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My ordinary nature as a woman comes packaged with extraordinary passion for quality writing, beauty and fashion, daily yoga, gym and strolls. I also nurture insatiable passion for scrapbooking for the little ones. With a staunch belief in kindling hope to the world, I highly believe it to be the best healer. I also believe that one’s happiness can only be found from within and that it’s pursuit is worth.
Latest book: The First Trillionaire

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S.B. Stewart-Laing is an ecologist and history enthusiast currently living in Glasgow. Michael J. Chernicoff is a postgraduate student in physics at Boston University, where he studies dark matter.
Latest book: Forgotten Gods

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Hi, I'm George, founder of Self Healthy. Here's a little about me: I'm an entrepreneur, internet marketer, author, fitness enthusiast, nutritionist and world traveller. I feel extremely blessed for the life that I live. The purpose of Self Healthy is to be a source of inspiration and change for those who refuse to settle for anything less than an extraordinary life. In my books I will openly and passionately share all of the tools, resources, and strategies that I continue to discover that have made a measurable difference to my quality of life, and will for you as well. Self Healthy is dedicated to focusing on helping myself and others live a life of balance. I believe that there are 7 master areas for an e ... read more
Latest book: Breakup Recovery: How To Recover From A Serious Breakup, Gain Self Confidence, Stop Feeling Rejected And Get Back Into Life

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I am Shams Hassan from USA. I am fun to write some books.

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Shanzai [alt. sp. shanzhai or Shan Zai] literally means "Mountain Bandit or Fortress" in Mandarin Chinese. It is a phenomenon that goes far beyond the simplistic view of “copycat products” and in popular Chinese cultural usage is used to describe a vendor who operates a business without observing traditional rules or practices -- often resulting in innovative and unusual products or business models. Reading the stories on this website will open your eyes to a whole new business phenomenon that is affecting all of our lives whether we realize it or not. Read More: About
Latest book: The Top Ten System Tools for Android

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Publisher of great books by debut, self-published, and previously published authors - great books the majors missed.
Latest book: Angry Enough to Kill

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Sheree Smith was born in Doncaster. In 2000 she met her husband, Dean and moved to Nottingham where she lived for a further 15 years. They both now live in a beautiful part of Northumberland where Sheree enjoys tropical fish keeping, walking, reading and of course, writing books.
Latest book: Darkest Obsessions

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Shemika was born and raised in Cleveland, MS. She graduated from East Side High. Shemika obtained a Masters in Nursing Education and Bachelors in Nursing degree. She is a registered nurse, nursing instructor, motivational speaker, author, and PhD student. Shemika enjoys traveling, writing, inspiring others, and sharing the love of Jesus Christ.
Latest book: The Exchange: Beauty for Ashes

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Two friends with a lot of stories to tell. Think the Brothers Grimm but less gruesome and more ladylike.
Latest book: Short Lived

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Silk Sheet Books publishes a wide variety of erotic romance books. They currently have two authors: Shaneeka Porter and Megan Love. Get two free romance books when you visit
Latest book: Romantic Island Getaway

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S. M. Green has been writing for over 15 years on various topics and styles. After a thirteen-year career in the credit counseling industry, she now devotes part of her days, as a stay-at-home mom, to educating and sharing articles, tips, and e-books on personal money management and living within a budget. She has contributed articles on personal finance and money management to a number of e-zine sites such as and Her relationship with and other online associations provides the perfect forum for reaching a wide range of like-minded consumers. S. M. Green lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband and five sons.
Latest book: Personal Finance Your Way

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Indian writer Soma Bose started writing with Indian Express, Pune (1997-2000), then moved on to specialise in poetry and short stories.
Latest book: Between The Lips And A Cup Of Tea

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My name is Muhammad Ibn Sharif, nickname: Spandan, My age is 11+. I read in class five. I like to write books but haven't published them yet, I will currently publish and sell them for free.
Latest book: The Ghost Stories

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We manage, a web site dedicated to unbiased reviews and ratings of South Padre Island for vacationers. Please feel free to get in touch with us at Thank you
Latest book: South Padre Island Vacation Guide

