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Dark Highlands is a creative arts company that showcases writers, artists, and performers from the Midwest region. We specialize in horror, dark fantasy, and supernatural fiction, as well as art and poetry that fall under those categories. Dark Highlands staff does not receive compensation for their work on the Anthology. Our aim is to give writers, poets, and artists specializing in materials with darker subject matter a forum in which to present their work through both print and digital means. We believe in the promotion of regional visual and literary artists and aim to support them by raising awareness of their creations.
Latest book: Dark Highlands Anthology Volume 1
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I've been a professional musician since the early 1990's. Around 2006 I started writing things other than songs, including many essays published in Counterpunch. In 2016 I wrote my first novel, A Busker's Adventures.
Latest book: A Busker's Adventures
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An MBA majored in Finance, Deepa finally embraced her long due passion for writing after 9 years of corporate career in Banking. Deepa’s first work, 'Valiyachalai Times', showcases the beauty, culture and lifestyle of families in South India. Her story unravels the struggle of children in middle class upbringing, their dreams and their agonies. The backdrop used was the early 1940 s in India. Her works are highly inspired from Indian families, and their protagonists fighting for their own causes. Her new book, Love War and Ramifications is not just about love. It is about the after effects of a war on the lives inflicted. The story of a simple girl who wants to know all the answers, Joanna runs into Edward, ... read more
Latest book: Love War And Ramifications
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I am student and i am 19 years old. I love reading books but what i love more is writing them and i want to share my passion whith the world. You can email me at : or add me on Facebook : Aziz Dhaouadi
Latest book: A Lethal Stranger
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im dinesh new writer,,,,,,,,,,,,,.
Latest book: kadhal ulagam
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We are Kenyan teachers willing to teach the language, currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Education at Egerton University.
Latest book: MWONGOZO AMANA.
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Dr. Dorothy VanderJagt a popular speaker who creates energizing workshops. Educators are delighted with her practical style and leave her workshops excited and with strategies for immediate use. She is founder and President of Global Learning in Michigan. Dorothy has conducted numerous workshops, in-services for schools, and presented at state and national conferences. She has worked with students, teachers, and administrators as a teacher, department chair, team leader, mentor, administrator, consultant and college professor. Dorothy was a teacher for ten years, a principal for eleven years, and is currently the Director of Teaching and Learning at Kent Intermediate School District. Dorothy co-directed the ... read more
Latest book: Mom’s Financial Tips and Money Management [article]
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Greetings! I hope one or more of my books will lead us to conversation, a meeting, discussion or otherwise some manner of learning & growing from each other. I love new quality relationships in my life, so reach out will you?!? My 7th book is now available, published June 2015 - THE OLD MAN - Biographical Novel & Short Story. My life's Passions: LEADERSHIP * CULTURE * PEOPLE * RELATIONSHIPS * FAITH My favorite Quote: 'People do not care how much you know until they first know how much you care' BIO: President and Founder of Booker Training Associates; Doug is a Facilitator, Change Agent, Coach, Author & Leadership-Developer. Booker Training Associates is a business Doug began after a successful military car ... read more
Latest book: The OLD MAN - Biographical Novel & Short Story
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Douglas Thompson has been teaching yoga for over twenty years. As part of his training, he needed to gain knowledge in Eastern philosophy. He found the philosophies of the East so interesting that he continued studying them, and reads about them to this day. This knowledge led him to write his first novel Fully Human: The Story of a Man Called Yeshua, in which he shares, through the character Yeshua, (a.k.a. Jesus,) some of the principles of Eastern philosophy. Douglas owns a yoga studio where he teaches seven days a week. When he is not writing or teaching yoga or Pilates, Douglas enjoys playing left-handed classical guitar. He has been playing guitar on and off for over half a century. He and his wife of f ... read more
Latest book: Fully Human:The Story of a Man Called Yeshua
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A Editorial Divergência é uma editora centrada na ficção especulativa. Apostamos em exclusivo no mercado e escritores nacionais, promovendo uma relação de honestidade e confiança com os autores. Criamos edições acessíveis e de qualidade, com regularidade e sem acordo ortográfico. O nosso logótipo representa um rebento, que divergiu da semente, ganhando vida própria, tal como fazemos com os trabalhos dos nossos autores. Cada uma das folhas representa as várias vertentes da ficção especulativa: fantasia, ficção científica, terror. As folhas estão também ligadas às três éticas da editora: - cuidar do planeta: edições amigas do ambiente - cuidar dos autores e leitores: os autore ... read more
Latest book: Por Mundos Divergentes
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Les Éditions de la Reine est une maison d'édition française fondée en 2014 par deux passionnés de lecture et d'écriture. Elle propose des ouvrages de fiction des documentaires, en format broché et numérique. Ainsi que de la formation à destination des auteurs (confirmés et en devenir). Comme vous, nous pensons que le talent est le fruit de nombreuses heures de travail. C'est pourquoi nous publions des anonymes pour qui création rime avec innovation.
