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Born in Toronto, Canada where I currently reside as a wife and mother. All my life I have been a dreamer, a reader, and writer. As a child, I had trouble staying focused in school, which resulted in 3 red X’s on the tardy board and only when my grade 5 teacher punished me (by keeping me in the classroom during recess), did I discover books. Up until then I could not read. I spent the entire year, alone in a portable, while the other kids played. To some this sounds terrible; to me, it was a blessing. I was able to regain my recess privileges the following year…
Latest book: First Life

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Yash sawarkar is 21 old an international recognized ethical hacker, author, engineer, researcher and founder at RDHC. He has unique experience in the field of cyber security & electronic he is still continued to be instrumenterm detecting cyber vulnerabilities. He provides precise consultation to various originations and to the general public in the field of research and internet security. Presently he is pursuing Master of Science in modern telecommunication from European continent.
Latest book: Hacking Into Thinking Machines

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Yaware is a developer of productivity software which automatically tracks vital business processes. Our apps aim at enhancing productivity of both individuals and the team at large by providing automatically updated records on everyone's performance. We're passionate about helping others work better and achieve more. That's why our apps make it possible to get a fresh and precise insight into business performance and productivity, with all data being delivered to a single online account. We also want to make these data really simple and easy to understand. That's why the apps organize everything in clear charts and diagrams so you can analyze them in an instant. At Yaware, our goal is to help businesses re ... read more
Latest book: Time Tracking in Different Areas: Which Businesses Need It Most of All

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Zagham was born on the 23rd of July 1998. His childhood was spent in a town called Dudley, where he spent most of his free times in reading fictional novels. It was what interested him to write his own novels- which others could enjoy, just like he enjoyed reading through a good novel. He used to write various short stories in school. Now he has began to make use of some of the ideas from those short stories; by writing novels in his free time. Most of his work is set in the scifi/fantasy genre. His first novella is called 'Town of Dudley Sixth' and is about an apocalypse on an alien planet. Some aspects of the novella are inspired by his interest in mechanical timepieces. Especially ones that include the tou ... read more
Latest book: Town of Dudley Sixth

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After having begun as a blog in the fall of 2015, Z Publishing, LLC is currently transitioning into book publishing. This transition is in response to the problem plaguing the publishing world: For writers, finding new readers can be tremendously difficult, and for readers, finding new, talented authors with whom they identify is like finding a needle in a haystack. With Z Publishing, the idea is that no longer will anyone have to go about this process alone. By producing anthologies of multiple authors rather than single-author volumes, Z Publishing hopes to harbor a community of readers and writers, bringing all sides of the industry closer together. To sign up for the Z Publishing newsletter or to submit yo ... read more
Latest book: Z Poetry: An Anthology of International Indie Poetry

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Latest book: Dalcen and The Temple of Sin

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The International Academy of Sports Science and Technology (AISTS), one of the world’s premier Sports Management education and research academies, is committed to professionalising sports management through the three core activity areas of continuing education, applied research and providing an engaging platform for industry connections. Founded as a not-for-profit foundation in 2000, AISTS Founding Members: the International Olympic Committee, the EPFL, the University of Lausanne, the University of Geneva, IMD Business School, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, the City of Lausanne and the Canton of Vaud, all recognise the importance of meeting the evolving knowledge needs of today’s sports managers. AISTS ... read more
Latest book: Collected Insights from the Field of Sport, Volume 1: Football and Society

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Latest book: The New Hindu Toolbox

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A young team of app and game developers based in Bangkok
Latest book: Game Guide

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AtheistSocial was a social network that operated from 8-2010 to 5-2013. It continues as a book producer.
Latest book: The Atheist Protocols of the Learned Elders of Earth

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The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), established in 1863, is a not-for-profit association representing more than 89,000 veterinarians working in private and corporate practice, government, industry, academia, and uniformed services. Structured to work for its members, the AVMA acts as a collective voice for its membership and for the profession.
Latest book: AVMA Practice Advisory Panel Final Report on Telemedicine

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Bxerk is married and has a son in middle school. Bxerk lives in rural southern Wisconsin. Bxerk loves to be creative in everything. Bxerk has dogs and cats. Bxerk hopes you enjoys the book.
Latest book: Boggart Chaos

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C.Hampton Jones only started to publish her Illustrated Historical Fiction or Graphic Novels (she calls them Storybooks) in 2011. Her Regency Romantic Warriors e-books are 'Storybook' novels, which means that they are enhanced with artful illustrations (collages) as an extra for e-book readers. All her published English, German, Dutch and French e-books of the Regency Romantic Warriors Series are available on Smashwords. After finishing her 9th and last novel in the Regency Romantic Warriors Series ('Homecoming' available as of October 2015) she started writing historical (parnormal- spiritual) novels in her 'Sacred Artefacts' series. The Dutch novel 'Hemelse Ogen' in this series is already available and the E ... read more
Latest book: A Lieutenant at Large (Vol.1 of the Regency Romantic Warriors series)

