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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kim O'Shea
I am a Paranormal Investigator who loves to write. I don't mind what topic, I'm just happy researching and writing. My "The Girl in the Shadows" series is loosely based on stories and experiences passed on by my father who grew up in rural Ireland during the 1940s and early 50s. I live in the Irish countryside surrounded by my pets and the beauty of the West Cork landscape. My interest in natural health comes as a result of living in such a beautiful, restful place. I have studied aromatherapy and worked as a sleep consultant with special emphasis on stress reduction. I have also studied forensic psychology and forensic science, both of which I find useful when evaluating paranormal investigations.
Latest book: The Girl in the Shadows - Part 2 There's No Place Like Home

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Math Bird
Welsh writer Math Bird, has had stories broadcast on BBC Radio 4, Radio Wales, Radio 4 Extra. His work has also appeared in a number of magazines and anthologies. If you LOVE CIME, NOIR stories why not check out Math Bird's latest short story collection (published by All Due Respect Books). HISTORIES OF THE DEAD and other stories.
Latest book: All the Hungry Ghosts - A Short Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elly Stroo Cloeck
Born in Haarlem, Netherlands in 1961, and living there my entire life, except for a six-year ex-pat period on the lovely Caribean island Curacao. Educated and trained to be a CPA, moved to IT auditing and subsequently to Internal Auditing. In 2008, working as Chief Audit Executive at a Dutch multinational listed company, I thought; "what now? I'm 47 and at the peak of a career in Audit". So I started freelancing, sharing my experience and knowledge as a consultant in short projects and in the meantime extending my knowledge of human behavior through reading and study (NLP among others). Now, I'm focusing even more on books and trying to influence others to read (more). My dream is that my summaries will inspire ... read more
Latest book: Samenvatting van Een Jaar Lang JA - Shonda Rhimes

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Medron Pryde
Hello, my name is Medron Pryde, and I am the creator of Jack of Harts. Jack of Harts is a place I hope you like. It’s a place where we did things right, where we built a world we would be happy for our children to grow up in. It’s not perfect. There is conflict. But by and large, we made the hard decisions, and we did what needed doing. We made a good world. I know today that stories tend to go much more dark than that, dystopian futures where we have destroyed our world or enslaved our populations. Places where even the Good Guys are more dirty and hairy than they are clean-shaven and happy. Jack of Harts is not like that. It’s not a world where somebody takes a step forward to fix something an ... read more
Latest book: Forge of War

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dada Bhagwan

Latest book: Worries (In Marathi)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kiru Taye
Kiru is the award winning author of His Treasure. She writes sensual and passionate multicultural romance stories set mostly in Africa. When she's not writing you can find her either immersed in a good book or catching up with friends and family. She currently lives in the South of England with her very own alpha husband and three children.
Latest book: A Very Essien Christmas

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Aidan Hennessy
Aidan Hennessy lives in Canberra, Australia, with his wife, two children and two ginger cats. He spends his days fighting that most tenacious of foes, procrastination.
Latest book: The Grey Mage

Follow me at my  Facebook Page sheryl grant
My passion in life is writing. I'm a late bloomer though, as I've only been writing for about 15 years. I live with an amazing man who understands my desire for writing. I'm divorced with 4 grown kids and 12 grand kids plus 1 great grandson. I moved to Queensland to be with my man and couldn't be happier. I love my life, my writing, my garden and my man.
Latest book: The Last Stop

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Onyechuku Aghawenu Ph.D
Onyechuku M. Aghawenu and his wife Joy Aghawenu, co-founded U-turn Gospel Mission. A ministry with a mission to warn the lost, the backslider, and the lukewarm with an urgent message ...that Jesus Christ is coming very soon and that time is fast running out. He received his ministerial training and obtain Bachelor of Christian Education(BCE), Master of Christian Education(MCE) and Doctor of Christian Education(DCE) from Freelandia Bible College and Seminary, Virginia USA and Master of theology(M.Th) from Evangel Christian University of America, Monroe USA. Onyechuku is widely known for his Bible teaching and preaching and his online evangelistic activities. He is the publisher and editor in chief of U-turn ... read more
Latest book: Why Do We Have Unanswered Prayer?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nicole Gabriel
NICOLE GABRIEL, MBA is a professional speaker, spiritual and life coach, animal loss/grief counselor and dog health/nutrition coach, student and teacher of Peruvian Shamanism and Kundalini yoga teacher (RYT 500). She is a raw vegan food enthusiast and nutrition coach, seeker of truth, animal rights advocate, supporter of women in technology, and owner of Vegan Dog Treats and Angel Dog Productions. As a former Auto Executive from Detroit, she holds an MBA in Technology Management. She is Certified in Transpersonal Psychology at the Master’s Level, has a BA in Communications, and a degree in Graphic Design and Commercial Art. She lives on Maui, Hawaii with her English Bulldog and two Chinese Shar Pei.
Latest book: Healing Your Dog Naturally

