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Follow me on Twitter at  PyjamaRebel Daniël Bothma
I Grab Eyeball, Touch Hearts, Alter Attitudes, and Inspire Action* at Pyjama Rebels.
Latest book: Over 99 Proven Strategies To Become a Digital Entrepreneur and Make Money Online in Your Pyjamas

Follow me on Twitter at  jeffekennedy Jeffe Kennedy
Jeffe Kennedy is an award-winning author whose works include novels, non-fiction, poetry, and short fiction. She has been a Ucross Foundation Fellow, received the Wyoming Arts Council Fellowship for Poetry, and was awarded a Frank Nelson Doubleday Memorial Award. Her award-winning fantasy romance trilogy The Twelve Kingdoms hit the shelves starting in May 2014. Book 1, The Mark of the Tala, received a starred Library Journal review and was nominated for the RT Book of the Year while the sequel, The Tears of the Rose received a Top Pick Gold and was nominated for the RT Reviewers’ Choice Best Fantasy Romance of 2014. The third book, The Talon of the Hawk, won the RT Reviewers’ Choice Best Fantasy Romance o ... read more
Latest book: The Devil’s Doorbell

Follow me on Twitter at  marijka_bright Marijka Bright
Marijka Bright is originally from Australia; however, she has been living in Berlin, Germany, for the past four years. She has degrees in Biomedical Science, Psychology and Accounting and relinquished a very secure job at a large firm, to pursue her dream of becoming an author. 'Underneath the Killing Tree' is the first of two novels to be released this year, with her second novel - 'The Never After' in the final stages of editing. Marijka had her short story, 'The Glooms' published in 'The Wild Word' magazine at the beginning of 2017, and she has a collection of short stories soon to be released.
Latest book: Underneath the Killing Tree

Follow me on Twitter at  vincentsapone VM Sapone
I'm a sci-fi & fantasy fan and author. I write stories in the series Hilfords Chronicles.
Latest book: Hilfords Chronicles: The Hunters from Grey Hills

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorVHaze Violet Haze
Violet Haze is a big fan of romance — writing and reading. The autistic mother of one, she currently spends her days writing, reading, procrastinating, and protecting her son from himself as he pretends that he is a superhero. Her complete stories, as of June 2017, include: Love & Lies, All the Way, If I Had You, Mine (A Mate Companion Novella), Stripped To You, Master O, A Woman’s Affair, Mate, Hungry Heart, Loving My Angel, and Luna, along with Evie (Refuge & Revive). Sugar Baby Lies and Surrender To You were originally written under C.S. Janey but were rebranded as Violet Haze.
Latest book: Love & Lies

Follow me on Twitter at  jomcarroll Jo Carroll
JO CARROLL decided that thirty years working with traumatised children is long enough. Besides, if she left it much longer she would be too creaky to fulfil her adolescent dream of travelling round the world. So, armed with little more than general ignorance, a diary, and insatiable curiosity, off she went. A grown-up gap year. Except she didn’t always feel like a grown-up.
Latest book: Everlasting: Over the Hill in Malawi

Follow me on Twitter at  alanjfisher0 Alan J Fisher
Alan J Fisher was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland 41 years ago. Since he could talk he has had a love, a passion for words. he would argue with his mother over semantics from the age of 4; he would compose his first poems at around 8 years of age and have songs he wrote performed at school. A life long passion of writing for the sake of writing; "setting the words free" as he likes to call it! Alan has travelled the world, living in England, Spain and both New Mexico and Georgia in the USA. "Travel broadens and improves the mind and makes it harder for bigotry to take root there". He has always been open minded and accepting of other cultures and believes this shows in his writing. He has lifelong friends ac ... read more
Latest book: The Wakeful Dreamer

Follow me on Twitter at  booksofchanchal Chanchal
I writes novels,short stories,poems and essays. My first novel is "Simple Boy', which is a love story of a Aryan. It is a school love story. second book is "letters to the daughter" from the father. It has two envelope. First has five letters and second envelope has six letters. Third book is not a book but a single story called "the theory of god"-to all haters and to all lovers.
Latest book: The Alcoholic Man

Follow me on Twitter at  isaac031604 Roger Isaac Ramirez
At the age of 13, making essays and writing books became his passion. He is a young writer who puts his heart and mind in every essays and books. His category on writing is non-fiction and romance. He is currently 13 years old and a Grade 8 student. His motto: "Without God, I am nothing."
Latest book: The Path of Fate

