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Follow me on Twitter at  trueposer David McGhee
Born and raised in the south, David McGhee suffered through a myriad of mental illness issues all throughout his life. As an openly gay male with these disadvantages, David has been searching for himself through music and print for some time now. He feels as if nothing is better therapy than working on stories and writing a catchy song on the guitar. David also has Aspergers. David is 29 as of February 15th. He is 5'7" and has a thing for taller guys. Currently 155ish pounds. Is currently suffering from a liver defect that he is shortly going to receive an evasive treatment for, knocking him out of the count for a few months due to it's toxicity on the body. Hopefully this doesn't effect his extra curricul ... read more
Latest book: Prince Harry Balls

Follow me on Twitter at  RussHasan Russell Hasan
Russell Hasan is a novelist/philosopher/lawyer. He lives in Connecticut, and he is a huge New York Yankees fan. He is a libertarian (socially liberal, economically conservative).
Latest book: Golden Rule Libertarianism: A Defense of Freedom in Social, Economic, and Legal Policy

Follow me on Twitter at  bedofroses2001 Ty Langston
As a child, multi-published author Ty Langston loved to read about dragons and knights so much that one day, her grandmother told her to "just write about them." So she did. From that day forward, she never left home without her pen, a notebook, and some kind of music playing in the background. Her love of reading expanded from fantasy into science fiction, and eventually into paranormal romance and erotica. She enjoys different works from George Martin, Anne McCaffrey, Stephen King, and Jackie Collins. But some of Ty's favorite writers are from the world of TV and film: namely, Tudors creator Michael Hirst, and the late John Hughes. Ty has a certificate in Broadcast Journalism along with a degree in Busine ... read more
Latest book: Open Mic Night (Crave a Bite #1)

Follow me on Twitter at  trevor_forest Trevor Forest
Trevor Forest lives in Nottingham in the UK with his wife Doreen and two mad Springer Spaniels Molly and Maisie. Trevor is the author of 11 children's books including the Magic Molly and Stanley Stickle series. Trevor Forest is currently working on the third Stanley Stickle and the sixth Magic Molly books.
Latest book: Abigail Pink's Angel

Follow me on Twitter at  ulzaorith Astra Crompton
Astra Crompton lives in Victoria with her husband, two cats and leopard gecko. She is an artist, illustrator, graphics and games designer, hand-crafted seamstress and author.
Latest book: The Shore

Follow me on Twitter at  safficscribe Saffina Desforges
Since 2011, Saffina Desforges has sold close to a million titles. The following books are available: Crime *Snow White *Rapunzel *Ring-a-ring O'Roses *The Night before Christmas *Rose Red crime thriller box-set Young Adult *St Mallory's Forever! (YA murder mystery) *Saffi does Sherlock (YA Sherlock Holmes series) *Indigo Kids - Books One and Two - Awakenings and Paragon. (YA Fantasy/paranormal series) Coming soon... *Beauty & the Beast (Book 3 of the Rose Red Crime thriller series) *First Blood (Book One - Dark Halo - Adult Fantasy trilogy) Contact: Represented by Broo Doherty @ DHH Literary Agency, London. Coming soon ~ (writing as Stevie Jordan)TAKE IT TO THE GRAVE (f ... read more
Latest book: Ring-A-Ring O'Roses (Rose Red Rhymes #1): A Crime Thriller Short Story

Follow me on Twitter at  Brightwriter Paul Caro
I am a writer, child of God, father of two, husband to one. I am delving into Christian fiction as inspired by His word and His whispers. Won't you join me?
Latest book: The Adventures of Sammy and Alistair: Man Overboard!

