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Putting it simply; I am a simple person with simple aspirations. I live in rural Kent and married with a son. Seriously though, I would like to add my stories of unfettered sex to the plethora of brilliant erotic books out there and hope you, the reader and fans of the genre will support that aspiration.
Latest book: My Listening Man

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Author Lola Richey is a native and lifelong resident of South Carolina and a believer of Jesus Christ. She is a graduate of Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with an Accounting Concentration. The Author obtained her law degree from the University of South Carolina School of Law (Juris Doctorate) and Masters of Taxation (LL.M.) from the University of Florida College of Law. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in the State of Maryland and studied at Erskine Theological Seminary in Due West, South Carolina. The Author is married to Rodney W. Richey and has two sons, Jonathan and Joseph.
Latest book: Social Security Basics and Hot Tips

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Lola Rykker spent the majority of her childhood with her face hidden between the pages of many different books. She was, and is still, an avid reader... a bookworm. In her early teen years, Lola discovered her mother's hidden stash of romance novels. She was swept away by the exciting, romantic lives of those fictional lovers. As she blossomed from a nerdy wallflower into a beautiful, enchanting woman, she began to make those stories come alive through her own real-life adventures. Lola brings the excitement of her life into her writings. She uses her life experiences to create novels full of passion, emotion and intrigue. Let her bring you into her world and along for the ride of a lifetime!
Latest book: Summer Sizzle

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Lola Smirnova is an award winning author from Ukraine, who loves twisting a suspenseful tale through the dark lens of realism around the sexual underworld, so clocked in secrecy and shame. Lola's work is inspired by real-life events and is meant for the open-minded readers who are not afraid of a little blood, sweat and semen. Her debut novel Twisted was released in 2014. The book placed as Honorable Mention in General Fiction Category of The 2014 London Book Festival's Annual Competition and took the 3rd Place at The Drunken Druids International Book Award 2014. Lola released her second book - sequel to Twisted - Craved, in July 2015. It placed as Honorable Mention in General Fiction Category of The 2015 Lo ... read more
Latest book: Craved (Twisted #2)

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Lola St.Vil is a Haitian born actress and writer. She lives in Hollywood with her husband, eats too much ice cream and loves being stalked online by readers: )award winning playwright and This if her first YA novel: )
Latest book: Guardians: The Fallout (Book 2)

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I write what I write, which is erotic fiction. Sometimes horror, sometimes paranormal, sometimes romance. It’s all sexy, and unpredictable because I like to twist reality at its edges in my stories. I like delving into the emotions of my characters, I like finding their strengths and weaknesses, and I like to see (and show) how they get themselves out of whatever trouble has found them - if they can.
Latest book: Changelings & Champions

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Lola Lois Raphael is a Nigerian, living in the city of Ilorin. She is a University undergraduate of the prestigious University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. You can contact her at or
Latest book: Broken

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Lolah Lace is a best selling author of Erotic Romantic Fiction in various sub genres. She currently resides in the Chicagoland area. She started her writing career as a teleplay and screenplay writer before switching gears and tackling a novel. She spends most of her spare time reading and watching ridiculous amounts of TV. She is passionate about writing and has a wealth of unfinished books she plans to finish. Although she has been writing for years, Let's Play Ball is her first erotic interracial romance book. She decided to make it into a series of seven books called Balls To The Walls Erotica Series. Lolah Lace is currently hard at work writing the sequel to La Femme Selita and the highly anticipated The T ... read more
Latest book: Violation

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Minister McClain is the first child born of two, to the late William and Lula McClain. She received her primary education in the Prince Georges Public School System in the State of Maryland. She attended Howard University, where in 1988, she received her Bachelors Degree in Radiation Therapy (treatment of cancer). Min. McClain has taken classes at Washington Bible Seminary in furthering her education. In addition, Min. McClain has studied and is certified as an Alternative Health Minister. Minister McClain It was through the severe trials of her family’s health that Minister McClain is here today and able to present on the topic of Natural Health. With a constant battle of chronic illnesses hammering ... read more
Latest book: Analyzing Your Soil Preparing for a Plentiful Harvest

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Lolly Pope has hidden her fantasies for way to long. It's time for them to be written. She writes erotica with a little twist. Too long she thought they were too weird to be exposed, but nothing good happens without taking a chance. The result of that taken chance are all this erotic tales that where swirling in her mind since she was very, very young.
Latest book: Wet Games In The Bathtub

