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Follow me on Twitter at  1ronrav3n Benjamin Fisher-Merritt

Latest book: The After-Death

Follow me on Twitter at  1rsc1 Ran Cartwright
Ran was born in Salem, Ohio on a cold winter’s day. He doesn’t remember much of those early days, but he does remember watching Echo 1, a faint dot amongst the stars, cross the sky one dark and clear night in1961. That small event generated a lifelong interest in science and literature. The literature interest began with the science and science fiction works of Asimov and Clarke and exploded from there into just about anyone and everyone who wrote in the genre. Ran has a few particular favorites that still include Asimov and Clarke. Horror started with Saturday night double features that were aired on Chiller Theater out of Pittsburgh and hosted by Chilly Billy Cardille. That led to horror stories and nove ... read more
Latest book: Selections from...The Illustrious Annals of Slagheepian History

Follow me on Twitter at  1snailview Helen Howard

Latest book: Molluscs and Me

Follow me on Twitter at  1STEPahed Stephanie "StephyLionne" Ellsworth
Hello and thank you for visiting my page! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stephanie "Lionne" Ellsworth. Lionne- French for Lioness. I was born and raised in Southampton County, Virginia. I developed a love for writing at a young age and it became a way for me to express myself without imposing my opinions on others. It also became a way for me to communicate what I unable to express verbally. I chose the pen name Lionne because I believe I represent strength, courage, and wisdom. Writing gives me a peace of mind. It is my goal and dream to be able to connect with individuals around the world through words. I have made it my mission to create realistic stories and writing pieces that will allow indiv ... read more
Latest book: I Am Woman: The Naked Truth

Follow me on Twitter at  1stephenhill1 Stephen Hill
Stephen began noting down his experiences in 2008 alongside weekly meetings with a psychologist. From these early meanderings grew a workable manuscript which, with hard work became ‘Echoes of Innocence - Survivor’. Initially written for himself and his family, he began to find the strength to face and work through the traumas of his past. With his wife suggesting that there was little literature of this nature on the market, Steve took a leap of faith. He decided in 2012 to produce a completed book with a view to helping other survivors, their families and to begin dispelling the myths and prejudice surrounding male rape. Stephen is married to Sue, and they have two beautiful daughters, a cat called Daisy ... read more
Latest book: Echoes of Innocence - Survivor

Follow me on Twitter at  1stFreeSpirit kaye terrelonge
I'm basically a Jane of all Trades resulting an arena of many different talents which keeps me quite busy. I write both scripts and shorts as well as sell stock photography. I also travel with my job which allows me both a day occupation and time for my hobbies. What dream job could be better?
Latest book: Nail Biting Tales

Follow me on Twitter at  1stmjhwriter Margaret Johnson-Hodge
Margaret Johnson-Hodge is the author of 10 novels, many receiving national acclaim. She has garnered rave reviews from Publisher’s Weekly, Booklist, Midwest Book Review, The Dallas Morning Star, The Quarterly Black Review, Essence Magazine and Ebony Magazine. She is the recipient of the Reviewer’s Choice Award for her first novel “The Real Deal” and her seventh “A Journey to Here,” earned her an “Author of The Year” nomination. Her works were considered by Showtime and Hallmark for book-to-movie options and have made bestseller lists numerous times. Her novels have been used as part of the curriculum at University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and she was invited by Harvard University to submit a ... read more
Latest book: Tumbled

Follow me on Twitter at  1stTruLove Cindi Page
Cindi Page is a South African author who most often writes about food, wine and tourism. A Piece of My Heart (April 2016) is her first full length novel - a romance.
Latest book: Talk to me

Follow me on Twitter at  1sultri Shai Johnson
Shai Walker is a spoken word artist who enjoys reading, writing and running her business. AS an entrepreneur, Shai dabbles into hand painting wares. Please give your reviews on Truisms Over Drinks.
Latest book: Truisms Over Drinks

Follow me on Twitter at  1SuperAffiliate Barry L
Author, internet Marketer and Owner and Jax Videos Video Marketing Services
Latest book: Mobile Website Secrets 2015 - Learn Mobile SEO Today

