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Follow me on Twitter at  frogsandtights Matthew Deane
In 2011, a chapter from Matthew Deane's first book, West Of Independence, won the Non-Fiction prize in the Seacoast Writers Association contest. His essays have been published on various writing websites, as well as on his blog, Matthew now lives in the mountain town of Oakley, Utah with his wife and three children.
Latest book: West Of Independence

Follow me on Twitter at  Angela Friesen Angela Friesen
Let's just say the Loki is tha patron god of my soul, and leave it at that. Just remember that anything is possible, especially the unlikely.
Latest book: Excuses, Excuses

Follow me on Twitter at  ThomasABryant Thomas Bryant
Thomas Bryant received his education at Cal Baptist University in Riverside, CA. While studying political science, he began a love affair with books and discovered a passion for writing. Coming from humble beginnings with economic demands, he took an internship in the service industry as a heavy-duty diesel mechanic, which left him little time for books or writing. He sought challenges, including baseball, football and wrestling as a young man and loved speed on the water in a flat bottom race boat called BORN to be WILD. Two weeks before he entered Arizona Bail Enforcement Academy to become a licensed Bounty Hunter, he was involved in a near fatal crash. Disabled and facing his toughest challenge, he returned ... read more
Latest book: Passionate Plea

Follow me on Twitter at  allityping Allison Bassen
Allison Bassen is a transplanted Southerner, raised in Atlanta and now living in New York with her husband and three children. She spent so many years raising children, tending to a business, and now is fulfilling her passion for writing. Allison describes it this way: "Writing gets me out of bed in the morning. Okay, I'll admit three meals is also motivating, but the thought of not plotting away behind a keyboard is downright disheartening."
Latest book: Virtue

Follow me on Twitter at  BoDeanLogsdon Bo Dean Logsdon
All those years of classroom education has taught me little, except to pique an interest or two. The real lessons were learned "out there", including a four-year army stint, even shorter stints with ex-wives, a couple of cool kids, and, mostly, the lessons from low-paying jobs with high-experience returns. It's like my old man used to say, "It's hard to hit a moving target." That in mind, I always bring along my pals, Bob and Weave. In the end, it's about gold flakes in your pan, a basic consideration when you're hungry, and I am oh-so-hungry.
Latest book: Were-Whisperer

Follow me on Twitter at  KathleenDienne Kathleen Dienne
Kathleen Dienne has been a reporter, a theatrical stage manager, a ghostwriter, a video game consultant, and a marketing analyst. Fiction seems to be the most honest stuff that she's written. She is very lucky to have the enthusiastic support of a brilliant husband, a delightful toddler, and a beagle. If you're the sort of person who enjoys watching how a writer avoids writing, please come over and hang out at Sometimes there are recipes. You can also find her on Facebook (friend her or fan her!), and follow her on Twitter (KathleenDienne). Finally, she loves hearing from readers, so feel free to drop her a line at
Latest book: Three Racing Hearts

Follow me on Twitter at  LynndsieT Lynndsie Hamilton
I started to write because I’m a voyeur of life and a fact & fiction geek. I love to share what I’ve learned and to hear what you have to teach me. Fantasy, history, signs, symbols I could get lost all day in learning. This novel has been a work in progress and after all the blood, sweat and tears the big day came and I had completed 10 years of work. Everything was right in the world. As I sat basking in my accomplishment, my computer was attacked head on with a virus. Relentless it wiped away all my work corrupting my files ultimately crashing my computer. My brain has created a sound of effect of the crash, it replays in head to this day. Anyone who’s survived a crash can relate. All the IT”s in the ... read more
Latest book: The Drawing of 9

Follow me on Twitter at  jpoisner Jonathan Poisner
Jonathan Poisner has over 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Since fall 2009, Poisner has worked as an independent organizational development consultant, with a focus on strategic planning, fundraising, communications, coalition building, and other organizational development challenges. Poisner also works as an Executive Coach for leaders who’re looking for ongoing leadership development feedback from a seasoned professional. In 1997, Jonathan became Executive Director of the Oregon League of Conservation Voters and its sister organization, OLCV Education Fund. During his twelve years leading OLCV, he grew the combined revenue of OLCV and OLCV Education Fund from $200,000 to $1.1 million per y ... read more
Latest book: Why Organizations Thrive: Lessons from the Front Lines for Nonprofit Executive Directors

