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Follow me on Twitter at  gracerellie Grace Rellie
Grace Rellie is a high school graduate of Bob Jones University, a graduate of The Institute of Children’s Literature and the Long Ridge Writer’s Group based in Connecticut. She has been taught the writing craft under the professional guidance of 17 year long veteran editor Constance McAllister of Highlights Magazine and authors Kathryn Jensen and Anne Grant. She is a member of the Cary Area Writer’s Group based in Illinois, which has its own blog found at, of which she occasionally contributes to. She is interested in all areas of writing and photographic art with which she continues to experiment daily. She also maintains a blog under her pseudonym Grace Rellie, which offers writing ... read more
Latest book: Bleeding Ice

Follow me on Twitter at  murdernovels Bob Moats
Detroit area resident, Bob Moats, has been writing short stories and plays for as long as he can remember. He has lost most of his original stories, typed or handwritten, in the numerous moves he has made from his hometown of Fraser, Michigan to Northern Michigan, to Las Vegas and back to Fraser, where he now lives. Moats became one of the causalities of unemployment a year ago, and had time on his hands to finally pursue a life long dream of writing a full blown crime novel. Thus was born the first book, "Classmate Murders". What followed was a series of seven books starting with "The Classmate Murders" which introduces the main character, Jim Richards, who has to admit he has become a senior citizen, reluct ... read more
Latest book: Wiseguy Murders

Follow me on Twitter at  coeytech Shera Eitel-Casey
I have always been an independent person as far back as I can remember. I was the first one out of the house even though I was the middle child, and in my own apartment as soon as I could afford it. Of course I forgot to budget for food so it was quite a struggle at first. However, the struggle abated quickly as my job positions climbed. I quit my job as Director of IT & Financial Services after my second child but not before starting up my own business designing websites. Designing websites and working on the Internet gave me the freedom to raise my kids but has been very challenging. The one thing people like most about me is if I say I’m going to do something, I do it. Whether I fail at it or succeed I do ... read more
Latest book: 3:17a.m. ...The Waking Hour

Follow me on Twitter at  FrancisEMcIntir Francis McIntire
Francis E. McIntire’s first book, Educated Blackjack, was published in 1977 for distribution in the United States and England. From 1983 until 2000 he published instruction manuals and technical manuals for use by the U.S. military for education and training, for organizational development, and for implementing technical systems for government and commercial clients. In 2000, Mr. McIntire published Full Ride, which was widely distributed to parents of children desiring to attend one of the five U.S. service academies. In 2004, he published a three-part series in Military Installation Excellence that included the subtitles Program Management, Project Reporting, and Strategic Planning. In 2012, Educated Bla ... read more
Latest book: Anarchist, Vol. 6, The Children Grow Strong

Follow me on Twitter at  ozau Oscar -Oz Benson
Basically I have been a traveling poet and writer for most of my life since about 15 or so. I published my first book of poems entitled 'Who Are You?' in 2002. I wrote a children's book entitled, Brother Bear and I about the same time in 2003. To date I have published also a book on Chongqing as well as one on investing in the stock markets. In the future I will publish a humorous book entitled 'The Mystery of Medicine and How to Escape From It'. I have lived in many places in America, Mexico, Philippines and China. I have found that following the yellow brick road will lead you to the truth. What you do with the truth will change your life. Change is what the earth needs now. No MORE WAR !! Just as Orso ... read more
Latest book: Chongqing China How to Find What You Want

Follow me on Twitter at  CraigAllenTweet Craig Allen
Craig Allen lives in Denver, Colorado.
Latest book: Without You

Follow me on Twitter at  SinisterInfant Daniel Eavenson
A preacher's kid from the south who immigrated up North back in the 80s. I'm a Fire Safety Engineer in my day job. I'm interested in writing all different kinds of fiction. I'm excited to see where the written word will take me.
Latest book: Dave Woke Up

Follow me on Twitter at  AhkLord Ikish Mullens
Ikish Mullens was born in Newark, New Jersey and raised in the Vailsburg area of the city, in the Westward. He graduated from the University of Phoenix and independently published his first novel Mind Games: A Brick City Story in 2004. Additionally, in 2009 he founded and created MYCA Publishing. Furthermore, Ikish’s other notable accomplishments include a cameo appearance in the independently released film produced by Shii-Fyne Productions title The Git Em Gyrlz. In addition, he has also worked behind the scenes and as an on air radio personality for New 105.5i The Heat and Elite Radio in New Jersey.
Latest book: Mind Games: A Brick City Story

