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Follow me on Twitter at  TommysAnAuthor Tommy Clark
Tommy Clark was born in Carthage, MO. He spent most of his life living in small town Lamar, MO, with several years spent living in Joplin and Neosho. He wrote plays and script while attending Crowder College. After marrying Helen Crites and the death of his father, he returned to Lamar to be near family. When his son, Dylen, was born he and Helen decided to do something better for their family. They moved north so that Tommy could return to school. After a short time at the University of Central Missouri (and a rough battle with Chron's Disease), Tommy finally earned an Associate's in Web development from State Fair Community College in Sedalia, MO. Tommy uses his real-life experience to create in-depth charact ... read more
Latest book: Mental Health Day

Follow me on Twitter at  wendybarge Wendy Barge
I have a passion to see people free from bondage and oppression. My concern for people caused me to obtain degrees in both, Human Services and Social Work. Also, I have served in part time ministry, portions of the last eleven years, teaching the Word of God whenever the door is open for me to do so. I currently writes for for this website . I can be contacted at
Latest book: Forgiveness 101

Follow me on Twitter at  CVJumper Jeffrey Miska
Jeffrey Miska has worked in the financial industry for most of his life and loves to write books and short stories in his spare time. When not glued to a computer screen, he enjoys writing music and spending time outdoors. Although educated in finance and science, Jeff spent many years learning about local U.S. and world history as well as native american culture. He frequently shared this cultural knowledge locally by giving presentations at local grammar schools in the Chicago area. The combination of these experiences has led him to write unique historical fiction, written for the purpose of entertaining his readers in the tradition of a story teller. The message that whether we experience happiness, tr ... read more
Latest book: Decisions in Darkness

Follow me on Twitter at E.B. Thompson
E.B. Thompson is an unashamed dreamer. Her head can often be found in the clouds and her nose can often be found in books. She likes all things sci-fi, fantasy, superhero related, and otherwise nerdy. And she absolutely loves hearing from readers!
Latest book: Starling

Follow me on Twitter at  CityBitch87 Alice Tang
San Franciscan "city bitch" and author of bite-sized fiction.
Latest book: Keepers of the Blood

Follow me on Twitter at  TheLDRBook Chris Stinchfield
Chris used his relationship experience as resource material while writing this book. With his past relationships, he felt empty inside. He was married with two children, but his wife left, taking the kids with her due to his military service and constant relocating. While entering other relationships for the wrong reasons and looking for "that someone or some thing," he finally realized what he was missing. His relationship with God grew over the years. While waiting for God to work a miracle in his life, he's had plenty of "learning" experiences. Chris believes that God placed Teresa in his life at the precise moment she was needed, then enabled the relationship to evolve from friendship into the fulfillin ... read more
Latest book: The Keys To A Long-Distance Relationship: A Couple's Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  AimeeHorton Aimee Horton
30 Something writer based in Lincolnshire. First book Survival of the Ginnest - out 29th April 2013/
Latest book: The Survival Series - 2014 New Year Edition

Follow me on Twitter at  astransman Alan Stransman
Alan Stransman is the author of two book: "Don't Let Your Dream Business Turn Into a Nightmare: A Cautionary Tale for Would-Be Entrepreneurs" and "So, Why Have You Never Been Married?: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Lunacy", the former of which has been taught in entrepreneurship programs at the university level. Alan Stransman is a former television writer/producer/director, the creator of the television series "Spectacular Spas", which was broadcast in over 50 countries worldwide, and the Founder of one of the first day spas in the world for men, called The Men's PowerSpa.
Latest book: Don't Let Your Dream Business Turn Into a Nightmare: A Cautionary Tale for Would-Be Entrepreneurs

Follow me on Twitter at Cate Costa
I am the Founder of Venture Catalyst Consulting, a small consulting firm that specializes in helping startup company founders plan and expand their new businesses. I operate my business from my website,, while traveling the world exploring entrepreneurial ecosystems around the globe. I've written for a number of online publications including Under30CEO and NextShark and have been featured by other online publications for my work in entrepreneurship. Before launching Venture Catalyst, I worked as a Business Consultant with the Minority Business Development Agency’s Business Center in Washington, DC helping the founders, CEOs, and executive management teams of minority-owned companies with ... read more
Latest book: Owning It: The Aspiring Entrepreneur's Guide to Planning & Launching a Successful Business

