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Follow me on Twitter at  JillPotenti Jill Potenti
Jill is an avid reader who decided to be the writer after many years! She enjoys travelling and observing people. She works in an office by day and has fantastic dreams by night.
Latest book: Watch Out For Warden

Follow me on Twitter at  redenginepress Red Engine Press
• The purpose of Red Engine Press, and its imprint River Road Press, is connecting readers with good books and talented authors. As an individualized attention publisher, we publish in various genres with focus on biographies, historical fiction, mystery and thrillers, and children's books in various formats including the wildly popular new genre of I-books. • Our mission is to discover gifted writers and produce books that entertain, provoke thought, and/or educate readers. • Description. A client-centric women-owned press dedicated to publishing quality books that entertain readers and make a mark on both literature and the educational impact of great books.
Latest book: MWSA Dispatches February 2013

Follow me on Twitter at  StoryTolley Diane Stringam Tolley
I live in the past. It's peaceful here!
Latest book: Essence: A Second Dose

Follow me on Twitter at  Bentyler Ben Tyler
Ben Tyler admits that he was raised in the arm pit of Texas. Escaped to Hollywood. Had dreams, and made 'em all (most of 'em) come true. Get to work for a big movie studio. I hang out with entertainment icons. Carol Burnett is everything you hoped she would be. Same for Mary Tyler Moore and Hugh Jackman and Faye Dunaway (not in a cool way, Faye!) and James Franco and Julie Andrews and Betty White! Okay. Enough name dropping. I also got to write fun books (really hot suff, based on my life in this amazing town!). Now I get to write for Disney and a bunch of other production companies. Wow! Amazing place this Hollywood! Remarkably creative people! Not as many assholes as you might expect. Or maybe I've just been ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at!/FlorellaSander Florella Sander
Als Florella Sander schreibe ich ausschließlich erotische Literatur in eBook Form, dabei bevorzuge ich Kurzgeschichten oder kurze Romane. Mein Autorenname ist ein Pseudonym. Ich habe mich dafür entschieden, weil ich neben Erotik auch noch in anderen Genres veröffentliche.

Follow me on Twitter at  ImrtlAlkysWife Linda Jane Riley
A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, I grew up in a small rural farming community about 6O miles from the city. Having married a sailor, I've been fortunate to have experienced life on both sides of the USA - East Coast and West Coast. I'm just a woman without any alphabet soup after my name. I have been through an educational experience better than any university could offer. I'm the wife of an alcoholic who as been at end-stage for more than several times over the course of ten years. I keep being told the end is near, but he's still alive. Two children, one grandson, and two great-grandbabies have blessed my life. I don't want to forget about my furry, four-legged children, my dog and cat. I love them a ... read more
Latest book: The Immortal Alcoholic's Wife

Follow me on Twitter at  BarbaraMaskell1 Barbara Maskell
Too tired. Get back to you
Latest book: The legend of Dan'Qirk

Follow me on Twitter at  ernieolsonleisuredoc Ernest Olson
Ernie Olson holds Ph.D. from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, is a professor emeritus, does political cartooning and illustration, attributes his most important learning to his children, and in his spare time, under the name of JC Canon, writes short novels. He is the author of several nonfiction books, but it is in fiction writing that he finds the greatest satisfaction. In addition to his academic and creative work, he is a popular speaker and workshop leader. He is well known for his humorous and motivational speeches. For 11 years he served as a consultant to law enforcement agencies as a forensic artist and hypnotherapist. At different times in his life he has been a standup comic, telev ... read more
Latest book: Facelift

Follow me on Twitter at  russellstamets Russell Stamets
Living full time aboard a sailboat generates one of the most balanced perspectives possible. It eliminates the noise, compelling you to focus on the most basic day-to-day needs.Next to food, water and energy, much of that other stuff we used to fret about seems hardly worth the effort. The bad news? Living a simple life in paradise takes a lot of time, and time runs differently here. The good news? When I write, this viewpoint lends my work a fresh flavor. Whether I'm publishing an ebook for a client, consulting about social media use, or advocating a healthy lifestyle, I bring a unique set of problem-solving skills. Toughest problem solved lately? Finding a supposedly "impossible" non-insulin solution to a di ... read more
Latest book: The Matter Of Love