Follow me on Twitter at  authorincubator Difference Press
Angela Lauria founded The Author Incubator and Difference Press in 2010. A well-respected direct response marketing consultant, life coach, and doctor of communications, Angela is an entrepreneur and an internationally recognized expert in online direct response marketing and Diffusion of Innovation theory. Previously she founded and continues to operate Nimble Cricket Communications, an Internet consulting firm established in 1994. A voracious reader, especially of self-help and philosophy books, Angela has been a student of A Course in Miracles since 1992. She feels lucky to have been coached by Brooke Castillo, Cindy Roman, Jeanette Eleff, Alina Frank, and Barbara Kenyon. Through reading, therapy and coach ... read more
Latest book: If I'm So Smart, Why Can't I Be Happy?

Follow me on Twitter at  AvaAyersAuthor Ava Ayers
Ava Ayers spends her days sunning on the shore of Sanremo and her nights fighting crime and changing the footwear choices of those with a propensity for pairing socks and Birkenstocks. Or nothing like that. Mostly she likes entertaining her readers with epic tales of lust, love and intrigue involving strong men and even stronger--women something very near and dear to her wild heart. Ava Ayers is the bestselling author of psychological thriller, Once Were Family, new adult novel, Pretty Hate, and fantasy novels, The Inquisitor's Song and Immoral Beloved.
Latest book: The Inquisitor's Song

Follow me on Twitter at  lolaswainauthor Lola Swain
Lola Swain is a best-selling author of erotica, erotic romance and mainstream fiction. Her works include the wildly popular Ties That Bind Chronicles, the To Protect And Service series, the Eight Maids A Milking Steampunk fairy tales and the Fifty Shades of Gay series. Lola Swain’s books appear digitally and in print on Amazon, Barnes and Noble,Apple and other retailers worldwide. If you would like to receive information on new releases, promotional codes for free or discounted books or to chat with Lola Swain, drop her a line at and sign up for her mailing list. You can also catch up with Lola Swain by visiting her blog at or on Twitter @LolaSwainAuthor. Viva La ... read more
Latest book: Dirty Bitch

Follow me on Twitter at  T2seeE Tonya Ellis
Tonya Ellis is 44yrs old and originally from Houston, TX. She is currently living back down home again after being a long time resident of NYC (15+ years). Down and Out During the Obama Chronicles (The Second Term) is her first book. Since relocating back down to Houston, TX (which is what her first book is partially about) she also works to pay bills. She is a comedian & writer who recently bought her first E-cigarette so that she can practice smoking because she always thought cigarette smoking looked really cool even though smoking is generally a none healthy habit. Plus she thinks Stephen Dorff (from the E-cigarette commercials) is cute. Which is probably how the old way of smoking cigarettes got started- s ... read more
Latest book: Down & Out During The Obama Chronicles (The Second Term).

Follow me on Twitter at  EmilyJaneTrent Emily Jane Trent
Emily Jane Trent writes contemporary romance with scenes that radiate off the page! The heroines in my stories are women that readers admire and respect. The heroes are dominant, alpha males; but always love and adore the heroine. The sexual experiences of the characters are always firmly based in the warmth of love. But don’t think it’s all smooth sailing – I strive to give my readers an exciting read that’s hard to put down.
Latest book: Perfectly Shattered

Follow me on Twitter at  MzHartz Michelle Hartz
Michelle Hartz is a living human currently residing in Bloomington, Indiana, with her living husband, two living cats, a living turtle, and two fish (animation state of the fish is unknown, they are thought to be differently animated). (In fact, sometimes we wonder about the turtle too.) (Now that I'm thinking of it, I don't know which lives the cats are on, they must have lost a couple of their nine lives in there somewhere.) She spends her nights hanging around with zombies, monsters, vampires, ghosts, drag queens, martini drinkers, and worst of all, fellow writers. She gives up her life once a year to write a novel for National Novel Writing Month, and even attempts to lead and inspire other writers subject ... read more
Latest book: Brains for the Zombie Soul

Follow me on Twitter at  nelson911 D. Nelson
d. Nelson was born and raised in Gary, IN by his mother Diane Rogers. He is the father of two beautiful and deeply loved daughters Jessica Nelson & Naomi Nelson. He started writing as a teenager and had his first article published at twenty years old. He wrote off and on over the next few years while working as independent record company executive. While working in the record industry and eventually the film industry his passion for writing has never waned and the result is "A Broken Voice (Resurrected).
Latest book: A Broken Voice (Resurrected)

