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Follow me on Twitter at  poemsugarpress Carla Christopher
The daughter of a jazz musician/professor and an art gallery owner/attorney, Carla Christopher grew up surrounded by business and inspired by art. After gypsy beginnings leading her from farms in North Carolina to urban Detroit neighborhoods, Carla attended Columbia University in New York City and spend the next several years as a social worker and performer in New York, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. She is the 4th Poet Laureate of York, Pennsylvania, where she currently resides and spends her days lecturing in schools and community organizations and produces events for A.C.T.I.O.N. (Artists Coming Together In One Network) and PoemSugar Press, both organizations she helped found. She is also host of Culture & ... read more
Latest book: Addicted to Relapse

Follow me on Twitter at  LaurenWoodcock5 Lauren Woodcock
I was born in Sheffield, United Kingdom in 1987, and my passion for the written word started from an early age. I was the five year old tucked up reading Enid Blyton while my friends played outside; the ten year old writing stories on the beach rather than building sandcastles; the sixteen year old spending hours each night filling in my diary instead of watching TV ... or sleeping. I kept the fire for writing burning throughout my degree in Speech and Language Therapy, penning my first full length story in the breaks between classes. In 2010 I began working in a college for young people with autism, another area of interest for me since my brother’s diagnosis with the disorder when I was seven years old. I ... read more
Latest book: Those Who Will Not See

Follow me on Twitter at  PensionersRant Jack Sakalauskas
Jack is retired and lives with his family in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He has had careers in military, business, and airport security. He has travelled by camel in Morocco, skied in the Swiss Alps, and visited a sunken city in the Mediterranean.
Latest book: Moonshine or Dirty Faces

Follow me on Twitter at  Ramananskr Ramanan K R
I'm not a-lone But a bundle of thoughts Just recently, Aligned myself to the writers' community. Gush of life force encircling my aura at the time of writing this as this is my last step before I could launch my first ever book - Being in Bliss @ my office. Its an effect of fusion of more good thoughts thats helping me out to bring out the best out of me.
Latest book: Being In Bliss @ My Office

Follow me on Twitter at  nickj69 Nick Jenkins
Nick was born two years after Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. He lived through the birth of the Web and the death of Communism. He grew up in Perth, Western Australia on the shores of the Swan River and spent his childhood frolicking with kangaroos and wombats in the bush. At one time he wanted to be the world's greatest programmer but succumbed to the dark side and became a manager instead. He worked around the world for IT firms in Sydney, London, Boston & Prague before he scurried home. Now he is a writer, photographer and management consultant. He lives in Perth with his wife Veronika and son Henry in a house that he designed for them.
Latest book: The Gates of Hades

Follow me on Twitter at  Kathy1964a Kathryn L. M. Reynolds
A little bit about myself. I'm an author & artist, and my nickname both online and off is Chatty Kathy...with good reason. I love reading and writing, spending time with family and friends, cooking, and watching disaster movies with my husband. I’m not overly fond of parties, unless they are casual dinners or barbeques with close friends and family. I love animals both real and stuffed toy ones - much to my family and friends’ amusement, for they love to tease me about my penchant for purchasing stuffed animals, especially ones that are damaged and earmarked for the trash bin, to add to my ever growing collection of teddy bears and other stuffed animals. I cannot stand those creepy little Easter Mars ... read more
Latest book: Garland Roses

Follow me on Twitter at  psychotherapygr Prodromos Tarasis
Ψυχολόγος με αγάπη για την λογοτεχνία, κατοικώ στην Αθήνα και δουλεύω με οικογένειες, ενήλικες, ομάδες και εφήβους.
Latest book: Ένα περίεργο χαρούμενο χταπόδι

