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éditeur free-lance

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Frans Welman is a photojournalist and documentary filmmaker from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He started out as a clinical psychologist with a preference for cross-cultural psychology. Armed with that inclination, he went on a journey that carried him from West Papua to Peru, and eventually to the doorstep of Nagaland. Working in the prominent Dutch anthropological Royal Tropical Museum education department for many years brought the conviction to stand by those indigenous peoples who, due to post-colonial effects, have yet to attain their right to self-determination. Frans Welman brings these peoples and environments they live in to light as his never-ending journey continues.
Latest book: Borneo Trilogy Book 3 Sarawak Volume 2: Kalimantan

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Franz McLaren was sucked into the world of fantasy at ten years old when he read Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. After that, he delved headfirst into the stories of Dr. Seuss, and from then on, the stories of J. R. R. Tolkien, Terry Goodkind, Holly Lisle, J. K. Rowling, and many others have grown to be a significant part of his life. Throughout his life, Franz McLaren has traveled extensively, living in forty-eight of the fifty United States, England, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, and vacationing in a host of many other nations. After experiencing all of the fantasies that his travels had to offer, Franz has now settled down into manifesting fantasies of his o ... read more
Latest book: Trial In Lavondel

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Franz was born in the Austrian Alpine resort of Mürzzuschlag. Today he divides his time between Vienna, Paris, Berlin, The Hague, London, Brussels, Miami, and French Polynesia. When he isn't busy he likes to spend time onboard his beloved Beatrix III. In 2009, at the urging of concert pianist Mitsuko Uchido, he began writing common sense advice to average, 'everyday' people. Though a success and lifeline to millions (perhaps billions) of readers, Franz and Uchido are no longer speaking. You can contact him at
Latest book: Dear Franz, Advice for Everyman from the Duke of Merzenburg!

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La biografía personal debe exponer por qué una persona tiene algo de especial. Pero como esto lo está escribiendo la misma persona, puede no ser tan válido. Pero les aseguro que trataré de ser totalmente honesto. A lo largo de mi vida he tenido un gran defecto: tanto en la escuela como en las tareas que me asignaron o me asigné yo mismo, siempre busqué (sin siempre encontrar) la manera de hacer las cosas que me gustaban más y no las que habrían sido más convenientes y útiles desde el punto de vista mercantil o económico. Me pareció interesante hablar lenguas diferentes de la mía propia. La única “útil” en ese momento era el inglés. Pero también acaricié francés, alemán, ruso, italiano ... read more
Latest book: Diez mil años de crueldad

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Passionné d'informatique, j'ai commencé très jeune à draguer sur internet dès les années 2000. C'était alors l'âge d'or des tous petits tchat gratuit, tel que, le tchat de voila et bien d'autres... Cocoland faisait son apparition bien des années plus tard, avec son allure "rétro" mais surtout la promesse d'avoir toujours des personnes connectées. La communauté gay s'est vite emparé de cette espace pour en faire aujourd'hui l'un des fleurons des sites de rencontre gay : le chat Coco. A travers mon ebook, je vous propose de découvrir ou de redécouvrir toutes les astuces pour trouver un plan cul le plus vite possible sur le Chat Coco. 5 étapes sont suffisantes pour être fixé et ainsi ne p ... read more
Latest book: Cocoland : Comment trouver un plan cul en 5min !

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Little Freddy Barnett was born in Far-Rockaway (Fah-Rahkaway), New Yawk. His parent’s (two) soon moved his family to the warmer waters and authentic Mexican cuisine of Southern California in the early 1960s. After marriage and a lovely daughter, it was off to Kailua, Hawaii, where he lingers, loiters and languishes today. His previous works include two underwater videos and music recordings. Two of his current music CDs ( are “Wiki Waki Woo - Souvenirs” and “Hey Bahtoondah by the Half-Naked Savages.” In 2010, Fred published “Shark Stories” (Amazon). “Second Chances” a collection of short stories has been released this year. "Bats," a love story about two of history's most infamous ... read more
Latest book: Bats (A Return to Damnalot)

