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Andrea Dayla is about to start the next chapter of her life, college, leaving the only family she’s ever known behind. It was going to be scary enough being away from home in a strange city but little did she know Hanover had far scarier things in residence; the truth. More

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Words: 129,180
Language: English
ISBN: 9781466176133
About E.L. Manning

I'm a mother of three wonderful (and hyper) children and have custody of my oldest nephew. I met my soul mate and love of my life about two years ago and we've been together for little over a year. I'm a cashier for Valero Cornerstores and working on getting my name and books out there. I love to read and write (usually have at least two stories in the works at a time). Anything else you want to know just ask :)

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Review by: Jennifer Ricketts on July 28, 2012 :
I received a free copy of this book for a review after signing up for ARR (author requesting review) in the group We Love YA Books on Goodreads.

I'm not an editor nor a writer but after reading this book, I realized it has so much potential if some changes are made. The spelling and grammar mistakes throughout the entire book were difficult to overlook, as well as the issues with the font changes towards the end. I noticed a few inconsistencies with some of the things the main character, Andrea, said. The "DING DONG" and "RING RING" phrases should be taken out and replaced with, for example, the following, "Upon hearing the urgent knocks at my door, I opened it to find Sara standing there."

It was difficult for me as a reader to picture what the characters look like and where the action was taking place due to the descriptions. The description of the house Andrea moves into is weak--I'm not really sure what the house looks like, I just know it has a lot of doors. Each character's eye color, hair color, and skin tones were given, but nothing that really made them stand out from each other. I was also hoping for stronger character development personality wise, and the dialogue between characters didn't come across as natural. Some of the characters would become angry with each other, and then all of a sudden become apologetic. Sometimes they'd become angry over things that shouldn't make them angry but not get angry over things that they should be angry about, depending on the character. I'm excluding Andrea from this because her temper flaring quickly was part of her transformation into a Crusnik. If I was Andrea, though, I would be a lot more upset than she was after finding out important information about her mother and father.

There were a lot of similarities between this story and Twilight. It's mostly between characters and not really the plot itself. Shane and Andrea's relationship seems a lot like Edward and Bella's relationship. The werewolf Jay has feelings for Andrea much like the werewolf Jacob has feelings for Bella. There are mentions made of finding a soul mate in this story that strongly reminded me of the concept of "imprinting" in Twilight. Lastly, the fact that humans in this story can have vampire babies is also present in Twilight. I think Believe is a good story that can stand alone, and if the similarities to Twilight were taken out, the story would not suffer at all and would become even better.

Believe has a lot going for it--I wanted to know what would happen next to these characters. When I had to put the book down to do something else, I looked forward to getting back to the story, which is creative and original in my opinion as well as entertaining. The concept of the Crusnik is really interesting, much more so than if Andrea had been written as just an ordinary girl. I like the powers that she has, and I want to find out more about her family history in the next book. If the suggested changes from above were put into place, then I believe this book would gain a ton of four and five star ratings.
(reviewed 67 days after purchase)

Review by: Emily Guido on July 16, 2012 :
Congratulations to E. Leighanne Grimm-Weever for creating her first novel. As a new Independent Author myself, I have a certain sympathy and understanding of the sacrifices which went into making a novel. Then try to publish a novel on a non-existent bank account. Most publishers have a great budget for editing. It is terribly and excruciatingly hard to edit your own book and format it in a way it will read well in Kindle, Nook or iTunes-Mobi.

I deeply respect any author who puts their first novel which is unedited out there "on the line of fire" for a group to review because many will never understand it usually takes $2 a page to edit. I know this author will eventually hire Beta Readers and/or scrape up the money to edit. Then the book will transform into a wonderful edition.

My thoughts:
I was asked to review "Believe" and being a vampire story lover myself, I was intrigued by the synopsis. I have to say the plot did remind me a lot of Twilight gone “Campus Life” in the beginning. I was thinking this would have been exactly the way Twilight would have been if Bella would have gone to Dartmouth.

The plot did change and head off into different direction(s). It is indeed hard to settle on one plot and then develop the plot fully.

It is equally hard to fully develop characters. Characters which come and go in a book tend to make a reader dizzy. I’m not talking about warping into one time or another like time travel. I’m talking about something different like a maturation of personalities and characteristics.

My last and final thought is I would have loved plot development between Shane and the heroine, Andrea. I was reading the novel to the end believing more dialogue, action, and finally closure between them were soon coming. My rooting for them kept me looking until the end, but alas I was left hitting my forward button on my Kindle looking for more Shane and Drea.