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Latest book: Adult Coloring & Painting World Pictures

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Reach us for buying Authentic Engineering Goods online. We are running Ecommerce store for all types of industrial goods. Available goods are abrasives,adhesives,fasteners, firesafety products and many from top brands. We deliver only the quality and genuine engineering goods especially to the client at the low cost
Latest book: How to use coupling to repair pipes

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Stoyan Stavru is a PhD of civil and family law (2008), PhD of modern philosophy (2015) and Master of Social and Legal Psychology (2010) - all in Sofia University Sv. Kliment Ohridski. Founder of the Professional legal site (on line since 2010) and one of the cofounders of the Justice development foundation (2011). He has organized three national conferences on Bioethics and biolaw (2013, 2014, 2015) and a cycle of 18 discussions "Bioethics and biolaw" jointly with the Centre for Culture and Debate Red House (2012-2014). Organizer and coleader (along with Irina Nedeva) of the rubric "In the new territories: law in the era of (hiper) technology"; which is broadcasted once a month at Bulgaria ... read more
Latest book: Incapacity to act of natural persons. Contemporary challenges

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Latest book: Each Morning: the sound of sand

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10+ years of IT infrastructure experience, Worked on Various Microsoft & related Technologies. Majorly contributed in Messaging & Collaboration area. Used PowerShell for automation of various monotonous tasks as well as created self service solutions for users.
Latest book: PowerShell Cheat Sheet

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I am a writer who is also a poet. I write children's stories, poetry, articles. I have just completed my third book, David and Rusty's Pirate Adventures.
Latest book: Wrong Number

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I have written several books, one of which was an Award Winning Novel

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Founded in October 2013, Tantraz Comics Bali is a local publication house founded by a visionary Bali's own local talent, Ary Wicahyana. Tantraz Comics is an outlet of his vision and hopes to embrace local talents such as writers, illustrators and artists to further develop their creativity and to produce their work of art. The Chronicle of Calonarang; Baladeva “Way of Tiger” is the first publication released into the market in form of an exclusive glossy A4 landscape in digital printing, showcasing an astonishing visual and simple storytelling method, as well as in eBook version offering two languages; Bahasa Indonesia and English. The second series is Blazing Red followed by book three is Son of Fire, and ... read more
Latest book: The Chronicles of Calonarang: Baladeva Vol. 1 Way of The Tiger

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We are dedicated to sharing information, the knowledge, the insights, and many of the strategies we have uncovered that have changed my our lives, and given us a power to create and live freely that unfortunately many do not see… Techaai is here for one reason, availing you with content that according to us is of Great Value and the aim of solving your daily tech glitches. However, incase of any lapse, concern, complain or comment of any of the content here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Latest book: Your Guide To Email Security 2017

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The Bard is a quarterly magazine which focuses on publishing microfiction from around the web! Our short-form magazine is available in a free pdf format, as well as in more premium eBook and physical formats. We publish quarterly, on the first of every September, December, March and June! ​ We're a not-for-profit magazine interested in publishing amateur microfiction - that is, very short stories with a word count of about 750 words - about the speculative and the fantastical. If you're an author who has had very little exposure, or even no exposure at all, we'd love to hear from you! ​ We want your tales of high adventure in fantasy kingdoms, we want your tales of investigators facing off against incompreh ... read more
Latest book: The Bard Quarterly - Issue #000

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Latest book: The Grasshopper

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Equity Investor
Latest book: Investing Formula

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After a successful business career as CEO of a diverse range of organisations in manufacturing, retailing and management consultancy I accepted an invitation to join the IoD (Institute of Directors) as a business consultant and lecturer. Fantastic and fulfilling period of my life. After 10 years I turned to writing self-helps books. Titles include: Top Tips: Interviewing, Top Tips: Writing a CV/Resume, The Interview Bible and Where To Find Things When I'm Gone, My family of three grown up children and eight grandchildren give my wife and I enormous pleasure. Spare time? What little I have is spent supporting the ARTHUR RANK HOSPICE CHARITY as a volunteer fundraiser. Main hobbies are golf and fly-fishi ... read more
Latest book: Top Tips: Writing a CV/Resume