Follow me on Twitter at  Lanie_Jordan Lanie Jordan
Lanie Jordan writes stories. Sometimes her characters drive her crazy, but then she gets her revenge by making their lives more difficult. Fictional payback is fun. She loves reading, writing, watching TV, and listening to the same songs for months on end. The WWE is a not-so-secret secret obsession of hers, and she vows to one day write a story about wrestlers, just so she can claim watching it is for research. Dean Winchester from Supernatural is one of her all-time favorite characters. Her friends would probably tell you she's obsessed with all things Dean/Supernatural; she's not, really. She just loves them a little. Okay, so it might be a tad more than a little, but if anyone ever finds out she'll claim ... read more
Latest book: Breed of Envy

Follow me on Twitter at  TristiPinkston Tristi Pinkston
I am the author of thirteen published books, the mother of four wildly creative children, and the wife of one wildly creative man. I'm a freelance editor, blogger, homeschooling mommy, and a headless chicken. I love taking long naps, watching good movies, and reading. I really like reading. Reading is awesome.
Latest book: The Write It Right Series: Point-of-View Primer

Follow me on Twitter at  eddyfy_ Aditya Thakur
Writer/Musician/Philosopher/Spiritual evolver/Life liver/Ex marine engineer
Latest book: When the World Disappeared (Free Version)

Follow me on Twitter at  @MirandaHeart99 Miranda Heart
Miranda Heart writes BDSM erotic escapades with an edge and sensual historical that will keep you on a slow simmer. Miranda loves to bring tortured souls to their ultimate romantic conclusion by less than normal means.
Latest book: Her Dreams Come True

Follow me on Twitter at  nduncanwriter Nikki Duncan
Heart stopping puppy chases, childhood melodrama and the aborted hangings of innocent toys are all in a day’s work for Nikki Duncan. This athletic equestrian turned reluctant homemaker turned daring author, is drawn to the siren song of a fresh storyline. Nikki plots murder and mayhem over breakfast, scandalous exposes at lunch and the sensual turn of phrase after dinner. Nevertheless, it is the pleasurable excitement and anticipation of unraveling her character’s motivation that drives her to write long past the witching hour. The only anxiety and apprehension haunting this author comes from pondering the mysterious outcome of her latest twist.
Latest book: There's A Weremoose In Hickeyville, The Fruity Law

Follow me on Twitter at  Annockonda Annockonda
Steve Brown, aka Annockonda, is a multi talented author. His unique style of writing has earned him the recognition on several levels as a phenomenal story teller, weaver of words and a merchant of concepts. Born and raised in Jamaica to a Christian family, his accuracy in depicting and relaying Biblical themes and stories is unique. His wealth of talent and experiences can be attributed to his years spent in the military and also in the Seventh day Adventist church. His years also as a “street soldier” on the streets of Kingston and Spanish Town in Jamaica, renders an authentic touch to his writings. His vast talent pool also includes his prowess as a song writer (various genres) and also as a recordi ... read more
Latest book: Legions Uprising

Follow me on Twitter at  switters23 Jonathan McArthur
Jonathan "Jay" McArthur Favorite Authors: Tom Robbins, Stephen King Favorite Bands: Pink Floyd, Kings of Leon, The Shins, Modest Mouse

Follow me on Twitter at  EvelynRBaldwin Evelyn Baldwin
After moving to St. Louis to attend college, she earned a degree in Education. During her Master’s program, Evelyn discovered her fascination with behavior and psychology. Her first professional job experience was as a juvenile counselor, which led her to venture into other human sciences, eventually making a career with Behavior Analysis. While writing is a hobby for Evelyn, she often uses her experiences with human behavior to guide her characters. Evelyn R. Baldwin was born in the Midwest and spent her childhood on a horse ranch. As an only child, Evelyn was often forced to entertain herself with the family's horses as companions, and her imagination the only limitation.
Latest book: Vacant [YA+]

