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Follow me on Twitter at  el_leprechaun Joseph Remesar
I was born in Caracas, I grown up in Miami, I watched out in the crowd in Spain, I lived in Dublin for nearly five years, where I enjoyed the Guinness and the old good Yeats, and I live in the cosmopolitan London, where I try to be true to myself
Latest book: El Dirigible

Follow me on Twitter at  MaraLiWrites Mara Li
Hello! I'm an aspiring author from the Netherlands, somewhere in my mid-twenties. I'm pretty much into YA literature, usually fantasy-ish, or folkloristic, historical fantasy. But I like trying out new genres of literature too :) While I usually write in my own language - that would be Dutch - sometimes I don't, because English is a pretty neat language too. I hope to publish both English and Dutch stories here!
Latest book: Yde

Follow me on Twitter at  molly_snow Molly Snow
Molly Snow, Founder of, wrote BeSwitched when she was just sixteen. As a bestselling author’s personal assistant at age twenty, she decided to do what her boss did and self publish. At age twenty-three, BeSwitched made its debut. Snow is married to her high school crush, has a set of silly twin boys and a bob-tailed cat named Meow-Meow.
Latest book: To Date a Werewolf (Werewolf Kisses, Book 2)

Follow me on Twitter at  DanaLStringer Dana Stringer
Dana L. Stringer holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles and a Bachelors of Arts from Morehead State University. Dana L. Stringer is a writer, playwright, poet, screenwriter, and writing instructor. Some of her work appears in anthologies, literary magazines, as well as online. Dana's produced stage plays include: Colored in Winter, The Costume Waver, ID, and Kinsman Redeemer. Her most recent stage play, Secret Life in a Sacred House, was a part of the National Black Theatre Festival's Reader's Theatre of New Works Series in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Dana currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where she teaches an online poetry course, serves as a writing instruc ... read more
Latest book: In Between Faith

Follow me on Twitter at  BBOY_KRAZYD Dwijesh Ramnath
Author, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Dancer. I live to inspire and help teens and young adults around the world.
Latest book: Power Of A Teen

Follow me on Twitter at  JordansBrains J. Cornell Michel
I was born on the East Coast of the United States, and I'm not comfortable living in one place for too long. Most people who know me say that I'm a nomad, but I'm happy as long as I have a pen and paper handy. I spend most of my money on travel because I want to visit as many places as possible before zombies take over the world. Most of my free time is dedicated to devouring stories about the living dead. I finally turned my zombie obsession into something productive when I decided to write a novel about the zombie apocalypse, told from the perspective of a psychotic zombie expert. I also write for Zombie Guide Magazine with four other talented writers. We post new articles every day on our website: http:/ ... read more
Latest book: Zombie Zeitgeist: Short Stories

Follow me on Twitter at  Mat_Royal Mat Royal
Amateur writer who is currently working on self-identification. Check out my poem: I Want
Latest book: A Poem: I Want

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorCCBeechum CC Beechum
CC Beechum lives in Massachusetts. She taught middle school for over twenty-five years and conducted a drama club for middle school children for many of them. She received her undergraduate degree and her master's degree in Educational Administration from Worcester State College. CC is also involved in the arts and has enjoyed many shows as a stage manager, costume designer, and an actor for local production companies. Her first book is "Penelope Barrows #1 The Case of the Blowing Whistle," a children's novel. During her time as an educator she directed and adapted all of the plays in her book "Shakespeare for Kids," so she knows they work. She has published a second novel,"Penelope Barrows #2 The Case of the R ... read more
Latest book: Shakespeare For Everyone: Two Plays Adapted to Perform with Everyone, Even Kids Hamlet Much Ado About Nothing

Follow me on Twitter at  wordsofgray S.L. Gray
What's in a pseudonym? A writer by any other name called would make words as sweet. So S. L. Gray would, were she not S. L. Gray called. But then how would you find her books? S. L. Gray is a fantasy author (urban, epic and otherwise) transplanted from many places to the not-so-wilds of northern California. A storyteller for as long as she can remember, she's tamed her magpie-like attention span, somewhat, and dedicated herself to writing stories other people might enjoy as much as she does. She is also, as you might have guessed, a huge fan of Shakespeare. She has done theatre on both coasts. She makes beaded boxes and jewelry and is a fiber artist. She loves words in all sorts of languages, knows her way a ... read more
Latest book: Of Shadow Born