I wish you good luck on your first novel Ms. Grimm-Weever. I believe you have a bright future ahead in the genre of Paranormal Romance.
(reviewed 20 days after purchase)

Review by: jacqui Astacio on July 12, 2012 :
I loved, loved ,loved this story. At first it was little Twilighty, but once you move past that the story comes to life, ( besides with such a popular book as Twilight you are bound to find similarities in many books you read, I know I have). The only thing that really did bother me was the spelling issues, wrong words in some places. (Spelling and grammar, totally my pet peeves)
I think that elements of the story were very creative I love the fact the almost all of the supernatural creatures encountered have a special ability or talent. When it comes out that Andrea is a vampire hunter princess, who was hidden away by her mother in fear of the danger she would face; it was exciting and not really what I had anticipated. I was not as surprised when we find out that Andrea is half vampire it explains why she had influence over vampires as well as her huntress side of the family. I enjoyed the story and the creativity of it immensely!
I believe that with a little editing and spelling/grammar fixes this book would be a great addition to any paranormal book lover’s shelf.
(reviewed 12 days after purchase)

Review by: Lexie Snyder on July 07, 2012 :
I have mixed feelings about this book. It was extremely similar to Twilight (which I adored). Andrea is going off to college, and little does she realize that her life is about to change forever. Everything she believed to be true is shaken to its core.
It seems like the author could have made some more significant changes to this book, especially compared to how similar it was to Twilight in the emotional aspects as well as just the characters and setting. I understand the concept was different, but that was a small part compared to the underlying emotions of the characters. However, so many authors are being compared to Stephanie Meyer and Twilight whenever a vampire/human romance comes along and that’s not really fair to the authors.

It did strike me as a strange character development, or lack thereof, that Andrea has so many paradigms changed so quickly and she adjusts without giving anything a second thought it felt like. For example, her mother suddenly popping into Andrea’s life and on top of that she’s royalty! Yet, nothing really seems to faze her. That could just be my perception, but that made it harder to truly relate to her as a character and be invested.

Someone definitely needs to go through this to edit it further. I know how easy it is to make grammatical mistakes (especially when word doesn’t catch something) but when you read a story you definitely don’t want the grammatical errors to interfere with story. Especially to the point where the reader can’t even concentrate on the story due to grammatical errors.

However, I do think Grimm-Weever has potential, and this series could develop into something very enjoyable.
All thing considered, it was an interesting read if you could ignore the typos, with a twist that many will find unexpected.
(reviewed 11 days after purchase)

Review by: Janxcdlily on July 02, 2012 : (no rating)
Spoiler Alert:
Believe is a story about a girl who unbeknownst to her is a Dark Angel or a "Crusnik" and not only that but she is the princess of the Crusniks and finds herself in love with her enemy, a vampire.

I received this book through Read and Reap and I have to say that the description sounded very interesting and as much as I tried to really like it, I felt that this book was a runaway roller coaster ride through Twilight, X-Men, Sacagawea with a little bit of Greek Mythology and some Celtic Fae just to add to the mix. I have to give the author credit for taking a chance and coming up with an interesting concept of immortal vampire hunters that actually drink vampire blood. I just wish she would have stuck with that concept and that concept alone.

The characters are somewhat forced and seem to be very egocentric. The writing is choppy and reads very much like a 13 year old's diary; there are many grammar, spelling, and formatting mistakes in the book. I understand that it may not be a final copy so I hope that the editing will be addressed, I give it 1.5 stars.
(reviewed 52 days after purchase)

Review by: kindlemom on June 29, 2012 :
My first impression of this book is that it is very reminiscent of Twilight.

Too Twilight in fact.

New girl moves into small town where it rains and snows a lot.

Mysterious rich family that doesn't date anyone outside of the family, doesn't really associate with the rest of the town, seems unfriendly.

They all live together in a great big house.

All gorgeous with pale cold skin.

Have an aversion to food.

Weekend camping trips with the whole family.

One can see the future, one can read minds....

Parents are young and in their thirties (one a doctor)and adopted all the kids....sigh...sounds familiar right?

Should I go on with the comparisons?

I really liked Twilight, I did, but if I wanted to read Twilight, I would have picked it back up, not just read a different slightly altered version of it.

Honestly, I was starting to think that maybe I shouldn't even waste my time of reading any more. I don't need to read another Stephanie Meyer knock off.

But, I didn't give up, I kept on reading and things did get a little better.

The book finally started to take on a life of its own.

So yes, there was some originality to the story thankfully but I couldn't help being a little irritated that there wasn't enough there to truly make it stand on its own and be a great story, which makes me kind of sad.

I really hope the next installment will be better, editing wise and storyline wise. While I understand that the similarities with Twilight are there, I hope from now on the continuation of the story takes it own twist and becomes its own story.