Follow me on Twitter at  Anactagram Jacques Hopkins
Born in England and resident in the US for many years, the obscure use of semantics has always been a passion. That interest is now being directed into concepts that involve multimedia use of words, in the form of anagrams, puns and slogans, for motivation, recognition and entertainment. Through the family company, Varsity Anagram LLC has four primary concepts it promotes: On-A-Roll-Student, Varsity Anagram, Anactagram, and Pro-Tolerance, grouped together on the website and related websites.
Latest book: Anactagram First Volume

Follow me on Twitter at  TheOrchidMurder Christine Hunt

Follow me on Twitter at  AvivaTheAuthor Aviva Bel'Harold
Aviva Bel’Harold was born in Winnipeg and raised in Vancouver. She currently resides in Calgary with her husband, four children and 6 dachshunds. She is the author of Safe (2009), CHiP (2010) and Blood Matters (2012) COMING SOON: Qista & CHiP II
Latest book: D-Day Chronicles: Ruby

Follow me on Twitter at  loveanswernet Clif Kay
Clif Kay is the founder and principal of which is a new online relationship help site where customers who are looking for professional advice and guidance because of a troubling situation submit a confidential question and receive a private and specifically written answer from our credentialed relationship therapists directly to their email account. We make our service affordable, private, and fast so everyone has access to professional help.
Latest book: 50 Things Women Hate About Men; And What Men Can Do About It

Follow me on Twitter at  Author: Earl Crago Earl Crago
Latest book: Prince Of The Prism

Follow me on Twitter at!/geckogomez Mario Gomez
The author was born and formally educated in the Southwestern United States, but his home will forever be Mexico City, Mexico. His first published novel, The Consigliere, accounts for more than seven years of research into the obdurate underworlds of North America. Professionally he has maintained careers in Brokerage Finance, Corporate Management, Tourism, and Telecommunications, throughout Mexico and the United States. The convergence of his research, both professional and otherwise, has inculcated him with a formidable fluency in the non-divergent dominions of despotism, prestige, and survival; a culmination of experience he hopes readers will appreciate.
Latest book: The Consigliere

Follow me on Twitter at  StoryTellerPlac Jim Fallon
I've been writing as a passion since I was a kid. Tried to make a career out of it during and after college, but abandoned that idea after struggling to pay bills and tuition. I kept writing as a hobby during my career in Financial Services, and now thanks to the self-publishing boom I am making my work available! I have a wide range of favorite musicians, particularly those who are heavily influenced by the old-school rock era. My favorite of all time is Bruce Springsteen. I hope you enjoy the book! Visit my website for free short stories and some other stuff. It is still being built out at the moment, but check back periodically. I live in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.
Latest book: Please Stop the Music

Follow me on Twitter at  mnsfibers Jenn Wisbeck
Midnightsky Fibers has been publishing modern knitting patterns abnd making awesome handspun yarn from Seattle, WA since 2006!
Latest book: Ahoy Baby Tunic Knitting Pattern

Follow me on Twitter at  dechenlhamo Rowan Taw
With a background in psychology, and many years a practicing Buddhist, Rowan Taw writes about all her experiences both mundane and profound. She's British born, residing in New Zealand, with experience of Japan, the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Cook Islands, France, and Holland.

Follow me on Twitter at  bernardchoquett Bernard Choquette
Bernard Choquette est un ecrivain indépendant basé à Montreal; Commandez son dernier livre, un drame familiale contemporain titré : "Les héritages meurtriers des apparences" ; Disponible en version numérique et "Famille parfaite dans l'imparfait"
Latest book: Famille parfaite dans l'imparfait

Follow me on Twitter at  kweenoflove Kween
I am Kween. I have loved writing all my life, and thus have used the last 20 years to further develop my craft. Writing is a part of me and this year, I plan to take that to new levels. I'm a lover AND a fighter...I like the folks most don't. I walk to the beat of a drummer....who isn't REALLY in the band, but got the best beats. I am big on love..."I see you" where you're at...hopefully this blog helps you to see me, as well. In addition to writing, I love blogging, music, cooking, drawing, crafting, decorating, photography, art, reading, researching.

