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Lisa Gillis resides in Texas, with her husband of many years who is the inspiration to the fictional men loved in her books, her son who is her world, and a spoiled brown lab, Bailey. Writing is a recent passion and she strives in her books to blend a perfect mixture of fantasy and reality. Her love for music, bands, and concerts inspired her Silver Strings Series. When she is not writing those little voices out of her head while listening to music, she is making her own noise on drums or guitar.
Latest book: Storm Cells - Honeyed Moons

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I was born in Montana, currently a Florida resident. I'm a Mother of 4 and a Grandmother of 2. I have always wanted to write, however, never had the courage until now. Angel Vision is my first short story eBook. Looking forward to publish my second book in Aug. Check out my Novella, Destiny's Decision with book 2 in the works, Destiny's Future. I get a lot of my ideas from reading my Bible.I would love to hear from you! or check out my Facebook page
Latest book: My Magic Sneakers

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Starting my 4th decade of life and finally figuring out what I want to be when I grow up, an author! I have been learning so much of what it takes to be an Indie author. It has been a great experience, and I love it because I learn at least two new things in regard to writing and publishing every single day. I just keep writing, and writing, and writing! I live in Colorado with my wonderful husband and our 5 children, who offer much inspiration to help with my writing. I currently have 2 book available in my series, A Series of Dreams, and working on the third. And a whole lot more ideas keep popping into my head that are begging for my attention and characters that are demanding for their voices to be hea ... read more
Latest book: How To Build Your Own Horse Jumps

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I was born and named, but I wasn’t supposed to make it. I was loved and claimed, but still, I wasn’t supposed to make it. I was born In West Philadelphia to a seventeen year old girl who had epilepsy, and a father who had a drug, and alcohol addiction. My mother only lived eight months after I was born. I never knew her, nor could I remember seeing her face. Yet, I found myself crying for her many nights. This void in my life was supposed to destroy me, and I wasn’t supposed to make it. It was March 5, 1975 when my mother died in her sleep. You can say that my father died that day also, because he was the one who found my mother in her forever rest. He was so hurt and depressed. Drugs and alcoh ... read more
Latest book: Broken

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The "Angel Series" has been optioned for a major movie and is now in the development phase through Motion Picture Pro Studios. They've been involved with five academy award winning films. Best pet I ever had: opossum. He makes an appearance in one of my books. I write an article every other Thursday for "Eye on the Paranormal." My most popular articles: "Are there animals in heaven?", "Measuring and Attracting Supernatural Creatures", and a three part series "Christians and Communicating with the Dead." I'm on the panel for the Indie Authors Web TV Show, hosted by Jason Matthews on the Hangout Networks, airing live 9pm Est on Monday nights. I'm a wife, mom, and enjoy rehabbing wildlife. Wildlife tip: When y ... read more
Latest book: Angel in the Ice, Book 3 by Lisa Grace (Angel Series)

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Lisa Griggs is a entrepreneur's entrepreneur. She has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience specializing in start-ups, strategic partnerships, and business development. Her passion for business and seeing others have more control of their lives, while walking in their purpose and destiny has led her to help thousands of women and men get into business for themselves, while at the same time using her own ideas to found and participate in over 10 start up companies and non-profits herself, all which are still operating. In 1993, at 20 years of age, Lisa founded and launched her first company - Party Gals, Inc. based in Las Vegas, NV. She recruited and trained a sales force of over 10,000 women. The co ... read more
Latest book: Recruit Doctors into your Network Marketing Business

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I am 34 years old, a teacher, a mother to two beautiful children, and a writer. I have a wonderful husband that supports me in all my endeavors. I have always had a passion for the written word and love being able to express it.
Latest book: Above and Below

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I am 44-years old, married to Nick for almost ten years and have a 5 year old daughter Kaitlyn. I have two ferrets, Seamus and Bailey. I am an avid reader of horror books, thrillers, mysteries, political biographies and true crime. I love music and camping.
Latest book: The Scorned

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Although not a native Texan, Lisa Hagerty moved there when she was six and with the exception of a short stint for graduate school, has never wanted to leave. Being an author was the first occupation she ever aspired to, but the first book she ever wrote in 4th grade, The Protractor People, will live on only in her memory. She lives in North Texas with her dog Stewart, who likes to jump fences and out of second story windows, and her daughter, who helps chase after him. Visit Lisa at: Facebook: Email: Twitter: @myrnalisa If you enjoyed reading my books, I would appreciate it if you would help others enjoy them, too. Recommend it: Please ... read more
Latest book: Klepto

