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Transplanted to Maine mid-westerner Larry Crane brings an Illinois sensibility to his writing. Larry graduated from West Point, served nearly seven years in the Army, as an Infantryman in the mud in Germany, commanding Basic Trainees at Fort Knox, and serving as an ARVN Ranger battalion advisor in Vietnam. He commuted to Wall Street for nearly 20 years. His writing includes articles for outdoor magazines, plays, short fiction, and his most recent thriller novel, A Bridge to Treachery. In his spare time, Crane is a hobbyist videographer for his local Public Access Television Station and is a volunteer at his local historical society. Larry and wife Jan have five children between them, ten grandchildren, and two ... read more
Latest book: Baghdad on the Wabash and Other Plays and Stories

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I am a retired professor of Sociology, but you are far more likely to find me at the wheel of an old car. I will always try to suppress my smile as I speed past you. After nearly forty years of writing scholarly research in mangled jargon, I am finding it absolutely refreshing to write for entertainment. I hope my work brings you a smile, a laugh, or occasionally something interesting to think about. Please enjoy the capers of Terry Rolleurs and his assorted friends and acquaintances.
Latest book: Project 2012

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Larry Darter is a freelance writer and author. He lives in Dallas, Texas.
Latest book: Cold Comfort (Malone Mystery Novels Book 3)

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A horse that Larry Day’s mother was riding on the way to the hospital to deliver him bucked her off into a patch of four leaf clovers. Larry has felt lucky ever since. My real name is John Laurence Day. --I was born in Idaho of godly Mormon parents. --I’ve been married to the same woman nearly 50 years. --I have two children and two grandchildren. Because my parents and my wife indulged me, I earned BA, MA and Ph.D. degrees. Because the United States of America indulged me, I have earned money, among other things, as a potato picker, newspaper carrier, stage hand, model in a student art class, graduate assistant, newspaper reporter, copy editor, foreign correspondent, full time university profes ... read more
Latest book: Day Dreaming Tales

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I emerged victorious.
Latest book: Tales of the Enochian: 01

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Larry M. Edwards is an award-winning investigative journalist and author. His most recent book is "What the Private Saw: The Civil War Letters and Diaries of Oney Foster Sweet," the previously unpublished correspondence and writings of a Civil War veteran who fought in all but one of the major battles in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania -- and lived to tell about it. His previous book, "Dare I Call It Murder? — A Memoir of Violent Loss," won first place in the 2014 San Diego Book Awards, Best Published Memoir. As a journalist, he has won four Best of Show awards from the San Diego Press Club in addition to many other awards during his 25 years in journalism. His others books include: "Official Netscape I ... read more
Latest book: Dare I Call It Murder?

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Larry Eissler was born Larry Gene Eissler III on August 9th 1987. He lived and grew up in Algonquin, Illinois and graduated from Dundee-Crown High School in the summer of 2005. That following August he enlisted in the Illinois Army National Guard as a Chemical Operations Specialist while serving 6 months in Fort Leonard, Missouri for his basic training and occupation training. Between 2006 and 2008 he served in the Illinois Army National Guard CBRNE (Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear, and high yield Explosive) Emergency Response Force Package (CERF-P) as a part of a Homeland Security hazmat operations team for Illinois. In September 2008, he deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan in support of Operation Endur ... read more
Latest book: The Relationship Statute of Limitations

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Larry Feign is an award-winning cartoonist, animator, and writer. He is the author of 15 books of humorous non-fiction, essays, and cartoons.
Latest book: A Politically Incorrect History of Hong Kong

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Larry Harrison started life as a cowman and yak keeper for the Tibetan Buddhist community at Karma Kagyu Samye Ling, in Dumfriesshire. After working his way up to the post of assistant dairyman on a commercial Ayrshire herd, he left Scotland in 1975 to work with disadvantaged children at London’s Clapham Junction. Larry became surprisingly good at persuading children not to stand on the railway tracks at Earlsfield Station, and he was able to talk them down from rooftops in Battersea, without them bombarding passers-by with slates. To this day, Larry is relieved that he was able to negotiate the release of everyone held hostage by Barry in the school unit. The Parks Department should not have left an axe unat ... read more
Latest book: Brief Objects of Beauty and Despair