Follow me on Twitter at  squintarium SJ Griffin
SJ Griffin became a woman after successfully completing many years as a girl. She used to live in the countryside but escaped to London. After stints as an actor, a petrol station attendant, a copywriter, an editor, an amateur bike mechanic, a burger flipper, a playwright and riding an old fashioned bicycle in order to sell melting ice creams it became abundantly clear that the only thing she really wanted to do was write novels. So that's what she does. As a result she is far more pleasant to be around. The Vanguard trilogy is the first stage of a long term strategy to remain pleasant to be around, for the general good of humanity. The final part of the trilogy, The Perfectionist, was published in April 201 ... read more
Latest book: The Perfectionist

Follow me on Twitter at  writer_abbie abbica14
Abbie McDonough was born and raised in Liverpool, England. From a young age she has had a passion for studying history. She also enjoys writing and spends most of her time doing this. This is her first book and she hopes to be able to write more.
Latest book: Sunken Dreams

Follow me on Twitter at  TropicalWriters Tropical Writers
Writers supporting each other in Cairns in Tropical Far North Queensland.
Latest book: Lost in Mangroves

Follow me on Twitter at  SowtiSquad Ray Kane
Ray Kane was born in Ireland. He was in the South African Police when Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment on Robben Island in 1964. In 1965, while hitchhiking through Tanzania en route to England, he crossed the path along which Che Guevara would lead his Cuban Brigade just three days later into the Congo and his first revolutionary defeat. Kane’s first novel, The Sowti Squad, was born of these two events. Suspected of being a mercenary while hitchhiking through Juba, the Sudanese government arrested and deported Kane to Uganda. Hoping to continue his homeward journey by ship, Kane travelled through Uganda to Mombasa, Kenya’s port on its Indian Ocean coastline. Fortune smiled on Kane. The Brae ... read more
Latest book: Coup D’état Oman

Follow me on Twitter at  davidnalderman David N. Alderman
David N. Alderman is an indie author of two speculative fiction series: Black Earth and Expired Reality. He is also the founder of The Crossover Alliance (, and he participates in National Novel Writing Month ( each year. When he's not writing or spending time with family, you can find David racking up his achievement score on his Xbox 360, questing in Guild Wars 2, or killing opponents in a game of Half Life 2: Deathmatch on Steam.
Latest book: Of Dreams and Faith

Follow me on Twitter at  ExplodingRunes Kelly Stanaway
I've been writing since I was really young, and have always wanted to actually get a book published. I've participated and completed NANOWRIMO the last several years and look forward to doing so again as a way to complete other projects. I live in Kent, Washington with my boyfriend, cats Thoth, and new kitten Osiris, and my snake named Tim (and yes, that is a Monty Python reference). We are happy to welcome Osiris into our home after losing Alik in October of 2013. When I'm doing my day job, I'm also working hard on getting my other writing projects finished so that the whole story can be told.
Latest book: Rending the Seal

Follow me on Twitter at  GangstaLit Daddy Rich
Richarh L. Tyson “AKA” Daddy Rich is an underground Gangsta Rapper from Marion, Indiana. In 1999 he was arrested for 6 counts of dealing cocaine. After posting a $100,000 bond he was released. After his release he recorded "Out on Bail" which became a local hood classic. Daddy Rich turned himself in August 22nd, 2000 to begin serving a 6 year sentence in the Indiana Department of Correction. His album sold while he was incarcerated. In late 2002, due to time cuts and "good behavior" he was released. In order to help fund his dreams of becoming a rap star Daddy Rich became a licensed Realtor and continued to sell cocaine. In late 2003, Daddy Rich caught felony criminal confinement, battery, and ... read more
Latest book: Snitch Killer

Follow me on Twitter at  paymentoptions Phillip Parker
My name is Phillip Parker and I sold merchant accounts and credit card processing services as an Independent Sales Agent (ISA) for nearly a decade. As an ISA, I could sell the services of any provider with which I had a commission agreement. I will leave out the names of the companies to avoid implying accidental bias, but I sold the credit card processing services of both small Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) and large direct processors. Upon entering the merchant services industry, it did not take long before I began hearing horror stories from business owners about the poor treatment they had received from a previous credit card processing company. Not only had many experienced bad customer service, ... read more
Latest book: Fee Sweep