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Fred Chandler is the author of two chapbooks, A Flying Frog and X Factor. He is a recipient of a National Endowment for the Humanities grant, a fellow of the American Film Institute, a member of the Writers Guild of America and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Fred's poems have appeared in The Pink Chameleon, Splizz, Northern Stars, and The Storyteller, among other publications. He is originally from New York City, and now lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Jo.
Latest book: X Factor

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Fred Cooper was born in 1950 in Seaham, a small harbour town in County Durham on the North East coast of England. He spent much of his teenage years sitting around coffee bars with his school friends, walking around the harbour and watching the pilot cutter bringing in cargo boats laden with timber and building materials and re-loading with coal bound for counties on the East coast of England. He believes that anyone born in Seaham has a natural affinity with the sea, the harbour and the harbour area - in fact - the majority of Seaham born folk have ancestors who worked on the numerous sailing ships visiting the port in the Victorian era. His formative years in Seaham provided many of the experiences and backg ... read more
Latest book: A History of the Churches at Seaham

Follow me on Twitter at  fredericktg Fred Crompton
Fred Crompton, brought up in Bolton. Now retired and living in Atherton, near Manchester, with my wife Veronica. Got my degree at Bolton Institute of Higher Education, now Bolton University. Teaching qualification from Wigan College. Taught in the adult education sector but spent the last six years teaching in the Prison Service. I also ran Assertiveness Training Courses. This book is based on my Assertiveness Training Classes.
Latest book: Assertiveness Training Manual

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Fred's focus as a writer is on the Appalachian landscapes of our lives where the common bond to place is grounded in a deep knowledge of who we are and where we belong; to the outdoors, where curiosity and wonder could lead us--and especially our children--to better know and more deeply care for the natural world; and to each other in family, neighborhood and community at a time when more than ever, we need the riches of wisdom and strength, courage and humor that each of us can offer toward a durable future.
Latest book: Slow Road Home ~ a Blue Ridge Book of Days

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Fred Gleeck is an information marketer. He markets and sells books, ebooks, audios, videos and other info products. He also coaches a select group of subject matter experts to help them create and market THEIR info products. To get is FREE audio course (valued at $397), go to
Latest book: Information Marketing Made Easy: How to Build a Successful Info Products Business in 59 “Easy” Steps

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Freddie Gordon was born at Columbia Hospital for Women in Washington DC, his parents, Freddie and Gloria Gordon move to Suitland when he was 5. Graduated from Suitland High school with plans to attend Morgan State until he was arrested on drug charges and sent to prison for a year and a half. After release he attend UDC community college but for only a semester. Because of his recent drug conviction he was unable to get a job. He started working for a trash company that was own by a friends father that gave him a chance to work. After only working a few months he was in a terrible accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down. During his rehabilitation he went to school for Computer Aided Drafting, calle ... read more
Latest book: Still Looking Up

Follow me on Twitter at  fredherbert Fred Herbert
Author of ebook "How to Prepare Your Business For Sale" and the Amazon book "Double of Nothing", public speaker, business coach and consultant, ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt, expert in process and performance excellence.
Latest book: How to Prepare Your Business for Sale

Follow me on Twitter at  FLouisHolmes Fred Holmes
This is Fred Holmes’s first fiction novel, having previously ghost-written a nonfiction book, LETTERS FROM DAD. He is known as a writer and director of films and television, working primarily in family films and children’s television. His work can be seen on Mary Lou Retton’s FLIP FLOP SHOP, BARNEY AND FRIENDS, WISHBONE, HORSELAND, IN SEARCH OF THE HEROES, and many other shows, for which he has won two Emmys and three CINE Golden Eagles, among numerous other awards. He has also directed three feature films, including DAKOTA, starring Lou Diamond Phillips, distributed by Miramax; HARLEY, also starring Lou Diamond Phillips, distributed by Lionsgate; and HEART LAND, a Bollywood feature film shot on location ... read more
Latest book: The Ugly Teapot, Book One: Hannah

Follow me on Twitter at  fredjacob666 Fred Jacob
Born on August 1970, of Filipino and Italian ancestry. Studied Sociology, English literature and Psychological Marketing. A natural born musician and art fanatic. Studied in The British School of Manila, Lourdes School Quezon City and The University of the East. Currently working as a freelance article writer and presently resides in Manila. Believes that facing the ugliness of the reality of life and accepting it is a genuine first step to attain contentedness and peace, removing the distortion and disillusion that may very well lead a person on the perception of "Hope in false pretense". Took up Sociology in college to know the truth about society and the human psyche. Despite the evident brutality of man's ... read more
Latest book: Coping With Diabetes: A Day To Day Struggle