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Larry Edward Hunt has written four books in the adventures of the military Scarburg family. Mr. Hunt, drawing on his father's thirty year military career and his own 26+ year career working for the U.S. Army provides insight into the working of the U.S. Government with realistic detail to the narrative. The first book 'The P.H.O.T.O - The Search' and the second 'The P.H.O.T.O. - The Saga Continues' are now available in one book 'The P.H.O.T.O.'at The third '21 December 2012 - The Calendar Beckons' is also available in paperback at the same website. His most recent adventure 'Justification For Killing' uses time-travel to ensure JFK is assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. This fictional account ... read more
Latest book: Saints and Devils

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Larry Hunter lives in North Carolina and is married to the love of his life. He has been an electronics tech, a technical trainer, technical writer, a motivational speaker and environmental specialist, worked on the Apollo Program in the early 70's and of course a fiction writer. An avid fisherman, he writes a weekly fishing column for his home town newspaper. He enjoys reading and writing Crime and Mystery and is a hopeless Star Wars Addict.
Latest book: Minor Incidents: A Tale of the Apocalypse

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Larry is a Teen/Young adult fantasy writer. His debut novel The Silver Arrow is his first in the Drops from the Kingdom series. His books are written for children who do not always want to pick up a book and read. In his work of fiction, Larry's guiding principles are that his novels are clean and fun, with enough action adventure to keep young readers wanting more. Born in England, some of his fond memories are those he spent working with his father in their garden. As he shared, old fictional tales that continue to influenced his own style of storytelling. Larry left England and moved to the United States and currently lives in North Carolina with his wife and children.
Latest book: The Lamtin Star

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What can I say about myself??? I am a Christian who enjoys writing e-books, and the entire process of getting them out to the world. I have learnt so many new ways to publish is truly unbelievable; and I have been online for over 20 years....(.Please join my blog or link me on twitter for the details.) I am married to one woman, and we have 3 wonderful children, that brings me joy each and every day. I hope, that I will continue to improve ..publishing more and more..and reaching others for Christ...
Latest book: A Conversation with God: The Journey Continues......Book 2

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Larry Kahn, the author of The Jinx and King of Paine, toiled for twenty years as an attorney in the fast-paced world of domestic and international mergers and acquisitions, first at a major New York law firm and then at an Atlanta Fortune 500 company. He penned The Jinx while on sabbatical in 1999 and is now devoted to writing fiction full time. Many of his more cynical legal clients and associates have accused him of writing fiction full time for many years. He resides in Atlanta with his family. Larry developed a keen interest in social issues while attending Yale Law School, an idealistic spirit that continues to spice his novels. The vision of a colorblind America in his political thriller The Jinx led to ... read more
Latest book: Think Like A Lawyer: Negotiating A New Car Purchase

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Larry LaForge spent thirty-five years in higher education as a teacher, researcher, and active member of the academic community. He taught business management courses at every level from undergraduate students to doctoral students, received major research grants, published in top journals, directed dissertations, and served on editorial boards. He also advised student organizations, chaired major campus committees, and worked closely with athletics as a faculty representative to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Dr. LaForge received significant professional awards during his academic career. Clemson University named him Alumni Distinguished Professor of Management for his work with undergra ... read more
Latest book: The Grade-Curve Caper

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Larry Louderback’s education is focused on communication. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from University of Phoenix, an Associate’s degree in Media Technology from Lansing Community College. He has worked in worked in both television and radio; currently he works as the Studio Supervisor for WPBF TV in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Mr. Louderback also has his own martial arts dojo, "South Florida Samurai". "South Florida Samurai" is also the banner which he writes his blog under, as well as his Facebook Page, and You Tube Channel. Mr. Louderback has been in love with the martial arts since his first lesson in 1980. He trains in a variety of martial arts: Matsubayshi Ryu Karate-Do, t ... read more
Latest book: Martial Arts Soul, One Man's Journey

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Larry MacDonald is a freelance journalist from British Columbia, Canada who writes about his sailing and RVing adventures. Although prior careers included Psychologist, Professor, Researcher, Administrator, and Entrepeneur, he most enjoys life on the water or the road, learning about people, places, and things.
Latest book: Elly's Odyssey: Reflections on Canada