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My name is Lisa Hamblin. My husband, Tim, and I are the web designers and owners of He helps me with many of the technical issues that web designers face and is always there for moral support. We have one teenage daughter named Haley. We have two dogs: a four year old miniature schnauzer named Sawyer who says "mama" all the time and a two year old yorkipoo named Khloe who is always into something and likes to smile and go for rides in the car. I have been blessed to be a stay at home mom for the last 16 years. I am blessed beyond measure... God is good! I originally designed my website with the intent to sell items I crocheted. God showed me that he intended a different purpose for my site. ... read more
Latest book: 20 Easy Crochet Patterns Book 2

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LISA HARRIS is an award-winning author who has over twenty novels and novella collections in print. She and her husband, Scott, along with their three children, live near the Indian Ocean in Mozambique as missionaries. As a homeschooling mom, life can get hectic, but she sees her writing as an extension of her ministry which also includes running a non-profit organization. The ECHO Project works in southern Africa promoting Education, Compassion, Health, and Opportunity and is a way for her to “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves…the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice.” (Proverbs 31:8) When she’s not working she loves hanging out with her family, cooking different ethnic d ... read more
Latest book: Chef's Deadly Dish

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Lisa Hayes C.Ht. is the author of the book, How to Escape from Relationship Hell. She is also the host of The Relationship RX Show. For more information and resources about marriage and relationships visit or subscribe to her FREE newsletter Relationship RX.
Latest book: The Passion Plan - A Woman's Guide

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I’m a self-published author with one title to my name so far. I have other works in various stages, a mystery that I will publish in August, and one I hope to have ready to publish this fall. I have no printed books as yet. I am middle-aged, fat with weird hair. I have accepted that I can’t do anything about the middle-aged part, but I am working on the fat and the weird hair. Like the majority of my writing, I am a work in progress.
Latest book: The Christmas Book

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I like to tell stories, mostly with hot guys and happily ever afters. But they've gotta work for it! No free lunches on my watch. I live in tropical North Queensland, Australia. I don't know why, because I hate the heat, but I suspect I'm too lazy to move. I spend half my time slaving away as a government minion, and the other half plotting my escape. I attended university at sixteen, not because I was a child prodigy or anything, but because of a mix-up between international school systems early in life. I studied History and English, neither of them very thoroughly. I share my house with too many cats, a green tree frog that swims in the toilet, and as many possums as can break in every night. This is not ... read more
Latest book: The Harder They Fall

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Does life imitate art or vice-versa? Either way, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Like her fictional character Eve, Lisa Hilleren lives in the Garden State and drives a red convertible. Her personal journey of self-discovery began 15 years ago, when she learned the power of emotional intelligence, which she has since taught to countless others in her role as a professional trainer. Be it through training or fiction-writing, Lisa is passionate about sharing the knowledge and tools that help women to discover and embrace their authentic selves. She welcomes emails and invites readers to join her community of like-minded Eve’s at Praise for Reconstructing Eve: 5-Star Review ... read more
Latest book: Reconstructing Eve

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Lisa Hughey has been writing romance since the fourth grade, which was also about the time she began her love affair with spies. Harriet and Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys later gave way to James Bond and Lara Croft and Jason Bourne. Exploring the complex nature of a profession that requires subterfuge and lies fascinates her. She loves combining her two passions into fiction and hopes you love the results. You can find her on the web at, or the group blog ,on Twitter @lisahughey and on email: She loves to hear from readers! Happy reading!
Latest book: Promo Bytes: Author Newsletter and Goodreads

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Winner of the prestigious IPPY award, "The Lonely Parrot" is a beautifully illustrated children's picture book inspired by the true-life events of JoJo, a Moustached Parakeet. JoJo was a very happy parrot who lived with Sammy, his best friend. But after a while, Sammy grew up and JoJo became very lonely and sometimes naughty. JoJo desperately wanted a new best friend. But most of all, he just wanted to be loved. Want to meet the real JoJo? Visit his website at or “Like” him on Facebook at Since JoJo's story was so sad but had such a happy ending, it suddenly struck Lisa that it would make a wonderful children's story. And thus, The Lonely Parrot ca ... read more
Latest book: The Lonely Parrot