Follow me on Twitter at  1TALee Talee
A long time computer professional specializing in software development and project management, Talee has always been an avid reader. His love for science fiction and fantasy books began when he read books by some of the great authors of the early 1970s. Authors like Andre Norton, Poul Anderson, C.J. Cherryh, Katheryn Kurtz and Frank Herbert were, and still are, among his favorites. Now a father and grandfather, Talee lives in Colorado where he can enjoy the beauty and majesty of the Rocky Mountains, fishing in clear mountain ponds and driving through colorful forests provide a counterpoint to the high tech world he works in. His science fiction and fantasy novels stretch your imagination with high adventur ... read more
Latest book: Taarl and the Fools Game

Follow me on Twitter at  1to1Discovery Juli Monroe
I've been writing fiction almost as long as I can remember, starting with fan fiction at 13 (before I even knew there was a term for it). In my late teens, I tackled my first novel: a thriller from the most sedentary kid you'd ever known. It was every bit as bad as you're thinking. A few years ago, I decided it was time to finally make my dream a reality. Inspiration for the characters in my Warlock Case Files series hit, and I started writing. I've published three books in that series with more to come. My most recent books is the first in a spin-off series, introducing a new warlock character. No worries, though. Paul and Dafydd have a guest starring role in that one. Currently I'm working on the next book i ... read more
Latest book: Buried But Not Gone

Follow me on Twitter at  1transform Pamela Smith
Pamela D. Smith is a Minister, Author, and Inspirational Speaker. She is also a Wife and a Mother. She is passionate about personal development and spirituality. Pamela loves to read and write and believes that the moment that you stop learning is the moment that you stop growing. Her personal ministry is evolving and she is drawing many people to the kingdom of God through her writing, speaking, and mentoring. Pamela speaks and teaches at Women's Conferences, Bible Studies, churches, networking events, women empowerment groups and any event where the audience needs to be inspired and challenged to live their best life. Pamela's mission is to help women experience the spiritual breakthrough that they need so ... read more
Latest book: E3: Encouraged, Equipped, Empowered: Devotional Actions for graceful living

Follow me on Twitter at  1trishahbey3 Trishah Al-Bey

Latest book: Best Kept Secret

Follow me on Twitter at  1t_mack Tamarah Mack
Tamarah Mack was born on July 13, 1984 and she is the oldest child of Ruby Mack,both currently residing in Jackson, Mississippi. Tamarah Mack grew up in a single-parent household in the downtown neighborhood known as “the north end.” Her mother was known to work two and three jobs to provide the best of life and education for her children. Tamarah began her writing career at the age of nine. Not only is she gifted in writing poems, she also writes plays, music and songs. For the past 8 years, Tamarah has been employed in the field of Pharmacy. She started out as a cashier and advanced several levels to a Sr. Certified Pharmacy Technician. While maintaining her important position, she attended college ... read more
Latest book: Break Free "No More Living in Bondage"

Follow me on Twitter at  1wasbornthisway Rich Bateman
Rich Bateman--originally from the south--migrated northeast in his late 20s. First published in Science of Mind magazine in the '90s circa, now featuring his works on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and his newly-formed publishing company Bateman is currently working for his A.S.B. and will graduate in April of 2012 with a 4.0 GPA. He has taught at the college he attends, in addition to one-on-one tutoring sessions with many students, as he was the most-requested tutor. While attending college, Bateman also received his certifications in all three Microsoft Office Suite Products: Word, Excel, & Access--this makes him a certified Microsoft Office Specialist©. Bateman is currently working on ... read more
Latest book: I Was Born This Way--The Comprehensive Edition

