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Follow me on Twitter at  treadstonemtg matt muscat
Treadstone Funding is based in Grand Rapids and serves all of Michigan. We have special teams trained and experienced in every major loan program including FHA mortgages, 203k renovation loans, Zero down mortgage options, Rural Development home financing, veteran home loans, Conventional Mortgages, refinancing, and even debt consolidation. We are most known for our ability to streamline the purchase process for buyers using the FHA 203k Renovation mortgage program. You can fix up the home you're buying with up to $30,000 and have the work done before you even move in. It is for these reasons that the name "Treadstone" has become synonymous with great service throughout Grand Rapids and West Michigan.
Latest book: Guide to the USDA RD Home Loan-- The Zero Down Loan

Follow me on Twitter at  richardsanders Richard Sanders
I worked as an Executive Editor at Entertainment Weekly for 11 years and (in two separate stints) at People magazine and for 12 years. I often speak to young journalists and try to use myself as an example for inspiration—a guy who spent time in jail, rehab and a psych ward and somehow went on to become a successful editor at Time Inc. and managed to keep himself sane and alive. I’ve tried to reflect those experiences in these books My wife, Laurie, and I live in Garden City, N.Y..
Latest book: The Dead Have A Thousand Dreams

Follow me on Twitter at  ebook_author Maria Clay
First of all, please accept my apology for not having a picture of myself where you can see what I look like. That is me up there, though. I simply don't want anyone to know who I really am! If you read my book, you will understand why. I'm just a simple mid-western gal who got herself caught up in a romance scam and decided to write a book about it.

Follow me on Twitter at  joruusc Ryan Barlow
Ryan Barlow is an American author, ghostwriter, and college professor. Ryan has been writing since he could use a crayon. He wrote his first book at the age of 3. It was a 50 page spiral notebook titled "A Compilation in Repetition", using loops which resembled cursive ‘L’s or ‘O’s or ‘E’s and sometimes ‘I’s, but it must have been cryptic and profound writings from within his burgeoning, complex mind. Ryan spent his youth in Applegate Oregon, and his formative years in Glendora, California, before baffling his future self and all of his relatives by majoring in criminal justice. Afterwards, he moved to Reno, NV, where he lasted only a few years before ending up back in California. This time it ... read more
Latest book: I Almost Died in the Grand Canyon

Follow me on Twitter at  laszlogajo Laszlo Gajo
Sin, otac, suprug, šef, podređeni, pecaroš, sanjar, pesnik, borac, majstor, student, pisac, imigrant, emigrant, lider, dužnik i još mnogo toga.
Latest book: Veštine prodaje, mrežni marketing i vođstvo

Follow me on Twitter at  lesleybarker Lesley Barker
I have discovered that walking a very narrow path leads to broad places of peace, contentment, and provision. Besides being a serious writer (writing is my retirement income plan), I currently direct the Bolduc House Museum in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, an eighteenth century French colonial historic site and National Historic Landmark - it's fun.
Latest book: Strategic Prayer Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  jbdcolley John Colley
I am a UK based Corporate Adviser specialising in the Technology Sector. I am expert at M&A assignments and raising capital for Private Companies. I am also an author, a blogger, a speaker, a podcaster and I have a YouTube Channel. Online I am an expert in Corporate Strategy, Technology and Online Marketing.
Latest book: Six Minute Guide to the Financial Crisis

Follow me on Twitter at  MedWOWcom MedWOW, the leading online marketplace for buying and selling new and used medical devices and parts, has successfully focused on assisting the international market with a trading platform, backed-up by numerous MedWOW support services. The user-friendly portal connects buyers, sellers and service providers of medical equipment from all over the world by offering: MedWOW's comprehensive professional services, unprecedented reliability, multilingual customer support and top value. MedWOW has developed a state-of-the-art search engine and catalog, applying the latest technologies to help pinpoint the exact device, part or accessory that is being searched for. The MedWOW advanced filtering options allow user ... read more
Latest book: Medical Equipment Buying Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  arcandio Joseph Lee Bush
Joe Bush is a creative professional currently working freelance. He recently worked as a Usability and User Experience Designer in the oil industry. Before that, he worked at a game studio in Dallas as an artist and scripter. He has a Masters of Interactive Technology from the Guildhall at SMU, and a double major in Graphic Design and Traditional Art. He writes novels, paints, designs games, and pets kittens in his dwindling free time. Joe is known as an excellent storyteller and a skilled Dungeon Master. His coworkers think he's pretty strange, but that's true. He enjoys reading novels, watching anime, and reading manga, and still owns a dead-tree type library along with his trusty Kindle. Sometimes, he fanci ... read more
Latest book: Trucker

