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Follow me on Twitter at  CindyDachuk Cindy Dachuk
Cindy Dachuk is a well-known Leadership Breakthrough Expert. She has worked with leaders, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, in becoming more successful in their communications and their careers. As the Founder of the Titan Training Group, author of It’s Time Now: Choose the Life you Really Want, Speaker and Trainer, her emphasis is always on helping others to create the skills and habits needed to take them to the next level. Drawing upon those experiences, Cindy has created numerous cutting edge programs designed specifically to help you to Communicate and Lead more Purposefully, Powerfully and Passionately.
Latest book: Stop This, Start That: 365 Ways to Success

Follow me on Twitter at  edujauregui1 Eduardo Jáuregui
Eduardo Jáuregui es Psicólogo y Doctor en Ciencias Políticas y Sociales especializado en la Risa, el Humor y la Psicología Positiva. Da clases como Profesor del Departamento de Business and Social Sciences de Saint Louis University, campus de Madrid. En 2004 fundó Humor Positivo junto con Jesús Damián Fernández --una consultora de formación especializada en la aplicación del humor y las emociones positivas en el trabajo, con clientes como IKEA, Sanitas, Gas Natural, Oracle o General Motors. Eduardo ha trabajado en Madrid y Londres para diversas empresas multinacionales y como consultor autónomo, aplicando sus conocimientos a la gestión de recursos humanos y a la comunicación creativa audiovisual ... read more
Latest book: Amor y Humor

Follow me on Twitter at  mlwindsor Margaret Windsor
Margaret Windsor is the author of middle grade and young adult works, including JACK DEATH (Creston Books 2016), STOLEN, and LUCY SILVER AND THE GOLD KEY. A graduate of Harvard University, Margaret currently resides in Ann Arbor, MI. She is a member of SCBWI.
Latest book: Stolen

Follow me on Twitter at  angelickasw Angelicka Wallows
I am Angelicka S. Wallows, a young, mysterious, and posh chic girl who likes to have good time and to live life to the max. I enjoy the outdoors, have a huge secret collection of sex toys, and love to spread my wings and discover new horizons! I love letting my hair down and to feel the breeze caressing my bare skin. I hold a Master in Business Administration but that doesn't mean that I am all books! I must confess one thing here: I have a double life. I run a hand-full of her dad's company during daytime and manage multi-million dollar deals on a day to day basis, flying from a country to another to attend to general meetings at the different boards of our companies. At nights, I slip in my most erotic linge ... read more
Latest book: Beast Feast

Follow me on Twitter at  foodmoodbook Jude Burger
I experienced bouts of crippling depression and anxiety as a child and teenager until my 20s. It disappeared once I started an elimination diet and was able to identify my triggers. I know there are many people who are similarly afflicted, and my goal is to make this knowledge mainstream - and help others check this for themselves. The broken link in the "Introduction" is available on my book's website.
Latest book: The Food and Mood Book

Follow me on Twitter at  DavinaCarey12 Davina Carey
I'm a young adult who lives with my dog Shadow in Oklahoma.
Latest book: Seeking U- A Higher Education Achievement Manual

Follow me on Twitter at  rjbuckleypub Rebecca Randolph Buckley

Latest book: The Christmas Diary

Follow me on Twitter at  joevizanko Joe Vizanko
Joe Vizanko (1966 to ?) Born in Dodgeville Wisconsin but grew up on the West Coast, An Engineer in California's Silicon Valley, A veteran of the armed services and now an aspiring writer.
Latest book: FreeFormed Hybrids

Follow me on Twitter at  juliatrops Julia Trops
Since moving to Kelowna in 2002 after a vibrant military career and completing her BFA with Great Distinction, Julia has taught drawing, trained models, and started drawing sessions, later incorporated as Livessence in 2005 as a non profit. Julia has been a Kelowna Museums board director for the past seven years, and cofounder of Okanagan Arts Awards (as part of Artsco). Julia organizes and presents the Okanagan Erotic Art Show, now in its seventh year. Julia has seven books in the National Library, was a resident artist at the RCA for almost 10 years, attended artist residencies in Italy and Spain. In 2013, Art & Money, a book about marketing for artists was published.
Latest book: Art & Money

