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Jeff Hardesty was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky where he received his BA in English Literature and Writing from the University of Louisville. After living in seven states (NM, CA, KY, NC, MO, OR, WA) in five years working as a backpacking guide, house framer and painter, barista, life-skills assistant at a mental health clinic, and ski instructor, Jeff settled in Seattle, Washington where he is now, among other things, an author, freelance writer, husband, and father.
Latest book: The Stork Of Course

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Latest book: The Stand at Klamath Falls

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Jeff Inlo lives in New Jersey with his wife, Joan. He studied Finance and Accounting in college. While he still enjoys working with numbers, he finds it rewarding to create stories with encouraging messages and admirable characters. He has written over a dozen novels, including several books in the Delver Magic series.
Latest book: Delver Magic Book XI: Emptiness Filled

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A lover of the writing arts, I've been toying with writing from my teen age years, think its about time I finally follow my dreams. Mostly impressed with writers that forgo traditional education and bring a piece of work from the heart.
Latest book: Dealer's Choice

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In spite of being a husband and father, I have always been a daydreamer. I was that guy in high school algebra with the far away expression on his face, and no I wasn’t thinking about how to apply mathematics to save the world. I was thinking about the girl of my dreams and how I would make her mine. True love and the inherent difficulty in finding it are what I daydream about the most, and to me writing a book is merely daydreaming and capturing your thoughts in print. It makes them more real and provides the opportunity for others to share in them as well. And so I hope you will. Follow me on twitter @author_jeff
Latest book: A Novel Obsession

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Over the years, during my 1:00am and 3:00am holy hour at church, I was compelled to write. At times I simply wrote the thoughts coming in my mind, as I was before the Blessed Sacrament. Then there was a time period in which I read through the Bible, writing down quotes that were powerful to me. Then, as the years progressed, and all those hundreds of pages of writings sat, I later picked them up, and decided to start composing prayer books out of the writings. As I re-read through what I had written, it just didn't feel like it was my words, but rather God's words to me. And so, I have published a 33 day rosary meditation book, which has the Bishop's Imprimatur approval, as well as several scriptural rosary boo ... read more
Latest book: Scriptural Rosary #4 - Suffering

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Freelance copywriter, business builder and professional marketer.
Latest book: 35 Types of Online Marketing... Explained

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Born In Brooklyn, New York, Jeff has been writing for over 20 years. A filmmaker, screenwriter, and radio show host of the insanely popular Mob Talk Radio.
Latest book: Losing Pop

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Jeff Lyon is the son of a truck driver and preacher’s daughter. He grew up in Irving, Texas, earned a Communications BA from the University of North Texas and then went ski bumming in Colorado. Jeff returned to Texas to work for the City of Lewisville before heading to Florida to become a licensed yacht captain. Jeff spent twelve years teaching sailing and captaining charters on Lake Michigan. During Chicago’s harsh winters he wrote travelogues, books, short stories and screenplays. Jeff has returned to Florida to write and captain boats. His adventurous tales are based on personal escapades and filled with extraordinary characters.
Latest book: Chicago's DuSable Harborcide

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Jeff Mann’s poetry, fiction, and essays have appeared in many publications, including Prairie Schooner, Shenandoah, Laurel Review and The Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide. He has published three award-winning poetry chapbooks, Bliss, Mountain Fireflies, and Flint Shards from Sussex; two full-length books of poetry, Bones Washed with Wine and On the Tongue; a collection of personal essays, Edge: Travels of an Appalachian Leather Bear; a book of poetry and memoir, Loving Mountains, Loving Men; and a short fiction volume, A History of Barbed Wire, which won a Lambda Literary Award. His novel, Salvation, won a Lambda Literary Award for Best Gay Romance. He teaches creative writing at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, ... read more
Latest book: Country