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Larry Malerba, DO, DHt is a holistic doctor, author, and educator. For more than twenty-five years he has been a trailblazer of new paradigm medical thinking. Along the way he has sought to build bridges between holistic healing, conventional medical science, and spirituality. He is the leading proponent of a green revolution in the study of health and the practice of healing. Brief Resume: • Author: Green Medicine: Challenging the Assumptions of Conventional Health Care • Author: Metaphysics & Medicine: Restoring Freedom of Thought to the Art and Science of Healing • Author of numerous articles for Huffington Post, the American Holistic Medical Association, Homeopathy Today, Natural News, Reality ... read more
Latest book: Dynamic Medicine: The World According to Homeopathy

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Latest book: That's Life

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Larry is a Catholic/Christian blogger and posts commentary weekly. His work has appeared in such publications as Zenit from Rome, Aleteia, New Evangelists, Top Catholic Blogs, Big Pulpit, and others. His first children's picture book, "Slippery Willie's Stupid, Ugly Shoes" was published in 2011. In 2012, his full length novel, "The Priest and the Peaches" was released. His latest novel, "The Demons of Abadon", began being published in Volume form (ebook format) in the fall of 2015. The complete novel (paperback and ebook) will be available in the spring of 2016. Larry belongs to the Catholic Writer’s Guild, The Catholic Writer’s Society, The Knights of Columbus, and the St. Vincent de Paul ... read more
Latest book: Slippery Willie's Stupid, Ugly Shoes

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Larry Pitts was born in Florida, USA in 1981. He has taught English abroad for 11 years in Korea, Japan, and briefly in Thailand. He lived and taught in Korea for 8 years with his wonderful wife. Working at a university in Korea allowed him time to travel around Asia and pursue side projects such as writing books and creating websites. He now lives in the USA. He enjoys reading, scuba diving, good conversation, good beer, and new experiences.
Latest book: IELTS Study Guide: Quick Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

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Larry Powell is currently a Dallas-based marketing and advertising professional. Although he has extensive experience in journalism as an academician and business entrepreneur, Life’s Little Book of Survival Quotes is his first foray into publishing his own works. After the Twin Towers terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, all but destroyed his means to earn a living (resulting in the loss of his business, his marriage and his home, colleagues, friends and family members), he fought his internal demons and realized there was no other choice but to pull up his boot straps and keep participating in his life. As new doors started to open, his desire to bring uplifting, inspirational messages and tools ... read more
Latest book: Life's Little Book of Survival Quotes

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Artist, writer, musician and filmmaker. 40 years in the motion picture industry.
Latest book: Life in a Film Can

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An ambitious project management executive with over twenty-five years experience. Certified PMP (Project Management Professional). Consultant and trainer to hundreds of employees of Fortune 500 companies. Authored 13 books, seven book translations, and articles in professional magazines and journals. Translator in three languages. Publishing executive for a major publishing company. Experienced in all aspects, including writing, editing, graphic design, printing, marketing, and distribution. Experienced product manager for printed, audiovisual, and Web products (including,, and other major Web sites). AIPMM Certified Product Manager and Certified Product Marketing Manager. ... read more
Latest book: 101 Ways to Hasten the Work Online

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Having dashed my way from South Africa to Australia in 1987 - on the back of a very fit and confused looking Springbok, who fortunately also turned out to be an excellent long distance ocean swimmer - I soon settled into the Ozzie way of life. I studied Psychology, only to discover that no textbooks or theories identified any condition that even closely accounted for my level of loopiness. I am married to a wonderful, loving woman, who is also a yet-to-be-discovered comedian. She has such a wicked sense of humour that I’m often reduced to tears. My playful darling has a heart of gold and always does the right thing by everybody. She is a loyal partner and doting parent to our brood of five. She is a lawyer ... read more
Latest book: Hairy, Hairy, Quite Contrary (Book 4 in the Galactic Adventures of Alex McKenzie series)

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Larry Sarezky is a family law attorney, mediator, writer and award-winning filmmaker. He is a past Chair of the Connecticut Bar Association’s Family Law Section and a contributor to The Huffington Post among many other on-line and print publications. Larry has practiced family law for over 3 decades. In recent years he has focused on improving the divorce experience for spouses and their children. His Telly Award winning short film Talk to Strangers and companion parents’ guide are being used by divorce professionals across the country and abroad as a powerful tool to protect children from unnecessary child-related litigation. Larry’s new book, Divorce, Simply Stated, is a unique blend of informati ... read more
Latest book: Divorce, Simply Stated - How to Achieve More, Worry Less and Save Money in Your Divorce

