Final Hour of the Hunter Book Three in The Midnight Hunter Trilogy

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Final Hour of the Hunter - Book Three in The Midnight Hunter Trilogy More

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  • Category: Fiction » Fantasy » General
  • Words: 94,080
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780983827252
About Bonnie Bernard

I'm the proud birth-giver to The Midnight Hunter Trilogy - a paranormal, suspense-thriller that features a dash of romance, a sprinkle of mystery, an occasional murder, and a full, fun cast of Underworld characters. Some of them are kind, others are wicked - but all of them will tug at your heartstrings.

The Midnight Hunter Trilogy is published by Fin-S Press and is available in softcover and most ereader-device forms.

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Claire Taylor reviewed on July 24, 2012

I was given this book on a read to review basis.

This is the third book in the Midnight Hunter Trilogy.

The book starts a couple of years after Dawn of the Hunter ended and it seems that life is never going to go smoothly for Donna, her friends and family, and with the influence of Chaos, things are on a completely different playing field.

The descriptions and the characters come to life, and you don't need to try for your imagination to bring the story to life. The book is fast paced, and though I had guessed one of the twists there are many more that surprised me keeping me hooked right up until the end.

This book will leave you wanting more, and wish the trilogy wasn't at an end.
(reviewed 23 days after purchase)
kelly jones reviewed on July 11, 2012

I love this book, Howie really does it for me, he is just so snarky and the one liners he comes out with a simply hilarious. I love his interactions with the still virginal human and especially the bull headed human, who most of the rest of us know as Donna and Cassie. He is definitely my favourite character in the series, being so abrupt and saying exactly what he thinks no matter who he is talking to, is very refreshing and sometimes quite amusing. Ok enough Howie praise!
Donna takes on a job at the gun shop run by Kyle and Uncle Clarke, to try and figure out where their friends have been taken to. With Samee, Cassie and even Mo going missing throughout the book, Donna and Hunter are beside themselves trying to locate their friends, and only close to the end do we find out the truth about the importance of some of these people to the whole scheme of things in keeping balance in the underworld on the physical plane.
I really like where this book went and I love that I never in my wildest dreams would have guessed where the mischief in chaos was being created from, random shootings and fights and the almost obsessive need for everyone to arm themselves against the uprising. Chaos pretty much reigns terror down on the "stupid humans" every time she appears, and Donna’s main goal is to track down Chaos’ sidekick who is stirring things up in the mortal realm and creating disruption everywhere to make her stronger. I kind of guessed who the culprit was but, had my doubts when some very unexpected sources surprised me along the way, especially when Donna decided to save the world on her own and got captured at the back of The Darkside, and then all sorts of interesting things unfolded.
I was very happy with the way the book ended and am pleased to know there is a spin off series, as I felt the ending allowed for that and it would seem that Jonathon is not really his father’s son, when it comes to personality anyway. I was sad for Faith but excited by the outcome of the Magickal Mysteries meeting. There is a whole new story waiting to be born.
Thank you so much Bonnie Bernard for allowing me to read your books in return for an honest review. I have enjoyed this series very much and can't wait to read more of your stories.
(reviewed 12 days after purchase)
Jennifer Davis reviewed on July 6, 2012

I was given a e-copy in exchange for my honest review, but would have gladly purchased a copy. The author hasn't failed me yet at keeping me in a trance with her writing and I am sure she never will.

Thing have changed for Donna and the gang since the last book. Life has been normal, well as normal as it can be with friends and family like Donna's. But life can't stay a walk in the park forever, unless the park is full of crazy people with weapons and a attitude from hell. Donna becomes cursed by chaos and chaos by any other name is, well.....a B***H! Donna has also grown and has learned to take care of things herself. She decides to take this situation in her own hands and refuses to bow down to chaos. Which basically means she has thrown everyone to the wolves, are in the situation, the hellhounds. People go missing, friends become enemies, and enemies become alliances in a blink of an eye. It is up to Donna to regain order to the hell created on earth. Everyone has to play the game of life, but no one knows which team each are playing on. There can only be one winner, but who will be on the winning side that survives complete chaos?

Loved the book!!! Unfortunately, it is the last book in the trilogy. I could read about the crazy and wild characters forever, but all good things must come to an end at some point. I hear rumor that there will be a spin off and I can hardly wait. As long as she keeps writing, I will continue to read whatever she creates. An author worth following!!!
(reviewed 54 days after purchase)
Kitty Boodles reviewed on July 3, 2012

Final Hour of the Hunter - (Book 3 of the Midnight Hunter Trilogy) by Bonnie Bernard

This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review - and it is awesome!

