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Follow me on Twitter at  JohnKolditz John Kolditz
I am a husband, father, life-long learner and teacher. I enjoy the light bulb moments in life when I get them, or when people around me get their own. I also love sailing, sports, reading and showing people around my new stomping grounds in New York City.
Latest book: Vending on a Shoestring

Follow me on Twitter at  top_loader Ed O'Loughlin
Ed O'Loughlin was born in Canada and grew up in Ireland. From 1994 to 2008 he was a newspaper correspondent in Africa and the Middle East. Not Untrue and Not Unkind, his first novel, was long-listed for the 2009 Man Booker Prize. A second novel, Toploader, was critically acclaimed in 2011 for its darkly humorous take on the war against terror. He now lives in Dublin with his wife and two children.
Latest book: All You Can Eat

Follow me on Twitter at  nanach13 tamara zeegers
Tamara Zeegers is a forty two year old bookkeeper, with a huge creative streak. Unfortunately that is not a trait they appreciate in her line of work (strangely they do not look kindly upon creative bookkeeping), so she had to find other ways to satisfy these needs. So drawing and writing became her outlets to vent all this creative energy. Her writing first took the form of song texts and poetry, then progressed to short stories. Her love affair with the United Kingdom, its people and language started at the age of two when her folks started to holiday there every year. Due to her young age she picked up the language with ease. By the time she went to high school she sailed through her English classes. In ni ... read more
Latest book: Love Reborn

Follow me on Twitter at  DrThomasLodi An Oasis Of Healing
At An Oasis of Healing we integrate scientifically validated, state-of-the-art medical cancer treatments with all the healing traditions that have withstood the test of time. The foundation that we use for integrating these modalities, alternative therapies and cancer treatments is a thorough and continual study with a reverence for nature. Even people with the same type of cancers, have unique requirements; therefore, everyone has a plan of care that is individualized.
Latest book: Just Juice It! Juicing to Heal and Prevent Cancer

Follow me on Twitter at  samjanebrown Sam Jane Brown
Sam Jane Brown currently lives in Cheshire in the UK, Sam works for one of the UK's leading airlines, where she has worked as an airline stewardess for the past 15 years. “Forgotten Word” is her debut novel, her idea for the story line came after a year long intense bible study, which then led to her story line, her novel was completed by March 2012.
Latest book: Forgotten Word

Follow me on Twitter at  Randydangerous Randy Hice
Randy Hice is the most published author in the world on the topic of complex laboratory automation. Google "Randy Hice Scientific Computing" to check out his humourous take on more than just labs. A Denver resident, Randy is an active snowboarder, mountain biker, and squash player.
Latest book: Agbero

Follow me on Twitter at  SylvesterPoetry Sylvester Anderson
A resident of Illinois. I work as a janitor at two different schools. I have been writing poetry since I was in high school. My first book "Life Through Celestial Lenses" was published in October of 2012. My purpose is to inspire,encourage, and share God's message of love and salvation. Trying to bring light into the world.
Latest book: The Darkness, The Light, And the Glory

Follow me on Twitter at  AlmaAlexander Alma Alexander
I was born on the banks of an ancient river in a country which no longer exists. I began telling stories as a child and never stopped. To date, I have written close to three million words in more than 20 published books. My novel, The Secrets of Jin-shei, has been published in 14 languages. My popular Young Adult Worldweavers series features New World magic and a heroine who is as American as Harry Potter is British. I like books, embroidery, music ranging from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" to Dvorak's New World Symphony, animals, coffee, chocolate, snow, velvet -- and, in people, kindness, intelligence and an off-the-wall sense of humor. I am a punaholic, a chronic worrier, sentimental and passionate. I a ... read more
Latest book: Letters from the Fire

