Golden Blood

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Gemma, a time traveling teenager, breaks an ancient oath in order to follow her heart, and so begins a battle to keep her newfound love not only with her but also alive.
Black Blood (Bk 2) and Pure Blood (Bk 3) also available. More
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Melissa Pearl is a romance author writing in a variety of genres from teen fiction to contemporary romance and romantic suspense. She also writes under the pen name Jordan Ford. She’s passionate about telling love stories with relatable characters who will take you on a journey. If you’re after an escape from reality, then you’re in the right place.

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Golden Blood Book Trailer
This is a book trailer for Melissa Pearl's first novel - Golden Blood (Time Spirit Trilogy #1) "A time travelling teenager falls in love with a boy she's forbidden to be with. Unable to resist, she jumps into the unknown and so begins a battle to keep her newfound love alive."

Also in Series: The Time Spirit Trilogy

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slc333 reviewed on Aug. 30, 2013

I enjoyed Gemma & Harrison together and I like how Gemma is both extremely competent and extremely awkward depending on the situation. I also liked how Harrison isn't threatened by the fact that Gemma is a much better fighter. I spent most of the book suspecting Gemma's parents of wrong doing as they were so horrible to her with their rules, expectations and judgements and constantly putting their children in danger so I found the ending quite interesting and am definitely looking forward to reading the next instalment.
(review of free book)
Sarah Nebel reviewed on March 30, 2013

Was lucky to win this book in a contest...and I am so glad I did. Having read nothing about it before I started, I dove right in and wasn't disappointed. Connected quickly with Gemma and could barely bring myself to put it down when I needed to.
(review of free book)
Dii reviewed on Dec. 14, 2012

Great Idea!

Gemma Hart is a little awkward, like many teens, but one big difference is that her father can take her through time! She meets Harrison, a boy from a different time and they are definitely connecting. Add to this, the fact that there is a purpose and mystery to her family's time travel and you have a great, well-written YA read that should appeal to all looking to be totally entertained!
(reviewed 5 months after purchase)
Lisa- Bookworm Lisa reviewed on July 10, 2012

This book falls into the paranormal/forbidden love story genre for me. Gemma and her family come from a line that is charged with changing the past to make things right and improve the future. They must keep this unique ability hidden.

Enter Harrison, the attraction between Harrison and Gemma is strong and undeniable. They cannot adhere to the edict that her kind cannot be with someone that is not one of them. The forbidden love story is always fun. I love to see love prevail against all odds. There are many odds going against them.

There is a lot of action in this book that will keep your eyes glued to the page. I gave it 4 stars and will definitely continue on with the rest of these books. I can't wait to see if love will prevail in the end.
(reviewed 7 months after purchase)
Marjana Gole reviewed on June 22, 2012

I like the story from begining to the end....and want more....
(reviewed 4 months after purchase)
M.K. Sutherland reviewed on June 2, 2012

Gemma Hart is a Time Spirit, along with the rest of her family. That means her father can whisk her and her family back in time, and Gemma will have only seconds' warning. Secrecy is vital to her family and, not wanting to betray her family or lie to potential friends, Gemma has isolated herself from her classmates, living the life of a recluse. She admires Harrison Granger from afar, knowing they can never be together. When it looks like Harrison might actually return her feelings, the walls Gemma put up come crashing down as she tries to balance family duty with the whims of her heart. By falling in love, has Gemma put Harrison, herself, and her whole family in danger?

As you can tell from my 4-star rating, I really liked this book! Time travel is not necessarily an original topic in young adult fiction, but Melissa Pearl had an original take on it. Her third-person narration is excellent. She goes back and forth between the thoughts of Gemma and Harrison seamlessly.

Gemma is a very easy to relate to. I could see myself being friends with her (if she was the type of person to have friends, that is). It was sad to read about her loneliness, but then I understand why she had to live such an isolated life. Her relationship with the various members of her family were very well developed. I especially loved her twin siblings. They were always looking out for her, and their occasional disagreements and arguments made them seem realistic.

Harrison could be a little cheesy sometimes, but that was pretty realistic, too. Guys aren't always the best at showing their feelings, so you have to love Harrison for giving it a valiant effort! He and Gemma were adorable together. Cheesy or not, I am definitely one of those girls who loves reading YA just so she can go "Aww!" at a cute relationship.

I loved all the time travel segments of the book. I think Melissa Pearl did a very good job with capturing the different historical eras. I really liked it when, upon returning to the present, Gemma could see the effects of her actions in the past. That was neat! Also, the way her family time travels, and the fact that Gemma had no control, was a very cool twist on time travel stories. The mythology behind it was also very interesting . . . I hope to learn more about that in the next two books.

One small criticism I have is about some minor grammatical errors. As an indie author myself, though, I know it's hard to catch them all! So I won't spend anymore time on that. The story was strong, and the errors weren't so big as to take away from that, so I really can't complain too much.

Golden Blood is the first book in the Time Spirits Trilogy.
(reviewed 88 days after purchase)
Zainab Hikmet reviewed on May 18, 2012

Wow, this book had me at the edge of my seat all the way through!
I just couldn't put it down for a second - I am so happy I had it saved on my phone so I could pick up where I left off even if I only had a minute to spare during classes.

I would definitely recommend this book for almost anyone, any age above 13.
It has this easiness to it, it flows so well that makes it so appropriate for readers of any age and level of reading.

It has the perfect amount of action and romance to satisfy any sort of reader, I am not one for action packed scenes but these had me holding my breath! The words were so beautifully picked and everything is described so perfectly that it almost evolved into this visual experience for me.

As mentioned before, I instantly started reading the second installment, what a great cliffhanger!