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Jeff Marginean is a dog dad, writer, musician, producer and executive producer. He is a distinguised judge (2009)for the prestigious Mom's Choice Awards, a member of the Dog Writers Association of America and a voting member of the National Academy for Recording Arts and Sciences, Inc., for the Grammy Awards. He is president and CEO of JEMAR Entertainment, Inc., and creator and host of the nationally syndicated My Buddy Butch radio show. He lives in a nice, quiet city in Ohio with his dog son Butch. He loves working outdoors and gets his best ideas while mowing the lawn!
Latest book: My Buddy Butch

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Jeffrey J. Mariotte is the bestselling, multiple-award-winning author of more than sixty novels, including original thrillers Empty Rooms and The Devil's Bait; supernatural thrillers Season of the Wolf, Cold Black Hearts, River Runs Red and Missing White Girl; horror epic The Slab; and Stoker Award nominated teen horror series Witch Season; as well as books set in the universes of NCIS: Los Angeles, Deadlands, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, CSI, Supernatural, Spider-Man, Superman, Las Vegas, Conan, 30 Days of Night, Star Trek, and others. With his wife, writer Marsheila Rockwell, he's the author of the science fiction/thriller 7 SYKOS, and numerous works of short fiction. He is also the author of many comi ... read more
Latest book: Long Road Home

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Born in western Pennsylvania, raised in the 60s in the sarcasm belt of north-central New Jersey, graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Education, I moved to San Francisco in 1977 (partly to see what it might be like to live someplace where the people wore flowers in their hair - someplace very different from what I had so far been accustomed to). After surviving significant initial culture shock, I spent most of the next two decades in various parts of the pacific northwest, and loved it. I Currently reside in Charlottesville, Virginia where until recently I was a respiratory therapist in a children's hospital.
Latest book: Worlds' Fair - A Space-Time Travel Tale

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Jeff Maziarek is an inspirational speaker and author. His first book, Spirituality Simplified, is an easy-to-understand and entertaining work that provides an ideal starting point for anyone with a sincere desire to pursue a path of personal and/or spiritual growth. His second book, Codi's Journey, is a very personal memoir about his Border Collie who passed away in 2005. It is available as an eBook for all major formats.
Latest book: Codi's Journey

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Jeff McArthur was born in Nebraska where he began writing before he could read. He went to school in New York, then moved to Los Angeles to begin a film career. In the past couple years he has written a comic book series and published three books. His most recent one, Pro Bono, has just been released, and his upcoming books include a new Relic Worlds novel, and The American Game, about a baseball game between enemy soldiers in the American Civil War.
Latest book: Two Gun Hart - Law Man, Cowboy, and Long-Lost Brother of Al Capone

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Thank you for taking the time to read my work. Your reviews are welcome and appreciated. If you have questions or comments that you don't wish to post on this site please feel free to contact me at
Latest book: Beware of Dog

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Jeff McKown writes fiction. In his work, he is especially fond of exploring tragic flaws, unfortunate circumstances, and the small moments that matter. In life, he obsesses over tennis, politics, and whiskey, not necessarily in that order. He endeavors to be a better Buddhist — which hasn’t always worked out that well. He lives near Monterey, CA with his partner Paul and their best friend, Kyle. Solid Ground is his first novel.
Latest book: Solid Ground

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Ideas are my passion, and I love helping people spread theirs in interesting ways. I’ve run my own software company, performed improvisational comedy, and worked at Intel for nine years in a whole slew of technical and management roles. It was in my last role at Intel that got me into social media, where I learned the power that these tools have to change the way people connect and communicate. I understand the technology, but it’s the sociology of it that I really love. From there, I began working n digital marketing, running educational speaking events, and even setting up a flash mob/guerrilla marketing group in Phoenix. I’ve always been a writer, so when ebooks started transforming the publishing w ... read more
Latest book: Creating Fabulous Facebook Pages - A Modern Indie Author's Guide

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Latest book: Bloodstains

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Jeff Munnis began having mystical experiences of Christ at an early age. He is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and works with individuals and small groups interested in learning more about meditation, dream work, and spirituality. For more information visit
Latest book: The Revelation of God in a Human Being

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Jeff Newman is an illustrator and attorney. He graduated from the Northfield-Mount Hermon School, Dartmouth College and the Vermont Law School. He is a former Army officer and teacher. He now lives with his family in an old New Hampshire farmhouse.
Latest book: All In Good Time

