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Follow me on Twitter at  totalblamblam73 Various Contributors
The various contributors to Positive Noises are: Jamie Havlin's glam rock tinged short film 'All Over Brazil' was invited to screen at over one hundred international festivals including Berlin 2004 and at the British Pavilion during the Cannes Film Festival, also in 2004. The following year 'All Over Brazil' accompanied the re-release of 'Born To Boogie' in cinemas across Britain. His next short 'Winning Streak' was shown on BBC1 & CBBC and went on to win a Kenya Screen Silver Mboni award. Annie Dayglo is a writer, researcher and social scientist. A fervent Bowie fan since the age of 12 (in 1972), she has been immersed in the London music and club scene since her mid teens. She has contributed to several jo ... read more
Latest book: Positive Noises (Total Blam Blam #3)

Follow me on Twitter at  yourvaconz Justine Parsons
Justine has been a virtual assistant since 1998 and is passionate about customer service and social media. Specialising in small business productivity and online marketing, her KPI's are measured in terms of customer satisfaction. When not working; Justine unwinds with a good book (thanks Smashwords!), a long walk or having (a few) relaxing drinks with friends!
Latest book: Complete Guide to LinkedIn Groups

Follow me on Twitter at  plaasdantjie Dalene de Bruyn Joubert
Dantjie, alias Dalene de Bruyn Joubert, het op Riversdal in die Suid-Kaap die eerste keer die Suiderkruis van die onderkant kant af gesien. Sy het haar skoolpad geloop al om die potkleigatslimmighede tot in matriek by die Hoërskool Langenhoven op Riversdal. Daarna het sy gedink sy word wys en by ʼn nuwe potkleigat se wetenskap ingeklouter: BA graad in Lettere en Wysbegeerte by UPE, Honneurs in Afrikaanse Letterkunde by Stellenbosch se Universiteit. Dit het Dantjie goed ge-trein om met tale te boer: skryf haar in vir ‘n taalnavorsers- en opnemerskursus by Global Recordings Network. Haar oë val op taal- en kultuurnavorsing in Suider-Afrika. In 1992 help sy om arm mense ook tale te laat hoor. Sy fokus op die ... read more
Latest book: Plaasstories vir 'ie siel

Follow me on Twitter at  vspearson Victoria Pearson
Victoria Pearson lives behind a keyboard somewhere in rural Bedfordshire, attempting to write amidst the chaos being married with three children creates. She has a cat (called Mog) and a dog (that her family refused to let her name Dog) because Aristotle said that to be a balanced person you need a dog to adore you and a cat to ignore you (and because the other cat buggered off without even leaving a note). She spends most of her time creating new worlds, characters, and religions, so is often found wearing odd socks, with unbrushed hair and a faraway look in her eye, or else scrabbling madly for a pen that works to get the stories all trapped on a page before they run off and get into mischief.
Latest book: Strange Worlds - Surreal Stories and Tainted Tales

Follow me on Twitter at  zenobiarenquist Zenobia Renquist
Whether as D. Reneé Bagby or Zenobia Renquist, Reneé lives in her imagination. When not traveling through her fantasy worlds, she can be found in Maryland living with her husband and two cats. She is an Air Force brat turned Air Force wife, which means she's accustomed to travel and does it whenever possible (so long as she doesn't have to fly). Her favorite pastime is torturing her characters on their way to happily-ever-after for the enjoyment of her readers. On the few occasions her muse flees the scene of the crime, Reneé likes to read (comics, manga, and romance), go to the movies, play a few levels of whichever puzzle game has hijacked her interest or experiment with a new chain mail weave.

Follow me on Twitter at  woppublications Pia Jones
Pia Jones was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. At the early age of seven she learn her loved for writing and begin to pen poetry and short stories read by her grandmother. She is a first time author of romance novel Beautiful Mistake. Since early childhood she dreamed of writing stories that readers would love. She is the founder of Write on Purpose Publications. She is the mother of one and lives in Union, New Jersey. She is penning the second book of the trilogy Beautiful Mistake book 2 Britain's Story.

Follow me on Twitter at  michaelpeak Michael Peak
Michael Peak is an Emmy Award winning television journalist. He has had the privilege of interviewing some of the most successful people in the world. These days, Peak is an accomplished speaker and trainer, and produces two amazing seminars. He is often featured at the "Intrinsically Magnificent Seminar for Women," and "World of Persuasion." In his spare time, Michael travels the world, photographing whales and dolphins running wild and free. He currently lives in San Diego with two furry cats.

