O N C E-----Ask Me Anything, Not Love

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What would you do if you hurt the woman you loved beyond what is in human nature to forgive? That is the problem that Morkel has to overcome. More

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  • Category: Fiction » Romance » General
  • Words: 40,080
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781452309224
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Kaye Booth reviewed on Jan. 1, 2017

"Once – Ask Me Anything, Not Love" by Mian Mohsin Zia, is a inspirational tale of the struggle for love by one man, Morkel, whose brand is “M–, No Time for Love”. But love strikes when it is least expected and who you would least expect to fall under it’s spell.... "Once – Ask Me Anything, Not Love" is a love story from the male perspective, a unique and entertaining tale, but not a romance.

Read my full review of "Once" on my blog: https://kayelynnebooth.wordpress.com/2016/12/30/once-may-be-enough-for-this-love-story/
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Samantha Heer reviewed on Dec. 15, 2016

Intriguing!!! This is a great book... a wonderful quick read, The writing style of this type of romance is unlike any other.. Very unique. The author has a way of making the story line very intriguing. I love how he book starts off very comfortable and then it takes you off your seat rooting for them. I would Highly recommend this book to anyone.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
H. E. Olsen reviewed on May 19, 2016

Loosing myself into the characters of 'Once, Ask Me Anything, Not Love' by Mian Mohsin Zia I find myself giggling at the main characters' actions, I can feel the embarrassment in the awkward moments, and I struggle with anticipation as the story comes to an end. I love a book that draws me in, makes me feel, and brings me to see beyond myself- this book does just that. Get your copy and enjoy. ~ Author H.E. Olsen
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Lorraine Price reviewed on April 28, 2016

I was asked to review Once (Ask Me Anything, Not Love) by Mian Mohsin Zia.

Once:Ask Me Anything, Not Love is a love story that begins with a character who has never experienced love. The story begins with the author, a famous novelist, being questioned by a reporter about why he has never had a woman as the central character in any of his novels.

The author then goes on vacation and accidentally meets a woman on several occasions. She is interested in speaking fluent English and he offers and pretends to be a professional English trainer. They spend time together and in the end he tells her who he really is and that he lied in order to write about her without her knowledge.

He returns home leaving her feeling used and dejected as he worries about missing his flight. His book is a great success and then he realizes that he is in love and searches for the woman that he left heartbroken at the airport. It is a journey of longing and discovery that will leave you surprised and shocked at the end.

It is not a typical romance novel. So if you are expecting intimacy, kissing, or passion, then this is not for you. If you have never experienced love, then you need to read this book.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Cindi Burleson reviewed on Jan. 26, 2014

I was asked to review Once (Ask Me Anything, Not Love) by Mian Mohsin Zia.

I enjoy reading many different types of books. This one intrigued me because it was written in a different way than most that I read. I've not read many books written in the first person. I enjoyed the self evaluation and the portrayal of the main character of himself and those around him.

I've met others in my lifetime who are like Morkel. They think they have their life figured out and have not left time for, or don't think they have time for anyone else. Morkel believes he has his life all figured out, but then....

As it often happens, he meets someone and then falls deeply in love with her as she does with him. Will Morkel be able to step out of his preconceived notions about his life? What will happen to Morkel and Maya? You can't help but fall in love with Maya. She is inspirational and she inspired Morkel.

What will be the end? I am not going to spoil it by giving details. Just know that you will feel many emotions as you read., I did enjoy the book and think that you will too. I hope there is a sequel to this story!!
(reviewed 15 days after purchase)
Offbeat Vagabond reviewed on Nov. 8, 2012

Original post here: http://offbeatvagabond.blogspot.com/2012/11/indie-book-review-once-ask-me-anything.html

Once (Ask Me Anything, Not Love) is a story about a successful novelist named 'M---, No Time For Love' aka Morkel. Morkel doesn't ever use a female protagonist. He doesn't see the need to have a woman be the focus of his books or his life. He has never been inspired enough to have a main one is his books. But things change when he visits Ukraine where he meets a woman that has changed his perception on life. But he doesn't realize how much he has changed until it is to late.

