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I read, write, edit, work out, eat, repeat. After graduating with a B.A. in English and Philosophy from Queen's University in Canada, I decided to pursue my dreams as a writer. Everyone has a goal, mine was to publish my first book in my 20s. My debut novella, Aria, is a semi-autobiographical exploration of a young woman's psyche. It is fast, drenched in emotion and bleak. Aside from writing, I weight train three times a week in hopes of one day competing in the WBFF shows. I swim, paint, organize parties and read extensively in my free time. Soon to be published is a collection of short stories titled The Small Things.
Latest book: Aria

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Aaron Summers is a graduate of Florida State University. When not writing (or giving the finger to the blinking cursor on his word processor) he often spends his free time drinking alone, sowing disharmony between his overly neurotic Jack Russell Terrier and three-legged cat, trolling Mother Teresa fan forums, and discussing Simone de Beauvoir with cam-site girls. He lives in Sarasota, Florida, and his life's ambition is to rewrite the complete works of Jane Austen using nothing but emoticons.
Latest book: The Lamentable Fate of Mr. Fluffpaws and Other Stories

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Abbie McDonough was born and raised in Liverpool, England. From a young age she has had a passion for studying history. She also enjoys writing and spends most of her time doing this. This is her first book and she hopes to be able to write more.
Latest book: Sunken Dreams

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The Atlantic Council promotes constructive leadership and engagement in international affairs based on the Atlantic Community's central role in meeting global challenges. The Council provides an essential forum for navigating the dramatic economic and political changes defining the twenty-first century by informing and galvanizing its uniquely influential network of global leaders. Through the papers we write, the ideas we generate, and the communities we build, the Council shapes policy choices and strategies to create a more secure and prosperous world.
Latest book: War Stories from the Future

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Somos una boca, un meme, una revista, un video, una feria... un grupo de personas que fomentan el arte emergente de Monterrey.
Latest book: Ahí Muere: Segunda Edición

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Alejandro Triana is a Colombian attorney passionate for history and visual communication. He designed and carried out the visual documentation for the Archaeological Museum Casa del Marqués de San Jorge of Bogotá, Colombia; part of his photographic work was published in the book collection Arte de la Tierra (1988-1992, 9 vols.). His fine art archival project and experience was published as a proposal for electronic documentation of cultural patrimony objects in Colombia (1994, ISBN 958-9003-70-02). At the Law and Political Science’s Faculty at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia he dictated his course “Law and Communication” between 1994/1999; a summary of his lectures was published in “Pensamiento J ... read more
Latest book: The Voices of Silence (Pre-Columbian America)

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Allan A. Lobeck spent 12 months in Vietnam as an infantry officer and saw 180 days of combat in his one year tour. Allan participated in nine different major campaigns including the first night attack against the enemy and won Medals for Valor.
Latest book: Marshall's Marauders

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Just trying to function.
Latest book: Let's Help Bandit

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Inspired by common threads of the human experience which unite us to one another, as well as the passions of her own heart, Amalie Jahn enjoys writing young adult fiction as a way to share her vision of the world with others. She lives in the United States with her husband, two children, and three extremely well-fed cats. She is also glad time travel does not yet exist.
Latest book: At Odds with Destiny

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I live in Wisconsin, USA between the bluffs and the river. I love reading and writing and hanging out with my cat and horse.
Latest book: Justice Lost

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A.T. Moore was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, IL, where she developed a passion for writing at the young age of nine. The young wife and mother of two has written several poems and short stories over the years but her first published novel was released by Publish America in April of 2010. Life as a Foster is about how hard growing up in foster care can be, especially when people are in it for all the wrong reasons. Be on the look out for more writings by A.T. Moore in Urban, Horror and Romance, genres.
Latest book: Mama's Baby Girl

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For the love of music.. Music magazine giving exposure to the freshest music sounds and talent, as well as discussing industry related topics. We aim to showcase the amazing unheard talent in the International & Underground music scene.
Latest book: Am022

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AuthorD is a first-time author based in Australia.
Latest book: Penetration

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AwesomeDude Books is part of the web site, a site that offers quality gay fiction. From short stories to novels, flash fiction to novellas, AwesomeDude offers a cornucopia of quality writing.
Latest book: Midnight Dude: Selected Readings