Follow me on Twitter at  deankrosecz1 Dean Krosecz
Dean Krosecz is a father, musician, writer, speaker, and business man. He uses words, music, and images to empower you add as much value to your life as you want. He is very grateful to live with his three children in the Houston, TX area.
Latest book: Deep Peace

Follow me on Twitter at  martianscribe Catherine Ford
Catherine Ford hails from Christchurch, New Zealand. She is a graduate of Whitireia Polytechnic’s Diploma in Publishing, the only such course in New Zealand. By day Catherine is a science editor, but she likes science fiction and loves fantasy. Most of all, she loves those special places where the two genres meet. Her blog can be found at and she twitters as martianscribe.
Latest book: Tales from the Archives: Collection 5

Follow me on Twitter at  #DiD1456 Didier Beaumont
L'auteur est né en 1963 à Saint-Dizier (52), joli port de pêche. Il a grandi sur la Côte d'Azur, entre Var et Alpes-Maritimes. 1.88m, 85 kg, droitier. Vision binoculaire: 12/10ème après une opération de la myopie au laser. Plat préféré: tripes à la niçoise et pommes de terre vapeur. Journaliste, il travaille au sein de France Télévisions depuis 1990. Personne n'est parfait...
Latest book: Le Passager de 10H09

Follow me on Twitter at  thewolfbutler Christian DeWolf
Owner/operator of Wolf Butler Art & Software, responsible for Diamond Find speed-reading adventure and much more. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Latest book: Gray

Follow me on Twitter at  MiguelBaines Miguel Baines
Miguel Baines lives on a hobby farm where he raises hens and lives frugally. In his spare time he enjoys playing German board games and writing his unique style of poetry.
Latest book: Floods In Alberta

Follow me on Twitter at  @wellsnicky Nicky Wells
Rock On! Nicky Wells writes fun and glamorous contemporary romance featuring a rock star and the girl next door. Nicky loves rock music, dancing, and eating lobsters. When she’s not writing, Nicky is a wife, mother, and occasional teaching assistant. Originally born in Germany, Nicky moved to the United Kingdom in 1993, and currently lives in Lincoln with her husband and their two boys. In a previous professional life, Nicky worked as a researcher and project manager for an international Human Resources research firm based in London and Washington, D.C. Visit Nicky on her blog where you can find articles, interviews, radio interviews and, of course, an ongoing update on her work in progress, the second and t ... read more
Latest book: Sophie's Encore

Follow me on Twitter at Delmita Boykins
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Talented and fun-loving, Delmita Boykins has been a writer for corporate and private firms for more than 30 years. Inspired by God, she has turned her writing gift into inspirational subjects for the world to enjoy. Delmita's love for children and their unique perspective and interpretation of adult communication has driven her to share these wonderful experiences through their eyes. Her stories are truly delightful to all. Delmita's children's books (written through the perception of her grandson) are indeed a marvelous work of art. Her children's books reveal how toddlers “literally” interpret adult communication thus creating humorous situations. Delmita's books are available in e- ... read more
Latest book: Christmas Is Around The Corner

Follow me on Twitter at  ElamBooks Steve Elam
Steve was born and raised in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area and attended Godwin Heights High School. After graduating in 1976, he enlisted in the US Navy and served as a technician specializing in anti-submarine warfare and member of a Nuclear Weapons Handling Team. In 1978, Steve’s ship was sent to the Persian Gulf in response to rising tensions in Iran. In February of 1979, the Shah of Iran was overthrown. Chaos ensued. Ports of exit were closed. Thousands of American citizens and foreign nationals were trapped. Steve and crew took part in a successful nighttime rescue mission evacuating hundreds of men, women, and children to safety––foreshadowing darker days ahead and the coming Iran hostage crisis ... read more
Latest book: Backslide

Follow me on Twitter at  HeartMusic21 Muhammad Faraz (Fizzi)
Born in United States Fairfax VA, love to hear English music, like pop,rock and hip-hop, also trying my best to write english music and will also sing english songs in future.
Latest book: Pop and moral lyrics