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I'm a writer, translator, editor and teacher, former New Yorker born and raised, now a permanent resident (last 12 years) and citizen of Italy (dual citizenship; a married an Italian national). I graduated Columbia University in English and Italian Literature with honors. I am the translator of the screenplay of Life is Beautiful for Miramax Books and have worked as an editor on many other books. Request a full CV if you'd like to know more. Best quotes: Life is too important to be taken seriously (Oscar Wilde); and, If things are to stay the same, everything must change (Giuseppe di Lampedusa). Verdi's Dream is also on Kindle, where it got TWO 5-star reviews out of 3 reviews in its first 20 days online! I ... read more
Latest book: Verdi's Dream

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I have heard the angels my whole life. I didnt realize it at the time until I got older. The whole point of me doing this is for a simple reason. When you have no faith no positive outlook no love what do you have? I am writing these books to try and help even one to open there abilitys that they have and start finding there truth. To learn to love themselves and love others. This frirst book is a little bit about who I am. Just giving you a run down of when it began. The next book is about Angels. How to hear them and how to call on them. It will show you how you dont have to meditate fully to have it happen. There are other states of mind to put yourself in. Kind of like a twilight sleep. A stare at work wher ... read more
Latest book: Walking a Mile in my Shoes

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Lisa Kumar is a wife, mother, and romance writer who grew up in small-town Indiana. She now resides in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband and son, who are used to sharing her attention with her not-so-trusty computer. When not spinning tales of romance and fantasy, she can be found with her nose buried in a book, or more accurately, her e-reader. Her scholastic background is in psychology, which enabled her to get low-paying jobs in the human services sector. Needless to say, she's now writing full-time. You can find her on: Goodreads:
Latest book: Through the Rabbit Hole

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Lisa Landtroop is the founder of BXLNT and creator of the thought-provoking program A Year of Time, the time-thief slaying course Take Your Life Back & the inspiring podcast entitled What About Today?!, where she encourages and inspires you to remember to live for today and to not save everything for ‘someday’! Lisa is also a coach, author, life champion, and strategist.
Latest book: Easy Does It

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EEN CHATMOMENT: LISA LOMÉ: Meneer… of moet ik zeggen: ‘mevrouw Marlowe’? CHRIS MARLOWE: Make your choice! LISA LOMÉ: Waar haalt u uw inspiratie vandaan? CHRIS MARLOWE: Uit het verleden. Nu eens uit een nog vrij nabij verleden, dan weer uit een iets verder verleden, en soms uit een combinatie van beide. Of uit boeken. Over geschiedenis, waar gebeurde sterke verhalen, dat soort dingen. Nooit uit mijn eigen leven, want in het leven van een auteur gebeurt doorgaans weinig dat het optekenen waard is. Tenminste toch niet als je het soort spannende en mysterieuze boeken wil schrijven dat ik schrijf. Ik haal mijn inspiratie uit de Geschiedenis, mijn beste, en schrijf dus bitter weinig autobiografisch. Al sluipt ... read more
Latest book: Dom Blondje

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Lisa Loomis writes because she loves to. She was born in Oakland, California and raised in San Jose until she was a sophomore in high school. Her father then took a job in the San Diego area where he moved the family to Escondido, California. Lisa finished high school there and went on to Palomar Junior College and then finished at San Diego State University with a degree in Finance. Lisa now resides in the mountains of Park City, Utah with her husband, eight chickens, and three pygmy goats. She has two adult children attending the University of Utah.
Latest book: Racing Through Cornfields

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Latest book: First Monday Murder

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Maggiore
Lisa Maggiore (1968-present) was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Italian (dad) and Swedish (mom) parents. For twenty years she practiced social work in Chicago, ending her career in 2011. Her first published short story; Pinterest Saved My Marriage was the runner up in the Self-Publishing Book Review Awards. Her children's picture book; Ava the Monster Slayer; A Warrior Who Wears Glasses, will be released Sept. 1, 2015 on Sky Pony Press. Lisa has many more "works" in development. She currently resides in Chicago with her husband and four children.
Latest book: Pinterest Saved My Marriage

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Mahoney
I was born August 1st, 1963. Horses,in particular thoroughbreds, have been a lifelong love and my connection to them a constant source of intrigue and delight. My first novel, Storm, explores the complicated bonds that exist between horse and human with the hope that more of us will learn to transcend our conditioning and discover freedom. I live in the Jarrah forest of South Western Australia with family (two legged and four) and friends. Thanks for reading. Lisa
Latest book: Storm

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I am a graduate of Rutgers College of Nursing and work as a Professional Registered Nurse in the field of Perinatology. I live in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania with my husband and two children. At the age of six, I discovered the piano and classical music. A variety of music genres influences my life, and I’m encouraging a love of the arts to my daughter and son. Reading fiction is my escape from the chaos and stress of a demanding yet rewarding profession. For me, writing transcends a good book diversion. The experience is like commuting on a New York City subway; diverse people enter and exit the scene, sometimes delays and derailment occur during creativity, and a train of thought is missed or passed b ... read more
Latest book: Harmony

