Talking Them Through: Crisis Communications with the Emotionally Disturbed and Mentally Ill

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Drawing on extensive experience with unstable, violent, intoxicated and mentally ill people, former Corrections Sergeant Rory Miller delivers a street-level guide to building rapport, taking command and avoiding force. More
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About Rory Miller

After nearly thirty years in martial arts, 18 working with violent criminals in Corrections and a year as a contractor in Iraq, I now teach and write on the subject of violence. I've been a military medic; a tactical team member and leader; a corrections officer and sergeant.

Basically, I'm a little scarred up, but generally happy.

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Reviews of Talking Them Through: Crisis Communications with the Emotionally Disturbed and Mentally Ill by Rory Miller

Parker Westbrook reviewed on March 27, 2012

I used the book to prepare myself for a position in which I'll be dealing the the mentally ill with some regularity. Having read it, I definitely feel as if I'm on more solid ground.

Rory writes with clarity, he doesn't waste your time, and you always come away with something you can use in real life.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
Peter Steeves reviewed on Feb. 20, 2012

Awesome! I forced myself to stay awake until I had read the whole thing immediately after I bought it, and then read it again a few times since then, and recommended it to everybody I know (to whom it applies).

I almost immediately had the "opportunity" to try out some of the ideas presented in this book (living and patrolling in Hollywood, CA gives an unfortunately high volume of access to these "opportunities" for me) ... and Rory's advice works perfectly.

I've read just about everything Rory has published, been to his workshops, and even convinced him to write an article for the blog (thanks, Rory!). This one is a whole new category - nobody knows this stuff this well AND writes so clearly and personally about it.

If you even begin to think the information in this book might ever be even marginally useful to you, then it's required reading. If you'll never, ever have any need at all to deal with emotionally disturbed person (who are you?) then it's still a well written, and even entertaining book. Heck, just read it.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
tim boehlert reviewed on Jan. 30, 2012

Disclaimer: I read a blurb about this book a year or more ago in another of Rory's e-book's, and wrote to ask if he had finished or published it. Through a few e-mails I'd expressed an interest in seeing it in print, as it sounded like a tool that I could use in my work. Apparently Rory felt pressured to publish it because of those few e-mails, but I really only asked him once or twice... thanks Rory!

This e-book is an education in dealing with several classes of people, that at times present with some unusual behavior. If you work in a Health Care environment, like I do, and have a duty to interact with these people, this book will open up some new insights into what you may have been dealing with or what you can expect to deal with.

In short, Rory gives you some tools that should help you recognize the various classes, and some tools and advice on how to interact with more successes than failures when doing so. Rory has a degree in Psychology, military experience, a whole lot of MA background, and a bunch of time in a prison setting working with these individuals. Not to short-change the man.

Rory has as complete a toolbox as I've seen, a way with words and educating that keeps my bank account in the red, and seems to deal with the unusual in a very unique and effective way. I'll give you a quick example, one that I'd recalled reading a few times previously, and one that caused me a large AH-HA moment. In his 'story' Rory talks about one of these people being in a very bad way - angry, combative, and causing a disturbance in his 'room.' To Rory's way of thinking, and I love this, "He's not hurting himself or anyone else. I don't NEED to go in there to deal with it at the moment." Rory sat outside of the room, until the guy cooled off a bit, and then used an unorthodox method of communicating with this individual. His method not only worked, but worked so well that it was de-escalated with no injuries, and no loss of face for either side. And both parts are important.

Too many times we are asked to deal with the unruly, using force rather than communication and understanding. I work hard at learning more about my job, and Rory is a valuable resource that I count on.

When I found his work a few years ago, I began to read, and understand how much I had no clue about. While we share similar jobs/situations (at least when he was still with Corrections), I am so out of my element that it's scary, and he is so in the zone that it boggles my mind.

This book is specifically related to dealing with Emotionally Disturbed Persons and the Mentally Ill. Rory can give you some very unique insight that will absolutely help you wade through these murky waters. It's going to take a few reads to get ALL of it, and it's not complete, even by his own admission, BUT, there's nothing else like it out there (I've looked) and certainly noone as qualified to write it as Rory A. Miller.

If you've read any of Rory's Chiron Training e-books, and you liked his cut on things, this book is no different. His style comes through loud and clear, and the information is top-notch. If you deal with this stuff, get this book - you won't find anything close to it from his perspective and with his expertise. If you want to get better at it, buy this book. If you think you know it all, buy this book and find out otherwise. It's that good.
(reviewed 4 days after purchase)
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