Follow me on Twitter at  fmarshauthor Frank Marsh
Frank Marsh lives in Broomall, Pennsylvania with his wife, Nicole, his two human children Cara and Natalie, and his two feline children Roxy and Tina (rest in peace, Pandora; I hope you’re enjoying your big, clean litter box in the sky). Not to mention the two newest additions to his family, Elsa the Fish and Bow the same. He considers himself a husband, a father, a homeowner and a working stiff, as well as a writer, an eternal optimist, a hopeful dreamer and an avid sports fan. Frank has been writing since he was a child. The first story he ever wrote was a fully illustrated yarn about meeting Bruce Springsteen. He began ENDWORLD – A Novel when he was 20 years young and finally finished it at almost 38. H ... read more
Latest book: ENDWORLD - A Novel, The Shane Campaign Edition

Follow me on Twitter at  twistofkeylime Melissa Banczak
I'm currently freezing my ass off in Wisconsin. (Even if you read this come summer, know that I'm still cold) I've written and/or produced: docs, shorts, one feature and a critically acclaimed webseries that led to a couple of pilot assignments that led to a few dozen rum punches that led to a realization that I get the hell away from filmmaking and turn to prose. My first novel is getting whipped into shape by an editor who puts up with my inability to use correct punctuation. When I'm not at my keyboard, I'm trying to figure out how to relocate back to Key West without going broke. My film work is at My Key West travel blog is here:
Latest book: Finley Wade - the Screenplay

Follow me on Twitter at  Gamblersnovel Martin Stanley
Martin Stanley was born in Middlesbrough in 1972. He was educated in Teesside and later in Bristol, where he studied graphic design. He began reading at an early age. Although it was horror and science fiction that kindled his love of reading, it was crime fiction that really grabbed his attention. It began with Elmore Leonard, moved on to Jim Thompson and took off with his discovery of James Ellroy and, later, Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett and Ross MacDonald. He is the author of The Gamblers, a violent crime thriller set in Bristol and The Hunters, the first in the Stanton brothers series of crime thrillers. Martin is currently hard at work on the next thriller in the series The Glasgow Grin. He lives, ... read more
Latest book: The Greatest Show in Town (and other shorts)

Follow me on Twitter at  KarenPaquin Karen P. Foster
Karen writes in a fast-paced, conversational style. Her characters come to life through smart and leading interactions that leave her readers wanting more. Karen’s favorite topics are Norse Mythology and the Viking Age, a love affair that began when she was an undergraduate at UCLA, and has grown in breadth and depth over the past twenty years. A student of Geography, Karen became entranced by the north Atlantic region and her understanding of its physical, cultural, and historical background enriches her writing to create an authentic and vibrant experience for her readers. Currently, she is working on the sequel to her first novel and has four other books at various stages of development. If you’d li ... read more
Latest book: The Son of Nine Sisters

Follow me on Twitter at  JC_Quinn JC Quinn
I decided to write my first novel 20 years after thinking about an idea I came up with while on vacation in California as a teenager. I sat down one day and started putting imagination into words. After three years and many life changes later, I completed "The Binding". I live with the love of my life and my two wonderful children. I will continue to write the ongoing travails of Byron and the rest of the Billie clan, and a few new stories, all while juggling the everyday things. I hope everyone enjoys my work as much as it has been a real pleasure for me to write.
Latest book: The Binding (The Byron Chronicles, Book 1)(Volume 1)

Follow me on Twitter at  MaltiBhojwani Malti Bhojwani
As a Life Coach, she aims to serve, not to fix or to help. Malti Bhojwani is the founder of Multi Coaching International, a Professional Certified Life Coach, (ICF) NLP practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and an author. She coaches using her empathetic enquiry which leads her clients to personal empowerment, fulfilled goals and consistent success. Being a life-long learner, she is also mastering Ontological Coaching with Newfield Network, to hone her skills as she still considers herself only a “white-belter” in the field of personal transformation. Malti was born in Singapore in May 1971, went to school in Singapore, lived in Jakarta for many years, though she spent most ... read more
Latest book: Side Effects of Success