I really wanted to rate this one higher but I just can't in good conscience but I do think the author has a good storyline with the one she created on her own and could take this series to a good original place with enough thought and time and writing skills.

2.5 Stars!
(reviewed 3 days after purchase)

Review by: Mallory Heart Reviews on June 29, 2012 :
“Believe” is the first in a series, and a multi-layered novel, indicative of the author’s rich and vivid imagination. Vampires, Vampire Hunters, Royalty, varied Shapeshifters, Indigenous Americans, American pre-colonial history, Western European settlement in America, romance, jealousy, envy, Supernatural powers, and much, much more-it’s a massive undertaking but author E. Leighanne Grimm-Weever seems to manage to keep it all straight. I found the book quite enjoyable in terms of content (though there were a couple of instances when I thought characters changed too suddenly to be realistic) and I admire the author’s forethought in putting together such a collection of different types of folklore, mythology, superstition, history, and Supernatural elements of many types. My only objection is that the book would benefit from a good proofreading, and that I found the grammatical errors and typos distracting. However, I am glad that “Believe” is the first of a series (“New England Immortals”) and I look forward to the sequel.
(reviewed 3 days after purchase)

Review by: Angie k on June 18, 2012 :
Despite the bad editing, I found this book to be one that I got into very quickly and the story caught my attention. I did often find myself seeing Twilight coming through, but I feel sorry for authors in this genre, as I think they will always find the comparisons being drawn. I enjoyed her writing style though and think that the author has great potential.
What I didn't like about the book was the character development. Andrea went from not knowing anything about herself, to suddenly having a mother, being a princess etc, way too easily. She totally accepted her mother and everything else with very little question. I also thought that she was so sweet to start with, but her entire character seemed to change almost immediately. She also described herself as plain, without ever having a boyfriend before, but suddenly a boy from every paranormal group was crzy over her. The book just became too unrealistic for me and I found myself losing interest and struggling through the 2nd half.
This said, I will repeat that the author has great potential and I would definitely try her nextbook to see what she brings forth.
(reviewed 29 days after purchase)

Review by: Nspired Soul on June 17, 2012 :
I decided to read this book after one of my friends gave it a nice review. This is E. Leighanne Grimm-Weever's first published ebook that was given to people for free for an honest review.

Initially, I could not get into Believe because of the poor grammar and spelling errors. Also, it does feel like a twist on the popular Twilight series, whether that was the author's intentions or not. That aside, the story was rather interesting. I had a feeling it was going to end the way it did. I hope the next book will be a great improvement on the grammar and spelling because I'd love to see how the story progresses.

I'm giving it a three star because of the writing. If the writing wasn't an issue for me, I'd give it four stars.

Thanks for letting me read it!
(reviewed 25 days after purchase)

Review by: Blah Blah on June 11, 2012 : (no rating)
I recieved this as a R2R.
My other review is on Goodreads under Larissa :)
It was good, but just had too many similarities to Twilight for me to get really into it.
Still definitely worth a read though :)
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Bonnie Colvert on June 10, 2012 :
Believe by E. Leighanne Grimm-Weever I received as a R2R. This is a really good story, I only gave it a few stars because it is too similiar to another well known Vampire/Wolf series. There were changes in the story line which were great. I just wish they were expanded upon more. Our main character Andrea is a young woman going off to college. She will be staying off campus in her "Aunt Betty's" home while she is not there. Well, strange things are being seen and start happening to Andrea while at work and home. She meets up with all kinds of immortals, but doesn't know it until later. The story runs pretty smoothly and the ending is a "wow I didn't see that coming".
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)

Review by: Bonnie Colvert on June 10, 2012 :
Believe by E. Leighanne Grimm-Weever I received as a R2R. This is a really good story, I only gave it a few stars because it is too similiar to another well known Vampire/Wolf series. There were changes in the story line which were great. I just wish they were expanded upon more. Our main character Andrea is a young woman going off to college. She will be staying off campus in her "Aunt Betty's" home while she is not there. Well, strange things are being seen and start happening to Andrea while at work and home. She meets up with all kinds of immortals, but doesn't know it until later. The story runs pretty smoothly and the ending is a "wow I didn't see that coming".
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)

Review by: rebecca coble on June 10, 2012 :
I really wanted to like this book. After reading the synopsis it sounded great and I thought I'd give it a try even after I'd already gotten over that whole Vampire craze. But I've got to say I should have just stayed away.

The idea of the book was great but from the very first few pages I knew I would hate this book. The formatting wasn't very good, and there was so many spelling mistakes. And I just thought most of the characters were, well... annoying.