Follow me on Twitter at  jfm9561 J. F. Manning
J. F. Manning has been writing fiction and poetry as a hobby for most of his life. Thanks to the advent of legitimate Web based self-publishing options such as, he has decided to start sharing his work with the rest of the world. His primary focus is science fiction, fantasy and horror, but he has done writing in most every genre. Manning has B.A. in English Literature (with a minor in Creative Writing), an M.A. in Information Science, and is currently employed as the Technology Manager for a medium sized public library system in Missouri.
Latest book: The Unicorn Papers {Yang ~ Sun}

Follow me on Twitter at  mmrmatthewhenry Steve Kindorf
I put this together, God showing me the need to glorify the person, work, and Godhead of his Son Jesus Christ. And to give the world study aids to better understand his written revelation to man, the Bible. God gives me a strong conviction every time I read this prayerbook "My children do not know me like this, my children need to know me as a Holy God" I typed out Matthew Henry's 'A Method for Prayer' from 8 different documents from 1710-1834. Two 1710 documents, the first and second edition were the main one's. A friend and I give out free Bibles and study helps that I have put together. This prayerbook is a Bible companion and reference for daily devotions, and is best read by viewing the intended format an ... read more
Latest book: A Method for Prayer

Follow me on Twitter at  staceyagordon Stacey Gordon
Stacey A. Gordon, MBA is Chief Talent Acquisition Consultant and Principal at The Gordon Group. She is an expert contributor to the Career Attraction blog and continues to serve on the Board of the Los Angeles Chapter of MBA Women International. The author of The Successful Interview: 99 Questions to Ask and Answer (and Some You Shouldn't), her writing has appeared in Forbes and she has contributed to articles in Essence and Black MBA Magazine. She has also appeared on
Latest book: The Successful Interview: 99 Questions to Ask and Answer (and some you shouldn't)

Follow me on Twitter at  Ccjohnson0711 Crystal C. Johnson
So a little bit about me...I'm an avid pinner, addicted to reading and writing, and currently trying to survive motherhood. Let's face it I have a strange addiction to Root Beer, and girl scout thin mints. If I could I would spend my entire day locked in a closet with a flashlight if that meant I could read a book from start to finish. But lets get serious... I graduated from BYU-I with a BA Degree in Political Science and a minor in English. Along the way I acquired a pretty amazing husband who has helped me create and realize so many dreams. Who knows how many times he's reminded me that I need to sleep to continue living. I also have a baby boy who fits perfectly with his name Cash. Right now I reside in Ca ... read more
Latest book: Deviations

Follow me on Twitter at G E Washington
Born and raised in the Midwest, Gwendolyn has made Kansas City her home for the last 20+years. A banker by trade, writing suspenseful mysteries with a dash of the romance, is what keeps her grounded. A fan of dark psychological thrillers, Gwendolyn writes to intrigue the mind and disrupt the status quo. Just when you think you've got it all figured out, she adds another twist. Strange Connections is the first of a 3 part series called the 'small man series' where she introduces you to Detective Lang Peoples. Published in June of 2013, she is currently working on volume II titled Paper Doll Men to be released Spring 2014. Gwendolyn has just completed two "Peoples shorts" to introduce new readers to the smart an ... read more
Latest book: Loving Vhannie

Follow me on Twitter at  lawhotwheels87 Laura E Simms
Laura Simms 1987- Books End Game The Legend of the Talking Sword Taken for a Mug Horses For Courses Millionaire's Playpen Gemini Blood The Irony of de ja vu I have wanted to be an author since I was 6. So this is a dream realised for me. The last year has been very productive with lots more writing to come hopefully. But I will let you be the judge of what you read, so all that remains to be said is Happy reading
Latest book: The Jewel In The Crown of The Hexagonal East

Follow me on Twitter at  @michaelmgarver Michael Garver
Michael Garver is a Vietnam veteran and served as a Deep Sea Diver. Before his tour he trained in the Panamanian jungle for wilderness survival and jungle warfare. During his service he was wounded and spent six weeks in the Army/Navy hospital in VietNam, then following his discharge he returned to California. In search of adventure, he traveled to South America to hone his survival skills and live off the land for two years in the Altiplano of Peru, and into the jungles of Bolivia and Ecuador with a donkey carrying his gear. He eventually returned to California and earned a Bachelor's degree in Agronomy, and Master's degree in Genetics. Since then, he has been a field geneticist for a major seed company, lands ... read more
Latest book: Urban Survival: When the World as You Know It has Changed Overnight