Follow me on Twitter at  Tarrinlupo Tarrin P. Lupo
Tarrin P. Lupo is the author of "One Nation Under Blood" and is also known for the historical fiction series "Pirates of Savannah". Tarrin has successfully published sixteen eBooks and short stories. He is also a full time liberty activist who runs a news service called The Low Country Liberty Report. He is nationally known for co-hosting the wildly popular Wheels off Liberty show and guest hosting other acclaimed national podcasts. He currently resides in Savannah Georgia and is a member of the Free State Project, spending time in New Hampshire promoting the ideas of Freedom and Liberty. Please visit for more information.
Latest book: Learn to Draw: Pirates of Savannah

Follow me on Twitter at  MagnetoComms Paul Jones
Paul Jones from Magneto Communications ( is a professional copywriter who trains businesspeople to write professionally and persuasively. He’s been copywriting and training for over a decade. Leading a team of up to six other writers, his client list includes Oracle, News Limited, Clayton Utz, Optus, Fox Studios, IBM, and Kimberly-Clark. His broad experience as a copywriter, combined with his training background with Qantas and the Australian Institute of Management, make him a knowledgeable, engaging presenter. Your learning experience will be practical, content-rich, relevant to your everyday writing challenges, and entertaining!
Latest book: Incognito Influence: Apply the new science of persuasion to your writing at work

Follow me on Twitter at  housefixer Chuck Solomon
Chuck Solomon is an author, business consultant, and former home improvement contracting business owner. He previously owned and operated a successful home improvement business serving the Triangle area of North Carolina. Currently, he helps with marketing, sales, talent acquisition, and business development. He is also the creator of a new home improvement concept called Upkeep. Learn more about Upkeep at Learn more about his consulting at When not not working, Mr. Solomon enjoys hiking, kayaking, cooking, traveling, coaching youth sports and spending time with his family.
Latest book: Upkeep: A New Approach To Home Maintenance And Improvement

Follow me on Twitter at  pthistle P. Fern Phillips
Fern’s 27-year career in Information and Records Management has included extensive experience in Government, Public, and Private sectors in Calgary, Alberta, including consulting and educational capacities. From the very start of this career Fern recognized a gap in the research, and she read and extracted from Canadian legislation and case law and became one of the few Canadian non-legal experts in the relationship of records, admissibility and retention to Canadian Law. Fern was an Instructor at the Southern Alberta’s Institute of Technology (SAIT), Calgary, Alberta from 1988-2006. Fern maintains the CRM designation from the Institute of Records Managers (ICRM) in good standing continuously since 1988. S ... read more
Latest book: Carriers of Information: A Canadian Approach to Records Management

Follow me on Twitter at  ewillett Edward Willett
I'm an award-winning author of science fiction, fantasy and non-fiction for both children and adults. I was born in Silver City, New Mexico, and lived as a child in Bayard, New Mexico and Lubbock and Tulia, Texas, before moving to Weyburn, Saskatchewan with my family when I was eight years old. I have a B.A. in journalism from Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, and returned from there to Weyburn as a reporter/photographer for the weekly Weyburn Review, eventually becoming news editor. In 1988 I moved to Regina, Saskatchewan, as communications officer for the Saskatchewan Science Centre, and in 1993 I became a fulltime freelance writer. I still resides in Regina. I've written or co-written around 50 books ... read more
Latest book: Spirit Singer

Follow me on Twitter at  bradvertrees Brad Vertrees
I graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2007 with a degree in English and a minor in philosophy. I am currently a freelance writer - specializing in writing corporate marketing material. I also blog and write short fiction, which I'm focusing more time and energy on. My other interests include self-publishing, technology and ebooks - I'm definitely an ebook evangelist!

Follow me on Twitter at  nsabadi Norman Sabadi
Norman Morea Trent Sabadi was born in 1983, in Port Moresby, the Capital City of Papua New Guinea. When he was only 12 year old he had his first encounter with the LORD GOD in 1995 that changed his life forever. Since then , his purpose has not only been to follow after Jesus Christ as a believer in Him but to discover the knowledge of His GLORY. Norman has served in wide areas of the Christian Ministry both in Papua New Guinea and Australia and is looking to carry on the LORD’s work as a Revivalist; reaching out to mankind with the Truth of God and Life in Christ Jesus. Norman presents a positive picture that many can relate to, and one in which he finds his inspiration to help others making God the focal po ... read more
Latest book: Understanding The Laws Of The Realms

Follow me on Twitter at  dementedchris Chris Mariano
Cover (Story) Girl is Chris Mariano’s first published romance work, but her speculative fiction and poetry have appeared in Fully Booked's Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards Prose Anthology, Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 7, TAYO Literary Magazine, and Ideomancer. When she’s not writing, she supports Eskritoryo Pilipinas, an organization that encourages kids to appreciate Filipino literature and culture. She divides her time between Manila and Aklan.
Latest book: Cover (Story) Girl

Follow me on Twitter at  DaveTourette Dave Tourette
Author of the comedy "Corrupted!"