Follow me on Twitter at  WriterLad Andrew Hawcroft
First, a deep heartfelt thanks to those who have already bought my books, be it on Smashwords, Kindle, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, etc. I hope very much you enjoyed them. I invite all my readers to stay up-to-date with my writing work, be it fiction, stageplay or screenplay, or simply to get in touch with feedback, on my blog at; About me: I was born in England, 1974. I'm a former gym instructor and in-house personal trainer, and I write, amongst other things, Young Adult fiction, specialising in a style I'd call gritty, 'reality-based fantasy.' My hobbies are fitness training, singing, amateur theatre and songwriting. (See Youtube under my name.) I also write stageplays, and ... read more
Latest book: Rufus

Follow me on Twitter at  CynthiaSax Cynthia Sax
Some girls dreamed of knights in shining armor. Cynthia Sax dreamed of dragons, magnificent flying dragons. Being a bloodthirsty little thing, Cynthia usually dreamed of these dragons eating the damsels in distress. Now, she dreams of them doing... ahhh... more pleasurable things. Cynthia is happily married. Although her hubby has not yet shown any shapeshifting abilities, he does buy her medieval princess costumes to wear around the house. Cynthia's rather traditional mother-in-law now always calls before visiting.
Latest book: Indulgence: A Million Words of Romance

Follow me on Twitter at  falsemagic2k J M Brown
Born a Scorpio, but now a Sagittarius, the author is skeptical of, but fascinated by, the paranormal. I am as old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth. I live on Earth, but "e pur si mouve", so I never know where I am! I despise education, but love learning. I read a book once. I have touched an elephant, ridden a camel, eaten a rat, been held hostage in the jungles of Guatemala and I may have heard the eastern colossus of Memnon sing. The world is far too big for me to see it all, and that makes me sad. I have known true love. I am the proud owner of a beautiful Smith-Corona typewriter on which not a single work of fiction has been typed. I now pound away on a clickity-clackity-sounding modern ... read more
Latest book: River Magic

Follow me on Twitter at  SaraJaysErotica Sara Jay
Sara Jay's world is filled with fantasy creatures, mythology, supernatural romance and saucy tales. If it's smoking hot, and has fur, fangs or wings, it's Sara's thing. She enjoys reading and crafting stories that will keep you reading for steamy, sexy and fascinating reasons! Sara hails from the Midwest where she lives with her rugged husband, young daughter and a house full of shapeshifting cats.
Latest book: Encounter: Gobble You

Follow me on Twitter at  justoutsidebox Martina Zeitler
Martina lives in Melbourne with her partner Jonathan, two daughters Saskia and Katja and two golden retrievers Harry and Murphy. She works as an engineer and in her spare time enjoys cartooning and writing. She is particularly fond of the dung beetle and often wishes Doug and his family would set up permanent residence in her back yard to deal with the dung from her two dogs.
Latest book: Doug the Dung Beetle - The long roll home

Follow me on Twitter at  criosmyers Cyndia Rios-Myers
Cyndia Rios-Myers is a Southern California writer who enjoys reading, long hikes, and good laughs. You can keep up with her musings on her Facebook page, at, or on Twitter at @criosmyers.
Latest book: Razed by the Wolf: Book Seven of The Wolves

Follow me on Twitter at  JasonWChan Jason W. Chan
Jason W Chan's mission as an author is to spread hope and happiness through his stories, just like his role model Walt Disney. Visit him at: Blog: Facebook: Twitter:
Latest book: Book 1: The Crown Prince (The Kid Emperor of Occultoria)

Follow me on Twitter at  maridunham M.A. Dunham
A freelance writer since 2007, M.A. Dunham now lives in Australia, where her house is ruled by a cat overlord. An American wandering the bush, she writes fantasy and mystery.
Latest book: Written in Stone