Follow me on Twitter at  abiyasha Abiyasha
An enthusiast reader and someone who loves writing so much. Been living in Bali for the past 3 years and have no intention to leave the Island of Gods in near future
Latest book: Best Man

Follow me on Twitter at  gggalt G. G. Galt
eBooks by G. G. Galt are available through Apple Books, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Diesel, and other major online retailers, as well "Brick & Mortar" Bookstores. ABOUT THE AUTHOR G. G. Galt's stories are fictional adventures happening in factual locations––ones that didn't happen, but could have. Her illustrated romantic fantasies often take place on the shores of Little Traverse Bay and Lake Charlevoix in Northern Michigan. Others happen in the Northwest and the Northeast where she's been known to ride the rails coast-to-coast rather than fly. The stories originate from Galt's love of genealogy, history, music, art, antiques, and old house restoration. She also draws from memories of growing up ... read more
Latest book: Paradise 4: A Love Story from Cross Village to Mackinac Island

Follow me on Twitter at  cksalesgroup Christopher Kern
I have 12 years of successful experience in multiple industries that provide me with a depth of understanding about real business challenges. I offer solutions to complex issues and improve effectiveness and efficiency on a daily basis. I can't think of a better way to spend my time. It all started very early for me, analyzing processes, products, and efficiency in a way that led me to where I am today. I've never subscribed to the idea that "good is good enough". I am constantly thinking of ways to improve everything around me, especially myself. This unique mindset led me to seek out a higher education. I felt that I would benefit from a formal education to accompany my natural intuition. This resulted in ... read more
Latest book: Business Plan Simplified : A Strategic Planning Approach (With Outline)

Follow me on Twitter at  taajirauf Taaji Rauf
Intense, but enlightening as a summer day. Taaji Rauf poured her soul and imagination into this sparkling debut collection of short stories. Rauf is committed to enlightening lives as a modern day griot. She is unafraid to shout, "Victory" because the sky isn't the limit anymore. As an author, visionary, and educator Taaji Rauf lives by the mantra, "Making Your Dreams a Reality!" She is writing her first novel and her next collection of short stories. This has been an amazing journey for her. She wishes, hopes, and prays that you enjoy Before Life. In the near future you will be able to enjoy many, many more of her books. Taaji lives in Los Angeles, California, writing, teaching, and enjoying life.
Latest book: A Broken Vow

Follow me on Twitter at  MengleOh67 Mary Beth Engle
Mary Beth Engle has been writing in various forms since she was old enough to hold a pencil. The intervention of life on earth slowed the creative processes and many years were spent earning an Associate’s Degree in English, a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, and a Juris Doctorate from the University Of Dayton School Of Law. These years were made all the more glorious by attaining the much cherished and highly regarded titles of mother and grandmother. Poetry was a specialty during the teenage angst years leading to the selection of her poems for several large and mostly unheard-of anthologies. Short lived literary success in the area of prose was found in the early 1990’s with the publication ... read more
Latest book: Auld Lang Syne

Follow me on Twitter at  avachyle_dragon Gavin Coleman
Gavin Coleman lives with his wife and 3 children in central Florida. Dakota is a ten-year-old budding author with Asperger's Syndrome. He created and is continuing to write the Dakota Dragon series of stories for children. More stories as well as audio formats will soon be available.
Latest book: The Last Hope of Honor (Isamael Dra'Karzevsky)

Follow me on Twitter at  TylerKBarnes Tyler K. Barnes
Aspiring Romance and Erotica writer in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Genres. California native. Infected by curiosity, flights of fantasy, idealism, and the desire to jump into the I'm currently working on the first book in a paranormal romance series involving shifters, in Turkey, in the 1970s and working toward an early 2017 release. I plan to follow that with book two of the series by the end of 2017. I also have several other series in early development that keep nibbling on me in the paranormal and science fiction romance genres. Authors who have influenced me are Patricia Briggs, Octavia E. Butler and Joey W. Hill as well as William F. Nolan, Michael Moorcock, C. L. Moore, Frank Herbert ... read more
Latest book: Orange in a Dust Storm (Post-apocalyptic Erotica)

Follow me on Twitter at  Anyakarin Aly Rose

Latest book: Hidden Kisses (Bad Boy Romance Suspense)