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At present, it has been more than ten years since I first began to develop and practice a consistent prayer life. This would serve as a catalyst for many changes to come in my life and ministry. In a short time, I would be called upon to travel with other men of God, speaking in meetings and participating in ministry in such places as Liverpool, England, northern Nicaragua, Japan, Singapore, China, and the Ukraine- where I witnessed the complete healing of a man's withered arm! Most recently, we have been traveling to Turin, Italy, where we are working with a man my wife and I led to Christ nine years ago. This may all have been God's plan from the beginning, but prayer was the catalyst that changed who I wa ... read more
Latest book: God's Divine Plan

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry Sheridan
Born in San Mateo, California, as the youngest of six children, Larry Sheridan occupied himself early in life by constructing stories through his imagination. In his 20’s he moved to New York City where he lived in Hell’s Kitchen (prior to the re-gentrification of the area in the 1990’s). While living there he gained much insight into the society of the underworld. During his Hell’s Kitchen years Sheridan travelled the world tracking and helping capture diamond smugglers. Though this is Sheridan’s first novel delving into a world filled with thrilling conspiracies, his experiences and inherent ability to capture and hold one’s imagination make this novel one you will not want to put down. Present ... read more
Latest book: A Work in Progress

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My name is Larry Skrant. Before that I was 324-242. Before that I was 282-320. And before that I was 230-915. Those are prison numbers. To the state of Ohio, I was a three-time loser. To society, I was beyond salvaging. To all, including myself, I was beyond hope. Then I met Christ, and He gave me a new heart and a new life. I am now a member of the First Baptist Church in Spencer, Ohio, an ordained minister, the director of Changed Lives Ministries, and the founder of Addicts at the Cross. God changes the unchangeable.
Latest book: Addicts at the Cross: A Christian 9 Step Program

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Larry Swatuk was born in Riverside, Ontario, a small town that became part of Windsor in 1967. He grew up on the Detroit River waterfront where his parents ran Island View Tavern, locally known as 'Abars'. He was educated at the universities of Windsor (B.A., M.A.) and Dalhousie (PhD) in Canada. He is currently a professor in the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development at the University of Waterloo. Prior to moving to Waterloo, he spent 14 years in Africa working in various countries, including Nigeria, South Africa and Botswana. He is married to Dr. Corrine Cash and they currently live in Kitchener, Ontario.
Latest book: The Last Cup: Hockey, Life, Lord Stanley and the Toronto Maple Leafs

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My desire to become an author developed through the years as my own children grew. We read books every night. When they were little I read to them. As they grew, and learned how to read, they read to me. We congregated on the couch, or on one of their beds, and read stories together. It was fun, crazy, and sometimes frustrating. There were times when schedules made group reading difficult, but individual sessions were managed most nights. During those years of family growth, I developed the desire to write my own books. Initially I thought about writing children’s books – and developed outlines for a couple of them. Jeremy Raybourne was one of those initial children’s books. But as my children g ... read more
Latest book: Jeremy Raybourne: The Genesis Dawns (Book Two: Journey To The New Awakening)

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Writing Subtle Energy Healing is the result of a lifetime of longing to write it. In so many ways, the book wrote itself. It’s as if I had no say in the “matter”. You see, I lost both my parents before the age of twenty. I lost my father at the age of 12 to a heart attack and my mother to leukemia around my twentieth birthday. I believe my parent’s deaths drove my interests in healing and wellness the rest of my life. As a young man, I became obsessed with healing. Eventually, this obsession led me away from orthodox medical treatment for chronic disease to an approach that used Subtle Energy and detox as a healing modality. Also, on my quest to uncover everything I could about this healing energy, ... read more
Latest book: Subtle Energy Healing - Encouraging a Scientific Revolution

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry Votava
Larry Votava is an Australian author who lives in Perth. The Mahogany Ship novel, although fiction, has some truth to it — the legend of the Mahogany Ship does exist, fishermen having sighted the boat high and dry on a beach near Port Fairy Victoria in 1836. There were numerous sightings in the years afterwards, but eventually the shipwreck disappeared into the sand or myth. The author, as a child, holidayed with his family for fourteen years at the caravan park at Port Fairy — hence the camp ground setting. Some of the kids' exploits in the novel did actually happen. As a whole though, the novel is a work of fiction. The Mahogany Ship novel is the first published novel of the author, but not the first wri ... read more
Latest book: The Mahogany Ship