Follow me on Twitter at  1williammathis William Mathis
William Mathis was born in Chattanooga and grew up near the two major battlefields featured in Chickamauga Dreaming: A Novel on the Civil War's Enduring Impact. Although he moved to British Columbia after marrying a Canadian, the author's continuing fascination with the complex historical and geographical character of Chattanooga resonates in his novel. The numerous monuments and markers that visibly reflect the Chattanooga area's heritage inspired Mathis to probe the psychological and emotional connections between the modern South and the Civil War. His second novel, Baseball Card War, is a mystery also set in Chattanooga. The new novel features some of the same characters that appear in Chickamauga Dreaming ... read more
Latest book: Baseball Card War

Follow me on Twitter at  1willwander Will Stevenson

Latest book: Constant Vigilance

Follow me on Twitter at  1WorldSarongs Terry Sherry
Terrence Sherry founded 1WORLDSARONGS in the year 2000 after a 3 month surf trip to Indonesia. 1WORLDSARONGS business model has been referred to as "sustainable living and equitable growth". Terry's vision is to grow 1WORLDSARONGS business of designing and manufacturing sarongs, beach, resort, and cruise wear, jewelry and sandals whilst reducing our environmental footprint and increasing our positive social impact. Recognized as a leading entrepreneur and humanitarian Terry has grown 1WORLDSARONGS into a global movement. 1WORLDSARONGS aims for a savvy style, sustainability, extraordinary service and convenience all wrapped in a passion for social goodness.
Latest book: How to Tie a Sarong

Follow me on Twitter at  1writegirl Julie Stahl
Julie Stahl writes fiction, creative nonfiction, children's books and poetry—just about anything, really. She has held (with varying degrees of fear and loathing) numerous jobs over the years, including, but not limited to, research assistant, waitress, secretary, college instructor, pre-school teacher, tutor and bartender. Somewhere along the way she managed to acquire some formal training in French and Experimental Psychology. She has come to the conclusion that Life is one big experiment, a concoction of perceptions we gather up as we go, shaped by chance and choice; trial and error. She takes refuge in laughter whenever possible.
Latest book: Fortunes Told

Follow me on Twitter at  1_Rev_Sam Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS
Latest book: To All People of All Nations

Follow me on Twitter at  21for21com Brandon Pipkin
I've been interested in and working for the success of people and organizations since Arsenio Hall was on TV. For help with the history lesson, that was justly slightly after legwarmers, but about the same time as pegged pants. I have a BS in Organizational Leadership with a specialization in Human Resources and Organizational Development, which is a long title to say I learned a little bit about how to keep employees coming back to their jobs without shock therapy. I completed an MBA in Healthcare Management in less than a year, even without my mother helping me with the homework. As the father of five children, I'm the unofficial spokesperson for ‘me time’ all around the world. I speak English and occ ... read more
Latest book: How to Make a Million - The Old-Fashioned Way

Follow me on Twitter at  21strestaurant 21st Century Restaurant Internet Marketing
Here’s How 21st Century Restaurant Internet Marketing Will Help You Use The Internet To Get New Local Customers, Repeat Business With Your Existing Customers, Increase word of mouth marketing, Make More Money And Enjoy Your Desired Freedom! We strive to provide a proven system that allows smart, but overwhelmed restaurant owners and managers to quickly consolidate profitability, eliminate wasted effort, and put the best possible internet marketing strategies in play. So you rake in more money, spend less time in the office (and more time on vacation)… while everything runs (and grows) with amazing professional efficiency. Our future clients are now leading a business life of frustration and long hours. ... read more
Latest book: 21st Century Guerilla Internet Marketing For Restaurants

Follow me on Twitter at  2211777f483d474 Gordon Cobb
Gordon Cobb has a Bachelor of Arts in Canadian Studies from the University of Prince Edward Island. He also holds a Master of Science in Community Education from Scotland’s Edinburgh University where he attended on Commonwealth Scholarship. Over the last couple of decades, Gordon has acted in dozens of theatre and film productions. Most recently, he performed as The Genie of the Lamp in Aladdin: Another Fairly Tall Tale at the Confederation Centre of the Arts in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
Latest book: Autumn Songs