Follow me on Twitter at  theresamariep Theresa Paolo
Short bio: Romance author, lover of books, 90's pop music and happily ever afters. Writes YA under Tessa Marie. Long bio: Theresa Paolo aka Tessa Marie lives on Long Island, NY with her fiancé and their fish. She is the author of Adult, NA and YA contemporary romances. Her debut novel (NEVER) AGAIN, released in Fall 2013 with Berkley (Penguin) and the companion novel (ONCE) AGAIN released Summer 2014. Both her books HOME IS WHERE YOU ARE and PROVE ME WRONG are Amazon bestsellers. She is also the coauthor of the Amazon bestselling Beds Series. When she’s not writing, she’s behind a camera, reading, binging entire series on Netflix, or can be found wasting valuable writing time on Twitter, Pinterest, I ... read more
Latest book: Moments with Mason (A Red Maple Falls Novel, #3)

Follow me on Twitter at  gordonlong Gordon A. Long
Brought up in a logging camp with no electricity, Gordon Long learned his storytelling in the traditional way: at his father’s knee. He now spends his time editing, publishing, travelling, blogging and writing fantasy and social commentary, although sometimes the boundaries blur. Gordon lives in Tsawwassen, British Columbia, with his wife, Linda, and their Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Josh. When he is not writing and publishing, he works on projects with the Surrey Seniors’ Planning Table, and is a staff writer for
Latest book: Queen of Mischief

Follow me on Twitter at  basilebacorn Basil E. Bacorn
Basil E. Bacorn is a slightly busy seventeen-year-old archery-shooting, viola-playing, potato-judging, sheep-owning, author/artist in 4-H, Student Council, Science Olympiad, and the NHS. Attending Athens Area High School, Basil spends his free time writing, drawing, designing, and marketing. Influenced to write by his love of books and Broadway, Basil actively supports the type of entertainment that impacts, or as he calls it, “entertainpaction.” Basil, partial to the fantasy genre, is currently working on his Dark's Descent Series and his play, Conscience. The Dark's Descent Series is the series of books that tells the story of teen sorceress Cassie Smith who after finding out she is adopted, and her mothe ... read more
Latest book: The Wickedness: Return of Luther Elias Shaw

Follow me on Twitter at  megnk1 Megan Keith
I am an indie author, mother of three, wife of one. I live in a small town in country New South Wales, Australia and couldn't be happier about that. I love writing and hanging out with the family and I love listening to music LOUD!!! Reading is my addiction and I love books that are full of angst, heartbreak and breathtaking romance, tragedy, everyday issues and not-so-everyday fantasies. I love swoon-worthy bad boys and hot and steamy sex scenes, edge-of-your-seat drama, twists, turns and surprises. And most importantly, happily-ever-afters!
Latest book: Eraser Platinum

Follow me on Twitter at  mumblemacdumble Mike MacDee
Mike suffers his existence in a desert full of barbarians, sorta like Mad Max without the coolness factor. Despite his misanthropic demeanor, he's very approachable and responds to basically all messages.
Latest book: Kingdom of Famine

Follow me on Twitter at  authorkjerome Kristin Jerome
My name is Kristin Jerome. I have had a passion for writing since I was young, but only recently decided to actually share my work with others. Writing has always been a very private thing for me and until now, I have never had the urge to share it with others. I currently have one eBook listed, and I hope for many more in the future. I don't stick to just one genre, I enjoy writing crime novels, murder mystery, poetry, and non-fiction/business How to's. Feel free to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and at my Blog. The links are on my profile. Thank you :)
Latest book: How to Turn Instagram Into a Money Making Machine: The Ultimate Guide for Small Business Owners

Follow me on Twitter at  ladystylistique Patrice Renee
Patrice Renee is a serial entrepreneur who consistently finds herself helping others live healthier lives. After transforming into a miraculous state of health by nearly curing her “incurable” diseases, she was inspired to write this book. Her intent is to share her story to inspire others to believe illnesses don’t have to take control over their lives. She also wants people to be aware that everything in their life has an impact on their health and that they need to take control of their health and not rely solely on their doctor. She believes connecting with our subconscious and unconscious minds is what allows us to heal ourselves and to live the life we TRULY deserve and desire.
Latest book: Be Mind Full Of Your Health