First - I need to thank Bonnie Bernard for giving me this wonderful opportunity to read and review her Midnight Hunter Trilogy. Bonnie is an amazing writer with a real gift with words, allowing you to see the world she writes about. This series is fantastic, and it's a must-read.

Donna is happy, a caring mother to her beautiful daughter, a loving wife to Hunter, and living her dream of a happy life. Until, the literally runs head on into the Goddess of Chaos and her HellHounds - and all Hell breaks loose! Missing people, puzzles need to be solved, the world is going crazy. It's a perfect balance of love, action, adventure, hilarity, friendship, and betrayal.

I started Book 3 late at night and could not put it down until I was done. I will go back and re-read this series, that is how much I enjoyed it! (Especially Howie Evil!)

I highly recommend you buy and read all three books in Bonnie Bernard's Midnight Hunter series, you will not be disappointed! Bravo!
(reviewed 15 days after purchase)
christine bonner reviewed on June 30, 2012

this is the 3rd book about Dawn,hunter and the others
the children are growing up fast and have many changes in there live
It about the God of Chaos and what she does to the world/underworld.
there is kidnapping, sex on the washing machine when on spin speed,funny part about the dog having his manhood taken away, what Hunter said about it and it has an amazing end
I finished this book at 2am and loved every bit
well done Bonnie i will miss reading about these guys
(reviewed 8 days after purchase)
Valerie McQueen reviewed on June 25, 2012

My review of Final Hour of the Hunter by Bonnie Bernard


This book was provided free by the author in exchange for honest literary review!

So for the virginal human Donna, the last two years have been more than peaceful since distroying those pesky Underworld characters. Lucinda is now well over two and doing well. Everything is finally going Donna's way and she and her soulmate are going to live happily ever after right? WRONG AGAIN!!!!
Unfortunately those pesky Underworld creatures aren't going to be defeated that easy. First there's a strange woman with white hair and a pair of hellhounds chasing her around, and no other mortal can see her but Donna. Then there's a purple eyed bird..... yeah you get my picture. This time it's all on Donna to solve the riddles and save us.
Ok I rarely rant and rave about a novel but I am going all out here. This series improved by leaps and bounds with each novel....and the first one was good. The plot is action packed without being hard to follow. Theres comedy, romance, peril, heartbreak, and kick buttowski all in one. The characters are likeable. For me, i love the fact Donna acts human. She's not portrayed as a perfect goddess type on legs...she's just an average young lady who's randomly awkward, clumsy, and slow to catch on which makes her very loveable and relatable. This goes on my must read ASAP list for anyone who hasn't by far won't be disappointed!!!!!!
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
Ever Star reviewed on June 21, 2012

I got this book for free from the author herself, to give an honest review.

Final Hour of the Hunter is at the moment I am asumming to be the last in this trilogy. I do hope the author makes another book that has the characters that have grown up and the old characters that have now important jobs.

This book once again had me from the first page. After I read the second book I was so ready to get into this book. Final Hour of the Hunter takes place 2 years after the second book, Lucinda is still growing up faster than normal children because she has inherited her father's dark gift of being a vampire. Donna is enjoying her life now since there is nothing bad going on. Cassie, and Howie are together. Everything is good until, one day Donna drives out to get dinner from the store and she crashes into something. She gets out to inspect, and there is nothing there, but when she gets back into her car a woman is in the back with her hellhounds. Her name is Ursula she is now the next problem for Donna and her family and friends to deal with. Just when everything was going great. Mortals or humans can not see Ursula. From the time she meets Ursula everything starts going down hill, her friends start disappearing, the human world has gone crazy and has the disease. No one is safe to trust. I was sad that there was an ending to this book lol, everything was flowing so perfectly. If you are looking to read about more kicking butt, and the paranormal then please give this a read! I know you will not be disappointed.