Follow me on Twitter at  Shauna_A_Knight Shauna Aura Knight
Shauna Aura Knight An artist, writer, teacher, community leader, event organizer, and spiritual seeker, Shauna travels nationally offering intensive education in the transformative arts of ritual, community leadership, and personal growth. She is the author of the ritual facilitation book Spiritual Scents (Jupiter Gardens Press), and Dreamwork for the Initiate’s Path (JGP). She's a columnist on ritual techniques for Circle Magazine, and Shauna’s writing also appears in the anthologies Calling to our Ancestors (Asphodel Press), Stepping in to Ourselves: An Anthology of Writings on Priestessing (Goddess Ink), and Mantle of Stars (Bibliotheca Alexandrina). She’s also a fantasy artist and author, includi ... read more
Latest book: A Winter Knight's Vigil

Follow me on Twitter at  NotAvgJoe Joseph Pellicone
I fell in love with photography at a very early age. I grew up in a traditional Italian family where everyone was at Sunday Dinner, including my Mom's cousin who was a part time wedding photographer. He encouraged me to take pictures with him when he visited. I continued with photography as a hobby in high school and college where I was photographer for the school year books and newspapers. After college my camera got put in the closet for a while, but every so often I would take it out and continue my photography love affair. When personal computers came out this became my new hobby and passion. I learned all I could about them. I built computers and troubleshooted them for friends and clients. I taug ... read more
Latest book: HDR Breaking the Rules

Follow me on Twitter at  TeriHarbour1 Teri Harbour
Believing in the infinite capacity of the human spirit for creativity, endurance and propulsion, Teri Harbour holds herself as a positive and empathic conduit for developing the best in people and helping them to connect to the magnificent power of their own souls and the healing vibrations of communal energy. She has a Master of Science in Human Development from Virginia Tech with an emphasis on adult learning and transformation and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Skidmore College. She has spent many years as a workforce development trainer, dance-fitness facilitator and journalist. Indu Gulalia was born and brought up in India. She has lived in United States for more than a decade. She has a Bachelors i ... read more
Latest book: Nuggets for Change

Follow me on Twitter at  Blair Kasfeldtkasfeldt7 Blair Kasfeldt
Helping you with all your memory needs! I hold a M.A. in Theology from Concorida Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, IN. I also hold a B.A. in Theology and Biblical Languages. I have served a number of years in the parish as a Lutheran pastor. I am a full-time freelance writer and lecturer on mnemonics, or memory aids.
Latest book: Biblical Hebrew: Vocabulary Made Easy! Flash Cards Set 2

Follow me on Twitter at  TomJaap Tom Jaap
As President and founder of the Centre for Enabling Leadership personal development has been one of my main areas of interest and I have developed a range of short 3 hour to three day learning events that include “People Skills” and “Personal Branding”. I have also developed a suite of on-line behavioural questionnaires with the Centell team. The questionnaires act as a sound vehicle for individuals to diagnose their strengths as well as highlight areas that may need development. The insights that emerge have provided a powerful motivator for change and the results have been quite spectacular in many instances. I have often been described as an effective facilitator where ‘difficult’ issues and peop ... read more
Latest book: Live Your Dream_Achieve Your Potential

Follow me on Twitter at  adriahernandezg Adriana W. Hernandez
Adriana W. Hernández nació en República Dominicana. En la ciudad por donde nace el sol de América: La Altagracia. Es Locutora profesional, productora de radio y televisión. Desde pequeña se apasionó por la lectura y escritura, llegando a escribir cuentos para niños que compartió en su círculo familiar. Ha sido compositora de canciones, ganó el primer lugar en el primer concurso de composición católica en su ciudad natal en 2011. Compuso varias canciones para eventos sociales. 2013 ganadora mejor micro-relato del club de las escritoras en España. Ha escrito varios libros en formato digital y papel : "LO QUE DEJAMOS ATRÁS" Romance-suspenso-policial "PASAJE PARA DOS" Ficción-erótica "CITA CON ... read more
Latest book: Pasaje para dos

