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Az "író" nem író, csak gyermekkora óta ír; mióta rákényszerítették, hogy megírja élete első művét ”Legkedvesebb Nyári Élményem” címmel, az általános iskola második osztályában. Az iromány vegyes fogadtatásban részesült. Kritikusai szerint, Afrikában nem lehet kengurukra vadászni, lévén azok egy kontinenssel odébb élnek. Ám eme malőr, nem szegte az író kedvét. Az irodalomdolgozatok írása során, tovább gyártotta történeteit. Bár türelmét erősen próbára tették a naponta egy oldalnyi kötelezően másolandó szövegek - az írásai külalakjának a fejlesztésére, mondván, hogyan lehet egy nyolc éves gyereknek úgy írnia, mint egy nyolcvan évesnek – ... read more
Latest book: A Szürke 48-as Trikolórja

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Kahla Kiker (K.) writes to elicit usage of imagination and feelings experienced by all mankind worldwide. Kahla writes for the adventurer, the romantic, and the secret curiosity hidden in all of us. No genres left behind. As Kahla Kiker, she is the author of the suspense novel HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT and the self-help inspirational short fiction collection YOUR LIFE IS CALLING; under the pen name K., she has published three collections of erotic short fiction, the Book of Fantasies Trilogy (WHITE, RED, and BLACK), and a contributor of her story Broomswick Island to the dark erotica anthology CORRUPTED DESIRES, which topped Amazon US's and Amazon UK's digital bestseller list in October 2014. When she is not writin ... read more
Latest book: Book of Fantasies Black

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Langemedia represents multiple writers over the years. Currently Jack DeBar Smith author of Iconoclast Goes To Sea and The Illimitables.
Latest book: Book Of The Ancient Messenger Rahmotep

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Lord'Williams was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He lived in some very active neighborhoods like Williamsburg, Bed-Sty (Bedford Stuyvesant), and The East (East New York). He is a man of God, long term husband, and father. In addition to a full time writing career. I am the C.E.O. and Chief Editor of Words To A Page Publishers (W2PP). he also work for New York State's OPWDD, where I provide counseling and direct care to these with various development disabilities. Besides working an 8 hour job, his education, his writing, blogging, book reviewing, and personal 1 on 1 spiritual counseling, he's an 24 hr. diabetic, He is a type 1.5 diabetic. We know you're probably thinking, 'what's an 1,5 diabetic?' ... read more
Latest book: Shadows of the Heart ( The Unicorns )

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Chaque lundi, un billet politique à commenter toute la semaine
Latest book: Faites vos jeux

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McDroll sits at the back of a dank cave at the side of a loch writing dark tales for your enjoyment. She has to sneak into the village church everyday to plug in her computer behind the pulpit to charge up her battery. She does all of this for you, dear reader.
Latest book: FEELING IT

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A native of the Metropolitan of Washington, DC, Mychea ( has had a dream to have her words shown in print since the age of eleven, when she began a series of illustrations and short stories. In April 2007, Mychea decided it was time to stop fantasizing and begin achieving, opting to turn her dream into a reality and so her debut novel Coveted began. She is the author of urban fiction novels Coveted and Vengeance and in her spare time, Mychea loves to draw, model and act. She is a current resident of New York City, where she is hard at work on her next novel. For a chance to contact Mychea for guest appearances or speaking engagements, please email
Latest book: My Boyfriend's Wife PT 3

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pdmac is the author of the epic Science Fiction adventure series Wolf 359,which garnered 2nd place in Science Fiction in the Prize Writer of the year 2015 competition. His most recent publication is a Steampunk Western, Fool’s Gold. He is presently in the final editing phase of a dystopian novel called Rebirth of Angels scheduled for release in May. A diverse author, writer, and editor, he has also edited a Literature anthology, served as managing editor of an archaeology magazine, ghost-written an autobiography, and has had poems, short stories, articles, and editorials published in various literary journals, magazines and newspapers. His most recent short stories appear in the Short Story Am ... read more
Latest book: Rebirth of Angels

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Phantaxis Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine is a literary magazine published monthly. Each issue features original short stories by talented authors of science fiction & fantasy. Premiere issue: Nov. 1, 2016 Visit our sister publication, DEVOLUTION Z Horror Magazine, at
Latest book: Phantaxis Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine - Issue 2 - December 2016