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Duncan Murray Kirk
Duncan Murray Kirk was educated in England. He spent the late 60’s and early 70’s marketing records, audio components and technology in the UK music industry. He joined CBS Records in Sydney Australia and then moved on to become a pioneer of the laser printing technology with Canon Inc. Later he took his combined knowledge into a multimedia production company that won three “MacWorld” awards under his management. After ten years of a corporate career the gene of adventure that runs in the men of his family caught up with him. Duncan’s father, a “Black Watch” veteran crack shot, grand Prix Bugatti racer and yachtsman was born into the MacLeod Clan on a tea plantation in the exotic jungle of Sri La ... read more
Latest book: The Rollo Trilogy - Book 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page OJ Whittaker
Hi, thanks for coming to my page. I'm originally from London, where i grew up with four of my brothers. I began writing at an early age at school, most of the time this got me in trouble but it did eventually give me the seeds for the idea to begin the Kerian Saga. I started my first to be published novel in my early twenties, and after many set backs that prevented me from finishing it, including starting a family, moving to Australia and loosing my wife to cancer. Books have always been a large part of my life, to which I have a fairly decent collection of around 300+ books, from self help to non-fiction. But fantasy is where my heart belongs. I currently reside in rural Victoria, in Australia with two ... read more
Latest book: Demons' Return

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kevin Semeniuk
From a young age Kevin has found some of his greatest moments of inspiration tucked into the vision of a screenplay or within the sounds of a story being brought to life in a song. Having discovered two separate worlds with a bond like no other to his own hopes and dreams, he quickly found both the escape from, and relation to, his life as each moment would find him. Once realizing his true love for storytelling and his ability to relate to the world around him as he felt it, Kevin began his journey through the translation of images. After publishing a collection of poetry books, along with his debut fiction novel, 'Sweeping with God', Kevin went on to release his second fiction novel titled, ‘Sugar', in the ... read more
Latest book: Love Grace & Sorrow in No Particular Order

Follow me at my  Facebook Page C.M. Simpson
I spent the first twenty years of my life living in different parts of Queensland and the Northern Territory, Australia. I wrote stories for most of that time, drawing on the different landscapes we encountered and giving a hyper-active imagination somewhere to run. I spent a few years in Melbourne earning my undergraduate degree in Literature, and Masters of Arts in Literature and Writing. I have been a freelance editor for over thirteen years and have so far written four collections of short stories and poetry, and a number of novels, with many more to come.
Latest book: The Sevarine Sidestep

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Selena Kitt
Get ALL FIVE of Selena Kitt’s FREE READS by joining her mailing list! ~*~ Selena Kitt is a NEW YORK TIMES bestselling and award-winning author of erotic and romance fiction. She is one of the highest selling erotic writers in the business with over two million books sold! Her writing embodies everything from the spicy to the scandalous, but watch out-this kitty also has sharp claws and her stories often include intriguing edges and twists that take readers to new, thought-provoking depths. When she’s not pawing away at her keyboard, Selena runs an innovative publishing company ( and bookstore (, as well as two erotica and erotic romance promotion comp ... read more
Latest book: Viola (Erotic Erotica Taboo)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page L. L. Shelby
I am a wife to my amazing husband and a mother to my three wonderful children. Our eldest son suffers from Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. I have graduated from college with is a diploma in Medical Administration. I started writing one night because I couldn't sleep. Words and sentences kept me awake. So, I wrote them down and before I knew it, I had my first book written. I have been writing for four years and I'm thankful that my imagination continues to flow so I can write. Reading and writing have become a great stress reliever. I enjoy to read and write on my back deck with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and let myself escape.
Latest book: Texas Troubles