Follow me on Twitter at  SD_Saint S. D. Saint
Hailing from the state of Texas in the Great American Southwest, Samuel D. Saint has been an avid reader from a young age, and when you fill a child’s head with so much inspiration, well, new stories are bound to be born! "Ever since I was little I have loved good stories. My parents used to read me novels for bedtime stories, and I remember waiting with eager anticipation every night to find out what would happen next. Then life got busy and my mom and dad couldn't read to me every night anymore, and I was stuck! Like a lot of kids my age I didn't like to read. It was hard putting together all those letters, and sounds, and words, but unlike most I was driven by a burning desire: to know what happens next! ... read more
Latest book: Sentience

Follow me on Twitter at  Kimeba Kim Baird

Latest book: Edge of Dreams

Follow me on Twitter at  DLesleyLeslie D Lesley Leslie
D. Lesley Leslie is the author of many health and wellness books for children as well as the adult fiction novel, KAVLA. Born in England to South African parents, she was raised in Canada and now resides in the Middle East. She has an open, honest outlook on life and considers herself a citizen of the world. She is equally comfortable having dinner with heads of state or camping under the stars in the desert. Her motto is a quote from John Wooden; 'Make each day your masterpiece,' and truly believes in living life to the fullest. Although the adult and children's books are widely disparate in content, she loves the philosophical connection between herself and her readers, regardless of the demographic or subjec ... read more
Latest book: Kavla

Follow me on Twitter at  DavidKiwiwriter David Calder
David Calder was educated at Auckland University, as a visiting scholar at Princeton, and at Pasadena City College. He is a lifelong outdoors-man, and divides his time between West Auckland, New Zealand and Long Beach, California. In addition to Redemption Cove, his first novel for the U.S. Market, He has had short fiction and journalism published in anthologies and magazines.
Latest book: The Children of the Nakba

Follow me on Twitter at  alexandermcnabb Alexander McNabb
ALEXANDER MCNABB Alexander McNabb has been working as a journalist, editor and magazine publisher in the Middle East for some 30 years. Today he consults on media, publishing and digital communications. Alexander's first serious novel was the critically acclaimed Olives - A Violent Romance, a work exploring the attitudes, perceptions and conflicts of the Middle East, exposing a European sensibility to the multi-layered world of life on the borders of Palestine. Published in 2011, the book triggered widespread controversy, finding a receptive audience in the Middle East and beyond. Olives was followed in 2012 by testosterone-soaked international spy thriller Beirut - An Explosive Thriller. His third Middl ... read more
Latest book: Fake Plastic Souks - The Fear Returns

Follow me on Twitter at  guru30 Rajesh Menon
Techno-Spiritual Entrepreneur - 27 years in IT industry
Latest book: Ten Pearls of Wisdom

Follow me on Twitter at  MusingsbyRobert Robert Ray Moon
I am married to Hazel for 66 years. We have 4 grown children. We are retired ministers and are each writing a blog. I am currently writing fictional continued stories on my blog and publishing e-books.
Latest book: Three Months With Charley Chan

Follow me on Twitter at  mysterypile J.C. Vintner
Short Biography: American author J.C. Vintner writes about ancient mysteries, past cultures, strange phenomena, the unexplained, and how they affect the world today. With topics ranging from art in the renaissance to UFO sightings, Vintner strives to strengthen ancient mystery theories with added insight from neutral perspectives. Vintner writes for an Ancient Mysteries website and provides regular blog updates. In 2011, Vintner published a book detailing his article topics covered on the website while relating to his own experiences. Vintner is extremely passionate about the history of Earth and its cultures with a belief that we are all part of something monumental. JC experiences premonitions on a regular ... read more
Latest book: Legendary Cryptids