Follow me on Twitter at  CHScarlett C.H. Scarlett
C.H. Scarlett is a pseudonym of Casey Harris. C.H. Scarlett writes Paranormal and Fantasy Fiction. When she isn’t dreaming up her manuscripts, she is usually writing articles or researching her favorite subjects. Her blog usually reflects the interests that continuously haunts her : Paranormal, Other Worlds, Metaphysics, Occult, Ancient Religions & Cultures, History, Gardening, and Herbs. She also has a deep passion for Photography, Photo Manipulation &enhancement, Photo-shop, Art.
Latest book: Willow's Web

Follow me on Twitter at  ashleyhowie Ashley Howie

Latest book: tewst

Follow me on Twitter at  ChristiSnow Christi Snow

Latest book: The Christmas Top

Follow me on Twitter at  LASTCARonBROCK Brock Beard
I am a freelance writer and statistician who has followed NASCAR - and its underdogs - since 1991. My website is LASTCAR, which since 2009 has been dedicated to providing statistical analysis on the last-place finishers of NASCAR races.
Latest book: Formulast One: Statistics About the First Retirements of Grands Prix (1950-2015)

Follow me on Twitter at  Aakash272 Aakash Chaudhary
Aakash Chaudhary is a graduate from Punjab Engineering College and works as a mobile applications developer in Chandigarh, India. When he isn’t engaged in his day job (making mobile apps), he’s exploring new places, cinema and music. And whenever he finds time off his job, he works on his own ideas to bring them to life, like making his own mobile apps (some fun games and utility apps, available on the iOS and Android stores in his name) or - you guessed it - writing!
Latest book: Placebo, Please!

Follow me on Twitter at  PinnacleTriumph Sally Pederson
Sally Pederson was born in Canada with a Canadian mother and a Dutch immigrant father. She has spent over 12 years in the Medical, Health and Safety industry. She enjoys participating in numerous outdoor activities such as surfing, zip lining, canyoning (repelling down canyons and waterfalls) hiking, white water rafting, and running marathons. She is also very adventurous. Having traveled through 10 different countries and living in three different continents all by 35 years of age. What makes her even more incredible is she has accomplished all of this while starting and running a successful company and raising her daughter on her own. All of this as well as many other personal experiences have given her the i ... read more
Latest book: Shingles Disease: The Complete Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  EbozonVerlag Theodor Mommsen
Christian Matthias Theodor Mommsen (*30. November 1817 in Garding, Schleswig-Holstein; †1. November 1903 in Charlottenburg) war ein deutscher Historiker und gilt als einer der bedeutendsten Altertumswissenschaftler des 19. Jahrhunderts. Seine Werke und Editionen zur römischen Geschichte sind noch für die heutige Forschung von grundlegender Bedeutung. Für seine Römische Geschichte wurde er 1902 mit dem Nobelpreis für Literatur geehrt.
Latest book: Römische Geschichte - Aufstieg und Fall der römischen Republik

Follow me on Twitter at  jdmthewriter James Monty
The author of this eBook is James Monty. I am a writer, diabetic and psychology enthusiast. I live in the small rural town of Billerica MA with my loving wife of 30 years, Mary. In June of 2009 I broke my back in 2 places and had a 2 year road to recovery. Being quite restricted in my physical abilities, I had to give up my 30 year career in sales. That’s when I decided to pursue my lifelong yearning of writing to help others and try to bring them a smile. When I am not writing I enjoy cooking and being a diabetic has brought some challenges in that area. That’s when I decided to put together a helpful guide along with some 100 recipes to help others with diabetes get a better understanding of how they can ... read more
Latest book: How To Enjoy Eating With Diabetes

Follow me on Twitter at  orangecatblues Petrie Serrano
Petrie Serrano is a New Yorker who came to Georgia by way of South Dakota. She finally settled not far from the Appalachian Trail with her husband, her son, two live cats, several uninvited scorpions-- and a ghost cat named Loki who graciously takes the blame for eating all the fresh cookies. Watch for "Where No Cat Has Gone Before" in late spring, 2014.
Latest book: Best Friends