Latest book: Éveille-moi
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A small electronic publisher of speculative fiction. Founded in 1997.
Latest book: Spellbound Winter 2013: Giants
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Enxebrebooks es una editorial con nuevas ideas,en la que tanto si eres un autor o un audaz lector tendrás tu espacio para compartir, comentar, recomendar y sobre todo leer. Nuestro principal canal es la venta online a través de nuestra página principal y las principales plataformas (amazon, kobo, grammatta, google play). Aunque tenemos opciones para todos: ¿Quieres un libro de nuestro catálogo pero sin comprar por internet? ¿Vives fuera de España? Escríbenos:
Latest book: Dignidad, cultura y libertad
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Founded in 1998, by Tony and Maraget Howson, Equipe started by working in East Africa, and now works in India, Papua New Guinea and The Philippines, as well as continuing to work in Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda. Equipe is different to other charities, in that very little of it's fund raising costs go on anything but the projects that it serves. The United Kingdom offers a Gift Aid option for all UK tax payers, and administration costs, advertising, staff and building expenses come from this and donations made for these purposes. This means that all profits, after the book sellers take off their fees, will go directly to where it is needed most. No one project has been picked over another, and will be divided as n ... read more
Latest book: Cookies and Milk Volume 3
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Hello! I'm Equus21! People often ask me about my username, Equus is another word for horses (or a horse-like creature).Horses are my favorite animal, 21 was my favorite age to be. I live in Massachusetts and I tend to like it a lot, lots of cool history and it's not too big. When I'm not working at my office job, which I thoroughly enjoy actually, I usually write short stories, novels and screenplays. Usually having to do with talking animals, fantasy creatures and dark thrillers. I even sometimes do 'deeper things' what life means and all that good stuff! I do enjoy writing, but I tend to overthink things and re-write, so therefore I don't pump out story after story often. I do not have an editor (unle ... read more
Latest book: Unicorn's Quest
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Born and raised in the ancient city of Benin, Erhu Amreyan has come a long way in writing. She is an alumni of Delta State University. Her short stories have appeared in several literary magazines and anthologies including Matchbook and 1888 Center, Bloody Parchment anthology, Long live the short story, Africa vs Latin America Experimental Anthology among others. She was a finalist in the Quramo writers prize first edition. She is the founder of JustRead. A campaign that encourages children to develop better reading habits. She loves anime and enjoys old classic rock songs and old movies. She would love to live in Japan someday, meet Hayao Miyazaki and Dan Harmon. In her spare time she dances and sews.
Latest book: Girl Meets Boy
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We at are aiming to republish thousands of rare and out of print books in our distinguished and love-to-read format. We also make ePUBs and mobi files available for much of those titles for the first time ever. So target our books if you have research intents, if you want to learn about history and literature or simply for your reading enjoyment.
Latest book: Within an Inch of His Life - Émile Gaboriau
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Writer. Poet. Friend.
Latest book: The Awesome Life
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Franca Mbaba is a hardworking mother of 5 who strives to take care of her family while putting her imagination down into writng. She loves Jesus, her family and storytelling. She is currently a resident of Houston Texas.