Follow me on Twitter at  DonSoutherton Don Southerton
With over 35 years' experience, Don Southerton is the definitive authority on Korean-facing global business, strategy, branding and market entry--from automotive, golf, retail, and QSR/ food sectors to New Urbanism and Green technology. Building on a life-long interest in Korea and the rich culture of the country, Southerton writes extensively and provides commentary to the media on modern Korean business culture and its impact on global organizations. Hyundai Way: Hyundai Speed is his thirteenth publication.
Latest book: Hyundai Way: Hyundai Speed

Follow me on Twitter at  JessaCallaver Jessa Callaver
Jessa Callaver is a novice American fiction writer. She has published four erotic short stories, and is currently in work on a number of projects including a contemporary romance novel - her first. The guiding influence behind her work has been the question 'what if?' After that, all bets are off and fantasy reigns supreme. You will no doubt find smart wistful female protagonists in her books; women in different stages of life, of different dispositions and design, women seeking answers both within and without. And, being a woman of curious disposition herself, you should expect nothing short of a bumpy ride. Her work is available online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Diesel, Apple and Sony e-books ... read more
Latest book: Dara's Decision (2nd ed.)

Follow me on Twitter at  DillieDorian Dillie Dorian
Dillie Dorian is an English author of child and YA realistic fiction. She is notable for offering all fourteen titles in her debut series, A Bended Family, for free online. Dillie has been “writing” since a very young age, and her mother probably still hoards innumerable sellotape-bound “sequels” to everything from Animal Ark to The Worst Witch. Her first serious project began in September 2006, with “Oops! Did I Forget I Don’t Know You?”, which sparked countless official sequels of its own within months. Working on this series between the ages of thirteen and fourteen taught her everything she knows about writing, and she hasn’t stopped expanding on the Hartleys’ lives since!
Latest book: Laddered Tightropes

Follow me on Twitter at  barleypopmaker Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson has been an avid homebrewer for over a decade. Jason has been a judge with the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) since 2005 and has been the President of the Manty Malters homebrew club in Wisconsin. He is also the author of the Homebrewing blog "". Some of Jason's passions in homebrewing lies in brewing education and home roasting grains. He is always looking to learn new techniques and feels that every beer and every brewer has it's place in the world of beer.
Latest book: Troubleshooting Methodology for Homebrew

Follow me on Twitter at  carolina_valdez Carolina Valdez
Although an award-winning, best-selling author published in non-fiction and fiction, Carolina Valdez is a romantic at heart. In recent years she has focused on stories of sizzling passions and chilling suspense. Valdez has roots in the deep south, but she and her husband have lived in southern California for many years. She is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA-PAN) and Sisters in Crime.
Latest book: Lure

Follow me on Twitter at  erletshaqe Erlet Shaqe
Erlet Shaqe (born 1984) is an Albanian writer and engineer. He is known for his novels and poetry, although he was first noticed for his engineering and research work. In the 2010s he focused on short stories until the publication of his first novel and poetry book, Dashuri e Pakthyeshme. In 2011 he founded AEA - Albania Energy Association and he is a chairman. In 2009, he was awarded from the Polytechnic University of Tirana for his research in renewable energy in Albania; he is well known for his composition in electronic music, and his philanthropy in different academic projects mostly in E-Learning and religious charity. Erlet Shaqe is chairman of AEA-Albania Energy Association since in January 2011.[1] He ... read more
Latest book: Dashuri e Pakthyeshme

Follow me on Twitter at  BMWtheCreative Benjamin Weilert
Benjamin M. Weilert . . . What does the 'M' stand for? Mountain Climber, Movie Connoisseur, Master of Science, and (of course) Multi-novel Writer Benjamin M. Weilert was born in Colorado in 1985. While he went to school for Mechanical Engineering (eventually earning a Master’s Degree), he has found science to be interesting enough to write fiction about it. He likes to classify his novels as “science fantasy,” wherein the science is real and (semi) accurate, but portrayed in a fantasy setting to make it accessible to non-scientific readers. If you want stories that are surreptitiously educational, he’s your man.
Latest book: The Fluxion Trilogy

Follow me on Twitter at  rlnolen Rebecca Nolen
I write, illustrate and take care of loved ones at home. I'm a member of SCBWI, The Houston Writer's Guild, and Sister in Crime.
Latest book: The Dry