The main character Andrea was pretty cute and bubbly, but she seemed a little too Mary Sue for my liking.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: missaligirl on June 07, 2012 : (no rating)
I hate to say it, I really really do...but...I could not finish this book. In all my readings I have only ever not finished two books. I will always make every effort to finish a book once started. Especially if it was given to me for review, as this one was. It's horrible that I don't finish a review copy, right? I know it is and I am berating myself as I type.

Because I did not complete this book, I won't give it a rating ~ that would not be fair. I will just let you know why I did not finish reading it.

I have the utmost respect for self published authors. I am a big supporter of them. In fact, one of my favorite authors got her start as self published and I read them all before she was signed with a publishing house. I state this so you know that I don't give up on a book just because of poor editing.

Believe could greatly benefit from a thorough editing. There were many spelling and grammatical errors. Which, again, I am able to look past. Mostly. There were a bit too many to look past here, unfortunately. Also, the run-on sentences happened often and I caught myself going over them two or three times just to be sure of the intent.

The writing style and I did not mesh, it felt rushed and frenetic.

Andrea, the protagonist, was an upbeat and cheerful sort. If not for her expression of every trivial movement and thought - I probably would have liked her. But I don't need to know all the details, just the ones that work for the story being told.

The idea of the story is a good one. Vampires are a huge favorite of mine. I really wanted to love this book. It just needs work and polishing.

My sincerest apologies to Grimm-Weaver, I appreciate the opportunity to review her work. This one just was not for me.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Leigh on June 07, 2012 :
Well, this was an interesting read. It started off slow but quickly picked up. If Believe was a martini ,it would be one part Twilight and one part X-Men. Shaken not stirred. Garnish with a touch of mythology. Drink to your hearts content.

Andrea Dayla leaves her uncle Greg and her cousin Roger,the only family she has known, to start college at Dartmouth. She is both excited and anxious about starting college and living on her own in a new city. She meets Shane Brennen and is instantly drawn to him. They start dating, but she knows he is keeping something from her. She thinks she knows what the secret is. Could the stories her Uncle Greg told her as a child be true? Are vampires real and are they truly evil? Can she really be dating a vampire when her family mambers are supposedly vampire hunters? These are some of the dilemmas she will face. Will she be up to the challenge?

The author has created an interesting cast of characters and a story full of twists and turns. Even though there are many grammatical errors, I enjoyed this story and would definitely recommend it!
(reviewed 24 days after purchase)

Review by: Ambyr Lix on June 07, 2012 :
This is a hard one to rate. I was given this book by the author to read and review, and there is only a very very small amount of bias because of this.
The biased-ness is only on the grammar and spelling. If I had not received this book as a "Please review" and had gotten updates from the author that she was in process of updating due to grammar and spelling, this book would be a 1 star 'RIGHT NAO'!
But I'm reviewing it, and she's working on it, so I will try to NOT judge so harshly on that... but please know that it hurt my reading flow to come across the many many errors in this book.

Okay, spelling/grammar aside, moving on.

There are too many similarities to Twilight in this book. If I were E's bestie, and we were discussing her book, I'd say that this book could stand on it's own, and that there are a lot of these mirroring details that could easily be altered or cut and the book would still be very good... and it wouldn't have the reader screaming "SHUT UP EDWARD!". I would sit down with her and go over a handful of changes to take Twilight out of Believe. But we're not, I can't, and it won't go down that way at all... So in the book, I was accosted with:

the 'parent who's a doctor, young looking parents fostering the vampire family, almost the exact mirror description of everyone in the vamp family, the shop-a-holic sister vamp, 'Edward/Shane' character is going to wait for marriage to have sex even though he's how old?, one vamp sibling can read minds another can see bits of the future etc, the family goes camping/hunts on weekends to feed, only drinks animal blood, don't forget the native american/wolves that kill vamps in the area, MAIN NATIVE AMERICAN WOLF GUY IS NAMED JAY and likes Bell... oops, Andrea...' too many similarities.

The storyline, WITHOUT the twilight similarities, would be fantastic, or at least really good. It was just really hard to get past that.

I'm going to give this a 2 star for right now. If it gets updated and I re-read it, and the qualms that I have with it have been altered, fixed, or made less apparent... I will increase my stars.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Ashley Stoyanoff on June 06, 2012 :
Believe by E. Leighanne Grimm-Weever – Book Review

E. Leighanne Grimm-Weever’s novel, Believe was a hard novel to review. I really wanted to like it. The storyline is great and has so much potential to be a fantastic novel. The main character Andrea is very likeable and fun to follow throughout the story.

However, the book is littered with so many spelling and grammar errors that it is hard to get lost in the story. Also, the formatting has not been done well and it is very distracting to the reader.