Follow me on Twitter at  cornyjokebooks Susan Sherbert
Susan Sherbert's purpose in life is to help people smile. She is author of "Grown-ups Don't Skip - a guide to rediscovering the FUN of youth." She has written a humor column every month for over twelve years and each issue included original corny jokes. One of her favorites.... What's the fastest way to become a vegetarian? Quit cold Turkey. She sold over 4,000 copies of a book about short sheeting a bed. A national bedding chain used it as a free gift with purchase. Susan has written over 50 original corny joke books, five humor books, and has been the humor columnist for several magazines. Her humor and writing style is unique and makes you think. It is witty and intelligent in a very simple way. She write ... read more
Latest book: Business Corny Jokes - Crop One

Follow me on Twitter at Desmond Ohwofosirai
Born in July 1989 in the city of orogun, Delta State, Nigeria. Studied Computer Science at the university of Benin. He is a System Analyst at Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido-Ekiti, Nigeria. A part-time blogger, programmer, public speaker and book author
Latest book: How to design a website with examples and screen shots

Follow me on Twitter at  author_vpettee Vickie Pettee
The year 1952 saw a number of debuts – polio vaccine, Mr. Potato Head game, roll-on deodorant, the Honeymooners and me. I grew up in a small town in L’Acadiane, where bayous and sugar cane fields were playgrounds, fireflies a summer evening delight and cousins my closest friends. The town library was my portal to all that was real and imagined outside of the rural community beside the Bayou Teche. Two million international miles for business and pleasure qualify me as a road warrior, witness to colorful settings and cultures. An avid reader of mystery, thrillers and international intrigue, I’m always thrilled to recognize a location in a novel as something more than a clichéd depiction from a postcard ... read more
Latest book: Fleur deKey

Follow me on Twitter at  PhoenixAffair Paul Clark
Paul Clark is a former USAF Colonel, fighter pilot, and Commander. He is now a Consultant and continues to travel widely in Europe and the Middle East. He lives with his wife in the United States.
Latest book: The Phoenix Affair

Follow me on Twitter at  mickrooney7777 Mick Rooney
Mick Rooney is an author, researcher and freelance journalist. He has been writing for nearly thirty years and published nine books, including Filigree & Shadow, a collection of his shorter fiction, and Academy, his debut novel. His first book, Arcadia, was published in 1990. As a publishing consultant, he is also a regular blogger, guest and visitor to many leading writers’ forums, and he has written numerous articles and books on publishing, music and retail. He was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1968, and though he still lives there, he also spends some of his time in the Netherlands.
Latest book: Filigree & Shadow

Follow me on Twitter at  OurTour_co_uk Julie Buckley
Julie and Jason Buckley escaped the rat race. They live in a travelling tin box called Dave with Charlie; their pampered pooch. When their savings run out they'll have to go back to reality and get proper jobs.
Latest book: A Monkey Ate My Breakfast : Motorhome Adventures In Morocco

Follow me on Twitter at  Aniri_Panait Irina Panait

Latest book: The Little One and the Marmelade Dream

Follow me on Twitter at  hccummings Hans Cummings
Hans Cummings is the author of the Fantasy duology: The Foundation of Drak-Anor: Wings of Twilight and Iron Fist of the Oroqs as well as the Zack Jackson science fiction series. Two of his short stories appear in Fear the Boot’s Sojourn speculative fiction anthologies. He is Nuvo's Best of Indy -- Best Local Author 3rd place Honoree for 2014. Hans is a volunteer for the tabletop gaming industry ENnie Awards and maintains a gaming blog in addition to his writing blog Hans earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Indiana University in 2006. He grew up in Indiana, Germany, and Virginia and returned to Indiana when he was 21. He currently ... read more
Latest book: Zack Jackson & The Hives of Valtra

