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This book is the Blue Print for The Incorporation of the United States of America. As a non-profit organization, our public servants have the mission of losing as much of your money and mine in the shortest period of time. As a For-Profit Corporation our public servants would be forced to make a profit and distribute same to the shareholders, The People. More
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About Michael Mathiesen

About the author: Michael Mathiesen was born in Boston, Massachusetts and now resides in Santa Cruz, California.. His library of books are mainly in the Science Fiction genre as well as political and spiritual. His latest work – Realia: E Pluribus Unum is a novel based on the recent discovery of the God Particle by scientists using the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva Switzerland. It is the author’s opinion that these ‘God Particles’ as they are called, the basic fundamental building block of all matter in the universe are the major influence on any single individual life and a major influencer of the direction of civilization as a whole. The Book, a Science Fiction interpretation of the latest and the greatest discovery in Science is found here: See Sample Chapters BELOW – The book is currently available on Amazon and iTunes as well all major ebook and print book locations.

Other than writing, his background has been in the Stock Market, Real Estate, political rabble-rousing, and online marketing of a new kind of food that can remain nutritious for up to 25 years. The food may be extremely beneficial to readers who see that there is a total collapse of our current system underway and that a transition stage to something more sustainable may take as long as ten to twenty years to evolve from the rubble of the old system when it finally collapses. The food that can prepare and protect your family from hunger in this or any other worst-case scenario can be found at: Get involved and all of your food can be free, plus much more. We’re saving the economy – One Meal At A Time.

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How to Incorporate the United States of America and GET STOCK for our efforts Our current version of America is DEAD. They killed it. A new version of AMERICA will rise up out of the ashes. Which version will it be? Will it be a new version of Naziism? Will it be a new version of Communism? Will it be a new version of DEMOCRACY? My vote is for a New Democracy, a fuller and richer Democracy in which ALL the PEOPLE become the STOCKHOLDERS.

Realia: E Pluribus Unum (The Sci-Fi God Particle Book) It's not just Science Fiction any more. The God Particles have been found in 2012. These key stone elements of the universe put God's SPIN on everything. How is your life working for you? Learn more about your fate and destiny. Realia: E Pluribus Unum - Part One of a 3 Part Trilogy. God is the sum of all his (or her- depending on whether God has sex) particles.

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