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Lisa Maliga is the author of several titles pertaining to the art of soap crafting and has also written more than a dozen novels. When not writing, she often makes her own soapy creations, and also bakes.
Latest book: I Almost Married a Narcissist

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Mangoni
I am a 20+ year veteran educator in the public middle school setting. A year ago, I decided to offer some tips and strategies to parents whom may be anxious to receive some support in helping their child make the transition from elementary to the middle and high school. I have studied meditation, hypnosis and NLP for the past 8 years and use calming strategies and reframing to make each day successful for myself. I am also the parent of two adult children of whom I am so proud.
Latest book: Where's the Line? A Parent's Guide to Teen Transitions without Trauma

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Manterfield
Lisa Manterfield is the creator of, an online forum that gives a voice to women without children. Her writing has been featured in Los Angeles Times, Bicycle Times, and Romantic Homes. She lives with her husband and cat, and divides her time between Los Angeles and Santa Rosa, California. For more information, please visit
Latest book: Life Without Baby Workbook 1: Letting Go of the Dream of Motherhood

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Lisa Mason is the author of ten novels, including Summer of Love (Bantam), a San Francisco Chronicle Recommended Book and Philip K. Dick Award finalist, and The Golden Nineties (Bantam), a New York Times Notable Book and New York Public Library Recommended Book. Mason published her first story, “Arachne,” in Omni and has since published short fiction in magazines and anthologies worldwide, including Omni, Full Spectrum, Universe, Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Unique, Transcendental Tales, Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Immortal Unicorn, Tales of the Impossible, Desire Burn, Fantastic Alice, The Shimmering Door, Hayakawa Science Fiction Magazine, Unter Die ... read more
Latest book: Time Travels to San Francisco

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I am a mother of 4 beautiful children, wife to the most wonderful man in the world and an author that writes both children's stories and horror short stories. I am currently working on a Vampire novel, but not the kind where they are all fuzzy and warm and don't hurt anyone. My vampires do what vampires do...kill. But that doesn't make them bad.
Latest book: Sam

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Mears
Lisa lives in the Tasmanian wilderness. She fell in love with stories and story telling when her parents read to her as a small child. The love of writing came later. After many years of procrastination she finally decided to "give it a go" and attempt a full length novel. Chosen was born. Soon she hopes to be able to devote more time to her writing.
Latest book: Empty Vessels

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Mitchell
Lisa Mitchell is an artist who delights in painting animals and people. She is also an Interior Designer with her BFA from Kean University, New Jersey. She combines these attributes in her work, providing clients with murals, faux painting and portraits. Lisa currently lives with her family of two girls and her husband. She also shares her life with many pets. All of the creatures in" Who Wants Cake?" were the Mitchell's pets at the time of its creation. She has just completed her next book about a boisterous chameleon named Clover. It will be out soon.
Latest book: Who Wants Cake?

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I'm a self described romance and music junky. I writer just about every kind of romance story out there. I'm currently writing Inspirational fiction for Harlequin Love Inspired Romance, but have my backlist of books ready to self publish. My Fate with a Helping Hand in Massachusetts series will be published in the fall of 2011.
Latest book: Dakota Wedding

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Morgan
Lisa Morgan started riding horses when she was in the third grade. She competed on the Hunter Jumper circuit, and eventually became a riding instructor. She has three kids, but only one has inherited her love of horses. Through their own experiences with horses, Lisa came up with the Horse Club. She hopes you enjoy the Horse Club series. Happy reading!
Latest book: Sharing Hearts

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Murray
Mom, Wife to a truck driver/retired Airman, Owned by a cat named Ginger, Country dweller, and into much. I've just published my first eBook! I'm into Homeschooling, Cooking (gourmet certified), Weight Lifting, Running/Walking, Biking, Swimming, Contra dance, Roller skating, Hiking, Martial Arts/Tai Chi, Healthy Living & Eating, Gardening, Firearms, Knitting/Crochet and other crafts, Homesteading, Reading, Nature, Horseback riding and messing about on the computer.. I do all this in spite of rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson's disease, and asthma, at nearly 50 years old. My child is an Asperger kid, so we support autism awareness.
Latest book: Grillin the Road