Follow me on Twitter at  Travis1177 Frank Knoll
Travis, an Author, Filmmaker, and former Paratrooper was raised in Colorado. As an adventurous boy, Travis joined the Boy Scouts and became an Eagle Scouts. It was at this age and during this time that he realized he had a talent for writing. As the years went by, he continued to write and grow his adventurous nature by traveling across Europe. While serving in the U.S. Army as a Paratrooper, Travis was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan from 2001 to 2005. Upon his return, he got into the art of filmmaking. Travis used this art form to create a documentary while volunteering in Africa in 2016. Aside from filmmaking, Travis is an Author. He has written numerous short books, screenplays, and he is also currently wr ... read more
Latest book: Half Moon Bay III: Drug smuggling Catholic Saints investing into America’s future.

Follow me on Twitter at  hashtag_me_bihh Nikkia Arrington
Nikkia A. Arrington is from New Orleans La, born and raised. she's currently residing in Katy, Texas. She's a mother of one, and is studying journalism and Literary Arts. She loves to read during her down time and is a music lover, of all kinds. Broken is her first self published novel, of many more to come.
Latest book: Broken

Follow me on Twitter at  cdreimer C.D. Reimer
C.D. Reimer writes about the everyday reality that he finds weird, twisted and absurd for which most people accept as being perfectly normal. He lives and works in Silicon Valley, consoling hurt computers and fixing broken users.
Latest book: Unemployable: Haiku & Other Poems

Follow me on Twitter at  MarieWritesBook Marie White
Traveler, adventurer, missionary and lover of people. Bestselling author of Strength for Parents of Missing Children, Changing Your Life in Just Ten Days, Ten Day Bible Study and God's Love for LGBTQI. Host of the popular YouTube video series- Bible Stories for Adults. Writing books about the Bible. Loving people with God's word. Listen to Marie's interview for Strength for Parents of Missing Children: Surviving Divorce, Abduction, Runaways and Foster Care at
Latest book: Strength for Parents of Missing Children: Surviving Divorce, Abduction, Runaways and Foster Care

Follow me on Twitter at  JessicaSchaub1 Jessica Schaub
I live on a small Michigan farm, which makes me laugh, because until last year, all my previous farm experience included a preschool field trip to a farm and picture books about farms. Still, I love beginning and ending each day in the barn with goats and chickens, and in the summer, long days in the garden. It all really comes down to my love of good food. Between chores, I homeschool my four children and I fit writing in between the lessons and sports practices. In 2001, I began seriously studying the craft of writing for young adults and middle grade students, hoping to provide good stories that inspire. Inspire what you ask? I hope my stories inspire people to think, to learn, to be at their best. I lov ... read more
Latest book: Crimson Arrows, Book III of The Elemental Chronicles

Follow me on Twitter at  BeautyLikeNight Isabella Ryan
Isabella Ryan is a novelist and comic book writer. She specializes in urban fantasy, science fiction, and contemporary fiction. She is currently earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Full Sail University. In 2010, she self-published her first novel, The Blind Traveler, with Lulu Press, Inc. Information about her upcoming projects, including blog posts on inspiration, craft, and brainstorming, is available on her blog in the link below.
Latest book: You're My Satellite: A Short Story Collection

Follow me on Twitter at  siboesiboe Kennedy Siboe
Kennedy Siboe was born to a poor family in a remote village on the slopes of Mt Elgon in Kenya. He grew up in penury and political turmoil witnessing and suffering adverse effects of politically motivated ethnic violence. He narrates these events of his life in his first book, Long Tussle with Dearth. Kennedy works as a Systems Technical Analyst at one international bank and is an accomplished social justice activist and grassroots mobilizer.
Latest book: Long Tussle with Dearth

Follow me on Twitter at  DustInMyPack Nancy O'Hare
Stories from Nancy O’Hare’s personal quest to explore our planet will be soon available to help you recreate your own travel experience. For twenty years, she coupled her love of diverse cultures with a career in finance; she has been based in Nigeria, Oman, Switzerland, Australia and Canada - plus completed a couple short stints in Qatar and Ecuador. Between work assignments, O’Hare and her husband have taken multiple around-the-world trips for months at a time covering all seven continents. They gravitate towards hidden gems tucked away from the crowds and aimed to see the essence of a place. In 2017, O’Hare will publish her first book, Dust in My Pack, which captures the real stories behind her mos ... read more
Latest book: Dust in My Pack