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I was raised in the Catholic religion and attended a private school, The American Dominican Academy from kindergarten through graduation to Business School. While in school, I always enjoyed writing and wrote brief love stories. In 1957, I met my sweetheart Alex when he was a medical student at the University of Havana. We married on November 3, 196l and we had two daughters, Vivian born in 1963 and Beatriz in 1968. We lived in the city of Camaguey, Cuba from 1964 until January 1966 where Alex practiced as an Anesthesiologist until we were punished by the Cuban government and first transferred to Nuevitas., for a few months, and then to El Central Elia, Camaguey where we lived until my departure from ... read more
Latest book: Strides of Destiny

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Lon Handsome, born and raised in Harlem, New York. Always had a creative imagination, and through hardships turned to his pen and pad as a form of escape. As his writing progressed, he learned that people gravitated towards his words. Waiting for that next line, that next sentence and there a novelist was born. The Ten G Commandments is the first of a variety of Lon Handsome’s creative expression. Next up: The Misunderstanding of a Man.
Latest book: The Ten G Commandments

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Since 2014, the author has been creating the "Afternoon Book," a series of novelettes or short novels that can be read on a smart phone or reader in an afternoon. This series is known as "Global Rescuer Stories" and includes ebooks titled: "The Majorca Egyptian Affair," "Rape Day Wednesday," "Darlene," and "Tubers Daughter." Lon's hobby is self publishing. He controls all phases of the publishing process, including the cover art. Lon started writing books after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure (CHF) contracted from a flu virus in 2004. In 2005, he authored his first book from research work titled: “Kissed By Death: Congestive Heart Failure,” centered on patients surviving CHF. During his assig ... read more
Latest book: Tubers Daughter

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I have been a fan of sci-fi and fantasy for years. Hard at work at the next book.
Latest book: Cryo

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I’m a retired Military Police Major and former Army Ranger living in the Phoenix Area. I enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1986 and spent four years serving as a paratrooper. Following graduation in 1994 from the University of Montana with a BA degree in economics, I was commissioned a second Lieutenant of infantry. As a Captain in 2000, I was Branch transferred to the Military Police Corps. I spend my days writing and trying to keep up with my two teenage children.
Latest book: Vengeance is Mine (Children of Adam)

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Lon Flippo has a doctorate of ministry from Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and pastored for over thirty years. He is currently a professor of Children and Family Ministries at North Central University in Minneapolis, MN. His work has received acclaim from readers for its realism and theological insight, parents looking to pass their faith on to children, and teens caught in the modern challenge of connecting scriptural wisdom to modern life. Find more at (@iparentnow).
Latest book: Sepulchre

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Energized and ready to share chiropractic and the truth of vibrant health!
Latest book: Awaken: Bridging The Gap Between Your Inner And Outer Worlds

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Londa Hayden is a native Texan, who attended East Texas Baptist University and pursued a major in music. Using her skills in music therapy both in public and private schools, she worked with special needs children of all ages. Her talent carried over into children's worship ministry. After being a stay at home mom for several years, she worked part-time in the medical field. Besides writing, Londa also enjoys arts, crafts, theater, movies and volunteering for humanitarian causes. She's contributed to a local Christian writer's newsletter and organizes workshops and retreats as the president of Bartlett Christian Writers. As the Memphis Christian Writer Examiner for three years, Londa featured interviews with ... read more
Latest book: Focus Your Writing

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Business women for more than 25 years. My focus in life are Spirituality, family, health and teaching others. I love teaching, speaking, and motivating others. Being happy, joyful, thankful, grateful and appreciative for all I have is a blessing. Aging gracefully and Children are a priority, teaching them to be the best person and living the best life is one of my main goals in life. A positive mind set is what I live by and being with my family, my kids and my grand children are all huge blessings to me. I believe: In whatever you do, whatever you say and whomever you do it with, do it with love and care. Love Love Love Always. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. And So It Is, And It Is So.
Latest book: Sexy Healthy Grandmother, Healthy You Healthy Me