Melissa Pearl has an incredible way with words. I cannot wait to see what is in store for Gemma and Harrison, and her family!
(reviewed 77 days after purchase)
Michelle Auricht reviewed on April 12, 2012


I really enjoyed Melissa’s first instalment in her 'Time Spirit Trilogy', I thought it was quite a 'cool' story. I think this series needs to be published and on book shop shelves.

What a wonderfully original tale of a time travelling family who are led or controlled, depending on how you want to look at it, by their father Alistair and loving husband to Penelope. I do have trust issues with Alistair and Penelope and also by the time you finish this book I think you are starting to realise that all is not what it may appear.

There are secrets.

1 Minute in the present is approximately 1 Hour in the crossed over.

I loved Gemma, the black Ducati riding younger sister of the twins Ruby and Dominic Hart. Dominic is six ft three inches of gorgeous, and totally loyal to his sisters. His nickname for Gemma is ‘Slim’ and it suits her.

Gemma is unfortunately known as the ‘freak’ at St. Augustine High School, Florida. What she lacks in social skills, she makes up for in beauty and fighting skills.

Gemma has a secret that she must keep...... well, secret. Unfortunately, circumstances don’t always allow the opportunity for the cat not to get out of the bag, the chicken to fly the coop, the naked girl not to be caught in the nuddy....hehe!

Enter Harrison Granger, 17, blonde hair, drives a 1978 Corvette Stingray....have I got your attention yet? He comes from a loving family, mother Helen, stepfather Bryon, stepbrother Justin, stepsister Rosie and little brother Sam. Hmmmm, I have some thoughts there, but I shall see what ‘Black Blood’, tells me.

Jordan Monroe, I like to refer to him as Moron, has his eyes set on conquering the ‘freak’ and doesn’t take too kindly to Harrison. Now the ‘freak’ doesn’t want to be conquered by the Moron and lets him know. But he is a persistent little bugger.

Jordan and his inept minions are tracking Harrison down. Harrison ,keeping one step ahead of Moron and his Minions, smacks into the ‘freak’ , they shuffle through the door of ‘Camilla’s Closet’, nab some clothes off the rack, off into the change room for some hide and hopefully not seek , by the Moron and Minions.

* queue the music *

Let the ‘freak’ label peel away, and Harrison sees Gemma in a different light, one that smells like apple blossom shampoo.

And there begins the connection of Harrison and Gemma.

I am having some trust issues with the missions Alistair is sending the family on and why. I don’t want to give away, what they are, and where they go, and what they get up to as I thought that was wonderful to find out without being spoiled.

Melissa scatters little bread crumbs of intrigue about that have you picking them up and tucking them away in your pocket .

The last few chapters really got me chewing my finger nails as they are really, really good and exciting and nail biting, worthy.

The ending, well, that had me all grabby, grabby for, ‘Black Blood’, the second book in this trilogy , oh the intrigue will have you reaching for more.


“Your house. I would like to go there sometime.”
He reached for her hand and ran his thumb over her knuckles. “So I can picture you in it.”
(reviewed 4 months after purchase)
Books4Tomorrow Reviews reviewed on March 12, 2012

This totally awesome young adult paranormal romance captivated me from the first sentence. It had me alternately breaking out in goose bumps, sitting up in anticipation and smiling at the sensitive romantic scenes. Not being able to put it down, I read through it in one sitting.

The kids at school call Gemma Heart a freak. Those she helps think she is an angel and Harrison Granger thinks she is the most beautiful and sweetest girl he has ever met. With a secret that has to be kept at all costs, a strict training schedule, school work and sudden dangerous missions into the past, Gemma has almost no hope of ever having friends or a meaningful relationship with a boyfriend. Harrison Granger however, thinks differently and makes it his mission to convince Gemma that not only can he deal with her unusual calling, but also that he can love her.

The characters in this book - especially the main characters and their family members - truly seem to come alive in the expert hands of the author. That both main characters had perfectly normal, happy families was a pleasant change from the usual tragic circumstances in which so many key characters in other books find themselves.
Harrison is any girl's dream guy. No wonder Gemma is willing to break a two millennia old oath not to lose him. The budding romance between Gemma and Harrison is sweet and beautiful and tastefully described. Gemma's family however, is not very happy with the fact that she is dating a boy who is not one of their kind. I was extremely impressed by the mature way in which the lovers dealt with this.

“Golden Blood” is definitely not just a romance. As we follow Gemma from one dangerous mission to another, the suspense builds until Harrison gets involved. Then it becomes a nail-biting journey full of action and heart-stopping terror. It is a fantastic story which deserves more than its 5 stars and will have readers look forward to the next book in the series. (Ellen Fritz)
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
Kelly reviewed on March 6, 2012

I found myself up at night in the bed with my kindle reading after my hubby fell asleep until I finished it! Good thing I had the next one to start into because it leaves off with more questions than answers!

Gemma is part of a family of time traveler's. She is just a little different than the rest of the family. She stays as an outsider at school because of her parents rules. These rules are no dating until college because they are to marry another time traveler. Also she stays as a loner (freak is the word in the book, but I don't like that word, it makes me sad for Gemma) because her dad could call her to a mission in a different time period at any moment! There missions are supposed to find someone in the past and save them because they will make a difference in the future.

Gemma is attracted to a boy in school who is also somewhat new. He is attracted to her as well. She, however, tries to avoid him because of the rules. But Harrison gets under her skin and they form a bond.

Things happen that change Gemma's life! Harrison is part of that change. The missions make her question things. Her parents make her question things!

But you'll just have to read what the "things" are in the book!
(reviewed 19 days after purchase)

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