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Meg Muldoon
Meg Muldoon loves writing cozy mysteries. A former small town news reporter, Meg has always had a special place in her heart for lost dogs, homeless cats, and feisty old locals. She enjoys bourbon bread pudding, red cowboy boots, and craft glue guns. She lives in Central Oregon with an Australian cattle dog named Huckleberry.
Latest book: Asesinato en Christmas River

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Clare Kauter
Clare Kauter is a semi-professional lawn bowls champion and compulsive liar who writes books in her spare time. She describes her books as “mystery with a twist-ery and fantasy with banter-sy” – and advises that if you don’t like puns, you should back away now. Clare began writing her first novel at age 13, and eventually that book was published as Losing Your Head (the first of the Charlie Davies Mysteries). She also writes the ‘Damned Girl’ series, set in a modern fantasy world.
Latest book: Higher Learning

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lon Varnadore
I have been a fan of sci-fi and fantasy for years. Hard at work at the next book.
Latest book: Purgatory: Ghoul Part Two

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Auria Jourdain
History buff, Francophile, and hopeless romantic-- the perfect mixture for writing romance! I have fond childhood memories of reading on quiet afternoons. I loved the "happily ever after" sweet teen romances, but I quickly plunged into the world of historical romance--my get-away-from-real-life transporter. Add in a degree in Political Studies with six years of French--twenty years later, I found a new career. With three published works, I'm still trying to decide which sub-genre is my favorite. I started with historical romances, and two of the six, Pure of Heart and Pure Temptation, are now published. My first YA novel, Spirit of the Northwoods, was released in April of 2016 for my 17 year old autistic son ... read more
Latest book: Silence the Northwoods

Follow me at my  Facebook Page LaTania Michelle
LaTania Michelle is an author, speaker and minister. Her experiences as a business woman, mentor, coach, mother and friend has given her an insight into what it takes to overcome great obstacles and turn impossibilities into possibilities. As the Founder of the Wealthy Woman’s Network, LaTania has touched the lives of many across the country and overseas, with a passion, for releasing the unlimited potential that lies within. LaTania is the recipient of a number of awards for both business and ministry including: the Life Time Achievement Award from Crenshaw Christian, Center, The Goodwill Industries Business Now Training Award as well as recognition and honors from the City of Los Angeles, the Californ ... read more
Latest book: Prayers To Pursue Powerful Change In Your Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Natalie Corbett Sampson
Natalie lives outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia with her husband and kids (furry and bipedal). She is the author of Game Plan (Fierce Ink Press, November 2013) and Aptitude (Fierce Ink Books, September 2015). Natalie carves out time to write between taxiing athletes, pianists, academics and social butterflies to their various events and her day job as a speech language pathologist. Natalie also enjoys sports, photography, art and reading.
Latest book: Aptitude

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eric Reese
My name is Eric Reese. I'm an introvert who has traveled the world on the most unlikely of means and want to share with you my breath-taking experiences from childhood to present. The world to me is a place where you just pass-by and every moment in it, is a step to what is closer.
Latest book: The Ten Facts of Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Less Than Three Press LLC
Less Than Three Press is a strong rising presence in the m/m romance community. Together with a network of highly talented editors, artists, and writers, LT3 provides quality fiction, priding itself on stories that put substance first. LT3 can be found wherever romance writers linger, advertising across the internet and at various conventions. The company is committed to professional integrity, offering strong editorial support to its talented writers, and excellent customer service. Always looking for way to please its readership, LT3 is always looking for new ways to reach out and offer quality fiction, from traditional print to digital, with plans to expand into interactive novels and other media formats. ... read more
Latest book: The Open Window

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Shanna B. Talley
Witchy southern belle who loves the kinky side of life and writes in graphic detail about it. Nature loving garden girl, kitchen witch extraordinaire, halloween queen & all around fangirl of comic books. Spent most of my working life in retail and now ready to show the world what I am really thinking in full vivid technicolor of my books.I laugh at myself constantly and see the world in ways most people don't. My book ideas come from strange influences and I write what I would want to read. Books and writing are my entire life. .
Latest book: Zodiac Reaper (Book II of the Oracle Winchester Series)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Samantha Wood
Samantha Wood was born in Victoria in 1971. Her first book, the memoir Culua: My Other Life in Mexico, was published in 2003. The Bay of Shadows is her first novel. Samantha graduated from Monash University with a Master's degree in Translation Studies (Spanish) focusing on the translations of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's little-known children's stories. She works for Ai-Media, a world-leading captioning service that provides accessibility services for the Deaf and hard of hearing. She lives in Melbourne.
Latest book: The Bay of Shadows

