STATION IN PERIL (Space Opera & Action - MALLORY SAJEAN 1.5)
Price: Free! Words: 15,070. Language: American English. Published: September 21, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure, Fiction » Science fiction » Space opera
A simple stopover becomes a dogged battle! In search of some rest and relaxation, Mallory Sajean comes alongside a space station. She discovers a battlefield and a hostage taking in progress. Despite the risks, she joins up with a squad of police officers who are going to give it their all. While facing fanatical aliens, Mallory learns that she'll have to defeat a legendary creature: a Sorfal.
The Journal Of Blow Molding -Pet All Manufacturing Inc
Price: Free! Language: English. Published: September 21, 2018. Categories: Essay » Business
Pet All Manufacturing Inc Offers Wide range of blow molding machines of different types.These machines are mainly consist of extrusion, injection,stretch and accumulator head blow molding machines. Visit : for further information.
Manual of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: A Practical Guide for Mental Health Professionals and Patients in Treatment for Depression with Practical and Simple Solutions
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 9,400. Language: English. Published: September 21, 2018 by 22 Lions Bookstore. Categories: Nonfiction » Psychology » Clinical psychology, Nonfiction » Psychology » Depression
The purpose of this book is to offer your a clear and simple set of solutions to common manifestations of irrational thought as well as favor the ability to focus on specific tasks and handle problems in life while rehabilitating behavior.
Musings of Carl Jung
Price: $1.98 USD. Words: 26,310. Language: English. Published: September 21, 2018 by UB Tech. Categories: Nonfiction » Reference » Quotations, Nonfiction » Psychology » Applied psychology
Mesmerizing quotes from the father of Analytic Psychology
How To Recover From Open Heart Surgery
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 35,060. Language: English. Published: September 21, 2018 by Barney Hegarty. Categories: Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Healing, Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Personal Growth / General
Based on a true story, this mind-opening novel traces a tale of camaraderie, misguided expectations and a roller-coaster ride of emotional highs and lows as Ben tries to define and meet a realistic version of ‘recovery’ from heart surgery. His heart got world class treatment. But what about Ben himself? For the hundreds of thousands of people who will find themselves in a similar position this yea
A Soul Calling
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 5,140. Language: English. Published: September 21, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Urban, Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary
As a valkyrie, Tyra escorts the souls of Swedish soldiers who died in combat to Valhalla. In this twenty-first century, she barely works because Sweden has not been at war for a long, long time. When taking a soldier’s soul to Valhalla, Tyra unwillingly talks to Loki when he seeks her out. Right then, she feels the call from another soul.
Fake Love (A Short Poem)
Price: Free! Words: 70. Language: English. Published: September 21, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Themes & motifs
A haiku-type poem about love, singleness, and waiting.
Me lo contó un pajarito
Price: $10.00 USD. Words: 30,050. Language: Spanish. Published: September 21, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » History » American, Nonfiction » History » Latin America / General
21 episodios de la Historia de Chile, revividos en Twitter
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 41,190. Language: Swedish. Published: September 21, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Biographical, Fiction » Biographical
I den här romanen får vi följa två tvillingpojkars öde från födsel till begravning. De föddes i en avlägsen by i Vietnam mitt under kriget och vi följer delas paralella uppväxter på olika håll. Detta efter att de blivit separerade efter en katastrofal händelse i deras by.
Price: $7.99 USD. Words: 45,500. Language: English. Published: September 21, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Romance » General, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Thriller and Suspense
In the city that never sleeps. . . Skylar, Kylar and Cameron are the youngest of the elite Harris family but their wealth and status come at a high price. The siblings have long borne the brunt of the 'lessons' their father had deemed them worthy of learning. It's because of this that they each carry unique scars given to them by their life's experiences.