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It's been quite some time since I last published. My life got busy and hasn't slowed down. I will begin traveling in 2016 and will begin writing again. My next publishing's will be much different than what I've published so far. I look forward to getting them started and published for those of you who have included my writing's in your libraries and for new reader's. A four installment short story: Princess Of Power - Castle Queen - Lost Souls - A New Beginning My imaginative short stories do not reflect the person I am. I am not by any means a professional writer. I write for the joy of it. So yes, there may be tons of grammatical errors. I hope when you read my stories, you can connect with the characters ... read more
Latest book: A New Beginning

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Professional trader - Analyst of Sforex
Latest book: How to forecast nonfarm payroll report

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Lonna Weidemann lives by one motto..."Do what you love!" She does just that. As an online craft/retail business owner of 10 years, she has experienced the daily application of creating on a budget while mentoring others to do the same. Her experiences unfold into easy step-by-step publications. Why does she write? Over the years she has received emails of smiles through the net from many that have expressed their appreciation and excitement when it comes her easy to follow tips and clever ideas provided in her books. That in itself is her #1 motivation to continue her writing career. In addition to her online business journey, she has taught classes to other entrepreneurs with S.B.A, won the Home Based Busines ... read more
Latest book: Success with Craft Show Sales

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18 years of freelancing experience in the Corporate AV market for such companies as: Audio Digest, Gemini AV, AV Presentations, Coastal AV, Event Sound & Video, Mass AV, Brandeis University, AV Presentations, Jones Gee, Marriott AV, AVFX, Visual Aids Electronics, Convention Cassettes, AVEN, Sound Images, Fleetwood Multimedia, Conference Copy, Tape Productions & many others.
Latest book: How to Avoid Audio Visual Disasters

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Lonnie Colson has been writing since grade school, though never in cursive. He lives in Texas with his wife and children. A lifelong medieval history enthusiast, Lonnie enjoys the knightly pursuits of jousting, hunting, and sword fighting.
Latest book: The Second Great Mortality

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Lonnie Helgerson, CFE CEO, Author, Speaker, & Serial Frantrepreneur! With almost 30 years in franchising, Lonnie has worked with many major brands including Super 8 Motels® and Ident-A-Kid®. He pioneered the technology sector in franchising, founding Computer Doctor®, the first franchise of its kind. Currently, Lonnie serves as the CEO of Helgerson Franchise Group, a platform company that owns and operates franchise brands. An accomplished speaker, trainer and facilitator with a national presence, Lonnie has been a frequent presenter for the International Franchise Association, Franchisor Association of Florida and other franchise and business groups.
Latest book: Five Pennies: Ten Rules to Successfully Build a Franchise Mega-Brand and Maximize System Profits

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“As a small child I dreamed of growing up to be a chestnut mare. I was terribly disappointed when I found out people couldn’t magically transform into animals but I got over it by immersing myself in the world of fairy tales and thus began my lifelong passion for reading and make-believe.” Lora was born in the small town of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta; the middle child of five girls. In 2006, she and her eldest sister moved to a hobby farm in the remote Kootenay area of British Columbia and for five years had several country adventures which included raising chickens and goats, encounters with wildlife and wrangling the neighbour’s horses. Currently she lives in BC’s Fraser Valley in a household of w ... read more
Latest book: The Enchanted One

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lora Mitchell
Lora grew up in a small college town in Western Massachusetts. A former (SAG/AFTRA, AEA) stage, film and television actor/model, she resides in NYC. During her acting career, she had the privilege of working with many top actors and has an iconic role in an Academy Award Winning film. She has won several writing prizes and published short stories and poems in the following books: Treasured Memories, Rockin' Chair Cowboys and Sweet Dream Makers, A short story published in the book titled: "Flash Fiction - One Photo - 50 Perspectives (50 Authors) - 100 Words." She has two pieces published in the book: Six-Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak and a Six-Word Memoir published in AARP Modern Maturity Mag. Lora won fi ... read more
Latest book: Time Speaks

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lora Mountjoy
While raising a family and tending various animals and gardens I've been a journalist, taught creative writing in community settings and written and performed poetry among other things.. Deep Breathing, a post-global warming road trip, was my first published novel and now many years later I have published The Recovery Position, set in my home town of Wellington.. Currently I live in a wonderful small town and love the nature around me, the chance to garden in a sub tropical climate andbeing part of a creative community
Latest book: The Recovery Position