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Callidus is my alter ego. I needed more space for my creativeness, so I made that creature. I have written a lot and really many purposes. I had so many times tried to write something brilliant but every time I did not get so far. I have a really inventive mind, and I like to create. I have studied for long time about communication. I also know a lot about erotic art and pornography. I think there are really many different erotic fine art and porn and not so clear boundaries. I like to see something beautiful. I have devotion to computers. I love those machines and how they hum and whir. I have always in my pocket my digital library and other important information inside flash drive. Some people have knives or ... read more
Latest book: Lady Wanton

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Nous sommes une maison d’édition de contes et romans pour la jeunesse, publiés uniquement en numérique. Pourquoi avoir fait un tel choix? Tout simplement parce que nous sommes soucieux de notre environnement et préférons préserver notre belle planète de toute pollution due à la fabrication d’un livre. D’autre part, nous sommes convaincus que ce moyen de publication permet à un plus grand nombre de jeunes lecteurs un accès aux livres à des coûts moindres. a pour objectif de faire connaître des auteurs connus et méconnus, talentueux et originaux désirant partager avec les lecteurs une autre façon de voyager, rêver, penser et agir à travers des récits pleins d’humou ... read more
Latest book: Le petit Chaperon rouge

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Clinchandhill was born in the Netherlands and after writing his first short stories in his youth he left his writing passion to pursue a career in photography and later on made a second and third career change into Finance and Elderly care. After 30 years he's back with his first novel; Kursk, the tragedy of 118 men. A story based on true facts.
Latest book: 47 Hours, the Coup that Shook the Americas

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I do this as a hobby. Please note that I always offer 20% commission on all sales and referrals from affiliate marketing on all my books.
Latest book: There Goes The Trailer Park

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Born in Spain, Gadriel Demartinos is an accomplished author, film Director, executive producer, philanthropist and entrepreneur.
Latest book: And Other Silly Things

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Born and raised in Pennsylvania Denali found her escape from life in novels. Through the years her tastes have changed, turning spicier with each new book, until she found herself diving into the world of writing head first.
Latest book: Vanessa's Adventure

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Devolution Z is a literary magazine published monthly. Each issue features 13 original short stories and poems by talented authors of supernatural horror genre. Original fiction of zombies, werewolves, vampires, demons, ghosts, ghouls, paranormal events and much more awaits you! Some say monsters do not exist, we beg to differ. Visit our sister publication, PHANTAXIS Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine, at
Latest book: Devolution Z Horror Magazine - Issue 17 - April 2017

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Although not the original Diotima, the author does agree that the western world has invested far too much energy into separating the inseparable duo of mind and heart. Diotima has written widely on a number of subjects, including essays, fiction and poetry. Her two latest books have been published by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina: Dancing God – a collection of poetry, and Goat Foot God, an examination of the Great God Pan; both available through Neos Alexandria
Latest book: Tales in Vein

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Fetisha is the penname of a fulltime actor currently living in Hollywood who has appeared in numerous TV, web series, films, theatrical productions and music videos. Fetisha is also the author of over sixty short stories and seven novels, one of which was nominated for a CAPA Award for YA Fiction. Besides working in mainstream Hollywood, Fetisha also works in the porn industry as a talent scout for Helix Studios and also blogs about the industry. Fetisha’s blog, All The Porn That’s Fit To Fuck, was recently nominated for a GRABBY Award.
Latest book: Seducing Sister

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Forbrukerrådet er en uavhengig interesseorganisasjon som bistår forbrukerne og påvirker myndigheter og næringsliv i en forbrukervennlig retning.
Latest book: Har vi det e-bokmarkedet vi kan forvente? Rapport om det norske e-bokmarkedet, mai 2015

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Experto en VoIPswitch, Marketing digital y comercio electronico. Nació en Ibarra-Ecuador en 1979. Es Master en Marketing Online y Comercio Electrónico por la Universidad de Barcelona, Master en Administracion de empresas (MBA) mención negocios internacionales e Ingeniero Agropecuario por la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador. En febrero del 2008 adquirió su primer dominio y en el 2012 fundo la Compañía Anónima ServiMatango, con la cual genera empleo, pues junto a jóvenes profesionales se especializan en negocios por internet y renta de servidores para telefonía por internet VoIP. Medio que le ha permitido ayudar a personas y empresas de más de 20 países del mundo: a crear y des ... read more
Latest book: La Fórmula “Sales Funnel” para Aumentar tus Ingresos : ¿Cómo crear un embudo de ventas exitoso?

