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Runecursed is a slow-paced, multicharacter epic fantasy adventure that takes the reader to Braenduir where a man can be made a god and most all true heroes are dead. More
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About J.P. Aspenn

Julia P Aspenn was born with the overwhelming urge to write. She wrote her first novel when she was less than ten-years-old and has been scribbling stories ever since. There have been times though, when she has had no interest in writing, but the dream of publishing a book one day never wholly withered. Her favored genre is fantasy, but her drawer contains drafts of other fiction and poetry as well.

She finds her inspiration in folklore, mythology, music, and the northern nature. When not writing, she enjoys reading, making art, gardening, and hiking in the woods with her dogs.

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About the Series: Braenduir Chronicles
A long time ago, the gods dwelled among the mortals in the Torn Continent, guiding them and granting them gifts such as fire and magic, but after the Isbaelath, the epic battle between the twin gods of war, they withdrew to another world, hidden to the mortals. Only the myths, legends, and one unfortunate deity remained. To most, myths are all the ancient divinity is, but some still believe that gods and demons are real, and some are personally touched by their existence.

Lady Irana Stemraon doesn't believe in gods or any immortal creatures. At least, not until she finds a tattooed stranger she once dreamed about on the slaver's platform. A Hjelmen warrior, Toren Eddesen, despite being a close friend to a man who claims to be possessed by a divine spirit, also finds it hard to believe in anything but sharp steel and free will, and his countryman, Arron Grethsen, the best archer in Nortenmoor's garrison, only believes in freedom of choice and the things one can see with their bare eyes. However, all three of them are forced to reconsider their views as they start their journeys through Braenduir, and every step takes them deeper into the world of legends and ancient mysteries.

Reviews of Runecursed by J.P. Aspenn

beanysbooks reviewed on Aug. 11, 2022

A multidimensional story that challenges the reader.

I am a big ASOIAF and The Kingkiller's Chronicle fan and Runecursed falls into the same category. It’s a slow-paced story with multiple POVs.

There are a lot of characters and though some of the minor ones are a little clichéd, all serve a purpose. The MCs are well-written, complex, and have a lot of potential to develop as the series (hopefully!) continues. I found a couple of favorites among the side char., too, and wish they’ll return in the second book.

The plot is vast, and much is left for the reader to figure out for themselves. In a nutshell, the story is about choosing between one’s responsibilities and desires. All MCs are in a situation where what’s asked of them differs from what they’d want to do and they struggle with the decision of whether to stick to their duties or follow their hearts’ calling.

If you prefer books jampacked with action, you might want to skip this one. There’s some clanking of swords, but the focus is on the characters, their thoughts, feelings, and relations. What the story lacks in action and adventure, it delivers in romance and intimacy, though. It’s both steamy and heartbreaking, and I must confess that I ugly-cried at one point.

I like these kinds of stories in general and can’t wait to read the sequel, so I could hardly give Runecursed less than five stars! I’d recommend it to people who like authors like Martin, Rothfuss, and Tad Williams. If you’re looking for an easy, “on trend” read, this book is sure to disappoint you. Not simple, not trendy, but definitely worth giving a chance!
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