Follow me on Twitter at  mcpoeman Martin McGregor
41 year old father of four, I live in Andover Hampshire. i have published a book on local murders in Hampshire, and have been published in over 50 different anthologies worldwide. I now have also published a collection of my poetry as well. Please do not click any of the links below my account has been spammed again!
Latest book: The Silent Skin You Live In. Living with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Follow me on Twitter at  nunnington David Hopson
David Hopson read philosophy and social sciences at the University of Sussex, where he was taught by one of the twentieth century’s preeminent philosophers of science, Paul Feyerabend, and the noted Aristotelian scholar, Timothy Sprigge. Among other things, David has been a merchant seaman; the tour manager of a punk band, The Adverts; and a voluntary sector IT consultant. He is currently a visiting fellow at Kingston University. He has maintained a close interest and involvement in discourse about religion and science for over forty years. His two youngest children studied philosophy at school, which prompted him to write this essay.
Latest book: Beyond Reason: Knowledge, Religion and Science in The West

Follow me on Twitter at  DebiMatlack Debi Matlack
Debi Matlack is that rarest of creatures, a native-born Floridian. She still lives there with her husband and five cats (his doing, I swear). She hopes that someday her writing might prove popular enough to support her in the manner to which she would like to become accustomed.
Latest book: Old Dogs

Follow me on Twitter at  KatarinaNolte Katarina Nolte
I wrote So Long Constipation, Part 1 as a result of having had chronic constipation that lasted nearly an entire year. Six years ago, I noticed that I was periodically constipated and brushed it off, thinking it was just a temporary bout of irritable bowel (IBS) caused by stress. As the months went by, I felt increasingly annoyed by the situation, primarily because of my considerable knowledge on the subject of fitness and nutrition. Eventually, having accepted the fact that I must have missed a detail or two, I begun to research the issue. Not only did I find the immediate solution for the problem, but I also came across information that helped me connect constipation to other common modern day ailments whic ... read more
Latest book: So Long Constipation, Part 1

Follow me on Twitter at  brandsmit Brand Smit
Brand Smit is a freelance writer, part-time teacher and since 2006, master of a wide variety of websites. Born in Pretoria in 1971, Brand traversed South Africa with his family for the next 15 years. He graduated from high school in 1989, as fate would have it, back in Pretoria. He then continued his training for life as a productive adult at the University of Pretoria, before heading south a year later. After five years of learning and thinking he followed the only path that seemed reasonable after thinking about it. Two years in South Korea had him yearning for the country of his birth. He returned, worked in Johannesburg for six months, then left again – this time for the shores of the beautiful island ... read more
Latest book: Sê dit beter - Volume 1

Follow me on Twitter at  Corinth Panther Corinth Panther

Latest book: I know I'm Gay

Follow me on Twitter at  KirstenOsbourne Kirsten Osbourne
Kirsten lives in Texas with her husband, son and a crazy new puppy. She is a stay at home mom who spends her life writing, doing volunteer work, and helping out with her son's Cub Scout troop.
Latest book: Rose: Book One in Suitors of Seattle

Follow me on Twitter at  jaygilbertson Jay Gilbertson
Jay Gilbertson is a native Wisconsin author, beekeeper, book review columnist and farmer, as well as producing the nation’s first pumpkin seed oil. Author of; Moon Over Madeline Island and Back to Madeline Island. His new novel is Full Moon Over Madeline Island. Jay thrives enjoying the influence of his family and friends. He finds relationships with all their complications and truths to be his most valued teacher and a huge inspiration for his character’s voices.
Latest book: Full Moon Over Madeline Island

Follow me on Twitter at  AbbyUnderdog Suzanne Marshall
Suzanne Marshall is a children's book author, produced playwright, prize-winning videographer, and most importantly, the human pet of Abby Underdog. Critics have called her writing "intelligent" and "very powerful" with "natural dialogue, hefty emotions, and a satisfying sense of justice," and one even remarked that her story was like "a really good rhubarb pie - a certain tangy bite built into a very sweet crust." This last review made Suzanne a bit hungry! An honors graduate of Smith College, Suzanne has been passionate about promoting positive self-esteem in children (and adults, too!) through humor and story-telling.
Latest book: Guess Who Loves Me!