Follow me on Twitter at  calnis J R C Salter

J R C Salter was born in Devon in the mid eighties. J trained as a chef and practiced for ten years before quitting to pursue a writing career, having always loved reading and making stories. J wanted to write an epic tale encompassing the adventures of different characters surrounding a mysterious artifact. Main inspirations included The Lord of the Rings, the Silmarillion, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Highlander. J is a self confessed geek who loves such things as Harry Potter, Batman, Metal Gear Solid, Star Wars, Farscape, Firefly, Game of Thrones (Book and Television) and is a proud follower of Whovianism. J’s favourite author is Stephen King, with Charles Dickens, JK Rowling and JRR Tolkien coming v ... read more
Latest book: Elena's Choice (The Calnis Chronicles #3)

Follow me on Twitter at  RoyStation Roy Station
I write sex stories that have a plot with a twist in the tale, highly erotic romps and some very wacky humor. I much prefer to write explicit sex scenes, as opposed to innuendo. I also believe in writing lots of raunchy dialogue. Almost all of the sexual motivation and action in my stories, is written after discussions with people who have been in similar situations. Although at the end of the day, it is hoped that the stories have a great enjoyment factor.
Latest book: You Don't Know Half Of It

Follow me on Twitter at  jimryantalks Jim Ryan
Jim Ryan, motivational speaker, coach and author shares his simple happiness message to tens of thousands across the country, encouraging everyone to live their best life now. With his winning combination of relaxed, unique style and strong business, education, and not-for-profit experience, he turns profound, life-changing concepts into easily understood solutions.
Latest book: Simple Happiness

Follow me on Twitter at  JohnKennyAuthor John Kenny
John Kenny has been a firefighter since 1989. It was perhaps karma, having accidently accidentally set fire to his parents’ house when he was seventeen. He has not tried to make french fries since. John lives outside Ottawa, Canada with his wife Liz. The Spark is his first novel. When not running into burning buildings he is an avid sailor, enthusiastic traveler and mediocre hockey player.
Latest book: The Spark

Follow me on Twitter at  24_7France Kim Defforge
Born in the U.S. and now, an expat living on the French Riviera. As a former French teacher, and lifelong Francophile, I currently enjoy writing - sharing news, information, and amusing stories on my blog, "24/7 in France." My published book, "Solitary Desire," tells the story of my journey to France, through love, sweat, and tears.
Latest book: Kids Riviera Sun & Fun Travel Focus

Follow me on Twitter at 1Faith Morgan
Faith Morgan has been writing for 30 years and has various styles of writing. "The living nightmare" is written with horror in mind "Eves hell" is written with modern urban fantasy in mind. She has written several short stories about women overcoming, or not overcoming life. She also writes poetry and short stories and was voted poet of the year in 1998 as well as editors choice in 1999. Faith welcomes any review of her books/Short Stories and would loves to hear form her readers.
Latest book: Forever a Secret

Follow me on Twitter at  ianaugustine1 Ian Augustine
Ian Augustine is the co-author of Scorecard, the first novel in the Pearson Reed Trilogy, as well as Turnball City Tales. He attended the University of Memphis before transferring to Flagler College where he graduated with a degree in History. He has worked as an archivist, docent, and technical writer. A lifelong sports fan, he hopes to visit every professional ballpark in Major League Baseball. He puts hot sauce on everything, and never met a bowl of chili he didn't like. He lives in St. Augustine, Florida, with his girlfriend, Melissa, and a fat dog named Topper.
Latest book: A Score to Settle

Follow me on Twitter at  JamesRobbNZ James Robb
James Robb grew up in Wellington, New Zealand. During the 1980s and 1990s he worked in meatworks, car assembly plants, carpet and biscuit factories in Wellington, Hastings, and Auckland. Currently he is a high school teacher in Auckland.
Latest book: China, Class Collaboration, and the Killing Fields of Indonesia in 1965

Follow me on Twitter at  HopeTarr Hope Tarr
Hope Tarr is the award-winning author of 25 historical and contemporary romance novels including OPERATION CINDERELLA, the launch to her "Suddenly Cinderella" series optioned by Twentieth Century Fox as a major motion picture. SCRIBBLING WOMEN AND THE REAL-LIFE ROMANCE HEROES WHO LOVE THEM is Hope's first foray into publishing (That Book, Inc). A compilation of 28 nonfiction essays by popular romance authors on how they met, wed, and love (over time) their real-life spouses or significant others,the anthology invokes the spirit and style of the bestselling "Chocolate for a Woman's Soul" series. All net proceeds from sales benefit Win, a NYC charity serving disadvantaged women and children. ( ... read more
Latest book: Scribbling Women & The Real-Life Romance Heroes Who Love Them