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The Pickford Community Library's Young Writers Workshop (YWW) is the largest group of aspiring authors in the state of Michigan. Each school year JLB Creatives Publishing presents literary "adventures" from their Journey to Publication Writing Program / Curriculum. This highly interactive program holds over 100 combined years of experience in the industry, and the Pickford Community Library's young writers have been a crucial part in developing this ground breaking writing program for creative kids of all ages. Find out more at
Latest book: 2016 Pickford Community Library's Young Writers Workshop Anthology of Short Stories and Poetry

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Doing my best to establish my value as a human being; hoping that my time here on earth will make a positive impact, even if it is to inspire just one person.
Latest book: 47 and a Wake-up

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Radclyffe, a retired surgeon and full time author-publisher, has published over thirty-five novels as well as dozens of short stories, has edited numerous anthologies, and, writing as L. L. Raand, has authored a paranormal romance series, The Midnight Hunters. She is a seven time Lambda Literary Award finalist in romance, mystery and erotica--winning in both romance (Distant Shores, Silent Thunder) and erotica (Erotic Interludes 2: Stolen Moments edited with Stacia Seaman and In Deep Waters 2: Cruising the Strip written with Karin Kallmaker). A member of the Saints and Sinners Literary Hall of Fame, she is also a 2010 RWA/FF&P Prism Award Winner for Secrets in the Stone, an Independent Publisher's award winner ... read more
Latest book: Slicker Than Slik

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The people. The platform. The power. Our purpose at Recruiter is more than just connecting job seekers, recruiters and employers. We are passionate about inspiring people to better themselves, to grab opportunities, and to believe in themselves. JOB SEEKERS: You can search 6+ million jobs. Stay on top of the job market with Job Alerts. Send your resume to recruiters and employers. EMPLOYERS: Efficient platform. One point of contact. Unmatched firepower for your hard-to-fill positions. Drive applicants. RECRUITERS: Access millions of dollars in fee-based jobs. Distribute your jobs to over 2,000 sites. Get help with your hard-to-fill positions.
Latest book: Get Hired: 130+ Tips for Job Seekers from the Experts

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Rosalys is a French author-illustrator. Her creations are the result of many influences, of her admiration for Western painting and of her passion for Japanese pop culture. She expresses herself by various media – artbook, children’s book, comic book, poster, exhibition – and always puts in the spotlight femininity and beauty.
Latest book: Berrie, the Magic of Pastry

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Saharadevi has approached life from a spiritual perspective since the Sixties, when she discovered it was possible to ‘know God,’ and through the years has done whatever presented itself to her, experiencing at least three or four different sides of the tracks, from first class to no class. In 1994 she was struck homeless in the same way Ramdass considers he was “stroked”—by an intangible force. One day she was relocating from a northern state to a more desirable clime, a week later she was sleeping in her car, realizing her life would never be the same. Thus began thirteen years as a sadhu, wandering the planet. "Whether or not the state I have arrived at conforms to any particular definition of en ... read more
Latest book: The Evolution Revolution (A Handbook for Personal & Global Transformation)

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Sanina was born in St Louis, MO, and raised by her mother and grandmother. As a young girl, just a young girl, she realized that words were her favorite reality. Reading captured her attention, but she soon realized that she could affect people in the same way that she was affected by the novels she read. She began writing poetry and performing in the contests offered at her school. Sanina’s favorite genre to read is historical romance; however, her writing was more erotic in nature. She found her niche in Lesbian Erotica. She discovered that her writing was more effective when she wrote about her innermost fantasies. Sanina would get lost in her world of fantasies as they made their way to paper. She loved t ... read more
Latest book: Last Chance

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I'm fairly new to writing and publishing, but BDSM has been at the core of my being for as long as I've been aware. My pen-name is Sensei. The word is of Japanese origin, though I don't have any cultural or familial connections of that sort. Its literal meaning is simply an elder, but it has come to have a meaning more akin to a teacher or a coach (it is often used in martial arts dojos as a title for an instructor). For me, it's important that a dominant be a figure of leadership for his submissive. It is in that leadership that the dom truly earns the service the submissive supplies. My writing is a way for me to explore ideas rooted in dominance and submission. I hope that you enjoy my work.
Latest book: The Society

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For more information go to
Latest book: My True Essence

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Sixfold is an all-writer-voted short-story and poetry journal. All writers who submit their manuscripts vote to select the highest-voted $1000 prize-winning manuscripts and all the short stories and poetry published in each issue.
Latest book: Sixfold Poetry Summer 2016