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Barbara A Martin’s background is in health care and business. When she retired it was time to follow her dream of writing mystery stories, which are also her favorite genre to read. Barbara’s inspiration comes from reading Agatha Christie novels after going through Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Trixie Belden and Kay Tracey novels . She also has a passion for old black and white movies of the 30s to 50s. Barbara and her partner are the parents of four rescue animals; 2 dogs and 2 cats. The youngest dog now thinks she is the kitten’s mother. Barbara’s website at is dedicated to promoting “clean” indie authors’ books and trailers, as well as artwork, photography, recipes and ... read more
Latest book: Burnt Secrets

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ver since I can remember, I have always enjoyed Creative Writing. There was always something about being able to travel to a different place or become a different person with just the stroke of a pen - or in today's world a touch of the keyboard. I released my first novel The Exception To The Rule in December 2012 and have just released my second novel An Unplanned Lesson in March 2013. My life is not as interesting as my books or the characters in them, but then again whose life is? I was born and have lived in New Jersey my whole life. I'm a mom of twin teenage boys, a teenage stepson, a crazy Border Collie and a cat with an identity crisis! I guess you can say writing is my form of Calgon! I am married to a ... read more
Latest book: An Unplanned Life

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Open Minded Individual set on changing the world one consciousness at a time. Mind, Body, Soul.
Latest book: Millennia Kids

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Brad Cook is a freelancer, screenwriter, and novelist based in Tampa, FL. He also served as co-founder and senior editor for critique publication We Rate Stuff. Though his degree is in Web Design, he has chosen to pursue his childhood dream of being an author.
Latest book: Transcontinental

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Seasoned investor in many facets of the securities industry. Former bank officer and finally registered representative with Raymond James Financial Services and United Planners before retiring from the industry.
Latest book: The Modern Day Trader....After the Trade

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My name is Burton E Burns. I am currently in my mid thirties and have writing for about ten years. I have currently published two books to date. My first, Burying Hatchets was a memoir from growing up from a troubled past, filled with drug and alcohol addiction and growing up knowing that I was adopted and finally finding out the whereabouts of my birth parents and with the reunion finding just where the addictions stem from. My second is called A Maiden's Hell and although it is fiction it deals with the sensitive matters of sexual abuse.
Latest book: A Maiden's Hell

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Established in 1985, The Cable Center plays an integral role in the cable industry. The Center's resources and information document cable's rich heritage. Programs at The Cable Center support and fuel the ongoing impact of the industry's historic innovations and influence. The Center uniquely tells the riveting story of the cable industry and highlights the significant contributions made to technology, society and culture. The Cable Center is headquartered in Denver, Colo., but our presence extends around the globe wherever cable professionals work and wherever customers live. The Center's industry-wide mission and scope of service serves everyone involved in cable's sphere - operators, programmers, vendors ... read more
Latest book: The Cable Industry - A Short History Through Three Generations

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Cayce Berryman lives in Corpus Christi, TX. Her writing career began with her first poem in 2005, which grew into dozens of poems and short stories that she eventually had published in high school literary magazines. She serves as Managing Editor of the Del Mar College Foghorn newspaper and freelance editor for articles, fiction, and non-fiction works. She is a trained, certified member of American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI), and her offered services as a copywriter include travel articles and website copy. She claims her freelance editing and her own fiction writing as her passions above all else. However, she knows and humbles herself with the knowledge that even skilled writers and editors can always l ... read more
Latest book: The Grim Keepers

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Latest book: Message Ceenom

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In this digital age, customers are the most important, most ignored element of a company’s success. Once faced with a less than satisfactory experience with your business, customers have the power to flock to the Internet and inform other current or potential prospects of your shortcomings. So, how do we harbor rave reviews, return customers, and overall outstanding customer satisfaction? It starts with change. In his book Change is Great… Be First!, Richard Batenburg will walk you through the small changes it takes to create a huge shift within your company. His expert advice can help you improve your business’s servant leadership, corporate culture, teamwork, and most importantly your bottom line. In bu ... read more
Latest book: Big Data Tips 1-2-3

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Over thirty years experience in hospitality,transport and manufacturing. Dealing with customers and vendors alike on a daily basis. Write about business and self development. Believe that it is the marginal gains that gives one the edge in life and business. My blog was voted as one of the best for entrepreneurs in 2013. Have contributed to article on CNBC, that was picked up by the Huffington Post and Entrepreneur. Contributed to articles on web writing and more. Currently reside on the wild,wet and windy Atlantic coastline of Ireland.
Latest book: G.R.I.T. Spirit of an Entrepreneur