Follow me on Twitter at  GoLearnPHP Jay Docherty
I run a small web development company. I’ve been writing PHP since 2000, and HTML since 1996. I have a passion for the Mac OS and technical writing and in addition to run the Mac-focussed blog
Latest book: The 24 Hour PHP Tutorial

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorShaunHolt Shaun Holt
Shaun Holt is 28 years old, from the Pacific Northwest. He likes to write many different genres, but most especially romances and action/adventures. He contributes to, an outlet for his political views. His hobbies include reading history and painting. He has wanted to be a published author since 4th grade. He enjoys communicating with readers and writers.
Latest book: Waiting for the Rain

Follow me on Twitter at  dbonleadership Dan Black
My professional experience has been working with youth and young adults. I have been a drug and alcohol rehab Case Manager and also a Behavior Specialist for foster kids. I have an Associate’s degree in Theology and a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development. My personal experience has been as a volunteer youth leader for over 5 years and I currently serve at the young adults group at the church I attend. During this time I have lead ministry groups, delivered speeches, mentored, lead teams of volunteers, and counseled youth.
Latest book: The Leadership Mandate

Follow me on Twitter at  cggaudet Christina G Gaudet
Christina is a Canadian author, illustrator and designer. When she was about twelve she discovered the wonders of young adult fantasy and hasn’t looked back since. Christina is the author of Magic High and The Box series.
Latest book: The University

Follow me on Twitter at  animationsmith Stephen Smith
My name is Stephen Smith, I am proudly the creative type. It's what I love to do most. Creating characters, stories, games, websites (with help of good friends) and such. That's probably what had lead me to getting my Bachelor's in Computer Animation, my drive to be my own boss is what most likely lead me to get a Master's in Entertainment Business. I like playing games (board and video) watching movies and hanging out / joking with good friends whether online or in person.
Latest book: Guise: Chronicles of the Face Stealer, Volume 1

Follow me on Twitter at  Forbiddenebooks Forbidden Fruit Books LLC
Forbidden Fruit Books LLC began in 2012, under the leadership of Kyle T Stokes, to meet the demand for eBooks across America and the world. One year later, we have successfully provided eBooks on all the major eBook platforms including Amazon, Barns & Noble and iTunes. Based in Philadelphia, PA, Forbidden Fruit Books LLC has seen great growth in readership, even as it grown its electronic library with new and exciting writers. As a socially responsible investment, driven by the principle of giving back to the society, Forbidden Fruit Books LLC have adopted a program titled "food for thoughts" that is aimed at improving the lives of the people we come into contact with ensuring our reach goes beyond books. In ... read more
Latest book: The Affirmations Of Christ: Learn The Secret Power Of The Law Of Attraction Through GOD's Word And The Gospels Of Jesus Christ. (Christian: Faith Spirituality)

Follow me on Twitter at  robevanswilson Robert Evans Wilson, Jr.
Robert Evans Wilson, Jr., a full time father of two sons, is an award-winning humorist from Atlanta. He is the author of the internationally syndicated column: "The Un-Comfort Zone" which runs in more than 400 publications. He is also the author of the humorous book "OFF THE WALL: The Best Graffiti Off the Walls of America," published by Longstreet Press. He is also the author of "The Annoying Ghost Kid," a funny children's book.
Latest book: Wisdom in the Weirdest Places

Follow me on Twitter at  HarrisonDavies Harrison Davies
Harrison Davies (1973 - ) was born in Hartlepool in the United Kingdom. He now resides in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North of England. His passions include the written word, visual media such as indie filmmaking, and photography. He lives with his long time partner, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and African Grey Parrot. Harrison completed his second book in early 2012. He has now completed book two entitled Underworld. "It's far easier to launch yourself from a high place in the hope of sprouting wings, than it is to write a book. Yet once you've mastered it, you will be soaring higher than the birds." -Harrison Davies 2012.
Latest book: S.E.A.R.Ch

Follow me on Twitter at  Necia_Phoenix Necia Phoenix
Writer of Fantasy and Fantasy Romance. She dabbles in other genres, writing whatever catches her attention.
Latest book: Inside The Author's Mind

