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Follow me on Twitter at @Ally_Nuttall Alice Nuttall
Alice Nuttall is a tea-swilling, lindy-hopping, perpetual student, who divides her time between Oxford and the various worlds in her head. She has been writing since she could hold a pen, and, at the age of twenty-nine, has just about finished school.
Latest book: Invisible Boy
Follow me on Twitter at @schorrm Mark Schorr
Born and raised in New York, Mark has also lived in Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and Portland, Oregon. He's worked as a bookstore manager, private investigator, nightclub bouncer, newspaper reporter, freelance writer, and is currently a licensed psychotherapist. He is highly regarded throughout the Northwest region for his trainings on writing, mental health and crisis de-escalation. He has also presented in New York, Beijing, and California.
Latest book: Crisis De-escalation: A Mental Health Professional's Guide for Managing Conflict
Follow me on Twitter at @RebelTremont Rebel Tremont
I love to write and read about a variety of topics. Maybe it’s my Gemini leanings, maybe it’s just my personality at birth but I love to go wide. I have a background in technology (worked for major technology firms), am an artist and crafty kind of person (painting, writing, knitting, guitar) and an educator/trainer.
Latest book: Exotic Justice
Follow me on Twitter at @IanStoneAuthor Ian Stone
Ian Stone has been creating and telling himself stories his entire life. After finishing college and spending more than a decade as a Software Engineer, he finally decided to start writing the stories down. He has a deep, abiding passion for speculative fiction and its unique ability to discuss life’s deepest questions. Ian lives in Nebraska, USA, with his loving wife and two affectionate cats. Readers are welcome to visit Ian’s website,, for his blog and links to social media.
Latest book: Miscalculation
Follow me on Twitter at @okkiptum O.K. Kiptum
Hobbyist writer/ book ninja. There's nothing quite like an exhilarating story to make one's imagination run wild.
Latest book: Stickman's Sticky Situation
Follow me on Twitter at @danwentzel Dan Wentzel
Dan Wentzel was born in Seattle, Washington on what was probably a raining day on the 26th of October. Yes, he is a Scorpio, with Virgo rising and a Pisces moon. So, yes, he naturally ended up in years of therapy. Dan is an actor/writer/comedian currently living in Southern California. (Yes, he is SAG-AFTRA, and yes he is interested in acting for pay in your film/television/stage/internet project.) Dan is what fundamentalists used to label as a "militant homosexual" which he still wears as a badge of honor. Dan is also a public transit advocate and believes in climate change, as well as the laws of math and science. Dan has been successfully living with OCD for twenty years and had ridden in AIDS/LifeCy ... read more
Latest book: Chakra of My Discontent (When Sex Isn't the Only Obsession)
Follow me on Twitter at @asiayeah Isaac Cheung

Latest book: Mini Stories by Kids
Follow me on Twitter at @HerbJSmithII Herb J. Smith
Herb J. Smith II is a computer programmer and author who enjoys writing science fantasy. He holds a degree in English Literature as well as degrees in Computer Science and Law. On September 18, 2014, Herb released Keepers of the Dawn, the first installment of his four-book, science fantasy epic, The Dawn Cycle. Keepers of the Dawn is his third published work and his first novel. Herb has adopted the catchphrase, “Author of Realms both Magical and Bright,” to describe his style of writing. “Magical” in that one is transported out of the everyday world and immersed within an alternate realm. “Bright” in that this alternate realm is presented in a bright way. That is, bright in the sense of radiant, l ... read more
Latest book: Keepers of the Dawn
Follow me on Twitter at @BethDCarter B. D. Carter
I like writing about the very ordinary girl thrust into extrordinary circumstances, so my heroines will probably never be lawyers, doctors or corporate highrollers. I try to write characters who aren't cookie cutters and push myself to write complicated situations that I have no idea how to resolve, forcing me to think outside the box. I love to hear from readers so I’ve made it really easy to find me on Facebook or Twitter.
Latest book: Niah
Follow me on Twitter at @nowriter1971 Jane Bishop
Jane is a wife and mother of two great boys living in small town near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She has been a writer for years. She enjoys kayaking, traveling and all the small things in life that brings her happiness and love.