Follow me at my  Facebook Page G.O. Nelson
G.O. "Go" Nelson writes erotica when he isn't at his much hated day job, and wants nothing more than to give up the day job and write all day. His philosophy is that the best porn movies you will ever see are the ones you make in your own head, so he tries to write stories that will help you do that.
Latest book: Reporting Bonnie 2: Bonnie and the Secret Club

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elizabeth Cole
Elizabeth Cole is a romance author with a penchant for history, which is why she lives in an old house in an old city. She can be found hanging around libraries and archives, or curled in a corner reading, cat on lap. She believes in love at first sight. Then again, she also believes that mac 'n' cheese is a healthy breakfast, so don't trust her judgment on everything.
Latest book: Choose the Sky

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Francis Rosenfeld
Francis Rosenfeld has published six novels: Terra Two, Generations, Letters to Lelia, The Plant - A Steampunk Story, Door Number Eight and Fair. She’s working on her seventh book, A Year and a Day, wrote during NaNoWriMo 2016. To learn more about her work, please visit her blog,
Latest book: Fair

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Donna Hawk
I am a retired school teacher, of 33 years, from Kansas. I enjoy writing, riding my bike, taking long walks, and spending time with my family. I am an avid photographer and photoshop user.
Latest book: Mercy, Me

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Susan Arden
"I never thought of myself as a writer, but I'm the person who always starts out a conversation with 'what if...' and 'wouldn't it be funny...' Ever since I can remember, I've viewed the world in terms of stories. Whether it's people watching or a flash, I fill the unknown with my own version of what could be." ~Susan Arden Two writers. One name. A partnership. Check out the Susan Arden team's blog to keep up this sweet & spicy romance world. Stay in touch.
Latest book: Bad Boy in Paris For a Sexy Christmas

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Trina M. Lee
Trina M. Lee writes paranormal fiction that is dark, gritty and violent with a twist of eroticism, romance and horror. She has been immersed in the thrilling world of vampires and werewolves since childhood. Trina has been writing since the age of 9. A Christmas themed short story earned her publication in the local town paper and an award for creative writing from the Government of Alberta. She lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband, daughter and three cats. Trina loves to hear from readers via email or Twitter.
Latest book: Sinister Pretty (Alexa O'Brien Huntress Book 11)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page S R Silcox
Selena grew up in small-town Australia. A child of the 80s and a teen of the 90s, it was a multi-coloured, fun-filled time of hypercolour t-shirts, Slip’n’Slides, outrageously teased fringes, MC Hammer and Dunlop Volleys. She played cricket in the summer and soccer in the winter, all while wearing shorts and t-shirts with a cap glued firmly to her head. She’s passionate about team sports, has an overwhelming sense of injustice, barracks for the underdog and tries really, really hard to have patience with stupid people. She believes that everyone makes the right choices given the right set of circumstances, but most of all she believes that re-making movies from the 80s should be made illegal. She writes ... read more
Latest book: Alice Henderson On Debut

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Edward E. Rochon
I write for my health and the health of the world. Often the cure rivals the disease in grief and aches. My writing career started at twelve when I attempted to write a sequel to Huckleberry Finn but never finished it. My writings have included poetry, plays, a novel, non-fiction and writing newsletters for here and there. Recently, I am dabbling into short stories. Apart from newsletters, nothing has been published in print. I bought an audio recording of one of my poems but threw it away in disgust due to an inappropriate reading by the narrator. 'Contra Pantheism...' was my first eBook. About a hundred eBooks have been published since including some books of verse, and my essays collected into five volumes, ... read more
Latest book: Comedy: An Essay

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Layla Wolfe
Layla Wolfe is a wannabe biker's Old Lady who is satisfied with a leather jacket, one bad-ass pink camo compound bow, and a vicarious outlaw lifestyle. Layla has published 25+ erotic romance titles under the name Karen Mercury.
Latest book: The Emerald Triangle

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Docia Zefirek
Digging for answers author Docia asks many questions. Does the moon like croissants? Why can we hear the music? Do the ants like to dance? She enjoys looking around the world. She frequently looks up in the sky and listens to the whiffle shimmering. What story has it blown her way today? Has Docia’s curiosity been satisfied? ... find out on your own.... Dociekliwa autorka Docia zadaje dużo pytań. Czy księżyc lubi rogale? Dlaczego słychać muzykę? A czy mrówki lubią tańczyć? Lubi rozglądać się po świecie. Często patrzy w niebo i słucha szumu wietrzyka Jaką opowieść przywiał jej dzisiaj? Czy ciekawość Doci została zaspokojona? ... dowiedzcie się sami...
Latest book: The Secret Adventures of Mrs.Christmas Tree

