The Storyteller's Art: How Not to Bore Your Reader to Sleep, Tears, or Homicide

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Do you want to tell memorable, vivid, life-altering stories? With plots that embed real knowledge about the natures and ways of men? Do you want to create characters that will haunt your readers' dreams? Do you want to learn the discipline to unite all the above, without overdressing your plots or distoring your characters to make them serve a theme for which they're ill-equipped? Start here!
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About Francis W. Porretto

Francis W. Porretto was born in 1952. Things went steadily downhill from there.

Fran is an engineer and fictioneer who lives on the east end of Long Island, New York. He's short, bald, homely, has bad acne and crooked teeth. His neighbors hold him personally responsible for the decline in local property values. His life is graced by one wife, two stepdaughters, two dogs, four cats, too many power tools to list, and an old ranch house furnished in Early Mesozoic style. His 13,000 volume (and growing) personal library is considered a major threat to the stability of the North American tectonic plate.

Publishing industry professionals describe Fran's novels as "Unpublishable. Horrible, but unpublishable all the same." (They don't think much of his short stories, either.) He's thought of trying bribery, but isn't sure he can afford the $3.95.

Fran's novels "Chosen One," "On Broken Wings," "Shadow Of A Sword," "The Sledgehammer Concerto," "Which Art In Hope," "Freedom's Scion," "Freedom's Fury," and "Priestesses" are also available as paperbacks, through Amazon. Check the specific pages for those books for details.

Wallow in his insane ranting on politics, culture, and faith at "Liberty's Torch:"

And of course, write to him, on whatever subject tickles your fancy, at

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Sarah Spelbring reviewed on July 7, 2018

This is not your beginner "how to tell a decent story" ebook on writing. This is "I've been writing for awhile but something is missing, now what?" ebook on writing.

There is a lot of detail on many facets of writing, from character design, to plot structure, and writing retreats. There are roughly 25 essays each focusing on an aspect of writing, and while the essays are short, they do pack a ton of advice and examples.

The author has a way with words, and sounds very much like he knows what he's writing about here, so I plan on coming back to this little ebook whenever I have questions, or something feels like it's missing from my writing.
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David Dockery reviewed on Aug. 5, 2013
(no rating)
I am turned off by this book just by the title. It should be suicide, not homicide. Why would a reader be bored to homicide?
(review of free book)
J, Jr reviewed on Sep. 11, 2012

This is the second non-fiction ebook I've read by Francis Poretto and I honestly can't thank you enough. Time and time again I'd try writing something new for it to fizzle out and you've helped me realise why: I was lacking theme!
This book is amazing, less like a text book and more like a recorded conversational and entertaining speech from a very humorous man. You enjoy learning things from this book. Really informative with great examples to back up the information. I would recommend to anyone trying to write non-fiction, newbie or not!
I agree with Risa Attrell, this could definitely have a heavy price tag on it but I'm glad it doesn't. I'll be sure to read some of this author's fiction soon!
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Nick White reviewed on Jan. 13, 2012

When you get used to the tone of this book it just happens to be the best book on writing fiction that I have read for a long time. And it's free - what more could any writer want?
(review of free book)
Risa Attrell reviewed on Jan. 26, 2011

I'm in the process of reading this book. Very well written and informative. Mr. Porretto has a wonderful, unique writing style and a great sense of humor!

I don't know WHY his books are free, but lucky for us they are!
(review of free book)
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