Latest book: Tribe & Prejudice
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Fatima Davis Ünüvar is the author of SEVEN LIVES, a psychological-romance. She holds a bachelor degree of English literature, she's a foreigner in Turkey, an English teacher, a wife of a civil engineer, and a mother of one child, she's also been a director and a painter. She does her writing anywhere, on her couch, or the park bench.. Fatima loves music (Arias are her favorite), she usually writers while listening to music. She loves to play romance visualization, where the heroes have endearing flaws, women are tougher than they look, The Earth is rich with spirituality, and nobility is alive and well.
Latest book: SEVEN LIVES
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Andre M Nero was born June 2, 1979 in the Great City of Chicago, Illinois and was raised with a strong Christian foundation. Having a fairly rough upbringing being the middle child of a single mom of 3 boys. Andre has not had an easy life moving around a lot as a youth dealing with peer pressure, he has made some misguided and life altering decisions. This has led him down the path of prison, homelessness, embracing jobs less than ideal, encountering intense family tragedy and many other challenges teaching him invaluable lessons. In spite of the many tear jerking adversities, these experiences gave Andre the fortitude and WILL to WIN in ANY situation. Now with an increased and refined edge, Andre has honed ... read more
Latest book: Changed at the Altar: The Andre Nero Story
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George Falcione has received his Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education from University of Phoenix and will be receiving his Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University. George is currently working part time at Sophie's Hallmark while being in school full-time. He has previously worked in multiple schools as a paraprofessional teacher's assistant. George had several writing pieces and poems published under Eber and Wein Company. George is looking towards a career with The Walt Disney Company as a creative entertainment show writer under the Walt Disney Imagineering department.
Latest book: Life: Stories of the Nerve
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Gnome On Pig Productions is a small publication company that strives to have only the elite authors, illustrators and artists that the world passes by due to big industry. We bring you something off the beaten path that will tantalize and delight.
Latest book: When Stars Die - Book 1 of The Stars Trilogy
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Welcome to Green Dragon Books, a new company for the 21st century. The company, originally called Humanics Publishing, was founded and has been continuously publishing since 1969, making it one of the oldest publishing houses in Southeastern United States. Initially based in Atlanta, Georgia, the first titles were developed in response to the need from the education community for quality classroom materials to support parents as the prime educators of their children. In the mid-1980s, the company expanded its focus to include titles specializing in personal development, philosophy, and management. Moving into the 21st century, the range of topics now includes health, religion, science, mysteries, children's b ... read more
Latest book: Life Before Death: A Spiritual Journey of Mind and Body
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Gayle Trent (and pseudonym Amanda Lee) writes the Daphne Martin Cake Decorating series and the Embroidery Mystery series. The cake decorating series features a heroine who is starting her life over in Southwest Virginia after a nasty divorce. The Embroidery Mystery series features a heroine who recently moved to the Oregon coast to open an embroidery specialty shop. As Gayle Leeson, she'll be writing the Southern Cafe mystery series.
Latest book: The Flame
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Biographie : Emmanuel Guichard est né en 1987 à Langres. Ancien étudiant en sciences humaines et sociales, il décide de se lancer dans l'aventure de la rédaction de romans, qui est devenue pour lui un véritable plaisir et un besoin d'expression incontournable. Ses inspirations proviennent du cinéma et de la littérature, mais aussi du quotidien, de la nature et des relations interpersonnelles. La psychologie et la philosophie constituent des moteurs dans la construction de ses histoires. Il cherche, à travers son écriture, à transmettre du plaisir, partager des émotions, et faire découvrir au lecteur certaines facettes méconnues de l'être humain.