Follow me on Twitter at  fredkarger Fred Karger
Fred Karger was the first to announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination for President of the United States on March 23, 2011. Throughout his career, Karger has worked on nine presidential campaigns and served as a senior consultant on campaigns for Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush and Gerald Ford. He retired after 27 years and has since become an activist for gay rights causes, including his organization Californians Against Hate (now Rights Equal Rights) to investigate the LDS Church and the National Organization for Marriage in their campaigns against marriage equality in California and Maine. Karger is the first openly gay presidential candidate from a major political party in Ame ... read more
Latest book: Fred Who?

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Fred Kruse schreibt seit einigen Jahren Romane, die er im Selbstverlag herausgibt und auf jeder größeren Plattform als eBook oder auch als Taschenbuch erhältlich sind. Insbesondere die 7 Romane und 2 Erzählungen, die im Rahmen der Serie »Lucy – ein Weltraumabenteuer nicht nur für Jugendliche« erschienen sind, erfreuen sich einer für von Verlagen unabhängige Publikationen erfreulich großen Leserschaft. Alle Informationen zu Inhalten und Vertrieb der Werke erhalten Sie Sie auf der Homepage des Autors: HINTERGRUND: Der Autor lebt in Norddeutschland, ist verheiratet und Vater von drei Töchtern und einem Sohn. Während des Physikstudiums beschäftigte er sich besonders mit Elem ... read more
Latest book: Adromenda - Die Königskinder von Adromenda (Band 1)

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Fred Kusch works with organizations who want to create a better work-life balance that will lead to healthier employees, workplaces and bottom lines. Fred serves as president of JFK Associates, Inc., an international consulting firm, which he founded in 1980. He is also CEO of The Growth Coach, the leader in business coaching; he opened the regional franchise office in 2005. His presentations and workshops will give you strategies and practical ideas to help managers become leaders, improve workplace communication and, ultimately better serve the customer. He consistently ranks as a favorite presenter with general business, healthcare and education audiences alike.
Latest book: Uncommon Leadership

Follow me on Twitter at  fat2fitfred Fred Lechuga
Fred Lechuga is the owner and author of the running and weight loss journey website, Fat2fitFred. This is his first book and it was self-published. Fred lost over 100 pounds with lifestyle changes to his eating habits and adding exercise to his daily routine. He has kept his weight loss since 2006. The blog website includes stories about how he lost weight, kept it off and his running experiences. It also includes stories about other people who have succeeded with making dramatic changes to their life. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ (search on Fat2FitFred).
Latest book: Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

Follow me on Twitter at  ImagineTimeSW Fred Lindsley
Fred Lindsley practiced as a Certified Public Accountant for twenty-five years and has twenty years of software development experience. He is the originating developer of the ImagineTime product. Having started his public accounting career at Coopers & Lybrand and later becoming a founding partner of two CPA firms, Fred started computer programming to fill a growing need for custom computer services among his clients. While in practice, Fred served on the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants (FICPA) Computer Technology Committee and has published articles in the monthly "CPA Today" magazine relating to practice management for CPAs. Fred is a retired surfer currently living in the Bl ... read more
Latest book: CPA Practice Management Pro Tips

Follow me on Twitter at  FSE_fred Fred Medina
Fred Medina likes exercise and fitness, but believes that exercise shouldn't be long and boring. He feels fitness can be had in short, challenging bouts of exercise. Due to this belief, he has set out on a mission to see how little exercise he can do, while still reaping the benefits. No longer tied to the conventional thinking of more is better, he continues to gain strength and increase his fitness levels by performing quick and intense workouts. He enjoys swimming, creating, and considers himself a life long student,"I love to learn."
Latest book: Dieting Bites: 3 Simple Rules To Eating & Diets That Violate Them

Follow me on Twitter at  fredmillerart Fred Miller
I am a retired jack of all trades, with a BAS in electronic engineering. Along with drawing and painting, there are many things that I like to do, including writing and riding my harley.
Latest book: Dragon's Lair