I do believe that Grimm-Weever has a spark for writing but unfortunately this book was released prematurely without the proper care and editing it deserved to make if a truly good read.
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)

Review by: candy smith on June 03, 2012 : (no rating)
I really enjoyed this book.The author throws unexpected things into the plot at just the point you think there is nothing new that can be thrown in.The only problem with the book,which really isn't a problem,just me wanting more,is that it leaves you with a cliffhanger,which most good books do.I waited for half the book for that cliffhanger to be revealed and when it was you are left not knowing the main character's response to it.So,I guess I will have to wait for book two.
The book is about a girl name Andrea,who was raised by her Uncle Greg because her mom died and no one knows who her father is or what happened to him.Uncle Greg is alittle over the top with his vampire tales.Andrea grows up believing her uncle is a little crazy but when she moves to a new town to attend college,things that he uncle told her seem to have some truth or maybe she is just imagining things.She falls in love with a gorgeous,sweet guy.But could he be a vampire? And if the tales about vampires are true could the tales about vampire hunters be true too?How will this affect her and Shane's relationship,especially when Uncle Greg decides to come to Christmas dinner?
(reviewed 25 days after purchase)

Review by: Nereid Gwilliams on May 30, 2012 :
First off I did enjoy the story line of this book which prompted me to read it. Unfortunately there is still some serious editing that needs to be done as I was constantly jerked out of the story by the frequent spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Some words were misspelled a lot and other sentences did not make sense. Overall I am glad that I did persevere and read it to the end and whilst it has the potential to be a good read, it does need more work.
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)

Review by: kami jordan on May 29, 2012 :
The over all story was great. There were quite a few spelling error. And the font changed back and forth towards the end of the book. It didn't bother me so much i just kept reading. The spelling or wrong words did bother me, just need to be prof-read better. Also at one point in the book she refers to her cousin as Heath then the rest of the book its Roger. Not a big deal but i did have to read it a few times to make sure i was reading it correctly. I am not trying to criticize the book because i did like it and would read it again. Just putting my thoughts out there. Thanks for letting me read it and give it a review.
Looking forward to the next book.
(reviewed 13 days after purchase)

Review by: Bonnie Mitchell on May 28, 2012 :
Let me first say, I really dislike giving negative reviews. But credit needs to be given where credit is due.

Plot: The story is about a young girl having a forbidden love affair with a vampire. Believe screams "I was influenced by Twilight", the only difference is the girl is a vampire huntress. I haven't actually read Twilight but I didn't need to, to see the author took most of her ideas from Twilight. So, the plot felt unoriginal and tired.

Setting: The setting was poorly executed and was hard to envision. The bad grammar riddled the text and was a terrible distraction. For Example, "The walls are covered in shelves and shelves of books. In the middle of the room there's a nice, what looks to be a suede material sofa in front of a fireplace." I'll leave it at that.

Characters: The main character Andrea is slightly annoying and unbelievable. I just couldn't connect with her. The other characters are mostly one dimensional and i dare say, boring.

Prose: It was so bad, jeez, it was bad. There are so many misspellings and bad, bad grammar. I can forgive a few mistakes but every page, lord have mercy. A third of the way through the book, I decided there was no way the author even read it herself. A good amount of the mistakes would of been caught with a quick read through by the author. I began to feel that if the author didn't care enough about her book to read it herself, why should I invest anymore time reading it myself. When I couldn't shed that feeling any longer, I closed the book. This is the first book in a long while I couldn't bring myself to finish.

I can respect the amount of time put into writing a novel and maybe there is a decent book in there somewhere. But the author put this book up for review prematurely.
(reviewed 12 days after purchase)

Review by: diana grace on May 28, 2012 : (no rating)
After reading countless "vampire books", I have sworn myself off of reading anymore vampire-related books. But after reading the synopsis of Believe, I had this sudden urge to go grab a copy of this book and read it right that instant. And so, I very much appreciate the free ebook copy given by Ms. Weever in exchange for an honest review.

I honestly had high hopes for Believe but unfortunately, the book wasn't at all what I expected it to be. I know that I'll love a book through reading the first few pages of it, but in the case of Believe, I just knew that I wouldn't like it. The start of the book was a bit off for me. It felt like I was reading a book in fast forward and I was missing out on a lot. Also, there were so many characters it was kinda hard to keep track of them all and some of them don't really hold much part in the story and hence they're kinda unnecessary. Another thing about Believe is the grammar and spelling errors (being the person that I am, that bothered me a lot.. But then again nobody's perfect so I can't really blame anyone for that). And lastly, the similarities with Twilight. I'm not a Twilight hater or anything but I'm not a big fan of it either.

But having said the above-mentioned, what I liked about the book is Andrea Dayla. She has a very bubbly, easygoing personality and I liked that about her. She's very friendly with everyone and she says what's on her mind. The book did kept me interested that I read the whole thing, so I guess that's a plus.