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lora C Mercado
Lora has published over ten books on various subjects, varying from children's books, photography, spirituality, and cookbooks. Be sure to check out her newest cookbooks: "The Garden Digest" "Oh Cheese!" "Tasteful Memories" "Bunch O' Brunch" "Gimme that CHOCOLATE! The PMS Survival Cookbook" In tribute to her son's passing, Lora has been on a quest to help bring peace to those who are in a state of grief. Read her book "Our Angels Await, Stories of Love from Beyond", if you enjoy inspirational stories from people across the globe who have had connections with loved ones who have passed away. Lora is also a Usui Reiki Master Practitioner, Ordained Minister and photographer.
Latest book: Healing Grief through Meditation

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Loraine Regisford is an author, teacher, and Director of Life Matters which provides professional and personal development services to organizations and individuals. She has had over 25 years of experience working with people, life coaching, training, counselling and facilitating workshops. Loraine had a successful radio and television career and has also authored a book called, Stressed Out: A Home and Event Management Guide. Intricately aware of the physical and emotional affects of negative stress, she developed Find Your Joy Seminars and Workshops through Life Matters. Loraine also facilitates Health and Wellness Seminars; Body, Mind and Spirit for groups and organizations.
Latest book: Awakening to Reinvention

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Some of Loralee Evans' earliest memories are of sitting with her mom or dad while they read her stories like The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, or Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey. These memories, along with many great teachers who got her excited about reading, are what helped her develop a love of books, and of writing. She has lived in Missouri, Texas, and Utah, and even spent a year and a half in Japan. Some of her favorite authors are James Dashner, Harper Lee, C.S. Lewis, Heather B. Moore, Rachel Ann Nunes, J. Scott Savage, and J.R.R. Tolkien. Felicity~ A Sparrow's Tale is her fourth book, and the first in a series for children.
Latest book: Felicity~ A Sparrow's Tale

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LoraLee Harmon is the owner of Shout it out BIZ. She is a Marketing Strategist. Calling Central Florida her home for over 35 years. Author of How to Grow your Small Business.
Latest book: How To GROW Your Small Business

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Latest book: Ash Magazine Issue 2

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Best Selling Erotica, BDSM, Author Lord Koga 2nd Place winner of the 2013 Author Award Fiction4all in Erotica Genre 3rd Place winner of the 2013 Author Award Fiction4all in Dark Erotica Genre Lord Koga is the pen name for a local Grand Rapids, Michigan Author, whom for the last 4 years has been writing in the specific genres of Erotic Fiction, Women's Fiction, Lesbian Fiction, Romantic Fiction, Horror/sci-fi/fantasy erotica, as well as capture, S & M, BDSM fiction. The pen name "Lord Koga," has been shortened over the years from its original name Lord Kogarasumaru. The origins of the name Kogarasumaru "Little Crow" is derive from a unique Japanese tachi sword rumored to have been created by legendary Japanes ... read more
Latest book: 69 Sex Stories

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Brasileiro e jovem escritor. Sou músico também.
Latest book: João sem Rosa

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lore Ree
I began exploring my love for writing as a child, when I started penning original poetry. However, it wasn’t until early 2012 that I picked up a pen—or my phone, if you want to get technical—to write my first full length story, inspired by a close friend’s evolving relationship with her best friend. That rush of completing the story, posting it online, and interacting with readers and fellow writers opened up the floodgates, and I haven’t looked back since. I write romance targeted to a more mature audience of readers. My stories fall under the categories of Contemporary Romance, New Adult, and Erotica. When asked why I choose these genres, my answer is simple: I like reading things that are on the ... read more
Latest book: Ricochet

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Psicologa, Psicoterapeuta, Ghost Writer, Autore.
Latest book: Offset

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Loreen Doherty
Loreen Doherty began dedicating her life to finding ultimate ways to live as naturally as possible when she and her husband started a family in 1990. Upon learning that since 1930 over 75,000 synthetic, toxic chemicals have been introduced into the environment, Loreen began to source information to help reduce unnecessary chemicals in the home. Another huge priority for Loreen was to reduce spending on household cleaners and personal products so that she could afford to stay home with her young children. Becoming extremely disheartened at the amount of incorrect information out there, Loreen began to research extensively, test and experiment, and glean out the natural tips and remedies that were effective an ... read more
Latest book: Time Saving Kitchen Tips