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Latest book: Bailando solo

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: DAMIAN HAMZA TAYLOR From Poverty Prisoner to Literary Liege Dr. Maya Angelou once said that “You may encounter many defeats but you must not be defeated. Please remember that your difficulties do not define you. They simply strengthen your ability to overcome.” This statement describes the prolific author, ingenious musician, and passionate community spokesman, Damian Hamza Taylor, perfectly. Hamza was born in Norfolk, Virginia and was raised by his grandmother in the historical Colonial Place neighborhood. In 1985, he moved to the adjacent yet lower income neighborhood with his mother, called Park Place. Although Colonial Place and Park Place is literally only separated by a street, the ... read more
Latest book: Dope Boy Metaphors

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Hi! I live and work in Northeast Missouri. I like books about serial killers and armed national conflicts, so if you have any recommendations for me, drop me a line. Thanks for reading, enjoy!
Latest book: John of God

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Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Danielle Walker has always strived to become an entrepreneur since the early age of eight. It started with odd jobs around the house, which soon led to braiding hair for extra cash. Becoming a Corporate Lawyer has always been a dream of hers, but it soon changed in her early semesters of college. Where she had the opportunity to intern for one of Atlanta’s most prestigious law firms ‘The Mosby Law Group’. Seeing and experiencing first-hand the hectic-ness of running a law firm. Danielle decided that particular career field wasn’t for her. Continuing to work two jobs and maintain being a full-time student. Danielle eventually realized working extremely hard wasn’t ... read more
Latest book: The Ultimate Betrayal

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Dark Highlands is a creative arts company that showcases writers, artists, and performers from the Midwest region. We specialize in horror, dark fantasy, and supernatural fiction, as well as art and poetry that fall under those categories. Dark Highlands staff does not receive compensation for their work on the Anthology. Our aim is to give writers, poets, and artists specializing in materials with darker subject matter a forum in which to present their work through both print and digital means. We believe in the promotion of regional visual and literary artists and aim to support them by raising awareness of their creations.
Latest book: Dark Highlands Anthology Volume 1

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I am David Adagadzu, happily married to my beautiful wife, Ahezi. We are blessed with two kids. I'm a privileged God's Servant, with determination to reach my world with the GOSPEL, both online and offline. I am driven by the passion to set lives at liberty one day at a time, with the instrumentality of the Word of God. I am also a Blogger at and, Researcher and Writer(You can hire me for writing services). Together, My wife and I have passion for delivery of highly benefiting health information through seminars, workshops, trainings and coaching. You may reach me on +2347037781319.
Latest book: How To Extract Moringa Seed Oil

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An MBA majored in Finance, Deepa finally embraced her long due passion for writing after 9 years of corporate career in Banking. Deepa’s first work, 'Valiyachalai Times', showcases the beauty, culture and lifestyle of families in South India. Her story unravels the struggle of children in middle class upbringing, their dreams and their agonies. The backdrop used was the early 1940 s in India. Her works are highly inspired from Indian families, and their protagonists fighting for their own causes. Her new book, Love War and Ramifications is not just about love. It is about the after effects of a war on the lives inflicted. The story of a simple girl who wants to know all the answers, Joanna runs into Edward, ... read more
Latest book: Love War And Ramifications

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writer, photographer, mother...not necessarily in that order.
Latest book: An Outlander Dual Roles eBook

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Well, hello :) I'm happy girl from little country Slovakia. I used to write years before, there are few of my works from that age, but I think I should continue.. :) worst thing is I have milions of ideas and don't know what may I write :D So, if anyone wants to talk about something, just write me and I'd be glad ;) I'm really chatty and I like to meet new people :)
Latest book: That boy with dreadlocks

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I would first like to say I wrote this book as a very unpolished writer. I did not send it for editing and proof reading as I wanted to keep it in my own words and from my heart. I know many corrections from grammar and spelling could have been made and hope you will look beyond that and get a true understanding of the pain and heartbreak I went through and still do with my children. I am a simple person at this point of my life and choose not to redo and relive what I went through and wrote. Hope you enjoy reading the book and maybe you or someone you know can benefit by my mistakes and hardship.
Latest book: A Father's Cry - My Fight for Justice

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We are Kenyan teachers willing to teach the language, currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Education at Egerton University.
Latest book: MWONGOZO AMANA.