Latest book: The Ribbon of Time
Follow me on Twitter at @DrErica Dr. Erica Goodstone
Dr. Erica Goodstone, is a Spiritual Relationship Healing Expert Helping Men and Women Heal Their Bodies and Their Relationships through Love. She believes “Where There Is Love There IS A Way” and “If We Feel Loved and Loving We Cannot Choose To Hurt or Harm Anyone Else.” Dr. Erica’s life work is about creating love, healing through love, and sharing her insights, research and wisdom about what it takes to love and be loved in return. As an Author, Seminar Leader, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Marriage Therapist, Board Certified Sex Therapist, Somatic/Body Oriented Psychotherapist, and Personal/Life and Health/Wellness Coach, Dr. Erica has helped thousands of men and women to get back ... read more
Latest book: Love In The Blizzard Of Life
Follow me on Twitter at @albertgundani Albert Gundani
Albert Gundani, lives in Manchester, UK with his beautiful wife and two daughters. Born in Zimbabwe and lived in South Africa for four years in his late twenties and early thirties. Moved to England in 2002. The rest is at:
Latest book: Swimming For Babies
Follow me on Twitter at @mamacharblessed Mama Char
Mama Char is a #1 International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Radio Host and Angel Card Reader. Widowed after 42 years of marriage, she currently resides in Oklahoma with her five cats. Mother of two sons and one grandson, she prides herself on loving others and being a service to them anyway she can. Her first published piece is an anthology “Pebbles in the Pond, Wave 3” where her chapter “The Power of Love” depicts a spiritual awakening after the death of her husband. She is co-author with 24 other talented writers who share their stories of tragedy to triumph. As an inspirational entertainer and “Jill of all Trades”, Mama Char’s life passion is to promote others and incorporate the gift of ... read more
Latest book: Jesus and the "G" Spot. Where Spirituality and Sensuality Come Together as God Intended.
Follow me on Twitter at @dlkane D.L. Kane
D.L. Kane is a Midwestern mother of three rambunctious Hooligans and the proud wife of a United States Marine. She is a career journalist and editor with over 15 years of experience in the media industry. Shattered Dreams is her first foray into both Fiction and Indie publishing and she is excited to share her book with the world.
Latest book: Shattered Innocence
Follow me on Twitter at @davidbevis David Bevis
David Bevis comes from England and currently lives in Mexico, where he works as a teacher and translator.
Latest book: The Seven Seas Dictionary of Proverbs & Idioms
Follow me on Twitter at @authorsageyoung Sage Young
Sage Young is an author of erotically sensual novels. Currently residing in Philadelphia, PA, she entered the literary arena in the fall of 2013 with her debut novel “DELUSIONAL LOVE”. Her second novel “DEFINED LOVE” was published in February of 2014. Sage is an avid reader of all things, but erotic romance novels in particular. She uses every spare moment to indulge in one of her favorite passions, writing. Sage’s favorite saying is “Always explore the possibilities”.
Latest book: Choices We Make
Follow me on Twitter at @arisingknight Vladimir Duran
Vladimir Duran is a man who loves a good story no matter what form it takes. He’s into everything from comics, manga and anime to the epic poets and classic cinema. A good story is a good story is a good story. Vladimir lives in New York City where he pretends to be a legal clerk when he would rather be writing. He spends his free time Drawing and Playing Mass Effect. He also likes to build magic systems based on classical philosophy.
Latest book: Black Lion
Follow me on Twitter at @SeleneRene Selene Renée
Selene Renée was born in France to English parents, and now divides her time between Paris and London. Books have always been a big part of her life as has writing, but it was only when a close friend suggested she become a writer, did Selene take her writing seriously. Her previous jobs have ranged from; waitress, cleaner, hairdresser, nanny, secretary, shop assistant and now writer of Adult Fiction and Thrillers with a Twist. Selene looks to books and films for inspiration and spends her afternoons daydreaming about potential characters and what they might get up to in one of her books
Latest book: The Day Crystal Cooper Died
Follow me on Twitter at @michaelzinetti Michael Zinetti
Michael Zinetti is a writer/musician/artist based in Springfield, MO. He graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor's of Art in Creative Writing. Michael Zinetti has several titles under his belt, including the first two books from The Godbolt Book Series, the first season with nine episodes from the Switek of Springfield Series, three volumes for the Some Cool Ways Series, My Search For Love On Craigslist, and Going Postal, all available at Smashwords and other locations on the net. Also, Michael Zinetti has an album called Sweet Bloody Kisses. Be sure to check Michel Zinetti out in all his many silly incarnations.
Latest book: The Mindwriter: Episode 3
Follow me on Twitter at @anthonyparker Anthony Parker
I'm a former accountant and now an in-home educator, working with 4 amazing young boys. I'm also a father of 3 boys, and love writing, making music, making movies, drawing and being creative!!