Follow me on Twitter at  goingfree Mohan Siroya
About the Author MOHAN SIROYA Academically a double Post Graduate ,worked as a Sr. Professional Manager in MNCs in Mumbai for 30 yrs. Thereafter ,he also dabbled in Advertising profession. Simultaneously, has also been freelancing as a Film Journalist/Critic for last 55 years as his passion . He has been a prolific writer , having written analytical and critical articles on Entertainment Industry and detailed reports of International Film Festivals of India , in numerous English periodicals. Named a few are - The Indian Express, FilmFare, Film World, Picturpost, Cine Advance, Screen , The Hitavada, Lokmat Times , Nav Hind Times,The Twin City Times , Film Indu ... read more
Latest book: Golden Sojourn in Bollywood Wonderland

Follow me on Twitter at  mariekarla Marie Sterbenz
Lulu Press published my first book, “The Geis”, (a Medieval Romance set in 13th century Ireland). Geis is a Celtic word meaning that which is forbidden. It is the first in the Dair Keep series. The second book in the series “The Magic Stone” has been published by Wild Horse Press. I am currently working on the third book in the series, tentatively titled “Oisin Daughter of the Forest.” I live in West Haven, Utah with my husband. We love to travel and have visited Ireland where I began my research for the Dair Keep series. We have two sons, a daughter and two grandchildren. I am a member of the Utah Romance Writers of America. My hobbies include reading, scrap booking, sewing, jewelry making and stai ... read more
Latest book: Alphabet Girls

Follow me on Twitter at  susanlohrer Susan Lohrer
Susan Lohrer grew up loving to read so much that when she grew up (and she’s still wondering when on earth that managed to happen), she became a book editor. She also writes books, which is just as much fun as editing them. After having moved all over western Canada during her childhood, Susan now lives in a little town in British Columbia with her husband, their children, three dogs, quite a lot of tropical fish, and far more books than she ever could hope to read. Susan loves hearing from her readers (seriously, it makes her day).
Latest book: Eagle Magus (Book 1 of the Magus Series)

Follow me on Twitter at  chickiepants Natalie Smothers
I was introduced to the music of David Byrne at a young age, which probably answers most of your questions right away. This had a side effect of causing me to develop my own way of doing things, as well as a mind that’s still slightly off kilter. I mostly write to amuse myself, but it is my sincere hope that in doing so I amuse others as well. So far I seem to be doing a good job. Born in Ft. Worth, Texas, I went to school in San Antonio and got an expensive piece of paper that says I spent a lot of time scribbling furiously in notebooks about things that were not being taught. For one reason or another I have lived in a variety of places in Texas (including Austin, College Station, San Antonio and back home ... read more
Latest book: Minor Side Effects

Follow me on Twitter at  kdmarshall Keith Marshall
Notable blogger Award winning realtor Author
Latest book: 365 Rules about Real Estate

Follow me on Twitter at  tori_turner Tori Turner

Latest book: When I Decided to D.R.E.A.M. Big

Follow me on Twitter at  petesharma Pete Sharma
Pete Sharma is a Director of Pete Sharma Associates Ltd, a consultancy and training organisation: He works as a pre-sessional lecturer in EAP (English for Academic purposes) at Warwick University, UK. Pete is a regular conference presenter at IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language). He is the co-author of Blended Learning (2007) and 400 Ideas for Interactive Whiteboards (2011) in the well-known Macmillan ‘Books for Teachers’ series. His latest e-books is on ‘apps' (2013).
Latest book: How To Write For Digital Media

Follow me on Twitter at  JAugust7 J. August
Reader, writer, curious person. Generally harmless.
Latest book: A Shrine to Saint Ann

Follow me on Twitter at  buddyhollywood Mike Parker
Mike Parker is an award-winning freelance writer, actor, director, novelist, playwright & screenwriter. A BA degree in Bible and Philosophy, a stint as an officer with the US Army Special Forces (Green Berets), a career as a stock broker during the great bull market of the eighties, and an entrepreneurial plunge into the uncertain world of television syndication have all combined to give him a unique outlook on the world. Blessed (or cursed) with an insatiable curiosity he is voracious reader, questioner, ponderer. 1993 brought Mike from Texas to Nashville, TN where he, along with his playwright wife, Paula, helped establish Carpenter’s Playhouse, a local community theatre. Together they now serve on the ... read more
Latest book: Mark Twain Presents: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Follow me on Twitter at  #tobynelson46 Toby Nelson
Toby Nelson has been an ordained Presbyterian minister for 39 years. He, with his wife Judy, have served numerous churches as interim pastor. He is heard to say frequently, “The church is the last great hope of the world.” And he gets very excited to bless people with the Bible verse, “God is able!” Toby’s work as a disaster pastor began when he was about a thousand feet away from the World Trade Center on 9/11. Toby is a chaplain to a federal disaster group that responds to high risk medical events. With was in the Super Dome during the Katrina Hurricane, and the day after the earthquake in Haiti. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a Master’s and Doctoral degree. He recently finish ... read more
Latest book: 10 Ways Your Cell Phone Can Save Your Life