Follow me on Twitter at  UrbanTigersBook Kathy Chisholm
I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. (I decline to mention the decade other than the fact that I am a boomer.) The youngest of three siblings, my best friend growing up was a grey and white tabby cat named Bootsie. From a very early age, I've always had a great respect and love for animals and nature. I earned a B.Sc. in biology and a B.Ed. at Dalhousie University in Halifax. I then furthered my education degree at the University of British Columbia, specializing in outdoor education. My husband Hugh and I taught in Prince Rupert on the northwest coast of BC for three years; by summer, we roamed the Rockies. In 1982, Hugh was accepted to veterinary school in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I was lucky enough t ... read more
Latest book: Urban Tigers - Tales of a Cat Vet

Follow me on Twitter at  priamoedit Cappellazzo Marrone Bellotto
GIANLUCA CAPPELLAZZO Treviso, 3/7/92 MARCO MARRONE Marsala, 3/10/91 ZACCARIA BELLOTTO Lusiana, 9/1/90
Latest book: Confluenze

Follow me on Twitter at  jmeulemans Jef Meulemans
Formerly a neurosurgeon at Emory University before cross training to become a shuttle astronaut. Original founder of Habitat for Humanity, recipient of congressional medal of honor, two silver stars and a Cable Ace award for short documentary on world peace. Inventor of Teflon, the 911 Interface system and the little red Take-A-Number dispenser.
Latest book: No Shit Sherlock

Follow me on Twitter at  chefnia29 Estefania Sarraff
My name is Estefania Sarraff. I go by Nia for short but most that follow my recipes on Instagram + Wordpress know me as chefNia*. The idea to share my life in the kitchen and my progress in getting healthy all came about when I made a drastic life changing decision to give my life to God and allow Him to be in control of all that I do. In August of 2012, toppling over at 260 pounds, I could barely even move in the space around me. This was the biggest I had ever been and, suddenly, having had this spiritual awakening–I wanted to change. I wanted to get healthy and fit. Recovery for my compulsive overeating and mentally developed eating disorders seemed like the only way out of this hole that I dug myself int ... read more
Latest book: Real Simple Summer

Follow me on Twitter at  TJBlake93 T. J. Blake
T. J. Blake was born in England, Guildford in 1993. He currently lives in Surrey and studies at Kingston University. T. J. Blake has had a passion for writing stories from a young age, and he has always dreamt of being able to release his material for people to read and enjoy. Becoming a self-published author was his best option at this moment in time, whilst being a full time student at University. Endurance is his first self-published book. He published it March 28th 2013, and then re-released in July 2013. The book came around from a screenplay that T. J. Blake wrote in an A-level Film Studies class. T. J. Blake is constantly working on future titles, his closest release 'The Author' will be available in ... read more
Latest book: Endurance

Follow me on Twitter at  annekane Anne Kane
Anne is a gorgeous supermodel who writes romance in her spare time while jetting around Europe with a string of boy-toys in tow. Hmmm... no one is going to believe that. How about this? Anne is an undercover agent for a super secret government agency and when not saving the world for democracy and all the good people, she writes romance one-handed on a special mini computer designed by a mad scientist just for her. Yeah, that sounds way better. So, ignore the people who tell you she's just an ordinary person with an extraordinary imagination. They're just jealous because she gets to play with James Bond and vacation in exotic locations. Honestly! When she's not busy saving the world or writing the next gre ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  SophieBOlsen Sophie Olsen
Sophie B. Olsen is an artist and author living in New England, USA. In her “real life” Sophie's been employed in the field of medicine for many years. Despite the fact she forbid them to do so, her three children grew up and got their own lives, freeing Sophie to return to writing, her first love, if you don't count bugs. Or fish. Or any of the many other scientific pursuits she's been addicted to along the way. She's written two novels and is working on her third, Law and Legend, as well as several short stories. In her non-writing time, Sophie confesses to a love for all things geeky, including geology, biology, neuroscience, medical technology, ornithology, photography, and coding websites. She's getting ... read more
Latest book: The Magic Piano