Follow me on Twitter at  bloshb Bonnie Loshbaugh
Bonnie Loshbaugh practices kung fu, writes speculative fiction, and can fillet a salmon in 60 seconds flat. Her first novel, SOBEL'S SKIN is a fantasy tale of a female shaman who can turn into bear, set in an alternate history Siberia. Novels in progress include I WENT DOWN (first draft available on Wattpad!), an urban fantasy noir set in a nightclub and inspired by the jazz standard Saint James Infirmary, and THE SAPIENCE CONVENTION, a scifi tale of corruption, drug smuggling, and fuzzy alien critters. She currently lives in Seattle, where she misses snow in winter, but appreciates the proximity of coffee shops and a large university library.
Latest book: Sobel's Skin

Follow me on Twitter at  AnnMayburn Ann Mayburn

Latest book: Seducing Helena

Follow me on Twitter at  philbeardmore Phil Beardmore
After many years of thinking 'I could be a published writer' I'm finally getting round to actually being one. What genre? Travel writing, history, why I'm even working on a piece of fiction. I live in Birmingham, UK with my 2 daughters (one at university during term time) and in my day job I'm a Sustainability Consultant. My personal book collection includes politics, cooking, gardening, and as much Nordic crime fiction as I can get my hands on. Favourite books ever? My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell, which I read as a teenager and eventually inspired me to visit Corfu; and Not Now, Bernard by David McKee, which I read to my children and will one day read to my grandchildren.
Latest book: Lucie Aubrac - the Schoolteacher who fought the Gestapo

Follow me on Twitter at  austinmacauley Roddy Brooks
The Author is a 48-year-old sports journalist, who loves to read and write, taking a first step to being a published writer. His other interests include films, travel, food and playing and watching sports. Roddy lives alone in the picturesque East Yorkshire village of Howden. To find out more about the author visit:
Latest book: The Journey

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorM_Taylor Margaret Taylor
Margaret Taylor currently lives in San Antonio, TX with her five cats and all the fantasy characters in her head! She loves to hear from her readers and is happy to share her experiences.
Latest book: The Seer

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorEve Eve Newton
Eve is a UK novelist with a passion for anything paranormal & erotic. She loves Louboutins, good wine, and of course, a good book! Eve has always loved to read, anything Paranormal catches her interest, and writing has always been a passion of hers, so she decided to take the plunge and combine the two into a series of Paranormal Erotica novels. Eve has loads more ideas churning around in her head and can't wait to get them down on paper (or screen!). There are currently twelve books in the Forever series finished, with eleven already published, including a short spin-off. Eve plans to keep writing the series to Book 15. Eve is also currently working on a new paranormal series, as well as a couple of erotic ... read more
Latest book: Bound: Bound Series Prequel

Follow me on Twitter at  fantasiaustral Fantasía Austral
Fantasía Austral es una revista digital de literatura fantástica auto-gestionada fundada a finales de 2010. Desde entonces ha publicado casi 200 cuentos entre originales y traducciones inéditas, más de un centenar de artículo de opinión entre columnas, ensayos y reseñas, decenas de entregas semanales de varias series y entrevistas con destacados autores del género como Michael Moorcock y Ursula K. Le Guin, además de cinco colecciones de cuentos.
Latest book: Cuentos Chilenos Steampunk

Follow me on Twitter at  describer1 Mike Wilson
I have been writing poetry and short stories for several years. Have had formal education in the IT field. Published in Tales of the Talisman and periodicals, as well as four editions of the annual Lyrical Iowa poetry book. I live and write in Des Moines, Iowa.
Latest book: Venturing Deep - Four Tales

Follow me on Twitter at  sheldon773 Sheldon Hollis
Hello, my name is Sheldon Hollis. I was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. September 1, 1993 is when an artists was born. I am an author, poet, and screen writer. My dream is to cement a legacy that will live on forever. But I know to cement a legacy you must first blueprint your legacy. In life nothing comes easy but you should want it to be that way. If there were no road blocks, what story would you have to tell? How would history remember you. Every day, when I wake up, I think about my legacy. I wonder, sometimes, how people will remember me. To create a legacy, you have to first create a blueprint. And when you're done creating your blueprint, you start sculpting out your legacy. Thi ... read more
Latest book: The Land Where Prophets Preached The Gospels