Latest book: Counting With Animals
Follow me on Twitter at @medwardsbooks Martin Edwards
Martin Edwards is an award-winning crime writer, whose sixth and most recent Lake District Mystery, featuring DCI Hannah Scarlett and Daniel Kind, is The Frozen Shroud. Earlier books in the series are The Coffin Trail (short-listed for the Theakston’s prize for best British crime novel of 2006), The Cipher Garden, The Arsenic Labyrinth (short-listed for the Lakeland Book of the Year award in 2008), The Serpent Pool and The Hanging Wood. He has written eight novels about lawyer Harry Devlin, and All the Lonely People, was short-listed for the CWA John Creasey Memorial Dagger for the best first crime novel of the year. In addition, Martin has written a stand-alone novel of psychological suspense, Take My Brea ... read more
Latest book: The New Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes
Follow me on Twitter at @RJLbooks Robert Jackson-Lawrence
A fan of writing since he could first hold a crayon, R Jackson-Lawrence has had a tortuous path before reaching this point in his life. In between working in a supermarket, care home and hospital, and having a family, it took nearly twenty years for his first book to be finished. He now has three of the Benjamin Knight novels published, as well as his series for younger readers - Pups! (The adventures of a third grade werewolf). His next novel will be a science fiction adventure with elements of Arthurian Legend - X-Calibur: The Return
Latest book: Knightfall - Book 1 of The Chronicle of Benjamin Knight
Follow me on Twitter at @JaeNiessen J Niessen
I give credit to the leadership of two great gentlemen. It’s through the teachings and inspiration of Billy D. Edson, that this vast project involving these short stories came forth. In addition I wish to thank Pastor Matt Sparks for his generous encouragement and support. The stories offered here at no cost were written while I attended a small-group creative writing class, as a student and instructor, held at Highpoint Church, of Tierrasanta, CA from winter 2009-present. After spending countless hours working on the rough drafts, storyline, the design of these episodes, and their cover art, I can take in a relaxing deep breath of refreshing air, slowly exhale, and confidently state that these stories a ... read more
Latest book: Electric Chair
Follow me on Twitter at @johndylena John Dylena
John Dylena is a young author with a passion for tales of crossdressing, feminization and gender change. When he's not writing stories full of stockings, high heels and magic, he is an avid gamer and movie lover. His other interests are science fiction and epic fantasy.
Latest book: Torn Apart
Follow me on Twitter at @The_Kuthun S. A. Carter
S. A. Carter is the author of the YA paranormal/fantasy series The Kuthun. Book #1 out now! She is a lover of books and creativity in any form and is usually drawn to the paranormal/historical/fantasy genres when it comes to reading and writing. She is a proud Australian author who dreams big and works hard and loves being inspired by people, nature, creativity and the endless possibilities of the universe. She loves the country, freshly baked bread, laughter and her family. She would like to travel more, have a sync off with Jimmy Fallon, hug Ellen, and write a screenplay.
Latest book: The Kuthun
Follow me on Twitter at @debavails Deborah A. Vails
Deborah A. Vails is an Apostle and has been in full-time ministry since 1982. She has served as Women’s Aglow President, Sunday School Teacher, Missionette Leader, Youth Pastor, Lay Coordinator, Assistant Pastor and District Youth Board Member. Deborah is Founder and Overseer of Set Free Outreach Ministries and Women of Power Ministries. Deborah travels throughout the United States and abroad ministering in word and song. She flows under a heavy prophetic anointing. Deborahs heart is to see men, women and children set free by the power of God.
Latest book: How to Keep Going Under Pressure
Follow me on Twitter at @MarkWriting Mark Bateman
Mark Bateman divides his time between full-time work, being a father, and writing whenever he can. He runs a writers’ group at one of his local libraries, where he meets and learns from all kinds of interesting and talented people. He loves science and science-fiction. He lives in Buckinghamshire, England, with his partner Becky and their son, Dexter. You can follow Mark on Twitter @MarkWriting and keep up to date with his blogs and news of upcoming books at
Latest book: The Case of the Exploding Granny
Follow me on Twitter at @HattieMaeAuthor Hattie Mae
Award-winning author, Hattie Mae was born and bred southern, cutting her teeth on cornbread and greens and running barefoot through the canals of her small Louisiana town. So when it came to writing, there was no question as to where to set her books. She's now writing her fourth book set in Bon Amie, a busy little town nestled in the heart of Cajun country. She's also published a short story in The Cup Of Comfort For Teachers. The love of books and writing runs in her family, Hattie's daughter is award-winning historical romance author, Robyn DeHart. When not writing you can usually find her playing with her grandchildren or cooking up some healthy versions of tasty southern fare. She lives in central Texas ... read more
Latest book: Sweet Tea and Mayhaw Pie
Follow me on Twitter at @chrissieperia Chrissie Peria
When not obsessing over fictional people doing fictional things, Chrissie obsesses about food: the eating, the cooking, and the procuring of it. An advertising copywriter in her past life, she now spends most of her time writing, taking photos, cooking, and babysitting a tiny human and a curly-haired dog. She still plays with dolls and she thinks that bacon is the answer. Her debut novella, All's Fair in Love and War is a finalist in the 2014 Filipino Readers' Choice Awards.