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Jeff Nisbet was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and lived there until he was 11 years old, when he emigrated to the United States. Having been happily married to his best friend for 45 years, Jeff has two fine adult children and two granddaughters—the apples of their grandfather’s eye. Nearly 20 years ago, while researching his family’s Scottish roots, Jeff discovered that one of the historical luminaries of the Nisbet clan had been the 11th Grand Master of Scottish Freemasonry. In the years since, Jeff has researched numerous sources about Scottish history, the part the Freemasons played in it, and, by a much-disputed association, the mysterious medieval order of warrior monks known as the Knights Templar. ... read more
Latest book: Creepy Crawly Provincetown: A Grave Distractions Walking Tour

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Jeff Oddo is an author, father and entrepreneur who is on a mission to make a difference in the lives of countless families through speaking, education and writing. Happily married with three wonderful children, Jeff has been blessed with a life that allows him to fulfill his passion of helping others experience and enjoy all that life has to offer. The majority of the profits for this book go to support single working mothers whom Jeff believes have the most difficult job in the world. Blurbs: “As an author, life-coach and newsletter writer, I’m exposed to literally hundreds of books every year, and Jeff’s book is a must read—straight forward and very practical. Not only does it teach you to be ... read more
Latest book: The 10 Kidmandments Ten Principles for Raising Successful Children

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Hi! I’m Jeff. I’m an aspiring fantasy writer; check out my website at If I’m not working on the latest fiction for there, you can bet that I’m either slaving away at work or burying my nose in a book.
Latest book: A Dance With Demons

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Latest book: A Guardian of Innocents

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I am a seasoned sales and marketing professional with over a decade in the industry who has worked in various roles, and in various locations including Chicago, Indianapolis and Michiana. Some of the hats that I have worn include Senior Account Manager, Marketing Specialist, Agency Owner, Marketing Director, Sales Manager and Project Coordinator.I have recently decided to open an exploratory committee in regards to running for Mayor of Elkhart in 2015. I have a marketing brain and am a natural born leader and I believe wholeheartedly in the power of advertising and other marketing mediums. Specialties: -social media -sales management -marketing strategies -blogging -press releases -relationship building -sa ... read more
Latest book: The Marketing Wheel- A Certified Marketing Guru Guide To Effective Marketing

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Ping
Retired RF engineer, currently living in Northern California. My interests include writing post apocalyptic novels and working with my hands. When writing I find the most difficult thing for me is editing. I free flow write, so I am visualizing the scenes and action as I write so I have to edit and re-write with detail what I see in order to allow the reader to see it as well. I also enjoy light construction, welding and machining. I have restored motorcycles and cars. My hobbies other than writing give me at least some degree of comprehension of the difficulties that would be encountered if you were required to build, construct, or forage for everything you needed.
Latest book: The Bassi Group

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Prebis
Jeff Prebis is the author of the novel, The Debacle, and the boldest short story collection to come out in years called Walking On Razor Blades: Stories Of Death, Blood, And Sex. He resides in southeastern Virginia, and is seldom seen. Once in a while when the moon is full you will find him on the loose. His influences include Chuck Palahniuk, Phillip K. Dick, and Clive Barker.
Latest book: Berauscht von deinem Blut

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Richmond
I am a golf coach that loves helping golfers to become more consistent, hit longer golf drives and enjoy playing golf more.
Latest book: Add 42 Yards To Your Drives - Golf Swing

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Rider
Rasurgam, the memoir, is his first book. A second book and companion piece, What's Going Down, is a fictional morality play about decisions America has made over the decade post 9/11, and will be forthcoming, as a working draft is complete. Jeff Rider is a Business Analyst for the Harvard School of Public Health.
Latest book: Rasurgam I shall rise again

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Rorik
Jeff Rorik is a Canadian author, currently living in British Columbia amidst the many trees that infest the province. When he's not writing, he can usually be found herding chickens, fixing computers, or trying to find his next musical obsession. He also enjoys procrastinating, but rarely finds the time for it. You can find him online at
Latest book: Beneath the Blast