Follow me on Twitter at  cgor22 C. D. Gorri
C.D. Gorri always wanted to be an author. An avid reader, she has a profound love for books and literature that she shares with her friends and family. When she's not writing she can usually be found with a book or kindle in her hand. She resides in her home state of New Jersey with her husband, their children, and their dogs, Dash and Chewie. You can enter C.D. Gorri's Grazi Kelly Universe with Wolf Moon: A Grazi Kelly Novel #1, this title is currently free! For young adult and young at heart audiences who enjoy paranormal fiction. An avid reader of romance novels, C.D. was anxious to delve into her first paranormal romance series with the Macconwood Pack Novels. Coming soon are the Falk Clan Books. Look ou ... read more
Latest book: Wolf Moon: A Grazi Kelly Novel

Follow me on Twitter at  heatherdugan Heather Dugan
A nationally published writer, columnist and author as well as a voiceover and video talent/producer, Heather's focus is on creative communication and human connection. Helping others to tap into their talents and "launch" is a primary passion, and Heather's public speaking and radio/TV interview topics include life launching; divorce, dating and relationships; healthcare patient responsibility and work/family issues. Her newest book "Date Like a Grownup: Anecdotes, Admissions of Guilt & Advice Between Friends," examines the impact of loneliness and social obsolescence on men and women in their second single lives, and provides punctuating proof that looking for love from a place of isolation is as unwise as g ... read more
Latest book: Date Like a Grownup: Anecdotes, Admissions of Guilt & Advice Between Friends

Follow me on Twitter at  chaunceyloo Chauncey Roberts
Originally from Charleston, West Virginia, Chauncey Roberts was educated at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, the University of Washington in Seattle, and in Freiburg, Germany. Injured with minor head injury at age 23, he abandoned a possible political career while suffering from “vagabondage” and moving continuously, including around the world while teaching business English and at universities while writing screenplays, articles, short stories and songs. Roberts was a participant in the Hungarian Revolution of 1989; his song Palestine, My Heart played on the radio in Tunisia before the Arab Spring. Before upheaval in Ukraine in 2013 he sang his "Judgment for the Bushes" at a Kiev festival. In 2013 he c ... read more
Latest book: Scared of Scorpions: My Year of Hell in the Holy Land

Follow me on Twitter at  TanyaChernov Tanya Chernov
Poet, teacher, and editor Tanya Chernov is the author of A Real Emotional Girl, (Skyhorse Publishing), one of Kirkus Reviews’ 15 Excellent New Memoirs. She holds a BA from the University of Puget Sound and earned an MFA in poetry from the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts, Whidbey Writers Workshop. A Pushcart Prize nominee, she served as the longtime poetry and translations editor of The Los Angeles Review. Tanya lives and writes in Seattle with her dog, Mona, though the roots of her heart remain firmly planted in Wisconsin. Connect with Tanya on Goodreads:
Latest book: The Burden of Light: Poems on Illness and Loss

Follow me on Twitter at  SCWorlton Stephanie Worlton
Stephanie Connelley Worlton lives in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains where she enjoys frequent opportunities to observe nature and feed her creative spirit. Aside from the busy schedule she keeps as a wife and mother of four, she enjoys interior design, gardening, painting, carpentry, photography, and being involved with the youth of our rising generation. She has her own collection of power tools, a plethora of camera equipment, and a passion for shoes. You can learn more about Stephanie’s writing, tag-along (virtually, of course) on her family adventures, see some of her photography, and enjoy her random musings at or on her blog
Latest book: All the Finer Things

Follow me on Twitter at  Elizabeth_Barlo Elizabeth Barlo
I am an indie author of Young Adult and Contemporary Women's Fiction. My work is 'Fiction With A Heartbeat' - 'cause life ain't so bad if you approach it with a little humor and belief in your own potential.
Latest book: Ruth 66