Follow me on Twitter at  Bryant_erotica Amelia Bryant
Amelia Bryant (pen name) is an erotica writer and marketer, researcher with an eye for detail and a mind for filth! With a penchant for red hot antics together with the plots to make them complete, her stories are crammed full of x-rated encounters featuring passionate characters who come to life (and orgasm!) with punchy and realistic dialogue. With London always in the global spotlight – especially after 2012 – is the British capital the sexiest city in the world? Amelia certainly thinks so! Make up your own mind after reading her ‘Crash! Bang! Wallop!’ series, set inside London’s sexiest marketing research agency. Then there’s the London Lovers Ground – a whole series of location-inspired ero ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  MyExpWithSanity B. Wright

Follow me on Twitter at  WWAVGirl Gabrielle Hewson
Co-founder of Why We Are Vegan ( with daughter, Phoebe. Non-fiction and fiction writer, graphic and computer graphics designer and illustrator, as well as UI/UX designer/developer. NOTE: Girls Living Healthy was the inevitable outcome of Gabrielle's 2-year Masters degree. During that time she and Phoebe were vegetarians seeking a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. They consciously had already eliminated dairy and eggs from their diets, but were quickly becoming aware of all the hidden animal-based ingredients in prepared foods (even healthy ones) that were both unnecessary and in conflict with their health and ethical convictions. Shortly thereafter, both opted for a fully v ... read more
Latest book: Girls Living Healthy

Follow me on Twitter at  simonsayzzz SandSPublishing
Hello, I am glad you dropped by to read my Bio; I hope you find it interesting. I was born in the cool, wet climes of Scotland where I spent most of my youth going to school, playing rugby but best of all learning to play golf as it was once played many years ago with fun, laughter and daring. However, my ambition was to learn engineering and apply it to the human body. So after many years of studying I graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering then a PhD in BioMedical-Engineering. I spent many interesting months in the open heart surgery operating rooms designing systems to control the flow of blood to artificial lungs which then became the basis for my thesis. Like everyone else the honeymoon of c ... read more
Latest book: Vegetable Gardening Basics: Easy Growing Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  davidjhendricks David Hendricks
David Hendricks is a prosthetist-orthotist by profession, which is to say he fits patients with prosthetic limbs and orthopedic braces. In 1983 his family was slain while he was away. Upon his return, he was arrested, jailed, tried, and convicted. After emerging from seven years of incarceration by being acquitted in March of 1991, David began rebuilding his life. In December of 2009 he sold an orthopedic manufacturing business and used a forced temporary retirement to write his book, Tom Henry. David lives with his wife in Orlando, Florida.
Latest book: Tom Henry: Confession of a Killer

Follow me on Twitter at  jasminedayne Jasmine Dayne
Jasmine Dayne lives her life like any sex obsessed woman: in bed (and other places) with a series of live and electric-powered partners, striving to reach the ultimate state of endless orgasm. She’s sampled every sexual delight she can think of and some she never thought physically possible in Earth’s gravity. On the rare occasions that she does stop having sex she sucks down energy drinks by the gallon and takes her dog for walks. It’s possible that only the last sentence of the previous paragraph is true.

Follow me on Twitter at  jackplues Jack Plues
Jack Plues is a freelance, fiction writer that spent his formative years venturing into the morbid playground of his own, vivid imagination. All things paranormal, biblical, legend or fable, form the foundations of his dark tales, offering the reader a disturbing, roller coaster of a journey into the underbelly of other worlds. The authors he most admires are the one and only Ann Rice, the not so dark Sebastian Barry and Peter Carey.
Latest book: Veritas

Follow me on Twitter at Cheryl Denton
Cheryl Denton wrote the first book in The Darkfire Series, Among the Ashes, to give readers a glimpse into the mind of a person suffering from PTSD. When Hope Was Gone, the second book, addresses the challenges of parenting a child with PTSD. The third novel, Losing Faith, portrays a woman who develops PTSD when a stalker terrorizes her. Mrs. Denton writes all of these novels out of her personal experiences. Her Spiritual Growth Series gently guides survivors through the depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem which many experience. As a writer, Cheryl Denton has contributed a large body of work through her blog for survivors of abuse and trauma, Much of her writing follows the the ... read more
Latest book: When Hope Was Gone