Follow me on Twitter at  bobmackin Bob Mackin
Bob Mackin is a North Vancouver, Canada, journalist who has authored books on soccer and baseball trivia. He specializes in sports, business and news and covered the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics for local, national and international publications.
Latest book: Red Mittens & Red Ink: The Vancouver Olympics

Follow me on Twitter at  katecooch Kate Cooch
Kate was born and raised in Fairfax, Virginia and graduated from the University of Virginia. She joined the US Coast Guard after graduation and went to Hawaii to serve on the Cutter Jarvis. From there she went to US Naval Flight School in Pensacola, Florida and then was stationed at Air Station Los Angeles where she flew the HH65 Dolphin helicopter. During her time in Los Angeles she started writing and decided to turn that hobby into a second career after leaving the Coast Guard. She began as a history writer and has been published in "Military Heritage" and "Fairfax County Stories: 1607-2007." Her first mystery novel, "The Happy Housewife," was released in 2012 as an eBook. Kate lives with her husb ... read more
Latest book: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Did the Continental Army Try and Stage a Coup After the Revoluntionary War?

Follow me on Twitter at  diva4lisia Alisia Compton
Born and raised in Western New York, Alisia Compton divides her time between writing and her family. Her writing mainly consists of fantasy, supernatural and science fiction, but she has her moments when she delves into romance. Alisia loves hearing from fans, so don't hesitate to drop her a line at
Latest book: Twelve: After Midnight

Follow me on Twitter at  4N6Associates Dean Beers
Dean A. Beers, CLI is a Certified Legal Investigator and expert in criminal defense homicide and civil equivocal death investigations. He is certified in Medicolegal Death Investigation and served as a forensic autopsy assistant. He has lectured and authored multiple articles, peer-reviewed white papers, and provided expert testimony on Protocols of Private Investigation, and Forensic Investigation of Injury Pattern Analysis. He authored Professional Locate Investigations and recently completed Practical Methods for Legal Investigations: Concepts and Protocols in Civil and Criminal Cases, released by CRC Press in February 2011. Mr. Beers is the Board Chairman of the Professional Private Investigators Associati ... read more
Latest book: Beers with our Founding Fathers

Follow me on Twitter at  JosephGarraty Joseph Garraty
Joseph Garraty is an author of dark fantasy, horror, and science fiction. He has worked as a construction worker, rocket test engineer, environmental consultant, technical writer, and deadbeat musician. He lives in Dallas, Texas.
Latest book: To Rule This Broken Earth

Follow me on Twitter at  levi_melton Levi Melton
Levi Melton has been in love with the written word for as long as he can remember. After pursuing several very different avenues of vocation during and after college, he eventually found his way into the classroom, where he has spent the last six years teaching English Literature and Composition. When not reading and writing as a function of his profession, he can be found reading and writing for the sheer joy and self-fulfillment of the experience. Visit him at:
Latest book: The Dreaming Grove

Follow me on Twitter at  gaho Carlos Filho
Administrador de empresas por formação, sociólogo e crítico do cotidiano por opção, Carlos Alberto Correa Filho escreve desde quando consegue se lembrar. Hábito herdado de sua família, que durante sua infância realizava verdadeiras maratonas de leitura. É autor de diversos contos e crônicas, a maioria publicada em seu site, e tendo se dedicado nos últimos anos à poesia, onde propõe reflexões àqueles que, num momento de suas vidas, identificam-se entre outros, à temas como amor, solidão e o sentido da vida. Nas palavras do autor, “um conjunto de narrativas em que o apenas sonhável se coloca a serviço do prazer de imaginar fatos juntando pessoas e coisas, ao mesmo tempo em que levam à qua ... read more
Latest book: Se Perguntarem de Mim e outras poesias