Follow me on Twitter at  chasog Charles Goulet
I am a former teacher with a BA in history and a BEd in English literature so I write historical novels based on Canadian history. Presently I am editor of Chronicler Publishing. We publish historical novels, especially Canadian historical novels.
Latest book: Alberta:Savaged Woman

Follow me on Twitter at  ikepius Ike Pius
My words are written in blood... Metaphorically speaking of course. I hope that when I am dead, people will read my works and say: "damn that guy had talent!" I write about contemporary issues, knowing that I cannot change the world but I can influence- positively- all those who read my works!
Latest book: Bomber Boy: Rise of The Underwear Bomber

Follow me on Twitter at  Thomas E Nelson Cobra426 Thomas Nelson
Thomas Nelson was diagnosed type II in 1996. He became frustrated with the lack of information provided by his doctors; so he began researching diabetes and has been conducting research on diabetes ever since. After realizing how valuable his research would be to other diabetics he began publishing his findings. He has published over 50 articles on diabetes, written 12 books on diabetes; his first was published March 2011-Diabetic’s Handbook 853 pages. Thomas devotes most of his time to helping diabetics. He volunteers as an instructor for courses on diabetes in his community. He conducts free diabetes courses via email, and he serves as a volunteer administrator on two diabetes forums. Doctors in his commun ... read more
Latest book: Diabetes Control-How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Follow me on Twitter at  theahartsong Thea Hartsong
I am on the run from the police and am being pursued by members of a coven of witches called the Sisterhood of Cybele. My current location is a secret. For the sake of life as we know it on this planet I need you to read my story and make sure that it is shared as widely as possible. Help me please!
Latest book: Beltane

Follow me on Twitter at  LeichelleK LeichelleK
Interracial Romance Writer
Latest book: Satin Highlands

Follow me on Twitter at  DariaSalamon Daria Salamon
DARIA SALAMON entered a “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” writing contest in her local newspaper when she was twenty-seven. She wrote about her experiences wandering around Costa Rica. She won. It was her first published piece. This precipitated a lifelong writing addiction. She pitched story ideas to the Winnipeg Free Press and became a regular contributor writing about her experiences learning to surf in Malibu, offering her prairie girl perspective of Cannes Film Festival parties and journaling about flying off to Ghana to help build a school. She also wrote a monthly humour column on wedding planning when she was getting married. Daria has contributed to The Globe and Mail, Prairie Fire Magazine and Up ... read more
Latest book: The Prairie Bridesmaid

Follow me on Twitter at  theJemmaJones Jemma Jones
Jemma Jones is a mommy by day and sexy writer by night. She loves writing fetish tales, romance erotica and paranormal romantic erotica. A lover of books, Jemma is inspired by many different genres and enjoys taking readers away from their daily lives by way of storytelling. Jemma hopes to turn on your mind and therefore turn on your body. Follow her on Twitter for the latest updates and please continue to check back as she releases new stories for your reading pleasure.
Latest book: Seduced by the Celebrity 3, Need

Follow me on Twitter at  Sherri Gallagher Sherri Gallagher
Sherri Grew up in Syracuse, NY surrounded by German Shepherds and spent her summers hiking the Adirondack Mountains. For the first ten years of their marriage, she and her husband owned and showed Afghan Hounds. While they kept Afghans as pets, German Shepherds were always Sherri’s first love. In 1993, she purchased Taz, who led her into the world of canine search and rescue. The started an American Rescue Dog Association Unit in 1999 and became operational in 2000. Taz was followed by Clara, Lektor, Belle and now Orex.
Latest book: Trust Your Dog