Follow me on Twitter at  TheTorahCodes Ezra Barany
After learning about codes in the Bible, Ezra produced his bestselling award-winning thriller, THE TORAH CODES. Ezra has helped several of his clients become bestselling authors with his unique method of finding the right title for one’s book. A former physics teacher, Ezra lives in Oakland with his beloved wife and two cats working on a sequel, THE 36 RIGHTEOUS, A SERIAL KILLER’S HITLIST. Ezra, not the cats.
Latest book: The Torah Codes

Follow me on Twitter at  LarryCWare Larry Ware
Larry Ware is the author of The Devil's Captive, Dangerous Times and Sanctuary. Born in Pennsylvania, he left there at age eight for California then on to Washington and then back to Pennsylvania where he finished high school and his first year of college. He enlisted for four years in the US Air Force which took him from training in Texas to two cold winters in New Hampshire and then for one year in a desert in North Africa. The last part of his enlistment was spent in Omaha, Nebraska where he met a girl and when out, they were married. They raised four children while he worked as a Sales Engineer. His work took him all across the United States and Canada. Business also took him to Germany and South Kore ... read more
Latest book: Capital Sins

Follow me on Twitter at  JChrisCorey J Christopher Corey
J Christopher Corey was born and grew up in Ft. Lauderdale Florida and earned a bachelor’s degree in English from the Florida State University. After more than sixteen years of service with the United States Army, he was discharged after being injured in a training accident. The Vampire Tank is Corey’s first novel. He now resides in Tacoma Washington with his wife and four children.
Latest book: The Vampire Tank

Follow me on Twitter at  AtDrakesCommand David Wesley Hill
David Wesley Hill is an award-winning fiction writer with more than thirty stories published in the U.S. and internationally. In 1997 he was presented with the Golden Bridge award at the International Conference on Science Fiction in Beijing, and in 1999 he placed second in the Writers of the Future contest. In 2007, 2009, and 2011 Mr. Hill was awarded residencies at the Blue Mountain Center, a writers and artists retreat in the Adirondacks. He studied under Joseph Heller and Jack Cady and received a Masters in creative writing from the City University of New York, as well as the De Jur Award, the school's highest literary honor.
Latest book: My Brother Tom

Follow me on Twitter at  jeremystormsk Jeremy Parris
During the summer of 2013 Jeremy Parris made his first trip to Europe, visiting London, Paris, and working at Eclipse Equestrian/Activity Center in Ireland. It was during this time that he fell in love with traveling and discovered in the process that it wasn’t as hard or daunting as he’d been raised to believe. Upon returning home Jeremy received an offer from Ripley Davenport, a fellow adventurer he’d worked with in Ireland, to join his Round Ireland Swim as media specialist for the summer of 2014. Recording and documenting the whole world first, historical swim. Due to motivation from the swim and a rough fall semester as a sophomore in college, Jeremy decided to take his life back into his hands. He ... read more
Latest book: The Broke Travel Bible (Pocket Edition)

Follow me on Twitter at  GoodVibeCoach Jeannette Maw
Good Vibe Coaching isn’t about me – it’s about you – but here’s a little personal background: For years I did everything the way many still do … struggling with job changes, relationship breakups, financial upsets, health problems, etc. Little did I know I was making life harder than it needed to be! After building a “successful” corporate career in financial services as a Certified Financial Planner and retirement plan specialist, I soon lived the rut of autopilot. I didn’t know there was any other way to do it, until one day a homeless guy invited me to hit the road with him and the invite appealed! I realized something might not be right with this life I’d built if giving it all up to ... read more
Latest book: LOA for Love: Manifesting Relationships with the Law of Attraction

Follow me on Twitter at  hunterjudge Laura Kelland-May
Laura Kelland-May is a Sr. Judge in Hunter Jumper Hack and Equitation and founder of the Thistle Ridge Skill Builders Series © of Horse Show Clinics and Thistle Ridge Skill Builders©. She is available for judging and developing clinics and riders in your area. A well thought of and ‘in demand’ coach and trainer years of experience Laura continues to develop and brings her experience online and has been featured guest with “ How to Market Your Horse Business” (Facebook discussion) and Featured Guest with “ Horse Family Magazine” on #horsechat. In addition Laura offers weekly lessons on her weekly live Q & A session. The Thistle Ridge Skill Builders Facebook fan page was a 2011 Finalist in ... read more
Latest book: Gymnastic Jumping - 10 Exercises to Improve Your Horse Over Fences