Follow me on Twitter at  mojoguides Mojo Guides
MoJo Guides are short, concise and illuminating. They're for busy people on the go who want expert, fun filled facts at their finger tips. If you don't have the time to wade through a chunky hardback - download a MoJo Guide and enrich your mind in less than 30 minutes! Why bluff - when you can know your MoJo!
Latest book: The MoJo Guide to Coco Chanel

Follow me on Twitter at  gbdavid1 David Valin
David Valin is a technologist, inventor, forward thinker, lateral thinker, and a successful weekend art dealer. He has been in many of the realms, and societies of important places such as Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Archives of American Art, Sotheby's, Christie's in New York, Boston, Washington DC, and been involved in many more art adventures around the world. He has been privileged to be invited into many studios and has associated with many of the art greats, from the 1940's to the 1950's and has experienced extraordinary art related discoveries, through his many associations with artists, curators and art dealers world wide. His belief is that if you help any artist whether they are ... read more
Latest book: The Art Signature File Volume1

Follow me on Twitter at  massimoconti Massimo Conti
Massimo Conti B. 1967 | Photographer from 1990 Conti has an amazing ability and mastery in the use of light and shadow as well as an excellent sensibility in the composition of the feminine figure. His approach to the study of Grace, Softness, Sensuality, Simplicity and The Spirit as intertwined with Nature is pure passion. He says that his primary source of inspiration is nature. This statement comes at no surprise at all since in many of his anthropomorphic figures and fine art works we find different traces of nature: cliffs, stones, woods, shells and the sea are major elements that everything is composed with extreme rigor and care for details; perhaps his true art is simply in the placement of the model ... read more
Latest book: The Treasure of Portovenere

Follow me on Twitter at  steven_maddis Steven Michael Maddis
With the exception of the vast riches, the neverending string of sexual conquests and the crippling drug and gambling addictions, Steven Michael Maddis lives a life not unlike that of your favo(u)rite international playboys. A late-30's-ish single-ish Canadian father of one, Steve spends most of his days kicking and screaming his way through the corporate world. He spends his free time jetting around his hometown in Southern Ontario, Canada to spend time with his 10 year old son and his utterly precious girlfriend. A simple man with interests bordering on the mundane, Steve asks for little out of life, gives back whatever is required by court order... and on a three month rotating basis, ensures that at least o ... read more
Latest book: Gone Worse

Follow me on Twitter at  StevenBradley Steven Clark Bradley
I am so excited about having been given the opportunity of authoring my Memoirs, “The Most Intelligent of Idiots.” It is appropriately titled. I thank God for giving me the skill and the passion to author the five dramatic thriller novels titled “The Second Republic” “Patriot Acts” "Nimrod Rising!" "Probable Cause" and "StillBorn." My life has seen the opened doors God given me. I was able to learn both French and Turkish. In my past, I was an assistant to a prosecutor, a university instructor and a freelance journalist. I grew up in Knox, Indiana and attended and graduated from Knox High School there in 1977. In that same year, I began college studies in Theology at Emmaus Bible College, which i ... read more
Latest book: The Consortium - Patriot Acts Part III

Follow me on Twitter at  JasmineLDenton Jasmine Denton
Jasmine Denton started writing when she was ten, authoring a series of short stories about a line of princesses who find themselves in similar forbidden love scenarios. As a teenager, she wrote stories filled with angst and growing pains. Now, she’s found a genre that allows her to tell forbidden love and teen angst stories against a paranormal backdrop. Jasmine’s published works include Soul of the Sea, the first in the Curse of the Sea series and Inner Demons, a modern day retelling of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. To learn more about Jasmine, you can follow her on Twitter (@JasmineLDenton) or visit her blog @
Latest book: Song of the Sea (Curse of the Sea Book 2)

Follow me on Twitter at  RCents Robert Casper
Robert Casper is an accomplished, results-driven professional offering progressive background in organizational development and leadership capacities; exploring operations and human resources management opportunities for Fortune 500 caliber corporations. He is a charismatic and passionate leader drawing on a proven record record of uncompromising integrity, results, and loyalty. B.S. Computer Science - U.S. Naval Academy, 1993 M.S. Strategy and Planning - National Defense University, 2006
Latest book: The Four Quadrants of Want: Achieve Viral Customer Enthusiasm