Follow me on Twitter at  TLRomanceNovels Tammy Lynn

Latest book: Once In A Lifetime

Follow me on Twitter at  aprillbrandon Aprill Brandon
If Dave Barry and Erma Bombeck had a love child, Aprill Brandon would almost certainly be asked to babysit that child. Probably. If she was, like, their next door neighbor or something. An award-winning humor columnist and freelance writer, she writes for newspapers, magazines and media websites across the country. She currently lives in Boston with her husband and a male dog named Buffy, who has, as you might suspect, fairly severe mental issues. You can check out more of her writing at
Latest book: Why Does the Cheese Always Fall? (A Guide to Faking Adulthood)

Follow me on Twitter at  be_the_spark Jaimie Admans
Jaimie is a 27-year-old English-sounding Welsh girl with an awkward-to-spell name. She lives in South Wales and enjoys writing, gardening, drinking tea and watching horror movies. She hates spiders and cheese & onion crisps. Kismetology is her first novel but there are plenty more on the way!
Latest book: Afterlife Academy

Follow me on Twitter at  ClariseSamuels Clarise Samuels
Clarise Samuels is a Montreal writer. Her poetry chapbook, Fairy Tales for the Bourgeoisie, is available through Amazon and was favorably reviewed by Books in Canada. Her first novel, Loving Brynhild, is a fantasy/philosophical novel based on Norse mythology and told from the point of view of the goddess Brynhild. The book was serialized by the British journal Goddess Pages from May 2010 to May 2012. Clarise has also published short stories in the genre of fantasy, science fiction, and mild horror in a variety of journals. Clarise has a Rutgers Ph.D. in German literature and is the author of a scholarly tome on the poetry of the Holocaust poet, Paul Celan, which can be found in major university libraries all ... read more
Latest book: Loving Brynhild: A Novel of Norse Mythology

Follow me on Twitter at  ianeve Ian Everett
Hi my name is Ian and I like to party and write fantasy books, but I actually don't like to party.
Latest book: The Seed of Apostasy

Follow me on Twitter at  murphyverse Noah Murphy
Noah Murphy grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland which features prominently in his writing. After graduating from Goucher College with a double major in philosophy and religion, he began a pet sitting service. In his spare time Noah volunteers at a not for profit parrot rescue. His love of animals provides inspiration for many of the anthropomorphic characters in his books. An avid writer and blogger, Noah Murphy is the author of the fantasy K23 Detective Series and a young adult superhero novel, Ethereal Girls. He enjoys sharing his opinions on life, literature and popular culture with his 19,000 followers on Twitter and on his blog.
Latest book: Deltan Skies

Follow me on Twitter at  gemcitygypsy Kristin Kuhns Alexandre

Latest book: Gem City Gypsy

Follow me on Twitter at  roy_palmer Roy Palmer
Roy is a teacher of the world-renowned movement system, The Alexander Technique. Since 1998, he has taught thousands of people the art of natural movement to help improve posture and sports performance.
Latest book: Sky

Follow me on Twitter at  travellingluke Luke Smitherd
Darts player, writer, musician. Probably in that order. If you enjoy my stuff for free, all I politely ask if you either a: join my facebook or twitter feed, or b: leave a nice review on at least oe ebook outlet. It means an immense amount if you do. Seriously.
Latest book: The Black Room, Part One: In The Black Room

Follow me on Twitter at  EbozonVerlag A. Nicole Knauer
»Zwölf Monate« ist A. Nicole Knauer's erste Veröffentlichung im Ebozon Verlag und ist im Mai 2013 als eBook erschienen.
Latest book: Zwölf Monate

Follow me on Twitter at  AnnaWel07914287 Anna Wells
I’ m happily married with two children. I love to cook, hike, bike, and hang with my girlfriends. I’m an avid romance reader and enjoy all types of romance novels including historical, contemporary, paranormal, and erotica. Oh and did I mention I have my own consulting business? I obviously had a couple of hours left in the day so I began writing romance. I wanted to bring readers hot, sexy romances that are brought to life with compelling characters. Who knew writing romance could be as fun as reading it!
Latest book: Trust Me