Follow me on Twitter at  Wincompsonline David Fuentes
David Fuentes has been successfully comping for many years, winning heaps of prizes and thousands of pounds worth of free stuff, all from the click of a button. He started out with a dream of winning his way to riches, still dreaming! He is now a force to be reckoned with, winning must-have gadgets and getting to experience many money-can’t-buy prizes. After years of learning he has now compiled this guide to help those who would like to do just that. The world is a comper’s oyster, where will you find your pearl?
Latest book: Win Competitions Online: A Promoters Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  woodforthefire Sam McKenna
My name is Sam McKenna Born and raised in Balbriggan, Ireland. Some time traveller and explorer, though in my own smallest way, and now, by hook or by crook, living once again in the town in which I grew up. Balbriggan can be found on the east coast of Ireland, a one-time thriving fishing village boasting beautiful beaches, and where some of my fondest childhood memories still remain. I have been lucky enough to travel to many different places around the globe. From driving Australias outback to trekking the Inca trail in Peru, watching sunsets on the Copa Cabana to drinking bia hoi in central Vietnam. Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North & South America and Asia, all have had a profound and indelible effec ... read more
Latest book: The Backpackers Guide to Australia

Follow me on Twitter at  TJC_Ellis Tabatha Ellis
I grew up with 'Doctor Who' and 'Star Wars', reading Isaac Asimov, Stephen Donaldson, Douglas Adams and Anne McCaffrey. I was curious about the idea of creating worlds and stories of my own. Hence 'The Thief of Ashlon' duo, 'The Guardian and the Thief', and 'The Dragon and the Queen'. Eventually there will be a scifi trilogy to join them, and I've recently added a romance novel, 'Casino Joe'. See what you think. I'm Australian, love to travel, am learning French, and want to write full time as soon as I get the chance!
Latest book: Casino Joe

Follow me on Twitter at  drannie27 Rhiannon Morgan
I have no idea what I'm doing
Latest book: Stop Smoking You Dumb F#CK

Follow me on Twitter at  livenitup Anthony Navarro
Anthony Navarro has been planning, coordinating, and executing events for well over a decade. Growing up in a family of Restaurateurs, knowing how to make people feel comfortable at any event is second nature. A native to Chicago, Anthony had graduated from DePaul University and began working in a hotel and mastered the art of planning corporate meetings, social events, and weddings. Having learned how to be overly organized and ready for the best and the worst, working as a restaurant and catering event planner, Anthony’s main goal has always been to plan a memorable and meaningful event for his clients. Starting Liven It Up Events was a dream come true and truly enjoys having the ability to work in a variet ... read more
Latest book: The Business of Being A Wedding Planner

Follow me on Twitter at  gpching G. P. Ching

Latest book: The Last Soulkeeper

Follow me on Twitter at  gemmapar Gemma Parkes
I am a freelance writer from the UK who specializes mainly in Erotic fiction. My writing covers a variety of sexual genres. I enjoy fine wine, great food and the company of funny, intelligent people who love life as much as I do. Previous publication credits include short stories with Ravenous Romance, Cleis Press, House of Erotica, Naughty Night's Press, Yellow Silk Dreams and many more...
Latest book: Fevered Kisses

Follow me on Twitter at  rjgalloway1 Richard J. Galloway
When I was a teenager I was fairly skilled at drawing. I produced some good pencil images which sadly have now been lost. There was a drawing of an engine from a Rolls Royce Camargue. It was large, and the shading of it used up three pencils. I remember the hours I spent on its production during the summer holidays, and the music I listened to as I worked. I was destined to go to Art College, but family circumstances meant that I never got there. Instead, I finished up getting a job. My working career started in Architecture, where with ink stained fingers and an adjustable setsquare I turned the architect’s concepts into technical drawings. Eventually the drawing boards were abandoned in favour of computers ... read more
Latest book: Amantarra

Follow me on Twitter at  MillieTiffany Millie Tiffany
Millie Tiffany has worked as a litigation paralegal/case manager for a boutique litigation firm in Northeastern Pennsylvania for the past 25 years. Additionally, she is the owner of Paralegal Specialists, LLC, which company offers selective litigation and legal copyrighting services to attorneys throughout the US on a virtual basis. Personal injury summaries for settlement purposes, along with Mediation and Arbitration Memoranda, are Ms. Tiffany’s specialty.
Latest book: Tips on Your Personal Injury Claim