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The Society for Neuroscience (SfN) is a nonprofit membership organization of scientists and physicians who study the brain and nervous system. is an authoritative source of information about the brain and nervous system for the public. The brain is the most complex biological structure in the known universe. Neuroscience is a topic rich with exciting new discoveries, continuing profound unknowns, and critical implications for individuals, families, and societies. The site is a public information initiative of The Kavli Foundation, the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, and the Society for Neuroscience, all leading global nonprofit organizations working to advance brain research. Leading neuroscien ... read more
Latest book: Brain Facts

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Motto: To smile in any day is to have a good day Stevetheblogger, originally from the United Kingdom now living with his French Canadian Wife in Quebec City, Canada, is a Freelance Writer, journalist and Blogger who is always for hire. Known for his extremely diverse style of writing stevetheblogger is known on most good online writing sites around the world. Stevetheblogger is also a published author and has been writing E books for many years including "The Unholy Church" "America's Ticking Time Bomb" and many more. Stevetheblogger is also a contributor and editor for the online encyclopedia "Wikipedia" and is also known for his online Breaking News Blogging site stevet ... read more
Latest book: The UnHoly Church

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Artist, writer, dreamer.
Latest book: The Unwritten Timetable

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Latest book: Murkan Plants One Tomato

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A long time computer professional specializing in software development and project management, Talee has always been an avid reader. His love for science fiction and fantasy books began when he read books by some of the great authors of the early 1970s. Authors like Andre Norton, Poul Anderson, C.J. Cherryh, Katheryn Kurtz and Frank Herbert were, and still are, among his favorites. Now a father and grandfather, Talee lives in Colorado where he can enjoy the beauty and majesty of the Rocky Mountains, fishing in clear mountain ponds and driving through colorful forests provide a counterpoint to the high tech world he works in. His science fiction and fantasy novels stretch your imagination with high adventur ... read more
Latest book: Taarl and the Fools Game

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The Delmarva Review is a literary journal dedicated to the discovery of compelling new fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. We publish annually to inspire readers and writers who pursue excellence in literary writing. The Review welcomes prose and poetry submissions, in English, from all authors. We encourage outstanding story-telling and moving poetry. Our standards are for memorable prose and poetry exhibiting skillful expression. Please consult the Submission Guide for all submissions. We also seek illustrative work in the form of photography or other art to be considered for the cover and inside pages. The Delmarva Review is published by the Eastern Shore Writers Association (ESWA), supporting the l ... read more
Latest book: The Delmarva Review, Volume 9

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Timberland Regional Library (TRL) is a public library system that provides library services to the residents of five counties in Southwest Washington State: Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, Pacific and Thurston Counties. Under Washington State law, TRL is an Intercounty Rural Library District and is funded by property taxes and revenue from timber sales in the 5-county area.
Latest book: Timberland Writes Together

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Latest book: Tomatoes in July

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Townsend 11 is a collective of eleven writers (including one who’s been living in Barcelona for several years) who meet monthly in a converted brick warehouse on Townsend Street in San Francisco. We are committed to sharing stories that enlighten, entertain, and inspire. Our work is an eclectic mix that has been widely published in major magazines, newspapers, and books, and has earned numerous awards. Now, in this age of e-books, we’re launching a series of works to engage you.
Latest book: No Definite Plans: Eleven Stories of Laughter, Love, Travel (Townsend 11, Vol 3)

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These anthologies, April Rains and United We Stand has the favor of African, American and diversity of other nationalities all coming together from around the world to express their support for the survivors. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, these are ménaged of expressions of poetry to help bring light into the darkness. Gifts of love to aid in rebuilding lives dedicated by the Unified Literary Artists of International Poets to survivors in need of hope and encouragement. They are available on Smashwords, find ULA on Facebook and Twitter.
Latest book: United We Stand

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The Night Climbers of Cambridge is a book written under the pseudonym "Whipplesnaith" about nocturnal climbing on the colleges and town buildings of Cambridge, England, in the 1930s. "Whipplesnaith" is a pseudonym for Noël Howard Symington. The book was originally published in October 1937 by Chatto and Windus, revised in November 1937 and reprinted in 1952 and 1953. The second edition contains a reordered selection of photographs and a missing diagram explaining the escape from the roof of the Marks and Spencer. The book was highly sought after, especially in Cambridge itself where it was regarded as one of few "guidebooks" to the routes onto the roofs of the town's ancient buildings. Famous climbs document ... read more
Latest book: The Night Climbers of Cambridge

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We are Writers, Poets and Deviants, (WPaD) a group of writers from around the world who collaborate on charity anthologies for Multiple Sclerosis. We donate a portion of our royalties in support of a beloved fellow writer who lives with MS.
Latest book: Goin' Extinct: Tales From the Edge of Oblivion