Follow me on Twitter at  ERRiverSB E.R. River
I am an imaginative Aquarius young author with few books under the belt, but with a big love for writing romance and fantasy stories. "The Secret Club" is the first book I published from a series of four erotica novelette. I live in Transylvania, Romania. I graduated from high school with an electrical technician degree, then continued my studies with two years of banking finances in college, and a qualification diploma as an accountant. I'm an animal lover, a nature lover, a family lover. My hobbies are to write, cook, and crochet. The perfect day would be alone with my laptop, or with my crochet hook. During the writing process, I work at home being the mother of three, a wife, and in a factory as a qual ... read more
Latest book: The Black Belt (Erotica novelette #2)

Follow me on Twitter at  cdaviswrites Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis is a central California native and grandfather of three rambunctious little ones. When not tending the herd, he's writing crime, western and horror fiction. His work has been published in both the US & England.
Latest book: Unholy

Follow me on Twitter at  dirtygayerotica Master Dominic
Master Dominic is a muscle bear in his 50s who started telling stories to excite the submissive bottoms he has spent the last many years training. As a trainer, he specializes in dad-son role play and piss play, and many of his filthy stories are based on or inspired by actual events either he or one of his many subs have experienced. In addition to wanting to make his readers wank multiple times per publication, he is on a mission to publish his stories to raise awareness about the beauty of taboo relationships and kinky play. In addition to buying all of his books, you will follow him on Twitter here:
Latest book: Pissing My Diaper

Follow me on Twitter at  MikeSpiritfairM Mike Spiritfair Marty
I'm not a very good American. I want to know the truth. Facts are not the truth. Truth is meta-factual: an explanation of the data, an explanation of the facts. If one of the reasons European-Americans love Kant is because he started a practical movement that said all of the truth cannot be known, so we should only focus on facts that are useful, that's fine. Still, however, I have to deal with the reality that I am interested in the truth. I'm trying to be as successful as I can be in America, in life, without losing track of who I am and what my primary interest is.
Latest book: Ideal Intercourse

Follow me on Twitter at  mentallymatt Matthew Thompson
Matthew Thompson is a novelist, screenwriter and technical writer. As the Electrical Superintendent of a large mining company, he has over 20 years of experience writing mining electrical and safety operating procedures, safety manuals, and programs. His debut novel the LGBT coming of age story Bear Without a Forest is in the process of being self-published and will be available by the Winter of 2017. Matthew is a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing student from Full Sail University and is an active member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. He can be contacted on Twitter @MentallyMatt or follow his blog at
Latest book: Mental Mashup

Follow me on Twitter at  stevegriffin40 Steve Griffin
Steve Griffin is the author of the new adventure mystery series The Secret of the Tirthas (Book 4, The Lady in the Moon Moth Mask, due 2017). He has also had poetry published in Poetry Ireland, The New Welsh Review, and The Rialto. He went to university in Scotland and has worked for youth and environmental organisations in Wales and London. The Secret of the Tirthas was inspired by trips to India, Africa, and the US, as well as a real 'garden of rooms' deep in the English countryside. He now lives in the Surrey Hills. When he's not working he spends his time walking, writing, reading and failing to keep one step ahead of two small children. To find out more visit:
Latest book: The Lady in the Moon Moth Mask

Follow me on Twitter at  DiceyGrenor Dicey Grenor
Wife to my best friend and biggest supporter. Mother of two handfuls. Attorney in Houston, Texas. Author of sexy, daring, wild and risky books.
Latest book: The Soul Painter

Follow me on Twitter at  DustyHolloway Dusty Lynn Holloway
Dusty lives in California with her family who keeps her very busy. She has superpowers, but doesn't like to talk about them, frequently bemoans the fact that she doesn't have Sees Candy stock, thinks taking care of yourself is a way of life and not just a fad, and tries to live each day with the motto that you only get one life to live, so live it well, and live it to the fullest. As an avid watcher of movies and reader of books, she frequently considers herself a ninja (especially around spiders), wishes that the owners of the beach house she loves would just give her the keys already, and really wants the car KITT from Knight Rider to be tucked snugly inside of her garage. She doesn't think he'd mind being p ... read more
Latest book: Dragon Soul (The Chronicles of Shadow and Light) Book 4