Follow me on Twitter at  SeanCordry Sean M. Cordry
Lost civilizations, the paranormal, earthy magic (not your boy-wizard's spells), and realistic action stories have always grabbed my attention. Ancient mysteries are especially fascinating to me: What happened to them? How did they do what they did? It's a real kick for me to try to imagine what might have happened. I call this, "true mystery, fake history." Kokopelli's Thunder is the first in series of books. In each volume, I'll re-imagine what might have happened to a particular group of people, pulling in unusual and novel elements to weave a tight, sophisticated action-adventure story. And, like Kokopelli's Thunder, there will be two timelines for each book such that the reader needs both "threads" of t ... read more
Latest book: Kokopelli's Thunder: Fall of the Anasazi

Follow me on Twitter at  non_verbal_info Eric Goulard
Eric Goulard is a consultant and trainer in communication, customer relations, and management. An expert in behavioral communication, he is specialized in the detection of lies and in techniques of persuasion. He is a consultant for projects which require behavioral observation, analysis, and management of emotions (Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication). He also offers personalized coaching in France and Belgium for professionals (businesses and freelancers) and individuals. Eric Goulard is the first in France to become a certified Master in the recognition of facial expressions and subtle micro-expressions (MiX Elite and SubX Elite). He offers online education and resources in th ... read more
Latest book: Mémo: identifier les émotions et les micro-expressions

Follow me on Twitter at  irispinson10 Iris Pinson
Ik ben schrijfster van erotische liefdesdrama's (fictie). Mijn romans bevatten ongecompliceerde verhalen voor 's middags op de bank als het regent of bij mooi weer op het strand.
Latest book: Als je Alleen...

Follow me on Twitter at  MPSharmaauthor MP Sharma
M.P. (Mituri Pradip) Sharma is a Writer, a Print Journalist, a Technical Writer, a Business Analyst, a Test Lead, and a Marketing & Communications/Public Relations Head for Nim-Véda Australia. Though she has a varied background, what has remained constant is her absolute obsessive love for writing, having written sporadically throughout the years. Mituri began her career as a print journalist while in school and continued to work as one while completing her university education in journalism, writing for a variety of local papers, university publications, online materials and glossy magazines. Even though a brief dissolution with the journalism world lead her down the path of Business Administration and Info ... read more
Latest book: The Last True Blood

Follow me on Twitter at  reinier_krol Reinier Krol
Reinier Krol is an Australian-based writer/filmmaker with 20 years experience in the entertainment industry; working as a director and producer on various shorts, docos and corporate videos. He has also written a number of feature-length screenplays. He published his first full-length novel, “Loch Ness” (as Reinier J. Krol) in 2000, before focusing on writing, directing and producing for the screen. He has returned to prose because of his passion for the themes explored in Firenight. The author is indefatigably passionate about raising awareness of the growing emotional struggles of young people, depression and teenage suicide prevention. Coming from a background of counselling young people, the author ... read more
Latest book: Loch Ness

Follow me on Twitter at  Hannibalthehat Dermott Hayes
Since I can remember I’ve wanted to be a writer which might explain why I spent most of my life working as a journalist. I didn’t have the guts or the know how to pursue my dream. Then life got in the way. But before that I produced my first newspaper when I was nine (total readership: 12). I put together a project at school on the Cultural Revolution in China in 1968. I was 12. The Chinese embassy in London sent me a crate load of Mao Tse Tung’s ‘Little Red Book’ which aroused some ‘official’ curiosity! My interest in creative writing was first roused by an English teacher in St Flannan’s College, Ennis. It was subsequently doused by another English teacher in St Paul’s College in Dublin. ... read more
Latest book: Tito's Dead

Follow me on Twitter at  health4rmnature Afolabi Adeosun
About Moses Moses Morgan graduated from University of Ilorin, Kwara state, Nigeria with second class (honor) in Biochemistry. His areas of interest are natural health, fertility, nutrition and fat or weight loss. He is the third generation of a well-known herbal practitioner (baba alagunmu) in Oyan, Osun State, Nigeria. He enjoys gathering information on ancient healing methods and herbal recipes especially in the area of male and female infertility. He sets out to educate the world about Nigerian and African natural health systems including the popularly known yorubic medicine in which most of his knowledge of herbal medicine centers on.
Latest book: Easy Pregnancy

Follow me on Twitter at  jamierbw Jamie Bowlby-Whiting
As a terrified child, Jamie found the world somewhat overwhelming. After doing what he was told to do for the first twenty-something years of his life and obtaining a Masters in Mathematics, he decided that the fast-paced, money-orientated world of work wasn't quite for him. Since that time he has spent much time hitchhiking, cycling, and even rafting down the Danube on a homemade raft. During these journeys, he has largely relied upon the kindness of strangers who offer him a place to sleep, as well as camping out under the stars.
Latest book: The Avant-Garde Life