Follow me on Twitter at  226val Valerie Bowen
About the author Valerie is originally from the beautiful state of Maine, where she lived until she was ten. Being young when she lived there she never appreciated the absolute beauty of the rocky coastline. Although she never live in Camden, she did have a very dear cousin that lived there and they would spend many hours in downtown Camden. When she decided to write For the Sake of Amelia she tried to imagine a great setting for the book. she thought of many places in Connecticut (where she reside now) but kept going back to her childhood and the many fond memories she held in her mind of Camden.
Latest book: The Enchanted Oasis

Follow me on Twitter at  22lionsbooks Noel Dignity

Latest book: The Way of the Rose

Follow me on Twitter at  22lionsbooks Robin Sacredfire
Robin Sacredfire is a Bestselling Author of dozens of titles, all ranked as a Kobo Best Seller and nearly all as an Amazon Best Seller as well, namely, "The Art of Chaos", which was ranked as both an Amazon US Bestseller and Kobo Bestseller in less than 24 hours. For more info visit: 10 Reasons Why Readers Love The Books... 1. "A great recipe containing love, compassion, ethics, persistence, and introspection that rewards one with happiness, success, and service as well.” -Perry Hoeltzell, MD-PhD 2. "His words echo through my soul. He gave me vision into understanding myself. This has allowed me to explore myself and my goals from a new perspective. This author gave me the perfect prescrip ... read more
Latest book: The Spiritual Laws of Abundance: The Spiritual Way of Making Money by Understanding The Relationship Between Attitude, Emotions, Values, Ethics, Moral, Success, Power, Politics, Religion and Lifestyle

Follow me on Twitter at  22lionsbooks Rowan Knight

Latest book: The Love of the Nympho

Follow me on Twitter at  22lionsbooks Brandon Goldentree

Latest book: O Acordo Secreto

Follow me on Twitter at  22lionsbooks Daniel Marques
Daniel Marques is an author and researcher, and he has been interviewed for MTV, Voice of America, Amazon and more. With over 150 Bestsellers on Amazon, Kobo and iTunes, his most famous titles are "The 88 Secret Codes of the Power Elite", "Spiritual DNA" and "The Spiritual Laws of Money". For booking and interviews email danmarquesbooks(at)gmail(dot)com. For more information visit his official publisher at Here's what readers have said: "Stretched my thinking and awareness" Marlowe Aster,PhD "Mind boggling, thought provoking and addictively brilliant" Jessica Campbell "Very documentary film worthy" Jake Coulter "Outstanding outlook on life" Tosha Manning "We all need this information" Brock Ke ... read more
Latest book: Los 88 Códigos Secretos de Los Poderosos: Toda la Verdad Oculta acerca de Enriquecer con la Lei de la Atracción y Crear Milagros en la Vida

Follow me on Twitter at  22niel Sarah Baethge
I live in central Texas on my step-mom's donkey ranch with her, my dad, and my sister.
Latest book: And I Was Hungry

Follow me on Twitter at  247homerescue 247 Home Rescue
Author for appliance cover, boiler cover and home emergency cover experts
Latest book: 247 Home Rescue - Home Safety

Follow me on Twitter at  24hourwealth Jeremy Britton
Jeremy Britton is an independent wealth coach and business coach who started his first financial planning business at age 19. Along the road, he has owned several retail and service businesses, trained financial planners, salespeople and entrepreneurs and somehow became Australia's foremost expert on binary sexology. Jeremy has a passion for holistic wealth, including left-brained business, property, stocks and shares, balanced with right-minded health, happiness, inner peace and spirituality. He gives keynote speeches, presentations and workshops for many business and government organisations all around the world on the areas of investing, business, binary sexology, millionaire mindset and lifestyle balance. J ... read more
Latest book: Who's Taking Your Money (and how to get some of it back!)