Follow me on Twitter at rickrichi
Richard G Buchanan Jr. professional writer with over 23 years experience. Richard wrote this book to share his experiences living in a world of Zombies.
Latest book: Zombie Gangsters

Follow me on Twitter at  Ballteamllc Edward Ball
Edward Ball is a new author who writes to help people become better. His first title, 39 Things About Life I Learned in Prison: Turn my Mistake into Your Success, is about personal development. He believes if he can be better and do better anyone can and anyone who reads his books and knows his story will be motivated to become the best they can be. Edward Ball is the founder of Ball Team Enterprise LLC. He founded this company to help people extract lessons from their mistakes and the mistakes of others and use those lessons as personal and professional development tools. Through his eBooks and other informational material he aims to help people be the best they can be. He spent the last 14 years in prison an ... read more
Latest book: What I Learned In The Streets And Prison That Can Help You Win At The Game Of Life

Follow me on Twitter at  ladychkara Ch'kara SilverWolf
Ch’kara SilverWolf lives in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges in Victoria, Australia with her ever-patient partner and two beautiful Maine Coon cats. She travelled around the world in her early twenties worked in the film industry in London for ten years. Then spent a year travelling in America, and after returning to Australia worked in Advertising, as well as doing volunteer work for several years in her spare time, before settling down to write seriously. Daughter of Light & Dark is her first full length novel, and is the first in a trilogy ‘Prophecy of Nitesh’. She has written many short stories and a few not quite finished novels. Ch'kara has always had a love of fantasy, magik and the esoteric. Her ... read more
Latest book: Adventures in the Realm of Faerie

Follow me on Twitter at  BobbyAdairBooks Bobby Adair
Bobby was conceived in Japan, born in Michigan, is a card carrying Cherokee, is descended from a Polish slave, an African slave, countless European immigrants, and displaced American Indians. He grew up as a military brat, so lived in ten different states and lost count of the schools he attended before finally graduating high school in Texas. After attending the University of Texas, he lived most of his adult life in and around Austin before moving to Colorado in 2012. Bobby has starved as a guitar player in a penniless metal band, spent too much money as the owner of several successful restaurants, spent years working for "the man" in large companies as a computer programmer, and made and lost more money tha ... read more
Latest book: Slow Burn: Destroyer, Book 3 of the Zombie Apocalypse Series

Follow me on Twitter at  MattHulland Matthew Hulland
Waiter, Traveler, Author, American Football Star...all while raising money for the Itagutwa school project, trying to build an all girls school in the rural community outside of Iringa, Tanzania. More project information can be found on my website.
Latest book: The Three Peaks Challenge; Making the Most for Charity

Follow me on Twitter at  dentoandrobot Blaine Denton
Blaine Denton lives in Spokane with his girlfriend and two cats that believe they are dogs. He’s been writing ever since he could hold a keyboard in his hands—since writing with a pen and paper is so last century. He also hosts the podcast about figuring out adulthood and general good-personry, Dento and The Robot with his best friend, the Robot. Unfortunately Blaine is also a teacher, which means he gets paid in chickens rather than money.
Latest book: Second Thoughts

Follow me on Twitter at  theChrisDobson Chris Dobson
Chris Dobson comes from a background in the history of applied arts: specifically arms and armour. In 1985 he established a studio to reconstruct and restore armour and edged weapons, and soon he became known as one of the foremost craftsmen in his field, with leading public and private collections worldwide among his clients. Chris is unique in his various fields of study, and in fact in most of the museum world: not only does he have the 'hands-on' experience of an artist and Master Craftsman, he also carries out independent academic research and curatorial work for public and private collections. In 1995 he was appointed as Master Armourer to the Royal Armouries, the first Master appointed since the 17th Ce ... read more
Latest book: Two Besagews. A Comparison of Some Surviving 15th Century Shoulder Defences

Follow me on Twitter at  NailahImoja Nailah
Nailah is a Barbadian/British writer. A teacher by day, she has been published in numerous anthologies and is the author of 13 novellas. These include titles from her Romance Series – Caribbean Passion. One of these short novels, Pick of the Crop, was published by Heinemann Publishing (Oxford) in 2004. Her greatest opus thus far is her daughter.
Latest book: Fantasy Fulfilled