Follow me on Twitter at  marcelleliemant Marcelle Liemant
My name is Marcelle Liemant. I write "Speculative fiction with a literary slant" inspired by authors like Haruki Murakami and China Miéville. I am 20 years old and I study Literature and Neuroscience at University in Australia.
Latest book: Purple Rocks

Follow me on Twitter at  John_Santangelo John James Santangelo C.Ht.
John James Santangelo C.Ht., nationally acclaimed speaker, author, seminar leader, and executive business coach, has been a guiding force in empowering individuals, businesses, and corporations to excel at peak performance. John is a foremost authority in success principles and expert in the field of communication, an NLP trainer, and clinical hypnotherapist. He has worked with companies such as The Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept., Mary Kay Inc, Multiple-Sclerosis Society, Make-A-Wish Foundation Well-Point, Xerox, RE/MAX Realtors, the Teamsters Union, and the US Army counter-intelligence team. Whether you’re looking to fulfill short/long term event goals, increase your sales performance, or conduct corporate sal ... read more
Latest book: Setting Goals - Quick & Easy Worksheet, Theory and SMART Goals!

Follow me on Twitter at  JonMarable Jon Marable
Jon Marable is beyond awesome. Jon Marable has built a monkey-powered rocket ship to Mars. Jon Marable once punched a bear so hard it exploded into several smaller bears. Jon Marable has achieved the highest score possible in Tetris. Jon Marable is the eternal unblinking blood-shot eye of the donut in the heart of the internet. Jon Marable saw a deer once. Jon Marable has way too much time on his hands and an increasingly unhealthy ego. But Jon Marable is definitely NOT a jazz musician.
Latest book: Orphans With Potential

Follow me on Twitter at  ghseagels GHS Literary Anthology

Latest book: Voices Within

Follow me on Twitter at  autumnevedotcom Kat O'Connor
Kat O'Connor is a Midwest native, but born with an Irish passion that was a bit too big for a small town. After studying in the New York metro area and, briefly, in London, she settled in Chicago more or less by accident. There she pursues a career in multi-disciplinary arts. She has shown her fine art portrait photography in galleries around Chicago and New Jersey. A collaborative performer who is equal to the challenge of co-creating a story, she has been featured in a number of independent films, including Hatboxes (Fernwork Productions), For the Trees (FukFashion Inc.), and The Dog (Featurepoint Cinema). She is a company member of Terra Mysterium Performance Collective, and has performed with them both mus ... read more
Latest book: Descent Macabre

Follow me on Twitter at  pyruselwood Pyrus Elwood
Pyrus Elwood is an experienced information technology professional, a researcher, and an author. His wide-ranging interests include modern web and mobile development, as well as cloud computing and big data. He enjoys taking complicated issues, struggling with their nuances, and then finally wrestling the constituent components apart. This enables Elwood to present timely and impactful issues to readers in an easy-to-digest, but still thought-provoking manner. As a researcher, Elwood has worked both in academia (PhD, University of Illinois) and in industry (Bytemobile, now a part of Citrix), doing research in RFID/NFC systems, mobile HCI, and rich media streaming optimization. He currently works in consulting ... read more
Latest book: Space, Time, and Cloud: The Emerging Consumer Tech Reality

Follow me on Twitter at  JeffChpmnWriter Jeff Chapman
I write software by day and speculative fiction when I should be sleeping. My work ranges from fairy tales to fantasy to horror and ghost stories. I've been writing all my life but decided to become super serious about it and pursue publication a few years ago. My work has appeared in various anthologies and magazines. I live with my wife, children, and cats in a house with more books than bookshelf space.
Latest book: Sixpence and Rye and a Snake in a Pie: A Fractured Nursery Rhyme