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Loreena M. Lee, afca has exhibited her work since 1973, and her paintings hang in corporations and private collections in Canada, as well as Hungary, Germany, Denmark and the United States. She has instructed beginning artists in all media for over 45 years.
Latest book: Within These Bonds

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Lorelai was born in 1989. She is a bookworm who loves writing erotic contemporary works that push boundaries and have a touch of mystery/suspense. She also enjoys writing paranormal and dystopian when the mood strikes her. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, their chubby cat, and two birds. In her spare time she likes to bike, hike, and drink craft brews, like many Portlanders do, and watch movies in the dark.
Latest book: Nothing More Beautiful

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lorelei Confer
I live on the west coast of mid Florida with my husband, two cats and AJ, my long haired chihuahua. I've been writing since I was in fourth grade when I wrote a play that was actually produced by the teacher for the students and parents. I've written four full length novels and too many to mention 'short stories'.
Latest book: Rustlers and Romance

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Latest book: To Get Away

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Loreley Leonard
Loreley Leonard Pelino has practiced as a psychotherapist who also has a boutique coaching service. In her early career, Loreley worked as a primary psychotherapist in an outpatient community-based mental health organization, specializing in PTSD. While in this role, she led many women’s groups including a recovery group called “Women Helping Women”. It was this experience that served as the catalyst to what would become one of Loreley’s true calling: helping empower women to respect, embrace, and celebrate the awesome power of their “femininity” as a blessing and not something to “overcome”. She dabbles in make-up and skin care and continues to find being with other women to be a source of ren ... read more
Latest book: Blessed by a Broken Heart

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Lorem Ipsum lives next door to you. He writes those things that should not be. And he may, or may not, be a sworn initiate of the Illuminati. "And I had done a hellish thing, To those who believe, I caused 'em woe: For all averred, I had killed The Word When I created Missing Zero. Ah wretch! said they, The Word to slay, And cause such dis-ease to grow!"
Latest book: Missing Zero

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Loren DeShon
Loren DeShon is a graduate of Stanford University and has been a certified public accountant, a US Navy fighter pilot, and a captain for Alaska Airlines. When not researching and writing a novel he enjoys fishing, hunting, prospecting, woodworking, and reading. He can be reached on Facebook, Twitter, and via his blog at Loren DeShon - Author & Stuff.
Latest book: Redemption on the River

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Since high school, award winning Author, Activist and Public Innovator Dr. Loren C. Due has been a man of deep conviction about the importance of child sexual abuse intervention, cruelty prevention and incest awareness in the Black family, particularly. A survivor of rape, Dr. Due used writing as a way to escape from the molestation and incest. He has garnered much critical acclaim for both his in depth personal accounts as well as the complete portrayal of solutions to challenges faced by the abused and over comers of abuse. Enchanted by spiritual ideas fused with explosive research, Dr. Due is the author of the cutting edge book Teddy Bear: Stolen Innocence – A true story of incest and sexual abuse in the ... read more
Latest book: Teddy Bear: Stolen Innocence

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Loren Edizel was born in Izmir, Turkey and has lived in Canada most of her life. One of her novels, Izmir Hayaletleri (The Ghosts of Smyrna), was published in Turkey in 2008 by Senocak Yayinlari (trans. Roza Hakmen) and a short story "The Conch" appeared (Nov 2009) in Turkish translation as part of an anthology entitled Kadin Öykülerinde Izmir (Izmir in Women's Stories). "The Imam’s Daughter" was published in Montreal Serai. Adrift, her second novel, was published by Tsar Books in 2011. She has recently completed a collection of short stories under the working title “the confession”. She currently lives in Toronto with her husband and children.
Latest book: Adrift

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Loren Keim is the author of several best selling how-to books about real estate, including How to Sell Your Home in Any Market, The Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate and Real Estate Prospecting: The Ultimate Resource, as well as training systems for Realtors. Keim is also the editor-in-chief of Real Estate Investment Digest and Pennsylvania Farm & Ranch Magazine, and is a real estate broker and president of Century 21 Keim Realtors in Pennsylvania. Keim performs economic analysis and housing projections for Lehigh University's Goodman Center in Bethlehem, PA. Keim has appeared on television and radio programs to talk about the housing and real estate markets, and has been a speaker at national conventions ... read more
Latest book: Life Lessons... from the back seat of my car