Follow me on Twitter at  jvanloonj James van Loon
James van Loon besides being a novelist is a university psychology instructor, chartered psychologist, and international consultant. His artistic and scientific journey is one of many divergent paths, spanning a brief career as a radio disc jockey in his native USA, an introspective experience as a monk, and academic studies of literature and psychology in several European and North American universities. His peregrinations have taken him to the cobbled streets of old European towns speckled with cafes and compelling characters, where he nurtured his passion for research and writing. He has lectured at universities in Italy, Spain, Germany, England, Sweden, and the U.S.A. where he has also taught creative writi ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  jdfieldstories Jd Field
I love travelling (especially in Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Romania). I believe that Dawsons Creek is deeply underated. If it was allowed I would eat bacon three times a day. I like to invent silly dances and embarrass my friends. Basketball is good, as are whales. If any of this needs clarification, please ask.
Latest book: The Water Book

Follow me on Twitter at  Riddle_js J.S. Riddle
I have been writing since I was a teenager. I will always remember my first typewriter. An old manual mint green from the 50's that I got at a consignment shop for about $20. It is well worth more than that now, but to me it is priceless. All my dreams and ideas typed out in perfect script letters. I love reading, it is such an adventure to do so. my favorite authors are Stephen King, Anne Rice, Edgar Allen Poe, William Shakespeare, J.R.R. Tolkien,I credit Robin McKinley and The Hero & the Crown for my idea of woman empowerment. In my spare time (this is where you say "what? you've got to be joking) Where is this book we're going to get and how fast are you working on its sequel?" more further down) I also enjo ... read more
Latest book: Rise of a Queen

Follow me on Twitter at  TysonAdams1 Tyson Adams
Tyson started writing after an unfortunate accident with an imagination and a pencil at a young age. Not being allowed to carry out black-ops operations, he instead writes thrilling stories. Tyson has a couple of science degrees, is married with a son and fur-kid and is a vocal proponent of renewable energies and quality whiskey. Quotes: Writing is almost as fun as reading, if only writing was as quick to do as reading. People often ask me if Tyson Adams is my real pen name. If tomorrow never comes then I may have accidentally broken the universe. My bad. I speak fluent Attention Deficit Disorder. Squirrel!
Latest book: Running the Cross

Follow me on Twitter at  mrscindyjohns Cindy Johns
Hi, I'm Cindy, Personal trainer, Pilates Instructor and lover of Camilla Kaftans and chocolate. My blog and main business is Femme Fabulous, it's a blog dedicated to helping women live their most fabulous life. I started Femme Fabulous because I wanted to bring a little reason, a little sanity back into the fitness world. I've been a fitness professional for over 8 years and in that time I've seen a lot of people doing a lot of crazy things. Don't get me wrong, I love fitness and I love the fitness industry in Australia, but I can't cope with all the extreme dieting and exercise advice that is dished out to ordinary people in the name of good health. I wanted to create a place where women could get good up to ... read more
Latest book: 14 Days Of Success With Femme Fabulous

Follow me on Twitter at  catherinepiot Catherine Piot
Catherine Piot holds an MA degree from VIF University in Physical Education, Nutrition and Gymnastic training, is a certified Master Trainer as well as a Personal Trainer, Performance Nutrition Specialist and Group Fitness Instructor. She has over 20 years experience in sports, nutrition and fitness in both Europe and Canada. She helps her clients to lose weight and transform their bodies. Her knowledge and practical experience can help you achieve a better body, a healthier life, improve your personal fitness and reach those weight loss goals. She has specific experience with clients over the age of 40, who need extra help to succeed in achieving their goals. She does not sugar-coat the facts or hide you from ... read more
Latest book: The Fit Body Plan

Follow me on Twitter at  DrakeNightstone Devon Drake
I am a writer, poet, martial artist, amateur philosopher, explorer of the world, student of the human condition, sometimes an actor and most important a father.
Latest book: The Man of Nightstone

Follow me on Twitter at  Sochitelya Stefanie Waring
Stefanie Waring is a writer in her twenties, currently living in Ontario with two cats and a horse.
Latest book: The Hunt

Follow me on Twitter at  evelinweber007 Evelin Weber
Evelin Weber left her successful career in Wall Street to follow what she considered to be more worthwhile pursuits, such as drinking with friends, doing conservation work in Africa and Costa Rica, dancing like no-one's watching in the fashion capitals of the world, surfing in Bali, enjoying yoga bootcamps and getting her sommeliers licence while trying not to crash her plane. Evelin is always on the lookout for her next experience and it's these life experiences which have inspired her to write “The Black & The White," her first novel.