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Rose-Martland
Jeff Rose-Martland is an award-winning author and playwright living in St. John's, Newfoundland. He finds time to write in between raising his son, running a household, and infrequent stints in various bill-paying careers. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Finalist for the 2010 CBC Literary Awards. Guest panelist for the 2010 Winterset in Summer Literary Festival. Winner of the Percy Janes First Novel Award
Latest book: Chain of Events

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Roulston
Jeff Roulston, also known as Jeff The Writer, is a social service worker, coach and proud Torontonian. He is a graduate of Oakwood University, an Historically-Black College, where he studied communications, played varsity basketball and edited the Spreading Oak newspaper. His poetry, short stories, essays and articles have appeared in The Huntsville (Ala.) Times, Urbanology,, Sway,, and the anthology F-You: The Forgiveness Project, Memoirs of Violence and Compassion. He has been interviewed by Matt Galloway on CBC Radio Toronto’s Metro Morning about the bleak job market for recent college graduates and featured, along with co-workers, in a Toronto Star article ... read more
Latest book: Teammates

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Rowe
Jeff Rowe spent several years as a stand-up comedian, before venturing to Hollywood, where he became a filmmaker. Upon reading up on the Earl of Oxford, he set out to research the Earl and read the million words of Shakespeare. In this quest, he has discovered many references within the plays and poems that illuminate the real writer, Edward De Vere.
Latest book: As You Don't Like It (Shakespeare didn't write Shakespeare)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Russell
I am a tale-spinner. My childhood heroes were Jules Verne and Victor Appleton II, architects of fantastic adventures. Hemingway stepped in when I discovered that the trials and triumphs of real people – those with limited physical and financial resources – were even more intriguing than science fiction. Today I try to follow that example with my own characters. They are the ‘you and me’ of the world, ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances, beaten down perhaps and yet determined to succeed. Invariably they find adventure, romance and self-fulfillment, as should we all. When not absorbed in the pages of some new author or hammering away at my latest manuscript I can be found living and runnin ... read more
Latest book: The Perpetual Order of Old People

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Salz
Dr. Jeff Salz has made a lifetime of adventure. An acclaimed explorer - with a Ph.D. in anthropology - he has traversed most of the remaining blank spots on the globe. The author of The Way of Adventure: Transforming Your Life and Work with Spirit and Vision – recognized globally as the definitive book on adventure - Jeff creates the foundation for creative thinking for individuals and organizations by presenting a unique perspective on risk-taking, participation and innovation. 

 Jeff has spent 30 years as a mountain guide, 10 years as a university professor and for the last 20 years, he has been safely guiding top tier executives at organizations like Google, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Walt Disney, I ... read more
Latest book: The Way of Adventure: Transforming Your Life and Work with Spirit and Vision

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From an early age Jeff Schubert has had a knack and an instinct to help inspire those around him. Born and raised in New York City, he has an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Denver and received his certification in hypnosis from The Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, CA. Believing in the mind/ body connection Jeff is also a certified massage therapist, receiving his training at the Institute of Psychostructual Balancing in Culver City, CA. Jeff currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and hosts an internet show called Filmnut, about the making, marketing, and distribution of film, television and new media on
Latest book: The Authentic You

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Shanley
Born and raised in South Florida, I've always been the creative "black sheep" in a family of doctors and engineers. I've been making up and writing stories for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until I read JRR Tolkien's THE LORD OF THE RINGS that I felt compelled to create my own fully-formed secondary world. The end result was MATHION: BOOK ONE OF THE MAVONDURI TRILOGY, and THE MAVONDURI TRILOGY as a whole.
Latest book: The Folly of Etharon: A "Chronicles of the Wolven" Tale

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Sherwood
I'm just some geek in the big scary world.
Latest book: Visions of Evil