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry Ware
Larry Ware is the author of The Devil's Captive, Dangerous Times and Sanctuary. Born in Pennsylvania, he left there at age eight for California then on to Washington and then back to Pennsylvania where he finished high school and his first year of college. He enlisted for four years in the US Air Force which took him from training in Texas to two cold winters in New Hampshire and then for one year in a desert in North Africa. The last part of his enlistment was spent in Omaha, Nebraska where he met a girl and when out, they were married. They raised four children while he worked as a Sales Engineer. His work took him all across the United States and Canada. Business also took him to Germany and South Kore ... read more
Latest book: Capital Sins

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I reinvent myself every 20 years. Country boy, to cop, to labor negotiator, & now author of social justice, crime & mystery novels. I live on the Texas Gulf Coast with my wife Carolyn.
Latest book: Murder On The Seawall - Third in the Tanner & Thibodaux Series

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry Winfield
Larry Winfield attended his first poetry reading at Weeds in Chicago in 1990. Over the next twelve years he hosted open mics, featured at many Chicago Poetry Scene venues and festivals, organized the protest poetry reading at the '96 Democratic Convention, hosted a weekly poetry and jazz show on pirate station Guerilla Love Radio as DJ Merlot, published poetry books and the online/print zines Liquid Glyph and City Table Review, and performed in Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, NY, LA and SF, and with ensemble groups Brothers in Verse and the many versions of his poetry band Brass Orchid. He currently lives in L A, produces the "Sundown Lounge" podzine, and his latest project, the horror/SF novel "Banjo Strings."
Latest book: Rosedust

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry Wood
~~ Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Wood is an ordained Presbyterian minister who served churches in Mississippi, Arkansas and Georgia for 45 years. A large part of his ministry was in Savannah, GA, scene of much of the story in his first novel, The Jabbok Condition. He was involved heavily in the civil rights movements in the South, was the focus of numerous threats, and was honored by Black clergy in Arkansas for his leadership in social justice causes. Larry served as a counselor in an alcohol and drug treatment center and led a mental health association. He was president of various local human need agencies boards of directors, and was chosen for the Leadership Georgia and the Leadership Savannah programs. He retired f ... read more
Latest book: The Jabbok Condition

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I'm Larry Yoakum III. I am a veteran of the United States Air Force, currently working as a shipping supervisor in an optical supply company. I am married to the love of my life, Allison. I live in Rowlett, Tx, but was born and raised in Valley Center, Kansas. I write mainly short stories and on occasion, poetry, though I am working on several novellas as well. I am also an ordained minister and I've officiated the weddings of friends, family, and strangers. I am also the founder of a veterans fraternal order called the Knights of Targoth Order of Veterans.
Latest book: Yoakum's Compendium of Bizarre and Original Stories

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry "Animal" Garner
Larry "Animal" Garner was born and raised in Colorado. An inveterate gearhead and story-teller, he has published two crime/mystery novels, D-E-D, DEAD and DED Reckoning: Vengeance takes a road trip. Animal (a nickname from his US Navy days) is also a charity fund-raiser, community organizer, and patriot. Over the last forty-five years, he has seen much of America from the back of a motorcycle. He is currently living in the high mountains of Colorado with his wife Marcia.
Latest book: DED Reckoning: Vengeance takes a road trip

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Larry Chace is a fruit and vegatable farmer that also runs a special product sawmill making boxes for the agricultural industry. In his spare time, usually when the weather is to *** cold to work outside, he writes novels having to do with shapeshifters of various flavors.
Latest book: Frank's Dogs

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry Alon Levitan
I'm a Renaissance man at heart, passionate about many things. Writing sets my imagination free, no boundaries, no limits. I lived in South Africa, Germany, and Israel, which has given me a multi-cultural view of life. As an entrepreneur in the travel and restaurant business I was fortunate to travel the world and meet lots of interesting people. As a seasoned executive in the hi-tech industry I am witnessing how technology is changing our lives.
Latest book: Shades of Terror