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I was born in Anchorage Alaska and lived there until my grandfather started having problems with the cold. So my mother, brother, grandparents, and I got in a big blue bus and headed south in search of warmer weather. Although I was only six at the time, snow is one of the most distinctive memories I have. When I find myself surrounded by snow, I have the strangest sense of being home. After traveling south through Canada, my family moved around the Pacific Northwest several times before finally taking root. My grandparents would make their home in Corvallis, Oregon. My mother, brother, and I would eventually settle in Astoria, a small town on the coast of Oregon. My bloodlines are an eclectic quartet of Cher ... read more
Latest book: Rise of the Blood Queen - Chyld of Prophecy

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Lori Wolfe is a teacher in Ashland, Oregon. She has taught in dual immersion programs, bilingual classrooms, Title One Bilingual Support in Reading and Math, and as an ELD teacher. Lori is the author of 26 Titles of Integrated Thematic Units in English and Spanish for Kingsley Publishing and has also written a series of Reproducible Math Games in English and Spanish. Lori has also authored a variety of English Language Development (ESL) and Reading products. Ms. Wolfe has presented at numerous conferences including: *NCTM national convention *NABE *TABE *CABE *Spotlight on ELD Workshops (OR & CA) She presents a variety of workshops that cover Math, Centers, Thematic Teaching, Systematic ELD and Reading, all wit ... read more
Latest book: Irregular Past Tense Verb Game - Cut and Play!

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Latest book: El vuelo del Ángel Negro

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Latest book: Love and Other Fuckery

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The Houston Writers Guild is a nonprofit organization and community of writers whose purpose is to support each other in the author’s craft and writing career through: 1. Engendering safe environments for writers of all skill levels 2. Reciprically sharing time, talent, and knowledge 3. Creating opportunities for the development of writing careers 4. Celebrating the success of each as a success of all 5. Providing a platform through which members forge life-long relationships in writing and publishing, and 6. Fostering a culture of continuous learning. A B O U T T H E TIDES OF POSSIBILITY E D I T O R K. J. Russell is an author of speculative fiction. He has been seen scouring the shadowed swamps of Hous ... read more
Latest book: Tides of Impossibility

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The Independent Forum for Faith and Media (IFFM; formerly the Independent Forum for Religious Broadcasting – founded 1994) is devoted to promoting spirituality and faith in all aspects of broadcasting, including electronic media. The IFFM exists to promote four aspects of faith based broadcasting: - programmes of worship, teaching or pastoral care for the adherents of the various faiths present in SA - educational programming to assist the South African public to understand the faith communities present in the country - the presentation of the view point of faith based communities on moral and ethical matters or issues of current concern which may be presented or debated in the media - networking to create ... read more
Latest book: Religions in South Africa, Vol.3: Buddhism

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Iscah writes books. Sometimes the books write back.
Latest book: Tomato Slices

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JeBouffe s'est donné pour mission d'aider les gens désireux de mieux manger à se préparer de bons petits plats sains et nourrissants ainsi qu'à mieux les conserver. Notre recette: Acheter des produits frais Préparer des plats savoureux Les tester et les manger puisque nous sommes tous deux assez gourmets pour ne pas dire gourmands. Lui: Informaticien amoureux de la bonne bouffe et gros lecteur Elle: bibliothécaire amatrice de bonne chère et de bons livres. Les deux forces conjuguées donnent un résultat qui, nous l'espérons, saura vous plaire tout en nous procurant du plaisir et surtout beaucoup d'activités pour les années à venir.
Latest book: JeBouffe - 30 délicieuses soupes repas

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Jelani is a Transformational Coach and blogger with more than 25 years of experience in helping others to creatively transform their lives. Jelani loves to spend his time traveling around the world learning new languages, people and cultures. He has traveled to more that 30 countries. Jelani received his Bachelor’s of Music from the University of the Pacific, an MA in Theater from California State Los Angeles and an MFA in Film Producing from UCLA. He is currently completing his PhD in Culture and Performance. He is a credentialed education specialist and continues to work with special needs children in the Los Angeles Public Schools. He will release his first series of children’s books in the Summer of ... read more
Latest book: Walking on the Edge of the Moon

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Az "író" nem író, csak gyermekkora óta ír; mióta rákényszerítették, hogy megírja élete első művét ”Legkedvesebb Nyári Élményem” címmel, az általános iskola második osztályában. Az iromány vegyes fogadtatásban részesült. Kritikusai szerint, Afrikában nem lehet kengurukra vadászni, lévén azok egy kontinenssel odébb élnek. Ám eme malőr, nem szegte az író kedvét. Az irodalomdolgozatok írása során, tovább gyártotta történeteit. Bár türelmét erősen próbára tették a naponta egy oldalnyi kötelezően másolandó szövegek - az írásai külalakjának a fejlesztésére, mondván, hogyan lehet egy nyolc éves gyereknek úgy írnia, mint egy nyolcvan évesnek – ... read more
Latest book: A Szürke 48-as Trikolórja