Follow me on Twitter at  microbertson Michael Robertson
Michael is a writer from the UK with several publications to his name both online and in print. He has recently won a competition with HarperCollins for his zombie short story 'In the Name of Science'. He writes because he needs to. He writes dystopian, sci-fi, and apocalyptic fiction.
Latest book: Teeth

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthrTerriMarie Terri Marie
I love to write stories in different genres that paint you a picture, take you places you wouldn't ordinarily be able to go, and make you carry the characters in your heart and mind for years to come, just as I experienced when I created them. If a smile shines upon your face, a lesson is learned, and you wanted to sit down again and turn another page, then I am happy. If you recommend it to someone...I'm ecstatic! Thank you for your support and enthusiasm in my writing, and for your honest reviews. I read all my emails and if you contact me via my website, I will write back. If I'm not writing a book I'm busy being a mom, which is indeed my favorite part of life.
Latest book: Make it Rain, The Montclair Brothers, Book 1

Follow me on Twitter at  Hoorfarlaw Camron Hoorfar
Camron L. Hoorfar is the owner of and an attorney at the Law Office of Camron Hoorfar, P.C. Camron L. Hoorfar graduated from the University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Law in May of 2008. Camron L. Hoorfar also received his LL.M. degree in taxation from the University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Law in December of 2008. While attending law school, Camron L. Hoorfar participated in many tax and business activities, including the Kansas City Tax Clinic and the I.R.S. V.I.T.A. program. Before going to law school, Camron L. Hoorfar graduated with a bachelor's of arts degree from the University of Missouri - Columbia. While attending undergraduate school at the University of Missouri - Columbia, C ... read more
Latest book: Missouri Landlord/Tenant Handbook

Follow me on Twitter at  BluntPenTrauma DamianHamzaTaylor
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: DAMIAN HAMZA TAYLOR From Poverty Prisoner to Literary Liege Dr. Maya Angelou once said that “You may encounter many defeats but you must not be defeated. Please remember that your difficulties do not define you. They simply strengthen your ability to overcome.” This statement describes the prolific author, ingenious musician, and passionate community spokesman, Damian Hamza Taylor, perfectly. Hamza was born in Norfolk, Virginia and was raised by his grandmother in the historical Colonial Place neighborhood. In 1985, he moved to the adjacent yet lower income neighborhood with his mother, called Park Place. Although Colonial Place and Park Place is literally only separated by a street, the ... read more
Latest book: Dope Boy Metaphors

Follow me on Twitter at  SandraInvesting Sandra Baublitz
Sandra Baublitz is the Investing Editor at She writes weekly on investing topics to help her readers become successful investors. She believes that everyone has the power to improve their financial lives and build wealth. She is the author of Investing $10K in 2013 – an eBook compilation of articles she has written at BellaOnline. Sandra has studied and read numerous articles, books, and information on investing. She has, personally, been investing for over twenty years. She is happy to use her experience and knowledge to help others become successful. She enjoys reading, yoga, and spending time with her family and cats. Please join her at to explore the world of in ... read more
Latest book: Investing $10K in 2014

Follow me on Twitter at  denisewy Denise Kim Wy
Denise Kim Wy is a designer by day and an aspiring author by night. She loves reading tear-jerking love stories as well as witty books with a dark sense of humor. She believes that the world can become a better place if people will spend more time reading books instead of trolling around celebrities. She's also a sucker for English period dramas and well designed furniture. WEBSITE: TWITTER: @denisewy
Latest book: Understudy

Follow me on Twitter at Brittany Kayla
Brittany lives in Tennessee with her husband and daughter. She has three dogs; a long-haired Chihuahua named Jewels, a Husky/Lab mix named Phantom, and a black Lab named Peggy. She enjoys writing, reading, listening to music, singing, nature walks, and stargazing. Her family means everything to her. She's very into animal rights and is very environmentally conscious. She helps in any way possible. She believes that a little love and kindness goes a long way. So, love strong and show kindness to everyone, even strangers. It could make all the difference to the day for that person.
Latest book: Exiled From Midnight Cove

Follow me on Twitter at  jlb2099 Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown is a twenty-one-year-old writer from Oklahoma who has spent much of his life obsessing over literature and music. The time he doesn't spend pouring hours into his writing, is utilized to maintain and polish his drumming. Although he writes of nearly everything, it is in the horror genre that he excels.
Latest book: Keeping Carmen