Follow me on Twitter at  tekinsonmez36 Tekin Sonmez
2008 February “The CappaFanrastica Kapadokya” a documentary book published in Ist. 2007- Essays, “Pera da İstanbul” was written, published. 2007-May-Special conference on literary at Muğla Univ. 2006-July - “Simgesi Muğla / The Sign is Muğla” a documentary book published in Ist. 2006-May - “Sanat Kırk Yıl / Why Are You Here?” Sonmez’s Literary Biography book published in Ist. 2005-October - “Urgup CappaFantastica” a documentary book (photographes and articles series) published in Ist. 2005-May / June / July - Traveled between Istanbul and Ürgüp, Cappadocia for a documentary book project. 2005-June - Attended “40th anniversary of Sonmez’s literary life”special arranged at C ... read more
Latest book: Soylence Berlin

Follow me on Twitter at  MadelynneEllis Madelynne Ellis
Madelynne Ellis has a healthy obsession with a certain Japanese rock-star, drinks decaf out of preference, and likes scaring the wobblies out of people at gothic horror weekends. Now a multi-published author in both traditional print and ebook formats, Madelynne began writing back in 1996 after escaping the parasitology laboratory where she worked. Her first novel, A Gentleman's Wager, appeared in 2003, published by Virgin, Black Lace. Since then, she's also worked with Cleis Press, Samhain, Total-E-Bound, Harlequin Spice Briefs & Ai Press. Reviewers have described her award-winning work as intense, subtle and heartfelt, and often praise both her well-researched settings and bad boy heroes. Her aim is to del ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  oliverjupes Oliver Jupes
Oliver Jupes is a former journalist and press photographer from the UK. He is married with five children and thinks five is more than enough. Oliver Jupes is a pen name.

Follow me on Twitter at  LoveSujeiry Sujeiry Gonzalez
Sujeiry Gonzalez, often referred to as “The Latina Carrie Bradshaw,” is a funny and vibrant relationship (non)expert that tells it like it is – just add a little more sass, a lot more Bacardi and ton of laughs. This sassy single gal has rocked the relationship market since early 2006, and today contributes her pearls of wisdom to,,,,, and Her comedic personality, unique voice and irrefutable talent have also granted her the opportunity to share her relationship highs and lows with a number of media channels, including: PIX Morning News, Latina Magazine, Telemundo, Mega 97.9, SoLatina, amongst others. Sujeiry’s newe ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  MooreJLuxe Moore J. Luxe
Moore J. Luxe is a body modification maven turned Biologist with a penchant for hot coffee, bad boys, good girls and great sex. While her days are filled with laboratories and beakers, at night she indulges in her own erotic adventures.

Follow me on Twitter at  deansamsgurl April Rice
My name is April Rice, I live in a small country town Rush, Ky. I love to write vampire stories with a passion, even though "The Dark Ones" is the first one published on here, I hope to write and publish more and hope "The Dark Ones" becames a movie.
Latest book: The Dark Ones

Follow me on Twitter at  bishoptre Tre'vone McNeill
Tre'vone McNeill, born in Fayetteville, NC., founded Epitome Inc. Youth and Young Adult Mentoring organization, after being inspired through a situation he faced during a troubling time and situation in his employment with Cumberland County School Systems beginning at the age of 19. Facing the opposition of many young people going without guidance, appreciation, and an adult to help teach them the proper way to live, walk, and succeed in this generation. Moreover, Tre'vone was very active in his school, community, and church. These became the root of his inspiration to help lift up and launch Epitome Inc. In the words of Tre'vone, "In my life I’ve had many ups and downs, many rejections from people ... read more
Latest book: Reaching Beyond The Break: B.R.A.V.O. - The 5 Leading Steps of Success

Follow me on Twitter at  enitameadows Enita Meadows
Enita Meadows is an author and graphic designer from Seattle, Washington.
Latest book: Password