Follow me on Twitter at  Selaw13 Robert White
Robert White began his writing career nearly 30 years ago when he became a reporter for the Lamont Elk Island Triangle in Lamont, Alberta. He’s since held reporting and editing positions in mainstream weekly newspapers and freelanced for mainstream and Christian publications. He was the editor ChristianWeek Ontario from it inception in 2002 as ChristianCurrent Golden Triangle to 2012. His column “A Matter of Faith” has appeared in the Guelph Mercury since 1996—a similar column called “Christian Living” appeared in the Kelowna Daily Courier from 1994 to 1996. White hosted the Faith Journal newsmagazine on Kitchener’s Faith FM from 2004 to 2011. Since June 2011, hes' been the host of Arts Connec ... read more
Latest book: Still A Matter of Faith

Follow me on Twitter at  tobejulian Giuliano Nora
I am a musician and a mechanical engineer and work in informatics. I love jazz and classical music and everything that relates to the topic.
Latest book: Russia e Jazz

Follow me on Twitter at  EbozonVerlag Josephine Loup
»KENTA oder es geschah im Jahre 1457« ist Josephine Loup's erste Veröffentlichung im Ebozon Verlag und ist im Dezember 2013 als eBook erschienen.
Latest book: KENTA oder es geschah im Jahre 1457

Follow me on Twitter at  vincegennaro Vince Gennaro
Vince Gennaro has been a consultant to Major League Baseball teams since 2006 and is President of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR). He also appears regularly on MLB Network’s studio shows including Clubhouse Confidential, a television show featuring leading edge base- ball analytics. Vince also founded the Diamond Dollars Case Competition series, which brings students and sports executives together in a forum that encourages students to apply their skills to solve real sports business problems. In addition, he teaches in the Graduate Sports Management programs at Columbia University and Manhattanville College. This follows a successful business career, which is highlighted by a 20-year career ... read more
Latest book: Diamond Dollars: The Economics of Winning in Baseball

Follow me on Twitter at  Ronin_Redshade Ernest M. Whiteman
Ernest M. Whiteman III is a Northern Arapaho filmmaker trying to be a novelist who has ended up in a few art gallery exhibits and with a play that he conceived produced. He graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film/Video Directing in 2004. Ernest is currently in production on a full-length, full-text feature film adaptation of HAMLET of which three scenes were recently completed. He hopes to enter the short scenes into film festivals. Ernest is also working to produce a feature-length screenplay “The Shoshoni Connection” an action film in which he hopes to direct and act in. Ernest is finishing a screenplay based on Luo Guanzhong’s historical novel “Three Kingdoms” ... read more
Latest book: The Autobiography of Blue Woman Volume One

Follow me on Twitter at  riehlmatt Matthew Riehl
Matthew Riehl is an up and coming mystery/suspense author/screenwriter poised to make his mark and provide his readers a fresh, new voice. Beware, though. His primary intention is to give his readers the heebie-jeebies, not goose bumps from describing lovers strolling through dewy meadows (growing up and through college, he vigorously read Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe novels); however, he also enjoys tickling readers' funny bones, a la the late, great Kurt Vonnegut, another of Matthew's idols, and his dry wit. Matthew began writing fictional novels roughly three years ago, when from out of the ethos came the idea for his first book, "Yellow," a pulse-pounding suspense/thriller centered on espionage. His n ... read more
Latest book: Yellow

Follow me on Twitter at  JennyferBrowne Jennyfer Browne
Jennyfer Browne has always been a sucker for a good love story- a complex recipe with a dash of dashing, a pinch of heroism, and a hefty dose of outside forces that test young lovers. Seasoned with tears and laughter, followed by a sprinkle of happy sighs fill out the perfect recipe. Jennyfer also enjoys pie. Ms. Browne lives in California with her wonderful husband and adoring son, where she enjoys the beach and sailing off on further adventures. A member of the Romance Writers of America and blessed with an overactive imagination, she writes sweet and savory romances with a twist of tart that always come to a happy ending.
Latest book: Renewing Hope