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry B. Gray
I grew up in Eastern North Carolina in the small rural town of Aurora. My early years were spent working on my grandparents' tobacco farm and exploring my world of family, friends and school. After marrying my high school sweetheart in 1972, I moved to Lakeland, Florida where I spent my adult years raising a beautiful family and working in the citrus industry with over 39 years of manufacturing management experience, selling real estate and being a writer wannabe, all at the same time. In my spare time I attended and graduated from Florida Southern College while working full time and starting a family. I am still married to my high school sweetheart and have 3 beautiful children and two wonderful grandchi ... read more
Latest book: A Boy From Down East

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry C. White
Larry C. White was born in the city of Detroit, sometime before it became Motown. He spent much of his childhood reading science fiction books at the public library and daydreaming. He loved tall trees and lakes to swim in and still does. As a child he saw Lake Michigan frozen to the horizon, but he didn't smell the salt sea until he was 18 and that was at Coney Island. He had a pretty good public school education, and some inspiring teachers at Wayne State University, especially in history, which he still loves to read. Recreating the past seemed to him more of an art than a science and he came to believe that truth is more likely found in fiction than in fact. Later experience in journalism confirmed that ... read more
Latest book: The Corps 2081

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry D. Ingram
Author Larry Ingram resides in Florida with his family as a writer, graphic designer, and front-end web developer. His background in Christian Studies includes a Master Life certification. He has been the teacher of students both youth and adult and has spent a lifetime studying God’s word. Larry is passionate about sharing biblical wisdom.
Latest book: Palabras de Amor

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry D. Shackelford
Larry Shackelford is originally from Springfield, Missouri, and he is a retired federal law enforcement officer. He is an avid tennis player, runner, and bicyclist. He has a son, Sutton; and a daughter, Kalley. He lives with his wife, Jeanette, in Salt Lake City, UT.
Latest book: The Keresa Headdress

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry E. Buck Hunter
Larry E. Buck Hunter Author & Broadcaster In the marketing communications field for over 30 years, Larry specializes in executive coaching, professional speaking, radio & television broadcasting and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches mass-media marketing experience. He has established a solid reputation as a top notch publicist, event producer and entertainment communications professional with expertise in the publishing markets. By harnessing his powerful social and media networks he nurtures a strong relationships with editors at leading publishing, advertising, press & wire services, as well as on-line outlets; and producers at major TV and radio outlets. Larry has a knack for bringing out the bes ... read more
Latest book: •LOVE •JOY •PEACE A Tasty Sample of Spiritual Fruit That Will Give You A Boost For The Day! By Pastor Cecil A. Thompson

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry G. Maguire
I'm a project manager by day, artist & writer by night. I create short stories and thought provoking articles about life and people. I'm currently working on two books. I like to challenge popular opinion too, regularly asking you to consider new, often counterintuitive concepts. My stuff can be heavy shit, and at times opinionated, but I think it matters.
Latest book: The Illusion of Time

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry Patrick Shriner
Larry Patrick Shriner was raised on the West Central coast of Florida. He made his home there for many years before moving to Durham, North Carolina, where he lives with his wife Elaine. Epilogue for Murder is his first novel. Angel, Falling is the second in the Bennett Cole private detective series. Both are available in bookstores, as well as online sites such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble in ebook and paperback versions. A third book, Shadowstalker, is now available as an ebook and paperback book. He is currently at work on a new book, Return from Nowhere, set in Hatteras Village on the North Carolina Outer Banks
Latest book: Blood and Salt

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry S Gray
Larry S. Gray is a student of life who loves to tell a good tale. Born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey, he now resides on the central east coast of Florida, with his family. He is an avid reader who enjoys rock music, baseball, beaching and exploring. His material is interesting, compelling, thought-provoking and, at times, just downright weird. His subject material includes mind-control and religion, time travel and ghosts, with a little humor sprinkled in for good measure. He is hard at work on several new projects, yet more interesting tales that will keep you up late into the night and disturbed well into the morning. "The Cydronium Chronicles" concerns failed experiments in the field of mind control, wi ... read more
Latest book: Palm Castle

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lars Andersen
Lars Andersen is a sports author, nutritional researcher and fitness enthusiast. In his spare time he participates in competitive running, swimming and cycling events and enjoys hiking with his two border collies.
Latest book: Paleo Diet Smoothies for Strength: Smoothie Recipes and Nutrition Plan for Strength Athletes & Bodybuilders - Achieve Peak Health, Performance and Physique