I know how much time and effort an author (nope, I'm not one) has to put into writing a book. Honestly, it sucks to give this book two stars (and I feel really bad) but then, that wouldn't be fair to the author who wants to know how readers respond to her books - So I guess the least I can do is be true to my word and give an honest review.

I'm not sure if I'll read the next book though.. I guess we'll see, :D
(reviewed 3 days after purchase)

Review by: Audrey Wilkerson on May 26, 2012 :
Andrea Dayla is a college girl living off-campus near Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. The homeowner, an old (literally) family friend of her Uncle, has decided to move to Florida and left her furnished house for Andrea to live in while Andrea attends college. An orphan whose parents were killed in “a mugging gone bad” while her mother was pregnant with her, Andrea was raised by her Uncle Greg in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Andrea comes to believe that Hanover is populated with a few vampires. In addition, she learns there is a change that will take place around her twentieth birthday, one that has to do with the vampires, her legacy, her future and if the story of her parents’ death is the truth.

It was apparent within the first few pages that the author has a very difficult time with spelling. I tried to ignore it, but it was incredibly distracting. There were multiple misspellings and typos per page. In some cases, a word that was close enough was used, i.e. “since” instead of “sense,” “fill” instead of “feel.” Grammar is not the author’s forté, either; I had to read some sentences two or three times because I could not understand the meaning due to dangling modifiers, run-on sentences, sentence fragments, and the like. Many commas were mislaid and the number of times there were misplaced apostrophes was overwhelming. Even well-known sayings were slightly off kilter (“think of the devil” and “the less of two evils”). It’s like the author learned English from hearing it through a glass pressed to the wall.

For the record, I did try to push through all of the mistakes because I thought: “If the story is good, an efficient editor can take care of the rest.” Unfortunately, though I forced myself to continue, I had to throw in the towel and cry UNCLE around page 147. This tale is over-saturated with Drama. Characters flare up and cool down as quickly as they contradict something they just said or did. The foreshadowing is like getting hit over the head many times with a skillet; it seems like all action in the story is crucial to the plot. Descriptions about things not essential to the plot are often chronicled in extreme detail while those that are more important are ignored. Relationships are formed immediately, so they lack authenticity.

However, the final nail in the coffin was the eBook’s resemblance to a certain vampire story that has been very popular for the last few years. Certainly, these New Hampshire vampires are based on the opposite coast from Forks, Washington, but there are too many similarities between the two clans to ignore. For example: they go camping every other weekend, one can read thoughts, one can see into the future, the “children” are all adopted by a doctor who doesn’t look much older than the “kids,” there’s a reference to a human woman getting pregnant by a vampire and the horrible birth she endured, one boy was about to get killed by a mountain lion but was “saved” by another vampire, there’s an Indian tribe nearby that shape-shifts into wolves, Andrea’s love interest has never fallen for anyone until now, he watches Andrea when she sleeps, their house is so awesome...I could go on and on. Oops, I guess I already did. All that remains for me to do is to find Jasper and have him improve my mood.

1 out of 5 Stars

Believe (New England Immortals #1) by E. Leighanne Grimm-Weever was published March 2, 2012 on

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(reviewed 8 days after purchase)

Review by: Night Quest on May 25, 2012 : (no rating)
My very first try at ARR program - a chance to receive a copy of a new book in exchange of an honest review. I'm really excited and thankful for the opportunity! Also, a huge thank you for the author E. for providing me with a copy!

*3 stars* (Grading the book was really difficult. The quality of the books VS how much I enjoyed it = 2/4. So I decided to compromise.)

Before I even start I have to get one stone off my chest. I don't like the cover. I'm sorry, but I don't. There are so many ways of editing a picture and this is not one of them. What's with the wings? Without them and the not-so-well-done editing it already would've been a lot better. A serious error also lies with the title. It's almost unnoticeable and unreadable. I imagine the most important part of the cover should also be one of the first things to notice. But enough of this. On with the review.

The first thing I noticed while reading was the writing style. I'd advise to at least have the book read couple of times before publishing. The faulty grammar, messy sentences and frequent spelling mistakes made it really hard to follow.

Waiting for the book to get better, is kind of dangerous. It always needs extra effort, trying to read something you're not instantly attracted to. In this case, the patience paid off. The first 2 chapters scared me pretty bad. As often with new authors, the start was rather rocky. Overuse of metaphors and adjectives made the sentences stiff and unnatural. Sentences, like I chuckled to myself, because I like to laugh, so I chuckled at the thought of laughing. It's a big NoNo. One Doesn't chuckle at themselves! I feel the book would do so much better, if it had gone through editing.