Follow me on Twitter at  JodiL33 Jodi Lee
An editor and occasional writer, Jodi Lee has spent her entire life on the Canadian Prairies, which she credits for her over-active imagination. She’s often found slicing and dicing prose in her editorial work, or mucking about with book covers, graphics and websites in her design freelancing. Her fiction has appeared in Night to Dawn, Nocturnal Ooze and Necrotic Tissue, as well as numerous anthologies both past and forthcoming. Her non-fiction has found many and varying outlets over the past decade. She is the owner/editor-in-chief of Belfire Press and it's magazine imprint, The New Bedlam Project.
Latest book: Galleys Between - Deception

Follow me on Twitter at  @kristypantin Robin Pantin
Kristy Pantin writes her horrors under the pen name, Robin Pantin. She is originally from Trinidad and lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba with her three daughters, Jenna, Skyler, and Alexis.
Latest book: The Fallen Son

Follow me on Twitter at  estevennewby E. Steven Newby
My short stories and essays have won numerous awards and have appeared in various magazines (including Story Teller Magazine and Nova Scifi), websites and newspapers. My first novel, The Rogue Navigator, is available now through Terrapin Hollow Press, in paperback, ebook and audiobook formats. I live in rural Arkansas, where I homestead on the banks of the Little Red River. I also homeschool my two children and am am passionate about environmentally friendly construction techniques/practices. We are currently building an Earthship.
Latest book: A Sunset Redemption

Follow me on Twitter at  pardonmynaivete Maria G. Cope
The short version: I am a book nerd, word nerd, breakfast cereal connoisseur, avid hugger, and dill pickle addict. I'm too nice and I wouldn't live life any other way. The long version: What’s to Know? On the surface I am the daughter of hard-working southerners, the wife of a United States Soldier, literary nerd, aspiring author and nursing student. But if you really want to dig deeper, you will see that I am optimistic for a pessimist, call me an idealistic realist, sometimes an opportunist; I will drink the half-full glass of water if I am thirsty. I enjoy rocking chairs on a front porch, the way grass smells as it is being cut. This is the beginning of regrowth and rebirth, ending only when summer turn ... read more
Latest book: Bottom Feeder

Follow me on Twitter at  phouseal phouseal
Phil Houseal is a writer, musician, and educator who lives in Fredericksburg, TX. He was Creative Director of an advertising agency and for 20 years was Director of Club Ed, one of the best-known lifelong learning programs in the country. Since 2005 he has chronicled the live music and entertainment scene in the Texas Hill Country. His columns have appeared in the Fredericksburg Standard, The Community Journal, Hill Country Recorder, Kerrville Daily Times, and Hill Country Happenings magazine. Currently he owns Full House PR, a public relations firm specializing in telling the story of your business. Other books include "Finding Fredericksburg: A tour of Fredericksburg TX;" "Playing to a Full House," a collecti ... read more
Latest book: Quitman: An Unstarted Story

Follow me on Twitter at  _xtphr Christopher M. Rolfe

Latest book: A Joyous Achievement

Follow me on Twitter at  lorykaufman Lory Kaufman
“I write Post-Dystopian fiction. After society’s collapse, which is imagined in so many great dystopian stories, humans will either fade into history, with the dinosaurs, or, if it learns the right lessons, society will go on to construct a civilization to last tens of thousands of years. The books of THE VERONA TRILOGY are the exciting adventures of young people doing the latter.” -Lory Kaufman On the artistic side of Lory’s career, he’s written, acted and directed children’s theatre and musical theatre. He enjoys art, especially sculpture. He loves science fiction and historical fiction and he has been deeply involved in the green movement all across North America. All this shows through when yo ... read more
Latest book: The Loved and the Lost (Book #3 of The Verona Trilogy)

Follow me on Twitter at  ClaudeWhitacre Claude Whitacre
Claude Whitacre grew up in the small town of Lodi Ohio. A painfully shy kid, he never attended a sports event, went to a dance, or even attend his own graduation. One of his first jobs was selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door. The first three months were bleak, with not even a single sale. Claude says "I knew people were buying, I just wasn't selling. I needed to study what made people want to buy". He quickly formed the habit of taking notes after every presentation. He would study what worked, what didn't, and try to improve. Eventually he set sales records that some find hard to believe. Such as selling a high end vacuum cleaner to everyone living on a city street (22 homes total)...selling 10 vacuum clean ... read more
Latest book: Selling Local Advertising

