The Shadowbelt

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Sick of reading mediocre classic fantasy books? Looking for a remedy? When a psychic and a priest cross paths a paradox is bound to occur somewhere along the line.
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About Jestin Lightner

I learned how to play guitar from the devil himself. I wrote short stories and songs throughout the years and most of my short stories were oriented around the planes because planescape was cool back in the nineties and spelljammer was old. I also wrote a five hundred page poetry book based on love and LSD trips back in the nineties. That was back while I was playing in a band called Hollow and plotting to take over the world with a religion based on my music. It was alot to ask for someone coming from a garage and a donut shop. Later on in life I was sitting in jail and was like, WTF, I can write better than this crap they are force feeding us in here and so I finally finished my first book. I now have a few titles to please my audience including original home brew Vampire The Masquerade adventures and a D&D supplement on top of The Battle For The Red Gates and EVN. Also if your interested I have prepared an ebook on the subject of writing your own ebook and it is perfect for the newb in us all.

Here is my reverbnation page if you wanna check out some of my music...

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unexplainedfiles reviewed on July 21, 2014

Fantastic read! This book is nonstop action from start to finish!
(review of free book)
ajseebach reviewed on June 30, 2011

I liked the premise of this book. Some of the early passages sparked my interest. Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish the book, and in the end barely read a chapter. The spelling was poor, and sometimes words were used in a way which suggested the author had misunderstood their meaning. The grammar was so poor it made reading the book very difficult, and the story content also was so inconsistent that at times it just didn't make sense. I'm sorry to be so negative, but I hope this author might find some editorial support which would perhaps help bring his ideas and imagination to better light.
(review of free book)
Howard Niecy reviewed on June 7, 2011

I found this to be a pretty good read. The only reason i didn't give it five stars is because the editing wasn't perfect. I didn't though because it's from a new author that isn't with some big publisher and it was free. The way the author wrote sometimes was very prolific and sometimes had a real old world feel which compelled me to read on even though I would sometimes run into typos or whatever. the characters were all well developed but I would have enjoyed some more background on them. Basically, the book left me wanting more and I was happy to find a part two out on the net. Overall I gotta tell you, I thought this was a pretty good first effort.
(review of free book)
BookMarc Blogpants reviewed on June 5, 2011
(no rating)
First off, let me state I'm not actually going to rate this novel at all as I couldn't finish it and so an overall rating would be unfair. Actually, "couldn't finish it" is a tad misleading as I barely made it through 7% of the book before I ended up giving up on it. The reason for that wasn't the beginning of story which was actually okay but it was down to the terrible editing. In the first 7% of the book alone - blame or thank Kindle for such accuracy on how far through I was - there were spelling errors galore, quotation marks missing from speech, capital letters missing from the beginning of some sentences and very poor sentence structure to boot. I'm guessing some form of auto correct was used also as there was "due" when it should have been "do" and "than" instead of "then" as well as words that don't even exist. I recall "surtsied" being one of those words although I think it was meant to be "curtsied". Put all those things together and the novel was unreadable...for me at least. As such, unless you can overlook very poor grammar, spelling and editing I really wouldn't recommend this ebook and although it's not for me to criticize what people like or dislike I find it unbelievable that all the acclaim for this book is actual, genuine feedback from people who have actually read the novel.
(review of free book)
casey miller reviewed on June 3, 2011

Let me start off by stating that I did enjoy the plot of this book. Unfortunately, that is where its virtues end.
At the risk of being emo-raged at by the author, I AM going to criticize the editing. This book lacks all polish. Sentence structure often requires rereading passages multiple times in order to understand what the author intended to say. This takes away from the flow of the story. It makes it impossible to become absorbed in the story the way you can be in a truly good novel. There are many turns of phrase that could be rather clever if they were stated in a more understandable way.
Unfortunately, editing is not this books main problem. As I stated, the plot has great potential and shows a vivid imagination on the author's part. However, the writing style leaves much to be desired. Instead of a smoothly unfolding storyline we are left with a choppy narrative of the events. Instead of painting a mental picture of his characters, their history, and the events of the story; the author simply states A then B and now C. This causes the entire story to feel rushed and incomplete. On the other hand, some passages have an almost old world poetic feel to them. If this style were carried through the entire novel I think you would have a truly unique addition to the fantasy genre.
In conclusion, this book could stand to be at least twice as long. Not because more pages equals more better, but, because we are missing about 150 pages of polish. I believe this author certainly has potential and hope he takes the time to take this criticism in the constructive spirit with which it was intended. With some more experience and more time invested in his future works we could find ourselves we a series of unique and enjoyable reads from him.
This being said I simply couldn't let stand that this book has 5 star ratings across the board. This being the case, I felt inclined to enter my 2 cents and my 2 stars. ;( Keep trying Jestin. I do feel you have potential if you were to put forth a little more effort -- and maybe found a detail oriented friend to help you with editing and polish.
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custodybattle101 reviewed on April 17, 2011

My favorite ebook so far...A really great escape with some really amazing sequences.
(review of free book)
heavenfreeze reviewed on March 26, 2011

This book changed my life.
(review of free book)
Joel branson reviewed on March 15, 2011

Great characters and a well developed plot. It never slows down or gets old. I've actually got friends who claim they have read this three or four times and I believe it. The sequal was also really something else, some say it is even better.
(review of free book)
Joel branson reviewed on March 14, 2011

The best fantasy series on smashwords for some time now.
(review of free book)
joe bob reviewed on March 14, 2011

Great read!
(review of free book)
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