Follow me on Twitter at  RDWrites R. D. Raven
R. D. Raven ("Rick") is a Luso-South-African living in Germany. Although always an artist and having tried just about every type of art and fine art by the time he was seventeen--painting, drawing, singing, acting, guitar, piano, sculpting--writing as a form of self-expression only came much later in life. Rick's favorite movie genres are comedies, romantic comedies and fantasies. His favorite book genres include just about everything. His Top 10 favorite movie list includes: The Holiday, Love Actually, Avatar, The Lincoln Lawyer, and Boyz n the Hood. When not writing, he makes a living as a computer-programmer with one leg in Germany and the other in the UK. He moved to Germany six months after meeting the ... read more
Latest book: Jaz & Miguel (Dying Love)

Follow me on Twitter at  teaclinton13 Andrea Clinton
Andrea Clinton is the niece of legendary, George Clinton of the funk band, P/Funk and is currently working on his and the families biography. Born in New Jersey, Andrea is a Novelist, Playwright, Screenwriter, filmmaker, Editor in Chief of AMISTAD newspaper (and soon Magazine). Previously a high school principal and high school English teacher, Andrea has degrees in Journalism, English & Film and is achieving her Masters in Theatre Studies. Andrea Clinton is also the CEO of a non-profit organization called People Helping People, Inc. She started the "Life Knows No Bounds" series as a book of short stories. But each story took on a life of it's own, so, instead they are 4 novels & a book of short stories. In ... read more
Latest book: Love at First Plight

Follow me on Twitter at  HelenLindop Helen Lindop
I'm a social media trainer and blogger. To get the best results from the time you spend on social media marketing, take a look at
Latest book: Getting Started With Twitter Marketing

Follow me on Twitter at  NicolasKapler Nicolas Kapler

Latest book: Booster ses ventes sur Kindle

Follow me on Twitter at  spiritofgolf Tim N. Kremer, M.A.
Tim N. Kremer, M.A., is a visionary peak performance coach and consultant based in Jupiter, FL. He is president and founder of Spirit of Golf, LLC, a program utilizing innovative and pioneering mind/body techniques which help participants (both athletes and non-athletes) learn to achieve greater success and joy in both golf and life. Tim is an author, lecturer and national keynote speaker who has presented before athletic, educational, corporate and not-for-profit organizations, inspiring non-athletes with the same messages he shares with golfers through Spirit of Golf. In addition to his speaking and writing schedule, Tim works with a number of tour athletes and others through his private coaching practice. ... read more
Latest book: Spirit of Golf - Skills and Drills: Peak Performance Techniques for the Athletic Mind

Follow me on Twitter at  allstarpaws JennaLee Gallicchio
JennaLee Gallicchio is an avid animal lover and a natural teacher. Her professional training career unknowingly began when she adopted a puppy that was out of control. What could have been a story with a sad ending turned into a life changing experience and a true love story. "The Secret To Getting Your Dog To Do What You Want", Jenna's first published book, quickly became a Best Seller. It is a "deceptively simple" dog training book that allows you to decide what your goals are. Newly released is the second book in the Give Your Dog A Bone Series, "Teach Your Dog To Pee And Poop Outside: Housetraining Made Easy". This book takes the struggle out of housetraining by teaching you a proven method that will have ... read more
Latest book: The Secret To Getting Your Dog To Do What You Want

Follow me on Twitter at  EricaPike Erica Pike
Erica lives in Iceland with her adorable little twin boys. She often says that her real name sounds like Klingon to foreigners. If “Eyjafjallajokull” looks like a string of random letters it’s nothing in comparison to Erica’s real name. She’s been writing for several years, or ever since reading became an obsession. Aside from a business degree, Erica has taken English courses at the University of Iceland and gulped down anything that might help her in her career as an author. She takes great interest in English, but will break every single grammar rule for the sake of The Voice. Erica loves hearing from her readers. She’s a friendly, easy-going (if a bit silly) person who doesn't mind talking abo ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  BrianaBvedsted Briana Vedsted
Briana Vedsted lives in the country, on a ranch operated by my parents. For the past six years she has been employed by her father, Rob, working cows and irrigating his three hundred acre farm. Having grown up in a farming community, Briana has a deep appreciation for the nearby Indian ruins and all the Old West history. She's a big fan of Louis Lamoure books and John Wayne movies. The smell of pine and aspen trees, trips to the mountains on horseback, and her highly imaginative daydreams inspired her to write western books. Briana's love of magic and mystery, such as the movies Eragon and Brave, and books like Twilight and The Kane Chronicles, as well as a family history that includes the first King of Wessex, ... read more
Latest book: A Girl Named Cord