Follow me on Twitter at  BatriceEgmar Béatrice Egémar
Passionnée d'Histoire, Béatrice est l'auteur d'une vingtaine d'ouvrages pour la jeunesse, dont des romans policiers historiques, comme « l'Oeil de Seth » et « les Noces vermeilles », tous deux parus chez Gulf Stream. Elle a aussi écrit quelques albums, (le très farfelu "N'importe quoi" illustré par Julien Martinière aux éditions Thierry Magnier) ,et même un abécédaire rock rigolo pour les ados chez Gulf Stream, en collaboration avec Emmanuel Brousse. Elle travaille actuellement à une trilogie de romans historiques pour adolescents aux éditions de l'Archipel, « Un parfum d'histoire ».
Latest book: Le scarabée du coeur

Follow me on Twitter at  Jon_Rodz Jon Rodz
I have loved writing for as long as I can remember and I have been collecting my work since my highschool years. Everything inspires me but some of my favorite topics are feelings/relationships, art, my family, and nature. Although I enjoy free verse and modern poetry, my favorite work is the classical and structured writings of many who are now sleeping in death, and I believe that this is evident in most of my poems. I easily find humor in many things and thus try to incorporate this in all I write; I'm especially fond of how irony can turn a good story into a memorable one.
Latest book: I Heard You Out Of The Corner Of My Ear

Follow me on Twitter at  welltalkradio Kris Costello
Kris Costello is Producer and Host of Wellness Talk Radio bringing you life changing information from Bestselling Authors and Physician's. She can be heard every Saturday at 5 PM PDT on or on the Radio in Northern Santa Barbara County on AM 1440. Listen to previous shows at
Latest book: Nutrition and Autism

Follow me on Twitter at  imjustmusing Paul Roy
Just a man with a dream, chasing it after many years of thinking about it.
Latest book: A Grandfather's Wisdom - On Sheep and Shepherds

Follow me on Twitter at  drewdsnider Drew Snider
Born in Vancouver, Drew's varied career has provided a goodly dose of adventure, although none so great as the time since he was called into Ministry. Drew graduated from Concordia University in Montreal with a degree in English, then spent a couple of years trying to hone his talents as a comedy writer and performer and found there were enough jobs to suggest a career was possible -- but not probable. There followed 25 years in radio and TV as a newscaster, sportscaster, talk-show host and environmental features reporter and along the line, he got to know Jesus Christ. Drew started hearing a call to ministry while living in Victoria, BC, in 2001 and after a series of "it could only be God" circumstances, he ... read more
Latest book: A Very Convenient Truth - or, Jesus warned us there'd be days like these, so stop worrying about the planet and get with His program!

Follow me on Twitter at  MOSTEGALL Mo Stegall
“There is a generation of voiceless individuals living in our communities with no viable avenue to articulate their thoughts, concerns, experiences or rights. Those individuals are suffering gravely from abandonment, loneliness and a sense of empowerment. It is our responsibility as entertainers and influential leaders to educate, encourage and empower those individuals sanctioning them to verbalize their viewpoints and be heard. If you believe in justice and equality, then it’s time to stop making excuses and give a voice to those without one.”—Mo Stegall One of the Nation's Leading Authorities on Empowerment Mo offers proportional doses of Vitamin E "EMPOWERMENT" along with elements of wisdom a ... read more
Latest book: Against All Odds I Can Be: 10 Steps to Revolutionize Your Destiny

Follow me on Twitter at  @VMarshalWriter Victoria Marshal

Follow me on Twitter at  ebnetr Eb Netr
Eb Netr is my pen name. I live in New England, have been happily married for 31 yrs and have two children whom I love dearly. I went to the dog track for the first time in the late 70′s and fell in love with greyhounds and greyhound racing. Since then, I've been to most of the tracks in the US. have published a newsletter, and worked on developing handicapping systems to help other handicappers pick more winners and make more money. While I believe that almost anyone can pick winners at the track by investing time and effort, I think most people go to the track for entertainment, not to get rich. Of course, entertainment is more fun when we can pick some winners and go away with a little more than we arrived ... read more
Latest book: Greyhound Handicapping With Eb

Follow me on Twitter at  PetraKidd Petra Kidd
Petra Kidd lives in Norwich. Norwich has recently been appointed the first city of literature in the UK! Petra has written two short story ebooks and is currently working on a novella and a novel. Look her up on Twitter @PetraKidd or via Linkedin to find out more..
Latest book: The Putsi

Follow me on Twitter at  morgansnowe Morgan Snow
Morgan Snow is a kinky erotica writer who isn't afraid to try anything once, and can't wait to share all their hot fantasies with you.