Follow me on Twitter at  gianadarling Giana Darling
Giana Darling is a Canadian romance novelist specializing in the complicated and forbidden. After living in the French Alps, Paris and various places on both coasts of Mexico, she lives in the gorgeous city of Vancouver, British Columbia with her Chef best friend and a cat named Persephone. When she isn’t writing, she hosts dinner parties, travels extensively and reads like it is going out of style.
Latest book: The Evolution Of Sin Trilogy

Follow me on Twitter at  johndavisbooks John M. Davis
Welcome to my world! I write full-time because I enjoy making things up. Seriously, this all began one day as I sat down with a notebook and started sketching out planets and technology that didn't exist. Usually that's when they put you in a special place with a bed, no windows and plenty of medicine. I'm just blessed enough to have readers out there who buy my ramblings and allow me to do this for a living. Currently, I live in the mountains of Virginia with my beautiful wife, two spoiled children and two dogs who think they're human. I practice minimalism, cheer for my Cleveland Browns and have no problem admitting that I'm a Atari 2600 nerd.
Latest book: Heroes

Follow me on Twitter at  effjayem Farah Mendlesohn
Farah Mendlesohn is the co-editor of the Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction, and the Cambridge Companion to Fantasy and co-wrote A Short History of Fantasy, all with Edward James. Her other work includes Rhetorics of Fantasy and Diana Wynne Jones and the Children's Fantastical Tradition. She now works at Staffordshire University as Associate Dean of Law, Policing and Forensics. She won the Hugo Award with Edward James in 2005, and is the only person to win the British Science Fiction Award for non fiction, twice.
Latest book: Finding Faith in Humanity: Francelia Butler Lecture at the 2017 Children's Literature Conference, Tampa, FL.

Follow me on Twitter at  jdalessio7 John Dalessio
John Dalessio, a Brigantine, NJ resident, has always had a desire to be a writer. John was formerly a successful new car dealer with three dealerships and eight franchises during his 47 years in the automobile industry. Currently retired and at age 77, he has fulfilled his desire to write by having authored and published his first book, a Science Fiction adventure novel, “The Seeker.” He completed and published his second novel, a sequel, "The Universe Revisited." Currently John recently completed writing and publishing his third book, an autobiography, "An Automobile Odyssey". When John isn't writing, he can be found in Brigantine, NJ with his wife, riding his Harley, playing men's tennis doubles or bo ... read more
Latest book: An Automobile Odyssey

Follow me on Twitter at  patrickoben Patrick Oben
Patrick Oben is a Physician and Minister, and founder of Glory & Grace Ministries. While bringing healing to physical hearts through medical practice, he delights in breaking healing to the spiritual heart with the Word of God. He lives in Iowa, USA, with his wife Ma Ayuk and daughter Michaela.
Latest book: Living in God's Presence: Glory & Grace Daily Devotional for July 2017

Follow me on Twitter at  joegiambrone Joe Giambrone
TRANSFIXION A YA Science Fiction Thriller: "It's The Hunger Games meets The Walking Dead!" -Anime Reporter HELL OF A DEAL - A SUPERNATURAL SATIRE It's The Player meets Faust Available on Smashwords now. Coming soon: WRECKING BALLS - a tale of stand-up comedy, frenemies and the battle for fame and glory. DEMIGODS - A superhero thriller you'll just have to check back for...
Latest book: Wrecking Balls

Follow me on Twitter at  TheresaTroutman Theresa Troutman
Theresa Troutman lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and their crazy dog, Niko. She loves reading, theatre, traveling and happily ever afters. Her works include My Secret Summer (YA Romance) The Love's Great Adventure Series (New Adult Romance) A Special Connection (New Adult Romance) and By My Side (Erotic Romance) Feel free to contact her on her Facebook and like her page. Goodread:
Latest book: She Will Be Loved - Book 4 The Love's Great Adventure Series

Follow me on Twitter at  NelsonCanha Nelson Canha
I was born on the island of Madeira, in the capital Funchal. Moved to South Africa due to parents moving here [I was three years old]. I am self-employed and decided to write books because I am a born-again Christian and I discovered that God gave me a gift to write. I belong to Real Life Church, in Krugersdorp, 30km west of Johannesburg. I decided to write about God's Word and this is why I'm now here, publishing eBooks for now. I'm busy authoring my next two eBook, coming soon. Watch this site for more soon! My latest book, The Good News published June 2017... making it 5 books published already...
Latest book: The Good News