Andreas stuttering throughout half of the book over Uncle Gregs horror stories and paranoia quickly grew tiring and distracting. Half-finished sentences and repeating words is not a way to let the readers know when the character is constantly thinking of something.

The beginning is pretty cliche, the mysterious stranger who has been haunting your dreams for awhile, suddenly pops up, showing uncomfortably strong interest in your character and saves the day. However, I loved Andreas reaction to it all. "Why in the world did he do that? I’m not completely helpless," gotcha. Finally a girl, who doesn't find stalking strangers attractive.

The relationship between Shane and Andrea however starts off really well. I like their interaction. It's fun hearing her thoughts and then seeing her actions. So different, but put together they work just like a girl. But the whole dating thing after just meeting twice is a bit of a stretch for me. I believe in an instant attraction, but jumping straight into a relationship? Hmm.

Once I get to know Andrea, I really started to like her character. It's so rare for me to like the heroine. It's usually the best friend or some third character, that wins my affection. Drea however, is exactly the kind of girl I like. A girly girl, without being overly so. The only thing bugging me in times, was the sincerity of her feelings. How can you be okay with the idea of your dead Mother actually being alive or having to break up with the love of your life? I don't think you can just shrug and move on. But I'm really grateful we were saved from the 5 chapter long angst ride. So I'm really not complaining.

Already around chapter 4 the action piqued up a notch withe the appearance of Shane. In around chapter 10 we witness Andrea first finding about her mysterious family legacy. I didn't quite buy her reaction to all that information. She accepted everything too lightly, with almost no proof whatsoever. Uncle Greg started to get on my nerves as well. I pretty much got the idea, that he's obsessed with vampires and other superstitions alike, no need to stress it hundred and one times. In two thirds into the book is where the real action starts. The plot is thick, yet still logical and easy to follow. The ending left me satisfied and happy I had decided to keep on reading.

However, I just can't look past at the editorial faults in this book! I am a flexible person, I was able to look past the changing fonts and continuously misspelled words. But I know lots of people, who just can NOT do it. If you are one of them, I'm sure your eye is twitching already, so I'd strongly advise you to skip it.

I hope to hear more of Ms Grimm-Weever. The world she built was interesting, with twists and lots of supernatural action. The only advice from me would be to invest into a good editor, so more of the readers could enjoy the adventures of Andrea Dayla.
(reviewed 6 days after purchase)

Review by: Jill Marie on May 24, 2012 :
This rarely happens to me...
but I just could not get through this book.
I stopped maybe a quarter of the way through.

I commend the author for coming up with an interesting take on vampires/vampire hunters. Writing and publishing a book is hard work. This story does indeed have potential. I just do not think it came close to reaching it.

Based on the synopsis I thought it sounded like an entertaining, paranormal romance.
However, the story just did not grab me enough. Maybe the basic plot was to similar to all the others I have read in the genre. *Twilight being the foremost*

Also, I rarely find that the errors and lack of finesse in a review copy are too over bearing for me to get past.
I could not get past them in this book.
The story itself seemed a bit choppy. And the sentence structure and punctuation/spelling errors were too frequent. The formatting of dialogue and character thoughts made the story seem childish.

It was more like a second draft than a close to finished work
(reviewed 8 days after purchase)

Review by: Denice Cordero on May 23, 2012 :
First I want to thank We ♥ YA Books! and the author for a copy of this book...

When I was reading the first chapters of this book, I thought it was simple and straight forward... Then as the story goes on, I can't help but think that there are some similarities between this book and Twilight... Like the Brennens only drink animal blood, they also have supernatural powers and some more... But the huge difference of the two books is that Believe's protagonist is a Crusnik or vampire hunter... Another huge difference is that Believe includes mythology...

I did love reading this book, though I was bored at the first chapters but as I read it, it became more interesting... And why did it have to end that way?! What a revelation! It really left me hanging for the next book... When is the release of the next book anyway?

And the spelling errors... is it really like that?
(reviewed 6 days after purchase)

Review by: Kari on May 23, 2012 :
Even though there were some spelling errors, I can overlook that because I enjoyed the story itself and I understood what the author was trying to say.

Holy smokes! I'm so glad I got a chance to review this book. I signed up to read and review this book after reading the summary. Very happy I did.

Now that was an ending I didn't see coming. I had a feeling it was going that way but I wouldn't have guessed who it would be. The story flowed very nicely and I really got into the book. The different relationships between Andrea and Shane, Jack, the entire Brennan family, her uncle and Roger, her mother, everything worked for me. It was touching to see how close Andrea could get to everyone and make them understand and feel at ease about what they all were and how their situation was different.

Andrea and Shane's relationship kept me going though. I'm a sucker for a good love story. A good paranormal love story is a bonus! I've read many to date and I have to say this one is one of my new favorites. I am very excited to read the next in this series. I hope I don't have to wait very long though. I'm still stuck on that ending!