Latest book: The Kitchen When it Sizzles
Follow me on Twitter at @AngelaF_Author Angela Fattig
Angela Fattig spent most of her childhood reading any book she could find. That's when her passion of writing was born. When she was 10, she started writing short stories and poems and keep quite a collection. In 1998 she met Paul and they have shared a life together for 15 years. In 1999 she introduced the world to her first born, Brandi, and again in 2000, Sarah. Today, when she is not doing what she loves, writing, she spends time with her beautiful family and the addition of two dogs named Izzy and Herly. Angela's inspirations have always been Stephen King and Poe.
Latest book: Invasion Trilogy- A Three Part Novel
Follow me on Twitter at @J_J_Janus JJ Janus
Would you like to hear a secret? Nothing has such a potent erotic charge like a secret. Having secret fantasies, committing sexual deeds right under people's noses or having a lifestyle totally unknown to your friends and family are all such a thrill. I write erotica about those secrets and I hope you will enjoy them just as much as I.
Latest book: A Virgin's Awakening 1
Follow me on Twitter at @mattplourde Matthew Plourde
Matthew C. Plourde is a cancer survivor and native New Englander. He is a husband and father of two children. His family called Vietnam “home” for a month while they adopted their son. Though writing is his passion, he currently works as a compliance consultant for large enterprise corporations. His shorter fiction has appeared on many different e-zines and he continues to write novels.
Latest book: Punchcards from Atlantis
Follow me on Twitter at @KCBeaumont K.C. Beaumont
K.C. Beaumont is a Yankee-Southerner hybrid, which means she will open the door for you, but will most likely flip you off if you don't thank her. She is a full-time parental unit to two spastic male mini humans, and she occasionally exchanges her editing and proofreading skills for money when she's not slinging around office supplies for The Job That Pays the Rent. In her spare time, she's a wannabe fitness nut, an avid fiction reader, and a sometimes fiction writer.
Latest book: Of Cheerleaders and Gingers
Follow me on Twitter at @BrickWall Paul Vayro
A simple man with a simple goal: to be happy, and hopefully make others feel the same. My work reflects my endless curiousity about the world and everything within it, yet never takes itself too seriously. Read it and think, read it and laugh, read it then put it down and curse buying it; I've put the words in there, what your own mind makes of them is not for me to say.
Latest book: Ying, Yang and Ambivalence
Follow me on Twitter at @wmphilion William Michael Philion
William Michael Philion was born and raised in upstate New York, the oldest of eight children. He has traveled extensively in the world and uses the experience to fuel his writing. Husband, father of three grown children and grandfather of four, he has enjoyed an international business career and, currently, is a teacher of German in New England. Author of two previous novels, writing is both his discipline and his passion.
Latest book: Raw Footage dream-tipped memoir
Follow me on Twitter at @lordwilliams Lord'Williams
Lord'Williams was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He lived in some very active neighborhoods like Williamsburg, Bed-Sty (Bedford Stuyvesant), and The East (East New York). He is a man of God, long term husband, and father. In addition to a full time writing career. I am the C.E.O. and Chief Editor of Words To A Page Publishers (W2PP). he also work for New York State's OPWDD, where I provide counseling and direct care to these with various development disabilities. Besides working an 8 hour job, his education, his writing, blogging, book reviewing, and personal 1 on 1 spiritual counseling, he's an 24 hr. diabetic, ´╗┐He is a type 1.5 diabetic. We know you're probably thinking, 'what's an 1,5 diabetic?' ... read more
Latest book: Shadows of the Heart ( The Unicorns )
Follow me on Twitter at @Ronemmons Ron Emmons
Ron Emmons is a British travel writer and photographer based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He writes and updates guidebooks for publishers such as National Geographic, Frommer’s, Rough Guides and DK Eyewitness Travel Guides, as well as writing and photographing travel features for international newspapers and magazines. Ron also provides content for prominent travel websites like and the Google Cultural Institute.