Follow me on Twitter at  stevepoetone Steve Lake
Personal information is what i decide it is going to be today. Today i am a clown of words. Life is too serious so in my writing of poetry and other works i like injecting it with a pinch of humor. I color outside the box and cross the line that others try to restrict me to. If i can bring on one laugh or a smile I have done my job! I try to write modern day poetry with the understanding of today with simplistic terms and words. My poetry is like a short story set to verse. Let me transport you back into a Déjà vu of memories good and bad alike. So upon my fathers passing i avowed to write 1000 poems before i draw my last breath. To share with others my thoughts though sometimes twisted and skewed. Most im ... read more
Latest book: A Taste Of My Thoughts Misunderstood Rain Dance

Follow me on Twitter at  DrenalineSurf Nikki Godwin
Nikki Godwin is a YA contemporary author. Her books are usually about surfers, musicians, or M/M romances. She can't live without Mountain Dew, black eyeliner, and music by Hawthorne Heights. When not writing, she internet-stalks her favorite bands and keeps tabs on surf competitions. Her favorite surfer is Gabriel Medina. If you ever get her started on surfing or music, she'll never shut up. You've been warned. She also writes stand-alone seaside YA stories under the name Jessa Gabrielle.
Latest book: Double, Double Toil and Trouble

Follow me on Twitter at  TeresaMVanmeter Teresa Vanmeter
Teresa Vanmeter has been into art and writing for many years. She lives in the central United States.
Latest book: Hadagery, Book of Canaan (Chapter 3)

Follow me on Twitter at  DurrantColin C.G. Durrant
Colin lives in Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire with his wife and two daughters. He has never been one for taking centre stage and has always preferred to be the string-puller of his creations, operating in the background, allowing himself the guise of heroes and heroines...and on occasion, villains and monsters. Colin has been interested in writing for some time and has toiled away on his stories in one form or another, finding an escape between the pages of books, shaping his taste for the macabre. He loves reading Dean Koontz and Clive Barker during his spare time. Modest and humble as a hamster, Colin has always found it easier to write about others fictitiously than to write about himself…err factitiou ... read more
Latest book: End of The Line

Follow me on Twitter at  reubendavis Reuben Davis
My name is Reuben Davis & and I've been a writer for 7 years & I live in the U.K in Nottingham.
Latest book: Octopus Mandalas Colouring Book

Follow me on Twitter at  RobertWealleans Robert Grant Wealleans
Former private Immigration Attorney, Federal Appellate Lawyer, NYU graduate, born in UK, raised in the USA, product of an Italian mother from Florence, Italy, and a father from London, England. Married to an esteemed Professor of Nursing, Doctor Lori Michelangelo, with three grown children, and three Italian Greyhounds who seemingly bark for a cookie whenever they detect a plot mistake. Mom was a single mom in New York City in the late fifties, early sixties, which is why I believe that all women are superior beings.
Latest book: Gillian Douglas: Resurrection & Metamorphosis

Follow me on Twitter at  NateChrisIV Nathaniel Christian
A native of Washington, D.C., Nathaniel Christian is a born writer. His hunger for literary supremacy is reflected in his work. It was at the young age of 13 that Nathaniel discovered his gift and began planting the seeds into his god-given talent. The indie author has a stellar background in writing. Long before graduating with a degree in English, he worked for years as a freelance writer and sports columnist. Before finally deciding to release some of his works, Nathaniel kept quiet, preferring to keep his personal works underground. Academically and professionally, he was encouraged that to withhold such a talent would be an injustice to himself. Since then, he's had tremendous success for an indie author. ... read more
Latest book: See You In Hell

Follow me on Twitter at  PamelaUllmann Pamela Ullmann
Pamela Ullmann has been a practicing art therapist since 1996. In that time she has worked with a variety of populations. She was instrumental in developing an art therapy program in Manhattan in 2003 and supervised 15 School of Visual Art students within a 5 year period. After developing Colors of Play, LLC, Pamela continued to work as clinical director of a non-profit music and art therapy organization in Westchester, NY for children with Autism and other developmental disorders. Currently, and in addition to Colors of Play clients, Pamela is the program coordinator for the Medical Home for Autism at the Institute for Child Development at the Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital at Hackensack University Me ... read more
Latest book: Art Therapy and Creative Approaches For Children with Autism