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Nelson
Lisa Nelson grew up on the east coast of Florida and survived bone cancer from an early age. That experience drew her into medicine and she became educated as a clinical microbiologist and then as a board certified Physician Assistant. Later in life she worked as an elder-care giver and assisted in wound care of diabetics and cancer patients. All these life experiences molded her outlook in a positive way and gave her a purpose of encouraging and uplifting others. Since art has been a very large part of her life, she decided she could share her positive energy with a larger population through her love of writing, photography and jewelry design. It is Lisa’s belief that creative expression is important in mai ... read more
Latest book: Illuminations from the Soul

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Newton
Serial Author & Entrepreneur Lisa enjoys reading, writing books, dancing salsa and learning languages. An avid networker, consultant and trainer, Lisa enjoys working on projects with like-minded people. In her spare time Lisa likes travelling, cosmic ordering and applying the law of attraction.
Latest book: Cosmic Ordering With Vision Boards

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Nixon Richard
Lisa was born and raised under the Big Sky of Montana. . After finishing college with a bachelor of education in history and English, she taught for three years in a small Montana school. In the meantime, she signed up to be a soldier. She left Montana for brief stints when attending various military schools and she retired with 20 years of service in the Montana National Guard. Lisa's father taught her the love of reading at an early age and her uncles taught her the love of storytelling. Many nights, she fell asleep to their stories of hunting and the great outdoors. When her husband introduced her to Robert Jordan, she fell in love with fantasy. Though she loves to write about faith and history, her ... read more
Latest book: Pursuing Destiny

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Lisa Nordquist is a health and fitness coach with a B.A. in Psychology, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and a Core Dynamics Coach. Lisa retired as a couch potato to solve her body weight-n-hate issues and lose 40 pounds. After marriage, two children, and 15 years, she still hasn’t seen them (the lbs., not the kids!). Lisa lives in San Diego, CA and enjoys her family, dogs, dark chocolate, and darker wine.
Latest book: Love Yourself Fit: The struggle-free way to end your war with weight, eat anything & live happily-ever-healthy

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In addition to being a YA author, Lisa Nowak is a retired amateur stock car racer, an accomplished cat whisperer, and a professional smartass. She writes coming-of-age books about kids in hard luck situations who learn to appreciate their own value after finding mentors who love them for who they are. She enjoys dark chocolate and stout beer and constantly works toward employing wei wu wei in her life, all the while realizing that the struggle itself is an oxymoron. Lisa has no spare time, but if she did she’d use it to tend to her expansive perennial garden, watch medical dramas, take long walks after dark, and teach her cats to play poker. For those of you who might be wondering, she is not, and has never ... read more
Latest book: The McCall Initiative Episode 1.7: Alliance

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Hi My name is Lisa Oliver and welcome to my Author page. I am thrilled to announce that I have spent the last four months writing the first of my full length fiction novels - a gay erotic romance about shifters called The Reluctant Wolf. The book is the first of five in the series and I hope you come to love the characters of the Cloverleah pack as much as I do. The Runaway Cat, book 2, is now also available with book 3 coming out around April 14th, 2014. You will notice from my back list that I have spent most of my life helping people live the life they want to live and I recently launched my new book "The Happiness Diet: How to Lose Weight Quickly and With a Minimum of Fuss" both in Kindle and paperback fo ... read more
Latest book: No Mate of Mine

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Olsen
I am a writer, wife and mother of two currently living in the Pacific Northwest. I am a complete TV addict (have to have it on at all times, even when I'm writing). I also enjoy online RPG's, singing, reading, cooking... lots more I can't think of at the moment The supernatural has long been my favorite to write and read. Werewolves, vampires, witchcraft, ghosts, things that go bump in the night; these are a few of my favorite things to write about. Not sparkly beings with phenomenal cosmic power that are always the smartest, bravest, prettiest Mary Sue to walk the planet, but real people who just happen to have this little quirk... I have just finished my second Nick Gibson novel, Kiss the Witch Goodbye, and ... read more
Latest book: Release Me When the Sun Goes Down

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Lisa Pacheco is a third generation native of Southern California. She was born in Los Angeles and presently lives in Orange County with her husband, Jeff, and their three cats. A Discourse on Dating From A to Z is her first novel. She is currently working on her second novel, Discordant Melody.
Latest book: A Discourse on Dating From A to Z

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Lisa Paolillo attended Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania where she earned a B.A. in English. In addition to books, she enjoys cooking, pets, and watching TV and movies. She lives with her husband and a houseful of pets in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. What Happened in Vegas is her first novel.
Latest book: What Happened in Vegas