Follow me on Twitter at  sjp9500 Sanjay Patel
Sanjay Patel is an advisor, consultant and speaker with two decades of professional experience spanning multiple industries and business functions. He has made successful career transitions into the public, private, not-for-profit and government sectors of the economy. Sanjay also has owned and operated his own professional development training practice, serving clients across the United States. He is a recognized speaker at national conferences, as well as a graduate level instructor. Having experienced a layoff twice, Sanjay has applied the practical concepts in this book to overcome the challenges and adversity resulting from those layoffs. Sanjay holds an MS in Communication, Managerial Program from Northwe ... read more
Latest book: From Layoff to Take-Off

Follow me on Twitter at  dbphilbin D. B. Philbin
D.B. Philbin has been writing erotica for over twenty years. From short stories to collaborations with other authors and full-length novellas, the tales explore the world of seduction and sensual pleasure. Stories run the gamut from romantic interludes to marital infidelity, coercion, and bondage and discipline. Blackmail and the erotic tension of being in an awkward or embarrassing situation are favorite themes.
Latest book: Community Property

Follow me on Twitter at  dreamerpub612 Anthony D. Phillips
Anthony D. Phillips was born in Cleveland, Ohio 1980. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife Tonia and their cats. He is also a father of three and stepfather to two. He is the owner of and Dreamer Publishing. Creating stories for others to enjoy, has become an all-consuming passion. He is deeply engrossed in his work as an author. Simply put, he loves what he does.
Latest book: Double Feature: Gemini Error/Chrome Justice

Follow me on Twitter at  molecularist Charlie Schick
Hopelessly peripatetic. Thoughts and actions ranging from post-Pasteurian microbiology, indiscriminate writing and post-digital media, various forms of performances thespian and corporate, the Long Now and a post-electronic age, and transforming natural philosophy in the 21st century. Oh, and a happy father and husband.
Latest book: Storylines

Follow me on Twitter at  angelgrosblog Angel Gros

Latest book: Ongi etorri

Follow me on Twitter at  dustinmartin89 Dustin Martin
Dustin Martin is a lover of science fiction and fantasy, as his writing usually reflects, and enjoys all kinds of plots, from grand adventures to character-driven stories. He draws much inspiration from authors in these same fields and his Christian faith. Dustin is currently putting himself through school as an English major. When he isn't writing or studying, Dustin is often listening to music or enjoying a book.
Latest book: Halfway Heroes

Follow me on Twitter at  LebogangMokubel Lebogang Mokubela
My name is Lebogang and I believe I am South Africa's Youngest Author and Coach on Business Leadership & Wealth Building through Positive Cash Flow (PCF™) and Asset Building. My presentations and training workshops are informative, charismatic, relevant, highly entertaining and packed with value. To introduce my personality - I am a true ENFJ personality type! ENFJ personality types are characterized by their charm and ability to communicate, inspire, intrigue and capture people’s hearts through leadership and conversation. I am passionate about growth and my skill set in coaching, writing and business administration enable me to assist entrepreneurs and businesses to effectively grow their entities and w ... read more
Latest book: Principled Living

Follow me on Twitter at  BrightsmithGamp Alex Brightsmith
Alex Brightsmith was born and raised in Bedfordshire and defies anyone who was not to point it out on a map. Bedfordshire has been claimed (or rejected) by at least five bordering regions, and its lasting legacies have been a resistance to categorisation and a fondness for sprouts. Alex currently lives in Birmingham, commutes reluctantly, gardens and bakes erratically, and writes emotionally engaging, carefully plotted thrillers, fantasy and flash fiction.
Latest book: Find the Lady

Follow me on Twitter at  gregrosenstock Gregory Rosenstock
Born in 1951, I teach for a living ( & write for a life!). Ran my own school in Dublin (Bluefeather School of Languages) for twenty-five years. Two other books appearing shortly with, Who Cares (novel, 2008) and Be in Me (non-fiction, 2012), an investigation into the afterlife, written after the death of my wife, Marie-Claire, with whom I chat on the pendulum every day. We have two amazing sons, Michael and Oliver.
Latest book: Be In Me Q&A