Follow me on Twitter at  dueseason4sure Brian Alston
I have a Bachelor in Th. and married with four children, three of whom are in college with one to go. I lead a small congregation in n.c. right now. Thankful to have lived long enough to correct all the mistakes I could. Hope what I''ve written will bring light into the world at a time like this. I love teaching the bible and I like to cruise because it's relaxing. I'm fond of chess, social media and puppies. I'm not really special, not really fancy just real.
Latest book: The Middle Room

Follow me on Twitter at  janinedangelo Nina D'Angelo
Nina D'Angelo is the author of the Outlaws series. The first in the series, Damaged is available now. Nina is currently working on the sequel, Shattered, due for release in December 2016.
Latest book: Outlaws 01 - Damaged

Follow me on Twitter at  AsanteAcademy Prof Song Xuan Ke
Professor Ke, founder and principal of Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine (Affiliated Teaching and Research Centre of Chinese Medicine for Middlesex University), has practiced and taught Traditional Chinese Medicine worldwide for over 25 years. Prof Ke learned his skills as 13 years old boy apprenticed to three herbal masters in his home province of Hubei, China, and was qualified in Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine in Canton University 30 years ago. His clinical success as a leading consultant of Chinese Medicine has been featured in the Observer, Daily Mail, FT and on BBC, CNN, ITV, Channel 4 and many other broadcasting media throughout the world. He is twice listed in London Evening Standards'Top 50 Hea ... read more
Latest book: Traditional Chinese Medicine

Follow me on Twitter at  DracoStories Don Draco
Don Draco writes scintillating erotic romances that are crafted for your pleasure and enjoyment. He strives to titillate and arouse your mind and body. Don Draco stories are full of romance, love, and hot dirty sex explored through each delicious encounter described in explicit detail. Enjoy. You can check me out on Facebook, Twitter, and Thank you, Don Draco
Latest book: Gangster of Love: Part II (Crime Romance)

Follow me on Twitter at  mirandainnaimo Miranda Innaimo
Pursuing purpose, plotting and planning proclivity; for the sake of posterity, I will proceed.
Latest book: MI Life Book 1

Follow me on Twitter at  KandaceCamp Kandace Campbell
Kandace Campbell is an avid screenwriter and theatrical producer hailing from the Windy City of Chicago, IL. She holds a B.A in English from The Pennsylvania State University. She briefly studied Sport Management at Drexel before enrolling herself in law school. She is currently living in Philadelphia with her husband Darrell and their son Aidan.
Latest book: Final Down

Follow me on Twitter at  queeenkaren Karen Truong
Love to read, especially romantic novels. Not a great writer but I am trying to improve myself. I hope all of you have a nice day!
Latest book: Runaway Husband

Follow me on Twitter at  whoscindylou Cindy Louallen
Cindy Louallen was born in a small town in North Alabama. Spending most of her childhood running and playing in the forest and mountains that are known as Bankhead National Forest. Most of her summers were spent with her family at the lake. Since she was a small child, she has always lost herself in the wonderful world of imagination. Living in whatever world the author described to her. She is well rounded in all genres. Her favorite being Stephen King, V C Andrews and Kim Harrison. The first one to make an impact was "The Hobbit" and she has been reading ever since. Letting her imagination take on a life of it's own, she wrote A WHISPERED WISH. Her first in a saga that will lead you on an interesting journe ... read more
Latest book: A Whispered Wish

Follow me on Twitter at  AaronovichJoker AaronSummers
Aaron Summers is a graduate of Florida State University. When not writing (or giving the finger to the blinking cursor on his word processor) he often spends his free time drinking alone, sowing disharmony between his overly neurotic Jack Russell Terrier and three-legged cat, trolling Mother Teresa fan forums, and discussing Simone de Beauvoir with cam-site girls. He lives in Sarasota, Florida, and his life's ambition is to rewrite the complete works of Jane Austen using nothing but emoticons.
Latest book: The Lamentable Fate of Mr. Fluffpaws and Other Stories

Follow me on Twitter at  youcanscream Michael Vega

Latest book: If only for a minute