Follow me on Twitter at  proseking Fred Nath
Fred Nath is a full time Neurosurgeon. He lives in the northeast of England with his wife and daughter, his three sons having grown up and flown the coop. In his time, he has run twenty-one consecutive Great North Run half-marathons, trekked Island Peak, to 6000m in Nepal, crossed the highest mountain pass in the world (also in Nepal) [which you can see on You-tube], done a 12,000ft tandem parachute jump and began writing, like John Buchan, "because he ran out of penny-novels to read and felt he should write his own." Fred loves a good story, which is why he writes. He also loves the Dordogne, French wine and a good family getogether!
Latest book: The Cyclist - A World War II Thriller

Follow me on Twitter at  freddeb777 Fred Phillips
Passion for Life and Excellence. Sower by Heart. Love of Christ and Kingdom Principles. Committed to my Marriage and the sanctity of Marriage.
Latest book: The Milk Song

Follow me on Twitter at  WtTrainWOInjury Fred Stellabotte
Fred Stellabotte, a US Navy veteran and an expert in bodybuilding, has developed weight-training programs with a focus on proper form and injury prevention for over 50 years. He has trained movie stars, champion bodybuilders, professional athletes (including Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team and Oakland Raiders football team players), and members of the general public. From 1970 to 1989, he founded and directed southern California’s Manhattan Beach Athletic Club for Men and the Manhattan Beach Athletic Club for Women, two of the largest facilities of their kind in America. His knowledge and experience result from years of research, including study with monks who practice martial arts in China; extensive cours ... read more
Latest book: Weight Training Without Injury: Over 350 Step-by-Step Pictures Including What Not to Do!

Follow me on Twitter at  StrangeWldUnltd Fred Strange
Fred Strange resides in Southern California with his beloved wife, two not-so-beloved, neurotic cats, and his own little Starchild.
Latest book: Starchild: Prophecy

Follow me on Twitter at  FredT01a Fred Taikowski
I am retired and living in Central Florida . I now have time to pursue my interests of writing , art and photography .
Latest book: The New Earth Star

Follow me on Twitter at  FredVel Fred Velez
Born in New York City, Fred Velez writes a Blog for the website and was a writer for Maggie Manus’ Monkee Business Fanzine, and co-wrote with animation historian Jerry Beck the article ‘Critic’s Choice: The Monkees’ for Video Review Magazine, 1984. Book credits include contributions to ‘The Monkees: A Manufactured Image’ by Ed Reilly, Maggie McManus and William Chadwick and ‘Mutant Monkees Meet The Masters Of The Multimedia Manipulation Machine!’ by Davy Jones and Alan Green. Fred has been the master of ceremonies for the Monkees Conventions from 1980 to 1989 and 2013/2014. As an actor Fred has performed in many productions including ‘Godspell’, ‘Damn Yankees!’, ‘Oklahoma! ... read more
Latest book: A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You: The Monkees From A Fan's Perspective

Follow me on Twitter at  fredventurini Fred Venturini
Fred Venturini grew up in Patoka, Illinois. His short fiction has been published in the Booked Anthology, Noir at the Bar 2, and Surreal South '13. In 2014, his story "Gasoline" was featured in Chuck Palahniuk's Burnt Tongues collection. The Heart Does Not Grow Back, published by Picador in 2014, is his first novel. He lives in Southern Illinois with his wife and daughter.
Latest book: A Pound of Flesh

Follow me on Twitter at  frederation Fred Warren
Fred hails from the merry old land of Kansas, and his short stories have appeared in a variety of online and print magazines, such as A Fly in Amber, Beyond Centauri, Every Day Fiction, Mindflights, and Residential Aliens. You can find links to his other stories in print and online at his writing blog, The Muse is his first novel.
Latest book: The Seer

Follow me on Twitter at  fdungan Fred Dungan
I own and operate DUNGAN BOOKS, a small, fiercely independent publishing house in Riverside, California. Although I am a Christian writer, you won't find my books in Christian bookstores because of my occasional use of street language which the powers-that-be find vulgar and distasteful. Since I refrain from taking the Lord's name in vain and obey the word of God, I do not appreciate having my books banned from sale in their stores. They should renounce their elite, one percenter, holier-than-thou notions, journey beyond their restrictive gated communities, and find out what life is like for the rest of us. Celebrate humanity as we praise God together. Let us be grateful for what we have. Read my latest book, P ... read more
Latest book: Policing America's Empire - Pax Americana

