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Follow me on Twitter at @tracksuitfan Lenovations Press
Lenovations Press - Comics Done For Fun We LOVE comics. We have stories to tell. It is fun for us to bring heroes and bad guys to life on the printed page and digital screen.
Latest book: Adventures of Track Suit Man
Follow me on Twitter at @charles_e_wells Charles Wells
I was asked why I'm a writer and responded with the following. I didn't choose writing, it chose me. I've spent the better part of my life (and I'm 60 years old) writing, but I still hesitate to call myself an Author. I've written and published seven books, six are fiction, and still I don't feel like a writer because I don't fit my mental image of one. I don't feel compelled to be the next Mark Twain or Tom Clancy. I don't want to get filthy rich from my writing and I don't care for the glory of being recognized while walking down the street. All I want to do is entertain people and hold that wisp of power and control knowing I can make you laugh, or make you cry. I can take you to heaven or send you straight ... read more
Latest book: 13 Strange Short Tales
Follow me on Twitter at @michaelwreford Michael Wreford
A true double agent, MICHAEL WREFORD is two authors writing as one. The pair hold master's degrees in Chinese and International Relations, and for ten years have worked for leading multinational corporations, including in the investment banking, healthcare, and oil and gas sectors. They have lived in Beijing, The Hague, Hong Kong, and New York, and currently split their time between the United Kingdom and Switzerland.
Latest book: Kill with a Borrowed Knife: or Agent Ai
Follow me on Twitter at @Gumpa_ Gumpa BK
Fundador, ilustrador e escritor chefe no estúdio de literatura Teatro Caricato em Prosa. Quieto, atencioso, mas difícil de domar. Favor manejá-lo com cuidado.
Latest book: O vlog de Carolina e o feriado antecipado no calçadão, parte 2
Follow me on Twitter at @darrilwayne Darril Deaton
Darril Deaton has served as pastor, counselor and Bible teacher for over four decades. His personal journey through adversity and tribulation has led to a deeper, Biblical understanding of God's love and purpose for his life. As a pastor, the author has accompanied people through some of life's darkest trials. Through it all, God could be seen lovingly working all things for good.. As a Chaplain to victims and a First Responder, Deaton has been an eyewitness to the tragedy, devastation, and destruction of terrorist attacks and natural disasters, from NYC after 9/11 to the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. He has witnessed the sort of cruelty one human could perpetrate against another, le ... read more
Latest book: 14 Reasons Why Things Happen the Way They Do...and What to Do About It
Follow me on Twitter at @writingwinifred Winifred LaCroix
Winifred has been penning stories since she knew how to write, starting with romance and moving onto just the sexy parts, she knows her way with words, and with ropes. Like in real life, her favorite genres involve lots of lace, handsome men, and the tight knots she can get herself in.
Latest book: The Nazi's Prisoner (Military Erotica)
Follow me on Twitter at @Katekuhl9Khl Kate Kühl

Latest book: Kim
Follow me on Twitter at @TeriChetwood Teri Cross Chetwood
Teri Cross Chetwood was born in Virginia. An Air Force brat, she has lived all over the country, including Georgia, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Texas, and California. She was once the lover of six different Presidents, including that one you can't stand. She last lived in California and was used by scientists to predict earthquakes, although due to an accident with a time machine, she passed away two years before she was born. Her spirit continues to write fiction due to contractual obligations.
Latest book: The Girl In the Impossible Bottle
Follow me on Twitter at @_AllieLittle Allie Little
Allie is a Sydney-based writer who believes in the boundless possibilities of imagination and in telling stories that resonate with the heart. Allie writes about love, relationships, and the obstacles that life seems to throw in our way. Allie is the author of FALLING AWAY, a young adult coastal romance published in 2014, and CLOUD QUEST, a fantasy quest adventure story for middle-grade readers. Born and raised in Sydney, Allie graduated from the University of Sydney in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts. After working in publishing for a few years, Allie returned to university and in 1998 graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work (Hons). Juggling motherhood, part-time work, and mostly nocturnal writing habits, Alli ... read more
Latest book: Falling Away
Follow me on Twitter at @j_a_conrad J. Conrad
Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, I now live in the southern US with my husband, John Michael. I've loved writing ever since I was a child and enjoy creating imaginative stories with realistic characters that readers can relate to.