Follow me on Twitter at  lrbauthor Linda Rae Blair
Raleigh artist, Linda Rae Blair was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She has used her knowledge gained during extensive travel throughout the United States and her passion for art, history, mysteries, and scenery to create compact novels with rich characters so real you'll miss them when they're gone and places you'll swear you've been. She has lived in Seattle, WA, Monterey Bay, CA, Cincinnati, OH, and retired five years ago in the Raleigh, NC area. Her love of history is well-earned. She is a direct descendant of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins of Mayflower fame. She is also descended from a strong line of Scots-Irish immigrants to America in the 1700s. She even had a great uncle who was robbed by t ... read more
Latest book: Swinging Between The Poles

Follow me on Twitter at  JamesPratt4 James Pratt
James Pratt likes to create realistically flawed but basically decent characters and have them cross paths with serial killer angels, redneck vampires, slithering horrors from other dimensions, and the end of the world. He also likes to write stories that demonstrate how the ever-present darkness threatening to wash over the world like a wave of endless night can be held back with a little courage and a big shotgun (assuming one hasn't already used both barrels, of course). Some take place in the distant past, others in the far future, and still others somewhere between eight minutes ago and twelve minutes from now. Whether sci-fi, adventure, or straight-out horror, the running theme is that the universe is ver ... read more
Latest book: Horrible Stories for Terrible People, Vol 2 - Obscura

Follow me on Twitter at  kydistortion35 Rickey Russell
Born in the south, and raised from modest means, Rickey Russell has gained a strong concept and understanding of the darkness. He has managed to convey an emotional attachment that many souls find in the realm of blackened comfort, nestled in the darkest regions of mind and soul. Depressions Of The Soul is a collection of poetry he has chosen to share with others. They were written during a time of emotional chaos and despair. Demon In The Mist is his first novel that explores the power struggle between the light and dark. A world demons, magic, and enlightenment.
Latest book: Depressions Of The Soul: A Collection Of Dark Poems

Follow me on Twitter at  WELinde W.E. Linde
I've been working on the world of Maladine in some form or fashion for decades. Unfortunately for me, the path to that world was blocked by my own insecurities. Well, that and the real world. I served for nearly twelve years in the U.S. Air Force, and that lifestyle didn't particularly lend itself to developing creative writing skills. Shortly after separating from the military in 2007, I decided that the time was right. I sequestered myself in my apartment, and wrote my first complete manuscript. This book, an as yet unpublished novel called Chasing After Vanity, was a pleasure to write. The only thing is, it wasn't fantasy. And ever since I first felt the stirrings to be a writer, fantasy is what I wanted to ... read more
Latest book: The Sins of Acheryn

Follow me on Twitter at  bloodsgem Gloria Conway
Indie author. Live in Northwest Arkansas with my charming husband and brilliant son. Love to spend time with family, read and write. I have been addicted to true crime books since a teenager. Also enjoy romance and fantasy.
Latest book: Bloods Gem

Follow me on Twitter at  meldacreates Melda Beaty
Melda Beaty is an author, playwright, English lecturer, and writing consultant. She resides in Chicago, Illinois with her three gifted and beautiful daughters. Her debut novel, Lime (2012), is being hailed as America’s Next Top Model meets Burning Bed. It is the first book to explore notions of beauty and bonds of friendship against the horrors of domestic violence. Melda is also the author/editor of a diverse and cathartic compilation of non-fiction writings by black women from across the United States. My Soul to His Spirit: Soulful Expressions from Black Daughters to Their Fathers won the 2006 National Fresh Voices Award. She published articles on minority student recruitment and retention in Black Issues ... read more
Latest book: Lime

Follow me on Twitter at  laurielyons Laurie Lyons
Laurie Lyons loves to create with words. She has been writing for years in the form of poetry, journals, essays, a blog and now her first book! She has been married for too many years to count and has three children that has given her the greatest of joys and frustrations, often at the same time, as she anxiously awaits the day she becomes a grandma...all in due time. She lives in Louisville, Kentucky where she is finishing her last year of home schooling the youngest of her children. Her passion is helping people through the hard situations in life, and writing. If she can do both at the same time, all the better.
Latest book: Life After Foreclosure How to be Happy Even When You Lose Your Home

