most of her twenty-year professional career making art in Ireland. She relocated to the UK and, faced with the dreaded artist’s creative block, Isobel started to write and found she loved writing more than making art. Isobel is currently working on her sixteenth book. The Shatterproof Bond series is an Amazon Gay Romance bestseller and is being translated into French with Juno Publications, German with Deadsoft Verlag, and Italian with Quixote Edizioni. The series is also available as audiobooks, narrated by Gary Furlong. “Fall Together” and “Sweet Thing” will be translated into French by Reines- Beaux Publishing. Already in audio, narrated by Gomez Pugh, “Silken” will be ... read more
Latest book: The Christmas Bonus
Visit my Facebook Page Paul J Bennett
Paul J Bennett (b. 1961) emigrated from England to Canada in 1967. His father served in the British Royal Navy, and his mother worked for the BBC in London. He followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1983. He is married to Carol Bennett, and has three daughters who are all creative in their own right. Paul’s interest in writing started in his teen years when he discovered the roleplaying game ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. What attracted him to this new hobby was the creativity it required; the need to create realms, worlds and adventures that pull the gamers into his stories. In his 30’s, Paul started to dabble in creating his own roleplaying ... read more
Latest book: Servant of the Crown
Visit my Facebook Page M. W. Paul
A writer of dark fantasy, sci-fi and strangeness. Originally from Brighton, though grew up in the wilderness of the Sussex Weald. Now based in Eastbourne, His first effort 'Jaggen & Ruins' an introduction to the dark world of 'The Arb' is now available. 'The hardest task is getting the typing to keep up with the imagination.' A lover of manga, Magritte and Edgar Allen Poe among many others Martin strives to create worlds and images that entertain and explore the dafter views on life.
Latest book: Jaggens & Ruins - Arb Collection: Volume 1
Visit my Facebook Page Michelle St. Claire
[Poem: Michelle] I am a pilgrim on a circuitous path. With every ring I round, Love wraps me tighter. Leading me to re-visit spaces I visited before. To hear at once His ever-faithful beckoning. To see anew through ancient windows. To taste afresh the olden songs. Brown yet un-burnt beneath a forgiving sun – I move. Hauling questions of love and pain. Chasing Hope while myself pursued. Bearing gifts of praise and intention. Taking turns to sip at Light’s fount – I rest. Then rise with eagerness reformed. Beginning at the end of my beginning. Pushing past forests of doubt into fields of Glory. To hear at once – again To see anew – again To taste afresh – again For I am a pilgrim… ... read more
Latest book: My Father's Soup
Visit my Facebook Page Anne-Rae Vasquez
Anne-Rae Vasquez latest novel Reveal book 3 of the Among Us Trilogy will be released in February 2018. The latest novels RESIST and Doubt, Books 1 and 2 of the Among Us Trilogy is a Gold winner of the Readers' Favorite Book Awards. The Among Us Trilogy questions what is beyond the reality of this world and ties in different supernatural religious beliefs of God, Heaven, Purgatory and Hell, angels and demons apocalypse, spirituality and fantasy by mixing themes from shows like Fringe and Supernatural to create an end of the world religious paranormal mystery thriller. Her previous novel Almost a Turkish Soap Opera was adapted into a screenplay and later produced into an award winning feature film and web series ... read more
Latest book: Reveal - A Truth Seekers End of the World Religious Thriller
Visit my Facebook Page Katie Porter
Katie Porter is the writing team of Carrie Lofty and Lorelie Brown, who've been friends and critique partners for six years. Both are multi-published in several romance genres. Carrie has an MA in history, while Lorelie is a US Army veteran. Generally a high-strung masochist, Carrie loves running and weight training, but she has no fear of gross things like dissecting formaldehyde sharks. Her two girls are not appreciative. Lorelie, a laid-back sadist, would rather grin maniacally when Carrie works out. Her three boys love how she screams like a little girl around spiders. To learn more about the authors who make up Katie, visit or follow them on Twitter at @carrielofty and @LorelieBrown.
Latest book: Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Visit my Facebook Page J.J. Francesco
For J.J. Francesco, the seeds of writing were planted with entering Reading Rainbow story contests as a young child. In the coming years, his writing often took unique forms – from making up his own Pokemon to imagining soap opera storylines in his head based off of anime characters. As a teenager, the writing moved to the page, starting with fanfiction, then serialized character dramas, and ultimately resulting in his first novels and short stories. “Mirror, Mirror,” was his first publication in the award-winning college literary magazine Limited Editions, with “Untitled Short Film” following in the next annual issue. Literary magazine Transient, published a third short story, “After School.” In ... read more
Latest book: Because of Austin
Visit my Facebook Page Shiloh Walker
Shiloh Walker has been writing since she was a kid. She fell in love with vampires with the book Bunnicula and has worked her way up to the more...ah...serious works of fiction. She loves reading and writing anything paranormal, anything fantasy, and nearly every kind of romance. Once upon a time she worked as a nurse, but now she writes full time and lives with her family in the Midwest. She writes paranormal and contemporary romance, as well as romantic suspense.
Latest book: The Redeeming
Visit my Facebook Page Scott Gordon
Scott Gordon is a successful children's book author, with over twenty books to his credit. He also writes science fiction, fantasy and horror under S.E. Gordon.