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Dr. Dorothy VanderJagt a popular speaker who creates energizing workshops. Educators are delighted with her practical style and leave her workshops excited and with strategies for immediate use. She is founder and President of Global Learning in Michigan. Dorothy has conducted numerous workshops, in-services for schools, and presented at state and national conferences. She has worked with students, teachers, and administrators as a teacher, department chair, team leader, mentor, administrator, consultant and college professor. Dorothy was a teacher for ten years, a principal for eleven years, and is currently the Director of Teaching and Learning at Kent Intermediate School District. Dorothy co-directed the ... read more
Latest book: Mom’s Financial Tips and Money Management [article]

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Greetings! I hope one or more of my books will lead us to conversation, a meeting, discussion or otherwise some manner of learning & growing from each other. I love new quality relationships in my life, so reach out will you?!? My 7th book is now available, published June 2015 - THE OLD MAN - Biographical Novel & Short Story. My life's Passions: LEADERSHIP * CULTURE * PEOPLE * RELATIONSHIPS * FAITH My favorite Quote: 'People do not care how much you know until they first know how much you care' BIO: President and Founder of Booker Training Associates; Doug is a Facilitator, Change Agent, Coach, Author & Leadership-Developer. Booker Training Associates is a business Doug began after a successful military car ... read more
Latest book: The OLD MAN - Biographical Novel & Short Story

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A Editorial Divergência é uma editora centrada na ficção especulativa. Apostamos em exclusivo no mercado e escritores nacionais, promovendo uma relação de honestidade e confiança com os autores. Criamos edições acessíveis e de qualidade, com regularidade e sem acordo ortográfico. O nosso logótipo representa um rebento, que divergiu da semente, ganhando vida própria, tal como fazemos com os trabalhos dos nossos autores. Cada uma das folhas representa as várias vertentes da ficção especulativa: fantasia, ficção científica, terror. As folhas estão também ligadas às três éticas da editora: - cuidar do planeta: edições amigas do ambiente - cuidar dos autores e leitores: os autore ... read more
Latest book: Por Mundos Divergentes

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A small electronic publisher of speculative fiction. Founded in 1997.
Latest book: Spellbound Winter 2013: Giants

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Latest book: Eight

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Nací en Madrid el 2 de Julio de 1972. Ya con siete años, en el colegio me obligaron a escribir un poema para presentarlo a un concurso y me negué; sino lo escribía, no tendría recreo. Cogí un lápiz y una hoja y lo escribí en menos de cinco minutos. Me otorgaron el Segundo Premio de Poesía para niños escrita por niños de Gloria Fuertes y no me dieron el primero porque era muy pequeño, no creían que lo había escrito yo; la única que creyó en mí fue Gloria. Desde entonces, esa magia me envolvió y no he dejado de escribir. Estudié Derecho y fui socio del Ateneo de Madrid, donde volví a coincidir con Gloria Fuertes y con Carmen Martín Gaite. Dos mujeres impresionantes tanto como personas como ... read more

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Enxebrebooks es una editorial con nuevas ideas,en la que tanto si eres un autor o un audaz lector tendrás tu espacio para compartir, comentar, recomendar y sobre todo leer. Nuestro principal canal es la venta online a través de nuestra página principal y las principales plataformas (amazon, kobo, grammatta, google play). Aunque tenemos opciones para todos: ¿Quieres un libro de nuestro catálogo pero sin comprar por internet? ¿Vives fuera de España? Escríbenos:
Latest book: Dignidad, cultura y libertad

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Latest book: How to Come Out of Poverty

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Latest book: The Crossroads

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Nací a principios de los 80, cuando las hombreras y los bigotes causaban furor. Pronto me di cuenta de que el mundo es tan grande como pequeño, tan justo como injusto, y tan vibrante como decepcionante. Quizá por ello decidí licenciarme en periodismo. Tenía una visión del mundo demasiado cruda, tanto que me resultaba casi poética. Con el tiempo descubrí que necesitaba expresar cada canto de esperanza y cada llanto de rabia. Hace no mucho sentí la necesidad irremediable de viajar, y tuve la suerte de dar con un lugar fascinante, esa tierra hermana que es Latinoamérica, llena de buena gente de la que aprendí mucho más de lo que hubiera imaginado. Mis pasiones son muchas: escribir, leer, viajar..., ... read more
Latest book: Seducción y castigo: "Sheena is a punk rocker" (capítulo 1)

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Latest book: Flight of the Shaman