Latest book: Isle of Apples (Copper & Cobalt, #3)
Follow me on Twitter at @acoywriter A R Coy
Author of the newly released project Beacon Flight: Alpha Mission. My childhood dream was to be an astronaut. Through words I still can.
Latest book: Alpha Mission: A Beacon Flight Adventure
Follow me on Twitter at @MauldinGroup Bonnie Mechelle Mauldin
B. Mechelle Mauldin is the Chief Executive Officer of The Mauldin Group, Ltd, a business marketing firm specializing in customized online marketing strategies that help companies decrease costs and increase sales. She has built her expertise as a knowledgeable and experienced Search Engine Optimization Consultant and Copywriter in combination with her skills as a Web Developer for more than a decade.
Latest book: How to Create & Market Your Corporate Wellness Program: A Guide for Health & Wellness Professionals
Follow me on Twitter at @Sharpe1E Elois Sharpe
Elois has a genuine passion to see people fulfill their purpose in life. She loves to "spark the hearts of humanity" to face issues of life using God's word as a blueprint. She believes life is a journey full of moments stroked on a live canvas where everyone has a chance to synchronize with the heartbeat of God. Her question for you is, "If there was no tomorrow, how would you live today?" Elois resides in the Chicago area with her family. She is an intercessor at Living Word Christian Center.
Latest book: The Love to Stay but the Grace to Leave:Transitions
Follow me on Twitter at @chelsieshock Chelsie Shock
Chelsie Shock was born and raised in rural South Texas on a ranch near the border. As a child she spent her days imagining her own world while she explored nature and tried to avoid cactus and mesquite thorns. Since she could scribble, she wrote stories. She lives in Florida with her husband and their very needy dog who follows her around all day. She has a certificate of Holistic Nutrition Consulting from the American College of Healthcare Sciences. She can be found writing, reading anything by Ray Bradbury, cooking or traveling. She loves cultural foods. One of her favorite vacations was when she hiked Scotland with her husband, and still misses it. She's lived in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida, and she can ... read more
Latest book: Rogue (The Novi Orders 1)
Follow me on Twitter at @tonyhodges55 Anthony Hodges
Born, bred and educated in Essex, UK "Tony" moved north to the Yorkshire Dales in the UK some 10 years ago to become inspired to create the characters called "The Exocet Brothers" along with his real life brother David. A culmination of lifetime jaunts, pranks sarcasm and laughter finally resulted in Tony´s first novel co-written by renowned writer Sarah Deane. Fact or fiction, that's for the reader to decide. Serve Cold is the first of a planned trilogy of books that will thrill you, drain you and excite you with suspense, deceit and affection in a web of intrigue that will leave you hanging on a thread....
Latest book: The Exocet Brothers - Volume 1 Serve Cold
Follow me on Twitter at @cecilywrites Cecily Gates
Cecily Gates’ superpowers include mixing stiff drinks and writing sappy novels. Often at the same time. She is an author of women’s fiction, co-mingling humor and sentiment to reveal the deep-rooted emotions that inspire us, draw us in, and make us fall in love. When she’s not writing, Cecily is devouring romance novels, hosting dinner parties, slinging GIFs on Twitter, and spending time with her boyfriend Jack. She lives in NYC. Cecily also blogs for The Page Girls (, a website delivering weekly themed issues with short stories, book reviews, cocktail recipes, and more.