Jesus Sat Down
Price: Free! Words: 11,260. Language: English. Published: September 21, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion and Spirituality » Christian Life / General
After Jesus said "It is finished" on the cross, he went to hell, rose from the dead and ascended to heaven. He is now seated at the right hand of the Father. Learn what that means for believers because "Jesus Sat Down".
Energy Secrets: HowTo Transform a Bad Day In a Good Day
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 6,080. Language: English. Published: September 21, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Confidence and self-esteem
You have tried to lose weight or stop smoking, find a job in a particular field, go after a project and you can not do it! Because you end up giving up, or nothing happens?
Competition Untangled: The Small Business & Entrepreneur's Guide to Knowing Your Competition
Price: $12.99 USD. Words: 12,650. Language: English. Published: September 21, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Business & Economics » Marketing, Nonfiction » Business & Economics » Small business and entrepreneurship
Competition Untangled is part of a series written to untangle the subject of marketing for entrepreneurs and small business.* Understand how to differentiate your business from your competitors. * Learn from their mistakes and borrow their ideas. * Get a clear view of the competitive landscape to inform your strategy. * * Communicate effectively to your team about your competition.
Panem et Circensis Ortutay Mária válogatott írásaiból Szerkesztette Ortutay Péter
Price: $4.00 USD. Words: 45,560. Language: Hungarian. Published: September 21, 2018. Categories: Essay » Sociology
Őszinteséggel, emberiséggel, interjúalanyaimmal a szépség iránti elkötelezettséggel, érzékenységgel írtam ezeket a sorokat. Amit leírtam, nem volt kieszelt történet. Nekem az „élet” kellett, ahogyan átéltem nyilatkozóimmal együtt. Művészeket, tudósokat, írókat, költőket, egyszerű embereket láttam, ismertem meg közelről és megírtam külső és belső képmásukat, élettörténetüket. Az élet nem mindig
সর্পের মত সতর্ক হবার অর্থ কি
Price: $12.50 USD. Words: 32,580. Language: Bengali. Published: September 21, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion and Spirituality » Christian Ministry / General
যীশু বলেছেন: সর্পের ন্যায় সতর্ক ও কপোতের ন্যায় অমায়িক হও। সাপেরা কি আসলেই সতর্ক? যীশু কেন এমন একটি পরামর্শ দিলেন? ড্যাগ হিউয়ার্ড-মিলস রচিত অত্যন্ত চিত্তাকর্ষক এই বইটির পাতাগুলো ওল্টাতে শুরু করলে আপনি আবিষ্কার করবেন সর্পের সুপ্ত প্রজ্ঞা।
Entertaining Beliefs
You set the price! Words: 435,820. Language: English. Published: September 21, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Philosophy » Zen
Zen Humean Skepticism for Homo Fideo
亚基双星纪略人类译本【Part I】
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 330. Language: Chinese (simplified). Published: September 21, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Hard sci-fi
Submission (BDSM Romantic Suspense)
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 47,320. Language: English. Published: September 21, 2018 by Amourisa Press. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Suspense, Fiction » Romance » Contemporary
Sable, who is definitely not submissive, turns to Julian, a Dom, when her sub sister goes missing. They're completely opposite, but as they search for her sister, neither can resist their attraction. What kind of future can there be when they both want such disparate things, but how can they walk away from the feelings growing between them if and when they find Sabrina?
Lawn House Blues
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 79,130. Language: English. Published: September 21, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Themes & motifs » Family sagas
Lawn House seems to be the perfect English country mansion, with conscientious custodians, beautiful parkland and magnificent trees; however, running a large estate in the modern world can bring its challenges.
Rise of the Witch
Series: The Phoenix's Ashes. Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 105,420. Language: English. Published: September 21, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Paranormal, Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
Phoenix Shifters are rare. They also hold the key to eternal life. No wonder the Dragon King wants my blood. My entire life has been spent in hiding, concealed in a traveling circus under the powerful spell of an old witch. It would be just my luck that a streak of rebellion would land me in the hands of three sexy dragon shifters. I am in so much trouble.