Latest book: Searching for Shangri La
Follow me on Twitter at @thubbard35695 Terri Elizabeth Hubbard
Terri Elizabeth Hubbard is a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. Married to her best friend of thirty years, Dewayne, together they pastor Beulah Apostolic Church in Mount Vernon Ohio. Licensed through the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Inc., Terri is a gifted bible teacher, sharing the word of God and practical every-day living strategies. Terri travels extensively speaking at women’s retreats, workshops and seminars. She is also the president and CEO of Sistafriendzz, an organization dedicated to meet the needs specific to pastor’s wives. Using faith filled words to build up and edify her listeners, Terri has a burning passion to encourage, teach and motivate her listeners. Her experiences a ... read more
Latest book: First Ladies Club
Follow me on Twitter at @charislazette Charis Lazette
Dr. Latanya Renelle Washington Walker (pen name Charis Monet Lazette) was born on May 3, 1974 to Mr. And Mrs. Alonzo Washington, Jr. and Charon Washington. She currently serves as the Director of Applied Research and Program Evaluation for a large urban school district in Texas. She has a Ph.D. from the University of North Texas in Educational Research and Student Support Services, a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Administration and Fundraising and Development from Louisiana State University, and degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Xavier University in Louisiana. Dr. Washington Walker is married to Mr. Ken Walker and together they have four sons, Quinten, Bryant, Caleb, and Joshua. She is most proud of her a ... read more
Latest book: Journey to Charis Lazette
Follow me on Twitter at @fictionvale Fictionvale Magazine
Fictionvale is a quarterly digital short story magazine for all genres of popular fiction. Our goal is to provide great stories across many popular genres. Short, quick reads you can finish while waiting in the doctor’s office, or while hanging out at your kid’s soccer practice, or while passing time in your underground bunker after the zombie apocalypse (okay, that one might be harder without electricity).
Latest book: Fictionvale Magazine Episode 4: Multi-Genre
Follow me on Twitter at @kathleenatucker K.A. Tucker
Born in small-town Ontario, Kathleen published her first book at the age of six with the help of her elementary school librarian and a box of crayons. She is a voracious reader and the farthest thing from a genre-snob, loving everything from High Fantasy to Chick Lit. Kathleen currently resides in a quaint small town outside of Toronto with her husband, two beautiful girls, and an exhausting brood of four-legged creatures. The third book in the series, Allegiance, will release October 2012
Latest book: The Causal Enchantment Series
Follow me on Twitter at @gntlbeast Steven D. Brewer
I am a 63 year old divorced father of four young adults and grandfather of two children. I am a Marine Corps veteran from the Vietnam era but was never in Vietnam. I have followed politics from when Reagan fired the Air Traffic Controllers union, thus firing the first shot in the war on the middle class and unions in general. I have never seen America so divided nor have I ever seen a "news" network putting out so many lies and distortions to keep that divide wide open (Dr Goebbels would be proud). There is so much that needs to get done but partisan politics across the country keeps anything from getting done. Politicians now accept what used to be called bribes before they did away with the ethics committee ... read more
Latest book: As a Matter of Fact...
Follow me on Twitter at @HughBLong Hugh B. Long
Hugh B. Long is an Award Winning Canadian Journalist and Best Selling Author. Hugh B. Long - Headshot Me-faux painting Graduating from the University of Aberdeen‘s School of Engineering in Scotland with his Masters of Science degree, he subsequently taught for the University, and was a dissertation advisor for graduate students. In addition to his academic background, Hugh also holds a Black Belt in Shito-Ryu Karate, a Brown Belt in Budoshin Ju-Jitsu, and was study group leader in D.C. for the Association of Renaissance Martial Arts. (Historical European Martial Arts). Hugh has taught Martial Arts in Canada and the USA. Hugh recently returned from a 10 year stretch working in the Washington D.C. area, and ... read more
Latest book: Northern Wisdom: The Havamal, Tao of the Vikings
Follow me on Twitter at @dedicaces Jean-Marc Buttin
Né le 18 janvier 1953, en France, Jean-Marc Buttin est diplômé de sciences sociales et intervenant en addictologie. Il a publié plusieurs publications dont le roman « Angèle sang d’amour » (1993, des recueils de poésie : « Jonquille et lazuli », « Ermitage lazuli », « Source lazuli », « Houle lazuli » et « Frousse chagrin lazuli (2009-2011), ainsi que « Marée maline » et « Acherche peur » aux Éditions Baudelaire. « temps nu lazuli » est son premier recueil de poésie publié aux Éditions Dédicaces.