Follow me on Twitter at  SmithHalliday Halliday Smith
This Sydney-based writer has authored a number of non-fiction publications on Australian natural and cultural heritage themes as part of her work for the local, state and federal government sectors. Over her professional career she has worked as a researcher, writer, natural and cultural heritage interpreter, science communicator, exhibition and audiovisual developer and document specialist. When it comes to works of fiction, including her latest book, 'Colour in Winter - No time to be lost', she writes under the pen name Halliday Smith to avoid confusion with a previously published author who shares her name. The author loves going bush, especially to 'far out' Australian localities including north-western ... read more
Latest book: Colour in Winter - No Time to be Lost

Follow me on Twitter at  shericombslantz Sheri Combs Lantz
Sheri Combs Lantz, Author of GODS SOLUTION TO THE FISCAL CLIFF and How a Biblical Jubilee can Fix our Economic Woes and DOUBLE STANDARDS AND THE COMMERCIALIZATION OF CHRIST is queen of questioning the question. I am a sinner not a saint. I am the mother of a 3 children ranging in age from 29-11. I am a wife, organic farmer, self reliant prepper, avid Equestrian, Friend, Reformed Liberal, a proud American trying to live the jaded American Dream but most importantly A Practical Girl.
Latest book: Gods Solution to the Fiscal Cliff and How a Biblical Jubilee can Fix Our Economic Woes

Follow me on Twitter at  malisakhoi Malisa Khoi
I am an accomplished writer, a school teacher, and a mother. I to have found love and lost it. I begun writing to express some of the pain and excitement I felt while I experienced what most women know as love today.
Latest book: My First Football Team

Follow me on Twitter at  DoctorPremed Jason Spears

Latest book: Baggage Claim: A Collection of Poems

Follow me on Twitter at  bishopche3 Charles Ellis
Bishop Charles H. Ellis III is the Senior Pastor of Greater Grace Temple in Detroit, Michigan. He pastors nearly 8,000 and is known as a leader “with a heart for people.” In 2002, Bishop Ellis and the GGT Family celebrated the Grand Opening of their new 36 million dollar worship facility. Their vision had come to pass! This state of the art masterpiece includes a 4,000 seat auditorium, and an elegant banquet hall and conference center. Under Bishop Ellis’ leadership Greater Grace Temple now has over 250 ministries including the following, which extend beyond its religious mandate:  Over 100 Housing Units for seniors and families  2 Charter Schools (Grades K- 8)  Montessori Day Care Center  ... read more
Latest book: Wisdom for Life's Journey

Follow me on Twitter at  WriterRowan Phil Rowan
The Holy Ghost Fathers were grim, but girls from the Jacobs biscuit factory were great. I wrote short stories at Trinity College Dublin before moving to the Athens Daily Post. Here, in the port of Pireaus, worldly dark-haired women asked if one would like to have a good time, while in Syntagma Square tourists talked admiringly about the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Back in London on my first booze-fuelled tabloid it was 'deliver, or you're out!' As an assistant leader-writer I duly attacked the Germans in sixty words and praised the virtues of British farmers in one hundred and twenty. It was much the same on tabloids two and three where I frequently had to invent disgracefully scandalous stories about celebs, ... read more
Latest book: Harps & Tears

Follow me on Twitter at  @mba3308 Marsha Casper Cook
Marsha Casper Cook is the author of 10 published books and 11 feature-length screenplays. Her published works include The latest, THE VIRGINIA TEMPLETON STORIES, ROMANCE LOVE CHANGES, a romantic novel about a family in crisis, and TO LIFE, a non-fiction biography about being a teenager and surviving the Holocaust. She has also written four books for young children, SNACK ATTACK, THE MAGICAL LEAPING LIZARD POTION and the poetry collection THE BUSY BUS. Her latest children's book No Clues No Shoes is the first of the Emelina Hewitt and her dog Stanley series. Since early 2010, Marsha has hosted radio shows on Blog Talk Radio. She recently has joined with Host V.S, Grenier as the other half of World Of Ink Network ... read more
Latest book: Stepping Up Her Game

Follow me on Twitter at  @doloreswmaroney Dolores W. Maroney
Dolores has been married to the same wonderful guy for thirty-three years. They have two lovely daughters and a black lab. She makes her home in the wilds of New Jersey (yes, there are wilds in NJ). A Texan with familial roots that go all the way back to the Republic of Texas, Dolores says you can take the girl out of Texas, but...well, you know the rest. She's been a stay-at-home mom for most of her married life - a job she says is under-rated on the difficulty scale. Now that her girls are grown, she's still available to them anytime, day or night, but she fills her days with writing romance novels and reading. Dolores is a best-selling, multi-published author of erotic romance under the pseudonym, Roz Lee.