Follow me on Twitter at  booksmango Christopher Hertzog
Christopher Hertzog graduated from Cambridge University, and is qualified in both Medicine and Law. He is a Directorof Supercardiol Plc, and specializes in Anti-aging Medicine (AAM), based on the Chicago A4M model, as well as product-ledcancer and terminal cancer research. He is co-author of Rathbone's 'Fountain of Youth'. He has promoted Anti-aging Conferences in Miami and Seattle, and presently conducts privately funded research into various therapies, which essentially do not exhibit adverse side-effects. These include Gerovital GH3, GH3 Cream, oral secretagogues and the latest range of anti-oxidants. He is raising funds to build clinics worldwide, which will embody these principles.
Latest book: Beta Glucan - a 21st Century Miracle?

Follow me on Twitter at  _FIYP Qwana M. "BabyGirl" Reynolds-Frasier
My name is Qwana M. “BabyGirl” Reynolds-Frasier; I am a native New Yorker, A Social Worker in a New York City Juvenile Detention Center for Boys, Mother of two, and Wife. Most importantly I am woman with a “Gift of Word” that will impact anyone who sees or hears my spoken and unspoken words. If you have every longed for deeper personal connections and fulfillment look no further than yourself. My new book Friend In Your Pocket Conversations Session One will you help you do just that. This small pocketbook with less than 300 pages will have you intrigued to do something different leaving a deep impact. Short, sweet, sincere, and to the point Friend In Your Pocket has no fluff, it is powerful and enga ... read more
Latest book: Friend In Your Pocket Conversations With M.I.N.I M.E. Class Is Now In Session

Follow me on Twitter at  clwilsonbooks C.L. Wilson
C.L. Wilson’s unique blend of action, richly-imagined fantasy, and emotional intensity has made her books a favorite read for romance and fantasy readers alike. Praised for exceptional worldbuilding and lyric prose, her critically acclaimed novels have regularly appeared on bestseller lists including the USA Today, the New York Times, and Publisher’s Weekly. C.L’s novels have won numerous awards including,’s Best Paranormal debut of 2007, the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, two National Reader’s Choice awards, the Colorado Award of Excellence, and the Holt Medallion. Ms. Wilson is the honored recipient of the PEARL award from Paranormal Romance as the best new author of 2007, and wi ... read more
Latest book: One Enchanted Season

Follow me on Twitter at  JonCastle2 Jon Castle
I grew up writing poetry and songs in Gloucester, Virginia. After attending college and serving in the army, I began working in a corporate environment while writing on the side. Encouraged by mentors and friends to make my writing more visible to others, I made the decision to seek publication. My first published book, Xhazul's Box: The Rainbow Sphere, is published here and through Amazon.
Latest book: Xhazul's Box: The Rainbow Sphere

Follow me on Twitter at  donum_vitae Treasa Hynes
From Ireland.
Latest book: As It Was In the Beginning

Follow me on Twitter at  SplitBloodBooks Louise Herman
Louise Herman is a North London Fantasy author obsessed with pear drops sweets and 80s Fantasy films. In between reading James Herbert novels and drinking too much coffee, she writes Young Adult Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance novels. Louise Herman has currently written five YA Fantasy books to date (December 2015); The Orcus Games Prequel Trilogy and The Split Blood series, which take the reader on a journey of magic, mystery, obsession and forbidden love with seductively dark consequences. For more information, please go to:
Latest book: Split Blood: Rise of the Wolf (Book #2 in the Split Blood Series)

Follow me on Twitter at  fifthwood Jeff Sherwood
I'm just some geek in the big scary world.
Latest book: Visions of Evil

Follow me on Twitter at  JennMEnglehardt Jennifer M. Englehardt
I am a twenty-six-year old who loves to read and write young adult fiction (mostly supernatural and romance), chick lit and (ocassionally, very rarely now) fanfiction! I used to write regularly under the name Total Vartan Lover on and Kristina Toff-land on In fact, if you look for stories under those names, they're still up. My other hobbies (though I rarely have time for them now) include playing the piano, singing, drawing, and almost anything artsy. I also (as my previous fans on fictionpress and will tell you) love to connect with my fans and look forward to creating a twitter, myspace and facebook page very very soon!
Latest book: Inhuman Hatred