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Langemedia represents multiple writers over the years. Currently Jack DeBar Smith author of Iconoclast Goes To Sea and The Illimitables.
Latest book: Book Of The Ancient Messenger Rahmotep

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Growing up in Southern Georgia, LaRedeaux spent many days dreaming of seeing the world. LaRedeaux lives a carefree lifestyle now after spending many years traveling the many highways across America, and Canada as a professional truck driver. Her love affair with writing was revived in 2010 when during a brief stint of unemployment, she began to set pen to paper again. LaRedeaux returned to writing poems in her spare time. August 2012, LaRedeaux wrote and self –published her first flash fiction story; OoPs! A week later, OutSourced was also published under her brand Midnight Publications. Both stories featured a poetic twist with poetry from the unpublished poetry book: Ramblings of a Moonchild. LaRedeau ... read more
Latest book: Til Death

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Interracial Romance Writer I love taking different situations and telling stories that are interesting and not the usual run of the mill. Not every chapter has to be erotic, not every guy has to be an Alpha billionaire, not every woman had to be perfect in every way. I enjoy inspiring, encouraging, and uplifting others.
Latest book: Lost and Longing

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Lord'Williams was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He lived in some very active neighborhoods like Williamsburg, Bed-Sty (Bedford Stuyvesant), and The East (East New York). He is a man of God, long term husband, and father. In addition to a full time writing career. I am the C.E.O. and Chief Editor of Words To A Page Publishers (W2PP). he also work for New York State's OPWDD, where I provide counseling and direct care to these with various development disabilities. Besides working an 8 hour job, his education, his writing, blogging, book reviewing, and personal 1 on 1 spiritual counseling, he's an 24 hr. diabetic, He is a type 1.5 diabetic. We know you're probably thinking, 'what's an 1,5 diabetic?' ... read more
Latest book: Shadows of the Heart ( The Unicorns )

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McDroll sits at the back of a dank cave at the side of a loch writing dark tales for your enjoyment. She has to sneak into the village church everyday to plug in her computer behind the pulpit to charge up her battery. She does all of this for you, dear reader.
Latest book: FEELING IT

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My first poem was published (Nationally) in high school. Now an adult, I have published 2 books- one a novel, one a book about relationships, and four more being written. Yes, music is my first love, but writing probably surpasses even that. I have always been an avid reader with a great drive for creativity, so with the encouragement of close friends and loved ones, I begin to do more than just share my life stories, I begin to write them down and create more for others to enjoy and learn from. Love you all for your support! Keep reading!!! Best Regards, Nubi My Mission To share my life experiences in hopes of helping someone smile, laugh, think, plan, and just enjoy their own life just a little bit better. ... read more
Latest book: Bittersweet: Whatever Sunshine Grows

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Latest book: Gone

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pdmac is the author of the epic Science Fiction adventure series Wolf 359,which garnered 2nd place in Science Fiction in the Prize Writer of the year 2015 competition. His most recent publication is a Steampunk Western, Fool’s Gold. He is presently in the final editing phase of a dystopian novel called Rebirth of Angels scheduled for release in May. A diverse author, writer, and editor, he has also edited a Literature anthology, served as managing editor of an archaeology magazine, ghost-written an autobiography, and has had poems, short stories, articles, and editorials published in various literary journals, magazines and newspapers. His most recent short stories appear in the Short Story Am ... read more
Latest book: The Puppet King

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Phantaxis Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine is a literary magazine published monthly. Each issue features original short stories by talented authors of science fiction & fantasy. Premiere issue: Nov. 1, 2016 Visit our sister publication, DEVOLUTION Z Horror Magazine, at
Latest book: Phantaxis Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine - Issue 4 - February 2017

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The Pickford Community Library's Young Writers Workshop (YWW) is the largest group of aspiring authors in the state of Michigan. Each school year JLB Creatives Publishing presents literary "adventures" from their Journey to Publication Writing Program / Curriculum. This highly interactive program holds over 100 combined years of experience in the industry, and the Pickford Community Library's young writers have been a crucial part in developing this ground breaking writing program for creative kids of all ages. Find out more at
Latest book: 2016 Pickford Community Library's Young Writers Workshop Anthology of Short Stories and Poetry

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Doing my best to establish my value as a human being; hoping that my time here on earth will make a positive impact, even if it is to inspire just one person.
Latest book: 47 and a Wake-up