Latest book: An Imaginary House by the Sea
Follow me on Twitter at @MKing09 Mary King
My name is Mary King. I'm a self-published novelist and independent freelance writer. I began writing in 1997, one year after my husband suddenly passed away. For years I'd entertained the idea of creating a story like The McFadden Series, but never got around to putting anything on paper. (Yes, paper!) I'm a mom of five children, three of which have special-needs. In 1979, I graduated from Jacksonville University (FL) with a BS degree in psychology. My work experience includes a position in a rehabilitation center that primarily treated persons with spinal cord injuries and head injuries. I've also been a caregiver for much of my life, starting long before I became an adult. I've progressed and gained quite ... read more
Latest book: Treatment of Choice
Follow me on Twitter at @AngelaRoseBooks Angela Rose
Wife of One! Mom of Eight plus One! Nonna to Four! When she's not doing massive amounts of laundry...she plots and creates characters. Writer reader, blogger, and lover of all things Scottish and Time Travel! Ms. Rose's favorite book of all time will always be The Outsiders by SE Hinton. This is when she discovered her love of writing and telling a story. When she married in 1999, Ms. Rose and her husband decided they wanted a son, so they adopted six, yes six boys! In addition to her writing, she loves to blog about her my adventures in raising a blended, multi-cultural family in the 21st Century. Her motto: Dysfunctional Families Make For Great Writing! Born and raised in southern ... read more
Latest book: All Bottled Up
Follow me on Twitter at @johneverson John Everson
John Everson is the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of the novels COVENANT, SACRIFICE, THE 13TH and SIREN, and the short story collections DEADLY NIGHTLUSTS, CREEPTYCH, NEEDLES & SINS, VIGILANTES OF LOVE and CAGE OF BONES & OTHER DEADLY OBSESSIONS. John shares a deep purple den in Naperville, Illinois with a cockatoo and cockatiel, a disparate collection of fake skulls, twisted skeletal fairies, Alan Clark illustrations and a large stuffed Eeyore. There's also a mounted Chinese fowling spider named Stoker courtesy of Charlee Jacob, an ever-growing shelf of custom mix CDs and an acoustic guitar that he can't really play but that his son Shaun likes to hear him beat on anyway. Sometimes his wife Geri is surpris ... read more
Latest book: Violet Lagoon
Follow me on Twitter at @lvgaudet L.V. Gaudet
L.V. Gaudet is a Canadian fiction writer.
Latest book: Where the Bodies Are
Follow me on Twitter at @MarkLeslie Mark Leslie
Mark Leslie is a writer, editor and bookseller living in southern Ontario. Mark's writing falls most closely into the "Twilight Zone" camp of fiction - he calls himself a horror writer but his tales include horror, elements of science fiction and fantasy. Mark's first published horror story "Phantom Mitch" appeared in Wicked Mystic magazine in October of 1993 and received honourable mention in The Year's Best Fantasty & Horror #7 (Datlow & Windling). Mark's books included One Hand Screaming (a collection of short fiction), the horror novel I, Death and the thrillers Evasion and A Canadian Werewolf in New York. He has also edited North of Infinity II, Campus Chills, Tesseracts Sixteen: Parnassus Unbound, Fi ... read more
Latest book: Evasion
Follow me on Twitter at @sandrahelios Sandra Helios

Latest book: Seducing Him Again
Follow me on Twitter at @samulraney S.A. Mulraney
S.A. Mulraney was born and raised in New Jersey. He attended The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey where he received a bachelor's degree in Literature. While there, he studied creative writing under the careful eye of a Pulitzer-prize winning poet. S.A. Mulraney's first full-length novel, DANNY DIRKS AND THE HEIR OF PENDRAGON, is being released Summer 2014. A young adult fantasy, look for it here and at most major online retailers. He currently lives in Central NJ with his wife and son.
Latest book: Liquid Blue, Book 1, Part II
Follow me on Twitter at @sophia_antenor Sophia Antenor
Sophia Antenor is a twenty-something budding author living in Southern Philippines. Coffee shops are her version of a 'temple' where she concocts ideas for books and other literary pieces. She lives with her family and three cats in one of the best cities in Asia - where mountains, rainforests, and beaches are just a stone's throw away...
Latest book: The Life of a Bipolar Depressive
Follow me on Twitter at @lapseofmind Nicholas Catron
Nicholas Catron is a part-time writer of short fiction and poetry. Surviving for 33 years in this crazy world has left him with plenty a tale to tell, all he needs now is an audience.