Follow me on Twitter at  kevinmillikin Kevin Millikin
Kevin Millikin lives outside of Seattle, Washington. A native of Northern California, he now calls the Pacific Northwest home. He lives with his girlfriend, Kristin and their daughter, Saraya. Together, they live in a moderately haunted house with a small menagerie of cats. Upcoming books include: Werewolf of Dope Alley, The Death Car and Suicide-A-Go-Go.
Latest book: Trickery of a Corpse

Follow me on Twitter at  kyellgold Kyell Gold
Kyell Gold writes primarily anthropomorphic ("furry") fiction, and is most famous for his stories in a Renaissance-era world (Volle, Pendant of Fortune, The Prisoner's Release, Shadow of the Father) and his stories in a contemporary world (Waterways, Out of Position, Isolation Play). He has won ten Ursa Major awards for his novels and short stories. Out of Position also won the Rainbow Award for Best Gay Novel of 2009, and in 2010, his short story "Race to the Moon," published in "New Fables," was nominated for a WSFA Short Story Award. Other strange things he likes to write about include mystical decks of cards, superheroes, and sports; his novel Out of Position takes place in the world of professional footbal ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  Amandamcintyre1 Amanda McIntyre
Growing up the daughter of a father who was a distributor for a New York Magazine Publishing firm, Amanda usually had her nose stuck in the latest issue of Vampirella or a Hitchcock Mystery book. Amanda has been referred to as a "true artist in the writing realm' and her zest for life inspires her "character-driven" stories. Her passion is to take ordinary people and place them in extraordinary situations, delving into the realm of potential and possibility as she watches them become the heroes and heroines of their own stories. She counts herself fortunate to be able to do what she loves, aspires to stay fresh and unique to her voice and listen to her readers. A member of RWA, and a multi-genre hybrid author, ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  DanitaCahill Danita Cahill
Danita Cahill is a full-time, multi-published, award-winning freelance writer and photojournalist. At age 14 she sold her flute and bought a word processer to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. Danita lives in the Pacific NW on a small Oregon farm with her husband, two sons and their animals - a horse, several cats and guinea pigs, a herd of alpacas, and two dogs (thankfully neither dog has red eyes). Besides running children to and fro and caring for her gardens, critters and family, Danita stays busy working on magazine assignments and her next book. Danita is a member of the Central Oregon Writers Guild, and the Willamette Writers Guild. I love to hear from readers! Email me at
Latest book: Mist

Follow me on Twitter at  authorewalker Emily Walker
Emily Walker loves creating worlds and stumbling around in them. Currently a resident of the mountains and loving the view, she writes mostly paranormal fiction and horror. Her NA Romantic Comedy Why Yellow Jackets Can't Find the Hole just released, and she is working on the Horror novel The Kingdom, due out in September. The Obsidian Collection is an anthology she is proud to be in with 8 other amazing authors.
Latest book: Zombified

Follow me on Twitter at  scifiman Richard S. Levine
Richard S. Levine has been a math teacher, a software engineer, and a video games designer. Now he's busy writing speculative fiction. He has had stories published in Emerald Tales, OG's Speculative Fiction, Raygun Revival, The Fifth Di, The Lorelei Signal, and other online and print magazines. "A Comic on Phobos" received a nomination for Samsdotpublishing's James award. To learn more about Mr. Levine's writings and his award winning classic video game, "Microsurgeon", please visit his website. You can also check out my interests on Pinterest at
Latest book: Movie Magic Squares: Volume 1

Follow me on Twitter at  taylorkv KV Taylor
KV Taylor hails from the foothills of West Virginia, but currently lives in the DC Metro area with her husband and mutant cat. Her short fiction can be found at, and her first novel, Scripped, is forthcoming from Belfire Press in Summer 2011. She edits for Morrigan Books and collects The Red Penny Papers in her dining room.