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Shjarback
Jeff Shjarback, MBA is a Digital Marketing Manager with over 10 years of sales, marketing and account management experience. He has won multiple awards for sales and service throughout his career, and he has a strong passion for technology, marketing and finance. Jeff has spent time running several of his own websites, in addition to working as an internet marketing consultant – helping businesses improve the effectiveness of their web presence. Jeff’s areas of interest include internet business modeling, digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, lead generation, search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Jeff Shjarback is a certified Google Advertising Professional and a member of ... read more
Latest book: How to Invest in a Global Economy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Somers
Jeff Somers ( was first sighted in Jersey City, New Jersey after the destruction of a classified government installation in the early 1970s; the area in question is still too radioactive to go near. When asked about this, he will only say that he regrets nothing. He is the author of Lifers, the Avery Cates series from Orbit Books, The Ustari Cycle from Pocket Books, and Chum, coming from Tyrus Books in Fall 2013. Jeff’s published over thirty short stories as well; his story “Sift, Almost Invisible, Through” appeared in the anthology Crimes by Moonlight, published by Berkley Hardcover and edited by Charlaine Harris and his story “Ringing the Changes” was selected for Best American ... read more
Latest book: Avery Cates: The Sewer Rat

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff St. John
TV & Radio Personality, Jeff St. John, Ph.D., is a well known author and owner of the health and communications company: Jeff St. John, Ph.D. Consults in Beverly Hills, California. Nicknamed “The Dish Dr.” for his ability to dish about a variety of subjects, St. John has written over 50 self-improvement guides for Macmillan USA/Penguin Putnam’s Lifelong Learning Channel on topics such as: personal growth, health and beauty, nutrition and fitness, dating and love relationships, marriage and family, parenting, improving work performance and relationships, and many more. He is also co-author of the very popular book: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Cosmetic Surgery. In addition to his Ph.D. in Marriage and ... read more
Latest book: The Dish Dr.’s™ Celebrity Guide to Personal Happiness and Success: Better Living through Self-help, Celebrities and Skinny Drinks

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I'm an American living in France, La Roche sur Foron (near Geneva) at the moment. Over the last fifteen years I have learned a lot about living and traveling in France. Which is why I've created over 50 web sites and an ebook. I'm originally from Los Angeles and have lived outside the United States before - Nicaragua in the early 1990's.
Latest book: Autrefois - France of Yesteryear & Today

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Stiles
I'm an insurance agent and rental property manager. My wife is Mindy, and my children are Aletheia (her son is Kai, my first grandchild), Laura and Skyler.
Latest book: I Thought You'd Be Pleased!

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Latest book: Waiting for October

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Suwak
Jeff Suwak writes things. Sometimes those things turn out reasonably good. Twitter: @ghostelectrics
Latest book: No Punchline; Or, the Night Chale Thayer Blew His Head Off at the Punch Drunk Comedy Club

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Thomason
Jeff is the creator of the Cully Koala comic strip and author of the Wandering Koala tales. Jeff's dream has always been to be a rock star. Unfortunately, he can't sing, he can't dance, and he doesn't look good in tight leather pants. So he decided to pursue his second dream and become a writer and artist. When he isn't working on his own creations, he also provides graphic design, web development, and illustrations for companies all over the country including Community Care; Southwest Specialty Foods, Inc.; World Prayer Room; Le Ritz Hotel & Suites; Big H Products, Inc; Galaxy Southwest; Mega Corporation; Members' Auto Center; The Arizona Group; Jefferson School District 251; Double Your Decompression; the Am ... read more
Latest book: Wandering Koala crashes The Auction

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Trossen
Jeff Trossen was born and raised in Garden Grove and Riverside California. Through his parents he learned to love classical and jazz music. Through the influence of his older brother he learned to love rocket ships, airplanes, sailing ships and science fiction, especially science fiction. His older brother introduced him to classic and popular science fiction writers such as Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, Anne McCaffrey, James H. Schmitz, Larry Niven, Arthur C. Clarke, Andre Norton and especially Jules Verne. Having gotten used to real science fiction, he found himself in a love-hate relationship with the majority of broadcast television science fiction programming. Because of the poor storylines, and silly p ... read more
Latest book: Nikiolika, Flight of the Starling Book 2