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Write on Edge: where inspiration meets community. Write on Edge (formerly The Red Dress Club) was created as a place for writers to gather, exchange ideas and learn something about the art of storytelling. We welcome any and all writers, regardless of level – anyone interested in writing has a place here. We are also open to writers of all genres: Fiction or non-fiction. Fantasy, young adult, chick lit, memoir – there are no limits. Even though we have changed our name, we still are inspired by a blog post by Jenny of The Bloggess about a red dress – thus the name of this blog. Jenny wrote: “I want, just once, to wear a bright red, strapless ball gown with no apologies. I want to be shocking, and v ... read more
Latest book: Precipice: The Literary Anthology of Write on Edge, Volume 3

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Writespace is Houston's new writing center. Founded in April of 2014, we are a grassroots literary arts organization founded by writers, for writers. At Writespace, we support writers of all genres, including writers of literary fiction, poetry, science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, young adult, and other genres. Through our weekly writing workshops led by some of Houston's finest writing teachers, we seek to give writers who can't afford to earn an MFA in Creative Writing the same high-quality training and mentorship opportunities available through MFA programs. As well as hosting workshops, Writespace offers manuscript consultations, write-ins, readings and open mics, and classes and private lessons for young ... read more
Latest book: Our Space

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Born in 1984 and raised in both North Philadelphia and the Germantown sections of Philadelphia, Yani knew she would be a writer at a young age. Starting with short versions of her own Tom & Jerry stories at only 5, Yani put her skill and talent to use in her grade school classes by writing other short stories to entertain her teachers and peers. Poetry became an interest to her at the age of 13 when she discovered her ability to free-style lyrical flows. Her first poem "Incomplete Dream" was published in University City's High School newspaper, but her rise to small fame in the school came after performing one of her best poetic pieces during a high school talent show, being the only student to receive a standi ... read more
Latest book: Terrors From Beyond

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Latest book: Theory of opposition

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Layla Fox is an erotica author located in the UK. She has a passion for writing short erotic stories and spends most of her free time coming up with dirty fantasies to put in her next book.
Latest book: Taboo Family Encounters - 3 Daddy Daughter Tales

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Lise Lyng Falkenberg is a Danish author of mostly fiction and biographies. Since her debut in 1983 a dozen of her novels and biographies have been published in both Danish and English along with hundreds of short stories, poems, essays, articles and reviews. Lise Lyng Falkenberg is a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and holds a second Ph.D. degree in Cultural Studies as well as a B.A. in Semiotics. She has worked for Odense University Library and University of Southern Denmark as a researcher and parallel to her academic career, she took on jobs as a model, graphic artist, musician, carny, journalist, scriptwriter, photographer and director of documentaries and rock videos. In 2005 she decided to put her Danish ... read more
Latest book: Metanoia

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New Adult Author of the All Series, book one Be All released July 2013. Other tiles in the series are, All is Lost, All This Time, Worth it All, Risking All, All We Are and My All. My short story, No Details, can be found in the Novel Grounds All Our Love anthology. It will become a full-length novel in 2015. I am the mom of two beautiful & intelligent daughters; Kaitie and Kayla, who both married Kyle's. I married my best friend, the most loving man that I’ve ever met, Barry. He supports me and encourages everyone of my wild dreams no matter how neurotic. I have two g'son, WD & RJ, who sweetly call me Lola (because that's what I want them to call me). I am a proud Italian-American, living in Alabama. Barry & ... read more
Latest book: All Blues

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Fern’s 27-year career in Information and Records Management has included extensive experience in Government, Public, and Private sectors in Calgary, Alberta, including consulting and educational capacities. From the very start of this career Fern recognized a gap in the research, and she read and extracted from Canadian legislation and case law and became one of the few Canadian non-legal experts in the relationship of records, admissibility and retention to Canadian Law. Fern was an Instructor at the Southern Alberta’s Institute of Technology (SAIT), Calgary, Alberta from 1988-2006. Fern maintains the CRM designation from the Institute of Records Managers (ICRM) in good standing continuously since 1988. S ... read more
Latest book: Carriers of Information: A Canadian Approach to Records Management

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Rachel Coles is a medical anthropologist working in public health and emergency preparedness in Colorado. She lives with her husband, Adam, and her daughter, Rosa. Rosa's fondness for scary stories is the inspiration for many of the stories. Rachel and Adam share a love for old horror novels and stories, and science fiction. They also compete for knowledge of the most obscure Star Trek and Babylon 5 trivia.
Latest book: Into The Ruins: An Anthology of New Beginnings