Follow me on Twitter at  CharlesMiceli Chuck Miceli
Chuck Miceli combines his criminal justice background and fascination for severe weather in his new paranormal thriller, "Amanda's Room." Part mystery, part thriller, Miceli's novel merges details from his experiences in prisons and jails with facts about severe weather and violent storms. Then he adds his own mix of supernatural coincidences to act as a catalyst for this paranormal stew. Together, these forces set the stage for what happens in the story and in the lives of its characters. The book challenges readers to uncover the mysterious source of supernatural power in Amanda's room, and then takes them on a violent-weather thrill ride of thunderstorms, tornadoes, waterspouts, and hurricanes. Miceli serve ... read more
Latest book: Amanda's Room

Follow me on Twitter at  RoxieNoble Roxie Noble
Roxie Noble is a woman on a mission. A mission to show that even though she came into her sexuality later than others she makes up for it in her embrace of er naughty side.

Follow me on Twitter at  bkdebhoward Deborah Howard
DEBORAH HOWARD, Esq., M.S.O.D., founder and President of Guiding Change Consulting, Inc., is a change catalyst, coach, consultant, writer, and educator who is passionate about helping people transform in ways that enable them to access their inner wisdom, spark their passion, and tap into their creativity and potential. She evokes deep insight, clarity and new perspectives to empower, energize and inspire individuals, teams, and organizations to maximize their potential and enhance their effectiveness. Deborah has over ten years experience helping leaders, teams, and organizations with professional and personal development, leadership, team building, conflict management, diversity, strategic planning and over ... read more
Latest book: Repairing the Quilt of Humanity: A Metaphor for Healing and Reparation

Follow me on Twitter at  RanaKelly Rana Kelly
Rana Kelly was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1977 but didn’t stay long. Her mother raised her in Tampa, FL and her father spent summers with her in Europe. As a child she grew up on the backs of horses, most of her best friends were of the hoof and paw persuasion. She spent her working years as a veterinary technician working in emergency medicine and regular practice with two years spent at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. She’s a published author of fiction and poetry and an amateur artist. She has founded a charity for the victims of domestic violence called Hamlet's Red Hands. She decided to start this charity after years of abuse from her now ex spouse. What she fights is more than well known ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  ELIZABETH NYAMEKYE nyamekyeabena Elizabeth Maloreh-Nyamekye
I am a Christian, Author, married and a mum of three boys Emmanuel (Kwame) aged 9, Kwasi aged 6 and Kofi aged 3. I was born in Ghana in West Africa, but living in the UK with my husband and my three sons. I have been a Christian for nearly twenty five years. I enjoy praises and worshiping, preaching and sometimes counselling people. My favourite Gospel is: “it is well with my soul” and “rock of ages”. I also like the countryside and landscapes.
Latest book: You Can Make It No Matter What

Follow me on Twitter at  LanaMahtWiggins Lana M. Wiggins
Lana M. Wiggins is the author of Root. Sprout. Blossom: Life Bag of A Flower-Child and Notes from Refuge (Lana Maht Wiggins: Plain View Press, 2008) which chronicles her life in New Orleans pre and post-Katrina through poetic narratives. Lana earned her M.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Louisiana in 2001, and has been published in a wide variety of literary journals, such as The Deep South Writer's Conference Chapbook, The Southwestern Review, The Smoking Poet, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Moondance, Dance to Death, Words-Myth, Rose and Thorn, and Knock, among others. She was nominated for the 2009 Kate Tufts Discovery Award, and was a finalist for the Marsh Hawk Poetry Award in 20 ... read more
Latest book: Root. Sprout. Blossom: Life Bag of a Flower-Child

Follow me on Twitter at  peace_vision Maurice Bucaille

Latest book: The Qur'an & Modern Science

Follow me on Twitter at  adgpublishing Steve Vincent
Steve Vincent has been illustrating and writing books and comic books for over 10 years.
Latest book: Odd Tales- The Snow Prince