I really enjoyed our main character Morkel, well more towards the end of the book to be honest. I won't lie, I wanted to punch the mess out of him in this book. It is not so much he was a bad guy, but just the fact he was acting like the typical guy. He was so selfish and worried about his image, he couldn't see what was in front of him. He observes people for his books, but doesn't much pay attention to their emotions. I loved Maya. I can see how she inspired Morkel so much. She was so sweet and innocent and it kept me on edge to see what would happen between her and Morkel.

This is one of those reads that will stick with me for a very long time. I finished it yesterday and I have been thinking about it all day. Wow, what a storyteller Zia is. The story was paced so well and had moments that just killed me. Morkel meets Maya and is instantly enthralled with her. She wants to learn more English and he lies to her by telling her she is an English teacher. He doesn't want to be seen as the famous novelist. He says people put on a face when he tells them he is a writer. This is the perfect example of how one simple thing can change everything. I found myself shouting at the book at times. This story just pulled at me and didn't let go.

I was bouncing all over the place on what to give this. Like I said, Morkel made some questionable choices. There were things he did that made me quite angry. For instance, the flight scene had me raging. Morkel likes to go out of his way to comfort perfect strangers at a funeral of someone he has never met. But when it came time to comfort Maya, he ran off and left her. Again, I was pissed. And when he actually took flight, it still wasn't the first thing he thought of. He was excited about his book more. But his change in the end was so uplifting. I won't lie, I had tears in my eyes.

I don't want to give away anything, but this book truly blew me away. It was just so powerful and enlightening. The emotions that went through me reading this were so overwhelming and heart wrenching. There were times I had to stop and take a breather a time or two. This isn't your everyday contemporary romance. It belongs in a class of its own. The ending is so emotionally draining and I know not everything can be tied up into a perfect little bow, but dammit, I shall beg for a sequel. I don't think this review did this book justice. You just have to read this for yourself. Truly incredible.
(reviewed 9 days after purchase)
Cynthia Harris reviewed on Oct. 22, 2012

Mian Mohsin Zia contacted me and asked if I would write a review about his book Once: Ask Me Anything, Not Love.

Mian also wrote, “Monday, October 22 will be birthday and I hope my book touch your heart and gets a 5 star review. To get a 5 star review on your birthday is a great gift and I’ll be eagerly awaiting.”

New York Times bestselling author and Edgar Award winner Burl Barer stated, “Mian is an author with a future — hopefully one with a mainstream publishing house.” And I concur.

Happy Birthday Mian! Here is your 5 star review…


When I started reading Once, I could not put it down. I found it to be a powerful religious love story and one that begs to have a sequel. And as the book unfolded, I started seeing it as a movie, perhaps one made for the Lifetime Movie Network.

Morkel, the main character of the book, has no time for love. As a novelist he relies on his observations to create characters for his books. Books that never had a female character, until he meets Maya, a young religious woman who has no one to love her but God.

After spending several days with Maya in Kiev, Ukraine, Morkel knows that something is happening to him, yet he chooses to deny it. How could it possibly be, for a person who so adamantly declared he had no time for love, fall in love? And why, when Morkel tells Maya how he used her as research for his book, does he feel horrible inside?

At this point in the book, my heart breaks for Maya as she watches Morkel deny love and flee back home to publish his long-awaited, by fans, book.

It has been said that the person who is in love, is the last one to know it, and that holds true with Morkel. Once he accepted that he was in love with Maya, he had to do everything in his power to find her again.

Can Morkel find Maya? Will she forgive him?

Follow along on Morkel’s and Maya’s journey through lies, love, laughter, happiness, betrayal, self-obsession, and selfishness.
(reviewed 34 days after purchase)
Phoenix reviewed on Sep. 30, 2012

Mian e-mailed me about doing a book review. He is from Pakistan and has an amazing resume besides being a novelist. He has written three novels and this one is a romance. I am a very adventurous reader, determined to read many genres and writing styles. Mian intrigued me, so decided to give it a go.