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Kelly Armenta was born in Northern California, grew up chasing wild mustangs in Nevada then moved to Southern California at age 18 where she spent the next several years manufacturing and importing stuffed animals. After a decade living in "The Valley" she moved back to her hometown where she raised her two children. Kelly now lives in South Carolina on thirteen acres, is a partner in a Gun Range, works as a Senior IT Project Manager, and volunteers as Medical Responder, Dive Team Member, and Special Rescue Member for the County. During the Summer months she enjoys working on the underwater cemetary she helped create in a local lake, growing flowers, playing with her five dogs, and of course, writing. Kelly's m ... read more
Latest book: Dragon Lust (Dragonfire Series Book 1)

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My most important love is story telling of fictional tales, far away places, memorable characters, great beginnings and surprise endings. I can author work across many genres comfortably. If I can connect with you my reader, then I did my job and we are hopefully, both happy.
Latest book: Cuffed

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Founded in 2014 by Kandayia "JagudEye" Ali: Poets, Authors, Public Speakers and those who are that "ARTISTIC" VOICE to shake up the world- Join the #OurWrite2Reach Movement: We are proud to showcase thoughts from all over the world on our social networks and other multimedia outlets. We search far and wide for the most unique in artistic expression, personal views, quotes, books and poems to share on the #ourwrite2reach hashtag platform. We post unique finds that we deem priceless and share links and information on our social networks and media outlets. We aim to increase the exposure of world changers on a UNIVERSAL scale to promote artistic/ literary expression and awareness. We promote your links and infor ... read more
Latest book: The Machine Inside The Woman

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Marvin "Knife" Sotelo better known as Knifer, is a minister and campaigner against the US drug policy as well as a musician and the author of "Yes I Cannabis" known for popularizing the Knife hit, it was mostly used for smoking cannabis and it promoted innovative ideas in smoking marijuana. He was born in Los Angeles, California. A former Democratic-Republican, Knife is now a pro-marijuana and hemp activist from the American Reform Party. He has written over a dozen books and only 5 were published, one being the aforementioned Yes I Cannabis. There has also been a documentary made about his life in the indie music scene. He believes that the hemp plant (as well as inmates convicted of marijuana charges) should ... read more
Latest book: Liber Cultris

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An award winning film-maker from Colchester, UK. 'db' is also a screenwriter, producing his debut feature film 'Cul-De-Sac' in March 2015. All professional information is available at - By purchasing this guide you will facilitate a debut film maker to raise extra funding towards his lifelong dream- to see his scripts become successful feature films.
Latest book: Event Management: A geurilla Guide

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Debayo Coker as he prefers to be called is a graduate of English and holds a Master’s Degree in Public and International Affairs from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos respectively. He had a foray into the corporate Nigeria but his innate reflex for arts cannot be wished away as he always finds himself coming back to that point of his first love-arts. Societal Fragments is his debut. He is a columnist of #PAUSIBILITY that is shared through many other blogs and he blogs via He could be reached: Follow on twitter: adebay_c He lives in Lagos with his family.
Latest book: A Man Like Me: Noteography Of A Father To His Son

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Pastor Flo, fondly called P’Flo, is the Senior Pastor of The Riverbank Church, Chicago(, Host of Relationship Matters (Radio/ Facebook) and co-founder of ‘Renew Nigeria.’ His most recent works include two insightful and inspirational books titled Get Off Your Duff and Relationships Do Matter. You can find him musing on his website, on relationship, leadership, diaspora and life issues. He is happily married and together they have three children. Contact PFlo: Email: Twitter: @holyflo
Latest book: Relationships Do Matter

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I grew up in Hallsboro,N.C. I was an outstanding athlete throughout grammar school; I was even offered a baseball scholarship to the University of North Carolina Wilmington. But I did what many people do- made a hell of a lot of bad choices. Instead of focusing on academia, I sold drugs. My dad and Uncles sold drugs from the time I was a small boy, but I don’t blame them or what they did for me hustling; I know that it was my own decision to make the wrong decisions. The millions I made wasn’t worth the 10 years I spent in the federal penitentiary. It wasn’t worth seeing my children as babies when I went in, and seeing them as teenagers when I got out. It wasn’t worth not having a single visitor the l ... read more
Latest book: The Class President's Son

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Hello and welcome to my author page. I started my digitial life as an ebook other and have now expanded into ebooks and website development / plugin development Please check out my site and there will be more books coming over time
Latest book: How Cow: Journey through space (Children's picture book)

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13Thirty Books is a publishing company.
Latest book: Never Fear - The Tarot