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A group of young individuals joined into Train Your Vibration Team with one goal: to share our numerology knowledge and our spiritual and life experience with the world. For many years we’ve been training our own vibrations to change our lives to better and now we can’t wait to pay it forward. Anita - Spiritual mysteries-, music-, books-, nature- and language- lover; dedicated to sharing positive vibrations and knowledge on how to live a fulfilling life. Jure - Spiritual guide, life coach, ex professional athlete, love reading books, enjoy listening to music and watching movies, swimming in the ocean, fluent in 5 languages, and totally committed and compassionate about uplifting people. Tim - Behind-The-Sce ... read more
Latest book: Training Organs' Frequencies

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TRS, the Event Management Experts The TRS staff provides expert technical and consulting services to event managers. Our team turns clients into event day heroes by providing them with success building tools. TRS is best known as the developers of the event registration, ticketing and volunteer management software, myTRS. Over the years our team has provided solutions that make event managers more efficient. But the secret to great event operations involves more than software. The Event Manager’s Playbook includes the best practices identified by the TRS staff in working with many of the best run events. The Playbook outlines the most effective event volunteer management process, job descriptions an ... read more
Latest book: The Volunteer Playbook: Tactics Every Event Manager Should Know

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Raised on the East Coast near Baltimore, Joel moved to Montana in the spring of 2015. After securing a job editing an art textbook for his first year in Kalispell, he spent his spare time writing poetry, hiking in Glacier Park and beginning his third book, his first fictional novel. Joel has published work in over sixty magazines, newspapers and websites. He had written for National Public Radio, Verizon, Wells Fargo, The Alzheimer’s Association of America, Home Instead Senior Care, Homegamers and Wolters Kluwer Publishing. He was the chief editor for Two Cents a Mile by Nevres Cefo and The Barnstone Method by Myron Barnstone, and authored Wednesdays with Myron. Other published works include 144 Ways: A Guide ... read more
Latest book: Teach and the Schoolgirl

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Latest book: Sprouts Theory Evolving

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Open Magazine is a underground fiction and poetry magazine published monthly. It is a 70+ page magazine featuring a variety of the strange and offbeat stories.
Latest book: Open Magazine Issue 0

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Vasudha Uttam, is a passionate writer, who loves to write and create stories. She emphasize more on writing children or YA stories, because in her story there is some hidden morals and values that every Children should acquire. She has so far published her Adventure Series Of Hillside House namely: 1. Hillside House and secret tunnels 2. Hillside house & the unfolding mysteries Further, she is working on some stories in her regional language i.e. Punjabi, that will be published soon..
Latest book: Jacky de karname (ਜੈਕੀ ਦੇ ਕਾਰਨਾਮੇ - ਭਾਗ ਪਹਿਲਾ)

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Gamble Clever with VegasMaster, your portal to the world of Online Gambling. Our team of Casino Journalists offers the internet’s greatest source of information about gambling in 12 different languages, including the most up to date news and reviews of Online Casinos, Games, Gaming Software, and Payment Methods. We welcome members of the gambling community to our Casino Forum to post topics, submit questions, and join the discussions about exclusive bonuses, the latest news, insider tips, and game recommendations.
Latest book: The Ultimate Baccarat Guide by

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Latest book: ಕರುನಾಡ ಸೊಗಡು

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Vincent Ohwojero is a graduate of Delta State University with a Bachelor degree in History and International Studies. He hails from Eruemukowoarien town in Ughelli North Local Government area of Delta State, Nigeria. He is happily married and blessed with children. Other Books by the author: (1) Understanding Covetousness; (2) The ministers’ privilege (understanding its use and abuse). Enquiries; Call 07031191602 for Nigerians and 2347031191602 for outside Nigerians. Or Email us @
Latest book: Ministers' privilege