Follow me on Twitter at Sandy Semerad
Sandy has worked as a journalist, newspaper reporter, broadcaster and editor. Mardi Gravestone—her first mystery novel, received rave reviews. Alabama born, Sandy now lives in Santa Rosa Beach, FL with husband Larry—a keyboard player—who earned his chops in New Orleans—and their spoiled Shih Tzu P-Nut. She has two daughters and a grand daughter. To find out more, visit her website and blog, linked below.
Latest book: Hurricane House

Follow me on Twitter at  writerroach Steve Roach
Steve Roach is a UK based author working in the travel writing, fiction and children's book genres. Steve's travel books are light-hearted and fun, covering such diverse journeys as a 3 month road trip around North America, a grand tour of Europe in a VW Campervan, a grand tour of Scotland in a campervan and a month long cycling trip through France from Cherbourg to Perpignan. Steve's fiction is an altogether different prospect, aiming to take the reader to some very dark places. Frequently bordering on horror, these novellas and short stories involve intense research to really bring the subject matter to life. Finally, Steve also writes children's books, in collaboration with artist Simon Schild.
Latest book: Crackly Bones

Follow me on Twitter at  colwellcontent Nicole Colwell
Nicole Colwell lives in Elmira, NY with the love of her life (her husband Craig) and their three children. Nicole studied Psychology at Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, MA. She began writing when she was only ten years old and her passion for stories and the written word has grown since then. She is an active part of her church and looks forward to many more years of serving God and allowing Him to direct her every step.
Latest book: Drop By Nine Spoonfuls

Follow me on Twitter at  Carol30154835 Carol Carroll
Carol is a young senior-citizen who enthusiastically enjoys sharing her love for reading and for writing short stories and books. She lives in the midwest with her husband and nearby her children, grandchildren, and great grandsons. Family, close and extended, are dear to her heart. She and her spouse are adventurous and have fun going places and seeing things they've never experienced before.Photography and woodworking are tops on the list of hobbies they do together.
Latest book: Reflections

Follow me on Twitter at  solutionset Tim Ross
Tim Ross is the CEO of SolutionSet, a leading digital consultancy based in San Francisco, CA. An author, blogger, and consultant, Tim has spent the past 18 years helping enterprise brands leverage web, mobile, and social technologies to drive business results. He has served in executive management positions at leading consulting firms, including Networkers, USWeb, and V2 Group. Prior to joining SolutionSet, Ross founded 3VR, a market leader in advanced video surveillance solutions for banks, retailers, and government organizations.
Latest book: Beyond the Aisle: Where Consumer Packaged Goods Brands Meet Technology to Drive Business Results

Follow me on Twitter at  msyjennie Jennie Yoon Buchanan M.D.
Dr. Jennie Yoon Buchanan is the medical director of women’s imaging services at Florida Hospitals in the Orlando area and in Palm Coast, Florida. She is also a clinical assistant professor of radiology at Florida State University College of Medicine. Dr. Buchanan completed her medical school, radiology residency and fellowship training in breast imaging at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. She has been in practice, specializing in women’s imaging since 1999 and is an author and the publisher of her newest blog: Dr. Buchanan is also the founder of Jennie Yoon Buchanan M.D. Breast Cancer Fund Inc. This fund provides free mammograms and breast imaging service ... read more
Latest book: Harnessing The Power Of Protein

Follow me on Twitter at  djbernard Dave Bernard
Dave Bernard is a California born and raised author and blogger with an extensive 30 year career in the Silicon Valley. He has written more than 300 blogs for US News & World "On Retirement" and his personal blog "Retirement–Only the Beginning". Dave is a contributing writer to the books "65 Things to do when you Retire" ("Positive Aging - Old is the New Young") as well as "65 Things to do when you Retire - TRAVEL" ("Travel to Discover your Family Heritage"). Candid feedback along with thousands of comments from readers of his blog has given him a unique glimpse into the realities and challenges that all retirees will ultimately face, inspiring his book "I Want To Retire! - Essential Considerations for th ... read more
Latest book: I Want To Retire! Essential Considerations for the Retiree to Be