Latest book: L'appel de la Terre
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L’autrice Giuseppina Vanessa Sata è nata nel gennaio del 1987 a Erice. Vive a Marsala in provincia di Trapani. Ha una passione per il medioevo e i romanzi dell’orrore ma non intende soffermarsi solo a questi generi perché predilige scrivere storie e racconti che la fanno stare bene, indipendentemente dai suoi generi e stili preferiti. Sogna sin dall’infanzia di affermarsi come scrittrice ma, soltanto intorno al 2016, ha iniziato a concretizzare i suoi obiettivi per riuscire ad affermarsi nel campo della scrittura. Da allora ha iniziato a partecipare ad vari concorsi, guadagnando già qualche discreto risultato. I suoi scrittori preferiti sono: Stephen King, Tolkien e Ildefonso Falcones
Latest book: Trasformazione (Racconto)
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I come from Vietnam. I'm studying in 1 major universities in Hanoi. I study chemistry and I love it
Visit my Facebook Page HollyBodger
A long-time resident of Ottawa, Canada, I have been working in scientific and technical publishing since I graduated with an English degree from the University of Ottawa. My debut novel, 5 TO 1, was released on May 12, 2015 from Knopf Books for Young Readers (Penguin Random House). I am also the author of TEN which was a finalist for the 2013 RWA Golden Heart (YA Category).
Latest book: The Other One
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My name is claire I am a lifestyle blogger. I run a blog where I write about various product reviews. I love helping others through open honest product reviews and ebooks
Latest book: From nothing to something
Visit my Facebook Page horsesa
Horse SA is a non profit organisation working with and for horse owners in South Australia on a wide range of issues and topics including recreational trails, horse health and welfare, sustainable land management and emergency preparation.
Latest book: Self-assessment guide for community event organisers: responding to incidents involving horses
Visit my Facebook Page IgnacioCarrasco
Ignacio Carrasco, 20 años nacido en Chile. Estudiante de periodismo como también fotógrafo y músico. Curso en Stanford el primer semestre del 2015.
Latest book: Mundo Pop
Visit my Facebook Page Imaginalis
Imaginalis is a website that aims to provide people with regular posts about music, comics, book reviews, flash fiction serials and anthologies. On this page you will be able to enjoy free issues of a quarterly horror collection called Voices from a Coma.
Latest book: Voices from a Coma Vol. 2
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Welcome to Independent. As any tour guide or history book may tell you, Independent Presbyterian Church has been part of Savannah since 1755 and its building is one of the central landmarks of the city. However, it would be a mistake to think of IPC as simply a historic monument or a curious throwback to an earlier time. While our principles and beliefs are historic, the life and work of IPC is very much in the present. Hundreds of people have found a spiritual home here - people of all ages and in different seasons of life. Families are encouraged, children are nurtured, older people are supported, and college students are challenged. If you are visiting with us, we are glad you're here. You may also want to ... read more
Latest book: The Gospel of Mark
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iSenseLabs provides feature-rich innovative business tools and solutions including Productivity, Conversion Boosting, Social Media, Corporate, UI as well as custom solutions for OpenCart. Our first priority is to deliver clear-cut solutions that will save you time and let you focus on your business.
Latest book: OpenCart Tips and Tricks Vol 3
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Jim Gardner lives in rural, southern Illinois on a pond in the woods. Depending on the day, he can be found on a tractor in a hay field, sorting cattle in a dusty, fly filled stockade or teaching High school History. His short story October Horse October Baby was selected for publication by Writers Digest. His non fiction articles can be found in Hoosier Family Living and South Eastern Illinois Family Living. "I always found creek beds and the contents of abandoned houses more interesting than a playground. There is a presence on old farms. You can feel it when an owl drops from the high branches of trees silhouetted by the moon and in the silence of places which time has abandoned but men once toiled."
Latest book: A Bargain With Hecate
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Nato a Pavullo nel Frignano il 31/12/1983, sono diplomato ragioniere e dottore magistrale in Giurisprudenza. Sono imprenditore artigiano dal 2011, in precedenza ho svolto attività occasionali o stagionali. Dal 2008 al 2011 ho svolto l'attività di corrispondente per il quotidiano "la Nuova Gazzetta di Modena"; attività ripresa da giugno 2013 a giugno 2014 con il network multimediale Modena Qui/ TvQui. Di fede cristiana, ho esperienze semi professionistiche come attore e musicista, svolgo l'attività di blogger e scrivo poesie.
Latest book: Prima di conoscere l'eterno
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Colored pencil artist, Author.
Latest book: How to Draw for the Beginners