Wind-Scarred (The Will of the Elements, Book 1)

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Wind-Scarred tells a story of after the end, of a world that was once our own. Of people to whom even nature will bend, and the places mankind has grown. In a time of wormholes, secrets, and powers, where nothing is quite what it seems, shadowy forces hunt in twilight hours, while Elements dream their dark dreams. More
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About Sky Corbelli

Sky Luke Corbelli is not a jedi. Nor does he have much business writing a book.

His youth was spent in the water, getting chlorinated, and working at the San Francisco Zoo. The man has literally been bitten, clawed, constricted, quilled, or otherwise assaulted by more animals than most people could shake a stick at. He majored in mathematics, of all things, while simultaneously delving into the depths of chemistry and physics. He delighted friends and colleagues with baked goods at every turn, and after all of that he went on to become a programmer.

Why he would dare think that writing a book was acceptable after such a mundane life is beyond mortal ken, but it happened, so maybe someone out there will find a few hours of enjoyment in his mad creations.

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Reviews of Wind-Scarred (The Will of the Elements, Book 1) by Sky Corbelli

James Jenkins reviewed on June 13, 2016

I enjoyed this, a bit wobbly in places but over all well written and well thought out.

Most of the words, serve to advance the story. The book ends at a good place in what will be a series of adventures. It stands alone well.
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Emily Weiser reviewed on Jan. 20, 2013

Very much enjoyed this book, and am about to purchase the next two to see what happens next! Well-written, compelling plot, intriguing combination of futuristic sci-fi and fantasy, and well-developed characters who are easy to relate to (and all unique). Definitely recommended - and hope to see more from the author!
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efe eguono reviewed on Dec. 28, 2012

Good storyline, I enjoyed the book so much, can't wait to start reading the second one
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Larry Crow reviewed on Oct. 7, 2012

The story line is good, interesting. But your dialogue is too tight, not conversational somehow. The voices seem forced. The narrator - Mat - seems a bit childish. As I read, I kept wondering if this was a young person, or just an older one who acts that way.
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Pat Young reviewed on Sep. 14, 2012

I really enjoyed this book...can't wait to start the next one. Good plot, brilliant characterization and lots of action as well as humor and pathos. Love the ideas wow...
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Rick Petrey reviewed on Sep. 4, 2012

not my usual kind or book, but I thought it was a good read
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Ken Thompson reviewed on July 4, 2012

I enjoyed this book so much I purchased "Water-Seer".
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Ken Thompson reviewed on July 4, 2012
(no rating)
I enjoyed this book so much I purchased "Wind Scared" the next book.
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Jill Witmer reviewed on May 19, 2012

An origainal well writen story
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AvidReader4You reviewed on May 8, 2012
(no rating)
I just finished reading Wind-Scarred. The second half of the story was better than the start. Frankly, I almost deleted it at page 159. But, I persevered because I saw sparks of a good storyteller – that, and I was half way through and I hate to quit a book when I've invested that much time.

I'm betting you're wondering what I took issue with – flagrant overuse of adverbs. Just for example, in the first 50 pages of your story you use the word "smile" 21 times. Of those, you tack an adverb on 13 times.

Your storyline is good, although it is close to the cartoon Avatar – but you've put enough of your own spin on it to make it interesting. Your dialogue is mostly tight, although sometimes the voices feel forced. Mat's voice seems to be the tightest.

I think that you've a good story here, but you could do with a serious editing.

If you want more feedback – or tell me I'm outa my thunderin' mind... you can find me here:
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