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Williams
John Williams - A 26+ year aviation professional, pet enthusiast, musician and writer who proudly lives in Arizona. John, with a team of professionals, produce informative books with refreshing content and style. I have published these titles so far: "Take Charge of Your Aviation Career", "Bichon Frise - Unique Among Dogs," "Pomeranian - Breed Of A Queen," “The Boxer Scholar And Clown,” “German Shepherd: Loyal, Powerful And Noble,” “The Bulldog,” and the Amazon 4.7 star rated, Sci-fi novel, “Wormhole Moon.” John is currently working on “Wormhole Moon II.” I pride myself on producing a quality product that will educate and entertain my readers. I endeavor to add value to the marketplace in a ... read more
Latest book: Wormhole Moon - An Alien Civilization's Alliance With Earth

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tilly Greene
Born into the easy folds of a sleepy beach town, Tilly Greene embraces the laid back mindset she grew up with. Later, she settled into a polar opposite lifestyle from the one she’d been living by moving abroad to further her education. Despite the frigid climate, the fast pace existence melded in, making her a person who is adaptable and enjoys experiencing the diversity surrounding her. While traveling, she researches and writes erotica and erotic romances. The versatile author writes single titles and series within a variety of sub-genres [Contemporary, Futuristic, Shape Shifting, Paranormals, BDSM] and likes to add into the mix interesting themes and subjects like sexual equality and ethics. Every day sh ... read more
Latest book: Hot Tamale

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Laura Clay
Laura lives in Edinburgh and loves to write about the supernatural creatures living all around us, the dark and horrific, and people living on the edges of society. Her short stories and flash fiction have been published by The Scottish Book Trust, appeared in anthologies and exhibited in The Museum of Childhood by writing collective 26, and her short story 'A Beltane Prayer' was published in the Umbrellas of Edinburgh anthology by Freight Books in November 2016. She was selected as one of 17 local emerging writers by City of Literature, and read her story 'Loch na Bèiste' at the Edinburgh International Book Festival as part of the Story Shop programme. She is currently querying her first novel, an urban fan ... read more
Latest book: Hooves Above The Waves: Tales Of Kelpies And Other Scottish Curiosities

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joseph Barber, MD, FAAP
Dr. Joe Barber attended the University of Notre Dame for his undergraduate degree and received his graduate medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh. He completed a pediatric residency at the University of Virginia and a neurology residency and child neurology fellowship at Washington University and St. Louis Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. He is board certified in Pediatrics, a member of the Child Neurology Society and past Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at Saint Vincent Hospital in Erie, Pennsylvania. Married with five children he and his wife Lori live in a small town, North East, in northwestern Pennsylvania. He is a presenter for the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Ac ... read more
Latest book: Autism Guide

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mary Brock Jones
Mary Brock Jones lives in Auckland, New Zealand, but her childhood years in the stunning Otago region of the South Island live on in the romantic adventures of her heroes and heroines. “When not office bound or being forced to see how much my four grown sons now tower over me, much to their endless amusement, I write historical romances and science fiction. The romances stem from my early years in the southernmost parts of New Zealand, a land where history still marches alongside the farmers, stunning tourist vistas and entrepeneurial endeavours of the modern day. The love of historicals comes from the pages of great books such as those by Georgette Heyer, and Dorothy Dunnett. The science fiction is also f ... read more
Latest book: Torn

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Adam Bender
Adam Bender writes speculative fiction exploring modern-day fears with a mix of action and romance. Adam has written two dystopian sci-fi novels about government surveillance: WE, THE WATCHED and DIVIDED WE FALL. He will soon release an epic new western about gun issues, THE WANDERER AND THE NEW WEST. In addition, Adam has adapted WE, THE WATCHED into a screenplay. In his day job as a journalist, Adam covers politics and technology for Communications Daily. He has won investigative reporting awards from the Society of Professional Journalists and the Specialized Information Publishers Association.
Latest book: Invasion Day