Follow me on Twitter at  Jessica__Roscoe Jessica Roscoe
Jessica Roscoe is the author of Walking Dead Girl, a dark fantasy. From a young age, she delighted in the written word and would often scare her poor parents with outlandish stories filled with the supernatural and macabre. Jessica studied film and screenwriting at university before deciding that novels were her calling. The setting for Walking Dead Girl was inspired by a six-month stint in the U.S. where she worked as a lifeguard at a summer camp in Mount Freedom, New Jersey. She is currently working on the next book in the Vampireland series. Her other loves in life include good quality tea, wine, reading and hanging out with her husband and baby girl.
Latest book: Wombstone (Series Introduction)

Follow me on Twitter at  maggiesingleton Maggie Singleton
At any given moment, I have a chapter for an upcoming book just screaming to escape my mind and make it on paper. Roughly 15 percent of the time it does. The other 85 percent is lost to caring for three children 7 and under; editing books, blogs, articles, and manuals part time; and basically accomplishing all that goes along with being a work-at-home mom. As I summon the muse to help me with the remaining 85 percent, you'll see some excellent non-fiction titles (like Milk Diaries) to help moms on their journey. Learn more about Maggie Singleton and her work at Perspectives Writing & Editing (
Latest book: Milk Diaries: A Compilation of Practical, Encouraging Advice from the "Real" Breastfeeding Experts

Follow me on Twitter at  ElenisKafe Eleni Konstantine
Eleni Konstantine is Fantasy and Paranormal fiction writer, with a number of shorts published. Her stories range from flash fiction to novels. She blames/thanks her mother for her writing bug because as a child she was gifted with many books, including illustrated fairytales. That and a love of Greek mythology, and Eleni was destined to become a writer. Eleni lives in Adelaide, Australia, with her family and feisty American Staffy. You can see my Musa books at:
Latest book: Sealed With a Kiss

Follow me on Twitter at  ideopraxist2 Betsyann Thornton
Black and blonde, black and blue, battered, bullied and broke but never broken. I live in Philadelphia and use my city as the backdrop for my work. Publishing fulfills one of my lifelong dreams. This work has been a long time coming.

Follow me on Twitter at  ewsulli E.W. Sullivan
E. W. Sullivan (Sullivan) was born in Jacksonville, Florida in 1963. Aside from the twenty dollars or so he earned as a teenager shoveling and spreading dirt in the low-lying areas of his neighbors' yards, he's busted tables in a pizza joint, and scrubbed dishes in a private country club. Things got a little better for him when, for summer money, his father loaded up the bed of his old F-150 with watermelons, set him on a street corner saying, "You keep what you earn". Since then he has worked as an architect and contractor, taught computer networking, and owned a financial services company. Sheaves of Zion is Sullivan's first novel. His desire to become a novelist festered for many years when he found hi ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  patriceblanchot Patrice Blanchot
Que savons-nous de Patrice Blanchot ? Pas grand chose, il semble cultiver le mystère sur sa vie. Son premier roman Viol à l'arraché nous fait partager intrigue et confusion des sentiments. Est-ce l'occasion pour lui de se dévoiler un peu au travers de ses personnages ? Peut-être. Ou pas.
Latest book: Viol à l'arraché

Follow me on Twitter at  ryanspeck Ryan Speck
Ryan Speck is a writer, or at least that's what he keeps teling himself. Hailing originally from Atlanta, he made the journey cross-country in a covered wagon to Seattle, losing a wife and three children along the way to smallpox, diptheria, and the consumption. He's written quite a few short stories and spent several years writing music reviews and columns for Industrial Nation magazine and ReGen webzine, though he's best-unknown for the publication of The Big Rusty Lie, a non-mystery revolving around the exploits of Bernardo Walterhaus, detective extrordinaire. When not avoiding writing by doing almost anything else, Ryan can be found sleeping or yelling at his cats.
Latest book: The Charles Whitman Sampler