Follow me on Twitter at  24_7France Kim Defforge
Born in the U.S. and now, an expat living on the French Riviera. As a former French teacher, and lifelong Francophile, I currently enjoy writing - sharing news, information, and amusing stories on my blog, "24/7 in France." My published book, "Solitary Desire," tells the story of my journey to France, through love, sweat, and tears.
Latest book: Kids Riviera Sun & Fun Travel Focus

Follow me on Twitter at  2591cay Cuma Ali Yürekli
Türkiye ve dünyanın öteki ülkelerinde eşsiz ve yeterli kitabımız Kuran'ın bilinmesi, doğru ve iyi anlaşılması için fevkalade zor, meşakkatli ve çetin çabalar harcayan, yoğun emekler veren, bu konu üzerinde bıkmadan-usanmadan uzun uzun düşünen, aklını işleten, araştıran, sorular soran, kısaca aklını kullanan; bunları yaptıkları için anlayışsızlıklarla, haksız ve yersiz suçlamalarla, çirkin iftiralara uğrayan, akla hayale gelmeyen çeşitli engellerle karşılaşan, sıkıntılar ve çileler çeken çok güzide, saygın ve değerli tüm bilgin, fikir ve düşünce adamı ve araştırmacılara; hassaten eserlerinden, fikirlerinden, görüşlerinden ve düşüncelerinden y ... read more
Latest book: Büyük Haber “Tanrı’nın Sönmeyen Aydınlığı”

Follow me on Twitter at  26screenplays Robert Turnage
M. Robert Turnage is a consultant and writer based in Dallas, Texas. Like Quentin Tarantino, he managed a video store for a few years. Unlike Quentin Tarantino in all other ways, he served on the board of the Dallas Screenwriters Association. He writes for hire and has several WGA-registered, feature-length screenplays. He is very fond of movies and will not judge you for loving Pretty Woman.
Latest book: "Ghost Eaters" A Horror Short Film Script

Follow me on Twitter at  26weekplan David Bain
David Bain completed his MBA in 2005 and has run successful internet marketing campaigns for 10 years. He began his internet marketing career by promoting his own websites. In 2005, having already successfully raised several websites to the top of search engines for competitive keyword phrases he started providing search engine optimization services for clients. However, he became frustrated with the number of search engine optimization firms providing services that quite simply didn’t work. That prompted him towards internet marketing training, planning and strategy consulting. To find out more or contact David, visit the 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan website
Latest book: The 13 Pillars of Internet Marketing: Special Edition

Follow me on Twitter at  27thcentury Akintunde M Lawal
Akintunde M Lawal is a pharmacist,author, inventor of Streamline Wing Propeller and science tutor. He also runs a charitable organization, Lifecare Foundation.
Latest book: The Ultimate Contagion (Viral Conundrum)

Follow me on Twitter at  2800writrsblok Marquese Ford
I have not always had a passion for writing. It was sparked in me as a child but I did not take much stock in it. Now that I have realized writing can be fun and at times stress releasing my works have become habit. I've delved into sharing my work because I am curious to find out who else finds interesting the ideas floating around my imagination. If you've read my book or are currently reading, please rate and review. Add me on Facebook, find me on Twitter, or send me an email: Any and all feedback would appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Latest book: A Day at a Time

Follow me on Twitter at  2adaygourmet Barbara Loraine
I’m not in the cooking business. I didn’t intend to write a book or to start a “project.” But, once I learned what I did about spending just $2 a day for food and started mentioning it to people, they wanted me to share more about how it works. My masters degree is in Human Behavior, and I have certifications and experience with several behavioral and performance methods. What that means is that I have studied what causes people do what they do. I am a curious, outside-the-box person by nature. I have personally leaned toward eating healthy foods that are delicious and nutritious. I already had studied nutrition and health ideas for my own use. Yet, with the world in turmoil, I started experiencing fo ... read more
Latest book: Two Dollar a Day Gourmet - Eating Well, Spending Less

Follow me on Twitter at  2americanschina Amanda Roberts
Amanda Roberts is a writer, editor, and teacher who has been living in China since 2010. Amanda has an MA in English from the University of Central Missouri. She has been published in magazines, newspapers, and anthologies around the world and she regularly contributes to numerous blogs. Amanda can be found all over the Internet, but her home is
Latest book: Threads of Silk