Avlyn Shaylee is a captivating beauty with uncommon awareness and unique skills that shatter the boundaries of the mind. Through her precise perception, distinct effect on people and her ability to influence water to take on properties and effects she intends, she must overcome insurmountable odds. More
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I’ve always been interested in metaphysical concepts and often sought to find evidence that someone else felt the things that I felt; that so much did not make sense about the world. I couldn’t fully put my finger on it but it was there . . . like a veil over everything. So close I could smell it and sense it, felt it with every part of me, but why couldn’t anyone else? It was a bit frustrating.
I knew things as a kid people thought a kid shouldn’t know. I was so sure I could do certain things, like fly and read minds, see energy and clips of the future—mainly mine, but sometimes others—visit other planets and more, but earths experiences told me “No, it’s not possible.”
Yet I still knew. And I knew I was in this life to break boundaries. With a sledgehammer if needed.
Fortunately, I gradually learned that force and fervent argument was no longer necessary to change the world. I only needed to free the boundaries of my own mind. I also began to recognize that I was not the only one who felt this way.
I’ve studied the basics of world and ancient religions, and for a large part of my life, felt like I was reconnecting with past lives of Pagan and Native American roots, philosophers and writers alike. I gravitate toward beyond-limits thinking, Science of Mind and creativity, but I was also caught up in the “proven science” of the world from Nutrition to the Environment.
How did all this stuff work together? I also I love great characters and rich stories that connect heart, mind and the Universe and any story that expanded the possibilities of my reality was a definite favorite!
I eventually settled on being a massage therapist for my first career. It was up my “healing nature” alley. I loved learning about the workings of the body and many ways it was effected -and I was good at it.
Within 14 years of being a massage therapist, I learned undoubtedly, that our emotions and thoughts effected the body more intensely than our physical actions at least 10 times over.
I also learned that very few people were consciously aware of what their most dominant emotions were.

In the past 2 decades, I have been working with energy/awareness/mind tuning more directly with techniques I’ve learned from many different sources. I have always been intuitive and had a definite deeper awareness of what’s around me but I came to the point I was ready to develop to higher levels and beyond.
I have recognized more and more over the years that not only am I not in a small select group of “intuitives” on the edge of society, but that each and every person on the planet has experienced these “paranormal” things in one form or another -even thought it was socially unacceptable to speak about them.

Anyone who did was considered a “quack” and was ostracized. Now I know that not only do we all have this naturally, but that we can practice using it, develop it, expand it exponentially and tap into it an instant we choose. We just have to let go of all other -limiting- beliefs.
I was one of these “ostracized quacks” impatiently watching from the fringes of society, but now metaphysics and even science has such a strong and undeniable voice. Now terms like intuition and intention are common and embraced by society. Now science is proving what spirituality has been saying for centuries.
It's what we focus on that we create -but ALL doubts in our subconscious must be released to move beyond our limitations.
If we can truly unlock the power of our minds and free ourselves from the bondage of fear and limitation, we would truly know ourselves as limitless.
I offer Divinity Revealing readings to uncover the subconscious patterns that have been blocking us from living our Divine Inspired lives and empowering life skills to help you know your truth and ~*free yourself*~ whenever you need it.
Our greatest power is within. Our Inspired voice or intuition is our personal guide to our Greatest Life. Learn to live every moment of your life from your true Source. ThePowerOfInnerRhythms.com I invite you to check out both the Science and the Spirit behind Flashpoint and our Greatest Truth. Click on “Divinity Revealing” to find out more about coaching sessions.
I love to travel, scuba dive, adventure and explore our world. So far the more exotic locations I have been to are Australia, Belize, Guatemala, Micronesia, Palau and around much of Europe.
My favorite part about traveling, aside from seeing and experiencing more of life, is meeting locals and world travelers. Hearing some of their adventures—I could write countless volumes. The world is bountiful with colorful characters and amazing twists. It is my dream to write great stories, travel with family and show my kids the world and a glimpse of our boundless possibilities.
Life is an Adventure to be lived as our Heaven on Earth. Live it Fully!

So there you have it. A small peek at my back ground, what inspires me and the motivation behind my stories.
I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do!
Infinite Love and Gratitude!
Jamie S. Mariah

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