Latest book: Quelle heure est-il dans le grimoire du temps?
Follow me on Twitter at @coatofmany Barry McLaughlin
Barry is and has been ministering in the area of Christian deliverance for the last 20 years. He loves to interact with people, to write and to mentor others in the area of spiritual warfare and deliverance. His writings all reflect his passion for being thorough in teaching others who they are in Christ and how they can take authority over the devil to move oppression off of their life. If you have any questions for Barry or want to contact him for any reason you can contact him by email at
Latest book: Let's Talk About "Breaking Strongholds"
Follow me on Twitter at @Linkpast95 Joe Thissen
Well hello!! Thank you for stopping by. I'm Joe and it's very nice to meet you. I'm a Colorado native, born and raised in the North Denver Metro area. I live in Northern Colorado now. I'm an avid fisherman, hiker, and mountain man. I love being in the mountains. Well I hope you'll enjoy my book(s). Take care!!
Latest book: Starlit Romance
Follow me on Twitter at @mharrisauthor Marlie Harris
Marlie Harris spent her youth reading Anne Rice, Stephen King, Dean Koontz and then later graduated to Neil Gaimen, Clive Barker, and H.P. Lovecraft. When Marlie is not writing stories and poetry, she runs her business, Back Office Business Strategy. Thankfully, the business also means a lot of writing. She is a member of Treasure Valley Critiquers and the Treasure Valley Writer’s Guild. She has been writing for most of her life while exploring various careers from grain elevator operator, concrete finisher, and ambulance driver to administrator of a Home Health Agency, project manager, and analyst for a Top 40 Corporation. The Ridge Falls Series Book 1: Into the Darkness is Marlie’s first publication. ... read more
Latest book: Into The Darkness
Follow me on Twitter at @authortroy Troy Lambert
Author Troy Lambert, recently nominated for the Idaho Statesman's “Best of Treasure Valley” publication as an “Author of the Year”, is releasing a third and final book in the Samuel Elijah Johnson Series, titled Confession (scheduled for release June 30, 2014). Passionate about writing dark, psychological thrillers, his work includes Broken Bones, a collection of his short stories, Redemption, the first in the Samuel Elijah Johnson Series, Temptation, the sequel to Redemption, along with the horror Satanarium, co-authored with Poppet, an author from South Africa and published by Wild Wolf Publishing. Don't think he lacks diversity as, this year, Stray Ally (for dog lovers) was published March 4th by Ti ... read more
Latest book: Into The Darkness
Follow me on Twitter at @AzminCan Azminda Cangar
Soy Azminda Cangar. Economista, adicta a la lectura, admiradora de la historia y escritora de romance. Crecí en la cosmopolita Ciudad de México y desde pequeña he tenido una profunda adicción a la lectura, siendo historia y biografías mis géneros favoritos. En el 2011 después de trasladarme con mi familia al apacible estado de Maine en Estados Unidos. Llegó a mis manos una novela romántica, un género completamente nuevo para mí. En ese momento supe que quería ser Autor. Todas esas ideas locas que acechaban en mi cabeza desde pequeña, ahora tenían nombre. Después de estudiar Escritura en Mt. San Jacinto College y profundizar en el maravilloso mundo de la Novela. Escribí mi primer libro de géne ... read more
Latest book: Mis Hombres
Follow me on Twitter at @erlendbakke Erlend Bakke
Erlend Bakke is a Norwegian entrepreneur, speaker, and author born in 1981 in London, UK. He is the current CEO and founder of Mr. Outsource, YouSpin, and 3sixtyfactory. He manages 20 employees in 2 countries and lives between San Francisco, London, Oslo, and Davao City in the Philippines. As a member of the young breed of forward-thinking businessmen he advocates the idea of leading a freedom lifestyle while building cashflow through business. Erlend trains entrepreneurs in how to start, run, and own freedom businesses through his seminar The Freedom Bootcamp (, his membership website, and his weekly podcast Invincible Entrepreneur (www.invincibleentrepreneur ... read more
Latest book: Outsourcing Mastery: 17 Secrets on How to Outsource to the Philippines