Follow me on Twitter at  TeodorFlonta Teodor Flonta
Transylvanian born Teodor Flonta is a retired academic and author of multilingual proverb dictionaries. He lives in Tasmania, Australia, with his wife, Ariella, surrounded by beautiful grandchildren.
Latest book: Un viitor luminos

Follow me on Twitter at  JMullerbooks Justin Muller
I am a fifteen year old novelist living in South Africa. Writing is very important to me, as it gives more power than I can ever imagine - and at fifteen, this is a very potent cure to most problems (it also gives off a whiff of alchemy, but the spice of life can be synthesized!). Why would I want to write? The answer is very clear, and embedded into human nature. We want to observe, carefully control and subtly twist to appease our own interests. That's what I enjoy. Growing up, the house was full of ideas, and I could never just be content with one. My grandmother was Miss South Africa 1963, but in a very stark contradiction to the general stereotype she was the most intelligent person I have ever known. She ... read more
Latest book: The Oleander Effect: Throne of Bayonets

Follow me on Twitter at  susannah_small Susannah Eanes
Susannah Eanes is a certified land-use planner and cartographer by education and has an extensive background in public service. Having minored in ballet in college, she also modeled and taught ballet and modern dance for several years. She writes poetry, fiction, non-fiction and personal essays, publishes book reviews and blogs regularly, and is a free-lance editor. Ms. Eanes was born and raised in a small town in Virginia at the foothills of the Blue Ridge. Beginning with the faithful keeping of journals at around age ten, Susannah expressed herself best in the written word, contributing poems and prose to several small publications throughout her school years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and ... read more
Latest book: Lucky Southern Women

Follow me on Twitter at  LWagen LS Wagen
LS Wagen began her writing career as a child placing in two local juvenile essay contests. As a recent Arizona State University graduate, LS Wagen like many college graduates found herself unemployed. With her knowledge gained from her coursework on Human Resource Management and after interviewing many recruiters, she found herself self-employed working in the resume writing business. Recently she has obtained the designation of CPRW, Certified Professional Resume Writer, from The Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches. She has also expanded her resume, and business writing to include short stories, essays, and even a novel. "Pauline's Perils of Perplexity" LS Wagen's novel for the N ... read more
Latest book: Super Man's Resume: A Beginner's Guide to Resume Writing, and Beyond

Follow me on Twitter at  TheDonnaK.Weaver Donna K. Weaver
Author of adventure romance series Safe Harbors (A Change of Plans, Book 1 and Torn Canvas, Book 2 & Ripple Effect Romance Novella #5, Second Chances 101. Wife-mother-grandmother-Army veteran-karate black belt-Harry Potter nerd.
Latest book: Hope's Watch, Safe Harbors #1.5

Follow me on Twitter at  ScottSto Scott Stoecker

Latest book: Of Things Beneath

Follow me on Twitter at Kassedy Jaymes
Kassedy Jaymes is an American author who has had the passion for coming up with amazing stories of love, heartache, and dramatic tales of real to life stories. She began writing when she was 14 years old, however, it wasn't till many years later that her dream finally became reality and her first book was published. Kassedy wants each person who opens her books to be able to, for a little while, to be able to escape into that characters world and feel their emotions for the period of time they are reading.
Latest book: Unconditional: A Beautiful Legacy

Follow me on Twitter at  aaronkappel Aaron Kappel
Aaron Kappel is a writer and artist with a degree in Interior Architecture and Design. They live in Philadelphia with their partner, two Shorkies, and one disgruntled cat. Visit for more information.
Latest book: Somewhere In Between

Follow me on Twitter at  JoStull Josephene Stull
AUTHOR JOSEPHENE O. STULL: Josephene has always loved to write. However, life took a number of twists and turns before she actually committed to pursuing her dream of becoming a published author. Her dream came true when her first novel (co-authored with Carolyn Owens) titled, Witches, Bitches, and Good Ol’ Boys, was published by Solstice Publishing in 2012. She shares fifteen acres in the heart of the Bluegrass State with her hubby, five dogs, and a royal stub tail cat named Caesar. She enjoys spending time with a wonderful son, four grandsons, and a host of other family and friends. She loves taking long walks. It allows her to feel the sun on her face, the wind in her hair, to sing as loudly and off key a ... read more
Latest book: Lucid Dreams