Follow me on Twitter at  taylorgraceauth Taylor Grace
Taylor Grace was born in Europe, the eldest of three children. They moved to Canada when she was still young and she went to school in Ontario. Although English wasn't her first language and she studied Mathematics in university, books have always been her passion. "Don't let the polynomials fool you," she says, "reading and writing feed my soul." Taylor lives in Southern Ontario with her husband and two very spoiled dogs, a bullmastiff and an akita.
Latest book: Olivia's Choice

Follow me on Twitter at O.NINO
O.NINO nace en la provincia de Barcelona en 1986. Es Licenciada en Comunicación Audiovisual por la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona y ha trabajado para varios medios de comunicación de su país. Su amor creciente por la narrativa dramática, el discurso audiovisual adquirido en su formación universitaria y su posterior bagaje profesional son elementos constantemente palpables en La Escena Soutier, su primera novela. O.NINO is born in Barcelona in 1986. She holds a BA in Communication from the Universidad Autonoma of Barcelona and has worked for different media in his country. Her growing love for the dramatic narrative, audiovisual speech acquired in their university training and subsequent professional e ... read more
Latest book: La Escena Soutier

Follow me on Twitter at  PeterWood Peter Wood
Certified Speaker, Avid Hunter & Fisherman, Freelance Photographer, Award Winning Writer, CEO of Ripple Outdoors and Author of “What the Deer Experts Told Me”. Peter Wood’s experience reaches hunting and fishing all over the world as the Host of Hunt Talk and Fishing Podcast Show. As a long time hunter, Peter began writing for Ontario Out of Doors, Ontario’s premier hunting and fishing magazine back in 2005. As a prostaff member with Spypoint Cameras, Rack Stacker Deer Products, Vortex Optics Canada, and Gobble Stalker Game Call, Buck Fever Deer Attractants. A proud member and supporter of these fine organizations O.W.A.A., Q.D.M.A., O.F.A.H., N.W.T.F., Peter promotes and lives hunting year round.
Latest book: Hunt Talk - What The Deer Experts Told Me

Follow me on Twitter at Sue Dwan
Sue Dwan lives in New Zealand and has her own business. She is a professional certified coach (PCC), a management/business coach, writer (travel, educational and management) and ‘doer of interesting projects’, at clients' request. She has a particular interest in encouraging individuals to get their affairs in order before it is too late to do so and in 2014 wrote three PDF guidebooks on the topic: Clarify Your Intentions, Clear The Way and Wrap Up Your Business. When she isn't working with clients or tied to her desk, she's travelling or planning her next trip.
Latest book: The Beginner's Guide to Management

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorTerryReid Terry Reid
I'm a new author who resides in Scotland, in the UK and I have just published my first two e-books. When I am not writing I am usually painting or out enjoying the great outdoors or visiting my friends. I also like poptarts (though in moderation). :) I mainly write sci-fi/fantasy novels but try to bring a bit of comedy to them as well. So if you like that sort of thing, please do feel free to have a browse of free samples of my works. I hope you like them as much as I've enjoyed writing them and feedback for improvements is always welcome.
Latest book: Crashing Down to Earth

Follow me on Twitter at  dubugreen W Green
W. Green is a Chicago Architect and Writer. His books include Guardians of the Tomb with Tom Smith under the name T.W. Greensmith, Saving JFK, X-ooming FDR 1932 and non-fiction: Store Design and Happiness Wants You.
Latest book: X-ooming FDR 1932

Follow me on Twitter at  jthopfinger J. Hopfinger
The author is a veteran journalist who has written and edited for magazines, newspapers, and Web sites. She has a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University and a bachelor's degree in English from DePaul University. She is also the creator of The Bollywood Ticket: The American guide to Indian movies (
Latest book: In Deep