Follow me on Twitter at  lockpollard Lock Pollard
Hi, thanks for coming to my page. I'm Lock. I like all things to do with the ocean, which you've probably guessed from reading my stories. I surf, scuba dive, free-dive swim, and play underwater rugby. My favourite food is pizza. I love chocolate.
Latest book: The Grub and the Man from Firestone Ranch

Follow me on Twitter at  djedwardson DJ Edwardson
When he was younger, DJ used to recount the entire plots of the novels he was reading to his best friend as they walked to and from school together. Writing novels is a lot like that for him now except that he is making up the story and he has to worry about grammar and punctuation, and re-writes, and jacket art and…ok so maybe it’s not exactly the same. When he’s not writing or spending time with family, DJ dabbles in 3D modeling and digital art.
Latest book: The Spirit of Caledonia

Follow me on Twitter at  wastedyear2012 Douglas Gray
Daniel Medway (the real author of this chronicle) is the worthless scion of a proud old Mississippi family that sorely wishes he’d stop mentioning the relationship. Declared “a waste of a placenta” by his daddy on the day of his birth — a prediction that proved eerily accurate as the years unfolded — Daniel will probably best be remembered for writing some poems that James Dickey (briefly) liked one night on a drunken tear, the Great Harpoon Incident, and the miles of microfilmed evidence the FBI once gathered on him. Having squandered some early promise in the pursuit of Jim Beam, pretty women, and the perfect stereo system for his complete collection of the Fugs, Daniel recently unearthed a dog-ea ... read more
Latest book: Wasted Year: The Last Hippies of Ole Miss

Follow me on Twitter at  markpendergrast Mark Pendergrast
Mark Pendergrast is an independent scholar and author of six nonfiction books (and one funny children's book). He lives in Colchester, Vermont. His books include JAPAN'S TIPPING POINT; INSIDE THE OUTBREAKS; MIRROR MIRROR; UNCOMMON GROUNDS; VICTIMS OF MEMORY; FOR GOD, COUNTRY AND COCA-COLA.
Latest book: Victims of Memory

Follow me on Twitter at  KittyDelapore Kitty Delapore
Mistress of kinks, twinks, and everything in the kitchen sink. Strap yourself in; I'll take you for a wild ride.

Follow me on Twitter at  ellixton Eddie Sherriff
Born and raised in London,where day to day life is stranger than my imagination,which means I'll never run out of stories. A writer of novels and movie treatments

Follow me on Twitter at  MolloyAnthony Anthony Molloy
ABOUT ME Born: Yes I was, despite Hitler bombing my family out of house and home in London. I think it was a personal thing between him and me, I had two balls and he didn’t. If I’m right it was some sulk. The evacuation resulted in my being born a ´Devonshire Dumpling´. I went back to Bideford once, to the actual nursing home where I was launched, no blue plaque yet. I’m pretty sure that must be down to Council cuts. Schooling: Rotherhithe New Road. That was the Rotherhithe before they got rid of the rats in the riverside warehouses and installed the other sort. I was actually there, aged nine, when our neighbours Sunday joint floated away on the flood of 1953. Surely everyone alive at the time remem ... read more
Latest book: Conqueror of the Oceans

Follow me on Twitter at  Shanakd9 Shana Dines
Shana Dines is an Indiana native. She has been writing most of her life but mostly has written online for approximately 6 years. She writes for Yahoo Voices, Demand Studios, Triond and Gather. She especially likes to write short stories and poetry. Most of her writing is non-fiction. She is in the process of publishing her memoirs. She is a survivor of abuse, a recovering alcoholic and most of all a mother, a wife and a grandmother. She is also an artist painting in watercolors and pastels predominately. Shana also teaches watercolors and other art mediums at the Elkhart Art League in Elkhart, Indiana. She loves people, movies, and books but not necessarily in that order. She is fascinated with what makes peop ... read more