Latest book: Eitastisch
Visit my Facebook Page Eduardo Torres
Soy Dominicano, hijo de padres Dominicanos y me dedico a trabajar como Freelancer en Programación de Página Web y Marketing Online.
Latest book: Ganar Dolares haciendo encuestas
Visit my Facebook Page Anand Doer
Hello Friends, I am Anand (a) Doer, author of Rise Even after Die (R.E.A.D) to Resurrect. This book is all about explaining the human relationship and some hidden secrets to reveal the real life. The good thing about the hidden secret is you can apply this secret to any part of your life. It will adapt to everyone in this world. The Important part of this book is the way to take anyone to reach the pure success, the real life if you follow it properly by your heart and mind. I write this book not only for me, but for all the youngsters who wants to survive, who wants to thrive in this world, especially in turbulent times. So this book and its hidden secret ways are not only a wanted stuff for everyone but also ... read more
Visit my Facebook Page David Naismith
David Naismith is a writer and artist who works in a multiple of media. He lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Connect on Facebook!
Latest book: Black Glass
Visit my Facebook Page Lisa Nixon Richard
Lisa was born and raised under the Big Sky of Montana. . After finishing college with a bachelor of education in history and English, she taught for three years in a small Montana school. In the meantime, she signed up to be a soldier. She left Montana for brief stints when attending various military schools and she retired with 20 years of service in the Montana National Guard. Lisa's father taught her the love of reading at an early age and her uncles taught her the love of storytelling. Many nights, she fell asleep to their stories of hunting and the great outdoors. When her husband introduced her to Robert Jordan, she fell in love with fantasy. Though she loves to write about faith and history, her ... read more
Latest book: Pursuing Justice
Visit my Facebook Page Prudence Onaah
Prudence Onaah is a Nigerian lawyer and writer who has been writing since age nine. She enjoys tourism and likes visiting natural resort areas like waterfalls and zoos. She also loves chocolates and has completed five books. She believes life should be enjoyed to the fullest and everyone should attain their most fulfilling heights. She is the first of three children and lives with her family in Ota, a suburb of Lagos, Nigeria.
Latest book: Wedding Gown and other Short Plays
Visit my Facebook Page Arthur T. Bradley
Dr. Arthur Bradley is an Army veteran and father of four. He holds a doctorate in engineering from Auburn University and currently works for NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. Having lived all across the United States, he writes from personal experience about preparing for a wide variety of disasters, including earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, house fires, snowstorms, electromagnetic pulse attacks, and solar storms. His books have been featured in the New York Times, Toronto Sun, Money, Popular Mechanics, Costco Connection, and numerous blogs and radio shows. Since 2009, Dr. Bradley has sold more than 450,000 copies of his books, which include: • Handbook to Practical Disaster Pr ... read more
Latest book: The Survivalist (National Treasure)
Visit my Facebook Page Suilan Lee
Suilan Lee writes romantic stories, set in different cities with characters who live ordinary lives and fight for extraordinary love and happiness. She believes in a happy ending and will always work toward making one happen in all her stories.
Latest book: A Haunted Love
Visit my Facebook Page Shea Ballard
I have been a reader and writer most of my life. I had my first library card at about eight-years-old and wrote my first story in the third grade. I have always enjoyed fantasy, science fiction, and tales of the fantastical, unusual, creepy, and macabre. If a story takes me away from the ordinary world (and is well-written), there’s a good chance I’ll like it. I don’t know that I could ever write something that doesn’t involve the supernatural, the fantastical, the strange and unusual, or that takes place in a world different from our own. My writing style is visual, fast-paced, and, I hope you’ll agree, exciting and engaging for the reader.
Latest book: Brave
Visit my Facebook Page Colin Garrow
Colin Garrow has been trying to be a writer since he left school. During the long hot summers of the Seventies, literary successes were non-existent, though he developed a lovely collection of rejection slips. Poems were eventually published here and there, but it wasn't until 2000 that his first short story saw the light of day. Colin studied Drama at the University of Northumbria, and also did a Post Grad Diploma in Community Education. He was a founder and Artistic Director of WAC Theatre (The Writers and Actors Collaboration Theatre Company) in Aberdeen until the company folded in 2011. Rehearsal videos of some of his plays can be found on YouTube (The Body in the Bag, Towards the Inevitability of Catastro ... read more
Latest book: The Watson Letters Volume 3: Curse of the Baskervilles
Visit my Facebook Page V.M. Simandan
V.M. Simandan is a Bangkok-based Romanian writer of historical fiction, books for children, and non-fiction. He likes traveling, archery, and martial arts. You can contact him at
Latest book: Outdoor Adventures
Visit my Facebook Page Alasdair Shaw
I studied at the University of Cambridge, leaving with a BA in Natural Sciences and an MSci in Experimental and Theoretical Physics. My masters options included gravitational astrophysics, planetary geophysics, remote sensing and high resolution electron microscopy. I went on to earn a PGCE specialising in Science and Physics from the University of Bangor. A secondary teacher for over ten years I have plenty of experience communicating scientific ideas. I grew up in Lancashire, within easy reach of the Yorkshire Dales, Pennines, Lake District and Snowdonia. After stints living in Cambridge, North Wales and the Cotswolds I have lived in Somerset since 2002. I have been climbing, mountaineering, caving, kayakin ... read more
Latest book: The Guardian