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Started in 2004, Vinspire Publishing is a print and e-book publisher. All of our books, with the exception of our novellas, are available in print, and we offer a little bit of everything for the family including inspirational romance, historical romance, mysteries, romantic suspense, literary fiction, paranormal romance, non-fiction, young adult adventures, humor, and children's stories. Vinspire Publishing's book are available in trade paperback, e-books, and now in audio. You can find our e-books at Amazon, Apple, Nook, All Romance, Kobo, Overdrive, and Smashbooks. Our audio titles are available at Audible, Amazon, and iTunes, and our paperbacks are available through major online outlets and independent bo ... read more
Latest book: Redeemed

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The Wells Street Journal is an online magazine produced by the students of the MA Creative Writing: Writing the City at the University of Westminster, with a view to helping emerging writers establish their voice in the world. In an age of rapid technological, industrial and social development, the city and urban living is having an increasing impact on the way we feel, think about, and live our lives. We strive to produce and publish the absolute paramount in fiction and non-fiction, utilizing the city, specifically London, as an elemental theme
Latest book: Issue Six: Out of Place

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Yaware is a developer of productivity software which automatically tracks vital business processes. Our apps aim at enhancing productivity of both individuals and the team at large by providing automatically updated records on everyone's performance. We're passionate about helping others work better and achieve more. That's why our apps make it possible to get a fresh and precise insight into business performance and productivity, with all data being delivered to a single online account. We also want to make these data really simple and easy to understand. That's why the apps organize everything in clear charts and diagrams so you can analyze them in an instant. At Yaware, our goal is to help businesses re ... read more
Latest book: Time Tracking in Different Areas: Which Businesses Need It Most of All

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After having begun as a blog in the fall of 2015, Z Publishing, LLC is currently transitioning into book publishing. This transition is in response to the problem plaguing the publishing world: For writers, finding new readers can be tremendously difficult, and for readers, finding new, talented authors with whom they identify is like finding a needle in a haystack. With Z Publishing, the idea is that no longer will anyone have to go about this process alone. By producing anthologies of multiple authors rather than single-author volumes, Z Publishing hopes to harbor a community of readers and writers, bringing all sides of the industry closer together. To sign up for the Z Publishing newsletter or to submit yo ... read more
Latest book: Z Poetry: An Anthology of International Indie Poetry

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Little is known about "Musidora", other than that her pseudonym was evidently chosen in homage to the star of Louis Feuillade's silent serial Les Vampires. It has been rumoured, however, that she was a well-respected figure in the post-war Parisian literary scene, and that her many lovers included Man Ray, Josephine Baker and Boris Vian.
Latest book: Hot Pages

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The International Academy of Sports Science and Technology (AISTS), one of the world’s premier Sports Management education and research academies, is committed to professionalising sports management through the three core activity areas of continuing education, applied research and providing an engaging platform for industry connections. Founded as a not-for-profit foundation in 2000, AISTS Founding Members: the International Olympic Committee, the EPFL, the University of Lausanne, the University of Geneva, IMD Business School, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, the City of Lausanne and the Canton of Vaud, all recognise the importance of meeting the evolving knowledge needs of today’s sports managers. AISTS ... read more
Latest book: Collected Insights from the Field of Sport, Volume 1: Football and Society

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Latest book: The New Hindu Toolbox

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Latest book: Savor Me Sweetly

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A young team of app and game developers based in Bangkok
Latest book: Game Guide

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AtheistSocial was a social network that operated from 8-2010 to 5-2013. It continues as a book producer.
Latest book: The Atheist Protocols of the Learned Elders of Earth

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The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), established in 1863, is a not-for-profit association representing more than 89,000 veterinarians working in private and corporate practice, government, industry, academia, and uniformed services. Structured to work for its members, the AVMA acts as a collective voice for its membership and for the profession.
Latest book: AVMA Practice Advisory Panel Final Report on Telemedicine

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Bxerk is married and has a son in middle school. Bxerk lives in rural southern Wisconsin. Bxerk loves to be creative in everything. Bxerk has dogs and cats. Bxerk hopes you enjoys the book.
Latest book: The Shade Riders and the Dreadful Ghosts --- How to Get Rid of Ghosts