Follow me on Twitter at  andyrigley Andy Rigley
Andy lives in a village on the Derby/Nottingham border. He has written for several years and has an MA in Creative Writing. He has published over twenty short stories in magazines, online, in regional newspapers and even in America. The Lost Dark is his first novel. When not writing Andy has a multitude of other hobbies. He likes to escape into the hills for long walks where no one can find him. He also comes up with curious and interesting ideas to keep his three teenage kids entertained, like crafting full size animal suits or playing 'Murder' around his four story house. His kids are quite possibly more mature than him. For more, visit

Follow me on Twitter at  johilderwriter Jo Hilder
I’m Jo Hilder, and I’m a writer and blogger living with my family in the city of Newcastle, on the east coast of New South Wales, Australia. In July 2003, at the age of 35 and married with four children aged from 3 to 14, I was diagnosed with advanced Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Six months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy ensued. After achieving remission, I walked away from my own business and a 20 year career in the retail to pursue a passion to support and minister to those facing debilitating challenges such as cancer. I studied and attained a qualification in theology before training in 2005 with the Cancer Council of NSW as a consumer advocate. In 2006, I accepted a role as facilitator for a cancer consu ... read more
Latest book: Soul Letters For The Cancer Sojourner

Follow me on Twitter at  Mz_Banks87 Nicole Banks
Nicole Banks graduated with a Bachelor’s in forensic psychology from John Jay College. She was born and raised in New York. She loves writing, music and dancing. Shattered started as a school assignment for one of her free writing college courses and it has morphed into so much more. She is currently working on Volume 2 of the Shattered Series. Nicole's book won the 2012 Professional Publications Facebook Writing Contest.

Follow me on Twitter at  86ThePoet Eighty Six
David Klenda, also known as Eighty Six, is a poet, journalist, cook and cocktail maker. He supports his wife and sons with a combination of freelance writing and hospitality. Flexible and adaptable by nature, he accepts all writing challenges. "Inside the Skull of David Priest" is a novella loosely based on Eighty's career in the hospitality business. It is twenty-four hours in the life of the "Door-Gunner of Drinks" David Priest. Already ideas for a full-length novel are bouncing around the author's head.
Latest book: Cathartes Aura on the Road from Nowhere

Follow me on Twitter at  nmgrif Nancy M. Griffis
A novelist and screenwriter living in Los Angeles, enjoying the sun, and writing whenever possible.
Latest book: The Arbiter And The Love Potion

Follow me on Twitter at  HeidiNicoleBird Heidi Nicole Bird
Heidi Nicole Bird has been writing for as long as she can remember and it is her favorite thing in the world. Heidi is a regular NaNoWriMo participant and is mostly a young adult fantasy writer, but also likes to write juvenile fiction and other genres. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Brigham Young University and she looks forward to exploring the genre of historical fiction. Heidi lives in Utah with her family and three dogs, and loves working from home as a full time writer.
Latest book: Through the Paper Wall

Follow me on Twitter at  authoranjela Anjela Renee
At the age of 35 I wrote my first book. Ever since then I've been writing like crazy and love it. I have four self published books and don't ever plan on stopping. I lived in Las Vegas for three years until I moved back home to Michigan and now that's where I live with my husband and two kids.
Latest book: Vanished

Follow me on Twitter at  steampunkcom is an online home for the Steampunk movement in all its manifestations.
Latest book: A Steampunk Valentine

Follow me on Twitter at  themarriagecoach Gwendolyn B. Frazier Elmore
GWENDOLYN B. FRAZIER ELMORE is an anointed woman of God who believes that she has a message for the Body of Christ concerning marriage. She is the daughter of the lates Dr. Elder Patrick Frazier, Sr and Minister Cora Lee Cohen Frazier. She is married to Eugene Elmore and the mother of three adult children, Terrance Patrick, Trenise Genyetta and Jeffrey Bernard. She is the doting grandmother of Michelle Renae. She is a member and partner of Truth and Fellowship Global Outreach Ministry, under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Johnathan and Lady Subrena Briggs, located in North Charleston, South Carolina. She serves on the Ministerial Staff and Intercessory Prayer Team. She is a Certified Marriage Educator/Coach. She ... read more
Latest book: How Love Got Started - Love Is What It Does