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4 July 2014 (I swear I'm going to barbecue later) English teacher, writer, filmmaker. If you like my work here, please visit me elsewhere. Book Reviews: Poetry: PUBLICATION HISTORY I published two short stories in 1994, including "Six Bullets to Kill" in Innisfree and "The Last Tree" in Child Life Magazine. I recently published "A-Haunting We Will Go" in Bete Noire, available here: WORK EXPERIENCE I have an MA in Literature and MFAs in Creative Writing and Film Production. I worked in the film industry for about two years, and it culminated in directing Gothic Vampires From H ... read more
Latest book: Party of the First Part

Follow me on Twitter at  YourJesusGPS Fred W. Apelquist
The author has been a life-long student and learner. While working in the real-world for nearly forty years, he held various management positions for over two decades. He won the Public Service Excellence award for managing the “Best Federal Government Program” for the year 2000. He is now a retired federal government manager and free-lance writer ( – now in hiatus) who holds the Master of Education degree from the University of Virginia. He has published dozens of op-ed, management, humor, and general interest articles. Mr. Apelquist was a regular social and political columnist for The Journal Newspapers (Washington, DC, suburbs) and The Flagler Times (Flagler County, FL). He was Treasu ... read more
Latest book: Your Jesus GPS - Find Direction, Personal Growth, Inner Peace and Joy

Follow me on Twitter at  fredalightfoot Freda Lightfoot
Born in Lancashire, Freda Lightfoot has been a teacher and bookseller. In a mad moment she even tried her hand at the ‘good life’ as a smallholder. Inspired by this tough life on the fells, memories of her Lancashire childhood, and her passion for history she has published over forty family sagas and historical novels. Freda has lived in the Lake District and Cornwall but now spends the winters in Spain and summers in the UK. For more information visit her website:
Latest book: Witchchild

Follow me on Twitter at  mrparrotface Freddie Davies

Latest book: Funny Bones - My Life in Comedy

Follow me on Twitter at  freddiemilano Freddie Milano
Freddie Milano lives with her partner-in-crime, two adorable and devilish cats, and far more ideas than she really has time to set down on (electronic) paper. She’s been writing since she could hold a pen, though most of the embarrassing stories thankfully never made in onto the internet, and can stay safely buried. She loves wine, Korean pop music, tea, chocolate, coffee, mythology, and both video and tabletop gaming. An ESFJ surrounded by introverts, Freddie has learned the art of socialization in moderation. Besides, staying in just leaves her more time to write. Books on Smashwords: WON'T BACK DOWN edited by Samantha Derr PRIVATE DICKS: PACKING HEAT edited by Samantha Derr A HONEYED LIGHT by Freddie Mi ... read more
Latest book: A Honeyed Light

Follow me on Twitter at  MediumFreddieR Freddie Rivera
Freddie Rivera was born in New York City in 1957. His background is of the Puerto Rican culture. He is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in NYC. His profession is a graphic artist. He wrote his first book entitled “The Shining Within Me: Communications from the Afterlife." It’s a true account of the life of Psychic Medium Freddie Rivera. He recalls and shares his memories and experiences in growing up with gifts that were not yet recognized or understood by society. He takes you through his traumas as a small child and through a confused, misplaced and lonely existence while growing up. You will experience his often frightening and life-altering encounters with the paranormal in vivid detail. You will ... read more
Latest book: The Shining Within Me: Communications from the Afterlife

Follow me on Twitter at  talkinfrench Frederic Bibard
Frédéric Bibard is the founder of He helps motivate learners to improve their French and create a learning habit.
Latest book: Learn French With Stories: 7 Short Stories For Beginner and Intermediate Students

Follow me on Twitter at  bookcasetv Frederic Colier
Frederic Colier is the authors of several novels, plays, and screenplays. He is currently the executive producer and host of the weekly Tv program Book Case TV.
Latest book: Nick Klaus and the Incurable Jumblelium

