Kade's Dark Embrace

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After a series of girls are murdered on the cold streets of Philadelphia, seasoned Detective Sydney Willows is forced to work with the very sexy vampire, Kade Issacson. Together, they search for a killer relying on allies, vampires, werewolves and witches alike. As they fight for their lives and love in the heart of the Big Easy, will they give into their intoxicating passion if they survive? More
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Words: 74,300
Language: English
ISBN: 9781476287959
About Kym Grosso

Kym Grosso is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of the erotic romance series, The Immortals of New Orleans and Club Altura. In addition to romance, Kym has written and published several articles about autism, and is a contributing essay author in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Raising Kids on the Spectrum.

Kym loves traveling just about anywhere that has a beach or snow-covered mountains. New Orleans, with its rich culture, history and unique cuisine, is one of her favorite places to visit.

Also in Series: Immortals of New Orleans

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Review by: Tamika White on Aug. 11, 2013 :
This book was good I enjoyed it very much. The story kept me going and I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read the next one.
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Review by: Avid Mohavehiker on Aug. 03, 2013 :
A fun, quick paced romp.
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Review by: Sadie S. Forsythe on July 01, 2013 :
This one really didn't do it for me. Sydney just felt like a needy slut who disregarded even the most basic tenets of self-preservation, but still miraculously never seemed to get hurt. The dialogue was unnatural. Here is an example: “Now, now, little whore. You will not get away from me so easily. Consider yourself lucky that I cannot take your body for my own carnal pleasures before giving you to my Mistress. So greedy she is...she wants you all to herself.” Ugh, really? Sydney's dedication to the children at the children's centre came out of nowhere and felt very much like a forced effort to give her character some depth. It is a stunning example of insta-love. For Kade it starts before they even actually meet. Apparently a giant diamond engagement ring says I'll love you for eternity better than a sacred blood bond. Who knew? The foray into the bondage scene just felt like pointless titillation and the sex scenes lacked sizzle.

There was a good mystery involved, but the whole thing wrapped up far too easily...and apparently no one needs a warrant to go kicking in doors in Philadelphia or New Orleans anymore...oh and why did it start in Philly again? There were also a number of editorial mistakes. So yea, not for me.

There were a few really funny lines though. Example: "Yep, no matter how supernatural you were, testicles were always vulnerable. Tried and true, Sydney loved how that worked." Yep, funny. Setting the book in two such historic cities allowed for some good environmental atmosphere and I appreciated that. Plus, all of the alpha males seemed to be loyal, honourable, and looking for their forever mate. That's sexy in and of itself. I think there's probably a lot of potential here, but it didn't feel realised...at least not in my opinion. Of course, that's all any of this is.
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Review by: Crystal Dawn on June 08, 2013 :
A good paranormal romance with action and suspense, it's well worth reading.
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Review by: Arekisu Then on June 02, 2013 :
This book was fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyed it! I really like how Sydney is so strong-willed and independent while Kade's so protective over her. Thanks for sharing this awesome story!
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Review by: Katherine sowerby on May 22, 2013 :
This is such an exciting and action packed story, its kept me reading into the early hours. Vampires, wolves, witches are all in here.
Detective Sydney Willows a kick ass, sassy women with a smart mouth is investigating an unusual murder, and finds herself working with Hot Vampire Kade Issacson. Instant sexual attraction blooms between them, however there are murders to solve and a sadistic killer to find.
Well written, erotic and fast paced.... loved it. Can't wait to see whats instore for Luca...
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Review by: Katrina Hough on May 20, 2013 :
What a delightful read.
This is a great book that contains a little bit of everything that a reader could ever want. It has mystery, murder, mayhem, sexy vampires, loyal werewolves, and sex.
I really enjoyed the romantic fantasy. It was a real page turner. I must admit, my family had to do without while I couldn't put the book down! Simply loved it.
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Review by: Anita Burkes on May 10, 2013 :
I first found this book for free on amazon. After reading it I was glad I found it! The characters are strong personalities, not just the alpha male, the heroine is an alpha female, not something seen often enough in romance, paranormal or otherwise. Ms. Grosso creates a rich, vibrant history and background with her characters, major and minor. And she follows up with the series using the minor characters she introduces in this book. This is a series I am thoroughly enjoying. If you have not read this series yet, I strongly advice you to do so, starting with Kade's Dark Embrace.
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Review by: Tracie Runge on May 07, 2013 :
Four and a Half Stars

Like a fox spotting a rabbit in the woods, he could not resist the temptation of the hunt.

His cell phone when off again and he knew he must return to the task at hand, he memorized her face and hoped he would see her again.

Kade Issacson is a powerful and oh so sexy vampire, he has come to Philadelphia at the request of the Tristan to help solve a series of ritualistic murder they believe are the result of a vampire. Kade is surprised when he turns up at the murder scene to find the women he had been admiring earlier standing over the latest victim.=

Sydney Willows is a kick ass cop who get the job done, she is fiercely independent and she lets nobody tell her what to do. When Sydney is called to a murder on her night off she is not only angered by the crime before her she is forced to deal with an overbearing so called detective in his high priced suit trying to dictate orders to her relating to the case.

Kade and Sydney are instantly attracted to each other but there are two big problems Sydney takes orders from no one and Kade is not use to anyone disobeying him. Kade and Sydney must find a way to trust each other if they are to stop the vampire responsible for these crimes. Can Sydney learn to let Kade in or will their attraction for each other make Sydney more determined to pull away.

Kade's Dark Embrace is Book 1 in Immortals of New Orleans by Kym Grosso and is a fantastic start to a series if you like Vampire, Shifters and Witches wrapped in an amazing storyline then this series is definitely for you
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Review by: Liz Cabrejos on May 06, 2013 :
I love vampire books and Kades Dark Embrace had me from the get go. I loved the storyline, loved the tough detective who falls oh so hard for Kade, the sexy, strong, sensual vampire. I am a fan from here on out, waiting patiently for the next chapter. Download, you will not regret it and will enjoy every single word.
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Review by: Elizabeth Nix on May 06, 2013 :
Sexy vampires, take no prisoners female lead, murder, mayhem, what more could you ask for? Oh and throw in a sexy werewolf or 2! Great writing that flows, enough description to get your imagination flowing. Loved the book and can't wait for more in the series.
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Review by: Leah Barbush on May 06, 2013 :
I really enjoyed this book from the start! The characters were believable and likable, the descriptions did not go overboard and the pace was excellent! I finished this book in a little over a day and can not wait for the next in the series! I am keeping my eye on Kym Grosso as I am sure she will continue to put out these exciting, hot yummy books and I intend to read them all!
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