Out of this whole book I have to say my favorite little part or saying was this paragraph.
"Howie clenched the latest cigarette between his teeth and turned to face Ian. "Stupid human, do you see the sign in the door that reads Howie's Gun Shop?"
Ian nodded begrudgingly.
"Three guesses who I am."
"A Crazy mother f----?"
All I could do was laugh and laugh. If you have not read the other two books I suggest you do it. Howie is trip all on his own. And is a great character that Bonnie wrote. I truly enjoyed reading about the children growing up and seeing the marriage of an immortal and a vampire, and getting little surprises along the way.
(reviewed 11 days after purchase)
Ema Volf reviewed on June 19, 2012

Today I finished Final Hour of the Hunter by Bonnie Bernard. This is the third book of The Midnight Hunter Trilogy. Like the first two, I was drawn in almost immediately.

We start out with Donna living a somewhat normal existence for the next two years after the battle from the last book. However, it was pretty short-lived from where we pick up the story. One day, on the way to the grocery store, she accidentally runs over/through Ursula, the goddess of chaos. Naturally, the goddess was a bit ticked off, and left Donna with a threat to end her world as she knows it. In typical Donna fashion, she avoids telling her husband, Hunter, about it. She simply wanted the peace she had been enjoying for the last couple of years to stick around a while longer.

Soon, we meet up with Cassie, the Prophecy Holder. She has continued with her job of translating the Underworld Prophecy that had been left by the gods. We soon learn that she is pregnant with Howie's twins, which makes them a vampire/demon/human hybrid. Similarly to Donna's daughter Lucinda, we later learn that these twins have their own place in the prophecy.

Before long, the goddess of chaos begins to fulfill her promise, with the help of The Trickster, and people close to Donna start to go missing. Donna, Hunter, and their vampire/demon/human family set out to defeat the goddess, and bring their loved ones back. Naturally, they run across several obstacles along the way, including a few that really just had me stunned into speechlessness, which is an incredibly rare occurrence for me.

As I said in both of my previous reviews for Bonnie Bernard, she knows her characters. She paints amazingly colorful and entertaining characters that really make this book (and the entire series) stand out. This is definitely something that consistently stands out for her, and something I admire about her.

This story is incredibly fast-paced and draws you in from the beginning. It seems something was always happening. Although, Howie is certainly not one to allow room for any boredom. ;-)

One of the things I loved most about this series as a whole was the reminder that even though things are frequently labelled good or bad, that doesn't necessarily mean they are. It was more true to life. In most stories, vampires and demons are bad. In those same stories gods/goddesses and humans are good. In this story, the author made sure to clarify that things aren't quite so black and white. There's always a lot of grey area. One of my favorite parts of this story was near the end when a father told his daughter (leaving names out to avoid spoilers) that she would find the man she'd be with and have a child with, and he'd be evil. Seeing this male character through much of the book, I couldn't help but laugh to myself and think, "Well, he's not evil per se ... He's more ... chaotic neutral." I love that the author made sure that her characters were more colorful and complicated than simply good or evil. It definitely makes the read more intriguing.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Ever Star reviewed on June 18, 2012
(no rating)
I was given this book from the author herself to give an honest review! I honestly loved, this book.

Mo kept me laughing from the beginning with everything that came out of her mouth. Vampires, and minions, and underworld things are all in this book.

I truly enjoyed reading about each character in their own little way. Though Hunter made me a little upset at times only because of the way he acts. When I Bonnie threw in the unexpected I was like WHAT oh wow. Can not wait to read in book 2 how this is going to turn out. I do have to say Mo is one of my favorite characters in this book because she speaks her mind and she doesn't care who it offends or what is said. She dresses in her own way and doesn't care about other's opinions. Now being pregnant myself I crave a lot of what Mo craves lol. And with the reference of chocolate chip cookies crumbled up underneath a banana, and I believe drizzled with chocolate syrup. Oh my that just sounded delicious. Thank you Bonnie for that hunger moment for me. :D

Midnight Hunter is about a young woman name Donna who is in danger. She dreams of a man who wants her dead. Now she is thrust into an unknown world to her since she has no recollection of her previous lives. She is learning all sorts of things of what is going on around her. She meets a man name Hunter who wants to protect her, and in the midst of it all not what he seems. If you enjoy action, some suspense, the paranormal then this is the book for you. I honestly bet you will not be disappointed I know I sure was not.
(reviewed 8 days after purchase)
Phoenix Fire Publishing reviewed on May 31, 2012

This book was fantastic!!! Returning charcters that you love to hate but they just make your day and put that i hate that you maek me smile on your face. Donna is still dealing with some issues but as much as she has gone through now she is not about to give up!!! This girl is tough and has a lot to fight for.
(reviewed 72 days after purchase)
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