Follow me on Twitter at  stlynn Stephanie Laws
Author of the Paranormal Romance Series, "Knightingale", and the upcoming Contemporary Romance Novel, "Regrets of the Heart".
Latest book: Regrets of the Heart

Follow me on Twitter at  bkauflin Bob Kauflin

Latest book: The Best of

Follow me on Twitter at  singularitycity C. C. Poe
C.C. has been writing stories about robots since 1986. Writing influences include E.E. "Doc" Smith, J. Michael Straczynski, Osamu Tezuka, and just about every 80's movie about robots ever made.
Latest book: Singularity, California: Impressions

Follow me on Twitter at  Nepharid Nick Marsden
Starting with an old electric typewriter when he was 14 years old, Nick Marsden has been putting words on paper for over two decades. Trained in screenwriting at Columbia College-Hollywood in Tarzana, CA, Nick has turned his love of the fantastic into exciting, action-driven narratives in both screenplay and novel form. His debut novel, "The Legacy of Shatara", is an adaptation of his award winning screenplay of the same name. His next project, "The Never-Born Trilogy", is the story of a man who traverses two worlds to protect the most powerful magic in history from the clutches of an evil, one-handed sorcerer.
Latest book: The Unicorn Rider

Follow me on Twitter at  Shoulderblade J. Shoulderblade
"Giuseppe Scapola Classe 1980, vive a Torino e Scrive di Fantascienza. Al suo attivo molti racconti di Sci-Fi. Vince, nel Febbraio 2013, il Concorso indetto da con il racconto "Il Cubo", tradotto anche in lingua inglese. L'Autore pubblica nel 2005 con Ed.Associate (Writhink) e sempre nel 2005 nell'Antologia "Navigando Nelle Parole", Edizioni Il Filo."
Latest book: Il Cubo (Racconti di Fantascienza)

Follow me on Twitter at  JCCassels JC Cassels
JC Cassels, a native of Tampa, Florida, traces her lifelong fascination with SF/Adventure to watching Star Trek on a tiny black and white portable television aboard the family boat as a child. The Space Opera trend that followed the release of Star Wars fed an obsessive need for swashbuckling adventure set in deep space. Today, JC feeds that need by writing her own adventures, heavily inspired by 1960's television shows like Star Trek, Mission: Impossible, and Wild Wild West and fueled by Firefly reruns. When not writing in her haunted hospital, JC lives with her husband, three children, five dogs, twenty chickens and a horse in a century-old house in a tiny rural community, and enjoys spending her free time s ... read more
Latest book: Hero's End

Follow me on Twitter at Dave Bandars
As the President of RPR Business Associates, Dave has many decades of experience in assisting business owners to sell or merge their existing businesses. Over the years, we have developed unique tools to help business owners decide if they should sell their business or keep it and grow it. These tools are now available to any business owner looking for a tool that can help them predict their financial future. On the site, we provide valuable free business exit planning information and resources to business owners. All our information is developed and vetted by seasoned financial advisors and retirement advisors including CPAs, Certified Financial Planner™ practitioners. Because financial information can ... read more
Latest book: 5 Critical Steps to a Successful Retirement From your Small Business

Follow me on Twitter at  BethanyaWill Bethany Williams
Bethany is a published, executive mother of 3. She dedicates her work and efforts towards the hardworking executives everywhere that are yearning for answers and a better way of approaching the success that they desire. Her message is simple; you control your destiny as well as your earnings. Her first book, “Winning Strategies for Women”, provides practical, step by step advice for excelling in business, including strategies for keeping your job, receiving the best assignments, finding a job and keeping it in a tough market, getting promotions and additional pay, and receiving more recognition in the process. She learned the art of business survival as a single working mother. Widowed at a young age, s ... read more
Latest book: Ceo of You

Follow me on Twitter at  A_Richmonde Arianne Richmonde
Arianne Richmonde is an American writer and artist who was raised in both the US and Europe. She is the author of Forty Shades of Pearl, Shadows of Pearl and Shimmers of Pearl, all full length novels in The Pearl Trilogy. She has also written Glass- an erotic short story. She lives with her husband in France.
Latest book: A Taste of Pearl