Occupy LOL Street Volume 1

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An anthology of comics about three cats get involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Each episode has them approach the movement from a different angle to a different end. This anthology includes The Constitutional Convention, The Plight of the Homeless, The LOL Cats Save Christmas, The Burden of Responsibility and The Freedom Flotilla.
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About Travis Haan

Travis Haan was born and raised in Texas and only moved out of state when he joined the Air Force at the age of twenty. Being stationed in Italy, Germany and Hawaii allowed him to see the world and gain new perspectives. After separating from the military, he moved to New Zealand for a few years where he studied creative writing. Travis writes about topics he feels are important and don't get enough attention.

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Review by: Tammy on June 22, 2012 :
I really did not like the cheesy photos in this version of a comic strip. It was hard to read the print, the whole presentation (style) was weak and did not work for me.
This book is clearly written 'for' a certain audience.
Now that I have finished it, I find myself thinking of a quote by Cass Sunstein “To become an extremist, hang around with people you agree with.”
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Review by: Juan Batista on May 10, 2012 :
I appreciated this book for its look at the issues. And I'm someone who is quite annoyed with the lolcats meme. I expected to dislike this but was pleasantly surprised. Having the story acted out by animals had the same effct as Animal Farm or Maus. I'm not comparing the book to those in terms of being a classic, but it is a nice little entetaining and uplifting story. A good introduction to Occupy as well as a way to cheer on those who already agree.
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Review by: gideon on April 20, 2012 :
To me, this is simply done, but very meaningful and humorous.

Good Job! It's really sad, that stuff like Americans being able to afford basic needs (food, shelter, homes, jobs & security) are even an issue in America, the "land of the free!" NOT! Unless they mean free of food, shelter, etc.

The police r supposed to catch MALevolent people, not BENevolent ones.

I know, I was chased around by them 4 being homeless. If people are NOT a danger to others, or property, then leave them be!

What will you cops do when the lay-offs reach the police force?

Some cops have committed the same crimes, as the criminals they try to catch. How are people supposed to regard them as benevolent protectors, if they go around harrassing unarmed citizens, for stupid reasons?? "do you have a permit for that yard sale?" "do you have a licence for that dog?" "but officer, I just found him." "no skateboarding on the sidewalk, young man".

The working class, AVOID cops like the plague, because they don't need additional "fines" taken from their already meager paychecks.

I won't go/park anywhere there are parking meters because I don't need a $60.00 fine because the meter expired a second before I got there because one of the kids had to go to the bathroom, or we couldn't cross a busy street fast enough with kids. I AM sick about how America IS NOT free, people aren't even free to teach their own kids in some states without mandatory regulations/curriculum "guidelines", to ensure the kid is actually getting an "education"(according to their specifications), so (homeschooling) mom has to report to the educational "babysitters", even when her DISABLED KID may not have the capacity to understand said mandatory curriculum. Kids are not compliant, carbon copy robots! duh! All they care about is test scores, not kids themselves. What happens when a "challenged" kid can't handle the mandatory curriculum at a public school? He goes ballstic because no one will listen to HIM, as an INDIVIDUAL, and innocent people die, or he gets bullied by teachers for being "lazy", or bulled by kids for being "weird". Wake up people in power, unhappy civilians makes for a weak country! A weak country will eventually burn out, be conqured, defected, integrated or suffer infinite turmoil, a dessimated economy, etc. duh! happy civilians, = a strong country. less homeless, more workers, more taxes, better economy! duh. If I can see this, why can't they. Quit using taxpayers money to fund fish&wildlife/BLM who go around eradicating America's wildlife, to boost "game" populations to sell high dollar "permits" to trophy hunters, stop funding CPS/ICE, who go around yanking families apart, with no probable cause.

There's soooooooo much unjustness in America, everything morally wrong is approved, and everything morally right is persecuted.
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