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Manu Breysse
J’ai découvert l'écriture à l'aube de mes 20 ans et ai immédiatement été fasciné par le potentiel créatif qu'elle laisse entrevoir ! Si enfant, je rêvais déjà de voyager dans l'espace à bord de fantastiques vaisseaux, ce n'est qu'une fois adulte que je concrétise ce souhait en écrivant de la science-fiction. Aujourd'hui, 7 ans après avoir commencé à coucher mes idées sur le papier, je termine mon premier livre de SF. À travers ce récit et son enrobage décalé, je cherche à explorer l'univers et ses mystères, mais surtout à poser la question : quel sens souhaite-t-on donner à la vie ?
Latest book: Le Tour de l'Univers en 10 puissance -43 seconde

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jenna Jaxon
Jenna Jaxon is a multi-published author of historical romance in all time periods because passion is timeless. She has been reading and writing historical romance since she was a teenager. A romantic herself, she has always loved a dark side to the genre, a twist, suspense, a surprise. She tries to incorporate all of these elements into her own stories. She’s a theatre director when she’s not writing and lives in Virginia with her family, including two very vocal cats, Marmalade and Sugar. Jenna is a PAN member of Romance Writers of America as well as Vice-President of Chesapeake Romance Writers, her local chapter of RWA. She has three series available: The House of Pleasure, set in Georgian England, Ha ... read more
Latest book: Seduction at the Christmas Court

Follow me at my  Facebook Page A.H. Scott
"It all begins between the ears" - A.H. Scott A.H. Scott is poet collaborator with internationally acclaimed photographer Tony Ward at TonyWardStudio. Come and take a peek for yourself, at the evocative photos from the talented lens of Tony Ward and titillating prose from the mind of A.H. Scott. Just type in my name in the search bar and you'll find me in Tony Ward's arena of art and provocation. lens & pen intersect in a blistering combination... ------------------- LETTERS TO MY BULLY BOOK CONTRIBUTOR - "I am proud to be a contributor to this anthology. "Letters To My Bully" sheds light on the soul crushing issue of bullying. It doesn't sugar coat the problem. It faces it ... read more
Latest book: Break Away

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jiraiya Hull
Eccentric author of Cimmerian and more to come. I don't hold myself to one genre in particular, as I value versatility in my work. I've always enjoyed interactions among humans and other creatures, and I have a hard time writing solely one or the other. When I'm not writing or working, I'm either at the gym implementing some bizarre form of torture on my muscles or cardiovascular system, or I'm wandering off into virtual worlds on my PC (mainly Guild Wars 2 nowadays).
Latest book: Cimmerian

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christine Kersey
My first love is reading, but writing is a passion too. I also enjoy spending time with my family, camping and watching movies.
Latest book: Retribution (Witness, Book 2)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mike Ducheine
Mike Ducheine born Michel Ducheine of French descent, immigrated into the United States to study medicine. Instead, Mike pursued a degree in Computer Sciences in which field he graduated and began a career in technology. After a few years working for several organizations in various roles, – from computer engineer to Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Vice President of Strategy - Mike returned to school to obtain a degree in Business Management in 2003 at the University of California. Mike graduated cum laude with a 3.9/4.0 GPA. He pursued an MBA at the same school and graduated in 2005 with a 3.5 GPA. Mike expressed a passion for reading and writing at a very young age; at 17, he had already read the Bible ... read more
Latest book: The Obama Legacy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Osthanes
Hello and welcome! I am very pleased you could make it. If you are interested in why I write, it is because it always be to explore the realm of fantasy and erotica into new worlds without any boundaries whatsoever. I have a special interest in power exchange, in all combinations imaginable. I sincerely hope that I can create an experience for you that is as stimulating to the mind as it is ... elsewhere. My goal is to create for you a temporary escape to a magical but powerful alternate space, one which I will always welcome to you with open arms. Please stay tuned for forthcoming material. My future projects include more short stories and one novel set in a country villa during the Early Republic of Ancien ... read more
Latest book: Ashley's Journey: Detained Part II

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joan Reeves
Joan Reeves is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She lives her happily ever after in the Lone Star State with her hero, her husband. They divide their time between a townhouse in Houston and a small house in the country where they battle invading hordes of snakes, skunks, foxes, deer, field mice, and gophers. (The gophers are winning in their effort to turn the land into something resembling Swiss cheese.) Despite that, Joan lives the philosophy that is the underlying premise of all her romance novels: "It's never too late to live happily ever after."
Latest book: Friday Is Cake Day