Follow me on Twitter at  FMerbe Frederic Merbe
Frederic Merbe is a person who likes to daydream, and writes what he spends his days dreaming about.
Latest book: The Altonevers

Follow me on Twitter at  frederickander2 Frederick Anderson
An only child who grew up in the country, I had little to do but read. I wrote my first story when I was nine, about a monster that lived in the hills behind my home. It scared me so much I hid the pages under my bed at night and still had nightmares about it! An embryo stage career, nipped in the bud by an injudicious marriage (fortunately for the theatre, I think) and a lifetime of jobs that haven't really meant anything in themselves, but which afford me a rich font of characters. I hope they will leap from the page for you as they do for me! This year I was short-listed for the Aeon Short Fiction Prize.
Latest book: Dreamcake

Follow me on Twitter at  LoneArgonaut Frederick Barrows
Frederick Barrows was born in America's far west and reared in its deep south. He has published three novels and a collection of stories. His latest work is Der Filmvorführer ("The Projectionist").
Latest book: Der Filmvorfuhrer

Follow me on Twitter at  fbillingsl Frederick Billingsley
Born in the mid forties in Houston,Texas. Always wanted to try my hand at writing stories. Never got started until 2010, wrote seven books. Sing karaoke and preform with a live band. Presently taking lead guitar lessons and key board. All in my later years of life, so it is...
Latest book: Story Book

Follow me on Twitter at  frederickbrooke Frederick Brooke
Frederick Lee Brooke launched the Annie Ogden Mystery Series in 2011 with Doing Max Vinyl and following with Zombie Candy in 2012, a book that is neither about zombies nor sweets. The third mystery in the series, Collateral Damage, appeared in 2013. The first book in Fred’s entirely new series is due in November 2013. A resident of Switzerland for the last 20 years, Fred has worked as a teacher, language school manager and school owner. He has three boys and two cats and recently had to learn how to operate both washing machine and dryer. When not writing or doing the washing, Fred can be found walking along the banks of the Rhine River, sitting in a local cafe, or visiting all the local pubs in search of h ... read more
Latest book: Kollateralschaden (Ein Annie Ogden Krimi)

Follow me on Twitter at  dredfunn Frederick Dunn
Frederick Dunn was born and raised in Kingston, ON Canada. He is currently working as a teacher's aide and is working on his Early Childhood Educators diploma through St. Lawrence College. He is the father of three wonderful children who are now young adults and Grancher to one handsome grandson and fondly remembers sharing his stories with them as they grew. He still lives in Kingston with his wife and soul mate, without whom none of this would be possible.
Latest book: The Tall Tale of Tommy Turcotte Part 2

Follow me on Twitter at  FredEarlstein Frederick Earlstein
Retired high school biology teacher Frederick Earlstein lives to research. When his only niece was diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) at age 14, Earlstein felt helpless. His answer was to start researching the condition and sharing everything he learned with his sister and her family. That project not only resulted in a book on the subject, but also to the successful management of the girl's condition. Earlstein applied the same approach to his own minor problems with blood pressure, allergies, and degenerative disc disease. "It's all about critical mass," he says. "When the notes on my laptop and those piled up on my actual desktop reach a certain level, I start realizing there's ... read more
Latest book: Eye Strain. Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Conditions.

Follow me on Twitter at  gaylordcat Frederick Fuller
Full-time writer. I'm an old man living a dream. I write for the fun of it, and sales are nice but I don't judge my success by them.
Latest book: Children of Bast

Follow me on Twitter at  FredNurse Frederick Nurse
Fred Nurse Character and service: Married for 40 years and have six adult children and 9 grandchildren, I worship in Brooklyn, NY, Am a graduate of Hofstra University, School of Business Am retired from medical sales Am a current Board Member of the Brooklyn Council of Churches, Lecturer on World History Former Sunday School teacher and voted to serve three terms as an Elder at the Memorial Presbyterian Church of Roosevelt, NY, Am a community volunteer to serve the poor in Brooklyn Awards and Credits: Named, Man of the year by Memorial Presbyterian Church of Roosevelt, NY. Recipient of many awards with the Baxter Healthcare Div. Honored as Father of the year by the County Executive of Nassau County, NY Ho ... read more
Latest book: Coping with Seperation and Divorce