Follow me on Twitter at  amazinglifefit Ike Johnson
Ike Johnson is a world class information solutions consultant who solves complex problems for many major global companies. At 60, he took what he knew worked from 30+ years as a runner, cyclist, yoga instructor and weight trainer; included what he learned from some truly unbelievably amazingly healthy folks; added some new ground-breaking health information; and, he became “invincible.”
Latest book: Invincible: Imagine What You Could Do With Limitless Energy

Follow me on Twitter at  geoffgeib Geoff Geib
Geoff grew up in Indianapolis, surrounded by books and baseball, ultimately seduced by the concrete and asphalt of Los Angeles and a desire to live a film noir lifestyle. He has been completely unsuccessful in this, and most other, regards. His eclectic professional life includes time spent as a high school basketball coach, unlicensed physical therapist and head matchmaker for an international dating service. He has written for television, including the show Medium, and is currently on the faculty of Hollins University. Minor Adjustment is his first novel.
Latest book: Minor Adjustment

Follow me on Twitter at  psoutowood Peter Soutowood
Writer, architect, father, husband.
Latest book: The Ash of Winter's Work

Follow me on Twitter at  HarborRoe Harbor Roe
Harbor Roe, an English teacher, completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Minnesota. She resides in Minneapolis with her husband and three children. Roe is currently writing the sequel to her first novel, While Seeking Dragonflies.

Follow me on Twitter at  ashleysandeman Ashley Sandeman

Latest book: All The Bad Circles

Follow me on Twitter at  plasmafrequency Plasma Frequency
Plasma Frequency is a magazine of speculative fiction that is put together by Plasma Spyglass Press. We’re based in California, US. We opened in May 2012 and we publish bimonthly (every other month). We publish in print, Kindle, iPad, and PDF formats. ISSN 2168-1309 (Print) and 2168-1317 (Electronic)
Latest book: Plasma Frequency Issue 7

Follow me on Twitter at  Marcus_Herzig Marcus Herzig
Marcus Herzig was born in 1970 and studied Law, English, Educational Science, and Physics, albeit none of them with any tenacity or ambition. After dropping out of university he worked for a bank, a utility company, and for Big Oil. He prefers sunsets over sunrises, white wine over red, beer over white wine, and pizza over pasta. Marcus is in a happy long-term relationship, so please refrain from sending him nude photos of yourself.
Latest book: Idolism

Follow me on Twitter at  rayanyasi Ray Anyasi
If it has plenty heart-thumping moments…if it puts me and my reader on the edge of our seats…if the bad guys get shot in the end or something like that…then I’m so writing it, that’s how I roll. Basically, I’m all about writing compelling African stories with a global appeal. I believe a writer’s primary duty is to his immediate society, to tell its stories to the rest of the world. Be sure to check out my blog, Secret Diaries From Hell...I assure you, those confessions will stun you. For hobbies, I enjoy playing tennis. Though I’ve been told repeatedly that I suck at it terribly. I’m also a soccer fan. For the most part however, I spend my time between surfing the internet on my mobile devic ... read more
Latest book: Me and Mungo Park

Follow me on Twitter at  TheArchcardinal Obinna Mgbeahurike
A poet, Free Thinker, Administrator, Economics and Engineering Enthusiast. Obinna Holds a Bachelor of Arts in English & Literature and did his research work on African Poetry and Drama. He has a strong affinity for African oral poetry culture and borrows dense, surreal and sometimes, personal imagery from it. He is a firm believer in art without boundaries so his work in usually heavily infused with languages, esoteric imagery, alphabets, mythology, art, music, cosmology, cosmogonoy, theology and philosophy. He has been writing poetry for over 15 years.
Latest book: Troubadour

Follow me on Twitter at  chorleycake Ben Borland
My name is Ben Borland. I'm a newspaper journalist living in Glasgow, Scotland, although I'm originally from south of the border in Lancashire. I'm married to Fiona and we have two fantastic children, Katie and James.