Latest book: The Spaces Between
Follow me on Twitter at @RebelAnnieMaze Rebel Annie
Rebel Annie writes titillating sex stories and erotic tales. Her work is fast paced, hardcore, and aims to please - no doubt you will get as worked up reading them as Annie does writing them! As a former flight attended, Annie went on dozens of jet setting sexcapades. Annie also dabbled in telemarketing, tax preparing, recruiting, and law clerking, but she kept coming back to the written word. It is the raw and real nature of erotica that compels her fingers to fly across the keyboard. Annie writes from experience and the depths of a dirty mind. Today Annie has settled down in Southern California with her hot husband, her greyhound named Johnny Cash, and a bottle of Jack, her steadfast friend.
Latest book: Her First Time
Follow me on Twitter at @momilp Monica La Porta
Monica La Porta is an Italian who landed in Redmond, WA, several years ago. Despite popular feelings about the Northwest weather, she finds the mist and the rain the perfect conditions to write. Being a strong advocate of universal acceptance and against violence in any form and shape, she is also glad to have landed precisely in Washington State. Stop by her blog to read about her miniatures, sculptures, paintings, and her beloved beagle, Nero. Sometimes, she also posts about her writing.
Latest book: Elios
Follow me on Twitter at @AuthorPabon Richard Pabon
Richard Pabon is the author of "Love Has No Distance" and has written other titles called "Stalker" and "Marijuana: 100 Benefits". Follow Richard Pabon @AuthorPabon on Twitter for new upcoming titles!
Latest book: Marijuana: 100 Benefits
Follow me on Twitter at @WatchoutWoestma Doranda
As a mother of four I know getting everyone out the door in the morning can be a challenge. That is why I created the hairstyle guide. My daughters quickly look at the pictures and point to which one they would like me to do. It eliminates the struggle and they love to choose for themselves. For me that is a success!
Latest book: The Girls Hairstyle Guide
Follow me on Twitter at @AmalieSilver Amalie Silver

Latest book: Word Play
Follow me on Twitter at @nikabeamon Nika C. Beamon
Author Biography: Nika C. Beamon is a TV News Writer/Producer in New York. She pursued a BA in Communications and a BA in Sociology at Boston College in Massachusetts. Beamon has been credited as a reference in the several books on television news and has also won many awards throughout her career including a Peabody Award for ABC News’ coverage of the September 11th Attacks. In 2009, Chicago Review Press published her well-received non-fiction book: I Didn’t Work This Hard Just to Get Married: Successful, Single Black Women Speak Out. In 2000, she published her first mystery novel, Dark Recesses. In 2002, her second mystery novel, Eyewitness was released.
Latest book: Misdiagnosed: The Search for Dr. House
Follow me on Twitter at @thedannal Dannal J. Newman
Dannal J. Newman has more fun than should be allowed writing The Trying Tales of Chumbles & Grim. He has been writing fiction and studying the craft of writing for at least twenty years, and he loves reading all kinds of adventuresome and mysterious fiction. Dannal currently lives in southern Oregon with his wife and two kids, where he works in Television.
Latest book: Theophilus Grim and the Fowl of Ruin
Follow me on Twitter at @willmpower Micole Williams
Micole Williams is the author of the satirical romantic series, Tangled Web of True Love Tales and creator, director and producer of the indie short film series under the same title. The Houston, Texas native enjoys what she calls being “lit for life”: working as a high school English Language Arts teacher while writing for various online magazines and mediums. Visit her blog, site and check out her upcoming books and projects!
Latest book: Tangled Web of True Love Tales (5 Year Anniversary Edition)
Follow me on Twitter at @brentmeranda Brent Meranda
Brent Meranda grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he lives with his wife and two children. He writes software by day and fiction by night. His articles have appeared in The Plain Truth, Christian Odyssey, and Control Engineering. He is also a certified teacher of relationship skills with Equipping Ministries International, and is a member of the pastoral leadership team at Christ Community Church.