I also received this book from E. Leighanne Grimm-Weever from the Making Connections group on goodreads to read and review.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)

Review by: Julie Odron on May 23, 2012 :
I've had Believe sitting in my TBR pile for awhile and when I had the opportunity to snatch it up on Shut Up & Read, I did. I was eager to start because what can I say? I'm a sucker for vampires vs. vampire hunters. The ultimate forbidden romance, but I have to admit that I had an extremely hard time getting into the story.

The first half of the story I was just not feeling it at all, so I had to set it aside for awhile and consider if I was going to continue reading or not. I did continue reading, and I can say that the story and the writing did get marginally better, but I still wasn't completely satisfied.

Believe has a great concept behind it, it's interesting and very complex. . . there's a lot going on with many characters, but that great concept is hidden behind the many, many mistakes.

1. Grammatical errors. There are a lot of misspelled words, missing words, misplaced words, and some formatting issues and other editing errors along those lines. My eyes were constantly stumbling across them and it prevented me from being drawn into the story. One example, Chapter 20 has the first 3 paragraphs in bold text then every other paragraph after that.

2. Inconsistencies. Major downfall for a published work. I can understand one or two that were missed during revisions and editing, but Believe was riddled with them. It was quite frustrating, especially because I'm a details person, so those details stand-out to me and these were blinding me in the eyes. There's tiny inconsistencies and big ones. For example, I'm pretty sure that Shane's eyes are blue, but they were also mentioned as copper and honey then it was mentioned (18% through) that since he's a vampire his eyes change colors. But then, after that information his eyes are only mentioned as blue. Another example, Andrea wakes up at 6:20am for her first day of work, class starts at 7pm that night. She works all day then leaves work to make it to her class, then after class goes back to work and works again. I guess that's not an inconsistency, but isn't it highly unlikely? I mean that would have been a 10+ hour shift to begin with and then add in the other hours that she worked after class. There are other instances like this where it seems the author either forgot previous mentioned information or made it to her convenience to fit the story. The tiny ones have to do with time, placement of objects, name changes (two characters are mentioned with different names, only once each though). Frankly, there are lot and it extremely took away from the story, this was way more bothersome to me than the grammatical errors.

3. Some things are glossed over so if they may be apparent to the writer, they aren't going to be apparent to the reader. A popular example, Andrea begins waiting tables, she has two guys at one table who she refers to as 'ken dolls' (yes because they are rich and attractive, that's another issue that I won't get into. Massive stereotyping.) then she miraculously knows one of them is named Drake. Some reviewers have mentioned this and Grimm-Weever has been kind enough to explain that Andrea has class with him and it was kind of a light-bulb moment when she remembers his name. It doesn't read like that at all and those little moments are scattered throughout the book. I understand this problem, it's one I have issues with myself. It's hard to convey certain thoughts into words, but it should have been apparent with a re-read or the beta reader.

Believe does not read as a final draft, but as a first draft prior to revisions or editing. There is massive potential, but Believe really needs to be cleaned up and looked at again. The plot gets a lot better as you continue to read. I'm under the impression that E. Leighanne Grimm-Weever is in the process of going through each chapter to rectify the spelling mistakes, but those aren't the only issues that need to be fixed, so I hope she's taking time to go through the whole book. To me the inconsistencies are far worse than the grammatical errors, but I really enjoyed the plot, especially the second half of the story.
(reviewed 13 days after purchase)

Review by: Beth Hoover on May 17, 2012 :
Andrea Dayla was raised by her Uncle Greg after her parents were murdered in a mugging gone terribly wrong or so she was told. She thought that she was a mostly ordinary girl heading off to college, she was also terribly wrong about that. Strange things are happening all around her. She always listen to the “myths” her Uncle Greg told her about vampires and Crusnik but never believed them to be true…but things are about to change and myths are becoming reality. To top it off she’s smack dab in the center of it all and the person she loves might just be her biggest enemy.

Believe, the first in New England Immortals series, has an excellent new premise, great characters, and a witty repertoire. Believe was an enjoyable read. For the most part, E. Leighanne Grimm-Weaver was extremely descriptive of the surroundings/settings and made you feel like you were actually there. Here comes the but… But, it lacked something with the development of the relationship between Shane Brennen and Andrea Dayla, the two main characters. I didn’t see enough of the connection building between them to feel emotionally invested in their predicament. The New England Immortals Series has huge potential and I look forward to seeing where it heads next. 3 1/2 Stars.

This copy of Believe was given to me by Making Connections YA Edition Group on Goodreads and E. Leighanne Grimm-Weever in exchange for an honest review.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)

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