I downloaded the book and started to read. The protagonist is a famous novelist named Morkel who has a weird pen name - M, No Time for Love. He is a very self-absorbed man who meets a beautiful woman in Kiev while on vacation. He is too self-centered to realize he has broken the woman's heart when he leaves.But events occur that change Morkel's life and the author grabbed my heart.

ONCE - Ask Me Anything, Not Love is written a unique style. It is not "literary" or Americanized. I would have to say it is innocent, straightforward, and thought provoking.

The story is very, very touching.
(reviewed 8 days after purchase)
Emily Guido reviewed on Sep. 28, 2012

“Once---Ask Me Anything” a romance novel by Mian Moshin Zia. His character of ‘M’ or Morkel is very self-assured and even arrogant in his attitude that he will never be in need of love. Morkel is a novelist who never had a female protagonist in any of his famous novels. Then he meets Maya, a pure soul, and he decides to research her and write a novel about a female protagonist for the first time. While he researches Maya, he begins to fall in love with her. The end is surprising.

My thoughts are the novel “Once---Ask Me Anything.” This novel is completely different from anything I have ever read or expect to read in this genre. Not to say there is anything wrong with the novel at all. It was edited very well and precise in writing style. It is not an “Americanized” love story at all! I was taken aback. It was sort of like watching an independent film with a different writing style and a very pure, innocent love story. This is a definitely Godly novel, and not a sexual or even passionate novel. If you do not relish religious undertones, you will not appreciate the story.

I did enjoy “Once---Ask Me Anything” because it was different… Totally different! Don’t kid yourself thinking that this is just a romance, it is a sophisticated and complicated story which uses God as the focus.

I was given the novel to do a non-biased review, and I have to give the Author, Mian Moshin Zia a five stars for “Once---Ask Me Anything” is truly unique.
(reviewed 7 days after purchase)
Jorja Davis reviewed on Sep. 25, 2012

Zia, Mian Moshin. O N C E : Ask me anything, not Love.
CreateSpace ISBN-10: 1451500548 ISBN-13: 978-1451500547
Smashwords: ISBN: 9781452309¬¬224 http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/10592
‘M---, No Time for Love’ is an author who writes English novels. He sees no need to include women in his novels, and certainly no need for a female protagonist. With no future projects in mind, he flies to Kiev, Ukraine, for a holiday. Here, where no one knows him, he can be an ordinary person. M attends a funeral, then at a wedding where he knows no one.
A beautiful woman stops him to remind him to tie his shoes. He rushes out to catch her, to find out more about this woman with the lustrous face and emerald eyes. She is amazed at the compassion and virtue she finds in his rare moment of truthfulness. They meet, again by accident, at the Globus market. He is touched by the “God Bless You” that once again precedes her goodbye. “It is her style, the Maya style. She has a charismatic personality, and her aura is impeccable.”
She, raised by Catholic nuns, finds for the ordinary Morkel, the love she has never known, except the love of God. M--- finds her innocence, and the peace and comfort he finds in her presence, captivating. Here, he discovers the female protagonist for which his publisher and his readers have been clamoring. However, he says, “if we could foresee the future, then many of our problems could be resolved; I could have saved myself from the mistake of a lifetime.”
Words are to the literary novelist and poet, what color is to a master painter, or notes to a gifted composer. Zia packs a lifetime of love, loss, melancholy, and forgiveness in 142 pages of masterful prose written in first person. He includes three poems to earmark and reread for themselves. I have only felt the undercurrents of such powerful depths in today’s words of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Khalid Hosseini.
Zia’s second novel portends much for his honor of Allah and his country, Pakistan. I believe that the combination of the power of faith and the uncertainty of a homeland in the currents of change may be the gristmill that produces such true and profound works. This is a book or E-book to place where it can be read over and over and over again, for each time there will be something new to discover and savor, whether you read it in English or Russian.
(reviewed 51 days after purchase)

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