Latest book: Original Encounter
Follow me on Twitter at @VJPandora V.J. Pandora
V.J. Pandora grew up in rural area in the northeastern U.S. While she loves to be active and outdoors, she also grew up with a very active imagination. Finally putting it to use, she made the choice to try branching out into erotic writing as an outlet for her thoughts. If you can get carried away by your own thoughts playing out in your mind, why not write them out to share with others?
Latest book: Experimental Physics With My Friend's Father
Follow me on Twitter at @esephris Aaron B. Campbell
When I am away from my day job I enjoy exploring other interests such as oil painting, writing & coding, robotics, and building Dark Sky Publishing You can see my artwork here:
Latest book: Skulls of Atlantis
Follow me on Twitter at @skylit1 Amanda McGee
Amanda J. McGee lives in Southwest Virginia with her partner and as many plants as she can keep alive. Her passions include traveling, languages, reading, gardening, and making desserts.
Latest book: Mother of Creation
Follow me on Twitter at @gicyndamarie GiCynda Turner-Pierce
GiCynda Turner Pierce lives in Charlotte, NC. She lives with her Husband Alvin, their son, two daughters and their dog Ziggy.She was raised in Davidson, NC. Her hobbies are gardening , gourmet cooking, reading, and chasing her two year old. GiCynda started writing at age the young age of 12, consequently that is around the same time she picked up her first romance novel. From that point on the world of romance was open to her. She couldn't get enough of writing or reading. She has written poetry, short stories, finally branching out to writing a novel. GiCynda enjoys reading all types of romance novels including sci-fi, urban, and african american. She loves all types of music and anything artistic or creative. ... read more
Latest book: Stay With Me
Follow me on Twitter at @E_LucasTaylor E Lucas-Taylor
E. Lucas-Taylor has written for the Arizona Republic op-ed column, Austin Woman Magazine, and The Austin Networker. She is the author of ten books and the award winning freelance marketing blog called: Snips & Tips & Keyboard Bits, now on hiatus. Now in print: Deadly Business, Lies, Spies & Unfinished Business, Lost Legacy, Dangerous Conspiracy, Soul’s Music: Thoughts & Reflections (available for all readers). New novel coming soon: DangerousProtocol: Checkmate She has contributed content to: When Diabetes Complicates Your Life, You the Healer, Sales Power; and The Silva Method For Business Managers.
Latest book: Soul's Music: Thoughts & Reflections
Follow me on Twitter at @websterpei SD Webster
Steve Webster has received cancer treatments from the east and west coasts of Canada, and at several locations in between. When the doctors in Atlantic Canada had run out of options, he secured a spot in a clinical trial at the National Institute of Health in Washington, USA, where he received the treatment that would save his life. One divorce. Two open heart surgeries. Two children when he’d been told he would have none. Steve Webster is an expert in survival. He holds an MBA in Marketing and has worked as a executive for some of the largest companies in Canada and is a frequent lecturer and consultant on leadership, marketing, and survival. A four-time cancer survivor, Steve is the author of Nine Lives ... read more
Latest book: Nine Lives Plus One
Follow me on Twitter at @violettebooks Violette Springs
Violette Springs is a semi-professional pool player who midnights as a writer of erotic and romantic fiction. She lives in the New England and enjoys long walks. When she isn't writing, she's sharpening her pool cue. She loves to hear from her fans. Contact her at:
Latest book: The Road Redemption (Motorcycle Club Romance Novella)
Follow me on Twitter at @booksmango RobertBruce Hay
Robert Hay has a Thai wife and has travelled often to Thailand over the past 5 years; as a university professor in Canada and Australia he lectured on Southeast Asia and the Pacific region and he is still an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at Curtin University in Perth. He’s been with the Western Australian State Government for the past 10 years and has also worked as a wildlife biologist, Army officer and travel agent in the past. After growing up in Canada and completing a B.A. and M.A. in Geography at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, he completed his Ph.D in New Zealand. He settled permanently in Perth 12 years ago and has three children. This is his first novel – he has another book in dev ... read more