Follow me on Twitter at  vickipettersson Vicki Pettersson
Vicki Pettersson is the New York Times bestselling author of two series, the six-book urban fantasy 'Signs of the Zodiac' series, featuring reluctant superhero, Joanna Archer, who battles foes in a previously unrealized supernatural underworld. ‘Celestial Blues’ her paranormal mystery trilogy pairs a P.I./angel from the 50’s with a modern-day rockabilly reporter. Together they fight crime. Both series are set in her hometown of Las Vegas. Vicki now divides her time between Sin City and Dallas, Texas, where she's learning to like good Tex-Mex (easy) and the Dallas Cowboys (easier than you'd think).
Latest book: Remember The Blood

Follow me on Twitter at  Chrystalwynd Chrystal Wynd
Chrystal Wynd is an author of erotic tales set in the fictional city of Chrystal Heights. A lot of strange things happen in Chrystal Heights and Chrystal is happy to record them for your reading pleasure.
Latest book: How I Became a Sex Toy Bundle 5

Follow me on Twitter at  joeclifford23 Joe Clifford
Joe Clifford is an editor at Gutter Books and producer of Lip Service West, a “gritty, real, raw” reading series in Oakland, CA. He is the author of the short story collection Choice Cuts and the novel Wake the Undertaker (Snubnose Press). Excerpts of Junkie Love have previously appeared in Big Bridge, Underground Voices, Word Riot, Fringe, Kerouac’s Dog’s Magazine, and POV Magazine. Much of Joe’s writing can be found at
Latest book: Junkie Love

Follow me on Twitter at  emilyhemmer Emily Hemmer
Emily Hemmer was raised in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago before settling in Kansas City in 1996. She was raised in a house full of women and can therefore shower, blow-dry her hair, and apply full makeup in twenty minutes flat. A huge fan of romantic comedies, Emily was overjoyed to learn that her college roommate could recite every word of the movie ‘Clueless,’ until she realized that was the only VHS tape her roommate owned. Emily dropped out of college and to this day, blames the listless years of her twenties on the words, “As if!” She completed her degree after an extended eleven-year semester break. Married in 1998, Emily and her husband ‘Mr. T’ have two beautiful children now entering th ... read more
Latest book: The Break-Up Psychic

Follow me on Twitter at  coachtactics Chala Dincoy
Chala Dincoy is the CEO and Founder of Coachtactics, She’s a brand marketing expert who helps small businesses feel like a NATIONAL BRAND (without paying the big bucks!) In her former life, Chala was an award winning marketer at companies such as Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Frito Lay, Diageo, Playtex and BIC Inc for 20years. Now she’s a certified business coach, the author of Gentle Marketing: A Gentle Way To Attract Loads Of Clients, a speaker featured on Rogers TV, a radio segment host on the Small Business Big Ideas Show and a regular video blog contributor to the Meetings + Incentive Travel Magazine. Chala dishes out big advice that's to the point, cuts your costs and helps make your brand ... read more
Latest book: Gentle Marketing: How To Gently Attract Loads of New Customers!

Follow me on Twitter at  DolphinHBooks Nancy Nuce
I am an award-winning writer, photographer and artist. I created Dolphin House Books to share my stories for children in an ebook format. These stories are written in the style of old fashioned children's books. They depict a simpler, more innocent time when it was safe for children to play outdoors and explore the world around them, a time, when it was assumed that adults in authority were both trusting and trustworthy.
Latest book: Daniel's Problem (a Picture ebook for Children)

Follow me on Twitter at  BeresfordAuthor Tim Beresford
I didn’t set out to be an author... But when an opportunity presented itself to leave behind the world of commerce and grab a chance to do something creative, I took it. I had always wanted to explore a particular science fiction idea, which I originally had when I was much younger. (I am still surprised that none of the great writers in the field had already tackled it.) It’s the possibility of sending messages back in time using tachyons. (This IS a possibility - recent events at CERN show that many serious scientists take the idea of particles moving backwards in time seriously. It does not contravene general relativity, or quantum mechanics - at least as far as I am aware at time of writing. It is c ... read more
Latest book: Beyond Yesterday