Latest book: Dimitri’s Treasure
Follow me on Twitter at @WonderfulBooks Paul Smith
Paul Smith is a graphic designer and magazine production editor with more than 20 years’ experience in the business press, now having fun producing self-published books about the BBC television series 'Doctor Who'. His devotion to the programme goes back to childhood and has frequently sought a creative outlet. In his teens he edited the fiction fanzine 'The Black Pyramid', began designing alternative covers for the Doctor Who DVD range in 2001 (, and in 2011 he wrote, illustrated and produced 'The Wonderful Book of Dr Who 1965', a tongue-in-cheek pastiche of BBC Books’ 'Brilliant Book of Doctor Who' ( This was followed in 2013 by a light-hearted ... read more
Latest book: The Classic Doctor Who DVD Compendium
Follow me on Twitter at @JoeJacksonJnr Joe Jackson
Joe Jackson, June 18th 2012,that pic of me is memory of a wonderful moment last Saturday, Bloomsday. Along with 110 other Irish writers I took part in a 28 hour reading session at the Irish Writer's Centre where we all attempted to break the Guinness Book of Records world record for public reading and did! I was thrilled. I'm probably best known as an interviewer who has published five books and had my articles included in newspapers and magazines all over the world, from The Irish Times - I was their music interviewer for a decade - to Playboy and Rolling Stone. But I'm a writer! I decided at nine years old to become a journalist, when I saw a movie called Deadline Midnight, starring Jack Webb, that made jour ... read more
Latest book: Elvis: Soul Saver and Spirit Guide
Follow me on Twitter at @NeverPastTense Janna Yeshanova
Originally from the former Soviet Union, Janna Yeshanova escaped to the United States when persecution became violent during the crumbling of the Soviet state. Arriving in the United States with her mother and daughter in tow, $126 in her pocket and knowing not a soul, Janna’s talent and experiences have helped her become a high end organizational training and development professional. Her exodus story is included in the book. Founder and principal of Life-Spark, LLC, Janna is a dynamic and powerful life coach, premier trainer and motivational speaker. She leverages her passion and engaging style to help others to overcome adversity and spark the possibilities of their lives. Love Is Never Past Tense... was ... read more
Latest book: Love Is Never Past Tense... Box Set - Book 1-3
Follow me on Twitter at @Elvisairohi Elvis Erated
Am elvis ohis airohi,i hail from edo state, i reside in niger state,minna, am a poet,writer,actor,encourager,kingdom kid. Envangelist. I study mathematics in f.u.t minna.
Latest book: "ERATED POEMIER"
Follow me on Twitter at @bethanybazile Bethany Bazile
Bethany Bazile is the author of erotic novels Beautifully Broken and UnBurdened. She reads, writes and lives in New Jersey with her husband and two amazing kids. Her passion for writing was born from a love affair between books and music. She loves books that draw her in and won’t release her until she’s inhaled every word, panting with excitement. Then she realize the sun came out but the lost of sleep was so worth it. When she isn’t reading she’s conjuring up steamy love scenes and hot romance stories to share with fellow romance lovers.
Latest book: Lie To Me (Sexual Misconduct Volume III)
Follow me on Twitter at @GMcCordLaw Gretchen McCord
Gretchen McCord is an attorney and educator specializing in copyright law, privacy law, and legal issues related to social media. In addition to providing legal services, she offers a variety of training services in these areas, both face-to-face and online. Her practice focuses on assisting educational institutions, libraries, small businesses, and non-profit entities in transitioning into the ever-changing digital world. She writes, speaks, and teaches extensively on the role and application of copyright in higher education and libraries and has achieved a national reputation within those communities as a copyright expert. Gretchen began down this road in the 1990’s, as an academic librarian at the Univ ... read more
Latest book: Fair Use: The Secrets No One Tells You
Follow me on Twitter at @authorbbatson Beth Batson
Currently lives in the UK. When she's not writing or reading she's travelling the UK looking at stately homes or at the cinema seeing the latest blockbuster hit. Author of the Waking up series.
Latest book: Waking up in Vegas
Follow me on Twitter at @LadyOutLoud Leslie Carvery

Latest book: All of Me